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Microsoft Paint

Paint (formerly Paintbrush for Windows) is a simple graphics painting program that has been included with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Excel Gucci Mane Windows Movie Maker

My God what was this animated with, Microsoft Paint? Get Genndy Tartakovsky back, he finished Samurai Jack. Disney…
Ever wanted to see what it looks like when someone attempts to redraw a Mike Mignola cover in Microsoft Paint?
Illustration of as a space goddess (inspired by her look in the "Lady Marmalade" video), Microsoft Paint, 2…
if my hometown should let me redesign our flag, which someone made two minutes before it was due in Microsoft Paint.
Replicating every scene of Blade Runner on Microsoft Paint: / via
Therapy for Dems???. Stressed-out teenage hero paints along with Bob Ross on Microsoft Paint # via
man my microsoft paint skills are FIRE
who wants to get drew in Microsoft paint?
The design was done on Microsoft Paint
I should buy clip studio paint when I get home. My question: will it run on a Microsoft surface 3?
Cant say i'm much of and artist but I can Microsoft Paint sorta alright thanks for the music lesson http…
Making works of art in Microsoft Paint. | 25 Things That ... -
Did you make that in Microsoft Paint?
The New “microsoft” operating system for the paint industry,
looks like you made that on Microsoft Paint 😂
All of the people using my amazing and totally not sarcastic Microsoft Paint pictures as their Avi's are my best friends
This kids is why you should never let me get tired near Microsoft Paint
Microsoft paint is my favorite thing ever
Wow, Hawthorn jumper looks like it's been designed by a 5 year old using Microsoft Paint.
You look like you were made with Microsoft Paint
We're trying to get MAC to take us seriously and accept our request. These photos need to be HD with no Microsoft Paint effects on them.
it's Microsoft paint. get it right smh smh
This is badly tampered picture... That Mcdonald sign isnt even photoshoped they used Paint from Microsoft lool...
9. I started making graphics in 2014 with NovaSkin and Microsoft Paint
Did you create your avatar in Microsoft paint? Or worse. Capcom's game design engine.
CHECKOUT my new Val recruits skill in microsoft paint. This dude has got to be the most underrated dzn ik
This changes everything. Gucci Paint – it's like Microsoft Paint but with Gucci Mane.
📷 buzzfeed: Every Pixar movie summarized in terrible Microsoft Paint drawings.
"Windows 10 sends my data to Microsoft!". bruh its called analytics, chill out. how else do they figure out if anyone is using paint anymore.
looks fake. you didn't even cropped the Microsoft Paint frame
I liked a video Using Microsoft Paint To Crop and Resize Photos
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
.Maybe someone's been using Microsoft Paint to add 'Top Secret' stamps again.
Happy Birthday - Made this for you using Microsoft Paint!
it looks like it was designed by a Wexford MILF in Microsoft Paint 1999
Ppl thought i photoshopped him as tho microsoft paint isnt my go to photo editing software
I made these in Microsoft Paint the other day so clearly I am very talented
Did you hack me with Microsoft paint
Okay D: I'd tell you what PC pixel art things I know of, but literally all I can think of is microsoft paint.
I'm going to hack you with Microsoft paint
The new video was very possibly made using Microsoft Paint... I'm not complaining! Check it out:
I thought you edited this with Microsoft Paint 😐
Microsoft Paint has a lot to answer for.
Tons of possible logos and UND picks the one that costs $50,000 and looks like a 3rd grader found Microsoft paint https…
Gucci Paint: It’s like Microsoft Paint but with Gucci Mane.
please bring MS Paint to IOS with its full capabilities.
Every Harry Potter film encapsulated into some awful Microsoft Paint drawings
This honestly looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint. Solidifying that this election is just like high school.
Why does Kanye's album cover look like Microsoft Paint gone wrong tho lol
JAN: Dennis Wise appeared on Setanta, after applying his hair with Microsoft Paint.
yay! I had to piece this together in Microsoft paint bc it wouldn't fit on my screen. I'm glad this is becoming a thing.
‘Halo 5: Guardians’ NASCAR paint schemes will debut at Kansas Speedway Oct. 18
did you make your header on Microsoft paint?
Today I'm learning about Microsoft Paint. My parents pay over 3,000 a year for this degree
You should see me on Microsoft Paint
Days where I draw circuit diagrams in Microsoft Paint are the days I feel most satisfied with my choice of undergraduate degree.
