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Middle East

The Middle East or Mideast is a region that encompasses Western Asia and Northern Africa.

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These plants have nothing to do with city in Middle East, but I thought would be fun to feature before
President Trump knows that Israel is the only free democracy in the Middle East, a model nation!
Mangrove forests/Hara forests in which is the first national park in the Middle East.
Hobby Lobby has been accused of misappropriation of Middle East artifacts & taking away ♀ healthcare, but this is w…
🇪🇺 NEW ROUTE: About 500 migrants from the Middle East crossed the Black Sea from Turkey to Romania over the last month…
From : Race and Slavery in the Middle East: an Historical Enquiry , Bernard Lewis
'True action heroes' from heading back to Middle East.
'True action heroes' from heading to Middle East. Biggest CalGuard infantry deployment since '09.
‘True action heroes’ from California guard heading back to the Middle East
Israel: received info about suspected Iranian nuclear sites but didn't inspect many of them
. Best singer in middle east history ❤❤
Stuck on shore: Why the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean is falling via
Iran would react strongly to any 'wrong move' by US on nuclear deal, says Supreme Leader Khamenei
My new piece in the on the strategic use of 'moderate' Islam by Middle Eastern regimes
Women's rights in Arab countries in the Middle East. In Israel these women would look different. https:/…
.has to be one of the most colorful places in the Middle East!
Hamas says it is ready to hold first elections since 2006
-- Just because a film is set in the Middle East and deals with terrorism, doesn't make it Islamophobic. . Don't use serious terms --
Please listen to Amal Clooney. in Iraq are definately genocide victims.
Vote No 😦 'Vote no' sign written in sky above Sydney ahead of Yes launch for ... ♥♥♥
36 Burundi refugees killed in clashes with Congo forces: UN
We are israel of Middle East... no body wants pakistan... u think only india is our "well wisher"
You've made assumptions about peeps in black nieborhoods that you don't live in, & your in the middle e…
yes but marokko is in Afrika not the middle east 💀
Brooklyn. People need to file noise complaints with police, let them know this is not the Middle East.
How British police are turning to Israel for help stopping 'lone wolf' t…
recruits thousands of Afghan and Pakistani Shiites to fight in via
I would like our president to come visit East Lyme Middle School in East Lyme, Connecticut. .
After their innumerable sacrifices fighting against ISIS, why won't anyone support the Kurds?
The 7 most infamous Chelsea Manning leaks about the Middle East
I thought your wife and you were in prison. Biggest CROOKS in Middle East.
Iran recruiting thousands of Afghans, Pakistanis to fight in Syria
Do you want to be better noticed in the industry? Fair question by
Only non-Kurdish flag to be found at celebrations in Not something you'll find in the rest of t…
Independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan: ‘We have no place in this artificial country called Iraq’ ht…
Pray for Christians in the Middle East, serving their communities and bringing Jesus’ love to as many as they can…
63% of Middle East-African social m.dia users interact while watching iV
Somewhere in the middle East. Qatar I think. They usually have live streams. That's wher…
BIG BOYZ MY A$$ Your Not The Juggernaut you think you are,Your Middle of the Pack in The East LOLLL
If you think personal interests corrupt vital decision making wait'll I tell…
Maybe you can get a custom made burka.
At the camp near Mosul, Iraqi forces are holding 1,333 women and children who surrendered to Kurdish forces.
Wait a minute...I thought he was solving Middle East conflict?
we want servers back to middle East
(2) When you go to war in the Middle East, you create animosities that will last for centuries. Everyone wants revenge,…
Americans: do not travel to the greater Middle East.
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Via "In Middle East-North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa roughly half of adult have not been to school…
Obama FBI, there are 5,000 KKK in world, ALL of…
Turks accuse Kurdistan for being "2nd Israel" or "American project" to make ppl hate Kurds as they know the whole M…
41% of adults in the Middle East and North Africa have not completed even a year of primary school ht…
Sure we should do something how about get out of the Middle East, quit killing civilians and stealing resources.
