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Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle (b. 1955) is an American Evangelical Christian leader best known for his leadership of the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC).

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"You won't ever stand before Jesus and regret that you didn't play more video games.". Mike Bickle quoting Corey Russell
Dear Friends, please join me at Onething 2014! I’ll be with Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, Kari Jobe, Allen Hood and... ht…
I am totally nonplussed by Mike Bickle, Misty Dawn Edwards, as well as me over six and a half years ago as of right now.
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Mike Bickle started the International House of Prayer... His last name closely resembles a business on Brickle street
b/c we love Allen Hood, Mike Bickle, & Misty Edwards, but you have so many amazing worship leaders & pastors, and they deserve
Whatever we behold or understand about God's heart toward us-that's what we become in our hearts towards God.-Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle and his ministry IHOP. It is not a pancake house.
"There are only three kinds of scenes: a fight, a seduction or a negotiation.” - Mike Nichols
"Fasting tenderizes the Human Heart to God and increases our spiritual capacity to receive from Him.". --Mike Bickle
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"Difficult human relationships are a chief means by which the Holy Spirit cultivates humility with a servant heart in us." Mike Bickle
Mike Nichols, the director of some of cinema, TV and the stage's most beloved works of the last 50 years, has died: htt…
Al Pacino remembers Mike Nichols: "I loved Mike. I worked with him, and he was a friend."
Mike Nichols gave me my start. A mentor, friend, colleague. One of the best observers of life. My thoughts are with Diane …
R.I.P. Mike Nichols, who has passed away at the age of 83.
One of our greatest storytellers has passed away. We remember Mike Nichols:
RIP the Great Mike Nichols - elite member of the pantheon of directors whether stage screen or tv. Any conversation was …
Mike Nichols, legendary director of such films as TheGraduate & Silkwood, has died at age 83.
we've lost one of the greats. rest in peace, Mike Nichols
Woke up to news of Mike Nichols' passing. He was a wonderful storyteller and leaves behind a great legacy, from his li…
RIP Mike Nichols. One of the true greats. A brilliant director & a kind man who took time to offer encouragement & help at a t…
Mike Nichols leaves behind a staggering body of work. He's one of the best filmmakers and stage directors ever. Influenced …
I hope that young directors up and coming learn from Mike Nichols whose films had some of the best female characters ever …
Mike Nichols on the moviegoing experience: "Like radio, it takes a long time to die."
Here's our list of the 22 best Mike Nichols movies:
Mike Nichols made movies that changed movies.
Former Man Utd assistant Mike Phelan joins Championship side Norwich as first team coach.
Longings of the Human Heart. By Mike Bickle. There are inescapable cravings in the core of every Human Heart that...
"God became human because He wanted you.". --Mike Bickle
OHOP has rented Church in the Son once again for January's onething Orlando 2015 Conference with Mike Bickle, Wes...
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"God opens doors of blessings and closes doors of oppression in direct response to our prayers.". --Mike Bickle
"Jesus is never bored in His relationship with you.". --Mike Bickle
I enjoy pictures that represent me in my budding, nascent, prophetic and apostolic type of ministry. Will Mike Bickle ever agree with moi on that topic, or, in fact and also reality, never again?
"God does not call us to holiness to keep us from pleasure. It is a call to experience fullness of pleasure in God’s presence…
"What God thinks and feels about you is worth far more than the best advice from the most important people around you." . --Mike…
"Cranky holiness is usually the result of living with a wounded spirit while seeking to live right in your own strength." . --Mi…
"A billion dollars cannot buy you the secrets of God's heart...but I tell you prayer and fasting escort us there.". --Mike Bickle
...excerpt from AFTER GOD's OWN HEART by Mike Bickle. 'When God gives a promise, we usually experience…
"God wants you to resist sin, but He won’t make you do it. We must choose to resist sin. (Rom. 6:12).". --Mike Bickle
"We can't be casual about sin. We must be diligent to seek freedom from it, instead of trying to find ways to justify it.". --Mi…
"I don't want to be the biggest or the best; I want to be faithful." . --Mike Bickle
"Where your words go... your emotions go." Mike Bickle,
We want to be more than forgiven. We want to be free! Mike Bickle,
"Prayer allows us to partner with God in bringing His kingdom to Earth." . --Mike Bickle
have you been to IHOPKC with Mike Bickle and Misty Edwards?
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I thank God for Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer Kansas City family. I don't believe I would be even a hundred feet away from God without IHOP-KC. Bless God
HOLINESS BEGINS with setting our heart to 100-FOLD OBEDIENCE to God. Mike Bickle
"Everything Jesus does, He does for love and He does from love. The whole administration of the gospel is filled with love.". --Mike Bickle
"If we find our identity in Jesus, then we are not as prone to be a sucker for flattering words that are not based in truth.". - Mike Bickle
"We view our lives through days, months weeks, and years, but God views us in the light of eternity." Mike Bickle.
