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Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is a chain of retail stores and an online shopping site, owned and operated by Microsoft and dealing in computers, computer software and consumer electronics.

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Starbucks for Windows Mobile is no longer available on the Microsoft Store -
Microsoft removes Google Chrome installer from Windows Store for violating Microsoft Store policies
Working on our raffle prize for the Star Wars event! Should b epic!Come down to the Microsoft Store at Oak Park Mall Sun…
You have to boot camp, you also have to go buy windows at a Microsoft Store.
We are thrilled to announce our plans to open a flagship Microsoft Store on in the UK!
Join P2P Branded this Saturday at the Microsoft Store in Lenox Square Mall for a FREE workshop…
If blowing stuff up is your style: Bomberman Battlefest is also ONE Backwards Compatible : https:…
What??? support just told me that I can't buy anything from US Microsoft Store website if I am currently out of the US! 😯😞😢
This option is available on Outlook for Mac 2016! You can always upgrade with
Surface is a great tool for artists. We recommend checking out the new Surface Pro via Surface Plus:
I've searched but have not so far found what is offering to store & analyse RDF /triples et…
So excited about the Visio custom visual! Available now! via
Break the boredom with help of 'Lord of Sumemer'
Pre-order Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition and get the new Hoonigan Car Pack for free for both and https…
When the Xbox store updates then you'll see it. It's up to Microsoft to release it. Not the devs.
I just moved up to level 12 in for Windows! You should check it out for FREE!.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
A story about a boy, his dog, a sombrero & a dream...of killing everyone in his way for re-vengeance: ONE…
Visio custom visual is now in Public Preview and available in the store.
Gear up. Save up to 33% on 3250 Andromeda Points for a limited time on the Digital Store https:/…
Like not to defend Microsoft but I never had a single issue ever with their store on Xbox 360. Can't even count PSN's issues on both hands.
Sonic Mania is now available on Xbox One: 💙
We are pleased to announce the Public preview of Visio custom visual for ​Learn more:…
Dynamics News: Initiative by NPOS Corp and the Microsoft Store in the Aventura Mall, Florida, Offe...
Hello people,. Microsoft Store terms and conditions has changed. It means that apps containing the name "Lumia" can't be updated.
Windows Phone is dead! Walked to Microsoft Store. The only phone they had was Samsung S8. Can you imagine it at Apple Store?!
Ist it Possible to get a Remastered/Remake for Zoo Tycoon 2? Maybe with all Addons on Steam oder Microsoft Store? :)
Office coming to Microsoft Store for Education in preview this June
Hey guys, are you able to match these Microsoft Store prices?
I did that at South Coast Plaza. I walked into the glass wall of a Microsoft Store...left my face print on it too.
Check out the Microsoft Surface Pro and enter to win a $500 Microsoft Store gift card!
ICYMI: is out NOW on Xbox! Download this gorgeous game today -
At last! Boss 3 Killed! Zombies Killed. Total Headshots: 51. Try to beat me here!
Anyone going to the BoHo /marky meet and greet at the Microsoft store tomorrow?? 🐼
Earn the credential that proves your expertise with Microsoft 2016
Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim [T] is now 50% off for EA Access members on Xbox One through Dec 19
LAST REMINDER: Play on LAN, support and make it out to the Pro Points tourneys tmrw!
At last! Boss 2 Killed! Zombies Killed. Total Headshots: 41. Try to beat me here!
uBlock Origin for Microsoft Edge is now available!
Battle of Warplanes now in the Windows Store - Extreme...
Bruh why a unknown caller saying he work at a Microsoft store saying someone's hacking my computer Lmao I DONT OWN A COMPUTER
Secondary Indexes on Column Store accelerate Data Warehouse look up queries.
Trying to go to the Microsoft Store event in Troy MI or maybe even Chicago if people are down. Let me know?
