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Middle East Policy is an academic peer-reviewed journal on the Middle East region in the field of Foreign Policy founded in 1982, published quarterly by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Middle East Policy Council.

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Interesting view on Labour Party Foreign Policy in the Middle East by conservative commentator Peter Osborne…
Trump shelves plan to move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem—but has her own Foreign Policy!
And for those naysaying Obama Foreign Policy, Iran deal is cornerstone of and hopefully one day a peaceful Middle East.
My latest piece on emerging policy & case for caution: let cooler heads prevail https:…
Corbyn's Foreign Policy radical and morally courageous. No mention of important Middle East issues in Tory manifesto
For the love of God and USA, SHUT UP!
What ever policy is taken in the Middle East will effect the fate of the entire world.We are concerned.…
huthis ballistic fire to Makkah is a conspiracy against policy of Saudis Middle East peace process
Iran’s elections could lead to dangerous (if unintended) consequences for the Middle East writes
Iran really needs to re think it's Israel policy.If it can try to mend ways with US why not Israel to neutralise KSA
The Middle East policy is dictated by Israel, not by US nor Europe's interests. He should ally…
See? I support him against the coup d'État. But his policy in the Middle East is 100% wrong! . He shoul…
Build a foundation for best Foreign Policy President in history of the Presidency. A first glimpse of…
wants envoy on ISIS removed over Kurdish policy
Nobody understands the Middle East better than he does, which is why he alone can fix i…
Obama famously tried to avoid traps, esp in ME. Trump might step into every one. Read & https…
Trump’s Middle East Trip Is Full of Traps. My take with
Coherent Middle East policy may be to leave them and their resources alone. Trump is likely…
Ahead of Trump's trip, this is a good assessment of his Middle East policy to date, by
More air strikes in Syria--Trump continues to pour gasoline on the raging fires of war in Middle East with his military…
An insightful and informative read by on Trump's trip cc
This is how Corbyn is courageously changing the British Foreign Policy agenda on the Middle East
If Iran thinks this trip to the KSA is to reassure Sunnis the US is reversing Obama's Iran policy - they are correct https:/…
all the major stories this week are happening because Trump is doing his tour in the Middle East, where our Foreign Policy is the most dire
Oh, wow, who could have seen this coming?
Donald Trump's Middle East Policy is Shaping Up to be a Disaster via
Coming up at 12 PM: gives policy speech
Coming up: Rubio on Middle East policy: e will be back soon with more live event coverage
The problems in the Middle East can be attriubted to the BUSH 41 and 43 and HILLARY's screwed up Foreign Policy.
# It's obvious, Not one single policy has Obama put forward for Palestinians nor for Middle East.
The ‘most dangerous man in the world’ is now in charge of Saudi Arabia's oil
A Tale of Two Trips, or: Why there’s still No Common Transatlantic Approach to the
On that note, re-read warning that the Iran deal would become admin's defacto Middle East policy.
It was Hillary/Obama's regime change policy that created chaos in The Middle East & led to rise of ISIS & genocide.
America's lead diplomat calling Syria's civil war as "out of control"... ..says a lot about their foreign…
A look back on Obama's Foreign Policy, esp Middle East -- . ‘We Caved’
US officials circle globe to explain Iran policy but fail to persuade - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
(2/3) Today's is Irene Gendzier's "Dying to Forget: Oil, Power, Palestine, and the Foundations of U.S. Policy in the Middle East."
Very interesting read. I'm still unsure of the Iran deal & any policy re: Middle East.
Let's get a debate on Foreign Policy for this election. Beyond the lazy China/US centric tropes. Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia.
if the deal was good, why did they have to lie to sell it ? . Iran Deal Lies Have Consequences - .
"Dubowitz right. Future is nuke Iran w/financial might to stand up to belated Western attempt to undo Obama mistake"
What happened when Obama’s rhetoric collided with the cold realities of war and dictatorship in the Middle East
If gets in, Netanyahu will be calling the shots (literally) for U.S. policy in the Middle East.
Iran is central to our Foreign Policy in the Middle East, a major player in...