Iran will stand firm against any 'wrong move' by US over nuclear deal, says Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Any calls to all muslim majority middle east countries re: concern for Christians? Over 10,000 k…
I read ua constitution already .on the name of terrorism u people distroyed…
Although you've every right to challenge the crisis you said nothing concerning the & genocid…
Fuudo: "in the middle east, we don't hunt foxes, we hunt jackals.". Justin is Gray Fox?! Tokido Solid Snake?! Mika Gear Solid.
I am speaking behalf of Middle East Gamers. We want you to bring back the servers to Middle East
Biggest Battle Rap Event in the Middle East?. For more news, follow us at:…
Before the Syrian Civil War, Isam Hadhad owned the second-largest chocolate company in the Middle East.
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts - Middle East & Africa: Do you see yourself as an Assistant Director of Sales?  …
Gulf, Middle East war burn pits could be this generation’s Agent Orange
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Bernard Lewis and Norman Podhoretz discuss the Middle East on Uncommon K...
China can’t keep N Korea out of nuclear club but will tame the Middle East? | Tom Miller | Opinion | The Guardian
Another new job for Jared! So does that mean there's peace in the Middle East? Is the opioid crisis a memory? Doe…
Honoring former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's incredible sacrifices on behalf of peace in the Middle East
The world's leading arms dealer sets a new record for sales in 2017, w most going to dictatorial Middle East regimes.
I have a friend from college who is like a manager or whatever for the USO out in the Middle East. At camp arifjan
Blend the Klein Karoo with the Middle East with this Ostrich Kefta recipe and
W Bush messed up the Middle East because of regime change...Hussein and Gadifi (sp) were dictators, yet they knew w…
Michael Flynn accused of promoting nuclear power project in Middle East while he worked at White House by Rob Cril…
No, Regime Change in Does Not Mean Another US War in the Middle East via
For the first time the WorldSkills Conference will be in the Middle East. Join us 16-17 Oct
As a former British Ambassador to the UAE, I know the truth about Brexit and our Middle East allies
Details emerge about Michael Flynn's undisclosed 2015 trip to the Middle East in a letter released by Democrats
Good read by The House is once again investigating Michael Flynn’s role in a Middle East nuclear project http…
Flynn promoted scheme to build nuclear reactors in Middle East without disclosing he had been paid $25,000 htt…
Flynn concealed the trips he made to broker the deal to partner w/Russia on building nuclear plants in Middle East
Read the letter in the article. Says Flynn secretly visited the Middle East as part of a covert partnership with Russian…
Trump’s Folly via Thomas L Friedman is a great American, he has a lot of experience with the Middle East.
US response to 9/11 had lasting effects on MidEast Christians...
Anything on two legs in the Middle East should get a personal drone strike. Goat rape survivors would re…
Child soldier recruits double in one year in Middle East and North Africa
Nowhere in the Middle East that's for st…
In other words "The divisiveness of Muslim groups in Syria/Middle East will affect non Muslim Europe"
Thanks to my whole Siemens Middle East team. Its an ***
okay apart from the slave trade which is worst its ever been ( Africa India & middle eas…
Which country's Middle East policy do you have more confidence in?
Cannot make it to London to study?Why not join us in We will return in November offering a range of courses…
Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates
Timely piece at after news today that child soldiers in middle east have doubled. Events all week:…
IUMS urges Saudi Arabia to free Muslim scholars
But but. Freedom of speech. The only democracy in the middle east 😂💔
Join my list and get a free audio course on the Middle East and PDF chapters from my books. https:/…
Israeli support for Kurdish statehood is a poisoned chalice – Middle East Monitor
Iran is better positioned to threaten U.S. interests across the Middle East than it was during the Obama years.
Shadow of executed Shiite cleric looms in Saudi hometown
Unilabs will strengthen its portfolio of diagnostic services in the Middle East and gain access to UAE’s local healthcare market.
