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Mike Ashley

Michael Raymond Donald Ashley (born 1948) is a British bibliographer, author and editor of science fiction, mystery, and fantasy.

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In 1990 Mike Ashley became the second man to win the Arnold Sports Festival and the only man to win it by disqualif…
he never speaks. I'm beginning to see Henry as the Mike Ashley of America.
owner Mike Ashley has told Rafa Benitez to judge me in the summer after a lack of January signings.
I love Rafa Benitez, should imagine Newcastle supporters will be gutted if he leaves. Working with Fat Greedy Mike Ashley must b hard though
LISTEN: Former Newcastle chairman backs under-fire and brands…
Rafa Benitez insists 'I will not quit' Newcastle: Rafa Benitez is furious that Mike Ashley failed to back him in……
Hey Geordies. I'm still not over Rafa Benitez leaving Liverpool. He's your 1 shot at glory. Bin off Mike Ashley before him every time.
Mike Ashley has give raffa a transfer kitty in summer said when it's gone don't come back for more
Mike Ashley sacked Chris Hughton for alot less and more successful reasons.
He is so elegant in his press conferences mike Ashley is a 24 carrot plonker for not backing him
Sports Direct is doing a deal with Mike Ashley’s daughter and buying a
What u going to enjoy more *** 10 in a row or Mike Ashley bleeding your club dry for 7 more years? Take your time to answer
Furious Newcastle fans vent their fury as it emerges Rafa Benitez could quit
They got that 55million from Sissoko and Wijnaldum alone. No investment made by Mike Ashley. If Benitez leaves, it's the end.
Mike Ashley's interview at the end of the 14/15 season prior to the win over West Ham that ensured our PL survival (for 1 m…
Mike-Hager and media lied! Mother didn't die in Iraq because of ht…
Is Mike Ashley to Donald Trump like the frying pan to the fire
Rafa needs to put the Violin away , it's not Mike Ashley's fault the best squad in the championship have been playi…
Rafa Benitez could quit Newcastle if Mike Ashley fails to keep his promises via
The Mike Ashley story is worrying but must be forgotten, for now. Rafa's comments are reassuring and he is right, stick together.
I liked a video from Mike Ashley takes Rafa Benitez off transfer duties?
This should send out a clear message to Mike Ashley. Hope he listens and takes notice.
boss Benitez says he won't quit - but fires transfer warning to club owner Ashley.
If Mike Ashley needs to be told this then we have no chance 😂😂
Let's hope doesn't lower the quality of its products to that of its new investor...
.pens a message to Mike Ashley in this piece.
An open letter to Mike Ashley. Please let us continue to grow under the tutelage of Rafa:
can just hear King saying. "For ever £5 Celtic spend, we'll give Mike Ashley£4-50"
Truth behind Newcastle's January window, Mike Ashley - and what it means for Rafa Benitez's future
Rafa Benitez fires warning to Mike Ashley - but vows not to quit
Key line. Do not make the same mistakes of the past. Mike Ashley, you had better be listening:
Rafa Benitez has done his bit. Laid down the law to Mr Ashley. As I said earlier, Please, please, PLEASE, Mike. Listen to him!!
Newcastle United boss Rafael Benitez responds when asked if he's spoken to Mike Ashley after ...…
That's a mighty strong message from Rafa Benitez on past mistakes. Fans will applaud that - Mike Ashley's reaction will be interesting
Newcastle spent £55million in the summer. In the Championship. . But aye, Mike Ashley isn't backing his (extremely high…
Freddy Shepherd on Rafa Benitez, Mike Ashley - and 'ridiculous, one-ended' Andros Townsend deal
Kevin Keegan "The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias – I promise you that.".
A reminder that Mike Ashley can’t force Crystal Palace to sell a player. Nor can he force Andros Townsend to sign a contract.
Didn't realise Mike Ashley was lining up King Kenny for a sensational return to St James's Park!
Mike Ashley reinstates transfer policy - local journos who think Graham Carr isn't in charge. Think again.