Commentary Magazine: Iran Deal Lies Have Consequences - by tobincommentary -
Don't mistake what Rhodes did. This was a huge F**K YOU to reporters that actually HELPED him set the narratives; . http…
Obama speechwriter: The Blob includes Hillary and other Iraq war fans who now whine about collapse of Middle East.
I mean, American Foreign Policy has systematically destroyed almost every progressive, secular movement in the Middle East.
Increasingly, it seems our media is cowed and charmed by power rather than confrontational toward it.
In Egypt, Journalism is a Crime - The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy
Russia's Exit from Syria Highlights Assad's Limitations - The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy by ht…
Join us today for a talk on Turkey's Middle East policy by Dr.Bezen Coskun at 5pm
A must read to understand US policy in the Middle East .- Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria via
LIVE on American policy in the Middle East good or bad? What more can be done about Syria?
'Plan B' and the bankruptcy of US policy. By Gareth Porter, also TFF Associate. Middle East Eye -
'There is a dichotomy between professionalism and ideology is Russia's Middle East Foreign Policy':
Too bad Hilary will be the next US president. We will more than likely get nothing more than timid US policy making in the Middle East.
"The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy is currently accepting applications for September 2016 placement in...
you've been so loving and full of kindness on Middle East policy. Hw much more is awaited, we wonder???
2016 Institute for Law and Policy - 3 Week Summer program. Exploring “Legal Aspects of the Middle East Conflict”...
Just seen a Palestinian observer in the US saying Trump is the only one with a sensible policy on the Middle East. Really...
let's get some Foreign Policy going. Don't let get this. Would you see Russia as an ally in the Middle East?
I have read Dr. Carson's plans- tax policy and the Middle East. It is written and can be reviewed is the point
.Foreign Policy is unraveling in the Middle East & our national security is threatened throughout the world …
I think she will have more strict Foreign Policy and increase the involvement in the Middle East
Hillary Clinton doesn't care about immigrants, about Arab people, about women in the Middle East, Black ppl, policy brutality, etc
A person would have to be living in the dark not to see that Israel practices...
.being that Opie has so much Foreign Policy from his 3 days at the Senate we should send him to the Middle East.
must change the United States policy toward the Middle East.
has "policy positions"? Anyone know the specifics of his policy on:. - jobs. - education. - healthcare. - Middle East. - trade.
Obama and Hillary both have terrible Foreign Policy, but the idea that TRUMP is gonna be a saviour for the Middle East is so flawed.
People call Cruz a good Christian even though he wants "to carpet bomb the Middle East". We need a Ron Paul golden rule fore…
Has the US policy abandoned to Genocide?.
US policy on Genocide in Islamization of Terror 1915-to now?.
They are to Middle East policy and debate what is to presidential politics: influential *** clowns imperiling …
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Some liberals haven't been happy with Obama's cautious policy on the Middle East. Well today you can choose Trump...
This is all unnecessary.Lets change policy now with planning not chaos. Where are the Middle East nations?.
: 74% of the Zionists support separate roads for them and Palestinians
you should get more up to date on Middle East policy under clintons state department
Ellen Rosser - Failed US Policy in the Middle East -
I voted for environmental policy, criminal justice reform, campaign finance reform, and ending perpetual warfare in the Middle East
The reason I wish the death of the G.O.P is the Neo-Con destruction of The Middle East, in turn destroying Europe... Murikan Foreign Policy.
Join IMES and Middle East Policy Forum on 3/9 at 12pm for a talk with Joseph Sassoon! Details and RSVP here:
Understanding the current Palestinian revolt: Context and consequences for Palestinian society via
Foreign Policy? Is the Middle East going to progress if we just completely leave it alone?
Heck NO . unless we change our policy towards to Middle East .And pressure Israel to obey peace treaty .
US Foreign Policy in the Middle East:. "Its either my state or no state".
Think the have won in the elections? Think again.
although I oppose his views on Foreign Policy in the Middle East I believe that his ideas could give trump a run for his $
Now . try to tell me that the wars in the Middle East are justifiable... The CIA has created the monsters...
All purpose parts banner
Not just pure greed. A Middle East policy is also being purchased.
