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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is a planned series of tablet PCs designed and marketed by Microsoft. The Surface will be available in two versions, Surface and Surface Pro .

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When tech doesn't work, some will run the other way. Lots of reflection needed as leaders https:…
Usually known for his brevity, Bill Belichick goes on a five-minute rant about his hatred for the Microsoft Surface. https…
Patriots coach Bill Belichick benches Surface, says it's undependable. Read more: $MSFT
Patriots coach Bill Belichick on Microsoft’s Surface: 'I just can’t take it anymore'
We can relate: Patriots coach Bill Belichick on Microsoft's Surface: 'I just can't take it anymore' via
Patriots' Bill Belichick says paper works better than a Microsoft Surface
Patriots head coach punting Microsoft Surface from sidelines, going back to binders
Bill Belichick is done using the NFL’s Microsoft Surface Tablet he hates so much just play the game!!
Patriots coach Belichick rails against Microsoft Surface Tablets, if you know what i mean
Microsoft is announcing a new Surface computer on Oct. 26. Apple announcing new Macs on Oct. 27.
did u see this? Patriots coach Belichick rails against Micros... |
Patriots coach Belichick bashes Microsoft Surface, refuses to use it via
Bill Belichick gives up on 'undependable' Microsoft Surface Tablet via
Bill Belichick is done with the NFL's Microsoft Surface Tablets via
Pats' Bill Belichick says he'll never use official NFL tablet Microsoft Surface on sidelines again https…
Hearing that Bill Belichick will not be fined for his negative comments about the Microsoft Surface.
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Mozo 'Sneaker Sleeves' for Microsoft Surface now available to order Via Windows Central
Microsoft just made a deal with IBM — and Apple should be nervous
Microsoft debuts “Surface as a Service” program aimed at getting devices into the 님이 씀
New post: Microsoft is leasing Surface tablet and software bundles to businesses
Microsoft Surface phone image and details 'leaked' - but take it all with a pinch of salt Andy Weir
Microsoft Surface is my recommendation. I use the Pro 3 and it's got a strong battery life and serves me well as a student
Microsoft Surface phone to come in three variants: Report - Times of India
delivering 92 Microsoft Surface Tablets to the LAUSD ( Los Angeles Unified School District)!
Johnny Manziel stars in a new ad for the Microsoft Surface:. (Video via
Holiday Deal: $200 off Microsoft Surface 3 LTE from AT&T wyb a smartphone! Win one from
iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface writing and drawing tests.
You can find details on Complete here:.
Proud to be a Micrsoft Graph Partner! MyWorld uses Office graph to surface relevant content.
My review of the - can it still 'replace your laptop'?
Microsoft holding Lumia 950/XL launch events for Insiders in the UK SurfacePro3
Former SDE at Microsoft so nope :) Have a Surface Pro 1. Worked great for me.
That's something to look forward to. Here's some weekend reading material: Let us know how it goes.
The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil get compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pen
Found the perfect case for the Microsoft Surface.
for a chance to WIN a Microsoft Surface Tablet!
The ultimate laptop, is available now. Order yours:
How to get over not getting a Microsoft Surface for Christmas
Oops: Al Michaels refers to Microsoft Surface as an iPad on NFL’s opening night $AAPL $MSFT
Here's our first look at the Surface Book, Microsoft's answer to the MacBook Pro
Microsoft kicks off the best tablet computer for 2015, meet the new Surface Book ultimate 2 in 1 laptop
Purchase before it blow away.Microsoft - Surface Book 2-in-1 13.5" Touc…
Focus on customer satisfaction and make products people love - new Microsoft is doing the right things:
ICYMI: Microsoft announced the Surface Book yesterday. This is a great summary of what it is and how it came to be.
BLOG: Microsoft’s new Surface Book to 'redefine industry' -
Dear I made Mac's cool back in o-five and i got my eye on the new Surface, but i'm not paying. You see where this needs to go?
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Interesting. I am considering procuring one of these.
Microsoft reveals its first laptop ever, the Surface Book:
Microsoft *has* to keep comparing Surface to Macs because of OEM relationships. *You* are allowed to properly compare the…
Trending on The Verge: CEO Satya Nadella on why Microsoft exists
See how the Microsoft Surface Book compares to the Apple MacBook Pro -
Hands on: Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 outdoes itself with more power and refined ... - PCWorld
I sure do want one of those new Surface Books Microsoft just revealed. Maybe they'll give me one if I sit here and do nothing.
