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Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface is a series of tablets designed and marketed by Microsoft. It was announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event on June 18, 2012, at Milk Studios.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Surface Pro 2 Intel Core Best Buy

Every script is different and the new Surface Pro helps Leann find unique places to film. 
I went with a Microsoft Surface Pro for photo editing and word processing... let's see how it goes.
is the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro as good as Surface Pro 4 and its pen? What all can the Apple Pen…
When scouting via drone or helicopter the Surface Pro lets Leann edit it all on the fly.
The more I think about it, the more I kind of want a Microsoft Surface Pro... Or maybe a Microsoft Surface Book 2...
Items on sale with Warranty. Microsoft Surface Pro, $240, 2 left; . Touchscreen laptop for…
Items on sale with warranty. Microsoft Surface Pro, $240, 2 left; New Microsoft Surface Pr…
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017): Everything you need to know . Updated Sept. 20: A U.K. shopping site had leaked price…
I've been using a Laptop on rounds for over a decade - the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is more ergonomic
But why would you ever want to, in a world where, thankfully, Win32 W10 Pro still exists -
Microsoft’s Surface Pro scores 0 out of 10 on reparability test -
Microsoft’s Surface Pro scores 0 of 10 on reparability test:
Microsoft's Surface Laptop and Pro are now available worldwide
Current firmware and drivers for the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop now available for download
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) review. Meet the new Surface Pro, same as the old Surface Pro. But a little bit better…
If you're in the market for the new Microsoft Surface Pro, be sure to read this new review before purchasing
Surface Pro Review. Check it out and tell us what you think!
Sadly, Microsoft's lineup matches and surpasses Apple's on several fronts. But OS user experience still rocks
According to the numbers tho...Microsoft's new Surface Pro is better than their Surface Laptop. But I knew Surface Laptop would be a dud.
I'm a little partial, as I use an older Surface Pro. Read: The inside story behind the new Microsoft Surface Pro…
iPad Pro clear example of Apple copying us, says Microsoft exec
With tablet sales down looks to siphon off laptop sales, should they focus on
Surface Laptop lets you restore back to Windows 10 S if you suddenly decide you hate apps
Microsoft's hardware boss explains the strangest thing about the Surface Pro
Apple copied us, says Microsoft exec
The time has come: Laptop and Surface Pro released
Microsoft Surface Pro's has awful warranty & impossible to repair, effectively it's Junk!
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) review: Every bit the pro, but battery life.. Related Articles:
We dive into the Surface Pro and Laptop with Microsoft’s device czar, Panos Panay
.has full lineup of rivaling Apple's Macs--how to choose
Microsoft's new Surface Pro is a powerful machine with a slight drawback
Microsoft has a full lineup of computers that all rival Apple's Macs — here's how to choose among them (MSFT, AAPL)
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to arrive before the end of March with 4K screen
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 set for Q1 2017 launch with UHD screen, rumor has it.
Save BIG with $150.00 off Microsoft Surface Pro at the Microsoft Store Also Enter for your chance to WIN $500!! https:…
Check out the Microsoft Surface Pro and enter to win a $500 Microsoft Store gift card!
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 reportedly coming in the first quarter of 2017
Enter for a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro, backpack and notebook!
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Features And Competition: Microsoft is all set to change the way the mar...
Microsoft Docking Station for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 by Microsoft -
I'm in the running to win a Surface Pro 4 thanks to
I liked a video from MacBook Pro Killer? Microsoft Surface Book Review!
Updating to Windows 10 bricked one of my friend's tablet, and it was a Surface Pro 3, which is actually MADE by Microsoft.
Surface Pro 4 review: Still the king of tablet PCs -
I will do it it'll end in a contest if i want a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, a Microsoft Book, or a fursuit
The top line Microsoft Surface Book at £2,249 is £250 more expensive than the equivalent MacBook Pro Retina. Am I missing something here?
I liked a video from Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Update
WIN: We're giving away a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet - just in for Christmas!
Apple vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Air - Which tablet is right for you?
Head on over and follow for your chance to win this Microsoft Surface Pro 4.
– Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is Better than the Apple iPad Pro as a Desktop or La... -
iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Book: don't ditch laptops just yet
This is the history and future of tablets via
What to expect from Microsoft's October 6 event: Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Surface Pro 4
What to expect from Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Lumia event next week
3 days to go !!! New Microsoft Devices :D :'D. What to expect ?. New Flagship Lumias,. 4th Generation Surface Pro...
Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Lumia event: what to expect via
"This was supposed to be a benign firmware update and it has bricked my over $2,000 machine" Pro 3.
I'm not a big fan of rumors, but... "Microsoft's Pro 4 and event: what to expect" /via
Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend. And now thanks to the new Surface Pro 3 tablet from Microsoft, inside a dog a book is also m
My everyday goto laptop, due an upgrade to the SP4 when it arrives!! - Review: Updated: Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Can't wait! I would wait in a line for these products more that apple any day.
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 36W Power Supply is now on sale for $37.97 at Amazon. Product page:
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 rumored to pack Intel Skylake CPU & up to 1TB storage
Surface Pro 4, Band 2 and new Lumia phones set to debut at Microsoft’s huge October event
please release the Surface Pro 4 now! 😢
Coming this fall: New Microsoft smartphones and a next-gen Surface Pro tablet -
Here's everything we know about Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 tablet (MSFT)
Review: Microsoft Surface 3: Last year, I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3,...
Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, Band 2, and new Lumias set for October ...
Nice Design! Surface Pro 3s is coming to the sidelines H/T htt…
new casts ominous shadow over Surface Pro 4 Microsoft has quietly slippe...
Surface Pro 3 variant with i7 processor and 128GB storage announced, priced at $1299
Mum: Brian what laptop should I get?. Me: MacBook Pro. Mum: Alright I'll get one from work for free. Mum: *Comes home with Microsoft Surface*
Microsoft shares 3D printable designs for custom docking station for Surface Pro 3
Have you tried following all the steps?.
Pro 4 release date cancelled due to new Surface Pro 3 model?
My hardware, a Surface Pro 3, is made by Microsoft. If it doesn't work on their own stuff how good is it?
2016 Apple MacBook Air to Give Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Other Laptops in ... - Master Herald
Scan your badge at Keynote featuring & for a chance to take home a…
Will Apple's iPad Pro kill the Microsoft Surface? Apple has been testing a giant iPad for at least three years now
Microsoft launches cheaper Surface Pro 3 with i7 processor and 128GB of storage via http:…
Filmon Live App has been updated on iPhone. I got this App on Windows 10 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 PC Tablet.
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel Core Review: The Microsoft Surface Pro 3  – This is a tablet that could make you...
Microsoft Surface Pro 2=GTA 5, best in-game graphics settings: Resolution: 1680*1050, you'll get the best game rates!
Buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i5 256GB at modest price ₦300,000. Link to buy:
ISO Microsoft Surface Pro, bundles would be nice
Have you been able to use this USB to reset with before? Not all USB are equal. Using USB Reset:
Microsoft's had a major firmware squashing many via
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 specs rumors: Hybrid to shore up LTE capability? - ChristianToday
Some of my favorite tech from 2014, sketched on a Surface Pro 3. Look forward to what’s ahead in 2015.
Microsoft offers more details on January's Surface Pro 3 firmware update
- Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Apple iPad Pro - 2015 will be a rough year for... -
YA Got my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from work! This thing is cool! Thanks! Regina Motor Products!!
Surface Pro 3 ... more than you think !!
It is quite telling that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 squares off in Microsoft's commercials against a Mac and not the Apple iPad. That's because Microsoft considers its business oriented slate to be more than just a tablet. As the ads say, it is "the tablet that can replace your laptop." It also has…
to update Pro 3 with firmware, connectivity and pen fixes | ZDNet
Looking to sell a 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro 2, it's in good condition, has been used very little, charged up about 5 times! Looking to get 350 if possible. Also comes with a detachable keyboard. It has 4gb of ram also! Message me if interested
Momentum continues as Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines move to Surface Pro 3
Comparison based on specs for HP Envy x2 13t and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Full Article here:
Real Madrid CF soccer team will use Surface Pro 3 to help score gooals
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- The best Surface yet is more than a tablet, less than a laptop
- and Airlines to roll out Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Microsoft updates how the Surface Pro 3 handles Wi-Fi
Pilots from both airlines have been given Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets to make flight operations more e...
Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines choose Surface Pro 3 to equip pilots
This PCWorld reporter swapped his laptop with the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3! Check out our Microsoft showcase:
If I were I'd be pleased as punch. Lots of free coverage for their "iPad knockoffs".
10 things you need to know about Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 |
"I'm a tablet guy now." explains why the Pro 3 replaced his work PC.
Microsoft’s new Surface Hub brings pen customization to the Surface Pro 3
- The tablet that can replace your laptop.
The first line of this article is fantastic: Bears QB Jay Cutler calls Microsoft Surface a 'knockoff iPad' via
Microsoft commits to another Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi update 'in the coming weeks' Whenever that will be.
Planning a trip abroad? Don't forget your Why Microsoft's new tablet is perfect for world travelers:
Experience the future of creativity with Adobe and
Do you at Tell them why for a chance to win a Microsoft Pro 3
When you say you tried a recovery, do you mean a refresh or reset? These 2 are different things.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I wonder if the will fine Jay Cutler for calling the Surface an "knock off"?.
Go here to enter your goals for the year, and a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro with accessories:
Which is better: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 or Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air (2014)? Click play to find out!
Microsoft shows off the improvements on the Surface Pro 3 docking station
Buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 8GB/256GB - 5D2-01 at a super low price. is your one source for the best computer and electronics deals anywhere, anytime.
The Pro 3 Docking Station is available today for preorder from
"There's a new Microsoft accessory up for sale!
“There's a new Microsoft accessory up for sale
- Download Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro firmware and driver packs -
There's a new Microsoft accessory up for sale
Do actors need coaching in the correct way to show that they're using a Microsoft Surface Pro?
Totally gutted, take my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet out of its bag on the weekend to find its got a cracked screen 😢
I own a tablet. and am thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro so I can use Microsoft office. Comments?
NEW Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Tablet W/ Black touch Cover - $800 (Orofino) This is BRAND NEW! It was purchased last week for an electronic health records installation, but the screen is not large enough for the software requirements. It has but turned on for about 10 minutes and had the software installed. The EHR software will be removed upon the sale. No other changes have been made. It has Windows 8 pro installed and will run the full version of MS Office (Not included). All original boxes, manuals, etc are included. It has not yet been registered for the warranty. Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB With Black touch Cover Digitizer Pen Core i5 10.6" 1080P 1920x1080 Dual Camera MicroSD Enjoy fast, powerful performance and stunning visuals. The Intel i5 processor was built using the latest technologies, including HD graphics, to deliver with impressive speed and responsiveness. Run Outlook1, Office 3651, and Desktop Apps such as Quicken? and Adobe? Photoshop?. Get creative with drawing and note taking in appl ...
is marketing the Surface Pro 3 as "the tablet that can replace your laptop"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So is it the new iPad killer & can it win the Enterprise market? "Hands on: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review"
Microsoft discounts Surface Pro 2 by up to £150.
Update: Microsoft pushes firmware fix to more Surface Pro 2 owners
Can Surface Pro 3 Replace Your Ultrabook? (Updated): Microsoft is claiming that the Surface Pro 3 is "the tabl...
Zero-day update for the Surface Pro 3 will fix battery charging issues: As Microsoft...
Watching elements of the Surface Pro 3 Keynote… It's amazing how bad at presentations Microsoft is
With Surface Pro 3, Microsoft finally shows how it sees the post-PC era
IF U were NOT an apple employee & would write how awesome Microsoft's SP3 is, noone would hate u so much
As Microsoft is preparing to roll out the Surface Pro 3 to customers over the summer,...
iSHEEP read this. now thats REAL journalism. 7 thing U didn't know about Microsoft's surface pro3
seven thing U didn't know about Microsoft's surface pro3
7 things you didn't know about Microsoft's SP3,
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - Announce date, features, specs, reviews and more
Microsoft has launched technically and aesthetically impressive Surface pro 3 tablet. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet is considered to be an replacement for laptops
FOR SALE: Microsoft surface Pro - 120GB and 1 touch cover keyboard and 1 type cover keyboard. Great condition. Only used about 5 times. Bought for a uni computer but now I realise it's to small and not very useful. Bought for $799.99. Selling for only $650.00. Inbox me for more information.
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Surface Pro 3 review: Has Microsoft finally made a tablet to replace your laptop?