Special invite from Mike Bickle to Onething 2014: via
Try listening to this sermon by Mike Bickle: (k. decanio, mb social media team)
If you want passion or love for God, then fill your time and your mind with the revelation of God's passion and love for you. . …
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Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion. —Psalm 84:5-7 Zion is a prophetic picture of Jesus being made King over all the earth just as David was king over all Israel. It would be a shame to miss this beautiful portrait of what's coming. The Father has promised His Son an inheritance, a bride who will be His eternal partner. She will love Him in this age and the age to come. She will find her fulfillment in Him just as David found fulfillment of his earthly purpose in Zion. I want to assure you that there's a divine pattern in your life. In the pain and the maze of things, it seems as if there isn't a plan and you are wandering aimlessly from cave to cave, pursued by armies much stronger than you, and surrounded by losers. Yet God has a strategic plan and is bringing you to ...
Mike Bickle, Jeff Earl and myself telling our Bob Jones Memories from the early 80's-at the Saturday…
I bet God is going to make sure Mike Bickle is your next door neighbor in the New Earth. ;)
I liked a video Cultivating intimacy with God, by Mike Bickle
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A LEADER honors and receives from OTHERS on the team who are LESS GIFTED. Mike Bickle
Loving God, by Mike Bickle. When all the elders of Israel had come to King David at Hebron, the king made a...
video Dating and Preparation for Marriage by Mike BickleAlan Hood
"What does God want most and first? Love. He is after our hearts. The mystery of our lives is found in this truth.". --Mike Bick…
Why do I feel abandoned by said three: Mike Bickle, and Allen Hood?
Watching the IHOPkc webstream, Mike Bickle telling Bob Jones stories. So interesting and encouraging
Mike Bickle sharing about Bob Jones and his life much like a parable and how Bob spoke and prophesied…
After God&s Own Heart The Key to Knowing and Living God&
"The two most powerful realities that move the Human Heart are beauty and pain" Mike Bickle
"Continual complaining, arguing, or contention makes others want to discontinue or draw back from relationship. Prov. 17:1". --Mike Bickle
Dryness in prayer will gradually be replaced by vibrant dialogue with God. - Mike Bickle
Britannia Awards to honor Oscar hopefuls and Mike Leigh, plus and Judi Dench htt…
We fast because we cannot endure living in spiritual barrenness. "Mike Bickle"
Happy 15 year Anniversary to Mike and Diane Bickle and all our friends at IHOPKC. It's amazing IHOPKC has had...
ICYMI: Magic Mike XXL will, sadly, not feature Matthew McConaughey, but another romantic comedy veteran will appear:
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Folks, Mike Bickle's new book on prayer is here ahead of schedule! Here's what one leader has to say about it:...
"Ask Mike Bickle" addressing Forerunner Clock Institute this year for the
"God still controls history to prepare the bride in voluntary love." Mike Bickle
LEADERS are those who are going somewhere and REFUSE to be DENIED. Mike Bickle
Chan has been actively endorsing Mike Bickle and IHOP. Why expose your sheep to wolves as good?
Mike Bickle - The difference between a house of prayer and a church?: greatly appreciate his wisdom.
A LEADER can clearly tell you what they WANT without being VAGUE. Mike Bickle
David set his heart in his corporate life to BUILD ONLY with people who had the core value of SEEKING FULL MATURITY. Mike Bickle
"Jesus is always leading us by love and leading us to love, always, no matter what the devil says.". --Mike Bickle
"The Lord releases His Spirit following a declaration or a testimony of the Word." -Mike Bickle
"Prayer is primary way in which we can partner with Hod to shape history and brig healing to others." -Mike Bickle
Jesus often offense the mind to reveal the deep things of the heart. Mike bickle
"We are to intercede until we see the full release of God's purpose." -Mike Bickle
"We are liberated from the inferior pleasures of sin by experiencing the superior pleasures of the beauty of Jesus.". --Mike Bickle
Do you listen to Francis Chan, Mike Bickle, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, and Beth Moore? Stop listening to these wolves and run back to the word of God!
What does Joyce Meyer and Mike Bickle of IHOP have in common besides false teachings? Ecumenism. In December of...
“I completely agree with Mike Bickle on his own stateme…
"Some Sat in Darkness and the Deepest Gloom, Prisoners suffering in iron chains, For they had Rebelled against the words of God and Despised the Counsel of the Most High." (Psalm 107:10-11)(Deuteronomy 30:11-20)(Psalm 105:3-4,14-15) (Acts 3:26) "SATAN'S AGENDA FOR AMERICA" A WICKED CHURCH A WICKED NATION BEHOLDING 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 IN NYC- "WHEN A CHURCH BECOMES A FRAUD" Contrasting a healthy church from a wicked one, and the imminent Dismissal of an ELI PRIESTHOOD. "The Awful Consequences of Pride and Curtain" (A Bible Study Derived from 1 Samuel 2:12-36 & Proverbs 16:18) "Pride Goes Before Destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." (Proverbs 16:18) "When God Raised Up His Servant, He sent him first to you to BLESS YOU by turning each of you from your wicked ways.” (Acts 3:26) "IF MY PEOPLE, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and SEEK MY FACE, and TURN from their wicked ways; THEN I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN, and will Forgive their sin, and will HEAL THEIR LAND." (2 Chronicl ...
