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Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle (b. 1955) is an American Evangelical Christian leader best known for his leadership of the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC).

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ETF2: Explosion of Light, the White Horse, and the Chariots —Mike Bickle (IHOP-KC) -
Hi.Am trying to watch this devo but stops right after you speak about Mike Bickle ect.Anyplace else I can listen?:)
Mike Bickle led us now in asking God to restore righteousness to our courtrooms, board rooms, bedrooms, and classrooms.
Latest trailer for Mike Mills' 20th Century Women looks great. How hasn't Annette Benning won an Oscar yet?
Check out Prof Mike Bickle's great blog about his Int Research Collaboration Fund visit to Utah, USA
Prayer for Greater Revelation of God's Love; Helps Us Love Him More -- Mike Bickle in "Loving God"
"The enemy works overtime to keep us in shame. He knows if he can keep us in shame, he can minimize our intimacy with God." -Mike Bickle
Your capacity to receive is based on your hunger to pursue. - Mike Bickle
20% off of Onething until Monday night! Join Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson, Todd White, Misty Edwards, and more!
“All the beauty that we see in this world is a reflection of the source of the ultimate beauty—God." - Mike Bickle
Testimony of million dollar offering to Russia with Bob Jones, Mike Bickle, Terry Law and others.
Even One Encounter with God Changes Us -- A Quote by Mike Bickle in "Loving God"
In episode 9 of our IHOPKC podcast, Mike Bickle and David Sliker take questions from the audience. Listen here:…
“Boundaries set by the Holy Spirit, do not quench the Holy Spirit. A river without banks can be very destructive.” Mike Bickle
"The Rewards of Fasting" by Mike Bickle and Dana Candler. Exploring the love of the Bridegroom.
would love it if you did another false teacher song, part 2! Need to add Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Jesus Culture & Todd Bentley
I liked a video Spirit of Prophecy (Spontaneous) // Misty Edwards, Mike Bickle, Katie Reed //
In our newest blog, Mike Bickle shares insight about the end-time worship movement:
"When we enter into God's joy and gladness, the door to much of Satan's activity slams shut in our lives." -Mike Bickle
Love Frees Us to Evangelize with New Motivation -- Quote, Mike Bickle, "The Pleasures of Loving God"
Dating and Preparation for Marriage, by Mike Bickle/Alan Hood -
Maybe you could still write in Cruz (which I myself recommend against until he disavows Mike Bickle).
Dependence on God and abiding in Him is more than a state of mind; it is a conversation with Him. - Mike Bickle
Radical Christianity is not going on a missions trip... Radical Christianity is staying steady for decades. -Mike Bickle
Passionate Lovers of Jesus Will Draw the Lost -- Quote, Mike Bickle, "The Pleasures of Loving God"
"You'll never get anyone to change their actions long term until they change the way they view themselves before God." - Mike Bickle
"...He leads us by what He sees, not by calling out our failures." -Mike Bickle
Our article on the Forerunner Eschatology of Mike Bickle & IHOP by Andrew Jackson | via
"There's a King. He has a plan. We're a part of it." - Mike Bickle
Blessed is the person who looks at the two words "great" and "first" and it's personal to them. -Mike Bickle
The wilderness comes when we do the will of God. -Mike Bickle
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Salvation is far more than being delivered from sin and death, it’s about enjoying Jesus forever. // Mike Bickle
The haunting of Ted Cruz:These 5 sinister extremists are his dark legacy from 2016,Mike Bickle,Michael Berry,Steve D
Well I am sorry you are blind. Call Ted Cruz, their is your real white/right wing nut-job:
New post: Is Ronnie Floyd Trying to Unite the SBC with Mike Bickle's IHOP?
Contending for the Honor of Women in Our Midst: Message via Mike Bickle and International House of Prayer. So...
There is more to IHOP and Mike Bickle than bad eschatology
Laila tov. PS I'm still stunned that some are as ignorant about Mike Bickle as others are about Donald Trump.
"Gratitude flows from seeing the truth about Jesus’ leadership—it is wise, generous, and kind." - Mike Bickle
I'm not familiar with lavky. If you run into Mike Bickle tell him david lewis said "Hi."
