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Miguel Montero

Miguel Angel Montero (born July 9, 1983, in Caracas, Venezuela) is a Major League Baseball catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Former catcher Miguel Montero fouls a ball that hits former Cubs catcher Welington Castillo in the nuts, he w…
With the bases loaded, Ubaldo Jimenez strikes out Miguel Montero to end the.. ? Vía MLB
@ B8-1o: Miguel Montero grounds out, 3B Manny Machado to 1B Chris Davis.
@ B6-1o: Ryan Goins grounds out softly to 1B Chris Davis. Miguel Montero to 3rd. Teoscar Hernandez to 2nd.
Miguel Montero got hit by a 86.2MPH slider in the bottom of the 6th
@ B6-0o: Teoscar Hernandez singles on a soft ground ball to 3B Manny Machado. Miguel Montero to 2nd.
@ B3-3o: Miguel Montero pops out to C Caleb Joseph.
fellow catcher Miguel Montero tries to help him out
@ B1-3o: Miguel Montero strikes out swinging.
As long as none of the Orioles reach base, I have absolutely no issue with Miguel Montero catching tonight. Ok good talk.
Blue Jays' Miguel Montero getting the start at catcher
[1709.02392] Luis E. Ibanez, Miguel Montero : A Note on the WGC, Effective Field Theory and Clockwork within Str...
Miguel Montero should take some lessons from Luke Maile.
FYI, Montero jerseys worn by Miguel only $100 at JaysShop. I wish someone with my last name wo…
Even Miguel montero could throw him out
Idk how but this is Miguel Montero's fault.
What if I revile gooses, despite Miguel Montero?
Miguel Montero is like that guy at work you just want to ask "so what do you even do here?"
@ B9-3o: Miguel Montero strikes out swinging.
Whats the point of Miguel Montero being a baseball player. You can't catch and you can't hit... Waste of a Roster Spot...
Saunders draws a 2out walk to put the tying run on base, and Miguel Montero hits for Maile. trail 5-4 bot9.
On this day in 1912, Eddie Collins set record with 6 stolen bases in a game. Miguel Montero still blames Jake Arrieta.
How is Miguel Montero in the show? Can't hit, everyone runs on him & he managed to talk his way off of a championship Cubs team.
Miguel Montero will take over at catcher and Raffy Lopez will move to third base in the bottom of the 18th.
@ T9-1o: Miguel Montero flies out to CF Jackie Bradley Jr.
Miguel Montero flies out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
Andrew Benintendi flies into a double play, left fielder Michael Saunders to catcher Miguel Montero to third baseman Darwin Barney. Sandy
I for one feel sorry for Miguel Montero. Does seem like a bit of gratuitous piling-on here
Honestly Miguel Montero is the worst "Catcher" I have ever seen...
Miguel Montero is a joke lmfaoo man cannot throw out anybody
@ T6-2o: Miguel Montero lines out sharply to CF Jackie Bradley Jr.
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Miguel Montero can't throw out the trash
@ T4-2o: Ryan Goins grounds into a force out, SS Xander Bogaerts to 2B Eduardo Nunez. Miguel Montero out at... [1/2]
10th walk of the season for Miguel Montero, his 2nd tonight.
Second walk of the night for Miguel Montero, who came in hitting .149. Probably not what you want if you're Doug Fister.
Red Sox with three steals in the first three innings vs. TOR and Miguel Montero.
God bless you and your family Miguel Montero! We couldn't have done it w/o YOU!!!
Miguel Montero thanks fans -- even those who booed him -- and is interested in getting his home run ball back…
Booing of Miguel Montero at Wrigley bothers Kyle Hendricks. "He knows how the guys feel about him."
“It kind of hurts.” — Ex-catcher Miguel Montero on Rizzo calling him out, booed at Wrigley…
Miguel Montero's Wrigley weekend:. Booed by some fans, hits home run vs. Cubs, wants ball back.…
I like Miguel Montero &understand the the booing. He talked abt a popular Coach/pitcher to the press. The2nd time he knew what he was doing.