"Worship is not a twenty minute period during a church service, but a lifestyle of relating to God in a particular way.". --Mike Bickle
"In God's presence, around His throne is the fullness of joy, and one day we witness it for ourselves!". --Mike Bickle
"Love is sincere and genuine many years before it becomes mature and strong.". --Mike Bickle
"Our emotions are not transformed by trying harder, but by seeing more clearly." - Mike Bickle
"Dependence on God and abiding in Him is more than a state of mind. It's a conversation with Him." -Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle. Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature. ... You used to walk in these...
Meekness is the magnet that attracts God's favor (Mike Bickle)
"God has gone out of His way to rescue us. The blood of Christ is our free pass into the gladness of God." . --Mike Bickle
"How much intimacy do we want? How passionate for Jesus do we want to be? YOU & I are the ones who set those limits, not God." -Mike Bickle
The heart of God is a wonderland, a universe of beauty like no place mankind could dream up. Mike Bickle
But you're an English major! Beside, I like Travis Bickle! I steal my writing from his phrases. I'll take the joke one then
LOL that's not gonna happen. They're pretty bad. Like Travis Bickle bad. You can read my joke one tho lol
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Measure your reach, not your outcomes. - Mike Bickle
"Transformation is not an automatic result of trials. It occurs as we respond rightly to God.". --Mike Bickle
"Jesus called us to abide in Him, The foundation of this reality means to talk with Him." -Mike Bickle
"When we meet with someone for reconciliation, our goal is to win the person, NOT win the argument.". --Mike Bickle
"When we enter into God's joy and gladness, the door to much of Satan's activity slams shut in our lives." . --Mike Bickle
Interesting to note: R.T. Kendall's new 'balanced' book 'Holy Fire' is recommended by Mike Bickle, John Hagee and Bill Johnson!
Heidi Baker said God gets angry when people reject Jesus. some ol' Bethel people, Greg Boyd, and now Mike Bickle are in here
The International House of Prayer (IHOP) is a "charismatic Christian" organization based in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded and led by Mike Bickle, erstwhile pastor of the so-called 'Kansas City Prophets.' This aberrant Christian movement is moving further and further away from orthodox Christianity.
Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, Cory Asbury. We are praying for God to fascinate a generation. Register for Fascinate:
I am angry as a mad hatter at both Mike Bickle and Misty Edwards.
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"We need not approach holiness in a negative way with dread. It does not keep us from pleasure, but equips us to experience true pleasure." - Mike Bickle
Devotion by Mike Bickle. As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. —John 9:4-5 God wants you to be a working lover. Who you are is the lover, and what you do is the work. You are not to be only a worker who struggles to love God. Instead, you are a lover of God. Being lovers is our very identity. It's who we are. We are lovers of God who happen to work, not the other way around. In a fallen world, we want to do something in order to be someone. With God, exactly the opposite is true. God wants us to be lovers so that we do work. It is extremely important that what we do flows out of who we are. It is also important that we do not live from the self-centered motivation of trying to be something and seeking to achieve more. With minds that are not renewed, we work to feel important and to appear significant in the eyes of others. God expects just the opposite of that. We are not first warriors; we are first a bride. We are first lovers, and then w ...
We must give ourselves away to God's people as servants of God's purpose. We can't gaze into the heart of God and retain a "me first" attitude. Mike Bickle, Loving God
Devotion from Mike Bickle Holiness is the way to live a life of fascination. It is often thought of as the drudgery of self-denial and the drudgery of missing out on “real fun.” Actually, holiness really is synonymous with living fascinated, living fully alive on the inside, and living with an exhilarated heart. When I hear holiness, I feel excited. I don’t think that I have to pay the price, grit my teeth, and hope I do not get in trouble. That is not what holiness is about. It really is about living fascinated. It is the inheritance of every believer to live with an exhilarated, vibrant heart. I absolutely refuse to live with a spiritually dull heart, because it is within my reach within the grace of God to live exhilarated in my heart. I am not talking about all day, every day, on some high. I am talking about the enjoyment of the little installments of truth that the Holy Spirit gives us day by day. The understanding of God and His Word that makes our heart excited and fills us with this hunger ...   10% Off
"It's indescribable . The height to which the love of God brings us." - Mike Bickle
Sam: I have a Mike Bickle book, After Gods own Heart. Mãe: What? God is on Crack?
Mike Bickle - The Power of the Gospel: Walking in the Benefits of the Cross (Pt. 2)
Devotion by Mike Bickle. To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne. —Revelation 3:21 This powerful statement from the very lips of Jesus describes what we will inherit. Here the Lord tells how He desires for us to sit on His throne with Him. Beloved, you have married into indescribable wealth and power and into the aristocracy of the eternal city. One day soon you will instantly be in the midst of it in full power. Giving our hearts to Him as voluntary lovers is the only purpose God has for us. Therefore, that should be the summation and summary of all that we are and all that we do. When we receive our crown on the last day, we will then say, "We have loved You because we so enjoyed loving You. We were not forced to love You. This is how we long to live. We did not serve out of some sort of mandatory decree of obedience. We are voluntary lovers of God. We want to be lovers because of the beauty of God." { PRAYER ...