Microsoft's Surface Book will redefine how PCs are made
First, fastest, lightest: Book hits all the right extremes -
I liked a video from Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 hands-on
You can now pre-order the new Microsoft devices - Did Microsoft’s latest device lineup interest you eno...
Premier devices:. Apple has the MacBook. Microsoft has the Surface. Google has the Pixel. Linux has the Raspberry Pi.
Inside the creation of the Microsoft Surface Book
HP and Dell bless Microsoft Surface Book: "Super-premium" segment is a good thing for...
Ars takes a first look at the Microsoft Surface Book
domain names
Why does Microsoft exist? An interview with CEO Satya Nadella
When will we see the Surface devices in Turkey?
I interviewed about his vision for the future. It's the best plan Microsoft has had in a long time.
Microsoft Has Best Day Ever: Hands-on with the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 http:…
Check out the latest from Dave Cullen Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950, 950 XL
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Lumia and Band 2 launch as it happened ...
The NFL is using Microsoft Surface Tablets still. Just wait until they have to download a massive update in the middle of a game.
"Bill Belichek on his iPad" - Al Michaels speaking about the multimillion dollar Microsoft Surface-endorsed sideline tablets.
First the Stylus, then the Microsoft Surface, what's next, Apple, the Game Boy Advance Color?.
Watching the game and Joe Theismann just called the Microsoft Surface an iPad. Steve Jobs is laughing from above.
Video blogger becomes a a DJ for with Microsoft Surface. Check him out
and her thoughts on Microsoft Surface shoot
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation brought to you by Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone.
Microsoft's new game plan for the NFL: Next-gen stats, Surface replays via
Surface 3: My best purchase of 2015 (hands on) - The newest Surface tablet from Microsoft is the best 2-in-1 I've ...
While Windows 8 was mostly geared toward optimizing usage for tablets, with Windows 10, Microsoft Corporation...
3: My best purchase of 2015 (hands on) what a great of the latest and greatest from
I was going to order the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 but they're back ordered and it'll be September. So might just get Mac...
Time for an upgrade. Your Windows 8 and higher Surface is Windows 10 ready. Upgrade for free: 
Contemplating a Microsoft Surface computer. DON'T! . Hardware and OS (Win10 just created more problems) seriously flawed. no solns
A behind-the-scenes look at the Microsoft Surface, new tablet computer with a $499 starting price.
Mum: Brian what laptop should I get?. Me: MacBook Pro. Mum: Alright I'll get one from work for free. Mum: *Comes home with Microsoft Surface*
Will Apple's iPad Pro kill the Microsoft Surface? Apple has been testing a giant iPad for at least three years now
Talk about false advertising, went to BestBuy to buy a Microsoft Surface and they won't match the Microsoft Store price. Price match a joke
This fake Microsoft Surface phone is the flagship Windows Phone we want by
Microsoft should forget the Surface, stick to the Pro 2-in-1 line by via
Microsoft is about to solve the problem that sank the first Surface tablet (MSFT)
I'm just glad Microsoft Surface isn't sponsoring so coaches wouldn't be forced into using tech when it's not needed.
The future of Microsoft Surface: What to expect from Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4.
Sign up to our Dynamics GP Event before March 31st and you could win a Microsoft Surface!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
To trade in a Microsoft Surface Tablet, the owner will need to answer questions about the device’s overall condition
So glad the Microsoft Surface commercials don't feature noted PC user Randy White.
The most hilarious product placement is when a Microsoft Surface is within any sort of imagery on my television
Three ex-Google engineers create a Microsoft Surface clone So it's not just a Samsung thing then
the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is REALLY good if you need a smooth surface to break up weed on
Well I got the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is a PC tablet with an attachable keyboard to form a netbook. It's the best I've used
Ex-engenheiros do Google criam tablet clone do Surface, da Microsoft
WATCH: One-Question Interview with head coach Pete Carroll, presented by Microsoft
Remix Ultra Tablet looks like a Microsoft Surface that runs Android: Microsoft’s Surface Pro series of Windows...