.Female CEO of the Year - Rafiah Ibrahim, President, Middle East and Africa, Ericsson Group (
IS in the Sinai says suicide driver, not roadside bomb, killed 35 (not 18) Egyptian police
It happens with US strikes, or Russia... Hard not to.. in a war scenario. air strikes' kill dozens in Deir al-Zour -
The Seychelles' economy relies on tourism and tuna. These depend on healthy seas
Does This Look Like the Middle East?!. NO, This is America. It's time we put
This is Israel's September 11 Living Memorial in Jerusalem, the only 9/11 memorial in the Middle East.
1 in 5 children across the Middle East and North Africa needs aid. Full report ➡️
Report: Trump eyeing more aggressive response to Iran
How's that war in the Middle East going? 💁🏻
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wonderful! A friend of mine wrote a great novel about the Chinese navy & their tra…
As the relationship between Iran and the U.S. deteriorates, EU officials must encourage cooler heads to prevail. https:…
Qaladze is bastion of peace and prosperity in the middle east nationalist city! You don't KNOW!
With all the wildfires on the west coast & rain from the hurricane on the east coast, the middle of the…
arrests two, foils plot on Defense Ministry
‘staggering violations of humanitarian law’ by Saudi coalition forces in Yemen
Iran is the main cause of instability around the region Middle East & its main arm is…
Govt actions against NGOs we see in Middle East - we seem some similar elements of that in some EU states -
Move to the Middle East and prove how muslim you really are. I'll stay here in the U.S., being NO…
If it were available in Middle East 😭..
So should this paper as it is funded by foreign money from the middle east.
And they say Palestine was a land without a people in the 20th century in the Middle East 😏
Russian Daesh fighter sentenced to hang in Iraq.
UN report says Israel's presence in the West Bank hinders Palestinian economy
President Trump to weigh more aggressive US strategy on Iran: Reuters.
"I ignited the Middle East, sparked a migrant crisis & opened UK borders. Now I want to lecture you on immigration. I'm a p…
Making the war criminal the middle east peace envoy, just proves GOD has a sense of humour .
The international community is failing to deal with
Diagram of geopolitical relationships in the Middle East
US spending on Middle East wars, Homeland Security will reach $4.79 trillion in 2017!.
Number of child soldiers in Middle East & North Africa 'doubles in a year' says
City. Tremendous beyond the Middle East. And believe me, you bring them and a real estate firms, and Democrats agree with
As a former British Ambassador, I know Brexit will fail if we don't change our attitude toward the Middle East
Is the world ready for “Kurdexit”? Referendum among Iraqi Kurds has Middle East on edge - Salon
Middle East ~ Iraqi Kurds 'ready to draw own borders'...
[cont] will see the rapid collapse of its alliance system and superpower status in the Middle East."--Caroline Glick
Resume: I can dislike you immensely and still be kind to you, plus I'm a mother. UN, I'm available for Middle East negotiati…
End the with a dip in one of our favourite swimming pools from around the Middle East, Africa and T…
Robert Fisk: The Syrian war is ending – Assad has won
Warning...this is not satire. Jew suggests the entire Middle East be owned by Jews as a solution to lasting peace. Wait…
Yet more great news: BBC News - 'Israeli jets hit Syria's Masyaf chemical site' - reports
Middle east should be as you pay with your own life...
Reports: Israel attacked chemical weapons plant in Syria .
The Art of the Peace in the Middle East
Just imagine what nature would think if all those Countries in the Middle…
I do not think that George supports anything but Middle East peace, there is no rig…
Israeli experts point at a new . Click Link-
The West might not want to believe it, but the Syrian war is ending - Assad has won | Robert Fisk
Iraqi student pilot killed in Arizona F-16 crash identified as Capt. Al-Khazali
Useful talks on North Korea & Middle East w/ EU Foreign Ministers in Estonia. Working hard for solutions to shared issues…
You mean like extremist Muslims do to Christians, *** atheist in middle east? Or the o…
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Some Syrian schools erase Assad, but tensions rise over teaching of Kurdish
When's the screening here in Middle East 😭🙏🏼
There is a huge pork shortage in the middle east, please feel fr…
Unusual BBC piece on Obviously not mentioning any UK complicity with the regime (that would be news).