"Our redemption in Christ is based on what He did and how He feels, not on what we did and how we feel." - Mike Bickle
Paul gladly gave up everything as he saw the excellence of Jesus!If we can see what Paul saw,then we can live like he lived-Mike Bickle
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True spirituality is no only devout, but is kind to people. Some speak like an angel when praying to God, but speak like a devil when talking to the people who bother them. Mike Bickle The sermon on the mount.
(Matt defends IHOP Kc chapter one) Recently there has been some negative journalism criticizing the international house of prayer in Kansas City, MIssourri as being a cult. First of all, let's define a cult. A cult is a group of people who are taught to believe and adhere to everything the leader says WHETHER IT'S BIBLICAL OR NOT. (under the assumption that he is the only true prophet of the modern age). MIke Bickle teaches DIRECTLY FROM THE BIBLE. In fact, while he's preaching the Scriptures he is preaching from are on the screen, so that you can tell he is not contradicting the bible. NOt only that, but after he preaches he always says, "Dont take my word for it. Read it yourself". And everytime he preached I did research for myself looking at the scriptures that he preached. For the entire one and a half year stay there I never found anything contradictory in nature.
I added a video to a playlist Rose of Sharon - Mike Bickle shares Bob Jones' Word from the Lord
mike bickle: The anointing to receive God's love and love Him back is the greatest gift the Holy Spirit imparts to us.
"One dimension of growing deeper in God is that God intervenes more in our circumstances if we respond rightly.". --Mike Bick…
"It is not your inheritance to live spiritually bored. It is your inheritance to live preoccupied with the beauty of this Ma…
'Forgiveness is free but to go somewhere in God is costly.' Mike Bickle
mark Driscoll isn't my favorite. David Falls is, and my wife, Rick Joyner, and Mike Bickle
Breast Cancer Awareness
sounds like Mike Bickle too as he is sharing
All of God's judgements are aimed in to whatever intervenes with love - Mike Bickle.
The grace of God is not to make us comfortable, but to give us a second chance when we repent (Mike Bickle)
The Spirit helps us, enables us, to see and feel the truth of Jesus - Mike Bickle ref :1 Cor 2:10
Jesus is not just a means to an end - Mike Bickle
God dwells in the spirit (inner man) but is made manifest through the soul (mind, will, and emotions) - mike bickle
Great words from Mike Bickle. Pastor Bob has taught on honoring authority many times. We find safety in a culture...
There is a deep connection between what we say with our mouth & what our heart believes. We pray the Word to change our hearts. –Mike Bickle
"The only way we can keep the ground that we have gained in the spirit is by taking new ground.". --Mike Bickle
"God gives salvation to the needy, but gives the deep things of His heart to the hungry who refuse to live without them." Mike Bickle
'The most neglected subject in the Church is God!' Mike Bickle
Join us for Fascinate! Mike Bickle, Cory Asbury, & more. Early registration till Sun May 27th:
Radical Christianity is not going on a missions trip or a big conference. Radical Christianity is staying steady for decades.” –Mike Bickle
Looks like Mike Bickle and friends can't handle sunshine.
“Obedience is not earning God’s love; it is the way we express our love to God.” --Mike Bickle
"The best preparation for dating and marriage is to work on yourself.". --Mike Bickle
"We employ the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit by consistently declaring the Word against the enemy’s attack.". --M…
"In order to renew our mind we must confess the truth of the Word back to God in prayer.". --Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle on The Seven Churches Of Revelation. Revelation Chapter 2 and 3. Excerpt of Description of CD Message: "...The issues that Jesus addresses in the churches of John’s day were strategically selected to help them. Additionally, they are to prepare the end-time Church to stand against sinful seductions and fierce persecutions that will have striking similarities to the time of the seven churches. Thus, the seven letters identify the most important issues that will challenge the faith and obedience of the end-time Church. This teaching also gives us an in-depth look at eternal rewards found in the book of Revelation. Mike shows that Jesus promised twenty-two eternal rewards to motivate His people to persevere until the end. To overcome means to walk in spiritual maturity by consistently seeking to walk in obedience. Overcoming does not mean attaining perfection in our character but constantly reaching for wholehearted obedience. In this series, Mike Bickle helps us understand the clear portrait . ...