No matter what happens over the rest of Miguel Montero's season, he can go to sleep at night knowing he threw out a Cubs…
I take back anything mean I ever said about Miguel Montero.
Blue Jays' Miguel Montero: Draws motivation from facing former team (via )
Miguel Montero is the hero we deserve. 💙💙💙
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the miguel montero i remember is the Dodgers grand-slam Miggy
Miguel Montero posts hilarious Instagram after playing the Cubs
Miguel Montero: Draws motivation from facing former team -
LOOK: Miguel Montero got a kick of the ticket stubs handed out for the game on Sunday: Here's why:
I'm sorry, I don't get the booing for Miguel Montero. The Grand Slam in the NLCS counts for nothing?
Miguel Montero reflects after lost weekend for Jays.
Miguel Montero on being called out by Anthony Rizzo & booed in return to Wrigley: via
Miguel Montero was a good player for the and helped them win the World Series. However, complai…
Miguel Montero, opposite field, second with 3-3 T6
Miggy refers to Miguel montero, who hit a Grand Slam in the NLCS! Many Cubs fans forget this !
I would mark that as a pretty ugly series for Miguel Montero.
I wish it was Miguel Montero dropping these 3rd strikes
So Miguel Montero is making amends, huh?
if you need background remove or retouch, knock me or click here. Montero".
Thank you to Jerry Howarth for sharing a story about Miguel Montero! Also about retired numbers at the Wrigley Field!.
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Miguel Montero hits game-tying homer to left-center. It’s made the great many Blue Jays fans in attendance quite happy. 3-all…
Mark DeRosa was once given a standing ovation at Wrigley Field. . Miguel Montero just got booed. . Tough look, for those
Just realized that Miguel Montero had just become a U.S. Citizen prior to being released by the Cubs & ending up a foreigner with Toronto
Pedro Strop strikes out Miguel Montero swinging to retire the Blue Jays 1-2-3 in the top of the 8th
Miguel Montero hits a solo home run for his 6th home run of the season!!!
@ T8-3o: Miguel Montero strikes out swinging, C Rene Rivera to 1B Anthony Rizzo.
What a weekend for Miguel Montero: multi-hit game Friday; double and game-tying HR today.
Miguel Montero gets some revenge on his former team with a game-tying homer.
@ B7-1o: Jon Jay strikes out swinging, C Miguel Montero to 1B Justin Smoak.
Miguel Montero homers against his former team to tie the game
Miguel montero home run off former team Chicago Cubs
Cubs fans booing Miguel Montero in his return to Wrigley. How soon they forget.
Booing Miguel Montero? C'mon fans you're better than that. How quickly we forget.
Miguel Montero gets revenge on former squad with game-tying solo dinger 😈🎥
Miguel Montero is having his "post a picture of yourself with the new person you're dating" game.
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Miguel Montero a solo HR tying the game 3-3 in the 6th.
Without Trea Turner and Miguel Montero, will Nationals run all over Cubs again? -- . (…
@ T9-2o: Miguel Montero grounds out, 1B Carlos Santana to P Ryan Merritt. Ryan Goins to 3rd.
Christian Vazquez grounds into a double play, first baseman Justin Smoak to catcher Miguel Montero to third baseman Josh Donaldson. Chris
The Cubs have traded catcher Miguel Montero (2004 South Bend Silver Hawks) to the Blue Jays for a PTBNL or cash.
Cubs wanted Donald Trump to tell Miguel Montero “you’re fired” after the catcher publicly criticized Jake Arrieta https…
What pushed Theo Epstein over the edge in making Miguel Montero decision:
Theo Epstein made the decision to cut Miguel Montero quickly
Cubs president Theo Epstein said designating Miguel Montero for assignment was the right move.…
Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said of the Miguel Montero decision: "It was the right move. We can't stand for that as a team."
Theo Epstein calls Miguel Montero 'a bad teammate' as he explains the Cubs' decision.
Why it took all of 10 seconds for Theo to realize the needed to part ways with Miguel Montero:.