"I know more about bars than you do.". -Mike Bickle
I've having bad memories of a Mike Bickle sermon on M's day that was dripping with patriarchal nonsense.
Kevin Swanson and Ted Cruz. Mike Bickle and Ted Cruz. Do some homework lady
"Stereotypes, prejudices, and unfair biases are commonly directed against women. This mind-set greatly hinders the work of God."-Mike Bickle
"Faithful is not the size of your impact it's the size of your heart response." Mike Bickle
Oh wow! We did a Mike Bickle series on Revelations a couple of years ago. Loved it!
domain names
donated to Mike Bickle's friend as well? That just proves something.
and are pretty much the same. Research & Mike Bickle. cc:
Who knows, BTW? This could be God's way of saying to "Stop! You are set apart for Me!" Endorsing Mike Bickle did not reflect that.
You can see why they didn't go too far in disavowing people like Mike Bickle's endorsement.
he has received support from so many crazies. Mike Bickle as well. Tony Perkins...who has ties to hate groups. Many more.
Well if you can forget that Mike Bickle thing...Glenn Beck thing...& trying to shut down the gov't thing...
No report on Cruz "Obstructor in Chief"-truth about lousy senatorial record, extremism, Glenn Beck & Mike Bickle?
I see Amanda Carpenter is back on her Cruz KoolAid with Glenn Beck & Mike Bickle
Between Chuck Nellis, Mike Bickle & Glenn Beck, it's obvious Ted Cruz attracts top quality people. The best.
Glenn Beck and Mike Bickle - both radical freaks that Cruz calls friends.
Seriously Ted - 2 names that prove you're a radical - Glenn Beck & Mike Bickle
Blessed worship by Laura this afternoon and message by mike bickle right now going on GOD TV.- Pastor Avinash Singh, Jhansi (U.P.)
Ted Cruz on his endorsement from Mike Bickle, an evangelist who called Hitler a "hunter" sent by God for the jews
If you research that guy Mike Bickle there is some pretty messed up stuff at the start of that ministry.
The most hardcore prayer from Global Prayer Room: "God I thank you for King David and Mike Bickle." .
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.Dig deeper. Also check out for more proof.
"Cultivating love for Jesus has the greatest impact on God’s heart and our heart." - Mike Bickle
Whatever we behold or understand about God's heart toward us--that's what we become in our hearts toward God. Mike Bickle
.on Mike Bickle talking about the Sings of The Times related to Gentile nations. 🔥
LIVE on Back in KC so thankful for Mike Bickle speaking on "signs of the times related to gentile natio…
Mary broke her most precious earthly treasure over the one who was her greatest treasure - Mike Bickle.
In this Featured Video, Mike Bickle, Director of the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City,...
Extremist minister Mike Bickle says Hitler doing Gods work & Hates all *** people
PS I am not voting for and I find his embracing of Mike Bickle despicable. I also find the slander & libel of him & al. despicable
NEWSFLASH: Do not forget that was endorsed by a preacher who thinks Hitler was sent by God to hunt Jews. Mike Bickle. Look it up.
Just add this to the Mike Bickle jew hunter Cruz endorsement, and what do you have?
Start out the new year with Mike Bickle’s 12-part series on the first commandment! Click here to listen to part 10,…
To “be anxious for nothing” is to not let anxiety go unchallenged in your life. Mike Bickle
Do you agree with this quote?. "I don't want to be the biggest or the best, I want to be faithful.". - Mike Bickle
Ted Cruz and Mike Bickle (A pastor who characterized Hitler as “a hunter” sent by God to go after Jews)
Living in a state of spiritual passivity and boredom makes us vulnerable to Satan's attacks. -Mike Bickle
Wisconsin is going be a battle and the Trump Train is just getting started on the Cruzbots. Mike Bickle, Jeb Bush, Goldman Saxs,
Ted Cruz is backed by Mike Bickle. He has yet to disavow.
abosolutley have comparison. Remember Mike Bickle? Google him I'll be waiting. Also Cruz did side with BLM.