Man, these nude JB pics that have been edited with Microsoft Paint is making me laugh lol
my little sister sola drew the Blurryface album cover on Microsoft Paint:
The Diver my best peice. Words paint like Microsoft
it depends if your computer calls it MS Paint, Paint, or Microsoft Paint,
Microsoft Paint lol . I used to enjoy.
Jay-z hairline looks like someone tried to erase it on microsoft paint
Could someone make me a header for free? I don't care if it's made in Microsoft paint, just put my @ in it.
Credit where credit's due: dude knows his way about Microsoft Paint
hi jack I drew this picture on Microsoft paint hope you like it
The photo shop in this was done in Microsoft paint 😭
when I don't use Microsoft paint and my mouse to make pictures
21 Pilots sound like they make their music with the musician's software equivalent to Microsoft Paint
When you can't afford Photoshop so you resort to Microsoft paint to try and edit ...
What if we printed our articles on hockey jerseys created with Microsoft Paint?
You were probably asleep for this microsoft paint masterwork:
Nathan Li has done some of his A level photography edits on Microsoft Paint.
and Microsoft paint clip-art, *** time to rethink my entire argument :-/
they take like 2 seconds tho using MicroSoft Windows Paint.
We passing off some Microsoft Paint remakes for click bait beloved ?
and that cover art looks like it was made on microsoft paint. Yall dissin yourselves
imagine being the person whose job it is to make those in like Microsoft paint
Earl is the only person I know who uses 1. Microsoft Paint and 2. The spray paint feature on it
a-are they using Microsoft paint for this...?
Literally all this is is just a photo of Tyler Johnson's back, with all the surroundings marked out with black in Microsoft Paint. Lmao
Photoshop skills: Microsoft Paint running on Windows 95 with a touch screen.
I firmly believe that 85% of what you can do in PhotoShop, I can do with a combination of Microsoft Paint and PowerPoint...and more time.
I added a video to a playlist GTU CCC Practical Exam Paper How to Use Microsoft Paint
If your album cover looks like something my niece just made in Microsoft Paint... I'll pass.
Microsoft paint is the hardest thing ever to use
Now for some good ones that AREN'T traced or made on MICROSOFT Paint
Who needs cosmetics when you've got Microsoft Paint ketchup.
Omg pls. Prices are out. Artist is unknown. Shady childish organizers & pricing made by paint or microsoft publisher.
She deff went on Microsoft paint and made her *** bigger 😂😂 anyone els see that???
Hi, Microsoft support? Yeah I installed paint but I don't see the option to go hard in it
A bead of sweat drips down Madonna's forehead as she searches frantically for Microsoft Paint on her new MacBook Air.
Real Madrid literally has millions of dollars to make the best kits and they still look like they're the default colors from Microsoft Paint
His top skills include and ONLY include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Paint. Connect with him! http:…
Jessica Nigri Super Saiyan Goku Cosplay. as illustrated by me via Microsoft Paint
Wish someone would've told me all I needed for my career were excellent PowerPoint skills and a 1995 understanding of Microsoft Paint
You can call me "The George Foreman of Microsoft Paint" because I name all my files George.bmp lol
Looks like Penguin slashed budget for book given cover was apparently made w/ Microsoft Paint:
I make Sacramento King fan art on Microsoft Paint and share it with no one cuz you wouldn't understand.
.look like they were designed with Microsoft Paint circa Windows 95. Love my Bulldogs, but not these unis.
- "Ok. I've brought up Microsoft Paint. Now what do I click to go hard in it?"
the words updated & paint.. should never be said... its like working with a clay tablet... shh Microsoft might be listening.
The watermark thing just reminds me of Microsoft paint
Microsoft Paint is a free tool found on most Windows operating systems. But did you know that you can use Paint to create professional looking book covers? Well, you are welcome to the world of creativity.
Just spent over an hour on Microsoft Paint to avoid studying or getting work done
Shawty Lo got his hair cut by Microsoft Paint
Jason Moss -here's example of what you can do with microsoft paint. Just like using a sketchbook only easier!
I would paint Bing and Microsoft evil too if I had the chance. I didn't ask Google to reach out to me, it was delivered.
Wow. I just made a face (so to speak) with Microsoft Paint, and now I'm looking for something disgusting on my news feed (which is usually fairly easy) so I can use it...and so far I can't find anything! And yet, I can't really complain, either... :)
Doing some photo editing for you guys. Gamedroid is editing some current art... and I am working on some hand-made (Microsoft Paint, LOL) art. We hope you enjoy! And we appreciate your likes, comments, and further insight! :) Just for fun, ~Gamech
You make your Avi on Microsoft paint?
