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Mighty Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks are a professional ice hockey team based in Anaheim, California, USA.

Mighty Ducks 2 Luis Mendoza Fulton Reed Gordon Bombay Charlie Conway Adam Banks Foggy Nelson Emilio Estevez Bash Brothers Dean Portman Kenan Thompson Bill Murray Tina Fey Keenan Thompson Joshua Jackson Charlie Sheen Teemu Selanne

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I think Tina Fey was taking the Mighty Ducks too seriously
How did I forget foggy was in Mighty Ducks
Ep. 133: Mighty Ducks minute No. 253, the aftermath at Eden Hall after the Blake Bears tie. http…
Its Bloody Finland! The only time they ever got aggressive to anyone was over ice hockey in the Mighty Ducks!
I thought so, got people to name what they thought were better ones then I ripped them apart w…
*** straight! I still remember the time I got drunk and argued with people that the Mighty Du…
Don't be dissing the lad from Mighty Ducks!
Luke Cage: It's Cage, do I know you?. Foggy: Fulton Reed, I played for the Mighty Ducks. Luke Cage: What?. Foggy: I'm a lawyer.
Dubbed "The Mighty Ducks" after the 1992 Disney film, the Philippine men's ice hockey team are targeting gold in...
I always liked the Minnesota Moose! Or I'm sure we could have bought the Mighty Ducks
The way the Swans are defending reminds me of when Iceland took on the Mighty Ducks and had all their little tricks scouted.
People forget the District 5 team in Mighty Ducks.
Yelling quack at 3:39 in the a.m. With my brother, while watching the mighty ducks. Doesn't get better
SEA Games: Philippine 'Mighty Ducks' skate for gold and history
Sorry, you must not have heard about Heavyweights or D3: The Mighty Ducks.
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The true way to meeting new people? Tell them you're from Minneapolis and are a Mighty Ducks fan. Immediate opinions are generated.
Forgot Gordon Bombay got a dui in the mighty ducks. Dui in a Disney film.
Mighty Ducks is the Hoosiers of little kid hockey movies.
The first mighty ducks movie is on - the Olga monkey & I will be settling in!
mighty ducks, rocky, and major league kinda count as a series. They all tuff
After watching both 1000+ times Mighty Ducks 2 over Mighty Ducks 1 don't @ me
Mighty Ducks over the Ice Hawks would of been a great payout.
I thought Gordon Bombay was the original coach of the Mighty Ducks?
If I was the GM I would be contacted Charlie Conway for his availability, was a stormer for Mighty Ducks!!
If you don't think D2 is the best Mighty Ducks movie you're an absolute moron... however though... Bombay is the worst coach of all time
Mystery, Alaska, Goon, Youngblood, *** any of the Mighty Ducks movies
Pat Quinn got hold of a Mighty Ducks movie poster, sent it to Wilson, with Wilson's picture pasted over Emilio Este…
Lane Smith, also the *** coach of the nefarious Hawks in the first Mighty Ducks
My favorite casting fun fact from Mighty Ducks is that Mike Vitar (Luis Mendoza in D2, D3) also plays Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez
Getting flashes of Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks: D2. Fast as *** but out of control.
Bob Miller was not only the voice of the Kings for 44 years, he was technically the first voice of the Mighty Ducks. http…
He is the real life equivalent to Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks
All the trash talk had me thinking of Russ Tyler in Mighty Ducks. Just realized he is Kenan Thompson!
Mind blown. Just realized that Foggy Nelson from was Fulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks
Crawford just looked like the Hawks goalie from Mighty Ducks taking a Fulton Reed clapper to the face
I hate it when people abbreviate day 2 as D2 because then I *have* to go watch the second Mighty Ducks movie.
Ummm, I just realized Fulton from the Mighty Ducks is Foggy Nelson on Daredevil.
How about a Mighty Ducks 2 How does the island of Trinidad have a hockey team?!
The Time Fred Roggin said they'd never name Anaheim's hockey team the Mighty Ducks
Super Bowl prediction: Teemu Selanne hits a grand slam hole in one to win it for the Mighty Ducks
Basically the plot of Bad News Bears, Mighty Ducks, A League of Their Own, etc.
Coyle needs Hans from Mighty Ducks to sharpen his skates.