Going live in 7 minutes! :) ~lu ♥. Tonight starting PM CST [9pm EST] on Prophecy Quake, we will look at...
Cruz has less knowledge about the business world than nearly anyone I've ever seen. And btw, has he disavowed Mike Bickle yet?
New MSTV Video - God Cannot Love Partially - Mike Bickle shares on the roots and truths of God and His truest ...
ICYMI We call on to disavow endorsement from intolerant evangelical leader Mike Bickle
do u have a statement about his endorsement by the antiSemitic pastor Mike Bickle?
Why would he need to disavow Mike Bickle?
the knowledge of the personality of God encourages obedience; it motivates people to repent and encourages their hearts-Mike Bickle.
"We will not walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-17) more than we talk to the Holy Spirit." - Mike Bickle
.has some VERY odd supporters. MSM largely silent.
Media demands Trump to denounce David Duke. Why has the media not demanded that Ted Cruz denounce Mike Bickle?.
loves and these supporters Ted Nugent and Mike Bickle!
credentials: he touts support from antiseptics Ted Nugent and Mike Bickle (said God sent the Holocaust)
"The Uncreated God longs to live in the human spirit." Mike Bickle . If that's true, which I believe it is, then let's have fellowship him.
Pleaseask Cruzwhyhedoes not repudiate support of anti-Semitic, anti *** proponents Mike Bickle, Ted Nugent and Kevin Swanson.
says he supports but taunts support by antisemite Ted Nugent & Mike Bickle who believes God sent Hitler
Glenn Beck, Mike Bickle, Kevin Swanson, all 3 endorse Ted Cruz that alone should cause shivers down your spine
and Ted Cruz has touts the support of antisemitics Ted Nugent and Mike Bickle.. But he's totes not a bigot, right?
Ted Nugent. Kevin Swanson. Mike Bickle. 3 reasons why Felito Cruz is not going to be President
endorsement by the anti-semite, Mike Bickle, is as ominous and disturbing as endorsement by white supremacists.
like Trump, has also publicly embraced white racists
Our love for God is actually a response to revelation of His love for us. - Mike Bickle
This morning at OHOP, 10:00 am. Mike Bickle ministering the word, Misty Dawn Edwards ministering in worship.
Mike Bickle from International House of Prayer Kansas City on the Mystery and Majesty of Prayer
Someone needs to investigate Mike Bickle's endorsement of
"This is the worst hour of history to be prayerless" [Mike Bickle]
Tonight at OneThing Orlando. Misty Dawn Edwards ministering in worship & Mike Bickle ministering the word.
False teachers like Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, Mike Bickle, aren't merely misguided,& don't "mean well". They're TRYING to deceive you 1Jo2:26
Passion for Jesus : Growing in Extravagant Love for God by Mike Bickle (1996,...
- The left wing "Forward" trying to tie Cruz to Jew-hating rhetoric of doomsday preacher Mike Bickle by way of his endorsement.
Smart politicians will see the collapsing of Cruz's poll numbers & learn to stay far away from false teachers like Glenn Bec…
Know your FASCISTS, . right wing Conservatives, and know that some of your presidential candidates are supported...
I think Mike Bickle still doesn't get it, bro.
Ted Cruz has welcomed the endorsement of a Far Right pastor who thinks Hitler was sent by God to 'hunt' Jews.
"The hardship of this age is not worthy to be compared to the glory that we will receive in the age to come." - Mike Bickle
If you try to win an argument instead of a brother. You can win the argument, but you will lose that brother. . --Mike Bickle
Tonight and all day tomorrow, join us Orlando! Mike & Diane Bickle, Allen Hood, Emily & I, David Sliker, Matt...
Bread is the food of the devil. It Must be.Oprah endorses that she eats it every day.
Ted Cruz, like Trump, has also publicly embraced white racists
Cruz being proud of Mike Bickle endorsement is enough you need to know about Cruz lol
Ted Cruz touts endorsement of Mike Bickle who said God sent Hitler for the Jews.