Thank the US for this -- everyone from George Bush senior to Obama. Just one of the many countries US has destroyed…
Indeed. I'm deeply angry about our policy in the Middle East and the loss of life. In no way do I mea…
Plan to protect the water around the
He went to the Middle East to start a dispute and he is now telling us he will end it quickly.
Unlike preceding presidents, Trump is invited into the Middle East. He never had to force his way in…
I think his idea to mediate is getting Middle East to spend lots of $$ on planes arms whateve…
President offers to mediate in crisis:
The US dropped 26,000 bombs on the Middle East in 2016 alone. North Korea fired one. It hit water.
Syrian opposition leader says U.N. mediation has failed . (Because they don't get what they want?).
Assad is the only know liberal in the middle east but western nations that call themselves bastion of Christianity aligned against him
Egyptians try to preserve their Jewish heritage: "We’re reopening a page of history deleted from our textbooks."
The West might hardly believe it, but it now seems the Syrian war is ending – and Assad is the victor
Digusting people like to forget everything the civilians murdered etc the west destroyed the…
Jacob Rees-Mogg talks to The National about Middle East trade ties post-Brexit
Netanyahu is blocking al Jazeera from attending freedom of speech event
Girl orphaned in Yemen air strike becomes symbol of forgotten war
There's a potential hurricane that'll hit the east coast and I'm literally right in the middle.. right on the coast.. rip
Turkey has no allies or friends in the Middle East Erdogan’s advisers optimistically spun as “precious loneliness.”
Christian persecution doesn't exist in the Middle East because Lebanon's president is Christian? Do you not hear how stupid yo…
[the climate apocalypse is upon us, almost everyone's buried in debt, the Middle East is in ruins and Trump could depo…
She is such an airhead. Fox News should be ashamed. Why isn't she over in Middle East finding jobs for terrorists?
China and South Korea don't want a Middle East type of war in their backyard as time has proven it doesn't work.
Just wondering. So war in the Middle East over "weapons of mass destruction" . Now we know N Korea has them - and we just l…
is the only country in the Middle East that defends women's rights.
I looked this up. I thought you were exaggerating! I can't imagine that kind of heat!.
OZY Most of the people I talk to say, 'There are sharks in the Gulf?' OZY And,…
How will Israel capitalize the new global tax rules? -
S. Arabia’s $10bn IMF loan. and its implications – Middle East Monitor | via
IS convoy stranded in Syria desert after US bombing .
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Salute to for standing up to the tyrant terrorist US, who destroyed middle east. All countries must stand to US bullying.
It's that moment when East Asia turns out to be crazier than the Middle East 🤔
Abadi . rejects Hezbollah's deal . to move ISIS . to Iraqi borders .
Any help from the wealthy USA teat suckers in the middle east ?
AngloSaks. USA act as world emperor. But that's over!. In 2016 it turned to Gallic, Keltic, Slavic heirs.
"If you're consumed by the Middle East, you can't fix climate change." -Rhodes in 2016 during an actual genocide. No tug…
The origin of the earliest known civilizations is traced back in middle east where the land of Palestine comprises of
Twenty years ago bombing,rape,and shooting were common in Middle East. Merkel brought you closer to 3rd world
Try the map of the whole Middle East. U see how small Israel is compared to…
Monument should really be in Middle East. What would be like without
In war, trapped families ask: Which child should we save?.
1st *** Secretary Middle East and Africa Division, Mr Matthew Neuhaus talking at
Cancerous not just in the west, but in general. They ruined the middle east as well
Enjoy films from Eastern Europe, India, the Middle East, and Africa in our PANORAMA program stream at 2017:
Me: I hate Arabs and backwards Arab culture, may the Middle East rot in *** Also me, when I hear Arabic music:
that's actually not uncommon in the Middle East
Heading into a new dark age!The elite love to sew misery. Middle East w…
The jihadists of Islamic State are fighting for their survival
A big brave hunter. Huh! Sign up for the Middle East conflict you coward.
Good thing pakistan not in the middle east
We're going back to court to get more info about the Admin's Iran lies. Join tomorrow at 12pm ET.