Did Microsoft just hint the Surface Phone will launch at MWC 2017? go to
LG partnering with Apple, Google & Microsoft on foldable OLED displays - report go to
Microsoft Edge introduces support for the Payment Request API on Windows 10 go to
Defenders of Delphi, now available on Windows Store
Save BIG with $150.00 off Microsoft Surface Pro at the Microsoft Store Also Enter for your chance to WIN $500!!…
Microsoft’s Whiteboard app for teachers and students show up in the Windows Store
The Call of Duty Endowment Courage Personalization Pack for is now available on Xbox One.
Microsoft is Latest Tech Company to Release an Artificial Intelligence Translator App go to
Yes! Gears 4 LAN tournaments are BACK with more Pro Points & prizes! Register for THIS SATURDAY now: http…
Just earned 6774 points in CRAZY city RACE. Try to beat my score. Get for Windows:
I beat my record in highway racing game with 10803 points! Try to beat me. Get for Windows:
Santa's helpers will be back this Saturday, Dec. 17th in Lakeside Mall in front of the Microsoft Store!
Information: anyone running Windows 10 go to Microsoft Store search apps for TSN GO free app download
We got a look at what’s in store for the next 12 months for and its customers at
Microsoft to cut 2,850 more jobs... Via News Break:
I'm getting a little worried about batman telltale not being on the Xbox store for some reason. Bloody Microsoft.
.for Windows 10 preview shows you the latest files in one place. Get it ->
Microsoft angers some by removing ability to disable Store from Windows 10 Pro AU - -
So one day we might store our genome sequence analysis data in. Um...DNA? via
All purpose parts banner
Gotcha. An update came out very recently. Here's how to download that: Let us know if that worked. ^BD
C'mon I support 'Use Xbox/Microsoft Store credits for Xbox 360 games' - what do you think?
Chasing The Light album is available on Microsoft Store.
this is screenshot taken from Microsoft Store in Windows 10 Mobile
Apps are only supported and launched by Windows Phone. Hopefully soon, BBM for Windows 10 will be available in Microsoft Store.
you said that you have no money for Photoshop. Check this out:
A great comparison of the specs. If you want to see them side by side in person visit a Microsoft Store in a mall i…
Super excited to see the latest game available on Disney Find N Seek
Have you seen our photo application on 📷 Download it now:
Archive360 announced Archive2Azure, which lets you store emails for regulatory compliance purposes in Microsoft Azure
Nearly 50% of Windows Steam gamers now have the Windows 10 Store on their PCs Microsoft is a gaming company who ow…
Nintendo's lawyer's will be at Microsoft's doorstep if this is actually allowed in the Windows Store
Is this the real app for Windows? . Because no mention on Steam site..
“The company's goal is to get people to think of Dropbox as a place to create files, and not simply store them. ”
The Ultimate Game Sale starts TODAY on the Get ready with us and buy some Microsoft Credit in-store! https…
I got a new No Fish Is Safe achievement in Maritime Kingdom! I've got gifts for all!
hosts the Ultimate Game Sale on the Windows Store. Read more: $MSFT
Zombie Derby - I`ve killed 0 zombies in Zombie Derby and gained the Novato rank. Try to beat my score!
The Advanced Excel Course is designed for executives who are already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel and…
- - Shop the Great Back to School Sale at Microsoft Store. and Free Returns Shop ...
Not sure if I should buy movies on the Xbox/Microsoft Store or the Google Play Store. I don't have Chromecast but want to get one.
Checking the Microsoft Store for the Xbox App update, saw a 1-star review by someone who apparently hasn't played a video game since their …
Rich Ross rocking the VIVE experience at Microsoft Store in the King of Prussia Mall @ Microsoft…
Okay the VIVE experience at the Microsoft Store in King of Prussia Mall is BETTER than…
Bergen Volunteer Center brought together two if its valued corporate and nonprofit partners, Microsoft Store of...