"We are not angels who serve God at a distance...". -Mike Bickle
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Ted Cruz endorser Mike Bickle thinks Hitler was sent by God to kill Jews
Join us for Onething Orlando, Jan. 29–30, w/Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards & others! Learn more:
Join us Jan 1-2nd here at for the Luke 18 "Campus Awakening Summit". Speakers include Mike Bickle, Allen H…
We are blessed in Him! See Reinhard Bonnke, Mike Bickle, Francis Chan, Misty Edwards & more:
LIVE on Mike Bickle leading us in the last 2 hours of day 1 of our solemn assembly
Live for an audience of One! Seek God w/Reinhard Bonnke, Misty Edwards, Mike Bickle, & more:
The Judgment Seat of Christ: Living before the Eyes of God, by Mike Bickle
David Gahare was surprised that Mike Bickle would take time to welcome all three of our Papua New Guinea guests...
Session 4: The Abomination of Desolation // Mike Bickle // End-Time Studies in the Book of Daniel -
It is presumptuous to seek to walk in love without being connected to the Spirit – Mike Bickle
God is more concerned that we embody the message than that we preserve our reputation (Mike Bickle
Mike and Diane Bickle call Charisma "A gift to the body of Christ."
"All of God's judgements are aimed at whatever hinders love." - Mike Bickle
One glimpse of Jesus changes us. Experience Him in KC w/ Allen Hood, Mike Bickle, & more!
“God does not call us to holiness to keep us from pleasure. It is a call to experience fullness of pleasure in God’s pr…
"God doesn't love you more when you obey, you experience Him more!" --Mike Bickle
We're giving away copies of Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle. Enter to win!
Want to win 40 copies of Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle? I just entered to win and you can too.
Join in celebrating their 40th Anniversary with daily giveaways!
God never gets bored in his relationship with you~Mike Bickle
"Walking on the water with Jesus is safer than living in the boat without Him." Cultivating a passion for God - Mike Bickle
All of God's judgements are aimed at whatever interferes with Love. . — Mike Bickle
Roma Downey is a New Age Catholic who promotes Catholic mysticism. How could Mike Bickle not know that? ;) . H/T…
"A lover will always outwork a worker." - Mike Bickle
LIVE on Mike Bickle on judgment day continues 😀
I love how Mike Bickle holds things with an open hand, blesses people to go where the Lord leads them & remembers what God has spoken to him
Photo: ihopkc: Turn off the noise, fears, and every distraction to encounter God. Join Mike Bickle,...
Come experience the Holy Spirit’s healing power with Reinhard Bonnke, Mike Bickle, and others!
Enjoyed the ministry of Mike Bickle n worship with Misty Edwards @ Forerunners Church IHOP in Kansas City today.
"A spiritually bored believer is vulnerable to Satan when he comes knocking at their door." Mike Bickle
"Earnest prayer comes from a heart that is engaged with God." Mike Bickle
“We can’t be casual about sin. We must be diligent to seek freedom from it, instead of trying to find ways to justify i…
Mike Scott with the thunderous slam over Bradley Beal.
"Only the eternal, supernatural God can fill our longings." Mike Bickle
Lovers will always outwork the workers. Mike Bickle
Episode 52: Francis Chan's crazy love for Mike Bickle, Ihop, Mysticism & More. || -
God doesn't punish you because you've fallen, He isn't finished with you because you've stumbled. He loves you no matter what - Mike Bickle
"If we constantly put our cold and hard hearts on the fire of God's presence, they will get tenderised over time." Mike Bickle
LIVE on Mike Bickle . Always faithful in prayer and studying the bible
“What God thinks and feels about you is worth far more than the best advice from the most important people around you.”…
"Unregenerate men are offended about *** because they imagine that they love God.". -- Mike Bickle
Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle b285
"Jesus called us to abide in Him, The foundation of this reality means to talk with Him." - Mike Bickle
“Fasting is a that significantly increases our receptivity to the Lord’s voice and his word” Mike Bickle
"There is no substitute for obedience and intimacy with God." ~ Mike Bickle
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"God never suspends one attribute to exercise another" . -Mike Bickle
"Any who loves Jesus will love others much more." -Mike Bickle
"Encountering beauty is the only real and lasting solution to overcoming boredom." -- Mike Bickle
"Don't measure your prayers by how you feel when you pray them but by if they are in agreement with God’s will and His Word" - Mike Bickle
Love is not just something God does. It is at the very core and essence of His being. Mike Bickle
Prayer is not talking to God. It is rather talking with God, the un-created maker of the universe. Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle, Felipe Gonzalez, Marcel Racine, spiritual fathers that have learned at the feet of Jesus, marked by...
