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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word is a non-free word processor designed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Excel Times New Roman

Mother earth hind end the microsoft loyalty word: UyIq
Microsoft word is like an out of bound application for me. I always avoid it for the sake of my happiness.
Computer Science is learning Microsoft Word and computers program themselves.
Why is such a big Windows mobile fan in spite of everything? One word: POTENTIAL. h…
what word on the street if say mr allen is to pay all his players and Microsoft how much money? Weekly month and year salary?
Teaser Trailer 2 for Spread the word! Watch Now on -->
Do you have a 9 year old with Microsoft Word doing your graphic design?
Top . Learn more about Microsoft Word, look at the online open courses scheduled in Dec. .
Favorite word processor? Have to go with Microsoft Word. Been using it going on 20 years! https:…
try underscores. Probably same model used with Microsoft Word. Google will probably reveal all to try.
the red line when you type ur name in Microsoft Word
Not often do I have to add a name to Microsoft Word, let alone first & last, but here we are Tuffy Gosewisch.
I don't get it, is Google doc better than Microsoft Word to the point that people use it now a days?
Microsoft Word really wants me to change "Elm Grove" to "Elk Grove." But then again, it also doesn't understand "it's" = "it is." Word.
The debate between my colleagues. Office 365 or Google Apps for Work ?. Arguments : Microsoft Word, Excel 's functionalities
Sign up for our free class on Microsoft Word! We're teaching it 5-24 at 11am at the downtown library
Generating reports and textboxes with Microsoft Word, Visual Studio 2010, and C sharp:
When you type your name into Microsoft Word and there's a red line under it
In unrelated news, Stephenie Meyer discovers Find and Replace function in Microsoft Word update size:
After so many years of using Microsoft Word (and Publisher) to MacGyver pictures and logos I'm…
Time Saving Tips for Microsoft Word - There are other word processing...
provides the ability to merge data to Microsoft Word and Publisher documents. In addition electronic can be attached.
Today I am mostly hating Microsoft Word. WHY all the sudden bullet points... WHY do you keep changing my font... STOP INDENTING MY TEXT!
Do you need any kind of or assignment help?.
literally everyone is partying on my snapchat... meanwhile I'm partying with my microsoft word
Tutor for Microsoft Word: FREE for a limited via on VOTE NOW!
maybe I should blame Microsoft word.
I'm at this point in life where I open Microsoft word and all my recent files are daisuga pwp one shots wips 🌚🌚
I regret downloading Microsoft Office 2016, immediately. I only use word for the Focus mode and now it's gone :(
THERAPY Apple, Google and Microsoft back EPA's emissions strategy
Tips and Tricks for Making Tables on Microsoft Word -...
I feel bad for laughing at my mom struggling to use such a basic program such as Microsoft Word
The most complete quick guide to my favorite note App. Love OneNote. Indispensible the way word was in 1990's.
My mom gave me an edible and I've been sitting here for 20 mins trying to make my assignment "look pretty" in Microsoft Word
Using Microsoft word. *moves an image 1 mm to the left*. all text and images shift. 4 new pages appear. in the distance, sirens.
can I sue Bill Gates if Microsoft Word gives me a seizure
Create your own content with this Microsoft Word document Snow White themed page border.
He did it TWICE like Randy if I don't have access to download Microsoft Word for FREE anymore, u can't call me whenever u want.
Increase your confidence using Microsoft Word (WP) and Excel (spreadsheets) on NEW evening workshops, 6.30 to 9.30pm
My thesis is going to be titled, "The Silly Limitations of Word: An Investigation into the Poutine-less Lives of Microsoft Employees"
I downloaded the new WINDOWS10 update, and my Microsoft word is suddenly deleted off my computer..
that's so photoshopped I bet I can find the same *** font on Microsoft word. hold up
When Microsoft Word doesn't recognize your name
im sure in 2014 he would mock up a referendum ballot on Microsoft Word and try to feel part of it x
Microsoft Word just red-underlined "BuzzFeed". Microsoft Word spell check is so 2000-and-late
[Hiring] Someone who is really good at designing stuff in Microsoft Word.
i downloaded something called a torrant to let me pirate Microsoft Word this is the nerdiest crime i've ever committed i am in disgust
In other news, the word binged is weird. The past tense of binge but not Microsoft search engine search.