Microsoft's Q1 2015 Surface growing strongly and Lumia sales up Verge
Android gets its own Surface clone: Microsoft, it seems, is not the only company that believes in the concept ...
The Microsoft Surface is one of the best attempts at a hybrid tablet/laptop we've seen in the last few years. It's thin, powerful, portable, and has a keyboard
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3, iPhone 6S and a transit custom, hhhmmm maybe a good move after all !
Anyone have a Microsoft surface pro? Thoughts compared to a laptop ? Any good?
In winamac, Microsoft surface one and a half yrs old. Used one month only. Comes with detachable keyboard. Like new!! Paid $700. Asking $400
Wow that new Microsoft Surface ad is quite a direct attack on Macbook pro lmao
Year-End Deals # Microsoft Surface (Refurbished) Christmas Gift Ideas CHECK BEST OFFERS NOW → (Refurbished) Low-priced Does Not Suggest Compromising With Excellent Price tag is a huge determining component when obtaining a new gadget. Prospects appear for the value of a products anytime they make a acquire and this is a fact that the merchandise that is lessen in price tag wins the bid. While the least expensive offer may perhaps not be the most effective deal often, but if you shop cautiously and do a minor little bit of investigate before creating the acquire, you could get the greatest gadgets at incredibly minimal expense. Microsoft Surface (Refurbished). Digital Dictaphone Purchasing Guideline This sort of gadgets are good for enhancing business office efficiency, especially for firms which have repeated and frequent meetings. If you want to know what to look out for when obtaining such a machine, browse on for a place on issue guideline. Liquid crystal display Tv Opinions and Guides - Stage three, ...
If you've got a Surface, you've got a game plan. See why Microsoft Surface is the Official Tablet of the NFL, and see how Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks use it to prepare for the biggest stage.
Microsoft Surface loses on election night as CNN commentators use it as iPad kickstand - insert evil laugh here:.
Microsoft Surface paid a lot of money for Trent Dilfer to call it an iPad on Monday Night Football
Microsoft Store employee answers your questions about Windows Phone and the Microsoft Surface Tablet: W...
Microsoft is 'coaching' NFL commentators to identify its Surface Pro 3 - and not call it an iPad
interesting piece about the NFL/Microsoft partnership and how Surface is being used.
Hey I have the original Surface, if I wanted to trade mines in for the Surface Pro 3 would that be possible?
It is the Microsoft Surface NFL sidelines. Coaches, players, broadcasters have to forget…
Microsoft is sponsoring The Walking Dead with Surface Pro ads. Makes sense since you’d have to be a brain dead zombie t…
It is Microsoft Surface on NFL sidelines. Coaches, players, broadcasters must forget iPad
Microsoft commits to another Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi update 'in the...
Microsoft app gives you more control over the Surface Pro 3's pen
Another nerd tech journalist with an opinion on "Clueless" Cutler re Surface 2 as knock off iPads.
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does the surface have a Spanish keyboard option? And no, I do not want to mess around with key combinations on USA keyboard
Thank you: Weekend Reading: The new Adobe Creative Cloud arrives on Surface Pro 3.
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With no self control things I'd buy right now:. A drone, Microsoft Surface, and a Wii U
I should get a Microsoft Surface or something.
Visited last nite & Can't w8 to use my new computer. LOVE it! & can BITE me! Microsoft insurance is WOW!
List of top 3 likes and dislikes about SP3 | Microsoft Surface Forums
The first line of this article is fantastic: Bears QB Jay Cutler calls Microsoft Surface a 'knockoff iPad' via
No questions about the Microsoft Surface though. :)
No one has asked Russell Wilson any arbitrary questions about the Microsoft Surface.yet.
Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, more Seahawks star in new Microsoft Surface ad -
Microsoft Surface pro 128 gb, with intel i5 processor, and 4gb ram Brand new location: Juffair price: 180 BD need to sell urgently
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the best everything device ever made." - Mashable
New leaked screenshots reveal more about Windows 9
had to get a microsoft office subscription cos there was no way to install office from my broken surface pro AND IT'S STILL NOT INSTALLING
If your boyfriend's absent just grab a Microsoft Surface...or two.
New leaked screenshots reveal more about 9 :- :-
Seen at a conference: Now THERE’S a combination you don’t see every day…an iPhone charging from a Microsoft Surface.