Woah woah woah, when did the Mighty Ducks trade Luis Mendoza to the Wings?? Athana-see-you-later
Who wins in a fight? The Hawks from Mighty Ducks or the bicycle gang from Sandlot? And does Luis Mendoza/Benny the Jet make an appearance?
Flying out of gate D2 at MSP, getting good Mighty Ducks vibes.
Caramel shortcake, Tea, Mighty Ducks and my fav 😍
mighty ducks is on hulu plus (!), D2 is on netflix (!!), but you gotta pay for D3 on amazon :(
Watching Mighty Ducks and all I can think about is how much Emilio looks like Martin.
Omg my hot af boyfriend wearing the cool mighty ducks crew I got him lol he is really too cute I'M SCREAMING
Scrolling through Netflix I found the movie Heavyweights 💀 . That movie and The Mighty Ducks went hard back in the day
Coach Bombay has finally moved on from teaching the D3 mighty ducks how to dive to the NHL Blues. NHL is turning in…
Letting the big one stay up a lil late. Watching Mighty Ducks. Freaking is the greatest coach ever
Well folks... I just went three periods at a Stars game and didn't make a single Mighty Ducks joke or reference
Y'all the new DC looks like an opposing coach in a Mighty Ducks movie.
This mighty ducks jersey is calling my name but idk
Whenever I watch the Mighty Ducks movies, I get chills when I see "The Flying V"
I had a dream I played on the mighty ducks someone SAVE ME
This choir has quit more times on whoopi than the mighty ducks did to coach Bombay (which was a lot)
Yakupov out there like the guy from Mighty Ducks 2 who can skate fast-as *** but falls over or drops his stick all the time.
This is something straight out of the Mighty Ducks movies.
Been thinking a lot lately about how badly Gordon Bombay mismanaged Team USA in Mighty Ducks 2. He really might’ve been…
2nd shutout win in 3 games. Good win. Bernie was very good tonight. Kes gets his 18th. Man, great win. Ducks seem to have finally found
The refs in this game are so bad they wouldn't be qualified to ref the Mighty Ducks way back when they were District 5.
He's an amazing actor. Very attentive to the craft. DC is on hulu. Oh! He was also in the Mighty Ducks movies when he was young
Just waiting on another Mighty Ducks movie to come out.
I’ve started watching The Man In The High Castle. It makes complete sense that the Iceland coach from Mighty Ducks 2 is a…
Why are Chris Kattan & Will Ferrell's characters so fascinated by Emilio Estevez and the Mighty Ducks? Possible sub-plot?
Ham treats Savoy like Keenan Thompson in Mighty Ducks. You bring him in to do one thing and once he shoots his shot you take him out.
Biggest realization of the day- that Luis Mendoza from D2 Mighty Ducks is the same kid that plays 'Benny the Jet' Rodriguez in the Sandlot.
Watching the Mighty Ducks and they go to an game with the North Stars playing the
Got D3 Mighty Ducks the bill to the company Christmas dinner tonight for a minute. Got real nervous there.
Who are your all-time favorite Mighty Ducks, from the entire trilogy? My top 3 in order: Julie "The Cat Gaffney, Dean Portman, Fulton Reed.
Fulton Reed on the Mighty Ducks doesn't know how to skate. Don't worry buddy not knowing how to skate never stopped Michael Rozival.
this is how Adam Banks must have felt when he went from the Hawks to the Mighty Ducks.
Sad things realized watching Mighty Ducks as an adult: 1) Adam Banks probably didn't make it anywhere with hockey bc he was injury prone
Previously viewed on Netflix: . Christian Mingle. D2 the Mighty Ducks . Gilmore Girls . Wow. Checks out.
Matt Dumba has Mighty Ducks opinions, and other topics with the Wild defenseman.
it's a solid logo. D played into a webbed foot of duck foot is clever. Not to mention the retro Logo of the Mighty Ducks.
Are there enough duck Pokemon to make a Mighty Ducks team all named after the movie characters? Porygon, Psyduck, Farfetch'd, what else
There's no way Dean Portman was ever under the age of 25 in any of the Mighty Ducks movies
Love how D2: Mighty Ducks nailed Luis Mendoza's South Miami Cobras jersey & he also the fastest player but can't stop BECAUSE OF THE COCAINE
Wish Baynes could have played with Boban in San Antonio. They'd be like the Bash Brothers in Mighty Ducks. 😀
I'm so sad that Rupp and Ruf are being split up. Like the Bash Brothers of Mighty Ducks or Scooby and Shaggy
Just asked what a good underdog story was and was answered: "Mighty Ducks. Rudy. Hoosiers. ...Mac Miller."
like Hans from the Mighty Ducks? I mean, he's a legend but I don't know if he beats a whole team on his own...
