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Miguel Cabrera

José Miguel Cabrera Torres (born April 18, 1983) commonly known as Miguel Cabrera, and nicknamed Miggy , or Cabby , is a Venezuelan professional baseball third baseman with the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

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Miguel Cabrera vs Mike Trout. Miggy had triple crown. Russ has trip doubles. Gonna win it even if not the best. Understandable
How can you not like Miguel Cabrera?
Help me I am addicted to watching Miguel Cabrera home runs.
Harold Reynolds just said that Joey Votto is a better hitter than Miguel Cabrera. And I thought he was an *** before.
Miguel Cabrera has three hits in 29 plate appearances, all opposite-field singles. He's batting .095 with a .335 OPS. Back still an issue?
So the AI has taken Miguel Cabrera out and inserted Austin Romine into his spot. Not sure why
A 1-2-3 inning in the first for Chi Chi Gonzalez, who got groundouts from Ender Inciarte, Odubel Herrera and Miguel Cabrera.
Miguel Cabrera or Josh Hamilton? I'll take Hamilton. Runs better, with more power. Cabrera fights his weight. But clos…
Miguel Cabrera has a career .321 batting average but we are going to keep pretending Bryce Harper is the best player to walk this earth
Frias was ejected, apparently. . To recap: He gave up three consecutive homers and then hit Miguel Cabrera with a pitch
Walker Burgess with a 1-2-3 inning as he gets Ian Kinsler, Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera. Not bad.
MVP Miguel Cabrera trying to help save Pablo career.
Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler and Victor Martinez highlight the list of selected to participate in the...
Tigers' top players in 2017: Miguel Cabrera a no-brainer at No. 1 - Detroit Free Press
They feel that they can contend next year. I could see them pursuing Eric Hosmer next winter with Miguel Cabrera tr…
Dec. 4, 2007: trade Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, and 4 other prospects to Marlins for Miguel Cabrera and…
Position players all-time with a larger AAV than Yoenis Cespedes:. 1. Miguel Cabrera. 2.
Would you accept: Miguel Cabrera to the Yankees for Bird, Torres, and Sheffield?
Miguel Cabrera has more (or equal) career X than... H: Joe Morgan,. 2B: Willie Mays. HR: Andre Dawson. RBI: Mickey Mantle. IBB: Frank Robinson
Miguel Cabrera and Derek Lee can't save you. Alex Gonzalez errors won't save you.
Felix Rodriguez in 2003, with Miguel Cabrera recording the hit
Nolan Arenado is the 4th 3rd baseman ever with multiple 130 RBI seasons joining Miguel Cabrera, Vinny Castilla, and Alex Rodriguez
Miguel Cabrera so far this season: 27 extra-base hits, 23 walks, 25 strikeouts.
Flashy Miguel Cabrera: My favorite place to understand stealing second base is in the front row
Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera advances to third base on a wild pitch in the first inning…
Single by Miguel Cabrera. Dixon Machado comes in as pinch runner.
Dixon Machado pinch running for Miguel Cabrera at first, while Steven Moya will pinch hit for Victor Martinez.
also, throwing to 3rd to keep noted speedster Miguel Cabrera from advancing. Alright.
...a force out, 1B Miguel Cabrera to SS Jose Iglesias. Whit Merrifield to 3rd. Eric Hosmer out at 2nd. Kendrys Morales to 1st [2/2]
Miguel Cabrera that maddening than when it is needed not hitting missing six RBIs for the 100 and are now 8 games nothing more
It feels like the Tigers cheated to get Cameron Maybin and Miguel Cabrera on the same team.
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Miguel Cabrera probably costs as many runs with his glove as he makes up for with his bat. God *** no defense loser.
jesus christ miguel cabrera's defense is so humiliating. Keep this guy off the field.
Miguel Cabrera should have 3000 hits by like 2019
I remember seeing Cashner once dominate the Tigers and Miguel Cabrera as a Padre. He was just unhittable that night.