Theo Epstein calls Miguel Montero 'bad teammate' as he explains Cubs' decision
Miguel Montero led all National league catchers throwing out 40 percent of would be base stealers in 2011 .Two bulging…
Miguel Montero still has the lone Postseason Grand Slam by a player at Wrigley Field...
Reports: are designating Miguel Montero for assignment, a day after he criticized Jake Arrieta
Anthony Rizzo fires back at Miguel Montero: 'You're a selfish player' -
Miguel Montero throws Jake Arrieta under the bus after run wild on
Cubs cut Miguel Montero hours after he ripped Jake Arrieta -
Cubs to cut ties with Miguel Montero after he called out Jake Arrieta. Saw that coming
.fires back at Miguel Montero: 'That labels you as a selfish player'
BREAKING: Miguel Montero designated for assignment by Cubs after he blasts Jake Arrieta.
The Cubs designated Miguel Montero for assignment after he complained about Jake Arrieta's performance last night.
Cubs designate Miguel Montero for assignment after 'unprofessional' rant vs. Jake Arrieta
Cubs designate Miguel Montero for assignment after his critical comments about Jake Arrieta: reports via
Anthony Rizzo fires back at Miguel Montero: "You're a selfish player.".
MLB: Cubs will designate C Miguel Montero for assignment - sources; blames Jake Arrieta for Nationals' stealing 7 …
Miguel Montero complained about Jake Arrieta allowing too many steals, and now he's been designated for assignment:
Let’s Do the Math on Miguel Montero and Jake Arrieta
Not the best look for Miguel Montero blaming Jake Arrieta for the Nationals stealing seven bases last night.
Miguel Montero got DFA'd so fast that Jake Arrieta's still not done delivering his fifth pitch from last night
The Cubs got rid of Miguel Montero for telling the truth about Jake Arrieta. I hope they go another 100+ years without a title.
Wire: The Cubs will reportedly cut Miguel Montero after he blasted Jake Arrieta
Miguel Montero's comments not good for Cubs
Watch Cubs catch Miguel Montero discuss the 7 stolen bases on him in the team's 6-1 loss... https:…
David Ross's memoir was titled Teammate. Miguel Montero's should be titled Bad Teammate.
Miguel Montero when asked why 7 people stole bases on him:
Nothing new for teams to run on Jake Arrieta, as Miguel Montero pointed out. But not normally a point to be made by his ca…
So let me get this right: has the audacity to call out a teammate to national media? Wow unprofessional
Miguel Montero got his pitching staff like...
TOMMY LA STELLA: I've got the worst arm on this team. MIGUEL MONTERO: Hold my beer . [tosses his beer]. [beer three-hops into…
The Nats stole 7 bases on Tuesday. The Cubs veteran catcher says that's not only on him. Miggy with the fire quotes.
Watch Miguel Montero discuss a bad night behind the plate as the Nationals stole 7 bases... https:…
Dusty Baker getting that Cubs lineup today with Miguel Montero in it
😬. "Really sucked because the stolen bases go on me"-C Miguel Montero blames Arrieta's delivery for allowing 7 SB.
if you're asking me whose side i'm on in a Jake Arrieta-miguel montero fight i am very much Team Miggy
Miguel Montero is soft. Blaming Arrieta for him not being able to throw out runners while being interviewed on live TV👎🏼
From and react to Miguel Montero's comments after loss.
Miguel Montero doesn't hold back after the Nationals steal seven bases. from D.C.:
Can we as listeners get an official statement on the Miguel Montero interview throwing his pitcher under the bus??
The Nationals have 7 stolen bases tonight off of Miguel Montero meaning Montero is now 1 for 32 (3 percent) this... https:…
Nationals swipe team-record 7 bags off struggling Cub Miguel Montero
Cubs catcher Miguel Montero calls out Jake Arrieta for Nationals' 7 SB's
Miguel Montero is corny. You don't throw your pitcher to the wolves like that.