Having Aikman and Joe Buck commentate a Cowboys game is like having Gordon Bombay and Charlie Conway commentate the Mighty Ducks
Karma. Ball don't lie. Clemson the villain team in a Mighty Ducks movie. When Johnny sweeps the leg the movie ends with him getting swept
eBay is amazing for that stuff. I found a Luis Mendoza "South Miami" Mighty Ducks jersey
Don't forget about Charlie Conway's dad in the Mighty Ducks. It's not clear what happened to him.
Just don't know how to stop when skating.. I look like Luis Mendoza from the "Mighty Ducks" when skating
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I think Team NA could beat Charlie Conway and the Mighty Ducks! They all have the speed of Luis Mendoza.
Met a guy that has coached/played for the USA National team, Washington Capitals, Mighty Ducks, Sharks, Maple Leafs at work today 🏒
well I didn't do it...I'm just being optimistic and imagining they did it for Charlie Conway of The Mighty Ducks
We're immediately going inside to play mini sticks, and watch mighty ducks! Enough with these race car shenanigans!
The day I get my hands on a Mighty Ducks jersey is the day I take a serious break from looking at jerseys
remember, Gordon Bombay was serving community service for a DUI offense when he guided the Mighty Ducks to victory.
I watched Mighty Ducks 1 & 2 yesterday and had to stop myself from buying a pair of Roller Blades
Sadly all this quacking, but no Mighty Ducks references.
'Mighty Ducks' was a great experience, and I don't shy away from that.
Meek let another man come to his city and disrespect him. Nothing left for him to do but go to Canada and *** on a Mighty Ducks jersey.
What ever happened to the announcer kid from D3 Mighty Ducks? Did he realize his broadcasting destiny? I need to know.
Did you know Emilio's hit movie D3 The Mighty Ducks was bank rolled by the Hungarians? Emilio Bucharestevez
When Hans dies in D3: Mighty Ducks is close to the same level as G-Baby dying in Hardball.
He got game, Training day, The departed, frozen, Thor, trainspotting, mighty ducks 1,
I just shed like 3 or 4 (or maybe 5) literal tears while watching Bombay's Ducks stick together speech in Mighty Ducks 1 - time for bed. 😔
It is the biggest story of the decade. They are more inspirational than The Mighty Ducks and the Karate Kid combined
We conclude our reviews with We end w/ rankings and ratings! https:…
haven't you seen the 2nd Mighty Ducks movie? Foreshadowing
Watching Mighty Ducks bringing back the childhood
who cares what Benedickman or whatever his name is D2 the mighty ducks taught me to never trust and Icelander
Is $30 to much for an original mighty ducks Goldberg jersey?🤔
While playing some Watch_Dogs, decided to binge watch Mighty Ducks. Forgot how much I loved this cartoon!
And I'll never forget seeing him play in Anaheim for the when they were still the 'Mighty Ducks' 🏒
Yesterday was a big day for Iceland sports. Finally redeemed themselves after that hockey loss in the 1990s to those meddling Mighty Ducks.
Im the guy that says postgame... Horrible bet! Obviously Iceland is great! Didnt you watch Mighty Ducks?!
.I dont watch hockey, but I do like the movie the Mighty Ducks
Stellaris returns, and it's time for a race of Mighty Ducks to take flight among the stars...
When I hear mentioned, I think of the Junior Goodwill Games and the Mighty Ducks.
Alcoholic lawyer gets DUI and is ordered to coach at-risk kids in an aggro sport. He also bangs one of the moms. Disney's The Mighty Ducks
How long will it be until The Mighty Ducks gets a reboot, anyway?
what about the mighty ducks? Some of those guys could even play ice hockey???
And the other half is like "what are the kids from Mighty Ducks doing right now" "can you smoke lemon zest" "why are meerkats?" Etc.