Exclusive Podcast by Joe Bickle and AYLI’s Mike Gushansky Interview of Bickle
I have been a long-time supporter, attender, dancer, photographer of Bickle and his many party guises.
Mike Bickle the father of the International House of Prayer? Is that the reference?
John Bevere and Mike Bickle are pretty solid too, I like all 3
Great lineup of speakers and worship leaders for Onething 2015: Reinhard Bonnke, Francis Chan, Mike Bickle, Allen...
You can't empty a room of darkness; you must turn on the light. Same goes for the human heart". --Mike Bickle
"Meekness is the magnet that attracts God's favor." ~ Mike Bickle (Mzm 37 : 11)
Our dedication to the Lord is an outcome of His dedication to us-Mike Bickle
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Mike Bickle's teachings on SOS are a breath of life to me in the mornings 🙌💕👍
The 90's version of myself is freaking OUT right here. With Mike Bickle, John Chisum and Lenny…
"When Jesus returns, it's to a bride and people who knew who they are to him." (Mike Bickle) Do you know who you...
We're excited to be offering two new additions in the bookstore. We have Mike Bickle's new book "Growing in...
Passion in prayer is about being engaged from the heart with the Lord while praying and persevering in faith without quitting. -Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle 1h1 hour ago. When there is no human remedy for a national crisis, the Lord says to "call a fast” (Joel 2:12)
“… being with Jesus ON THE WATER is far safer than staying in the boat WITHOUT HIM.” - Mike Bickle, passion for Jesus conference
I added a video to a playlist Passion For Jesus Message By Mike Bickle
"Demons don't move because we complain. They move because we speak the name of Jesus." . --Mike Bickle
The goal of our life isn’t to just have fun, it’s to love God wholeheartedly & touch the deep pleasures found in loving Him. -Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle teaches about loving God with all our heart. That is our ultimate purpose, we can rest in…
“The most significant, important, appointment of your life is yet ahead. When you stand before Him and your eyes meet His.”. --Mike Bickle
The Lord calls every believer to a life of prayer—no matter how long he has been saved or how experienced he is...
Growing in Prayer with Mike Bickle at FHOP tonight. Come and join us!
"We were made to live in joy, but that joy is found only in Jesus and His presence." - Mike Bickle
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"It's not the stumble... it's the staying down that constitutes defeat." -Mike Bickle
"A spiritually bored believer is far more susceptible to being swept away by sin then one fascinated in Jesus: -Mike Bickle
"It's high time to break free from the fear of being considered too fanatical.". -Mike Bickle
Intimacy without shame is a lost concept for most people.~Mike Bickle. Repentance does not mean just that we are...
Only emotionally uncluttered people who cultivate a quiet heart are able to grow in relational depth. ~Mike Bickle fro…
My great friend of over 30 years, Mike Bickle. God is using him to create a global movement of young…
"You won't ever stand before Jesus and regret that you didn't play more video games.". Mike Bickle quoting Corey Russell
Dear Friends, please join me at Onething 2014! I’ll be with Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, Kari Jobe, Allen Hood and... ht…
I am totally nonplussed by Mike Bickle, Misty Dawn Edwards, as well as me over six and a half years ago as of right now.
Join 20,000 young adults with Mike Bickle, Reinhard Bonnke, Misty Edwards, Allen Hood, Kari Jobe, Phil Wickham and more! 5 days left for regular pricing for Onething 2014 registration. Register today:
Mike Bickle started the International House of Prayer... His last name closely resembles a business on Brickle street
b/c we love Allen Hood, Mike Bickle, & Misty Edwards, but you have so many amazing worship leaders & pastors, and they deserve
Mike Bickle and his ministry IHOP. It is not a pancake house.