"They call me Miguel Cabrera cause I take it deep"
Miguel Cabrera is a baserunning fiend.
Miguel Cabrera is suddenly channeling Rajai Davis down the stretch. Manufacturing runs with his injury-prone legs.
Cabrera must have read article. Just tried stealing 2B then went to 3B on the bad throw.
Miguel Cabrera just pointed at me when I shouted "Miggy" and I can die happy now
Tigers continue to take advantage on basepaths. Miguel Cabrera goes 1st-to-3rd on wild pitch/E2, with Kinsler scoring on latter. 1-0 in 1st.
The wild throws continue - and so does Miguel Cabrera's aggressiveness on base paths. WP allows him to take 2B, wild throw down gives him 3B
Miguel "Wheels" Cabrera once again using his legs to make things happen. 1-0
Be sure to watch future HOF Miguel Cabrera. Hopefully he'll be at his best & u can see what we've seen 4 yearsMagic
I swear I can watch videos of Miguel Cabrera hitting all day
Miguel Cabrera becomes 100th player in Major League Baseball history with 2500 hits
Miguel Cabrera is having an off year average wise. Lowest batting avg. since 2008. he's batting .307😐
A8 I think my hubby would let me go on a date w/ Miguel Cabrera (as long as he could get his autograph) LOL
Miguel Cabrera strains bicep in Tigers' loss to Royals...
New trending GIF tagged mlb, baseball, thumbs up, Detroit Tigers, cabrera, miguel cabrera, all good, im good, migg…
Manny will be better than Tex. I'm thinking Miguel Cabrera-esque. Just don't know if he'll turn into that here.
This swing is why Miggy is destined for the hall.
DETCabrera beats Buxton's throw to second: Miguel Cabrera hustles to beat…
He's not Miguel but he's Asdrúbal Cabrera and he hit home run in the 11th for the win!
Anything Miguel Cabrera does makes the best pictures. 🐯
Mookie Betts: 1st player in MLB with 200 hits, 100 runs, 100 RBI in a season since Miguel Cabrera in 2012 (won Triple Cr…
And then Miguel Cabrera lines into a double play at third. 5-unassisted.
Why are people not talking about how great of a 5 tool player miguel cabrera STILL is?!The big man is dominant in all phases of the game
Is there anyone cuter than Miguel Cabrera? Nope nope nope
Miguel Cabrera absolutely blisters a ball off the CF wall and beats out a double with a perfect slide toward the inside o…
Miguel Cabrera has been the best baserunner in the MLB over the last 48 hours. featured in NBC s Science of Love
There are a lot more fans at Target Field tonight, but you could still hear Miguel Cabrera's double hit off the centerfield fence.
I need a GIF of that Miguel Cabrera thumbs up ASAP. Please and thank you.
"Blow the team up and get fast guys!" Lol can't wait to watch Paulo Orlando every night jnatead of Miguel Cabrera
Tigers recorded video message with Al Avila, Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera congratulating David Ortiz. Cabrera asks him…
Classic Boston making everything about them, should the Tigers not play Miguel Cabrera either? Or start Mark Lowe?
When Alex Bregman reached 1st base after his first major league hit, Miguel Cabrera told him, "Congrats. 2,999 more. Let’s…
MLB has had incidents that were brush aside. Miguel Cabrera one ex. Remember Brett Myers was allowed to pitch after assaulting wife
Adrian Beltre's (428th career HR, a walk-off, breaks a tie with Miguel Cabrera and Mike Piazza, he is now 47th…
Adrian Beltre (hit his 428th HR, breaking a tie with Miguel Cabrera and Mike Piazza, he's now 47th in MLB hist…
Adrián Beltré hits 427th career HR. That's tied with Miguel Cabrera and Mike Piazza for 47th-most in MLB history
TIGERS WIN! Ian Kinsler and Miguel Cabrera homer as the Tigers beat the White Sox 2-1 in a game that was called in the 7th…
| | Homers give Tigers the edge on South Side: Ian Kinsler and Miguel Cabrera broke the…
VIDEO: Eric Hosmer says he's not surprised at Miguel Cabrera's All-Star generosity
Miguel Cabrera did a really cool thing for Eric Hosmer.