Man, rough 24 hours for MD football. Calvin Ashley sticks with Auburn (for now) and Mike London leaves for freaking Howard.
Not much has changed at Sports Direct – particularly Mike Ashley – The Independent
see if you buy a Rangers top from the megastore Mike Ashley gets aw the money and yer stye is still there
Mike Ashley's company St James Holdings LTD has given a loan of £33m a week or so a go but it's not for Rafa's t…
Understand £33m loan made available to Newcastle by Mike Ashley is NOT a transfer kitty. Intended to mitigate impact of…
Bespoke tailor is Mike Ashley by the look of the ***
Never mind Sevco fans. Here's what you could've won-. NUFC given £33m loan by Mike Ashley
Absolutely. Doctors - get in all the extra stuff you need and send the bill to Philip Green and Mike Ashley.
Beyond Keith Helawell, the actual problem is the controlling shareholder, Mike Ashley himself!
I liked a video from Movie Trivia Schmoedown - Ashley Robinson Vs Mike Kalinowski
Breaking news.. Alan Pardew has started working for Mike Ashley again
Iain Wright, the MP bringing Mike Ashley and Sir Philip Green to book
Newcastle United given £33m loan by Mike Ashley to help club cope with relegation
Great point, he does a great job when he's quite, does Mike Ashley
(Chronicle Live):chairman clings on after backing from Mike Ashley :..
Sports activities Direct: Mike Ashley thumbs his nostril at Metropolis once more. Watchdogs should
Breaking: Sports Direct re-elects chairman Keith Hellawell after backing from majority shareholder Mike Ashley
Mike Ashley defies shareholders again over Sports Direct chairman via
Ketih Hellawell has been reelected as Sports Direct chairman(thanks to Mike Ashley).But 53.96% of independent sharehold…
Sports Direct chairman saved by Mike Ashley despite majority of investors revolting
Defoe being sold ? Anybody surprised ? We're owned by the Sports Direct home brand version of Mike Ashley 😂
Embattled chairman of Sports Direct re-elected thanks to Mike Ashley's backing
Sports Direct Chairman Keith Hellawell re-elected but only with backing of Mike Ashley. Maj of independent shareholders…
Generous boss treats 800 employees to a Caribbean cruise I dont think it was Mike Ashley or Philip Green somehow.
Rangers* fans gave more money to Dave Clark,Mike Ashley. and Warburtons bread in 2016 than Dave King gave to Rangers*. St…
Some clubs really need Sport Directors, Crystal Palace will get relegated... Mike Ashley learnt this with Newcastle
ICYMI: King Kev on Rafa, Mike Ashley - and why Burton owner reminds him of Sir John Hall
🇬🇧 Sports Direct profits tumble as Mike Ashley takes on a corporate jet and strikes deal with daughter's company.
- Mike Ashley buys new jet as Sports Direct profits slump
Mike Ashley's new plane is just a diversion via
Sports Direct profits down 57 % so Mike Ashley buys a corporate jet. Is he paying his staff the minimum wage yet
I wonder how the youngest daughter of Mike Ashley got a meeting with the founder of Sports Direct, Mike Ashley
Mike Ashley wants Sports Direct to be the Selfridges of sports retail in the medium to long term - has to improve rela…
The reputational damage caused to Sports Direct is entirely of Mike Ashley's own making -
CITY DIARY: Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley splashes out £40m on a new corporate jet
As profits in Sports Direct fall, owner Mike Ashley dishes out punishment to workforce.
Sports Direct faces probe into its accounts over deal with Mike Ashley's brother
Sports Direct faces probe over deal with Mike Ashley's brother's firm
Sports Direct accounts investigated over family links. This makes me wonder if Mike Ashley has ruffled someone..