Write the way you want with a true handwriting experience.
Best moment of post-game press conference: LA Times reporter asking Russell Wilson about how he liked the Microsoft Surface.
Tell me about your tablet. What do you like and what do you not like about it? I'm thinking of getting wifi only tablet (without a cellular contract) because there are so many hotspots and more going up all the time. Thinking about the Windows (Microsoft Surface) tablet, because it seems to cover a lot of bases. Does anyone know anything about that one? Of course the Galaxy Tab seems to be very popular. I've heard some of the cheap ones are good too. Would be great to save some money. I'm not an Apple person, just because two paths diverged in the wood, and I went down the non-Apple path years ago.
Story of my life. Come on let's get going.
I hope santa is ready for the rush of kids demanding a Microsoft Surface this Christmas.
Selling my Microsoft surface in good condition it works great I just don't want it because I have a laptop I'm selling it for 300$ obo
"Now you can have at your fingertips. Literally.
Thanks - I ordered the Surface Pro 3 docking station this morning plus type cover and folio - all from the Microsoft Store.
Just a summary: NFL and Microsoft signed a 400 mil deal to promote the Surface. Announcers instead plugged the iPad, and not the Surface
Oops Microsoft Paid the $400M to use its but announcers call 'em iPads
Good god, it's like the NFL can do nothing right at the moment
“Now you can have at your fingertips. Literally.
Completely brilliant: MSFT pays $400M to have tablets used by Presenters call them “iPads”
Stuff Mag: “Microsoft just perfected the PC with Surface Pro 3.” Great review.
Microsoft Surface anyone? Looking to up-grade our Kindle for myself for school. Really like that it has Microsoft office (really just need word). The price is palatable too... Anyone have an opinion?
mpicpp sends this news from Business Insider: Prior to the season, Microsoft and the NFL struck a 5-year, $400 million deal with one of the major components being that the Microsoft Surface would become "the official tablet of the NFL," with coaches and players using the Surface on the sid
. Microsoft new Surface Pro 3 ad slams the Apple MacBook Air on -
Now you can have at your fingertips. Literally.
I got 64 GB ipad, a 32gb iPad mini,and a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 64gb. 500 for the 64gb iPad, 350 for the iPad mini, and 550 for the surface pro.
My new Microsoft surface has became my life, can do everything! Miles ahead of apple 👌
Microsoft paid the NFL $400 million to use its tablets, but announcers are calling them iPads
"Quarter back, as u can see on the ipad... On the surface you mean?... Yes on the Surface of the ipad, where else! "
Well I am now the owner of a Microsoft Surface 2. Trying to get used to it and figure out all the ins and outs of this new tool. Of course my wife calls it my new toy. We shall see.
Detachable pink keyboard for Microsoft surface. It works great I just wanted a different one. $30
Convinced the Surface Pro 3 & subsequent gen will take over business as most run virtual desktops anyway. bet & won big.
Microsoft Surface: Nice hardware, but where's the roadmap?
Hey, Trent Dilfer, that’s a Microsoft Surface on the sidelines of Monday Night Football, not an iPad
I'm trying to access my eBooks but they won't change pages. I'm using a Microsoft Surface and Explorer.
Are you a fan of the Microsoft Surface but wished it wasn’t running Windows? Well, if iOS or Mac OS
I am selling a BRAND NEW Microsoft Surface!!! It is brand new and has never even been turned on or taken out of the plastic wrap. I am including a 16gb micro sd card, a BRAND NEW $120 Microsoft Touch cover, a BRAND NEW $40 Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector as well as including the receipt which still has a year of accidental damage replacement coverage which cost an additional $50! Meaning you can literally break this thing in half and they will give you a brand new one. It even comes with the entire Microsoft Office 2013 preloaded so it's perfect for school! Asking $300 which is how much just the tablet costs by itself. Get up with me if you're interested.
* Request your code now Win an Apple iPad Air, a Microsoft Surface Tablet, Google Chromebook, or Google Glass!
Wow. I think I've seen my first in the wild. A rare occasion! 😄
Microsoft shows off new, larger Surface Pro tablet
Microsoft may be ready to roll out a small tablet later than rivals, but analysts say a petite Surface is still a good idea
Thanks for your feedback Renganathan! Take a look at Rajith's response here: for additional info. ^JH
WOAH! is giving away Bitdefender Total Security 2015 license and a Surface Pro 3! Join to WIN
Do actors need coaching in the correct way to show that they're using a Microsoft Surface Pro?