All-Star break comes at good time for Tigers hitters: Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera and…
JD Martinez had a swing issue that was fixed by Miguel Cabrera. Was never going to be great here
Miguel Cabrera the lone Tiger named to AL All-Star team via Wow! What about Martinez?!
August 9th, 2013: Miguel Cabrera homers off Mariano Rivera after a seven-pitch at bat to tie the game.
Tigers All-Stars should be Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Ian Kinsler and Michael Fulmer. Miggy and V-Mart are locks.
Well, Miguel Cabrera will be intentionally walked. Victor Martinez will need to make it hurt here in the 8th.
Jun 10, AB 3: Alex Rodriguez grounds out, shortstop Jose Iglesias to first baseman Miguel Cabrera.
6'6 220 LH, Harold Reynolds calls him the best athlete in the draft, his comparison "Jason Heyward defensively, he hits like Miguel Cabrera"
'Defense like Jayson Heyward and offense like Miguel Cabrera' - let's hope so
Pure guess here but Miguel Cabrera, Joe Mauer, Jose Bautista, last one not sure on, David Wright??
Miguel Cabrera tweaked something at third base. He was headed back to dugout before head athletic trainer Kevin Rand got to him.
Finally, conclusive proof that Miguel Cabrera isn't as good as Mike Aviles
I sent Betts, Jose Fernandez and Kevin Jepsen for Miguel Cabrera and Josh Donaldson
I still give the nod to Miguel Cabrera as the best overall hitter in the big leagues today
Detroit Cameron Maybin and Miguel Cabrera share player of the w ...
Got to love a player who can give respect where it's due. Miguel Cabrera offers thumbs up after striking out.
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Miggy is that nickname of Miguel Cabrera of Tigers because I'm guessing parents might be tigers fans
Are they mad we don't have Miguel Cabrera? This isn't the 90's. Steroids gone. Only like two or three Miggy's in the league now.
Sharp: Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander rekindling some old magic |
Miguel Cabrera gave Jeremy Hellickson a thumbs up after Hellickson struck Miggy out. That's why Miguel Cabrera is loved by everyone 😂👏🏾
| | After K, Miggy gives pitcher a thumbs-up: Miguel Cabrera gave this strikeout pitch a thumbs-up
Phillies lost, but Jeremy Hellickson struck out Miguel Cabrera so bad Miggy threw him a thumbs up. So, ya know, little victories
Attention it would be wise to intentionally walk Miguel Cabrera every time he is up to bat. He is on fire.
My goodness Miguel Cabrera is smoking the ball lately
10 reasons why Miguel Cabrera is freaking awesome! (Videos included)
Miggy on prolific tear -- even by his standards: As the latest opposite-field drive from Miguel Cabrera made…
Miguel Cabrera: 2 HR and a double for eighth time as a Tiger, breaking team record set by Hank Greenberg (1935-1946).
Tigers Video: J.D. Martinez, Miguel Cabrera and Nick Castellanos all hit solo HRs in 5th inning of 5-4 win vs. Phi…
Miguel Cabrera beat out Francisco Lindor, Rajai Davis in battle for American League Player of the Week.
Nobody won today's home run derby. Miguel Cabrera and Justin Upton each hit seven home runs. J.D. Martinez five, Victor Martinez three.
Brad Miller's E6 earlier means Alex Colome has to face Miguel Cabrera, 3-for-4 with 2 HR against him for his career.
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Miguel Cabrera homered in 4 straight games twice in 2013. Marcus Thames holds Tigers mark for Comerica Park era with 5-game streak in 2008.