"I encourage people to focus on enjoying Jesus more, not trying harder to overcome sin!" Mike Bickle
"Something superb happens when we fall in love with Jesus and put our own gold in the dust." Mike Bickle
Striving to earn God's love is error, putting effort in our relationship with God is true love. -Mike Bickle-
Here is a fantastic series on the Bride of Christ from Mike Bickle. Click here to listen:
We need to stop idolizing our leaders and focus on Jesus. The last thing your leader wants is to become an idol in your life, a stumbling block between you and God. :) We can celebrate them, but as they raise their hands and point to the sky let's not worship their fingers... Who died for you? Mike Bickle? Bill Johnson? If they did, let's worship them, if they didn't lets keep on track as a united body digging deep into God's presence, loving Jesus PASSIONATELY, understanding what He has done for us. He really really deserves it. Mike and Bill don't need or want your praise (as far as I know). Jesus does.
'God will send the sun and the rain but He won't plant the seeds and pull the weeds.' Mike Bickle
"Great favor in life and impact in ministry cannot satisfy the deepest cry of the heart." . --Mike Bickle
Affection-based obedience is the strongest type of obedience because it flows from experiencing Jesus' affection. -mike Bickle
Count Zinzendorf lead a sex cult in the history of the Moravians. False teachers Mike Bickle and Rick Joyner have been very vocal of their adoration of Zinze...
The glory of the human story is that we can't exhaust God's mercy. Our weakness never disqualifies us if we sincerely repent. Mike Bickle, Loving God
How do you know you're not failing in your spiritual life? Here's Mike Bickle's answer from
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“You are the only person who can give God your love.” -Mike Bickle
April 28, 2014, Monday. A cold, gray, rainy day. The Bible readings for today are Numbers 5; Psalms 39; Song of Songs 3; Hebrews 3. Numbers 5 contains instructions for dealing with physical and moral impurity, as well as restitution for wronging another. Psalm 39 is similar to 38 in that it is also a plea for God to lift His discipline. The writer refrained from complaining (v1-2,9), but when he did speak, it was on the shortness of life.(4-6) He sounds much like the writer of Ecclesiastes in describing the shortness and fleetingness of life. Spurgeon points out in his comments of v6: “Life is but a passing pageant. This alone is sure, that nothing is sure. All around us shadows mock us; we walk among them, and too many live for them as if the mocking images were substantial; acting their borrowed parts with zeal fit only to be spent on realities, and lost upon the phantoms of this passing scene.” At my age I am becoming much more aware of this, and pray “Lord teach me to number my days” I w ...
When we experience delight in knowing Jesus then we will enjoy relationships with others far better. -Mike Bickle With this thought, really, God is telling me something. I just had this conversation with two different people regarding relationships. I hope you'll be encourage with this, when you think that that person will complete you then I dont think thats the right person. Because only Jesus can complete you :) Goodnight everyone!
"Burnout occurs when we do not experience the pleasure of the Christian life found in a love relationship with God." Mike Bickle
"God is never surprised, disillusioned, or confused by our failings." Mike Bickle
I highly recommend the book Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending The Holy Spirit With Counterfeit Worship to all my fellow believers. Dr. John MacArthur systematically pulls apart the lies and heresies spread by the modern Charismatic Movement in such a way that it leaves the movement with 0 credibility. He exposes the false teachings and scandals of many well known Charismatic teachers such as: Oral Roberts, Charles Parham, Amy McPherson, Andrew Womack, Mike Bickle, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, etc. The movement in and of its self is nothing more than a horrendous sideshow that makes a mockery of the Holy Spirit and Christianity with erroneous teachings such as: word of faith, prosperity preaching, false signs and wonders, fake healings, speaking in gibberish, second baptism, and so on. While I am still continuist in my theology, I avidly deny that the offices of apostle and prophet are still in effect today, but I firmly believe that tongues, prophecy, and miraculous healing still happe ...
"God releases more of his power and presence according to the measure of our hunger for him.". -Mike Bickle
"Earning the love of God is heresy. Expressing the love of God is necessity.". --Mike Bickle
"God doesn't discipline us because He's finished with us. He disciplines us because He's committed to us." . --Mike Bickle
Jesus is Risen! Our full redemption is accomplished forever. Nothing we can do would motivate God to save us. Jesus did it all!. Mike Bickle
life in Christ was never intended to be lived as a besieged soul. It is not a life of just getting by, trying to hang on until the end. -Mike Bickle, Seven Longings of the Human Heart
Our fervent belief in the Lord’s return must not cause us to abdicate our responsibility to work toward change in society. -Mike Bickle, Seven Longings of the Human Heart
...eternal impact is mainly achieved through our faithfulness in small things. -Mike Bickle, Seven Longings of the Human Heart
What is the best advice I could give to someone starting a house of prayer? Here is Mike Bickle's answer from
"Success is not growing in fame, finances, or influence, it is growing in love, purity, and humility." -Mike Bickle
Holiness is not about missing out, it’s about entering in. - Mike Bickle
"Each decision for love that we make moves Jesus’ heart. He remembers every movement of love that our heart makes towards Him.". -Mike Bickle
"In raising children, it is good to speak ten affirmations for every one correction." --Mike Bickle
"Intimacy with God is not just an option, but it is the very essence of true Christianity." . Mike Bickle
"There is simply no greater pleasure than when God reveals God to the human spirit.". Mike Bickle
"Short prayers go a long way. We get more than we deserve from our prayer life.". --Mike Bickle
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Everlasting King Of Glory, I join my brothers and sisters in agreement, like Mike Bickle, we remember the spiritual issues that remained in our lives even though we wanted to live good christian lives, we reverence You for the revelation of how much You loved us, becau...