At the risk of sounding like a Microsoft shill, the is really, really good for writing on a train. Recommended.
Maclocks is First to Launch a Surface Enclosure and Secure Display Solution for Microsoft Surface Pro 3
How about a stunning new Pro for under £30
Electronic Device Insurance
Surface survives Microsoft cuts, but tablet strategy remains muddled
Do you sell online? can help you & you can get a free Microsoft Surface Tablet too!
Trade In & Trade Up to Get minimum $50 gift card with trade in of working tablet ht…
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Experiment, part 1. First as an iPad Air replacement.
I hate my Surface. No HBO GO or ANYTHING. The only thing this crap has is Netflix and Hulu Plus. I'm returning this POS!
Anybody have any experience with the Microsoft Surface Tablet? Can't decide if it's worth it 😁
Microsoft's expanding Surface marketing campaign with new web adverts
Only 40minutes left to come see us at booth 1017 to chat about our robust solutions &enter to win a Surface!
Microsoft hopes for FONDLESLAB FRENZY as Surface Pro 3 debuts
It is an amazing product that I have been recommending folks, looking forward to the Surface Pro 3, it must be smokin!
Looking for a new tablet? Check out the recently announced powered by Intel.
Microsoft accidentally confirms existence of Surface Mini
I would love to get a Microsoft surface pro3 but it's way too overpriced. 1599 for an i7 model and that doesn't include the keyboard?
Microsoft slips, reveals existence of Microsoft Surface Mini
Living all-Microsoft for a month made me want to throw a brick through Windows
Microsoft Mini pops up in Surface 3 user’s guide; via CNET
The Core i5 version of the came out this weekend. Did you get one? Stop by our review here:
Who is doing clever things with Microsoft Surface/Android tablet/iPads in libraries?
60 seconds waiting for the surface to come on. Microsoft still doesn't get it
I’ve got years of experience in the video game industry, but my passion is art.
Imagine, create and share everything in your life, all on one sleek device with the Microsoft tablet.
I want the microsoft surface for reliability. And the best support.
Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 an alternative to iPad and MacBook
Not going to lie, I am really interested in trying the new Surface Pro 3
Microsoft accidentally confirms existence of Surface Mini - The Verge
Same happened to the officers'eCog Pluto tablet
Picking up a new Surface Pro 3? Be sure to download app to translate wherever you go.
Surface Pro 3 is now available in the US and Canada (
"Microsoft's Surface Mini does exist, at least according to the Surface Pro 3 user manual | Windows Phone Central"
Microsoft retail stores celebrate the arrival of Surface Pro 3 -
Surface Pro 3 pen woes: you just might have your battery installed backwards: . Microsoft's brand new 12-inch ...
Microsoft accidentally confirms existence of the mysterious Surface Mini
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - the next evolution of productivity
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Bigger is better: Microsoft made good design decisions for the Pro 3. That's important, because prior ve...
I own a tablet. and am thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro so I can use Microsoft office. Comments?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or Apple Macbook Pro? Decisions decisions.. Thoughts on which one should I get? Thanks! :)
Forget MacBook Airs. Which is the better Windows 8 laptop: The new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or the Acer Aspire S7? Here's my two cents.
theres an ad on TV for the microsoft surface, you know that little tablet thing with a plug in keyboard, and a kick stand at the back. The thing is that you cant use it as a laptop, cos it wouldnt be steady enough. The proof is in the ad, where you dont see the guy showing it to us putting it on his lap
I’ve spent the past few weeks computing exclusively on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and a pair of phones running Windows Phone 8.1. The hardware is beautiful, but the overall Windows experience had me at my wits end.
Mapping out which booths to stop by at Circle Not only do we have some great revenue cycle solutions, but we’re giving away a Microsoft Surface! See you all there!