Mike Ashley has fronted the money for Charles Green to buy the basket of assets of liquidated Rangers. Why should he not get perks
not sure. is local and is fine shop. Better to travel a few miles than give Mike Ashley your money.
more like waking up to find Mike Ashley or Fred goodwin
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley accuses MPs of playing 'political football' with staff
MPs stun Mike Ashley's Sports Direct with unannounced visit to check working conditions
Controversial Rangers shareholder Mike Ashley caught up in spying row as MPs claim Sports Direct planted bug
MPs say Mike Ashley's Sports Direct spied on them at his firm's HQ
Mike Ashley, pictured here showing MPs from the business select committee around the Sports Direct warehouse.
Sports Direct - MPs surprise visit to Mike Ashley's Sports Direct turns to farce amid spy claims
Rebekah Brooks vs Mike Ashley. Voting is still open!
Imagine having a choice between Cherie Blair & Mike Ashley for PM i think that best describes the US election to the UK.Clinton vs Trump.
Michael Laudrup meeting Mike Ashley in London to discuss becoming the new manager.
= (Jeremy Clarkson + Farage x Jim Davison + Mike Ashley) to the power of Sarah Palin. Not exactly e=Mc squared.
Mike Ashley warns that profits at Sports Direct will be hit by currency fluctuation
How can leaders like Mike Ashley and Sir Philip Green turn businesses around in crisis?
How much should a founder know? Mike Ashley knew pretty much nothing about issues -
Thanks Mike. Material things can always be replaced.
Mike Ashley to run Sports Direct as chief executive quits: The news was announced ...
if Newcastle wanna laugh at villa then remember if we go up we have and they still have Mike Ashley 😂😂😂
Mike Ashley ‘loses right arm’ on day of drama for Sports Direct.
Mike Ashley had ruined the club, not even Big Al could fix this mess
Damnn ... lol mom , Mike & Devin idk who else is coming with us
Trump floats more potential Supreme Court picks — including Sen. Mike Lee: Donald Trump is expanding the list...
Dave Forsey resigned as Sports Direct chief exec. Mike Ashley taking up the role. No explanation given for Forsey's depa…
Fashion week>Drapers Talks: Sports Direct's new CEO and our revi -
Hi Nick, hope you're well. Are you available to speak to LBC tonight about Mike Ashley/Sports Direct? Thanks
It's funny how British MSM continually demonise Mike Ashley of Sports Direct but see no fault in Jeff Bezos or Tim Cook hardly ever
Newcastle United: Best of the Rest - A video examining Mike Ashley's reign.
Was the pink Hummer on the lawn all too much for Mike Ashley (he prefers tanks)? c/o
Everything to be alright at Sports Direct now Mike Ashley in charge - via
Mike Ashley is taking over as CEO of Sports Direct
🇬🇧 Mike Ashley becomes CEO of Sports Direct after Dave Forsey resigns.
Sports Direct shares rally as founder Mike Ashley takes over as CEO – MarketWatch
Sports Direct International PLC SPD, +5.54% founder and major shareholder Mike Ashley is taking over as chief...
🇬🇧 Sports Direct: Mike Ashley steps in after CEO Dave Forsey resigns.
Mike Ashley takes charge as Sports Direct chief quits: His departure comes after a...
Mike Ashley loses "right arm" as he is named CEO of Sports Direct
Flack on Friday – boss Klopp dobs in PR man, Heineken spoof press release, AR fears, Mike Ashley:…
Mike Ashley to take direct control of Sports Direct as CEO via
Sports Direct: Mike Ashley steps in after CEO resigns
Mike Ashley 'the big innocent'. Tosh! He knew EVERYTHING!