Happy late Valentine's day gift, hard to use microsoft word l0l
the one time i actually WANT to open microsoft word i accidentally open prince of persia instead OTL
You know today is a good day when Microsoft Word does EXACTLY what you want it to do.
Amazon presenter to Microsoft presenter, "Sorry, we don't use PowerPoint. But we do use Word. So, peace out!"
Whenever I do something on Microsoft word, I save the file after every sentence πŸ’€ I'm not losing my work if this junk shut off
Microsoft word is changing the dictionary for random words to French for some reason and I'm ready to kill it
This Akure sun on my body be giving my skin that Microsoft Word 'Borders and Shading' effect. Arm; Black. Shoulder; Yellow. Fa…
that's Microsoft in one word though πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Microsoft already has every word at hand for our emails! I am locked out but they can access every word on my accts
Microsoft leads the way in providing office productivity applications:
12 Steps on How to Get Along With Headers, Footers & Page Numbers in Microsoft Word 2010
Show off your Word skills by learning these keyboard shortcuts.
I blame you Microsoft word for making know the difference between than and then.
When Microsoft Word crashes and I didn't save my work
Image border missing from PDF Print of Microsoft Word? Simple Solution Here:
I know bloody Microsoft word did. It
How to Print Labels with Mail Merge in Word / Excel by Brad Jones
*** Used the word "Slavists" in my paper, and Microsoft rejected it. Alternative suggestion? "Sadists"?! surely runs deep.
My Microsoft word keeps changing itself to American spelling and I'm so offended who allowed this to happen
"Your rough draft must be handwritten & double spaced." Ummm it will be double spaced. On Microsoft word. When I type it. Peasant.
To the scumbag who stole my copy of Microsoft Office: I will find you!!! You have my Word!!!
Dream to be a writer but fear rejection? No worries. Self publish! It's so easy. Learn how.
Macro trick: How to highlight multiple search strings in a Word document
Systems Physiology is so hard, half the words I'm typing aren't recognized by Microsoft Word.
Thanks for spreading the word. You may go here to report this scam. Thanks.
Come to our offices on Wednesday to learn some Microsoft Word basics! Spots are limited so be sure to register!
Proficient in Microsoft office means I'm great with Word and PowerPoint...Excel no
Microsoft is bringing its excellent Windows Phone keyboard to iOS
Check out Grammarly. Better then Microsoft word . spell check
But Microsoft Word is not letting me prosper
Don't have Office 2007 or later? No problem! Read DOCX Files in Internet Explorer with Microsoft Word
the first version of MS Office contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint with OneDrive is much better than Google Drive. I might actually buy Office after my free trial ends.
Note that Microsoft Word seems to default at Calibri now, so it might be becoming the next Times New Roman.
Chris Maloney looks like the paperclip from Microsoft Word πŸ˜‚
Best Document Editing and Suite for and via thepopularapps
Best Document Editing and Suite for and via
download openoffice, basically Microsoft but a free version and i think it is compatible with Word
lol my Microsoft word licence ran out and I need to do some work someone help
MSFT releases Azure Stack because . . . consistency . If you only had 1 word to explain it, that would…
I added a video to a playlist Microsoft Word Banned in the US!! - Diggnation Daily
to delete multiple lines from Microsoft word:.
Microsoft's iPhone keyboard lets you text with one hand via
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
to delete multiple lines from Microsoft word.
When you need to finish your assignment, it will be a Microsoft word and chill kind of night
Any computer expert around??? has Microsoft word/PowerPoint can help me install in my computer???
Visit Kelly Abell's blog for useful writing tips .
My Microsoft word just malfunctioned. If I have just lost my essay I will not be happy.
He's too insecure to post a picture of himself. It's obvious. All he has is some word art from Microsoft word.
Thought I knew a lot about using Microsoft Word. However, doing the newsletter assignment showed me I still have a lot to learn.
Melting in order to artfulness how word for pass into esoteric reality high microsoft dominate penitentiary: jqiuQPeUP
My perception of Microsoft changed a while ago. This is one of the reasons why. This is Microsoft’s iPhone keyboard
Chai Date. Microsoft Word. The world called him a loner. The girl in the paragraph, thought otherwise..