7 SB allowed by Miguel Montero is most in a game by a catcher since Joe Girardi allowed 8 on 6/3/1990 vs Cardinals
"That’s the reason why they were running left and right today, because they know he was slow to the plate.".
Miguel Montero says don't blame him for the Nationals' steal parade. on the voluble catcher:.
Miguel Montero had some thoughts on those stolen bases... 🔥🔥🔥
Miguel Montero is the only player on the cubs who discuss team problems w/media.
C Miguel Montero calls out Jake Arrieta for Nats' 7 stolen bases - via App
Miguel Montero: It's Jake Arrieta's fault that the Nationals stole seven bases
Miguel Montero blames Jake Arrieta for the seven stolen bases via
Miguel Montero put the blame squarely on his starting pitcher, Jake Arrieta.
.catcher Miguel Montero is throwing his pitchers under the bus for stolen bases
I give Miguel Montero a week at most with the Cubs. You don't stay on a Joe Maddon coached team saying stuff like he did
Tomorrow's Headlines: Joe Maddon brings in cute little teddy bears to try to lighten to mood between Miguel Montero and Jake Arrieta.
A good comparision for Rockies young phenom Jeff Hoffman thrown out by Cubs catcher Miguel Montero: Josh Beckett
2004 South Bend Silver Hawks catcher Miguel Montero is now pitching for the Chicago Cubs, who trail the New York Yankees 11-6 in the 9th.
After passing U.S. citizenship test, Miguel Montero said he saw Ryan Dempster: “I told him, ‘Hey, get out of my country.’”
Cubs’ Miguel Montero ‘looking as good as he has here maybe ever’...
With Doctor Miguel Montero at the gulf diabetic foot conference 2017 in what a guy!
A passed ball brings Almora into scoring position with Miguel Montero up to the plate.
Subscribe to because they have an interview with Miguel Montero talking about the Bachelor.
Catching up on The Bachelor while reading Miguel Montero’s thoughts on this terrible season, via
"It's something to watch rather than politics." I love Miguel Montero.
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If David Ross can be on DWTS, can Miguel Montero take Chris Harrison's role on "The Bachelor?"
Miguel Montero is watching "The Bachelor" for the right reasons. My exclusive interview:
Grand Slam as good as Miguel Montero in the NLCS!
Just had a long talk with Miguel Montero about The Bachelor. Story coming soon.
Hanging slider Grand Slam at Wrigley against the Nationals coming in just a little over 7 months ...…
2017 NLCS, Blanton hangs one to Miguel Montero.and the Nationals blow the series.
Miguel Montero is getting 14M. RussMartin 20M. Yadi could find better $$$ if he repeats 2016
Miguel Montero is up to bat in the DH spot.
I think you just hate Mike's. Montero, Boxingfanatic, and McCarthy. This is about you and Mike's
Miguel Montero brought his son to work today at Cubs camp. Watch them warm up.
Miguel Montero: 4th go-ahead Grand Slam in 8th inning or later in postseason history, joining Nelson Cruz, Edgardo Alfon…
Throw back to Miguel Montero's grandslam in the bottom of the 8th inning in game 1 of the NLDS, easily one of best…
I still have mad love for Miguel Montero. 💙⚾️🐻
Top Cubs players slated to participate in split-squad game at Scottsdale vs. Giants: Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baez and Miguel Montero.
Watch the Cubs relay throw competition. Round 1 here was won by Miguel Montero's group...
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That's Cub? Making sense of the friction between Miguel Montero and Joe Maddon:
I always wondered how big of an *** Trevor Bauer had to be for Miguel Montero to hate him with a fiery passion so.yep
Miguel Montero – Grandslam in the 8 vs Los Angeles Dodgers and RBI single vs Cleveland…
I even got to shake miguel montero's hand
Must be from 2014 or before. Guest appearance by Miguel Montero as a D-Back
What role will Miguel Montero play for the Chicago Cubs this season?
41016 Miguel Montero hits a booming double off the center field wall to plate a run, extending the C: via
Wow that's an old photo to be used. Miguel Montero catching for Arizona, and Barry Bonds at the plate
Miguel Montero's Grand Slam in the bottom of the 8th of game 1 of the NLCS was another level of clutch
I'd still pinch run George HW Bush for Miguel Montero.