We took Microsoft's new and improved Surface Pro 3 for a quick spin. But can it serve as laptop and tablet?
Great review on about the Pro 3... But man, so many typos.
>Microsoft gets lots right with Surface Pro 3
Microsoft goes big in tablets with Surface Pro 3 -
Microsoft is confident its Surface Pro 3 can top tablets and laptops. Does it?
Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3: Good PC, but no iPad killer - cc
slashes Surface Pro 2 prices by up to £150 'Microsoft might be gearing up for the launch of its bigger...'
Microsoft will fix Surface Pro 3's charging problem before launch,
Has Microsoft succeeded in creating a tablet that can overtake the MacBook Air?
Here's me on the telly, talking about Google's Project Tango, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 and a future of space selfies
Win this at - Microsoft Surface Pro 2 - runs full Windows 8.1. Head to Total Synergy, end booth by the window htt…
Microsoft: Surface Pro 3 will replace your laptop via
You try to get your hands on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and do a review from a photographers perspective
Enter draw to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 at with Total Synergy.
Looking for input: anyone have or use a Microsoft Surface Pro? Opinions?
Jeremy, Aaron, Keith and Andrew talk about Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Last Comic Standing, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, LG G3, Transistor, Nuns on the Run, Son of Batman, The Antlers - Familiars. Quick Hits - Xbox One san Kinect $399, no more Xbox Live requirement for streaming on Xbox, Malik…
Microsoft Surface Pro 3: 10 Tablets Paved Its Way InformationWeek About 40% of Americans own a tablet or e-reader, but that didn't happen overnight. These 10 devices shaped the evolution of the modern tablet. Previous. 1 of 11. Next. The Tablet's All Grown Up. It seems just yesterday we were...
Pushing the hybrid concept further is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3—the first tablet to truly bridge the gap with laptops.
So I'm looking for a vehicle that I can use for work. Nothing special. I am willing to add $300 with any items listed. So here are the items I have for trade; -Xbox One(extra controller, TitanFall, Zoo Tycoon, Dead Rising, Royse, Controller Charger system). All in great condition. Original packaging. -PS3 60GB (backwards compatible, 20+ ps3 and ps2 games, 2 Controllers, Controller Charger system) -PS4 (Extra Controller, NBA 2k, Madden, Battlefield 4, Call of duty, Metal Gear, Controller charger system) -Microsoft Surface Pro 2 128GB(Touch Power Cover, 2 pens, 64GB micro sdcard) -PDP - Afterglow Wireless Dolby 5.1 Headset with Charging Stand -IPOD 4th Gen 16GB with Case Everything works and I have the original packaging for the PS4, XBone, Surface Pro 2. I will not trade everything and $300 for a car. I don't need something that good. Just a car to go from point a to b. I'll update this list if I come across anything else I have to trade.
I may... may not get the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, even the Surface 2 looks nice too. hmmm all high ratings and excellent reviews, can't decide!!!
A must have gadget in 2014 Introducing a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet A super slim, long battery life and extremely beautiful looks.
Thought to buy an upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Anyone used Pro 2 before and how is it?
ISO Microsoft Surface Pro including charger and stylus
TechnologyGuide Executive Editor Jamison Cush sits down with New England Cable News to preview the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. For more information:
Incipio-feather case for Microsoft Surface Pro and Pro 2 and 3 screen protectors $25.00. Located in Garrison.
Incipio-feather case for Microsoft surface pro and pro2 and 3 screen protectors $25.00.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 can probably replace your laptop. The big question is: Are you willing to pay the price and make some compromises in order to let it?
The features of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are impressive even when they are assessed individually. But they are even more impressive when grouped together in one single device, which might just be the first one of its kind that is actually the real deal -- it works as a tablet, it works as an…
Take a look at our unboxing of Microsoft's new high-end tablet, the Surface Pro 3 which was just announced today. The post Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Unboxing (Video) appeared first on Pocketnow.
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Microsoft Surface Pro (Burbank, CA ) $800 Microsoft Surface Pro 128 BRAND NEW! You get Brand New Surface Pro Brand New Touch Cover Final Draft Full Version Office Stylus Charger Only cu tact me if you have cash in your hand and ready to purchase, price firm, no shipping, no trades. [...]
Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB WiFi Tablet is the advance and modern features based tablet and Microsoft surface pro tablet has the capacity to easily turn the tablet in to a laptop and you can get many more features.
What are your thoughts on using Microsoft Surface Pro with CC, mainly in court only but edit on larger PC?
Zombie Yeti Studios, Jeremy makes some of the cleanest zombie art I've seen. He draws on his Microsoft Surface Pro but I don't think he uses CorelDraw. Take a look at the page especially if you are a big fan of zombies. Lot's of very clean and amazing art! For hire too.
The BIRUGEAR accessory kit provides the essential accessories for Microsoft Surface Pro 2 in one package and eliminates the complexity of searching for different accessories in the marketplace. Our Leather Stand Case with Keyboard Holder protects your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet from bumps and...
It's amazing how much technology has advanced in the past decade. Left: Microsoft Surface Pro 2
I'm looking to compile information about different devices for real estate in our next magazine. Does anyone use a Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo Thinkpad or Yoga, HP ElitePad, or other Windows 8 tablet?
HOT PRICE on the Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB (v1) until March 27th
Harvey Norman now have the cheapest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro - 128GB tablet. This is the original one, not the Pro 2: Microsoft...
Harvey Norman sale on Microsoft Surface Pro 128Gb tablet, best price I've seen! -
Picked up a Microsoft Surface Pro today, mainly so I can watch Lakers game streams away from my computer. My iPad 2 simply can't do that.
Microsoft Surface Pro can play an impressive amount of games. Including Dota 2. I am suddenly very interested in purchasing this device.
Hey friends! I am selling my Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB (barely used)! Asking $450... but I'm willing to take offers.. just private message me! Let me know if you're interested!!! :)
Have you been gazing longingly at a Microsoft Surface Pro, but can't bear to fork over the $899? Best Buy has a sweet deal for you: It's discounting the price by $400, making the device just $499. The deal, reported by The Verge, is for the original
Purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB at an always low price from Save money. Live better.
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Does anyone out there know anything about or have used the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 PC Tablet? I am thinking about buying one, but?
Microsoft Surface Pro with Ivy Bridge a Great Deal at $400 Off - - tomshardware
The original Microsoft Surface Pro launched last year and while the Windows 8 tablet itself has yet to celebrate an entire year in the hands of the general public, Best Buy in the US has the product available for just $499.99. The regular listing price is stated to be $899.99, saving consumers...
Well, well, and I just unwillingly influenced five "Surface Pro" purchases in two days... Microsoft, waiting for my incentives
It's official: I love my Pro 2. Goodbye, laptop, hello full LR & PS on a tablet.
So is the Microsoft surface pro tablet, great for college students?
I'm thinking of buying either a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or a Dell Venue Pro 11. Components wise, they are virtually identical. Any comments on either device?
Microsoft support reps tell Surface Pro 2 owners that firmware fix will ship on Patch Tuesday, 1/14.
How come no love for the Surface Pro 2?
Where are all the Surface Pro 2 256gb Tabs?
Anyone on my TL have a Surface Pro 2, or have any feedback to share?
Amusing for Microsoft advertise Surface Pro 2 but Dont mention its nearly £800 for starter model
I was in the process of preparing something to post about my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 experience. I will say that I am quite happy with the device...
You can see all technical specs here-
Looked at a Microsoft surface pro today, won't be getting one.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
My mixed relationship with products continues. I returned my Pro 2, but I also switched from to
Great points made here Microsoft Lync, Surface, SkyDrive Pro are your enterprise grade replacements.
Wanted to do a comfort buy of Surface Pro 2 256GB but no stock in Belgian online microsoft sore :( when expected? Thanks!
Incipio Feather Snap On Case for Microsoft Surface Pro/Pro 2 - Cyan. by Incipio. Date first available at...
The Microsoft Surface RT's & the Surface Pro's are different architectures. Arm and Intel.
Anybody in Microsoft (India) - is it possible to get a Surface Pro 2 in India ? Anybody working there, if you can...
Very dissappointed in Surface Pro 2. Been having recurring issues and still they don't want to swap out for a new unit
Microsoft Surface 3 and Surface Mini news leaked: The Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 became available l...
Microsoft Surface 2 vs Dell Venue 11 Pro: Who Wins?: 2013 did not end without leaving us with something to tal...