We are called to put courage into people's hearts—courage to not draw back in their calling, courage to choose righteousness and obedience. We give them courage to say no to temptation and despair. We give them courage to sacrifice their resources for the sake of others. We give them courage by the Word, by our stories, by prophesying to them, by loving on them, and by hearing their heart. When we encourage them, we put courage into their hearts. ~ Mike Bickle
We cannot build the Church without being involved in making disciples. ~ Mike Bickle
What does the Term Prophetic Mean? What does the term prophetic mean today? –John Robert Lucas The word prophetic represents a prophetic-type message for today However, in my research I found that the term prophetic means different things to different Christians. On the Temple Builders website I use the term probably more than I should, but I use it in hopes of attracting segments in the church who I think may be responsive to the Temple Builders message. Webster defines: pro•phet•ic \pre-”fe-tik\ adjective 1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy 2 : foretelling events : predictive For a nutshell definition, Webster is not too far off. Simply put, if a minister has a message that is prophetic, they have the characteristic of a prophet. Normally we think of an Old Testament prophet that predicts the future. Thus, a large body of Christians define prophetic as futuristic ministry. End time prophecy fits nicely into this package with authors such as Tim LaHaye (Left Behind Se ...
Nobody can stop the will of God upon your life, but YOU - Mike Bickle
Today's Western church has a scoffing spirit of unbelief. - Mike Bickle
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Couldn't have said it any better. Mike Bickle
There will be pockets of mercy, entire geographic regions, when God releases has anger. - Mike Bickle
God will cancel judgment over a nation if the people gather and pray and repent. - Mike Bickle
So much of what the church is fighting for God is fighting against. - Mike Bickle
You can't be wholehearted and casual at the same time. They are opposites. Wholeheartedness is often violent. - Mike Bickle
In threatening times, call solemn assemblies. Don't do it once. Do it as a lifestyle. - Mike Bickle
Change your ways and the negative events from heaven will be stopped by God. - Mike Bickle
The thing God wants is what the people aren't doing. It's not a mystery. Solemn assemblies. - Mike Bickle
The only thing worse than God not showing up is God showing up if there is sin in the camp. - Mike Bickle
Remember this..."God's primary call to a nation in crisis is to gather in solemn assemblies (Joel 2:12-17)". -Mike Bickle.
"Our greatest emotional need is to have the assurance that we are enjoyed by God even in our weakness. --Mike Bickle
Should prophets be disciplined when their words don't come to pass? Here is Mike Bickle's answer to that question:
God's Patience Toward Us hey, hey lovelies! below is a snippet of what we gleaned in our time together during Womens’ Prayer last Wednesday. and let me tell you, it was such an amazing time worshipping, searching the scriptures, listening, and praying with these girls! we all concluded that, although we may not know then, God placed us where we are for such a time as this and as we become more patient, we begin to see those blessings. until next Wednesday! "Love is Patient" - 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 Then the LORD passed by in front of him and proclaimed, "The LORD, the LORD God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth; who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations."… Exodus 6:7 some additional Scriptures: Romans 5:8 -The love of God toward us was demonstrate . ...
The Sermon on the Mount is the constitution of God‘s Kingdom. It is useful to us as the litmus test to measure our personal spiritual development and ministry impact. We measure our impact in ministry by how those that we minister to walk out these values. These values should be the most emphasized theme in the teaching ministries in the Kingdom. These are weighty yet unpopular themes that describe the entry point lifestyle of all new believers.‖ (Mike Bickle)
Is the Book of Revelation really too hard to understand as some say? Click to watch Mike Bickle's answer to that:
"David's dream wasn't to be king - that was his assignment; His dream was to love God and obey Him." -Mike Bickle
If you could be another person for a day, who would you be? — Mike Bickle
"Does your dedication provoke people around you to be dedicated?" -Mike Bickle
Me n Mike Bickle rapped at FCF Sat night service Lol It was amazing go to go to archives n post video its a GoJesus
Mike Bickle on YouTube - How can I have an effective prayer life?
Just watched Mike Bickle rap... I'm in shock! Never thought I'd see the day
How does God actually feel about us? Click here for a great teaching on that by Mike Bickle:
I love when Mike Bickle preaches on the Life of David.I think that and the Song of Solomon teachings are my...