"There are only three kinds of scenes: a fight, a seduction or a negotiation.” - Mike Nichols
"Fasting tenderizes the human heart to God and increases our spiritual capacity to receive from Him.". --Mike Bickle
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9 days left for regular pricing! Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, Kari Job, Phil Wickham & more!
"Difficult human relationships are a chief means by which the Holy Spirit cultivates humility with a servant heart in us." Mike Bickle
Mike Nichols, the director of some of cinema, TV and the stage's most beloved works of the last 50 years, has died: htt…
Al Pacino remembers Mike Nichols: "I loved Mike. I worked with him, and he was a friend."
Mike Nichols gave me my start. A mentor, friend, colleague. One of the best observers of life. My thoughts are with Diane …
R.I.P. Mike Nichols, who has passed away at the age of 83.
One of our greatest storytellers has passed away. We remember Mike Nichols:
RIP the Great Mike Nichols - elite member of the pantheon of directors whether stage screen or tv. Any conversation was …
Mike Nichols, legendary director of such films as TheGraduate & Silkwood, has died at age 83.
we've lost one of the greats. rest in peace, Mike Nichols
Woke up to news of Mike Nichols' passing. He was a wonderful storyteller and leaves behind a great legacy, from his li…
RIP Mike Nichols. One of the true greats. A brilliant director & a kind man who took time to offer encouragement & help at a t…
Mike Nichols leaves behind a staggering body of work. He's one of the best filmmakers and stage directors ever. Influenced …
I hope that young directors up and coming learn from Mike Nichols whose films had some of the best female characters ever …
Mike Nichols on the moviegoing experience: "Like radio, it takes a long time to die."
Here's our list of the 22 best Mike Nichols movies:
Mike Nichols made movies that changed movies.
Former Man Utd assistant Mike Phelan joins Championship side Norwich as first team coach.
Longings of the Human Heart. By Mike Bickle. There are inescapable cravings in the core of every human heart that...
"God became human because He wanted you.". --Mike Bickle
OHOP has rented Church in the Son once again for January's onething Orlando 2015 Conference with Mike Bickle, Wes...
"God opens doors of blessings and closes doors of oppression in direct response to our prayers.". --Mike Bickle
"Jesus is never bored in His relationship with you.". --Mike Bickle
I enjoy pictures that represent me in my budding, nascent, prophetic and apostolic type of ministry. Will Mike Bickle ever agree with moi on that topic, or, in fact and also reality, never again?
"Cranky holiness is usually the result of living with a wounded spirit while seeking to live right in your own strength." . --Mi…
"A billion dollars cannot buy you the secrets of God's heart...but I tell you prayer and fasting escort us there.". --Mike Bickle
...excerpt from AFTER GOD's OWN HEART by Mike Bickle. 'When God gives a promise, we usually experience…
"God wants you to resist sin, but He won’t make you do it. We must choose to resist sin. (Rom. 6:12).". --Mike Bickle
"Where your words go... your emotions go." Mike Bickle,
We want to be more than forgiven. We want to be free! Mike Bickle,
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"Prayer allows us to partner with God in bringing His kingdom to Earth." . --Mike Bickle
have you been to IHOPKC with Mike Bickle and Misty Edwards?
Join 25,000 fearless ones for Onething 2014 along with Joyce Meyer, Mike Bickle, and more! »
Join Joyce Meyer, Mike Bickle, Allen Hood, and more for Register today »
I thank God for Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer Kansas City family. I don't believe I would be even a hundred feet away from God without IHOP-KC. Bless God
HOLINESS BEGINS with setting our heart to 100-FOLD OBEDIENCE to God. Mike Bickle
"Everything Jesus does, He does for love and He does from love. The whole administration of the gospel is filled with love.". --Mike Bickle
"If we find our identity in Jesus, then we are not as prone to be a sucker for flattering words that are not based in truth.". - Mike Bickle
"We view our lives through days, months weeks, and years, but God views us in the light of eternity." Mike Bickle.