The look on my Dodger pals faces when Miguel Montero hit that Grand Slam in the bottom of the 8th inning, Game 1 of the NLCS.
What's going to happen to Miguel Montero?
What are the going to do with catcher Miguel Montero during the 2017 season? explores:
- Miguel Montero at the tournament in…
Wednesday Waste Management Pro Am never gets old. Lot of love for Cubs catcher Miguel Montero out here. Great...
Cubs catcher Miguel Montero threw some baseballs in the crowd after his tee shots on he...
It was Miguel Montero, was all over it today.
Miguel Montero, World Series champ, ready for pro-am at Phoenix Open. Follow all week f…
"Miguel Montero had a message for the Dodgers after they clinched last night--and it's probably not what you'd..."…
I have no room in my closet due to owning way too many t-shirts but I wish to assemble a wardrobe of Miguel Montero fan design Cubs shirts
Catchers who rated best at getting strikes on pitches in strike zone. Miguel Montero. Jeff Mathis. Travis d'Arnaud. Buster Posey. Kevin Plawecki
One notch below Miguel Montero complaining about his postseason playing time the day of the World Series parade on Waddle & Silvy.
Top sports plays of 2016. 9) NLCS Game 1: Miguel Montero's pinch hit Grand Slam with 2 out in 8th gives Cubs the lead
Miguel Montero was 2 for 12 in the 2016 postseason.
Today is the two month anniversary of Miguel Montero's Grand Slam in game 1 of the NLCS
"Miguel Montero on I just been a for 24 hours and I it
So all the world should know that I beat Miguel Montero at golf today. Says I'm the only one that beat him this yea…
Source: interested in catcher Miguel Montero. Ramos not set to be ready early in the season.
the pitcher, catcher, and hitter all had the same initials Miguel Montero, M Montgomery, Michael Martinez
On this day in 2014, the sign Jon Lester and trade for Miguel Montero.
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love to remeber famous young Cubs Dexter Fowler, Jon Lester, Miguel Montero, Ben Zobrist, and John Lackey.
Miguel Montero rips his own team after they win the World Series 😳.
With a tie game in the bottom of the eighth inning, Miguel Montero and Dexter Fowler come up big,... - via App
Video: Pat Hughes calls Miguel Montero's Grand Slam to give the lead in Game 1 of the -
Cubs win Game 1 in grand fashion (Yahoo Sports): Pinch hitter Miguel Montero was the hero for Chicago, hittin...
Cubs' Miguel Montero slams stagnant slider, hangs defeat on Dodgers in NLCS Game 1
Miguel Montero is the first player in history to hit a pinch-hit go-ahead Grand Slam in a game.
Last postseason Grand Slam after intentional walk: 2011 Paul Goldschmidt. Miguel Montero was the one intentionally walke…
Miguel Montero belts tie breaking pinch-hit Grand Slam in the 8th inning.
I was trying to make hard contact. He threw a good slider into my barrel. I mean good for me, not for him. -Miguel Mon…
🔥💪⚾ Miguel Montero's game winning moon shot Grand Slam for the -
Miguel Montero will never have to pay for another meal in Chicago.
NLCS Video: Ben Zobrist calls Miguel Montero's Grand Slam "incredible," adds he knew Montero's hit was a HR off the bat (…
Cubs open door for Dodgers, but Miguel Montero slams it shut
Dave Roberts can't believe it, Miguel Montero's Grand Slam gives the Cubs the lead
Montero’s blast turns Game 1 of the NLCS into a magical night at Wrigley
The Cubs continue to answer the big questions
Miguel Montero hasn't had many opportunities, but he made the most of one tonight in win. From htt…
Miguel Montero is a hero, Cubs take Game 1 of NLCS:
BASEBALLS ARE FLYING IN CHICAGO. Miguel Montero hits a Grand Slam, Dexter Fowler goes back-to-back and the Cubs lead 8-…
What a turn of events at Wrigley!. After the Dodgers tie it in the 8th, Miguel Montero belts a Grand Slam to give the Cubs back t…
😱 WRIGLEY IS JUMPING!. Miguel Montero launches a pinch-hit Grand Slam to right, giving Chicago a 7-3 lead in the 8th inni…
(Chicago Tribune) open door for but Miguel Montero slams it shut : Any..