Hey there, sounds like a Microsoft Store promo. Please reach out to their support team here: Thanks! ^BD
Microsoft Store gets ready for Mother’s Day and graduation with gift buying guides
Having social media technical difficulties 😂 Sorry guys! We will be outside the Microsoft Store at Pitt Street Mall tomo…
I like the Daily Mail Online app. Get it at the Microsoft Store, absolutely free!. really good
Hey Mr. Foxx, come join us in the Microsoft Store at Perimeter Mall for some drinks and the most excited fan ever!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hey Mr. Spacey, we'd love it if you joined us at the Microsoft Store in Perimeter Mall for some goodies and meet and greets!
Verizon's LG Lancet on sale for just $75 at Microsoft Store: 35 min ago 27 By Jason Ward Ever since Microsoft ...
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 $29.99 at the Microsoft Store
I try to buy thingsome off the Microsoft Store but it won't let me purchasing is blocked on child/teen account and I am neither help
Microsoft Store is Offering Great Deals on Band 2, Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One -
I've got a 950 XL Dual Sim (From Microsoft Store) that is stuck on .29 but part of the Fast Ring. How to get latest updates?
Shout out to Microsoft Store in North Park Mall. Great staff. Family-friendly entertainment.
Microsoft has a New Year’s Checklist collection in the Windows 10 Store
Download ALL the music you LIKE for FREE on your 6000+ positive reviews cant be wron…
Microsoft launches app store on Google Play store; are Android users listening?.
That was the funniest trip to the Microsoft store ever wow
Yes, it was for Microsoft Store: I clicked link in email and apparently in my browser I was still logged into other account
free Download top 10 albums right now from the Microsoft Store for free - TWCN Tech News (blog)
same as the Apple Store vs Microsoft Store at Valley Fair Mall
Save $129 with new Surface Pro 4 bundle from the Microsoft Store - WinBeta SurfacePro3
Find out what the Microsoft Store is offering to enhance the experience:
Xbox One Elite controller is coming October 27th, according to Microsoft Store
VAIO returns: coming to a Microsoft Store near you this October
Loot from Microsoft Company Store. clearly our allowance is not enough.
Beat Boss, the ultimate edm sampler is now available on the Windows Store
Windows 10 wants you to switch to a Microsoft account to install Store apps. Here's how to stick to a local account: http:/…
phones' fingerprint sensors leave them vulnerable to Watch our video for more details:
I took my Windows v 8.1 o/s laptop to the Microsoft store for an upgrade to Windows 10. What a horrible experience! And it didn't get done!
Microsoft Store at Lenox Square/Atlanta did an even exchange. Have a new machine now. Thx for your help.
Score $100 off the slim Dell XPS 13 from the Microsoft Store -
Get the Surface Pro docking station for $30 off at the Microsoft Store
I will google the closest microsoft store in.this area thanks
The Samsung Galaxy Store also offers others around the world access to download.
Do you have a Microsoft Store near you? We could suggest stopping in for help with your console if you need it as well. ^BB
Big news for Android users Office is now available from the Google Play Store!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Microsoft unveils first priority reseller store in
Thanks guys! Picked it up for $10 on XB1 from the Microsoft Store.
Mobile Unveils First Retail Store in Hyderabad Hyderabad has 13 priority stores while 16 more are l...
Pre ordered Rare Replay and Gears Ultimate on Microsoft Store. $10 Xbox Live card for each pre order.
Thanks to the helpful folks at the Microsoft Store Eaton's Centre! MSFT is doing it right!
Wow, don't miss these free coding classes for kids at your local Microsoft store this summer!
Android smartphones can now download and use full versions of Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint Office apps.
Shame the Microsoft Store from the Netherlands doesn't have that deal..