Clip Art & Microsoft Paint good enough for you?
If we're being really honest, yes, I did just make a collage of cute kitten photos on Microsoft Paint for my desktop background
Why get abs when you have microsoft paint
My severe lack of photoshop skills has left me using microsoft paint for a final year piece of coursework.
Im glad you liked it, love pushing Microsoft paint to its limits!
I wanna start working with Microsoft paint for graphics, ima go pic up a cheap as keyboard temporary so I can work better on graphics
Did the Raptors draw that play up on Microsoft paint?
Enter Shikari, Microsoft Paint, and a cigarette. Good day so far :))
took just over an hour on Microsoft paint. this is my first try, so its kinda bad, but HEY, it looks like her so mission was successful!
I'm pretty sure that the devil created Microsoft Paint.
Coming from a graphic designer, the new logo for Extreme Rules is awful in my opinion. Looks like a middle schooler used Microsoft paint.
Exam in 2 days. Discovering Microsoft Paint is dangerous.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I still can't find a good one to draw for home, still thinking, anyway for now have another computer art vinyl. I found out that Microsoft paint has a density option! Now I can do some better shading! Yay!
life was so simple back when we only had Microsoft paint
Microsoft paint is actually pretty cool once you get familiar with it...I am trying to replicate my drawings of these trophies
Check out Microsoft Paint on few ewf ew few
I woke lookin like somebody drew me in Microsoft Paint💇😯
Everything was so simple when we had Microsoft paint.
Jay Z's hairline looks like someone tried to erase it in Microsoft Paint
Bill gates: Tell your favourite microsoft product.Mine is MS ppt and MS word. Guy 1: MS paint. : Mine is MS dhoni.
why does it look like Michaels hair has been painted black in microsoft paint
I'm sleep at tha face that it took time out it's day to edit my avi in microsoft paint like mess
the Weathered album cover was created in Microsoft Paint
From Jason Moss: On a different note did I see somewhere that you can edit old photos and fix them up? Thanks. Yep! As long as the face is there I can easily do the rest. It's time consuming but well worth the effort. Of course the clearer/darker/quality the photo is the begin with the easier it is to restore (I just just Microsoft paint). You have to blow them up pretty big so you can pick up a block of the right colour to paste it where you want it.
I wonder what instagram user georgiaatimms uses to edit her photos with Michael? Microsoft Paint?
if you're on a computer/laptop, Microsoft paint. On iPod or mobile device, photo collage app.
If doesn't get put on a t shirt I won't be attending the rave. I'm not living for them Microsoft paint t shirts.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
On Microsoft paint with my lil man, the computer hawk ! (At least he's being creative:)
Someone got paid a lot of money to do cgi for 300 2 and gave them Microsoft paint quality work...
Courtney Love — amateur detective and professional Microsoft Paint artist — says she's found Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370:
So here's my last work of Microsoft Paint, Death Star. I hope you like it:
"As you know, our students' records are stored on a Microsoft Paint file -- which I was assured, was future-proof." - Dean Pelton 󾌴󾌴󾌴
Time lapse speed painting of Santa Claus using Microsoft Paint. Nearly 50 hours of drawing compressed into a couple of minutes. This is the sequel to the ear...
This Researched Text worked ahead of Time: This Researched Text worked ahead of Time:November 6, 2013 The Sound Color Scheme from The Great Designer! Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Brown, Red = (Purple) Question:What is that? Answer:Microsoft Paint said Day I need to move on from the evolution of The Person in The Scene to The Reality of The Scene. For NOW, most scenes have just The Person in mind. Thus, my product tries to make eye contact with you. However in The Business Scene The Person is Not in mind, rather The Person is replace by a primary object. In my research The Object is the phone in The Scene for Business. In The Past, The World was the term used to occupy a scene that does not describe it's use. Today in The Future I can describe this occupation by knowing who is The Person is requesting The Object to be in The View. The View is always in mind and thus shortcuts The View of The World without a Web Page. The Scene is a Web Page formatted into an Image to capture The Evolution of this Sta ...
I really don't get the point of all these parody accounts with pop culture icons poorly drawn with Microsoft Paint and talking ghetto.
Someone at work told me today that Bob Holness didn't really play the saxophone on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street. Please use your Microsoft Paint skills to make my shattered illusion a reality.