Has there been an Icelandic sports team this successful since the dominant bad guys in Mighty Ducks 2 and got taken dow…
Kitty better run! The mighty ducks are coming in fast!
During his Knicks stint, he reminded me of Luis Mendoza from the Mighty Ducks; super fast but couldn't stop
Excited to get my Auston Matthews jersey from --- lots of Mighty Ducks influence, right
Mighty Ducks (all of them), Lion King, Aladdin, Honey I Shrunk the kids... So many i could name
She's All That has LOADED cast: Usher, Fulton from the Mighty Ducks, Gabrielle Union, Lil Kim, Paul Walker and McCauley Culkins bro?
Roman Polak always reminds me of the kid from the Mighty Ducks that injures Banks and says, "I did my job".
LGB! Hope the boys watched Miracle, Mystery, Alaska, and the entire Mighty Ducks trilogy today
Note to self: Check out Crooked Arrows. According to it's Mighty Ducks but with lacrosse.
That Solomon Hill 3 reminds me of Mighty Ducks... He passes back to... GOLDBERG?!?
Colton Parayko's favorite player in Mighty Ducks is Fulton Reed.
D3: Mighty Ducks on TV and just realized that Fulton Reed and Foggy Nelson of Daredevil are just the same person! 😰😄👌.
We opened for Nasim Pedrad when she spoke to a crowd of 500 students, last semester. That was our 'Mighty Ducks meet Mike Modano' moment.
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10 years ago today in Calgary the def. the Mighty Ducks(2-1 in OT in Game 1 of a Western Conference Quarter Final.
Also, there's no way not to sound like a minor league team with a descriptor before the main name (eg: Mighty Ducks, Devil Rays) 1/2
Hopefully UND is trailing after 2 in the NC and then they can come out in 'Sioux' jerseys ala Mighty Ducks style and win...
10 years ago today in Anaheim,CA the Mighty Ducks(def. the 6-2.
little rat needs a two hand across those mitts like they did Adam Banks in Mighty Ducks
Adam Banks shouldn't have played for the Mighty Ducks kids a cake eater he should've been cut dirty little cheater idc how talented he is
dude Adam Banks was a cake eater in the FIRST Mighty Ducks. Come on. Get it straight. So disappointed.
the Mighty Ducks are the Spinal Tap of hockey.
With the 92nd pick, the Mighty Ducks select Desmond Jennings (OF-TB).
The get to play against my favorite player from Gordon Bombay's Mighty Ducks, Charlie Coyle
What if Gordon Bombay never coached the Mighty Ducks?
the Mighty Ducks? Adam Banks does seem like kind of a ***
.yeah he is. In like an Adam Banks way from Mighty Ducks
Putting Ovechkin in the 80s would be like adding Adam Banks' skillset to Fulton Reed in the Mighty Ducks series
Sad Emilio In which Emilio is sad that his father is apparently Gordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks
I still hate Iceland from when Gordon Bombay and the team USA Mighty Ducks whooped that ***
The Wendy's by my house is like the cast of Mighty Ducks before Gordon Bombay gets there
Bill Murray auditioned for the role of Gordon Bombay in Mighty Ducks but was deemed too old.
This game like when the Mighty Ducks faced off against the Eden Hall Warriors before Coach Orion trained them
do you mean Luis Mendoza? The fastest skater on the Mighty Ducks?
.I thought it was Jesse Hall from the Mighty Ducks' brother, Terry Hall
it's not that bizarre. Look at furries, most are our age. And I remember tiny toons. Animaniacs. Mighty Ducks...
Haley Joel Osment goes up there with Europe, the Mighty Ducks, David Tyree, and the Maz as the greatest one hit wonders.
Adam Banks was a character from the Mighty Ducks trilogy who first played for the Hawks and then... *sigh*... Never mind.
Terry Hall quit hockey after the first Mighty Ducks to work at Foot Locker in the Louis Joliet Mall.
13 years ago today in Anaheim,CA played his 1st NHL Game when the def. the Mighty Ducks(1-0.
I think Charlie Conway in Mighty Ducks was the first boy I ever loved.
Gordon Bombay in the first Mighty Ducks told Charlie Conway to take a dive.. Next thing he's coaching Team USA
All wanted for Christmas was to dress up as Mighty Ducks legend Charlie Conway:
A Mighty Ducks marathon on tv, ez not leaving the house!!
indeed! Would the romance carry over to Mighty Ducks??? Would he try to become Captain Duck? Just so many questions!!