Glad to see on that William Burns of has our journal Middle East Policy on his bookshelf
Several policy choices regarding have significantly influenced the wider debate on German Foreign Policy
How PM's UAE visit offers new edge to Middle East policy.
Mirrors & mirages of mendacity in US Middle East policy. Enabled spawning of ISIS as next great 'existential' threat htt…
Proof from official Khameini webpage that Iran policy in Middle East is 180 degrees from US policy.
Modi in Sheikhland. What waits for our PM in the land of the Emirati.
How PM visit offers a new strategic edge to policy |
lifts all sanctions: The Swiss cheese sanctions policy. by h/t
And, on foreign and security policy (at least for the Middle East), that might actually be worse than a Republican victory.
my column on giving strategic edge to Middle East policy:
To counter blockage of progres from cong india needs Arab funds and for modi minorities or majorities all are indians
The “New Thirty Years War” in the Middle East: A Western Policy of Chaos? via
Is he trying to run away from the chaos at home ? Trying to garner some credibility of his performance by improvin
ZMedia is in the business of politics and making money for themselves in selling Bollywood and other gossip not jour
President Kennedy was enraged at 'Zionist Control' over America's Middle East Policy
In which I stand up for Bill Simmons:
We see so much media focus on beheadings and Arab violence, particularly against westerners. But there has been almost nothing in the mainstream press of the tens of thousands of innocent blasted apart by airstrikes and drone attacks over the last 10 years. We rail against the odd westerners execution by mujaheddin thugs but we are damningly silent about our own militaries bloody harvest across the Middle East killing far more largely innocent folk. Folk who seem not to matter as they are brown and not part of our privileged cabal in the west. Is it any wonder with such astonishing media bias, racism and double standards that young Muslims in our own country are so easily seduced by bitter old men in the the Mosques and Maddrassa's That they are so easily fooled into sacrificing their lives in impotent bloody gestures that only feed the fires of racism, hatred and pointless bloodshed. Many westerns nations Foreign Policy tells them they do not matter. That their way of life and culture are chaff and charn ...
Robotic weaponry as intrinsically linked to America's war in the Middle East?
I have a master's degree in public policy and have lived in the Middle East. You are not smart enough to keep up with me.
This Sums up US Middle East Foreign Policy nicely...
This is the best explanation of western policy regarding the Middle East I've ever seen.
Consulting *** Cheney on Middle East policy is like consulting Charles Manson on surprise parties.
Obama's Foreign Policy priorities in the Middle East are 🇺🇸. 1. Protect security of Israel 🔯. 2. Prevent Sharia Law 🌐. Islam will dominate 🌍
my pleasure. Lots to learn . My interests are health care and Middle East policy and general leasership
Braley's advice for Obama on Foreign Policy: Engage partners in Middle East, allies around the world.
If you wondered about the British policy towards the Middle East, read on…
ISIL I a new cold war moral in the Middle East that we going to learn how to clam it action with a new monetary policy keep us on.
The only policy he's helping enforce is another illegal war.. Tony Blair, Middle East peace envoy, would be proud of him
The Lobby has the role of chief-whip for the US-Empire. The Lobby ensures doctrinal discipline re: the Empire’s Middle East policy.
Photo: cartoonpolitics: "There’s been a very consistent U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East, at least...
Joyce McMillan on the moral ambivalence of Western governments in ignoring their responsibilities in the Middle East
Obama says we don't have a strategy. I say we do; it's "searching for a monster to destroy." My (premium) video:
Why policy in will just make stronger - Your Middle East
US Foreign Policy with regards to arming militants and later fighting them in the Middle East
I might not agree with all this man says, but concerning the Middle East? Yes! - Galloway rounds on Western policy
Reality is U.S. policy in Middle East, like Israeli policy, is designed to weaken Arab states, not build them. Be careful wha…
Middle East knot of contradictions. / Russia’s policy in the Middle East /. | GCSSI
That's exactly same silly approach to Foreign Policy of Pres Obama that allowed Middle East to blossom into current violence.