Special invite from Mike Bickle to Onething 2014: via
Try listening to this sermon by Mike Bickle: (k. decanio, mb social media team)
If you want passion or love for God, then fill your time and your mind with the revelation of God's passion and love for you. . …
Prayer and Prophetic conference next month! Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards & more! Register now »
Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion. —Psalm 84:5-7 Zion is a prophetic picture of Jesus being made King over all the earth just as David was king over all Israel. It would be a shame to miss this beautiful portrait of what's coming. The Father has promised His Son an inheritance, a bride who will be His eternal partner. She will love Him in this age and the age to come. She will find her fulfillment in Him just as David found fulfillment of his earthly purpose in Zion. I want to assure you that there's a divine pattern in your life. In the pain and the maze of things, it seems as if there isn't a plan and you are wandering aimlessly from cave to cave, pursued by armies much stronger than you, and surrounded by losers. Yet God has a strategic plan and is bringing you to ...
Mike Bickle, Jeff Earl and myself telling our Bob Jones Memories from the early 80's-at the Saturday…
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I bet God is going to make sure Mike Bickle is your next door neighbor in the New Earth. ;)
I liked a video Cultivating intimacy with God, by Mike Bickle
A LEADER honors and receives from OTHERS on the team who are LESS GIFTED. Mike Bickle
Loving God, by Mike Bickle. When all the elders of Israel had come to King David at Hebron, the king made a...
video Dating and Preparation for Marriage by Mike BickleAlan Hood
"What does God want most and first? Love. He is after our hearts. The mystery of our lives is found in this truth.". --Mike Bick…
Why do I feel abandoned by said three: Mike Bickle, and Allen Hood?
Watching the IHOPkc webstream, Mike Bickle telling Bob Jones stories. So interesting and encouraging
Mike Bickle sharing about Bob Jones and his life much like a parable and how Bob spoke and prophesied…
After God&s Own Heart The Key to Knowing and Living God&
"The two most powerful realities that move the human heart are beauty and pain" Mike Bickle
"Continual complaining, arguing, or contention makes others want to discontinue or draw back from relationship. Prov. 17:1". --Mike Bickle
Dryness in prayer will gradually be replaced by vibrant dialogue with God. - Mike Bickle
Britannia Awards to honor Oscar hopefuls and Mike Leigh, plus and Judi Dench htt…
We fast because we cannot endure living in spiritual barrenness. "Mike Bickle"
Happy 15 year Anniversary to Mike and Diane Bickle and all our friends at IHOPKC. It's amazing IHOPKC has had...
ICYMI: Magic Mike XXL will, sadly, not feature Matthew McConaughey, but another romantic comedy veteran will appear:
Folks, Mike Bickle's new book on prayer is here ahead of schedule! Here's what one leader has to say about it:...
"Ask Mike Bickle" addressing Forerunner Clock Institute this year for the
"God still controls history to prepare the bride in voluntary love." Mike Bickle
LEADERS are those who are going somewhere and REFUSE to be DENIED. Mike Bickle
Chan has been actively endorsing Mike Bickle and IHOP. Why expose your sheep to wolves as good?
Mike Bickle - The difference between a house of prayer and a church?: greatly appreciate his wisdom.
A LEADER can clearly tell you what they WANT without being VAGUE. Mike Bickle
David set his heart in his corporate life to BUILD ONLY with people who had the core value of SEEKING FULL MATURITY. Mike Bickle
"Jesus is always leading us by love and leading us to love, always, no matter what the devil says.". --Mike Bickle
"The Lord releases His Spirit following a declaration or a testimony of the Word." -Mike Bickle
"Prayer is primary way in which we can partner with Hod to shape history and brig healing to others." -Mike Bickle
Jesus often offense the mind to reveal the deep things of the heart. Mike bickle
"We are to intercede until we see the full release of God's purpose." -Mike Bickle
"We are liberated from the inferior pleasures of sin by experiencing the superior pleasures of the beauty of Jesus.". --Mike Bickle
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