Mike Ashley is taking over as chief executive of Sports Direct following the resignation of his closest aide
Sports Direct: Ashley steps in as chief executive resigns: The founder and majority owner of Sports Direct, Mike…
Eurozone growth slows in September - as it happened - The Guardian
Dear and Mike Ashley.If there's a fire are you suggesting your zero hours staff burn to death whils…
Dunt think Mike Ashley & Sports Direct understand the meaning of click and collect, £4.99? May as well have it delivered to the door step
Rumblings at Sports Direct as Ashley takes control - what does it mean for Our Business team have analysed it htt…
Mike Ashley becomes Sports Direct Chief Executive. It's a bit like making the iceberg captain of The Titanic
After his CEO resigns, Mike Ashley feels he's "lost his right arm" which, according to Sports Direct rules, is not a re…
andrewtghill: Mike Ashley is not, to understate the case, a natural CEO. My Instant Insight: via FT
Who would doubt this?⚡️ “Mike Ashley says a Sports Direct cleaner was given an £80,000 bonus”.
Mike Ashley definitely needs this advice! >> My Advice to Sports Direct via
£80k bonus for the cleaning lady at Sports Direct? Where do I apply Mike Ashley?
Mike Ashley agrees to independent review of Sports Direct
Mike Ashley: 'push to become a better brand will never stop'. Read more: $SPD
Mike Ashley says review will be independent. Read more: $SPD
Mike Ashley defends flying to work by HELICOPTER as Sports Direct orders probe into 'Victorian' conditions -
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley tells 'you'd be surprised at how little I knew of what was going on in the…
Mike Ashley protests he knew nothing about problems at Sports Direct, urging people to consider him incompetent rather th…
Mike Ashley: I knew little about Sports Direct failings - the guardian
This week's cartoon, folks. Good of Mike Ashley to be on the news this morning:
From a distance Mike Ashley looks like a white Jimmy Calderwood.
Mike Ashley would be in the modern version.
Rob Elliot's contract extension and subsequent wage increase will be paid in fifty quid notes straight from Mike Ashley's p…
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley bracing himself for shareholders' showdown at AGM.
Ashley Zimmerman and Jasmine Perry each scored three goals in McCracken’s 10-0 girls soccer win over St. Mary.
happy one year anniversary to my incredible best friend. I fall for you more everyday Mike; I love you to the 🌙 & 🔙💘
Boomer Esiason just said Mike Mularkey is going to get the Titans back into the win column😑Sound LIKE a bunch of mularkey to me.
Opinion: Sports Direct's Mike Ashley is only edging towards accepted norms with an angry mob on his back
Sports Direct's Mike Ashley to face shareholders' showdown at AGM
Sports Direct's Mike Ashley vows to cut back on zero-hour contracts via
Jenna hosted a baby shower for Ashley recently, and we've come up with a few tips to help…
🇬🇧 Mike Ashley promises new enlightened era at retailer.
🇬🇧 The FT offers just two cheers for Mike Ashley’s changes.
Embattled Sports Direct finally lowers its drawbridge
Mike Ashley - FAR too little, FAR too late. If there was any justice, you should be facing it. Blatant, nasty greed.
sacks off zero contract hours. Interestingly this comes a day before Billionaire owner Mike Ashley faces…
Mike Ashley, of Sports Direct, admits regret as he scraps zero hours contracts. Good! Let's see what the government will now do on subject.
Meanwhile on FB, someone is crediting Mike Ashley dropping zero hours contracts as a Brexit victory 🤔
If Mike Ashley wants to be a pioneer of "workers rights" then he needs to encourage workers to join a union
Got an email from Mike Ashley today apologising to all SportsDirect employees, lol.
Mike Ashley and Philip Green: capitalism's ideal villains
"Six strikes and you're out". Conclusive proof that Mike Ashley knows even less about sport than about running a sweatshop.
mike Ashley being totally disingenuous as per usual
Not everyday Mike Ashley emails you, the perk of working at Sports Direct😂
Mike Ashley offers a workers representative . *coughs - managers 'yes man' a place on the board.
Mike Ashley's forgotten where his eyes are
Mike Ashley, whose Sports Direct is from the pages of Charles Dickens, suddenly seems very keen on workers' rights. Check again in a year?
if Mike Ashley was in government he would probably have been PM! Because he was self made he's the 'Example' for you!
Has the spread from through Mike Ashley to Or has Ashley had a brain transplant?