The rejection was to draw you closer to Me and talk to Me not for you to talk to yourself. . -Mike Bickle
"Prayer is no substitute for obedience, because sin hinders our love for Him.". --Mike Bickle
"It's not about your energy and your focus; it's about His power." . --Mike Bickle
“In our day, the Holy Spirit is emphasizing the anointing that was upon Mary of Bethany, which is the anointing to "waste" our lives on one thing: extravagant devotion to Jesus Christ. It is the anointing to linger long with an engaged spirit in the presence of the Lord. This is impossible to do with religious self-determination and the power of the flesh. We can't will ourselves to be more resolute and say, 'I will, I will, I will.' The abandonment flows out of a lovesick heart.” ― Mike Bickle
"Spiritual leaders are mourning the loss of prophetic minister Bob Jones and praying for his family.
Critical thinking and evaluating of teachings is essential to Kingdom-mindedness. -Mike Bickle
Is there a better way to point out error and things that are off in the teaching we hear? Here is a video from Mike Bickle answering that:
Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer once shared that the anointing (1 John 2:20,27) carries a stigma with it. He called it "the stigma of the anointing".
Jesus is looking for voluntary lovers who are equally yoked to Him in love ~ Mike Bickle
No person can stop the will of God in your life except YOU. You can prevent it by getting into a wrong, accusing spirit. --Mike Bickle
The great commission won't happen without the prayer movement-Mike Bickle
Are there any practical steps we can take to encounter Jesus? Here is a great teaching on that by Mike Bickle:
Radical isn't about how high you jump in a worship service. It's about how you walk when you come down. --Mike Bickle
"Satan did not invent the idea of pleasure. He counterfeited it and uses it to destroy the Human Heart". -Mike Bickle
Join us for an introduction to the Book of Revelation teaching by Mike Bickle. Listen here:
video Mike Bickle Is homosexuality the greatest sin
“Even a low level of bitterness in our hearts can hinder many things in our lives.” - Mike Bickle
Understanding your life as a race and a war, not a party cruise, will save your life. -Mike Bickle. Thank u sermon notes 📝
"All of God's judgments are aimed at that which interferes with love!" Mike Bickle
You will love whoever you pray for regularly. Your spirit will stay free and end up w an inheritance in their life. --Mike Bick…
Here is a great video on how to create a culture of honor by Mike Bickle. Click here to watch:
Mike Bickle is talking about Absalom, an ambitious young leader with a rebellious spirit.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Some of my favorite teachings are when Mike Bickle preaches on 'The Life Of David'. Every time - my heart is encouraged!!
Mike Bickle, founder of the cultish IHOP movement, pointed the finger at those of us who hold the Scriptures in high esteem (those of us who are "biblically orthodox") and claimed that we were like the Pharisees who were responsible for the death of Christ.
by Kevin Reeves LTRP Note: The following article by Kevin Reeves describes the background of much of the Word-Faith, River movement, Latter Rain, IHOP, Joel’s Army, Apostles and Prophets movement, etc. taking place today. Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner, John Wimber, and many others rose out of the 1940s L...
The only way God loves is with His whole heart... this is why He asks us to love Him with our whole heart. --Mike Bickle
Make the first commandment the dream of your heart. (Mike Bickle) What would it look like to love God with all that we are completely!?
In the end times the church will not be under the wrath of God, it will be releasing the wrath of God. - Mike Bickle
Post-millennialism presumes everything will get better and better while the church bypasses it's cross. - Mike Bickle
Today people want pastors who protect them from God. - Mike Bickle
Humanistic optimism drives some people's Eschatology, and it results in giving ground to the enemy. - Mike Bickle
Millions and millions of Believers - possibly hundreds of millions - will deny their faith in the end times. - Mike Bickle
Many will be enraged at the church in the end times because of what we say. - Mike Bickle
A lazy friendly church culture that is growing rapidly will not stand when pressure comes in the end - times. Mike Bickle
How can you develop a prayer life for your family? Here is some practical advice from Mike Bickle on that:
The devil wants you to be an accuser, not an intercessor. Will you answer accusatory missiles with accusation or intercession? ~Mike Bickle
When people malign you, it never impacts your ministry long term. ~Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle is talking about being slandered, misunderstood and maligned. I bet much of what people say we believe is actually wrong.
The call to a wholehearted life is the most offensive issue out there in the church today. ~Mike Bickle
The Lord jealously desires that we believe that He sincerely enjoys us in a personal way. --Mike Bickle
How do you raise up your children to become disciples of Jesus? Here is a great video answering that question from Mike Bickle. Click the video to watch:
Mike Bickle is teaching on intimacy and end times, back to back on Friday nights. My heart is already burning after the first session! Join us every Friday night at 6pm on
He uses his power as Creator to establish His plans as Father. --Mike Bickle
How do you deal with criticism in your life? Here is a great video from Mike Bickle answering that. Click here:
We stand confident before God because of what He did for us not because of what we do for Him. --Mike Bickle
Humility is the ultimate standard of greatness in the kingdom of God. --Mike Bickle
When we encourage someone, we are putting courage in their heart to stay the course in righteousness and obedience. Heb.10:25 --Mike Bickle
What characteristics do you find in a cult? How do you know it when you see it? Watch this video from Mike Bickle answering that question:
Jesus is our greatest treasure, but we must seek for more of Him with all our heart, as for hidden treasure. --Mike Bickle
The Father thinks about you so much, and He plans things for your good. (Mike Bickle) Good morning from KC.