Leaning toward using a Surface Pro 2 for Windows 8.1 software reviews here at the lab. Should make a good reference system.
if you want to win a Surface Pro 2! Enter Micro Center's Winter of Winning Sweepstakes sponsored by Microsoft! You coul…
2nd place is 1st loser,unless you take 2nd in Microsoft's contest! For my 3D work on the Pro
God of War: Ghost of Sparta on Microsoft Surface Pro With PPSSPP intel hd 4000: via
If you ever find a recover image, you can boot from USB:
Today's top tech get a Surface Pro, a touchscreen Ultrabook and an SSD harddrive on the cheap ->
My poor beloved Macbook is on her last legs... Debating between getting a Macbook Air, an iPad with a keyboard or switching teams for the Microsoft Surface Pro (though this option terrifies me). I know I'm going to end up buying and external CD/DVD reader and hard drive no matter what option I go with.I mostly need it for work writing/editing, photos and internet. Thoughts?
Lisa Gade compares the Sony VAIO Tap 11 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Windows 8 tablets. Check our our video review of the Sony VAIO Tap 11 at:
Just ordered myself a Microsoft Surface Pro for "work" on the boss's credit card.Thanks boss!
The Following: The Complete First Season Sweepstakes Enter for your chance to win the Grand Prize of a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Bundle, or one of 15 blu-ray combo packs of The Following!
Greetings fellow PAVI students and instructors, do any of you have any experience in using Microsoft Surface Pro tablets for pro audio? If yes I'd like to hear your opinions on it. Can they handle editing and portable recording jobs well? (Mixing on these machines will probably be a bad idea) Also is there a big difference between Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2?
How much does my dear husband love me? Enough to generously buy me a Microsoft Surface Pro for school. I think this just may be his idea of a motivator to keep me continuing with the dreaded school classes. It just might work ;) Thank you honey I know I'm gonna love it!
PRIZES: The Approximate Retail Value of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is \9.00. Any difference
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet's CPU has apparently been changed to an Intel I5 4300U.
Can someone in this country tell me where I can buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 2? Dont tell me future shop/ Best Buy/ staples/ microsoft stores they are all out of stock
iPad vs. Microsoft Surface Pro. Anybody tried using both n cd give me some comparisons? Which one u like better?
I am competing with my husband to get in shape. A Microsoft Surface Pro is on the line. Cheer me on to victory.
iPad Air vs. Microsoft Surface Pro. Which one is better?
A tablet buying guide Leave a Comment In themarket for a new tablet? Find out how to chose the best device for you: Establish whyyou are buying a tablet If it is because you are getting rid of a home computer, it is suggested that you buy one with a large screen, such as the9.7” iPad 4, or theNexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Sony Xperia Z – all of which sport 10” displays. Microsoft Surface Pro is deemed to be the best option if you are looking to use your tablet mostly for business, with it’s Windows OS and handy clip-on keyboard Portable tablets such as the new Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD to the iPadmini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 are recommended if you are on the move. Pick your operating system If you already use one of the two main operating systems — iOS or Android — extensively, stick with what you know. If you are new to the market, however, take a look at both. iOS is a lock-down experience offering little inthe way of customisation and flexibility, but it makes up for it ...
Check out 'Smart Finger Puppet' campaign on Indiegogo. or Google search Microsoft Surface Pro (
really like to have the Microsoft Surface Pro but the scam is the price for the key board 79.00 is to much for a key board
I use Microsoft Surface Pro to take all of my notes with OneNote and distillation with Excel as a senior in Chemical Engineering.
as a mac fanboy, it pains me to say. i'm seriously considering a Microsoft Surface Pro.
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Specs Accessories And Price: Finally on Monday in an event in NY Microsoft introduced...
I almost want to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro so I can experiment with running Mac OS 10.8. Yeah, I go against the grain.
I liked a video Microsoft Surface Pro and Windows 8: My Updated Thoughts
Microsoft is offering a trade-in program for Ipad 2's and newer. You will get $200 or more to use on the purchase of a new Microsoft Surface Pro or RT, or the new Surface Pro 2 that comes out on 9/23. Surface Pro 2 will have a USB 3.0 for high speed transfers. This promo ends 10/23/13.