Eugenio Suarez, whom the Tigers traded for a year of Alfredo Simon, has more home runs than Miguel Cabrera and J.D. Martinez each
Who is the best player in baseball today. Miguel Cabrera. Mike Trout. Bryce Harper . Clayton Kershaw. Jake arrietta
Luke: Walking consecutive hitters to load the bases for Miguel Cabrera is not recommended. Wright not happy.
"Avisail Garcia's approach reminds me of Miguel Cabrera. Hits it hard, goes up the middle" - Rangers broadcast. The comps are returning
Miguel Cabrera is now the venezuelan player with the most games (41) 4 or more hits in MLB, beating Luis Aparicio.
- why does Francisco Lindor seem to like to mess with Miguel Cabrera? Are they friends off of the field? Thanks.
RIP Armando Galarraga, lost his perfect game because Miguel Cabrera had too much range
Eugenio Suarez hit his 6th HR today, which is more than Miguel Cabrera, J.D. Martinez and Victor Martinez
Rod Allen, stop saying Miguel Cabrera is in scoring position at home plate. Learn some new lines.
I'm not sure he's good enough to make it to the All-Star game with Miguel Cabrera in the league.
Miguel Cabrera one-hops a ball off the centerfield wall, Victor Martinez one-hops a ball off the rightfield wall, 4-1, Tigers.
Tigers' Fulmer wins debut: 'I'm on top of the world': Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and Nick Castellanos al...
The with their best scoring chance as the ball bounces off the glove of Miguel Cabrera and allows Danny Santana to reach base.
Everytime MLB Network shows Avi Garcia they say he reminds them of Miguel Cabrera. Been hitting well recently but far from Miggy
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POLL: Is Avisail Garcia already a better version of Miguel Cabrera?
Victor Martinez won today's home run derby. He hit six home runs. Miguel Cabrera hit four, J.D. Martinez three and Justin Upton two.
Miguel Cabrera for me. Heath has Ryan Raburn and I forgot who Chris has. Maybe Bour
Some of the players out of lineups today: Bryce Harper, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Upton, Billy Hamilton, Yoenis Cespedes
Did Terry Foster really just suggest that people wanted to get rid of Miguel Cabrera after 2 weeks? Good god.
Happy Birthday, Miguel Cabrera, Rico Brogna, Brian Dubois, Doug Flynn and the late, great Wahoo Sam Crawford
Victor Martinez doubles to Tal's Hill, Miguel Cabrera scores from first base, people are chanting, "Let's go Tigers!"
Miguel Cabrera (33 opposite-field HR since the start of 2012, 2nd in MLB (Chris Davis - 35)
Odubel Herrera (Former Rule 5 Draft Pick by the Phillies) led the majors in BABIP .387. Miguel Cabrera was second .384. Dee Gordon 3rd .383
Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez and JD Martinez all in a row has got to be close to being most lethal in the MLB.
Mark Trumbo (.187) did NOT have a higher ISO than Miguel Cabrera (.196).
@ T3-3o: Darrell Ceciliani grounds out, 2B Ian Kinsler to 1B Miguel Cabrera.
I think I know the problem here: Miggy's real name is Miguel Cabrera. It's a common mistake.
some Miguel Cabrera from early Marlin days compared to triple crown Miggy.
Why is Miguel Cabrera even in the top 10? . Disparaging comment about the best hitter in baseball
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The Jays lineup is ridiculous, but Ian Kinsler, Justin Upton, Miguel Cabrera & JD Martinez is also ridiculous.
The dude who struck out Miguel Cabrera to close the 2012 World Series?
With the wind blowing out, Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Tyler Collins and Andrew Romine ...
Mar 9, AB 1: Bryce Harper grounds out, third baseman Mike Aviles to first baseman Miguel Cabrera.
Bob Melvin laughs, says he'll take Miguel Cabrera level hitting from Barreto right now.