Tina Fey just mentioned "Mighty Ducks" when referencing Keenan Thompson's ability to ice skate on Jimmy Fallon
When Marc was at Lausanne, he was full on Fulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks.
Sports movies I will watch:. 1. A League of Their Own. 2. Mighty Ducks (just the ducks fly together chant). 3. Something with a sasquatch in it
Yeah, there is. They ride the rollercoaster and some other things in the movie Mighty Ducks (or maybe Mighty Ducks 2?).
Game today at Rec Center vs. the Mighty Ducks! Today's theme is black and yellow. Game begins at 2:00 CT.
Mike Johnston is like the coach in D3 the Mighty Ducks except instead of winning the big game with a 2-way defensive style, he loses it 2-1.
Why not just watch Mighty Ducks 2 AKA the best hockey movie of all time?
Comparing the best grade school stories @ work. From suspensions, to cheating, to fights over broken Mighty Ducks 2 VHS tapes
Mike then proceeded to hit him with the Emilio Estevez 'thumb's up' from the Mighty Ducks
Insane that Charlie Sheen is the more well known sibling when Emilio Estevez led the Mighty Ducks to an unprecedented 3 cham…
WAIT.Benny the Jet Rodriguez is Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks, mind blown
I have have no idea. Only hockey player I know is Charlie Conway not even sure if he still plays for the Mighty Ducks or not.
Fins remind me of Charlie Conway's Mighty Ducks...we got 3-4 plays we love to run, but figure em out and we're toast
You know you're a late 80s kid when your bestie gives dating advice in the form of a Mighty Ducks quote
What movies to watch tonight... The Mighty Ducks or Air Bud?
D2: Mighty Ducks got a 5.9/10...rankings are irrelevant in life
that's the one where he tries to teach Paint It Black to the lady from Mighty Ducks 2 but there's a dead girl, right?
First time I realized I loved was in The Mighty Ducks. I will forever love him as Terry Hall.
Kings looking like the Mighty Ducks the first time they played varsity in D3
I like it when you make fun of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.
I just can't believe the generation under me has no idea who the Mighty Ducks are.
the ducks changed from "mighty ducks" and everyone was over it 2 seasons later. Cus it doesn't mean anything
Just when you think you know someone, you discover they don't even have a favorite Mighty Ducks movie.
Very funny. Just finished watching The Mighty Ducks with daughter for pregame!
Oh my gosh there's a guy wearing a mighty ducks jersey with one of the bash bros on it and the same bandana they were lol its great!
All of the mighty ducks movies are my favorite all time movies👏💯
Babcock is so good that he could have coached the Icelandic team to a win over Gordon Bombay's Mighty Ducks team
I just wanna binge watch the mighty ducks and eat cinnamon rolls
All three of the mighty ducks movies should've won oscars.
Dead *** D3 the mighty ducks was on tv I just had to re live my childhood and watch it lol ago 20 years ago
Watching the second Mighty Ducks movie and just a little bit in awe. 13 year old me dreamed of someday going to the Mall of America...
I still never seen the mighty ducks
Funny Think D3 mighty Ducks were on today
Makes the 3rd period jersey change in Mighty Ducks 2 look pathetic by comparison
I can't think straight right now because I'm so pumped about watching the mighty ducks
the ending of d3: mighty ducks was on tv as i was leaving and i instantly turned into a complete basket case!!. ITS STILL SO GODD!
Why haven't they made a D4 Mighty Ducks movie?!?!?
Anyone know what happened to Emilio Estavez after D3 Mighty Ducks?
I just teared up at the end of mighty ducks D3. And it's not even the good one
I HATE hockey with a passion! It all started with The Mighty Ducks...
gtfo I'm about to watch mighty ducks sober too
The announcer kid in D3: The Mighty Ducks deserved to be Clint Malarchuk'd. Somebody had to say it.
How in the *** did I miss D3: The Mighty Ducks on tv?? I hate my life and I want to die
oh nice. Mighty Ducks 2 is my favorite.
In case you were wondering (you were): D3: The Mighty Ducks still holds up 19 years later. Thanks Discovery Family
yeah people don't seem to realize that Charlie Conway was a bottom-6 forward on the Mighty Ducks
Favorite thing: "Head" was one of the OG Mighty Ducks who played for Gordon Bombay.