Mike Ashley morphing into Brendan O'Carroll on the 10pm BBC News.
a drop in the ocean. Mike Ashley talks like he doesn't understand what happens in his sweatshops.
You only force corrupt companies like to change by taking your money elsewhere. Mike Ashley is a conman
Mike Ashley is going to get a right rollicking tomorrow. Will be amazed if shareholders keep him on. Asleep at the wheel, it appears
Come on . Ellis short . Mike Ashley . Steve Gibson. get yourselves together and get your cheque books out
There is no comparison between Mike Ashley and Philip Green. An absolutely ridiculous comparison.
How about, endite Mike Ashley and his shareholders, sell it off and pay every employer the same amount?
Mike Ashley and his zero hour contracts 🙈
The *** won't leave unfortunately. He hates the fans. The fans hate him. Pure heel is Mike Ashley!
keep up the good work mike Ashley and run Sports Direct fc into the gutter
Dennis Skinner attacking Mike Ashley & Sports Direct for not guaranteeing hours of 4,000 agency workers in its Shirebroo…
Mike Ashley accused of publicity stunt as thousands of staff miss out on guaranteed hours offer - ...
Just received an email fae Mike Ashley himsel
victory would be putting Mike Ashley in jail for being a slave owner - but it's 2016 where it's fine to exploit the poor
Mike Ashley and Sports Direct would do well to look beyond tame report
Mike Ashley needs to go further and faster in reforming Sports Direct. My blog for
Clever insightful writing on Sports Direct and Mike Ashley.
Mike Ashley commissions report into Sports Direct and finds that none of the abusive practices can be laid at door of Mike Ashley.
Sports Direct, owned by Mike Ashley, is to give casual staff guaranteed hours & pay above minimum wage after revi…
Mike Ashley finding out about Everton's £30m bid for Moussa Sissoko...
Direct investors attack deal with Mike Ashley's brother
could be worse, we could have mike Ashley calling the shots
think I'd rather work for Mike Ashley - no... not really. But the sheer volume of ppl blocked is astounding though.
Prayers sent up for my buddy Mike Lein that Ashley delivers that baby boy today!!!
Sports Direct shareholders advised not to re-elect Mike Ashley to board via
If you met Mike Ashley in a dark alley, could do anything and get away with it what would you do.
Sports Direct pays a company owned by the brother of Mike Ashley, to deliver online purchases to customers:
Sports Direct is paying the brother of billionaire founder Mike Ashley to do deliveries
Because I'm seeing my cousin mike in a few weeks and I love him💕💕💕
Mike Ashley will have him in Lonsdale trunks in Tokyo
Pirc calls for Sports Direct investors to block Ashley's re-election via
Rangers take out new £6.5 million loan to pay off Mike Ashley This been paid back yet? Or how much…
Sports Direct shareholders urged to block Mike Ashley re-election
Sports Direct CEO Mike Ashley attacked over practices by leading City institutional investor:.
Mike Ashley attacked over practices by institutional investor
Sports Direct shareholders urged to block re-election of Mike Ashley to the board
John Henry is worth a little over $2billion. Mike Ashley is worth almost 3 times that amount. Takeover talk is meaningless.
`bbcnews Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley admits pay errors: Oh how our ruling elite fight for the workers when a their votes are needed.
When there's Rafa, mitrovic, Mike Ashley & Steve McLaren, why does Peter Beagrie feel he has to be a bigger bell than he usually is.
Mike Ashley walking Sports Direct like 'Victorian workhouse' -
Mike Ashley must be accountable for Sports Direct working practices - News from Parliament via
He looks like a cross between Mike Ashley and Bilbo Baggins!
Sir Phillip Green and Mike Ashley described as fat cats. Well I think it rhymed with cats ...
Thought I'd heard it all till I heard Owen Smith say Jeremy Corbyn was like Mike Ashley- Sports Direct boss!
"He sets the culture, it's really important the buck stops with Mike Ashley" - https:…
Yesterday Russian doping is damned - today Mike Ashley is damned. Thank journalists for both - not the respective authorities.