Javy Baez on the crowd reaction from Miguel Montero's home run: I thought the roof was going to cave in.
The Cubs continue to answer the big questions -
The Cubs continue to answer the big questions via
Miguel Montero’s pinch-hit Grand Slam lifts Cubs over Dodgers (VIDEO): Playoff games are all about momentum a...
Cubs manager Joe Maddon on Miguel Montero's Grand Slam: "That was pretty special."
The role of James Loney Grand Slam hero will be played by Miguel Montero tonight. That's not how the script was supposed to go.
.Or as I like to call him Miguel 'Inning Ender' Montero
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Kenley just ripped Miguel Montero's heart out of his chest and took a bite.
go down in order in the eighth. A 4-3 lead will have to do for Kenley Jansen. Jason Heyward, Jorge Soler and Miguel Montero due up
Top 7th. *Pitching Change-Joe Blanton replaces Pedro Baez on the mound. Miguel Montero strikes out swinging on a...
Top 5th. Miguel Montero walks on a 3-2 count. 1 on 0 out. Mike Montgomery grounds out to third base on a bunt...
Miguel Montero walks for the second time tonight. This time it's to start the fifth.
Miguel Montero has got to be the worst catcher in baseball when it comes to blocking
Top 2nd. Jorge Soler grounds out to third base. 1 out. Miguel Montero walks on a 3-0 count. 1 on 1 out. Mike...
Bud Norris walks Miguel Montero on four pitches.
Vin Scully just came up with abbreviation for Miguel Montero, "Miguero". Whatever he says goes.
I still can't stand Miguel Montero. He ordered the Code Red on Greinke in the Dodgers/Dbacks brawl game.
"Old friend, Miguel Montero, behind the plate..." -Vin, describing the Cubbies defensive positioning.
The only problem with KB's MVP Case... he's not named Miguel Montero.
Should Miguel Montero be on the postseason roster?
| Miguel Montero in Joe Maddon’s Lineup for Cubs Opener at Dodger Stadium
Miguel Montero will start at C and bat 8th vs Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday.
Cubs' Jorge Soler in left field, Miguel Montero at catcher vs. Dodgers via
If Miguel Montero is shouldn't be at mikeymont38?
Miguel Montero has also been a liability but he's Jake's guy. Sometimes the cost is worth the reward.
Leaders in extra strikes gotten by C - last 3 seasons (120+ games). Yasmani Grandal. Buster Posey. Francisco Cervelli. Miguel Montero. Zunino
Catchers who have gotten extra calls most often on inside strike. Tony Wolters. Francisco Cervelli. Miguel Montero
Arrieta has no chemistry with Wilson Contreras. If Miguel Montero was catching tonight, it would have been a no-hitter.
signed through 2017, Cubs are paying him $14 mil. That doesn't just go away.
Where does Miguel Montero stand with the Chicago Cubs? – Da Windy City
Where does Miguel Montero stand with the Chicago
With Willson Conteras catching Jake Arrieta, we look at Miguel Montero's fit with the
Miguel Montero plays AAA for the Buffalo Bisons, he's no longer in the Mariners system
would you rather shave your head bald or have Miguel Montero hit with based loaded 2 outs in the WS
Numbers don't lie: Miguel Montero uses his veteran savvy behind the plate to get strike calls from the umpire...
USA has a better chance of losing the Olympics than Miguel Montero making contact with a baseball
Traded to DBacks in the Miguel Montero deal
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Trevor Cahill and Miguel Montero add another play to Cubs ...