NEW Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Tablet W/ Black touch Cover - $800 (Orofino) This is BRAND NEW! It was purchased last week for an electronic health records installation, but the screen is not large enough for the software requirements. It has but turned on for about 10 minutes and had the software installed. The EHR software will be removed upon the sale. No other changes have been made. It has Windows 8 pro installed and will run the full version of MS Office (Not included). All original boxes, manuals, etc are included. It has not yet been registered for the warranty. Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB With Black touch Cover Digitizer Pen Core i5 10.6" 1080P 1920x1080 Dual Camera MicroSD Enjoy fast, powerful performance and stunning visuals. The Intel i5 processor was built using the latest technologies, including HD graphics, to deliver with impressive speed and responsiveness. Run Outlook1, Office 3651, and Desktop Apps such as Quicken? and Adobe? Photoshop?. Get creative with drawing and note taking in appl ...
Man that new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet is nice.
Im selling a Microsoft Surface only used a hand full of times. Its $300 just like new! Message me if you are interested!
275$ Windows 8 Microsoft surface with screen protector and case has office 13
Microsoft surface still have original box. Only used about six months. Asking 280 firm! Have pink keyboard and case you can have if interested.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
$350 or best offer. Microsoft Surface Tablet.
Microsoft surface pro with keyboard, has Microsoft office 2013..can be used as a laptop or keyboard detaches and can be used for tablet...has a 32gb micro sd also has windows 8.1 and quad core processor ( great for school) $550 OBO
The little things in life make me smile. Microsoft surface with bing weather is amazing! Now if only I could work from home lol.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 8GB/256GB - PS2-01 by Microsoft (8) Date first available at May 22, 2014 Buy new: $1,428.49 19 used & new from $1,416.76 (Visit the Hot New Releases in Notebooks list for authoritative information on this product's current rank.)
Create a whole new you in The Transformation Challenge, sponsored by Motherboard with the help of Microsoft Surface! Use the provided template to show a three stage progression, and get a chance to...
Former football player Steve Gleason uses Microsoft Surface to communicate and inspire others diagnosed with ALS. Learn more about the stories of the inspiri...
Thought to buy an upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Anyone used Pro 2 before and how is it?
Last day to win a Microsoft Surface!!!. via
Just want to buy a Microsoft Surface from the Microsoft Store because of the discount, but already out of stock
Am I able to install any applications like CREO, Microsoft Visual Studio or the other applications like them in surface pro or not?
Microsoft Surface 2 with 4G available to pre-order in the UK
MICROSOFT SURFACE 3 is totally a nice loading image for flattn6's apps?
So for everyone $116 MS spends on a surface they get $100 back - wonder how long before these die off
Microsoft Surface Pro (Burbank, CA ) $800 Microsoft Surface Pro 128 BRAND NEW! You get Brand New Surface Pro Brand New Touch Cover Final Draft Full Version Office Stylus Charger Only cu tact me if you have cash in your hand and ready to purchase, price firm, no shipping, no trades. [...]
Products include enclosures 4 Apple and Samsung, with development in progress on Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface.
We have a Microsoft Surface 64GB tab in our cabinet for £249 or £284 with the keyboard! Ask staff for details.
but nothing formal from Microsoft. That's what im looking for. Not interested in "hacks" or "workaround".
A new sleeve with a strap, can be made for any 10 inch tablet! via
I'm thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with a docking station. Is anyone using the Pro and how do you like it, and how is the realtime output, any problems? Thanks
How’s this for is providing 5,800 2s to students by the end of 2014.
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is making inroads in higher education: Touch screen are wonderfully convenient and fun... http…
I haven't used this Microsoft Surface much. I think I would like it if I did. Been busy making the cake for tomorrow!
Finals week is here, and what could possibly make your burden lighter?! Some free microsoft gear while trialing the surface pro and lenov...
Or is a tablet with Bluetooth keyboard best? 2014 MacBook Air vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 2
Last days to check out my Microsoft Surface! Who Wants some Windows SWAG?
Looking for the perfect present for mom? Enter the Microsoft Surface 2
Microsoft Surface Tablet is still losing money, figures show via
Manvex Leather Case for the Microsoft Surface PRO Tablet **NOW COMPATIBLE with the ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Same happened to the officers' eCog Pluto Microsoft tablet
Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB WiFi Tablet is the advance and modern features based tablet and Microsoft surface pro tablet has the capacity to easily turn the tablet in to a laptop and you can get many more features.