This is the clearest description of U.S. policy in the Middle East that I’ve ever seen
'The U.S does not have a Middle East policy, it only deals in crisis management. To involve the U.S, you have to create a crisis'
US House Speaker: Iranian regime is the number one threat in Middle East via
Has the US ever adopted a policy in the Middle East that worked?.
The Oslo II Accord was signed in 1995. Almost 20 years later, is there hope for 'peace' in
From Syria to Iraq Why US Middle East Policy is Fraught with Danger by PATRICK COCKBURN The United States is reluctantly but decisively becoming engaged in the civil wars in Iraq and Syria as it seeks to combat Isis, which calls itself Islamic State. President Barack Obama will outline his plans in a speech today to create a grand coalition of Western and regional powers to contain and defeat Isis, which has established a quasi-state stretching from the frontiers of Iran to the outskirts of Aleppo. The US is encouraged by the formation on Monday of what it sees as a more inclusive government in Iraq under Haider al-Abadi, the new Prime Minister. He replaces Nouri al-Maliki who, in his eight years in office, became a hate figure for the Sunni minority as the architect of Shia dominance and arbitrary power. Mr Maliki’s government was notoriously corrupt and dysfunctional, its 350,000-strong army routed in June by a few thousand Isis fighters in northern and western Iraq. Fear of Isis has led former rivals ...
"The enemy of the friend of the enemy of my enemy's friend's enemy is my... umm... Nope. Lost it." ~ Middle East Policy 201…
This letter from on incoherent Middle East Policy
Ambassador Marc Ginsberg U.S. Envoy to Morocco and White House Adviser for Middle East Policy at the Paris
Washington, D.C. – The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) is profoundly disturbed at recent reports of yet another brutal gang-rape in Tahrir Square, where a woman was attacked during a celebration of the presidential inauguration. TIMEP stands in support of the survivor of the attack a…
It's not too late to join us at: Is Peace Possible? An Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue. 4 - 6 pm, at Temple Emanuel in Westfield, NJ with Gershom Gorenberg, a leading Israeli journalist and historian, is the author of several highly acclaimed books on Israel and Khaled Elgindy is a Fellow with the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. Details:
just joined POTUS and later today he hosts a panel on Obama's Middle East Policy. See below.
I would like to remind my friends in the Utica area of the talk by Prof. Edward Walker in the Unitarian Universalist church of Utica. The talk will be about Israel and the US. The date is Wed, 2/26/14 at 7:00 pm. The church is located at 10 Higby Rd, Utica. Here is a brief summery about the positions held be Prof. Walker: Edward S. Walker, Jr. former U.S. Ambassador and former president of the Middle East Institute, a Washington-based think tank on Middle East Policy, is the Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Professorship of Global Political Theory. Ambassador Walker, a 1962 Hamilton graduate, served as the Linowitz Professor of Middle East Studies in 2003 and 2005. Before assuming the presidency of the Middle East Institute, Walker worked with Colin Powell in the new Bush Administration as assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs, a position he had previously held under Madeleine Albright during the second Clinton administration. During that time he helped initiate and negotiate U.S. pol .. ...
It's 35th anniversary of Iranian Revolution today which ousted Iran's king, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and installed Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic. The emergence of Iranian revolution and Hostage Crisis compelled US to rethink upon its Middle East Policy. Iran's creation of Hezbollah in Lebanon changed Lebanese politics forever and created second front against Israel. Emergence of Iran as a Shia state escalated the Shia-Sunni conflict too in which Sunni state is equally responsible. Its support to Bahrain and Syria worsened the conflict; in Syria, situation ended upto Civil War. There are some theories which say has secret tie-up with and Personally I do not support this idea but would like to invite your views on this topic.
Obama is all smoke and mirrors. Fast and Furious / Economy / NSA / Benghazi / ACA / Iran / Middle East Policy / Russi…
To all American read this. U.S.-Islamic World Forum Includes Global Muslim Brotherhood Leaders; U.S. President Admired. The Sixth Annual U.S.-Islamic World Forum which concluded last week included many leaders of the global Muslim Brotherhood as well as important current and former members of the U.S. Government. Sponsored by the Qatari foreign ministry and the Brookings Institution’s Saban Centre for Middle East Policy, the annual gathering is described on its website as: The U.S.-Islamic World Forum is designed to bring together key leaders in the fields of politics, business, media, academia, and civil society from across the Muslim world and the United States. It seeks to address the critical issues dividing the United States and the Muslim world by providing a unique platform for frank dialogue, learning, and the development of positive partnerships between key leaders and opinion shapers from both sides. Now in its fifth year, the Forum has become the foremost meeting for positive cross-cultural e ...