Was pretty young when I saw TPUTS so only remember a few things 1 Jesse from Mighty Ducks 2 Kid with no tongue 3 Gimp outfit
I feel like I'm in the Mighty Ducks movie, waiting for someone to either:. 1 start quacking or. 2 yell "Golbert!!" .
Pavel Zacha tees up the Mighty Ducks flutter puck and goes bar down on the power play. Kitchener lead cut to 4-2.
Wait, Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez from Sandlot is also Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks?
Mighty Ducks movies ranked best to worst: 1) 1, 2) 3, 3) 2.
Seeing Brandon Saad in a Blue Jackets jersey is like watching Adam Banks in D3: Mighty Ducks play for the varsity squad.WHY?!
Bolden's exit reminded of Dean Portman in Mighty Ducks
Gordon Reid is taking inspiration from the Mighty Ducks ahead of Scotland v Australia
What a great time with this movie and the LOUISVILLE days D3 Mighty Ducks - Dean Portman Returns via
Titans, Angels, Mighty Ducks, then Runnings. And then the last boy scout
Charlie Conway's character development across the three Mighty Ducks films was stellar, in that he was a selfish *** the whole way through.
I thought that was a bearded, older Fulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks.
My natural reaction after fouling a girl was to say "Well worth it" to the ref... With the voice of the Iceland player in Mighty Ducks..
All the best to Mark Ferner on The Big 5-0! Mark played one full season in NHL with the expansion Mighty Ducks.
If you ever need a reason to doubt the ratings on the first Mighty Ducks movie has a sad user rating of 6.4/10. NO WAY.
can trauma bond with Jake Gyllenhall over not being allowed to take Mighty Ducks role.
At his CC roast: "Charlie Sheen is the black sheep of a family whose resume includes three "Mighty Ducks" movies."
Been watching D2: Mighty Ducks and Luis Mendoza reminds me of someone I know.
If Carlyle was coach of the Mighty Ducks he would give the Bash Brothers more ice time than Banks.
Were the Bash Brothers good or bad for the Mighty Ducks?
Tune into Justin & Gee on 710 AM to hear TE Luke Willson explain why he and Jimmy are the 2nd coming of the Mighty Ducks "Bash Brothers" …
I feel like Schwarbs is a metal head and loves to rock. Him and Rizzo are like the Bash Brothers from Mighty Ducks.
The NHL is having a Mighty Ducks movie night with no Mighty Ducks movie
Why you can't spell awesome without Wes. Reason My Adam Banks Hawks T-shirt from the Mighty Ducks!…
How do you not include anyone from Mighty Ducks? Adam Banks would be on my All Star team for any sport. Just wakes up, no pain.
Jake Gyllenhaal was almost in the Mighty Ducks? (No one can replace Joshua Jackson)
.who was your favorite Mighty Ducks player? We're doing a power poll here
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Bill Murray was deemed too old to play Gordon Bombay, later played by Emilio Estevez in three Mighty Ducks films
Just a reminder that the black sticks are playing at 6.20, the Tigers are at 4.20 and the Mighty Ducks are...
When I first read "Mike Reilly's a free agent tomorrow", I thought of the coach from the first Mighty Ducks movie.
I'm not really a fan of any hockey team other than Charlie Conway and Goldberg's Mighty Ducks but that was a dirty pass by the Hawks. Wow
Stub of the Day... November 6, 1996 the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim vs the Montreal Canadiens.…
I wish Adam Sandler stayed in the 90s. I'd trade him for Emilio Estevez and two more Mighty Ducks movies
Judd Nelson is coming back for a Mighty Ducks / New Jack City xover?
Joshua Jackson and Kenan Thompson are my favorite members of the Mighty Ducks.
I just want JT Brown to score. He tries so hard and he always ends up running into the the goalie, he's like Luis Mendoza from Mighty Ducks
Now that Fulton from Mighty Ducks is Foggy Nelson we finally have a path to get Emilio Estevez into the Marvel cinematic …
Doing some very important Mighty Ducks research, which led me to this superb History Will Be Made on Luis Mendoza:
Ducks-Hawks...just like the Mighty Ducks predicted 23 years ago. Here we go!