I have locked my key pad for my Microsoft Surface Tablet.the key pad u attatch.anyone know how to unlock it. It just beeps when i press the keys :(
Buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet 8GB/512GB at a super low price. is your one source for the best computer and electronics deals anywhere, anytime.
Microsoft Surface 2 tablet, 32GB RT. Has Office 2013, word, excel, PowerPoint etc... With attachable keyboard. It was bought new back in March. A print out of a two year warranty is included. I will sale it or consider trading for another tablet! (Preferably an iPad Air), but open to all offers! What ya got?
Microsoft surface pro 64gb. Comes woth case and charger 300 obo
Got a communication devices upgrade as a birthday present from my "kids" . Thanks to Britti , Franko and Ellie Iam now the proud owner of a Microsoft Surface Tablet and a Nokia Lumia phone . It feels great when "children" buy toys for their parents ! Now I need at least one of them to come home soon to give me a lesson in how to properly use these high tech gadgets . I must proof the "old dogs/new tricks" story wrong , you will see ...
Microsoft Surface purchased 8 months ago for $600. Make me an offer. Cross posted.
I have a Microsoft Surface Tablet for sale. 64GBs. Very fast and fun and very handy. Barely used. $150.00 THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Retail for almost $400.00. Need gone asap, need the money for a project.
ISO an iPod Touch or a Microsoft Surface Tablet. Please PM me if you have one available! Thanks!
What are your thoughts on using Microsoft Surface Pro with CC, mainly in court only but edit on larger PC?
Does anyone know where I can have a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 screen replaced???
To anyone in Denver who is going to be in town this summer for the 4th of July-- we are having a promotion for MLS & Windows/Microsoft Surface at *** s Sporting Goods Park on July 4th from 1:30 to 8:00pm and you'll make $18/hour. If you're interested apply at using the code airfresh14.
Who was selling the Microsoft surface went to comment and lost internet now can't find it inbox me plz
Microsoft Surface a losing battle... According to Microsoft filings, Microsoft's surface tablets continue to lose money For the March quarter, Surface tablets and accessories pulled in $494 million. But the company spent $539 million in chasing those sales. For the December 2013 quarter, Microsoft spent $932 million to receive $893 million in revenue. They also wrote off close to $900 million in the fourth quarter of last year for leftover devices and discounts to move them. The surface is improving each year but the problem is can they continue to lose money on it!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'm learning how to use my mac but going back and forth between a PC, Mac, and a Microsoft Surface (which has touch screen) might just be too much for me!
Zombie Yeti Studios, Jeremy makes some of the cleanest zombie art I've seen. He draws on his Microsoft Surface Pro but I don't think he uses CorelDraw. Take a look at the page especially if you are a big fan of zombies. Lot's of very clean and amazing art! For hire too.
hey - does anyone out there have a Microsoft Surface Pro 2? - if so - when downloading the kindle app do you download kindle for pc or android (I already have a Samsung android tablet)
Anyone interested in buying a Microsoft Surface Tablet? I barely use mine and i have to get some money back out of it. Pm me with interest. Thanks
I've got a Microsoft Surface Tablet. How do I switch browsers? I've got explorer and I don't want to get the bug.
To celebrate the launch of R3, CEM will be raffling a Microsoft Surface*. Kindly fill the details below.
Just bought a Microsoft Surface 2 and I feel like Captain Picard or Data. Very cool tablet!
Global tablet sales slowing down: IDC The global market for tablet computers went into hibernation in early 2014, ending a long run of sizzling growth, a survey showed. The IDC report said sales of tablets including newly introduced convertible PCs totaled 50.4 million units in the first quarter of 2014. That was just 3.9% higher than the same period a year earlier, and down 35.7% from the busy holiday season that included the fourth quarter of 2013. IDC said that the market is suffering from saturation, and that many people are using large-screen smartphones or "phablets" instead of tablets. The introduction of new "2-in-1" devices such as the Microsoft surface, which aims to serve as a PC and a tablet, failed to gain traction. "The rise of large-screen phones and consumers who are holding on to their existing tablets for ever longer periods of time were both contributing factors to a weaker-than-anticipated quarter for tablets and 2-in-1s," said Tom Mainelli, an IDC analyst. "In addition, commercial gro ...