Wearing a middle-eastern shirt and being anti middle-east at the same time.
I wish Muqtada al-Sadr all the best in the world. I believe he will make a big difference in the Middle East.
Raymart Siapo/Kian Delos Santos/Carl Arnaiz. All sons of OFWs from middle east whose mothers could only come home to corpses…
And, btw, EVERY Bible verse read in 2017 is out of context, seeing a…
With its military victories, has become a defender of the Middle East's minorities - by
The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel is the Middle East's first holistic wellness resort.
Asia Minor (Western Armenia, now Eastern Turkey) is actually considered the northwest section of the Middle East
Obituary: Former ambassador Michael Bell was the face of Canadian diplomacy in the Middle East /via
Rooftop Party Sessions Mix 029 Algier-Algeria 2016. Please Stop the War in Syria and Middle East, bring back Peace!.
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We want Islam to attack the EU, Israel, & the United States and we want you to destroy Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Middle East.
kick the U. N. OUT they can go hang out inthe middle east they can find a place more suitable iam sure taxpayers won't mind
I always wonder why of the 14 million Jews worldwide only 34% live in Israel. What's again the point o…
New Update: Freedom of the Press in the Middle East.
US-led airstrikes disrupt evacuation of fighters in - Middle East - Stripes
An amazing 3D journey to the Middle East, one century ago
Paper ballots and purple fingers is what we need in this nation, like they do in the middle east
BBC News - US-led strikes in Syria block IS militants evacuated from Lebanon
Liberals: There's an environment! Let's get cheap oil fr Middle East!. Leftists: UR ruining it, log off!. Liberals: U…
Remember the 2000 year old coin that Netanyahu lauded as evidence of ancient Israel?. Turns out it's only 15yrs old🤣 h…
This song reminds me why I love the Middle East. Every country has their stories. ❤️
Russia FM calls for dialogue between Arab states, Qatar
Artist's Panel - An Untold Story: The Role of Women in Art & Peacebuilding in the Middle East
How long have we been funding the unnecessary armies in Middle East or raising up a military with our tax dollars???
Anyone that supports are contributing to the murder of innocent Christians in middle East,a can…
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BBC News - Iran building missile factories in Syria and Lebanon - Netanyahu
Israel Zionist gods chosen know the bloodline of the real Jews are black. So you are in a Hornets nest the…
.cites our latest report on expansion in Read it here:
Saudi may finally face accountability in Yemen as another air strike kills five civilians .
Qatar and the GCC feud: The climbdown begins | Middle East Eye
Learn to build an effective risk culture in your organization: Attend this workshop in the Middle East, Sept. 24-25. h…
Modern History - Where & How the latest Middle East conflicts began - Israel puts pressure on US to strike Iraq...
What is new? Middle East Medievalists's running list of "recently published books." Please self/other promote!
Ask people who are living in africa, South America & middle east, we know what fear is…
Thankfully we hv our own 'buddhi' and the Buddha, we hv not imported our ideas from middle East or West at least.
By the in middle East,or are you a supporter of Islamic ?
Senior UN political official concerned by recent incidents that undermine Middle East peace process -
In the name of common humanity, urged to stop people's suffering in WATCH https:…
PM Trudeau announces support for gender equality and resilience-building programs in the Middle East:
Just fix everything and do it fast. We re tired of the middle East, North Korea and any other prob…
Three more Erdogan guards indicted for Washington brawl
This Eid a special treat from Splash for all my fans in the Middle East .
Hmmm, great country can be depleted by disastrous floods requiring billions of $$$, wars in Middle East, war with…
Yes a lot if not every single middle classed female is oppressed by males in the middle east, id never dare to go to one of them and say
Wrapping up his visit to Middle East, visits school and urges Palestinian unity.
Israel launching $20 million program to teach schoolkids better English
Thank You,Bill,how about Keya Morgan and his STALKING me whil…
FG call for Kanu's re - arrest sign of double standard - Coalition of S'East, Niger Delta, Middle Belt blast FG
Western media silent as Russia successfully wiping out ISIS in Syria
want to win the election in a landslide? Talk about Christian persecution in the Middle East.