Yoenis Cespedes ain't got nothing on Miguel Cabrera
also Miguel Cabrera stride at the plate was not the real Miggy after every swing. Great job and best of the lucks
THIS JUST IN: Miggy's Mafia looking to trade Miguel Cabrera. Looking for a first round pick or multiple early picks
Jose Altuve's launch angle breakdown is much different than Miguel Cabrera...
Hank Aaron is MLB's all-time RBI leader. Miguel Cabrera has played 1,938 career games. Through 1,938 games. Aaron 1,4…
YBark David Ortiz, Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera prevented from competing in Caribbean home run derby
I love how the Marlins screwing up with Miguel Cabrera brought the Red Sox Eduardo Rodriguez...
Three MLB stars out of Caribbean HR derby. David Ortiz, Robinson Cano and Miguel Cabrera won't be in the...
chipper, Justin, Melvin, Ryan Zimmerman, Troy Glaus, Mark Reynolds, Miguel Cabrera, all young SS when drafted or signed
that's the reason why players like Felix Hernandez and Miguel Cabrera didnt sign with the NYY when they were 16 Years old
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Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, JD Martinez, Ian Kinsler, Jose Iglesias and now Justin Upton. Watch out baseball 😈
Miguel Cabrera, Larry Walker, Nomar Garciaparra, Jim Thome all moved to 1B as well.
For example, like they were "sure" to sign Torii Hunter and trade for Miguel Cabrera in 2007-2008.
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Miguel Cabrera home run in the bottom of the ninth wins the game. Love it!
Miguel Cabrera is spending his offseason hanging out with The Rock via
Miguel Cabrera has the cheat code to hitting.😂
Congrats to Miguel Cabrera, Ty Cobb, Hank Greenberg and Al Kaline for being voted as the
Miguel Cabrera turns 33 in April, and in '16, he’s likely to surpass the career HR total of Mike Piazza, and reach 2,500 h…
Rock & The Mig. Cool havin' my man and future MLB Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera could be an MVP for the in 2016 - get his replica jersey at Sports Outlet - http…
7 of the top 10 earners for '16 are pitchers. The 3 positional players are Miguel Cabrera, Josh Hamilton, and Ryan Howard. Ooof.
My dad according to her should be Melky but she put in for it after my brother became Miguel Cabrera so he could keep his last name
Yasiel Puig and Miguel Cabrera in Havana at MLB and MLBPA joint press conference.
Shaughnessy winning an award is like Miguel Cabrera winning MVP over Mike Trout
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Heck look at the Miguel Cabrera trade the one who contributed the most in that trade was Burke Badenhop.
I mean, Miguel Cabrera doesn't even bat .500. So the bagel place is doing better than Miggy. That's not bad.
Number of hits in first 173 career games:. Buster Posey - 190. Miguel Cabrera - 182. Bryce Harper - 179. Mike Trout - 171. Joe Panik - 201
Ticker: Miguel Cabrera second to one at first base? - Detroit Free Press: Detroit Free PressTicker: Miguel Cab...
.youngest player to homer in a postseason game in MLB history behind:Harper, Machado, Miguel Cabrera, Mant…
LOL at Salvador Perez laughing at Miguel Cabrera after his sizzling liner flies directly into Christian Colon's glove.
Most analysts don’t know who Gregor Blanco is, but Miguel Cabrera sure does
since 2010 Miguel Cabrera has the most hits second starlin Castro
Ted Williams had a 190 OPS+ in 1960. He turned 42 that year, his final season. Miguel Cabrera had a career-hig…
.Miguel Cabrera locks up 4th batting title in 5 years (photo: AP)
Miguel Cabrera is the 2015 American League batting champion.
Miguel Cabrera, fresh off another batting title, enters the winter mostly healthy. on why that matters:
Jose Abreu is not playing tonight for the Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, and Victor Martinez are all off. The tanking is real.
Chris Sale won't have to face Miguel Cabrera or Victor Martinez tonight as he goes for the White Sox strikeout record. Both not in lineup.