Paul Goldschmidt passed Miguel Montero for 3rd place on the All-time hits list with his first inning single! Goldy now has 796 hits
Albert Almora Jr. warming up Joel Peralta (who I assume the Cubs left stranded in a New York subway) while Miguel Montero gets gear on.
What were the odds Jon Lester and Miguel Montero would both pitch 1 1/3 innings for About the same as Wilmer Flores g…
Miguel Montero, a catcher who is pitching for the Cubs, just plunked Rene Rivera, a catcher who is catching for the Mets
Miguel Montero just sent a sinker right into Rene Rivera's heel. Or a curve that didn't curve, or whatever.
backup catcher Miguel Montero is pitching to backup catcher Rene Rivera. All is well.
Laz Diaz aside (hard to put him aside), there is Jason Heyward, .232; Miguel Montero .197; Addison Russell :230. These are issues.
I like the guy as much as anybody but Miguel Montero *** and really has no business playing
We're going to need a solid hit from Miguel Montero
Jul 2, AB 1: Javier Baez grounds into a force out, shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera to second baseman Neil Walker. Miguel Montero out at 2nd.
Miguel Montero's swing mechanics in gif form:
Chris Coghlan and Miguel Montero are my least favorite Cubs by far
I just want an excuse to fine Chris Coghlan and Miguel Montero
Miguel Montero is so so bad. Glad the got rid of him.
Pretty good chance Matt Szczur or Miguel Montero comes in to pitch tonight
Miguel Montero would probably homer off Noah Syndergaard 10 homers over 162 games. But you'd shake your head on all of them.
Chicago Cubs C Miguel Montero (rest) is doubtful tonight versus the Mets.
One last thing from the Mets game.The Cubs pinch ran for Miguel Montero.with Travis Wood.a pitcher. That was stupid.
Boy, if I were down to my final 3 outs and desperately needed a baserunner I'd go with Miguel Montero, too.
Lead off is Miguel montero from Chicago
Miguel Montero in to pinch hit for Albert Almora Jr
Familia in to lock down the save. He'll face Miguel Montero, Ben Zobrist and Kris Bryant.
how am I salty lmao you're just a biased *** who stuffs the ballot box for trash like Miguel Montero
With the emmergence of Wilson Contreras. Is Miguel Montero's spot in any question with the deadline coming?
Miguel Montero and Willson Contreras have each thrown out two guys from behind the plate. SB against (%):. Montero: 35 (95%). Contreras: 0 (0%)
I miss Miguel Montero is only for his walk up song
Cubs rookie C Willson Contreras is 2 for 2 throwing out runners in 4 starts while veteran Miguel Montero is 2 for...
So now Contreras has thrown out as many runners as Miguel Montero. One has started 4 games the other 36.
John Lackey hits a ground ball to Cesar Hernandez who comes home and throws out Miguel Montero!
Carlos Ruiz just stole a base on Miguel Montero. Could Miguel Montero throw out Miguel Montero trying to steal?
Carlos Ruiz out there stealing bases against Miguel Montero now. “enough”
Cubs catcher Miguel Montero charges a little too hard at a chopped ground ball by Yasmani Grandal. Error on Montero. Grandal on first.
Prior to Miguel Montero tonight, the last player to drive in a run vs Adam Wainwright in regular season? Luis Valbuena 5/13/2014.
Miguel Montero got his first big league hit here in SF against Jason Schmidt.
Montero begins rehab assignment with Iowa - Miguel Montero, on the disabled list since April 25 with tight...
Miguel Montero just struck out Andrelton Simmons. I mean, Jake Arrieta threw the pitch, but Montero made it a K.
Hey at I praised the forgotten Miguel Montero, using some truly strained pop cultural references!!!.
.wonders: what does Miguel Montero have in common with Tim Meadows?.
Today's haul: bats from Susac and Shaw. Balls from Juan Perez, Ray Black, Miguel Montero, John Lackey and Jake Smith
Stephenson solid over three vs. potent Cubs
The bats showed their power in today's 7-4 win over the 💪
Source: and close to matching up on another deal. Catcher Miguel Montero rumored as the centerpiece.
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