They once said that Middle-East was the Axis of evil. We can now say that the is worse than Alqaeda.
Naji al-Ali was one of the most prominent political cartoonists in the Middle East
22 June 2017: Excerpts from an interview between Lyse Doucet and Dr
part of is dangerous/unacceptable. But Iran never meddles in other countries. htt…
Middle East and North African region ranks lowest for 'positive experience'
Thanks 4publishing my Q and A with India PM Modi US, UK, Spain ,India, etc Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, TV news
Lol uhhh no considering the Fertile Crescent is in north east Africa/Middle East.…
Manila Bulletin Recruitment agencies in Middle East allowed to hire more… via…
The point I would like to make is that, the Middle East has been a Western…
Yep and straight from the top continues to allow it .. Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East , Arab Nations ALL
arabs swear they aren't racist then abuse any non Arab citizens in the Middle East
Middle East dictators feed sectarianism - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
- A Video of Arabs Taking Part in Montreal Pride Went Viral in the Middle East -……
US-Saudi coalition airstrikes on hotel in Yemen capital Sanaa just killed 60 people, injured 13, including civilians ht…
How can I watch your show from the Middle East region?
schools, folks, they're demolishing schools: EU condemns demolition of Palestinian schools
Good night all from just east of Harvey, hopefully I won't float away in the middle of the night.
Toyota probably provides more cars to the Middle East wars than the US provides weapons.
But it is Middle East that finances terror. So they should suffer. And not anybody else. People who fund…
expands its network in the Middle East with the admittance of new member firm Mohamed Taha Hamood & Co. https:/…
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I'm thinking the Middle East was pretty *** rough before their intelligentsia was tryi…
Tal 'Afar is one of the most important Da'ish strongholds in the Middle East and forces retook nearly a third of…
It's astounding how she looks at our country and just…
Apply by 31 August for Young in Middle East & North Africa Programme. More info:
impressed people that knew nothing about the Middle East or foreign affairs. That's all you need to know.
Scholasticide: Israel demolishes elementary school in the West Bank one day before classes begin
Dubai: that haven of corruption masquerading as Middle East Switzerland. That said, in this instance I would not trust Thai gov.
Palestinian children to start school year in tents after Israel demolished their classrooms https:…
Iraqi forces take Tal Afar city centre: | Wow, that was quick; ISIS has been really hollowed out
Education is a basic human right yet Israel continues to deny Palestinians this right. No humanity whatsoever.
Now that Israeli ally, ISIS is almost gone in Middle East Israel Threatens Syria & blaming Iran for kill terrorist.
Or Headline tomorrow :JK parted the Red Sea and has brought peace in the Middle East
Once more, is ranked the 1st journal in the area of the Middle East&Islamic Studies by Google Scholar https:/…
STA Law firm expands its footprints in the Middle East
The biggest fear is surveillance aircraft will carry weapons, posing a more direct threat to vessels
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Imagine reporting this and not mentioning UK arms/advice/training. Seriously, it takes real commitment.
China will continue to take advantage of the opening we've left for them in Africa. (Djibouti) Afte…
BBC News - From an Egyptian girl to a Scottish man
At the rate the It's going the Middle-East will destroy itself. They won't need anyone to do it for them
From an Egyptian girl to a Scottish man
Lol. Because everyone from the Middle East has pale skin… 😂
Save the Christian Community in Middle East the Genocide is Real and the Left alt-left News Love's to let them get Beh…
(20) So the Lebanese army fooled the entire Middle East. . And guess what else happened?
I am a montrealer that lives in the Middle East. Take it from me, home is always as close as you need…
Israel destroys Palestinian classrooms (donated by the EU) ahead of first day of school
This is how President Trump thinks he will pay for the War.
Israel must live with Syria being an Iranian base, relying on Russia's empty promises & no U.S. backing | Zvi Bar'el
Africa’s orphanages: Closing African orphanages may be less heartless than it seems vía
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