ReviewKiss a Falling Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars Review: 13 reviews List Price: $0 Price: Get Special Price ›› Deals Reviews** Kiss a Falling Star Online E book Suppliers - An Incredible Selection of Publications In this contemporary globe, there are drastic changes in every and every industry to make things straightforward to the persons. In this regard there are no exception for the Reserve shops. Kiss a Falling Star. Audio Books - Good Infotainment Gadgets The audio books are specifically developed to boost the looking through behavior of the people. With these textbooks a reader can quickly expand his or her know-how bank even whilst driving or acquiring lunch. Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle This book by Mike Bickle is foundational for any person commencing his Christian stroll. Whilst the title is "Enthusiasm for Jesus," it basically does an sudden twist in showing you His enjoy for you initial. Kiss a Falling Star. "Profitable Or Losing" By Robert Lamoreaux, JD - Book Review This guide dis ...
We are called to take initiative in building strong relationships instead of waiting passively for others to pursue us. --Mike Bickle
We must define love based on God's terms, not by our humanistic culture that seeks love without obedience to God's Word. --Mike Bickle
When we stand before the Lord, He will not ask about the size of our ministries but the size of our hearts’ responses to Him. --Mike Bickle
you doing a DLT song? I'll get u started "more notorious than Travis Bickle for having arms like mr tickle."
In response to the one below who shared the confusion that exists online concerning the various teachers and men and women of renown in the 'Charismatic' side of our faith. Just a thought for you to consider: In a war the most maligned generals by the opposing force are the most feared. Honestly, the more vitriol I see about a teacher or preacher on the interneta
Our primary life goal and preoccupation needs to be focused on beholding God’s love (1 Jn. 3:1). --Mike Bickle
My generation was afraid of missing out on "fun"; I'm afraid of missing out on everything God has for me in this life - Mike Bickle
God wants to see our face and hear our voice in our relationship with Him (Song 2:14). --Mike Bickle
God’s ultimate purpose is that people would find Jesus and fully walk with Him -Mike Bickle
Our “currency” in eternity will be the love that we cultivated for Him in this age. -Mike Bickle
Learn more at More from our Ask Mike Bickle Series - In this video Mike discusses whether subjective revelation is more authoritat...
The most powerful message ever spoken in human history is the gospel of grace (Acts 20:24). --Mike Bickle
Jesus is not just a savior who forgives, and a king who rules; His eternal nature is also to burn with desire as a bridegroom. …
We have confidence because Jesus is a far better leader than Satan is a deceiver. --Mike Bickle
WHAT IS A PHARISEE? Let's face it, no Christian wants to be accused of being a Pharisee, because the Pharisees are portrayed in the New Testament as being pretty loathsome characters. The accusation of being a Pharisee is made even more incendiary when it is combined with rhetoric about the Pharisees being the ones who killed Christ. This is perfectly illustrated by a statement made by Mike Bickle, a key leader in the massively influential "evangelical" organization International House of Prayer (IHOP). He said in an audio message titled Contending for the Power of God (CD1): "It was the ones pressing into biblical orthodoxy that murdered Christ." Were the Pharisees really too biblically orthodox? Was their sin really to hold the Scriptures in too high of esteem? Was it the Pharisees who killed Jesus? Rather than take Mike Bickle's word for it, perhaps we should test his claim against what Scripture actually tells us about the Pharisees. For example, a careful look at Matthew 15:1-9 and John 5:45-47 clear ...
"The very essence of how God thinks & feels is love. He reasons & makes plans from the place of fiery love." Mike Bickle
Justin Peters joins Brannon today. Topic: Francis Chan violates 2 Corinthians 6:14, 2 John 9-11 and Romans 16:17 and goes to speak at IHOP for false teacher Mike Bickle. Hear the disturbing audio of Francis Chan praising Mike Bickle. Brannon explains in detail some of the false teaching of Bickle if...
When Will Joel's Army Emerge? Part 1 ~ John Crowder   How long have we heard the prophecies about the Lord amassing a mighty army of wonderworkers, seers and revivalists – a supernatural generation that will prepare the way for His second coming? This is not a new concept. From the onset of the present-day prophetic movement, the emergence of this company of forerunners has been a hot topic. Prophetic voices such as Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Jack Deere and countless others have heralded the advancement of an end-time generation that would demonstrate signs and wonders like never before in history.   In this series of teachings, we want to look briefly at the Lord’s timetable for the emergence of this army. The modern-day resurgence of this prophetic understanding can be traced back to the Voice of Healing revival in the 1940s and ‘50s. Men like Jack Coe and William Branham saw an entire church rising up to operate in healing, prophecy and the fullne ...
Following Jesus’ commandments is not legalism; it is true life, joy, liberty and the pathway to love. --Mike Bickle
Just glanced at the headline, but I'm honored to be slandered with men like Mike Bickle & Lou Engle -- & for Brownsville too.
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