Detroit Tigers lineup: Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera held out; Nick Castellanos at third base
No. Miguel Cabrera, Josh Beckett and the team mattered. Cubs helped too
don't forget Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw, and the return of robbie cano
Miguel Cabrera may be the only MLB player that has as much fun as Salvador Perez, from the games I watch.
Yeah, send Miguel Cabrera to score in *that* situation. Thanks Gene Lamont.
Josh Tomlin fools Miguel Cabrera with a nasty curveball and gets the strike out.
do you understand that *** Brian Kenny just said Bryce Harper was a better hitter than Miguel Cabrera? Fire him!
Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in "any world" says Jim Price.
2015 Bryce Harper > Any season from Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols... you name them. That's how historic his season is.
Miguel Cabrera on pace to win 4th batting title in 5 years, now that he has enough PAs to qualify. Last to do it? Tony Gwynn…
Proven Run Producer Carlos Santana now has more silly RBI than Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto & Troy Tulowitzki this year. Tie…
ESPN Sport Science catches up with two-time American League MVP Miguel Cabrera to dissect his hitting mechanics.
Matt Shepard, Craig Monroe and Rod Allen are ready to send Miguel Cabrera and Albert Pujols to Cooperstown.
Hector Santiago got distracted by Rajai Davis and Miguel Cabrera made him pay.
Joe Girardi compared Greg Bird to Miguel Cabrera after his first 2 games, I remember Cashman compared Jesus Montero to Cabrera too. SMH
Obviously Alfredo Simon and Shane Greene pitch like crap because Miguel Cabrera is so entitled, THE SEASON IS ALL HIS FAULT
When healthy, Miguel Cabrera is a better player than Mike Trout.
Miguel Cabrera thought he had his 17th home run of the season, but he had to settle for a ground-rule double...
We haven't seen this since Joe Maddon did this with Miguel Cabrera, with Brennan Boesch on deck in three straight games.
Tigers-Astros Preview (The Associated Press): -- Miguel Cabrera is back for the Detroit ...
Tigers-Astros Preview: --Miguel Cabrera is back for the Detroit Tigers, but it remains t...
Has Pat Tabler ever heard of a guy named Miguel Cabrera? I like Jose, but c'mon pat, get real
Miguel Cabrera in his Triple Crown year: .330/.393/.606. Nelson Cruz right now: .326/.391/.612.
Interesting: MLB managers and coaches say Miguel Cabrera is best hitter in AL, Mike Trout has best power:
Remember when the Yankees didn't get Miguel Cabrera because Cashman refused to trade Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, or Ia…
I think I would have rather they released Miguel Cabrera and traded JD Martinez for Neifi Perez.
Also in top ten: Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, Dee Gordon. Chris Johnson (who *** , and Drew Stubbs
robin yount, Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, and George Brett
Miguel Cabrera just went DEEP, giving the Tigers their first lead of the World Series. 2-1 in the 3rd.
Alex Rodriguez: 2nd player to have 3 420-foot HR in a game within the last 5 seasons. Other is Miguel Cabrera
“His stroke was like a young Miguel Cabrera,” Tony La Russa said of Yasmany Tomas.
Tigers skipper Brad Ausmus says Miguel Cabrera is still “a ways from getting into a game,” but he’s looked OK in BP and on treadmill.
Remember when Joe Buck confused Miguel Cabrera for Felix Hernandez during the all star introductions?
Miguel Cabrera to a 3rd team, cincy sends us Jay Bruce, Chapman & cueto & 3rd team sends cincy prospects
Miguel Cabrera for Nick Swisher & Bryan Shaw. Now you're interested.
Dontrelle Willis, Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera, Derek Lee, Louis Castillo & Ivan Rodriguez were all on that Marlins team
. More home runs than Jose Bautista, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and Miguel Cabrera. Not bad for 5-11, 198 lbs.
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