Look for me around campus tomorrow I'll be showing off the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with Windows 8.1
I will be in Hawks Nest tomorrow after lunch trialing the Microsoft Surface Pro. Stop by and check it out.
One more month and I'll have a Microsoft Surface Pro in my hands.
Ahh can't wait to get the Microsoft Surface Pro for christmas! x
If you have a Microsoft Surface Pro and either a TechNet or MSDN subscription then you may have run out and done like I did. Updated to Windows 8.1. After all its faster, lots of great tweaks and heck, it … Continue reading →
Getting a new machine for work: Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple Macbook Air?
Surface Pro will continue to struggle despite $ cut; it's not seen as PC substitute and $ still too high for tablet
An already great priced device just got better... Checkout the new discounts on Microsoft Surface Pro.
Microsoft Surface Pro $100 price cut is now permanent: After temporarily cutting the price of the Surface Pro…
Tablets for government: Surface Pro from Microsoft -- GCN via
News about Microsoft Pro's lower price point
Microsoft makes the $100 Surface Pro price cut permanent by
erikkobargain: Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB for $883 and 128GB for $994 + Free shipping in aus
Microsoft surface pro .. Welcome to the club !
Please RT: Veeam is giving away a Microsoft Surface Pro (128GB)!. Join the raffle today
Microsoft Surface Pro versus the competition - CNET (blog)
Competition for the Microsoft Surface Pro: Acer Aspire P3, Lenovo Yoga 11s and Toshiba WT310 - - h…
I may* have just ordered a Microsoft Surface Pro (mainly for drawing). . *yes I have
Microsoft Surface Pro with 256 GB SSD pops up in the US
Microsoft Surface Pro with 256GB of storage coming soon for $1200
What is a PC? When you're reviewing the Microsoft Surface Pro, asking yourself that question is practically...
I added a video to a playlist Froogle VLOGS - Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Impressions
Coming soon to Windows 8 (and Windows 8 devices), compelling clinical apps from Airstrip
Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with 256GB SSD in US: About a month ago we were reporting on launch of 256GB Micr...
A few weeks ago we uncovered a Japan exclusive Microsoft Surface Pro, that featured 256 GB of SSD storage and in...
Is Surface Pro better option than ipads for Healthcare? via
Well, that *** Surface Pro battery life will be 4 hours.
Microsoft Surface Pro 128 still my go to device. 256 coming to the US soon?
Looking to get a new Ultrabook. Giving serious thought to the Microsoft Surface Pro. Any thoughts?
Microsoft Pro delights busy clinicians at Palmetto Health
You can probably register an 8.1 install.wim and fix that. Similar to this...
I'm not going to lie. I'm in love with my new toy (Microsoft Surface Pro). Incredibly happy I didn't waste my money on a boring iPad.
256GB Microsoft Surface Pro coming to America today, today, today, today, today - Digital Trends: ...
256GB coming to America today, today, today, today, today
Microsoft Surface pro review playing World of Warcraft
Microsoft Surface Pro with 256GB confirmed to be on the way You may remember in May we shared news that the good folks in Japan were going to be offered the...
Microsoft Surface Pro delights busy clinicians at Palmetto Health :
and Pro. The great device migration begins. HealthBlog
Verdict If you need a tablet that can act as a serious work machine, and you have the budget, then the Surface Pro is an excellent choice. However, if your needs are a little more frivolous and based more around something that can be slung into a bag and used for reading, browsing, gaming and viewing on-the-go, then there are other machines There is, however, a niche for a device that sits in between tablets and laptops, and right now, the Surface Pro has got it sewn up. The full Microsoft Surface Pro review Like the original Surface, the Surface Pro still has something of an identity crisis.   A tablet with a detachable keyboard, it doubles up as a netbook, while its weight is more like a traditional laptop.   The first impression upon picking up the Surface Pro is just how heavy it is. Don't make the mistake we did, and judge the weight by looking at its size because your wrist will be very surprised. The Surface Pro weighs in at a massive 908g. To give you a sense of proportion, it weighs 300g more t ...
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What was the last thing you regret buying? — Microsoft Surface Pro, ugh.
I'm using a Microsoft Surface Pro -- very nice keyboard… positioned at a higher levek than the iPad
My new Microsoft Surface Pro reminds me of my first girlfriend: fast, pretty, and way too complicated to ever un…
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