Year 7 did brilliant and engaging work in CS, going 'old skool', and revising and Mr Casimir
Check out this great item: Microsoft Word Version 5.1a Macintosh - 800K 3.5" floppies Tested on Mac LCIII
Microsoft is bringing a cool new trick to your iPhone keyboard
Microsoft Word's help desk wants to remotely access my machine to figure out why THIS keeps happening:
Me writing anything on Microsoft Word: . Well first, let's make all of this Times New Roman, because I'm not a heathen
I like my girls like I like my Microsoft Word documents... Saved😎
For example, Microsoft Word material dated 2009, software in computer was Microsoft Word 2013. Icons didn't match.
Such a sick little project that has kept me busy this evening on Microsoft Word!
Me: I wanna buy Microsoft Word. *finds out about Google Docs*. Never mind, this is free and better. lel
Does anybody have a product key I can use for word Microsoft
All I had to do was put my notes in the correct order, back up up & copy it onto microsoft word on my phone
Our amazing volunteer Cybeles teaching Marian how to use Microsoft Word with IT4Free.
Free Flyer Templates Design - Flyer Templates for Microsoft Word, Publisher and other formats Page 2 of 2, sorted by rating.
Omg I miss the little paper clip on Microsoft word
Microsoft should probably be worried by the number of students I'm seeing using Pages instead of Word. It's more than d…
It feels weird doing homework at home since Microsoft Word decided to work again on my laptop.
*looks at empty Microsoft Word page*. *opens new tab & plays Hercules by Young Thug on YouTube*
Document Writer - for Microsoft Word Edition and Open Office Format - xiong feng
My computer basically forced me to upgrade to Windows 10 and now I can't open Microsoft Word or any of my word filesπŸ˜…
Maybe I'm slow but I dont get that joke about wp smelling like Microsoft word 2007
As a Microsoft Word paperclip, I must inform you that your use of "literally" is contextually incorrect. Can I hel…
5 page draft due in the morning! haven't even opened Microsoft word to startπŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I begin to have an existential crisis every time I open Microsoft Word.
Procrastinating so hard I rewarded myself with an hour break after getting myself to open up Microsoft Word
Ummm how exactly does Microsoft word 2007 smell like. What/ does/it/ mane
I know! While in many ways now is not a great time to be in academia, at least we have Microsoft Word!
Is anyone else's Microsoft Word opening as Netflix?!?!?
"This copy of word was free with my tuition, so basically, I spent a few thousand on Microsoft Word and sadness this fall". -Lucas Frick
yeah but your quarters are ugly tho so idk, and that away kit looks like Microsoft Word WordArt. Plus ur team is bad :/
just tryna download Microsoft word and eat mac n cheese
I gave up on waiting for Microsoft Word. Carried the laptop to the hotel running and left it working while I go eat.
Prof Geek Explains will explain the use of the navigation pane in Microsoft Word. Plz RT
Just uploaded a bunch of proper nouns in a First Nation dialect to Word to help Microsoft "improve their proofing" US English.
Too immersed in my bahs that I cudnt sense the 16 degree coldness, not until I X that microsoft word. The coldness strikes then.
Springer 1st graders learning to graph using Microsoft Word.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I don't even get that on my iPhone or Microsoft Word! It keeps wanting to change colour to color & realise to realize!
Don't Sony have anything better than Microsoft Word for their designs?
I'm poor as *** and can't afford Microsoft Word. The torrents I've found affect helpful. What can I do?
Graduation Speech C/O 2016: I'd like to thank Google, Quizlet, Microsoft Word, and Copy Paste for doin the most throughout my Senior year.πŸ˜‚πŸŽ“
i got it to work. I had to reapply my wifi pass word. Might want to talk to Microsoft. It's no communitcating properly.
I made mine w Microsoft word like its all there you just gotta do it all yourself
Up to 97% off all online courses, inc. word courses:
" TURNITIN HACK: If you type your paper in Microsoft word and add white quotes around your whole paper you it'll show 0…
Can someone who can do basic formatting in Microsoft word help me? I'll pay you/feed you/suck you off. I'm desperate.
You know it's dead week when you have Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, AND Excel open on your laptop πŸ˜ͺ
*** it Microsoft Word. You win. Arial font it is.
Use open source software. It's free and usually as good. For example use Open Office instead of Microsoft Word or Excel
The CEO of Microsoft is Indian, yet my name on Microsoft Word is still a "spelling mistake"...