Looks like Dungeon Hunter 5 is now Live-enabled on Windows Phone and Windows 8. PC: Mobile:
Microsoft Office for Android now available in Google Play Store
Microsoft Office for Android phones is out of preview and available to download from the Google Play store:
Did I ever tell you guys how sad the poor Microsoft Store was when I went to West Edmonton Mall? So many helpful employees w/ no customers
Talk about false advertising, went to BestBuy to buy a Microsoft Surface and they won't match the Microsoft Store price. Price match a joke
24 hour sale coming to Microsoft Store [updated] * 9
Take a look at "Microsoft Outlook" - I have it installed with notifications turned off.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
after two days, the only person in public that recognizedmine was an employee at the Microsoft store.
No way to store maps on SD card on R U kiding me? Get ur act together
Join me at the Microsoft store as I present an exciting new workshop ~ Joy & Profit in Leadership! . Click here &...
Lmao Gabriel got kicked out of the Microsoft store at the mall
When will be available for preorder on Microsoft store? I prefer my games digital download.
no it's a free app in the Microsoft store
Thought I was in the Apple Store but was confused because there was no people. Turns out I was in the Microsoft store h…
Listening to this guy at the Microsoft store convince a customer that minecraft is educational. You can even plant stuff.
"Store is not available in your region". Really, we're back to this?
Jabra Rox Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds for $80 + free shipping: The Microsoft Store offers the Jab...
Was pretty happy when I saw this at the Microsoft store
might still be able to trade in your 360 for $100 toward an X1 at the Microsoft Store. Thats what I did
How and why I added an on-screen keyboard to my Windows Store app
Microsoft Intune: Managed iOS App from the App Store: There are two ways to deploy iOS store apps in Intune 1.
Better late than never, Sydney to get first Microsoft flagship store outside US
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Get a signature edition of a model from the Microsoft Store; it will just have stock Windows on it, no extra junk programs.
Need to quickly take notes at a meeting? Turn your OneNote into a whiteboard by taking a photo.Only with
I went to the Microsoft store today. I got great service (again). Those fools at the Apple Store have to wait in line or m…
Microsoft Work & Play Bundle for $149 includes one-year subscriptions to: Office 365 Home, Wi-Fi + Skype...
We couldn't speculate - though the Microsoft Store may have more insight into this: ^CH
For the nearest retailer, you can check the following link:
update brings the Latest Dev Activities back!
Making the most of Kindle Edition now Available -
Then, went to the Microsoft store and saw the surface pro 3. Hate the optional keyboard for that thing that you have to pay extra for.
. Microsoft are terrific at losing themselves customers. Their App Store wont let me in. So I download elsewhere.
Just updated to the latest app. It's now available from the Microsoft Store. Thanks
Spent time playing with the new Surface 3 yesterday at the Tyson's corner Microsoft Store. Can’t wait!
To manually install Windows 8.1 , not by the store. I forgot yesterday tell you.
Build 2015 available in the Phone Store Microsoft has released an official Build 2015 ap...
Photo: Surface Pro 3: It’s Here! It’s Surface Pro 3 Launch Day in Canada! I was at the Microsoft Store...
Star Chart app for Windows in the Windows Store
Backup your contacts and texts on Windows Phone with this new app from Microsoft: Store...
Checkout OneCloudDrive app, unlimited cloud storage for free! . Available on Windows Store. Download now :).
Microsoft Surface 3 unboxing: Your new favorite hybrid? - TechnoBuffalo
Just look at App store if you want another example on how people do everything to earn a penny, even stealing and conning.
Acer Liquid M220 coming to the US in June from the Microsoft Store - Phones Review
Microsoft to launch first flagship store outside US in Sydney: Microsoft ...
Hoping my Microsoft Band is delivered tomorrow from the UK Microsoft Store. It's been a long time coming to these shores.
HP Stream 7 tablet deal available from Microsoft Store; $79 includes free Office 365 and $25 gift card
Are you able to purchase from the US Microsoft Store? You can set the region in the lower-left: ^CH
Join Lisa Fischer, Gretchen Thelen Young and I at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square tonight at 6pm for our,,,
Using Windows Phone for the first time. UI is so cool, colors are awesome but bad thing is its app store! NO Good Apps!