Yes, Mike Ashley finally out in the fields. 🔫 🔫 🔫
Mike Ashley could shut down Sports Direct because of Union interfering propaganda, and Labour MPs lies, better to cut your losses.
Mike Ashley turned a blind eye to 'appalling conditions' at Sports Direct, MPs say.
Sports Direct boss had plenty of warning a crisis was looming
Mike Ashley admits to problems at Sports Direct warehouse
Not watching. Did Mike Pence rush the stage and try to convert Peter Thiel into a straight person?
Until Rafa I was never happy. He's gave us so much hope. We were struggling under Mike Ashley . Who now we adore.
Mike Ashley to blame for 'appalling working practices' at , report says
Newcastle told can still expand St James Park despite Mike Ashley development...
Is anyone able to explain to me why Phil Green and Mike Ashley have to Commons inquiry but Southern Rail is protected by Claire Perry? 1/2
Honestly, didn't predict that Philip Green would come across worse than Mike Ashley in a parliament committee
In hindsight and quite remarkably, Sir Phillip Green has made Mike Ashley look like Henry Kissinger
Listening to podcast talking about Mike Ashley and feel dirty & ashamed as I put on my new out of the box Sports Direct trainers.
Mike Ashley won’t save any BHS jobs if he buys stores for Sports Direct. Total fantasy from
Newcastle: Mike Ashley's Sports Direct rapped by advertising watchdog over misleading pricing
Yes - at least, if it's by that high-functioning bibliographer Mike Ashley. The dust jacket
Hearing Ralph Krueger has begun negotiating a compo package with Mike Ashley for Rafa to take over at The Saints.
MPs questioning Mike Ashley about alleged dodgy practices is like putting Rolf Harris in charge of Operation Yewtree
Mike Ashley's appearance in front of MPs should be enlightening for Newcastle fans - here's why...
Sports Direct is a great company that needs better management. The head Mike Ashley is capable but his management team is lacking
Jesus, does Mike Ashley really NOT speak in a stereotypically *** fat Geordie way? . My world has just been rocked
Mike Ashley at committee before MPs sounds like a secondhand car salesman trying to con you into buying a car with no wheels
Sports Direct's Mike Ashley admits he's no 'Father Christmas' in comical and tense MPs clash
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley accepts company paid workers below minimum wage for "specific bit of time"
Mike Ashley on review of working processes: it will never be completed, but issues have been discovered
Mike Ashley needs to reach his target of 15 answers an hour & face a 30 min security check after appearing before the Se…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
To be a self made millionaire it helps to be a ruthless nasty *** . Mike Ashley agrees to appear in front of MPs
If it was me, it wouldn't just be Mike Ashley's football club 'Going down'. He's holding Parliament in contempt.
Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley to miss Commons committee
Commons BIS Committee has told Mike Ashley it won't accept his conditions for appearing as a witness. Still expects him to a…
Newcastle United staring into the abyss and the only person to blame is Mike Ashley
bad news for Mike Ashley and Sports Direct
More bad news for Mike Ashley and Sports Direct
Sports Direct's Mike Ashley says he will appear before a government committee as long as MPs first visit his...
Rangers launch action against Mike Ashley and Sports Direct
Reports today claim Mike Ashley is in talks with Rangers about renaming Ibrox the Sports Direct Arena to promote his spo…
Rangers retail 'dispute' escalates: The owners of Rangers FC step up pressure on Mike Ashley of Sports Direct...
Glad to see Benitez seems to be staying, but Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley seriously need to get gone
Lee Charnley met Mike Ashley at Sports Direct's HQ today for annual debrief on season. Some hard questions for MD after relegation.
It now seems like a meeting with owner Mike Ashley and managing director Lee Charnley on Sunday was positive.
Has been given assurances by owner Mike Ashley and discussed transfers with managing director Lee Charnley. Family also want him to stay.