From Act for America: On June 13th, we alerted you to an important report issued by counterterrorism expert Patrick Poole entitled “Blind to Terror: The U.S. Government’s Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts and the Impact on U.S. Middle East Policy.”... Here are a few eye-opening excerpts from this remarkable report: “…when the FBI raided a South Florida mosque and arrested its imam and his son for financially supporting the Taliban…the rules required law enforcement officials to remove their shoes before entering the mosque and prohibiting police canines from the property. The common sense of these new rules undoubtedly would have been put to the test had the subjects tried to flee to be pursued by shoeless federal agents.” “The Homeland Security counterterrorism training guidelines specifically cites MPAC as the sole non-government source for ‘best practices in CVE [countering violent extremism] training and community policing.’” MPAC is a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization. ...
Nawaz Sharif is the comeback kid of Pakistani politics. With his party’s electoral Portrait: Bruce Riedel Bruce Riedel Director, The Intelligence Project Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence victory, he is poised to become prime minister for an unprecedented third time. The Sharif odyssey has been remarkable—but now we will see if he can convert his victory into a new beginning for his deeply troubled country and our own tortured relations with i The 63-year-old Nawaz Sharif was born into money as the scion of a very wealthy family in Lahore. He entered politics to protect the family’s industry from nationalization. In the 1980s he became a protégé of Pakistan’s third military dictator, Zia ul Huq, and became the dominant politician in the country’s richest and most populous province, the Punjab. In 1990 Sharif was elected prime minister after his great rival, Benazir Bhutto, was booted out by the military. I firs ...
“The simple fact is that there is no agreement between the two sides. You need mutual respect & we don’t have that"
Well this simply isn't true: "many US presidents have tried, and failed, to bring peace to the Holy Lands."
Foreign Policy: Is Barack likely to achieve anything in - The Independent via
If I get an essay question on my Foreign Policy: Middle East exam about Turkey, do you dare me to lede it: "Let's talk Turkey."?
has interesting column in the Post about Obama's visit.
thank you, then you're an *** . The Middle East is blowing up under obama's failed, lead from behind policy
Contextualized. A look at the numbers in this essay from our new Spring 2013 journal.
Essay preview of "Twilight of Colonialism: and the Crisis" by Ofer Israell
The civil war is hotting up on Syria's southern front. Can Jordan keep out of it for ever?
Hear Rashid Khalidi of AlShabaka argue on U.S. policy made peace less attainable than ever.
Strongly recommend MT Vid avail now of forum on Obama Mideast trip w/ Makovsky, Dennis Ross & Singh.
Video available now of forum on Obama Mideast trip featuring David Makovsky, Dennis Ross and Michael Singh.
[VIDEO]: on discusses America's Afghan troubles and the Iraq War:
Kyrzakhstan? Mr. Secretary of State John Kerry, at least the Republican pizza guy got Uzbekistan mostly right:
US Foreign Policy: Is Barack Obama likely to achieve anything in Israel?: Hope and Change were the famous dual...
Obama going to Middle East to try to repair bungles of first term
Live broadcast now on Mideast trip w David Makovsky, Dennis Ross, Michael Singh
Today (Tuesday, March 12, 2013) on KFAR: Problem Corner: U.S. Senator Mark Begich will call in. Sean Hannity: Hour Two- Congressman and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, CA, on the big reveal of the Paul Ryan Budget Plan. - Walter Mead is a professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College and Editor-at-Large of The American Interest magazine. Until 2010, Mead was the Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations and is a co-founder of the New America Foundation, a think tank that has been described as radical centrist in orientation. Walter joins Sean to discuss Middle East Policy in Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt Hour Three- Julie Gunlock, Senior Fellow for Independent Women's Forum and Director of the Women for Food Freedom Project, and Susan Levin, a Director of Nutrition Education at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), here to discuss the Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to police food and drink choices here in the cit ...