Like some exec said, "make me one just like the Apple Store, except with Microsoft branding."
Went to the mall over the weekend and walked by the store; basically a carbon copy of the Store.
$229.00 -May not last long Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 32GB Signature Edition 2 in 1 PC at Microsoft Store
REALLY?! i got it for only $12 from the microsoft store. isn't atleast the gameplay good?
Why isn't there a Microsoft Store in the Dominican Republic? I think we should talk about it. Happy Monday!
It may be at the top of the App Store charts but Microsoft's new Outlook app is a huge security risk |
When working in Microsoft Office, you may have files you open often or a specific folder you use to store all...
Getting ready to phase out custom skins! You can get new skins from the Microsoft Store for $1 each now.
. why can' t I download music via MUSIC STORE?? Go back We need only . "OLD IS GOLD".
We are working everyday to improve the app. Also waitin' to hear from Microsoft on bringin' it back to the store. /Angela
Securely and economically store all of your data with Microsoft Azure.
Today at 6pm thedjaflex and myself take over the store at St. Louis Galleria to…
Today at 6pm DJ Charlie Chan, DJ Aflex and myself take over the Microsoft Store inside the St. Louis Galleria...
Awkward automated text from Microsoft Store this AM….
You can refer to this link to locate the nearest Care Point in your area: ^EP
I wonder how much of this is due to implementations of Bing in tons of Microsoft products. Does searching the Xbox store count?
Diablo III for Xbox 360 for $12 + free shipping: Microsoft Store offers Diablo III for Xbox 36...
Unexpected issue with Windows Phone store. Microsoft is looking into it. Stay tuned & thx for sharing the info. /Angela
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Coming soon from our pals at Microsoft for iPad Step by Step
Opera Mini, gone missing, returns to the Windows Phone Store
Now you can work, play, and get even more done with Microsoft Office for Android tablets
today updated for BETA in Store, with new name BETA.
1/2 About the Store error you are encountering, we suggest that you try syncing your Microsoft account and then check if the
Surface Pro 3 is a powerful machine, excellent pen
Microsoft to Spill More Beans on Windows 10 at Thursday Event: Windows 10, according to...
Microsoft Lumia 535 now on sale at Microsoft Store UK: The Microsoft Lumia 535 is the latest Windows Phone sma...
Discover the now on sale at Microsoft Store UK
Newly added: Opera Mini is returning to the Windows Phone store as a beta
Nokia DT-903 Smart Wireless Charging Plate now available at Microsoft Store for $59
See this: Note that charges will be applied. ^RR
Another app unpublished from the Windows Phone Store, this time by Microsoft -
- Great new Outlook app for Android and iOS. I love the swipe to postpone, archive and delete features.
Opera Mini to return to the Windows Phone Store, in beta form
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Getting your Microsoft Band replaced - Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
All Surface Pro 3 models are selling at a $100 discount Store
Opera Mini is coming back to the Windows Phone Store, at least in beta form
gets visual. Check out analytics app on store
Outlook for iOS app "breaks" corporate security: Microsoft will store your credentials in its cloud if you use it
Most Surface Pro 3 models are on sale for $75 off today on the Microsoft Store site
*Walking by the Microsoft store* "What's that 5 employees working today? How sad." -😂😂😂
Two new devices added to the Windows 10 family: Microsoft and Read more here:
Do you have a Microsoft Store nearby?
Thanks Microsoft Microsoft Store for frying my laptop's hard drive and causing me to lose 3000+ photographs from my time studying abroad this past semester, when it was sent in simply to replace the charging plug socket. And for not having a way to contact your service center any other way besides little notes. No telephone numbers or email addresses, nothing. Those working in the customer service department were condescending, and there was no way for them to guarantee that I would get my laptop back. They would not tell me they had already tried backing up the hard drive, I assume because then I would know they had fried my laptop as it had been functioning perfectly prior to dropping it off to be repaired. They would not tell me this, though when my mother called they told her, even though I am the customer and the laptop is in my name. I am incredibly disappointed and upset because not only the physical device which I spent hours deciding on is junk, but I lost hours of work which had been saved, and ...