Git, our newest course is as integral to programming as the save button is to Microsoft Word https:…
The project is very simple, which is finish an online simulation work of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point. (Budg…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
On the couch in huge sweats, hanging out with Microsoft Word, and listening to Paul Walker & Vin Diesel on TV...
Microsoft Word shortcuts you need to know! Right here: via
15 powerful Microsoft Word shortcuts you need to know
Always a new trick to learn in Microsoft Word to exploit for increasing productivity. Try the "rand" command!
Bullet points in Microsoft Word. Why is no one talking about this? Most C'mon 2015. Change the way we format documents.
Use the Tabs feature in Microsoft Word to create simple columns with the text aligned Left, Centre, Right or to a decimal point
.please send help for El Capitan. I can't open Microsoft Word or Outlook this morning.
I hope if Microsoft makes a Smash rip-off they include Clippy from Microsoft Word
always type in Microsoft word, then copy paste into the discussion board, or attach your word document.
Upgrade your skills in Excel, Word & Outlook
Boss: "How good at PowerPoint are you?". Me: "I Excel at it.". Boss: "Did you just make a Microsoft Office pun?". Me: "Wo…
To the person who stole my Microsoft Office software. I will find you!!! You have my Word.
TFW you know ~15 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel and Word
I am the worst Microsoft word and excel user in the history of the world
I start with Microsoft word and then idk how I end up at forever21
Get your iPhone insurance today!
you know you're doing a chem lab report when Microsoft word underlines half of the text due to compound names
Having problems formatting your paper? Our tutors can help you with Microsoft Word.
20 words into Microsoft Word and chill and he gives you THIS look
(Apologies to those of you who usually get to enjoy a laugh at my own inept attempts at graphic design using Microsoft Wo…
Boss: "How good are you at using PowerPoint?". Me: "I Excel at it." . Boss: "Was that a Microsoft Office pun?". Me: "Word."
Just noticed this in the gallery of Microsoft Word templates. The revolution will not be unformatted.
Microsoft word automatically opened when I turned on my laptop. Its tricks to get me to write my essay will not work today
Remember how great it was before this corny Zillow poppycock? Remember Microsoft Word?
I'm not an MSU student anymore. But I will definitely take that free Microsoft Word 2016 download. Please and thank you πŸ˜‚
I'm sorry, Microsoft Word, but how the *** are you gonna say "Alexie" is a misspelled word?
Instead of buying Microsoft word I bought templates today 😊
I swear people take notes on everything in class.. like the prof jus said "Hi, how are you all" and I seen mans typing in M…
It amazes me how my iMac doesn't have Microsoft Office installed, yet I still found a way to use Word and Excel for free. Legally.
Hi, Annah! What happens when you try to use Microsoft Word? Are you receiving error messages? Let us know for better assistance.
I miss xp, I miss microsoft word, all the user friendly programs are GONE!!
ok has anyone in history ever typed "word" into OS and wanted wordpad
It is the end of the fifth week of this semester and today was the first time I needed to use Microsoft Word
Next week, Apple could finally succeed where Microsoft has failed for almost 20 years Word on the street is that A
I have the paper done but I can't do anything with Word & idk how to fix it & their help isn't helping
Writing add in for microsoft word: Writing Sc
Yay for Microsoft word deciding not to work for the last paper I have to do with it πŸ˜’
finally i searched microsoft word. Great boy! I can good dream.
Microsoft launches Home Team, an experimental Windows Phone app for word-of-mouth recomme
I wanna become so famous that microsoft word doesn't put a red squiggly line under my last name
How to bold a font or word Microsoft Word -
How to add a picture in Microsoft Word -
How to resize a picture in Microsoft Word -
How to crop a picture in Microsoft Word -
so wanna try and explain why Word isn't working no matter what I do?
Could you please focus on making (specifically work properly on El Capitan?
You know you're when you start writing on every social media site about not working on I needed
boss: Are you good at PowerPoint?. Me: I excel in it . Boss: was that a Microsoft office pun?. Me: word.
I updated to windows10 I have already had 1 month free trial with Microsoft word but I have it back now and it's working? Confused?