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The Education of Dr. Eric Mandel PLEASE READ AND SHARE! By Dr. Eric Mandel, MD Director of MEPIN (Middle East Political and Information Network) and Northeast Co-Chair of StandWithUs This week I was privileged to be the guest lecturer for three lectures and a luncheon at a Connecticut University. The courses I taught were "International Law, the UN and Israel", "International Terrorism", and "U.S. Middle East Policy." Two years ago I spoke at the same university, where my education began. It may seem odd that the lecturer was also the one who was being educated, but in reality the education was a two way street. I am an experienced lecturer and I know to watch my audience for signs of fatigue or disinterest, but each hour and a half lecture that included Q and A, the students remained remarkably attentive. It isn't that I am such a gifted and engaging speaker, but it was because the students were hearing information for the first time that flew in the face of what they had been hearing from both their pro ...
Join us on Inauguration Weekend Saturday, January 19th 2013, 4-6 pm Washington, DC Rally at Farragut Square (Conn. Ave., 17th and K Streets, NW) at 4 pm Followed by Candlelight Procession to the White House Tell President Obama: Israel should not be above the law. Condition US aid to Israel on compliance with US & international law. Sign the letter to President Obama NOW: Sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace Endorsed by: Alliance for Global Justice, American University Students for Justice in Palestine, BDS LA for Justice in Palestine (Los Angelos, CA), Chicago Divests, Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy, CodePink, CodePink Arizona, Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism, Committee for Palestinian Rights (Howard County, MD), Cornell University Students for Justice in Palestine, Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network, 14 Friends of Palestine, Hilton Head for Pea ...
Congrats to the bro for getting the spring internship spot at the Brookings Institution's Saban Center for Middle East Policy.
On November 30-December 2, 2012, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy will host the ninth annual Saban Forum, which this year is entitled, “U.S.-Israeli Relations in a Changing Environment.”
I uploaded a video After the 2012 Election: Implications for U.S. Middle East Policy
I saw a very informative show on Charlie Rose( PBS, which Mittens claims he'll eliminate) last night. It had Gen James Jones, Former National Security Adviser and geo-political Strategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and two other Middle East Policy wonks. Their particular segment was on Syria and it was very informative and made it clear the situation is very complex. That complexity includes many things of which I was already aware and some apparent facts that I was not aware of : the US Petro-chemical ally, Saudia Arabia, for its own political/economic/military reason is fomenting unrest between the Sunnis and Sh'ites and is arming both groups. Our NATO ally, Turkey, has its own political/econmoic/political concerns that differ from the Saudis. Israel a long time US ally has its own interests and operatives there, which conflict with both the Saudi's and Turkish goals. Iran, of curse, is arming its acoklytes there. Russia continues to arm its long time ally , Stria, and recently Turkey intercepted a Rus ...
So is most of Jewish Americans are Democrats and GOP and Democrats have a different Middle East Policy, Democrat are right.
Top Ten Things Mitt Gets Wrong about US Middle East Policy (see number 3 in particular):
video: Carney Stunned As Reporter Blasts Obama's Middle East Policy Carney's audition for the new James T. Kirk.
Because of our current administrations Middle East Policy of appeasement and apology see what has happened. In stead of the mainstream media asking how could this have happened without us seeing it coming, they are going after Mitt Romney for questioning Obama's Policy. If this doesn't tell you something what will?
Salman Shaikh is director of the Brookings Doha Center and fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy.
Our Middle East Policy has done NOTHING to stop the madness. It seems that the only one to benefit during Obama's watch is the Muslim Brotherhood. Nice work Obama.
There can be no doubt, at least as far as Middle East Policy is concerned, that AIPAC is the Voice of America. Although I have heard AIPAC pronounced in two ...
The renowned Barry Rubin talks with me about his new book on Israel, Obama's Middle East Policy and Peter Beinart:
Obama’s Middle East Policy: A Unified Field Theory: This is my ultimate attempt to provide a comprehensive but b...
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