Come out to the event Mon night 6:30 PM Your Image, Your Message, Your Market - the store
I chatted with the Microsoft Store UK and they said I can't use it in Italy.. :/
Gotcha. It looks like this reward is valid for the Microsoft Store Italy. :)
Selling Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook 2014 version brought from Microsoft Store with receipt intel i5, 128GB, 4GB Ram, Full HD touchscreen, No scratch, no dent 10/10 condition, comes with original box and everything I can throw in plastic case for this XPS 13 Inbox
Teddy Sleep Sounds: to Sleep & Relax better with natural sounds,Soothing Ambiance
Fri & Sat only get $75 off Pro 3 i5 and i7 & a free NFL skin with purchase on all models through Sunday.
Q: How do I return a product I purchased at the Microsoft Store?
To give you an accurate exact response, please reach out to the Microsoft store for assistance:
Just removed a 700gb! file store from an old sbs 2011 server. Never was a fan of wsus for most cases.
Temple Run: Brave app for Windows in the Windows Store
Hey folks! The Microsoft Store offer is for physical games. Check out MyVIP for rebates on your digital downloads.
Microsoft's online store runs out of Surface 2 tablets with Windows RT
Check out "The World's Largest Photo Booth at the Microsoft Store" on Vimeo
Try an early version of Pongish for Windows Phone! .
Microsoft snaps digital signage to create 'world's largest photo booth' - Digital Signage Today
The Surface 2 is no longer available at the store.
Just got a call from our bank about some suspicious charges from the Microsoft store on our credit card. Yay.
What's in store for new operating system? talks to about the changes
Taking CutieFace Jr. to see Marvel at the Microsoft Store today 😍
Deal Alert: Lumia 1320 now available for just Rs. 13,499 at Microsoft Store
Lumia 638 affordable 4G LTE smartphone now available in India for Rs.8299 from Microsoft Store
brand store arrives on The Microsoft Brand Store will sell range of Microsoft products.
Windows Store apps get the App Annie treatment - CNET
Braden and I today helping sales at the Microsoft Store. We started all alone, and ended with about forty people watching...many of them recording us from the level above. Skip to about 1:54 to bypass the dramatic buildup. :-) Some fathers and sons go fishing...some go hunting...
350K apps on the Microsoft store ...need traction like yesterday but I think they are on the right direction
Hi, thank you for your interest in the Microsoft India Store at 1/2
Microsoft brings joy to surprised holiday shoppers at the Mall of America. Surprise everyone with happiness too; visit a Microsoft store near you to give som...
Went to a Microsoft Store in SF. It's like an Apple Store but with more windows.
Microsoft launches official store on Amazon India
This is a really cool concept - I played with one at the Microsoft Store and was very impressed. I would loved...
Microsoft launches its hardware store on Amazon India
Microsoft brand store arrives on
Microsoft Brand Store now available on Visit:
10 sure looks better than Windows 8.
Microsoft launches official store on Amazon India via
domain names
Microsoft launches official store on Amazon India. Here is what is in store -
tip: you can get Windows PCs from the Microsoft store sans OEM crapware
Just tested the Billy 4.7 at the store, I really like it, very thin and not expensive!
Got an all in one pc for half off at some Microsoft store nobody goes to
Look who is going to be at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square on Wednesday from 7-7:45pm supporting Eastside...