Any confirmation that Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley serenaded Rafa with "True Love Waits" from today? "DONTLEAVE
I think if Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley give exactly what Rafa Benitez asks for then he'll stay no matter who comes in for him
Mike Ashley's run Sports Direct Arena is that? Sorry, but any manager worth one's salt should run a mile from this circus.
Chronicle poll, no atmosphere, Mike Ashley - this is only the recent stuff too - Wonga, Sports Direct Arena, Joe Kinnear etc
So you would welcome Mike Ashley at your club?
"There is only one Mike Ashley"will never be sung at St James Park.
English league to talk to Mike Ashley over stake in Rangers
⚽️ Football League confirms it will look at Mike Ashley's stake in
The Scottish football journalist resurfaces when a when a slight chance to rid Sevco of Mike Ashley story begins. Other club fans see it now
An Open Letter to Steven Thompson, Mike Ashley and Celtic fans via Dear Scotti…
Mike Ashley says sorry, just in case you missed it. Burton Albion away next year will be mad!
Rip up every contract Charles Green, Derek Llambias and Mike Ashley every signed! Let's get our Rangers Back completely! 💙🇬🇧
The unacceptable face of capitalism, alongside Mike Ashley and Philip Green. 'Fantastic' for him, maybe...
Mike Ashley: "not for sale until they win a trophy." Must be the Johnstone's Paint Trophy he has in mind then?.
Ex-striker has blasted Mike Ashley's decade at St James Park following the Magpies relegation htt…
I get cold sweats sometimes waking up thinking . Mike Ashley was our chairman instead of Steve Gibson
Boro fans rightly say Steve Gibson is the best chairman in the league, but for me, Mike Ashley isn't too far behind 😂.
Any guesses on how long it takes Bob Moncur to come out and try and get some sympathy for Mike Ashley?
Let's remember that we will be here long after Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley and the group of heartless players.
dont hold your breath on that one! Mike Ashley v Steve Gibson no contest!
Can't wait to read the pre prepared Keith bishop / Mike Ashley statement. Wonder if he offers to sell up again to deflect attention.
Must Read This is the man that Mike Ashley listens to by Bea Handby
Mike Ashley turning to Keith Bishop? We aren’t changing anything but we need to make the punters think we are.
Thank you Mike Ashley. Thank you Lee Charnley. Thank you Steve McLaren. Great job lads!
Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley, Graham Carr and Steve McLaren - if your club consists of these people, you're going to get relegated
Well that's us relegated, thank you Steve McLaren, Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley and Graham Carr. My ❤️ for for 42 years ended today
hope Steve McLaren and Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley suffer heart attacks and or some form of pancreatic cancer
To me voting is like choosing between Charles Green, Craig Whyte and Mike Ashley.
We boycott the likes of Mike Ashley and Rupert Murdoch, but happily enjoy goods from China. Decisions decisions.
BHS stores in Llandudno and Wrexham could be saved by Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley - Daily Post...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
So for we have Terry Leahy, Mike Ashley & Allan Leighton "in the frame" - maybe a / mash up is only hours away
Watch our top team on Mike Ashley v Dave King and news on Celtic manager hunt: . KEITH JACKSON, David McCarth...
In a nutshell: Mike Ashley (MASH) wishes for application for judicial review of SFA's decision on Dave King to be dismissed.
Mike Ashley's call for judicial review of Dave King fit & proper decision to call in court at 10am, and expected to be immedi…
Mike Ashley drops Dave King court case at 11th hour; faces huge legal costs
Mike Ashley struggling that much with every1 boycotting his shops that's he's re-opened the SD on Sauchiehall St that's been shut for years.
Mike Ashley is the biggest loser in the retail billionaires club.
Great! Have just finished Jane Robinson's 'Bluestockings' and about to embark on Mike Ashley's 'The Dreaming Sex'.
MARTIN SAMUEL: Mike Ashley has quite a long list of the mistakes he knows he has made at Newcastle. He can add another. Wa…
Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley sees £1billion wiped off his bank balance
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