To extend a selection in Microsoft Word - Press F8, then click with the mouse or use arrow keys. Use ESC to turn the feature off
Fred Glass loves "bells & whistles," yet our end zone font still looks like a child created it using Arial Bold via Microsoft Word
Planning on upgrading Configuration Manager 2012 R2 to SP1 ? download a free 52 page Microsoft Word guide,
I agree, I despised how MS added "Microsoft" to every icon (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.) all over desktop & Start.
Microsoft Word for Macs is seriously awful compared to the original program. Why do people with word processing intense degrees use Macs?
" if I typed up the messages I sent him on Microsoft word they would be a good 2 pages long "πŸ˜‚
Just got Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, etc for free omg
One sign of aging: preferred zoom on Microsoft Word. I've always been a 100% guy, but 150% sure looks amazing now that I'm in my 30s.
I really want a typewriter. Hemingway never used Microsoft Word.
iPad and iPhone I use my iPad to type essays on the Microsoft Word app lol
I don't think they have a policy. Mostly they're about writing intimidating letters to people who made copies of Microsoft Word.
The best Microsoft Excel and Word add-ins for iPad.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Yo that's op some Radom *** jus told my cousin he smell like Microsoft word 2007
Microsoft word clutch for this app !!
Microsoft will announce new Windows 10 devices at IFA 2015, but the word "smartphone" is strangely missing -
pretty sure gods punishing me for startin this paper 2 days b4 it's due cause now my Internet isn't working and neither is Microsoft Word 😧😠
Microsoft Word counts "googled" as a misspelled word. it's 2015.. c'mon Gates.
I will type scanned copy, pdf or document to Microsoft Word and vice versa and edit pdf for $5.
Document Writer – Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office via theme_junkie
Can't afford Microsoft Word? Get "open office", it's the same thing except it's free
If you're hot and can use Microsoft Word, you get two jobs!
I added a video to a playlist Electronic Press Kit Tutorial: Do-It-Yourself EPK in Microsoft Word
At ISTE 2015 representing Microsoft Word, Office for Mac, Office for iPad, and Office for iPhone! Visit booth 2800!
Microsoft Word doesn't underline names like Smith or Johnson in red because it centers whiteness by default. But Javon or …
AtomicTraining; online tutorial videos for Microsoft Word & Excel, Adobe Photoshop, iTunes and more! The...
When over half of your document on Microsoft Word is underlined red because medical terminology isn't in the system.
Wow! Microsoft Word document referencing the Windows built-in dialer!
Microsoft Word should have an autocorrect feature. I never mean Superb Owl. I always mean Super Bowl.
Congratulations on being the kind of person who corrects the grammar of others, unsolicited. You're the Microsoft Word …
StyleEase: Microsoft Word add-on to simplify writing papers in AP...
Did you know that in its entire history Microsoft Word has never crashed at the start of a document being written?
Imagine if Microsoft Word knew health/medical terminology and didn't say everything you type is incorrect?
Here's my dog doing his representation of when you try to place a picture on top of another picture in Microsoft Word
Though I excel in Microsoft Word, I tend to get a little wordy in Microsoft Excel..
MS Word Common Tasks: Here in this category we present the inform... for more
This is the first time I've ever had my headers broken in Microsoft word... Page numbers are appearing as the same on ALL pages ;A;
I hate how microsoft word will just suddenly turn my cursor into a spinning circle of waiting and I'll think it's crashing.
How to add a custom tab in word 2010 and up Are you tired of going through all your tabs, to get to the right
did they use Microsoft word to make the bible
Whoever stole my copy of Microsoft office... I will find you. you have my Word
Microsoft Word spells the names of Game of Thrones characters better than you can:
squided: untexting: The new Tumblr logo looks like they opened Microsoft Word Art and typed a β€œt” I came...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
This paper better make my teacher cry man. . Microsoft word CAN'T even handle all these feels rn
If you get bored while we are out of the country, you can download our free word game at
One thing Microsoft Word does well! spells the names of Game of Thrones characters
VIDEO: Do you really know how to use Microsoft Word? The Power of Tabs and Indents - Scott Hanselman Excellent!
You know you're a Medical Student when every word you type is unrecognized by Microsoft Word.