The first customers in each US & PR store 12/16 get free & a $50 gift card when you buy a Charge. http…
Microsoft is your not so secret Santa with Surface Pro 3 gifts, Asus ... - Digital Trends
Leaked Windows 10 build shows Cortana, new Xbox apps and Windows Store | Microsoft |
PS4 and Xbox One games: Holiday deals on PS Store, Amazon, Microsoft and ... - ChristianToday
Microsoft Store launched on Amazon India, sells hardware as well
4Xbox One plus Assassin's Creed Bundle for only $329. at Microsoft!
Microsoft Community: Issues with the Microsoft store delivering a laptop
Took a day trip up to Charlotte today. So happy to get out a travel for once! Been stuck in Columbia for awhile now. Highlight of the day so far was walking in the Microsoft store and apparently yelling out, 'but this computer isn't as good. It isn't a MacBook and having all the employees heads turn to look at me.'
It’s true: kids can learn and play at the same time. Find a free workshop at your local http:…
Buy Project 2013 at the Microsoft Store and start keeping your projects organized and on track. 2013.
Little Giant Ladders
12 Days of Deals at the Microsoft Store. Great Deals for the Holidays. Awesome Discounts!
Get Microsoft Publisher 2013 and start creating professional-quality materials today at the Microsoft Store.
store offer $50 off all Xbox One consoles. Enjoy the holiday deal. -
Was hoping to get the Microsoft Band for Kaitlyn for Christmas, but it's never in stock online and there are no Microsoft stores nearby. Which is a bummer, but now she's just not getting anything. Which is cheaper. Happy holidays!
got to go to the Microsoft store to get a whole year Xbox live
By pradeep Microsoft Store recently announced their campaign called ’12 Days Of Deals’ that will be available both online and in physical retail stores in the US and Canada. Every day from December 8 through December 19 Microsoft will be offering a great deal on gifts your friends and family… Read m…
Tysons mall, there is a Microsoft store and an Apple Store, Apple is always mobbed, Microsoft is always dead
I hate this dumb Microsoft phone. 😭😭😭 it has a horrible app store. My snap chat don't even work right 😭
definitely. Microsoft Store had a glitch last week where u got a free game with kinect sports and they honored it. u never know
hungry, need my car, need my phone and cellphone credits and internet restored the public forum k-12 wasnt my imagination was it that serious to Mr. Kappas in EC. Can someone contact him, they tore up MY yard and didnt reimbuse ME. Then arrests, impoundments, vehicle tamperings, and it is extreme as default plaintiff if the causer of the extremity wasnt the defendant and knew if the case. And they did know if the case because the bankruptcy was the charges the officers created for them. Fathoom, being in IL offices and not being apprehended and driving 30 min and being apprehended incessantly , dudes females, when within a Federal or State court or building or office, they ask for ss numbers and State identification, so THEY can apprehend if ther were or are warrants of or for arrests' against a filee. I went into the offices and courts multiple times, parking structures, paidd for parkings at interviews with places applied, State school parkings', where THEY apprehend if there were or are warants. The .. ...
Get your young developer involved in Find a free workshop at your local store at
We'd be happy to help diagnose your store issues. Have you tried running our troubleshooter
I went to Microsoft store and played with hp stream. It's cool but prob slow. Has office though.
The endorsement is the fact that they are selling it in the Microsoft Store.
It occurs to me the Microsoft store would make a great waiting area for the Genius Bar in the Apple Store.
hey when are you guys gonna restock on the Microsoft store bc I got my coupon code for trading in my console, so I wanna use it
Buy Pro 3 and Complete and get free set up, personal training, and more. Come in-store to learn more.
El store de Microsoft no SIRVE!!! Apple is way better with that Dios Mio
I honestly was about to quit and go work at the Microsoft store? I mean they were paying $18 an hour
I gotta tell ya, the store you guys put in is amazing! When can we see a full store? Can't wait!!!
After seeing all the amazing announcements from Sony and Nintendo over the past couple days I'm curious about what Microsoft has in store
Don't forget! Microsoft Store's 12 Days of Deals launch on 12/8!
Money-saving tip. New (legal) App from lets you buy discounted music:
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