Kenan Thompson talks about Mighty Ducks films in Marc Maron's *** podcast episode
Did the Mighty Ducks make the playoffs or nah?
blame the Wings. Played like the Mighty Ducks before Bombay tonight.
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Have gotten to the CONF. Finals only once under Jacques Lemaire. They lost to Mighty Ducks will would go on to lose in 7 to NJD.
I know the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim will sweep the Flames -- UNLESS the refs have something to say about it.
The last time Calgary beat Anaheim at home was back when they were the Mighty Ducks, exactly 9 years ago today.
Good Luck to as they head to round 2 with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
Teemu Selanne wearing his old number 13 jersey with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, 2005-06 season
Woodbury is Painting It Orange today, showing their support for the Mighty Ducks. Lets Go Ducks! Anaheim Ducks
...with the Mighty Ducks, he surprised many by deciding to resign from the GM post in Anaheim and move back to the Ottawa Valley, to become"
"Bryan Murray next joined the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim as head coach for 2001–2002. From 2002–2004 he was general manager of the Mighty Ducks
going for Anaheim. Thinking this could be the year of the return of the Mighty Ducks.
Thank you Jets for sparing the LA Kings the embarrassment of having to play the unstoppable Mighty Ducks
The overnight improvement reminds me of the Mighty Ducks. Not Anaheim...the Disney movie.
they can and will beat Anaheim. Unless they pull out the white 90s Mighty Ducks jerseys.
Sorry, but I'd much rather have the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim...
I bet the Ducks are gonna use their Mighty Ducks uniforms when they're back in Anaheim 😭❤️
Now, he visits Anaheim as a Senator on 'Mighty Ducks' throwback jersey night Oct 13. "Maybe someone will give me one," Ryan says. 2/2
"There was a revival of the KKK after 'Birth of a Nation?'" "Yup, just like there was a revival in youth hockey after 'Mighty Ducks.'"
Does anyone remember when Adam Banks was slashed in Mighty Ducks. You sir are no Gordon Bombay.
and I are no longer friends due to the fact that she doesn't know who Charlie Conway or the Mighty Ducks are.
I see the Sixers plan as kinda like how the Mighty Ducks went for the 3 movies. With Noel being Charlie Conway. Can't wait for Adam Banks!
When I see Foggy Nelson, all I see is Fulton from the Mighty Ducks. It's a good thing though.
OMG, I just realized Foggy Nelson is Fulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks!
so far, so good! I really love the show :) great action, awesome acting, and you gotta love Fulton from the mighty ducks. 👍🏻
Once of the Mighty Ducks Bash Brothers is in Netflix's .
Not sure, but think you're right. My MIGHTY DUCKS knowledge ain't what it used to be*. * = I never had MIGHTY DUCKS knowledge.
What an awesome evening. Lovely meal then an epic concert Loving the homage to the Mighty Ducks!
Fulton Reed from Mighty Ducks is in I knew Foggy looked familiar.
YASSS! Colorado with a early goal. I feel a mighty ducks style of match coming on I'm cheering for the underdogs
Fulton Reed from Mighty Ducks is Foggy Nelson in the new Daredevil show ah
Will there be a Mighty Ducks Bash Brothers reunion in ?
Paul Kariya in '93 last freshmen to win the Hobey...he was in D3 Mighty Ducks so Eichel is going to be in D4?
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Glad to see that Fulton Reed became a lawyer after The Mighty Ducks!
The guy who plays Foggy in Daredevil is Fulton Reed from Mighty Ducks!
This is super weird, I will always think of Fulton Reed from Mighty Ducks when I see Elden Henson.
it's the worst of all the Mighty Ducks. The Italian team they play wears green, white, and red unis too.
My kids just discovered Mighty Ducks 2 and now I'm in a special kind of *** Knuckle puck, let's play some puck, Iceland...take me now.
THE MIGHTY DUCKS!!! Oh man that took me four episodes to figure out.
Watching and waiting for them to make a Mighty Ducks reference since Elden Hensen plays Foggy. Come on guys.
Do you remember when foggy played for the mighty ducks?
I guess you've never seen The Mighty Ducks WAR GSP
sounds like the opening scenes in The Mighty Ducks
is Fulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks is partner??
Amazing concert, particularly liked the Mighty Ducks for the obligatory hour plus long queue to exit the car park...
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