VSTN®Microsoft Surface Mini ultra-thin Smart Cover Case, Only fit Microsoft Surface Mini (For Microsoft Surface Mini ) Fantastic looking case for your precious Microsoft Surface Mini tablet. There are plenty of cases out there but this is built to last with style. Made of premium PU leather, this...
New Laptops & Tablets products offer (Evecase® Ultra-Portable Universal Neoprene Carrying Sleeve for Tablets and Laptops such as Microsoft Surface 2 / Pro 2 / Surface Pro /RT - 10.6'' Windows Tablet) has been published on Ultra-portable Universal Neoprene Carrying Case is a lightweight, portable sleeve that is great for protecting your device from scratches and minor impacts. Made of water resistant neoprene, this durable, shock absorbing sleeve is ideal for taking your device on the go. Easily carry ... 10.6, Carrying, Evecase, Laptops, Microsoft, Neoprene, Sleeve, Such, Surface, Tablet, Tablets, Ultraportable, Universal, Windows
I'm highly considering buying a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Anyone have one and wish to share their thoughts?
Brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (128gb ssd, core i5 haswell) complete package w/ free screen protector and other freebies. PM me for details. :)
The BIRUGEAR accessory kit provides the essential accessories for Microsoft Surface Pro 2 in one package and eliminates the complexity of searching for different accessories in the marketplace. Our Leather Stand Case with Keyboard Holder protects your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet from bumps and...
Have you had your say? Facilities Management is conducting a survey open to all staff, students and tenants to determine the University’s opinion of the services Facilities Management provides and where improvements can be made. You may choose to remain anonymous when responding to this survey, or provide your email address in the final question box to be put into the draw to win a 32GB Microsoft Surface Tablet. The survey will be open until 8pm Friday 2 May and consist of 21 questions which should take under 10 minutes to complete. Please follow this link to respond to the survey and provide invaluable feedback on the environment you study in
Microsoft surface for sale. Used one semester. Works great, just has the one chip you can see in the second photo. $150 firm. 32 gbs with detachable touch keyboard.
FS: price reduced! $375 Microsoft surface with keyboard and case. Like new (purchased in Feb. of this year). Over $650 value!
MICROSOFT SURFACE RT/PRO/2 CASE - SLEEVE - COVER Wrap your Microsoft Surface in a soft, slim and secure case. It has just the right amount of
OK I'm way excited for the Awesome GIFT my dad is sending.. Microsoft Surface whoever stole my brand new Asus Transformer Tab thanks for doing me a favor.. don't think you made it thru the military grade incrpt
*** you, Microsoft Surface and your inability to run Google Chrome!
iPad 2 32 gig white all boxed wifi model wifi can sometimes be weak but works fine also iPhone 4 16 gig with new sim with unlimited text and 150 mins left on it never used swap for decent spec gaming rig or hi spec laptop based near Yeovil cld meet a little closer though will swap for a Microsoft surface or something similar
Want a huge Smart TV with good picture without breaking the bank? Today Best Buy’s Deal of the Day is a 60″ LG 60PB6600 Smart Plasma HDTV for only $780. You’ll need to connect via Ethernet without any modification, but that’s preferable for speed and stream quality anyway. Netflix, Hulu Plus, and more. Today the […] The post LG 60-inch Plasma Smart TV only $780, Microsoft Surface 64GB under $300, Kindle Fire HD under $90 appeared first on Gadget Review.
Just arrived from Afghanistan, this flag flown in my honor on my birthday at Camp Leatherneck in the Helman Province. Best birthday present ever! Not to mention a Microsoft Surface as well! Thanks James Brian Spaun, can't wait for you to come home. Stay safe.
Loving the new Microsoft Surface that I bought yesterday!!!
The 8 Best Alternatives to the Microsoft Surface - MoreReview: The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Is an Oversized T...
I won a Microsoft Surface Tablet at the HRIA Conference today!! But since I already have one, I exchanged it at future shop for an iPad Air! YAY!!!
The Sun Daily. Skimming along with Surface 2. The Sun Daily. MICROSOFT Malaysia rolled out its Microsoft Surface...
Does anyone have a Microsoft office product key? Fml I have to hand in my paper and my subscription ran out and don't want to invest 100.00 in a subscription for a year when I plan on buying a Microsoft Surface in a month so I don't have to deal with these headaches from this laptop
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