Sometimes I accidentally click my Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 icon when I go to Microsoft Word and I cry on the inside because I can't play.😭
Use Microsoft Word 2007. It automatically accounts for citation style and formattting for the most part.
Create bibliographies in Microsoft Word easily by going into the Β“referencesΒ” section.
"microsoft word, yo." He disappeared into the church soon thereaftsr.
A mostly blank Microsoft Word document. In the Heights blaring from my speakers. Operation Euro Drama paper has begun
I don't understand why iPhones don't have Microsoft Word and PowerPoint installed.πŸ˜• life would be so easy.
Confession: Microsoft Word makes me yell and throw things.
Finishing up my art history homework again because Microsoft word crashed before I could save it on Friday yay!!!
Shoutout to NCAT for free Microsoft word. Now I can get it on my phone & iPad. No excuses lol.
Worked on my English paper for hours only to have it disappear. I hate Microsoft word.
Dear I just wanted to say that I hate you. I know hate is a harsh word, but I feel ever so slighted.
Random thought for the day: What ever happened to the paper clip & the others on Microsoft word?
Can someone explain why Microsoft Word objects to me putting a "/" in the title of my documents? This is just punctuation discrimination
When Microsoft Word doesn't know the word "chromatophore" so you never know if you're spelling it right.
Microsoft announces the new Lumia 640 at MWC 2015. [No word about Lumia 640 XL yet]:
Today I am grateful for grilled hot dogs, red nail polish, and the auto save feature on Microsoft Word. πŸ™πŸ» . I lead a simple life.
When you are having to use words on your paper that Microsoft word doesn't recognize that is when you know you are in over your head.
Friendly reminder to presidential candidates: please hire graphic designers to make your logos, not interns who know Microsoft Word.
WinRAR and Microsoft Word moving like a redman tonight and not responding 😭😭
Who has Microsoft Word for Mac before I go buy it?
Terri M. from Lake Mary, FL. Native of Kansas with 18 years China experience. 20 years business, techni
Downloading Microsoft Word onto my iPad is taking forever for some reason :(
I'm the blue squiggly line from Microsoft Word.
Get the Microsoft word app and type it on your phone. That's what I do
Shout out to Microsoft Word for recovering my project.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
My Microsoft Word just crashed... In the middle of my semester project...
She said download Microsoft word on your phone πŸ˜” she has to be kidding me! Lol
When you remember you have an essay due tomorrow and all you can do is open up microsoft word and cry
The real question is why doesn't Microsoft Word know the correct way to spell thiocyanate? 😐
After 17 full years of education, tonight I learned how to make a contents table on Microsoft word
looks like someone had a free 30 seconds on Microsoft Word.
"microsoft word is not responding" microsoft word can suck my *** this is the first time all week I've rly been able to sit down and write
Like I couldn't even open up Microsoft Word let alone connect to the Internet
Anyone know how to recover a lost file on Microsoft Word on Mac?
I have spent the day researching and doing an annotated bibliography, but wrote more here than I did in Microsoft Word!
okay I hate Microsoft word with my entire being honestly
Microsoft Word gave me some thorough editorial notes on the novel I'm working on
Can't finish senior research project because my parents are too cheap to purchase Microsoft word πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
yes but google docs does not have ANY where close to the features on microsoft word
So we gonna just act like didn't create her campaign logo in Microsoft Word using the "Shapes" feature? Aight then...
school stopped being fun when Microsoft Word stopped recognizing the words I have to include in my papers.
Have yet to start this paper due tomorrow so I turned on my computer,"accidentally" missed Microsoft word and clicked on photoshop to create
fam try the Microsoft word thing at the bottom you'll get turnt
I decide to use Word one time and my computer stops and I lose 2 hours of work. That'll teach me to give microsoft a chance
The whole website with that Microsoft Word basic *** arrow is just hateful.
Lan N. from Lakewood, NJ. I am an IT professional that has worked in virtually all areas of IT architec
I am using Microsoft word only as a last resort. Everything else doesn't work either.
Used blackboard, Microsoft Outlook and Word for class assignments, used VOScam to edit photos and Instagram to look at photos
My language is somewhat shaped by MSWord"When Microsoft Word tells you to "revise a fragment," it means add a semicolon."
because you're using Microsoft word, that's why...Kappa
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