HOW TO ADD A URL ADDRESS BAR TO TASK BAR ?? You can add an Internet URL address bar to your Windows XP taskbar. Doing so will let you type in URLs and launch Web pages without first launching a browser. It will also let you launch some native Windows XP applications in much the same way as you would via the Run menu (so you could type in calc to launch the calculator or mspaint to launch Microsoft Paint. Here's how you add the address bar: 1. Right-click on the taskbar, select Toolbars, and then click Address. 2. The word Address will appear on your taskbar. 3. Double click it to access it. 4. If that doesn't work, your taskbar is locked. You can unlock it by right-clicking on the taskbar again and uncheck Lock the Taskbar. NOTE: You may also need to grab the vertical dotted lines beside the word Address and drag it to the left to make the Address window appear.
Creating a screenshot on Windows Press the Print Screen or Prnt Scrn or prt sc key (depending on your keyboard). This key is usually found in the upper right section of your keyboard. To capture only the active window, hold down the Alt key at the same time. Go to the Windows Start menu and open up the Microsoft Paint program from the Programs list (look under Accessories). Once Paint is open, click Paste and your screenshot will appear. (-: Happy Learning :-)
I am VERY impressed by Microsoft Paint on Windows 7, especially now that I have admin access and can install fonts. My life just got easier.
1. Contest will run May 6th-June 7th. 2. 1st Place person will get their choice of a pair of tickets and FIVE prizes of their choice, 2nd place person will get remaining 2 tickets and 4 prizes, 3rd place person will get choice of 3 prizes, 4th place will get 2 prizes, and 5th place person will get the last prize. (Give or take we might get more prizes!) 3. You must comment on this post with your age and location to be officially entered in the contest. 4. A Photo Album in this group will then be created FOR YOU to upload your progress to. You'll got to the photos tab click your name then add pictures. 5. All things counted for points have to be submitted to your album, via comment on your album or a picture upload. Points will not be granted any other way. 6. To take a SCREEN SHOT of your work press “Print Screen” on your keyboard, open up Microsoft Paint and PASTE into there. Save and upload. 7. Winners will be announced at the show! 8. Rules can, may, and will be updated to check back here fr ...
Powerpoint has produced more bad design in its day than any other digital tool in history with the possible exception of Microsoft Paint.
Was channel-surfing & came accross 'Scooby-Doo! Curse Of The Lake Monster' on HBO. It's like they used Microsoft Paint for the effects.
Some of y'all need to stop posting flyers and promo that look like they were created with Microsoft Paint.please hire a graphic designer!
I am here to make your wildest dreams a reality using nothing but Microsoft Paint (no tablets, no touch ups). Ask me to paint anything you wish and I will try no matter how specific or surreal your demands. While there aren't enough hours in the day to physically paint every suggestion I will consid...
Jokes aside, Vic Reeves is one *** of a talented Microsoft Paint artist:
Drawings and Speed art videos by me, myself and I XD All using Microsoft Paint and my mouse :)...
Oh Dev Hynes. I remember the days he used to follow me on Livejournal and would post Microsoft Paint pics of his sad face.
After a game being crushed, Dyrus thoughtfully explains how his Jungle Maokai should've played through the use of Microsoft Paint.
Computer Software Browsers The program on your PC that allows you to view websites. Common browsers include Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Don't worry about the cost; most browsers are free. A browser works by reading the HTML code of a page, and translating it into a visual interface as the browser has interpreted the code. Although all browsers don't interpret code in exactly the same way which can cause problems in web development, they are getting closer to being standardised. Image Creation and Manipulation Software Programs that allow you to "paint" images on your PC, and change parts of other images. Popular image creation software includes the very simple Microsoft Paint and the very complicated Adobe Photoshop. They work by representing each brush with a pixel, to create a bitmap image made up of pixels. Sophisticated image manipulation programs allow you to save as various image formats such as GIF and JPEG. Internet Security Just like a house needs locks on it's doors, so does an Intern ...
my 7th video animation..valentines day presentation & I dedicated this to Sunshine San Diego. (Microsoft Paint + Window Movie Maker) sana pO magustuhan ñu ka...
I am going to apply for a job at Crown Point High School to teach AP chemistry for next year. I will just make my college and high school diplomas in Microsoft Paint and flip the 7 and 9 on the year I was born on my birth certificate.
Lmaooo, I drew me, Miller & Chris on Microsoft Paint. A true masterpiece.
It's difficult doing my graphic design on Microsoft Paint.
Depicts the uses of Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Excel in an unusual way.
A movie I did with Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Movie Maker. I used the Adam Sandler clip and ...
Romney-Ryan 2012!! ( I need some photoshop or Microsoft Paint experts to edit this picture and add Paul Ryan to the picture too :-) to show some campaign spirit for Romney-Ryan 2012 ticket with Mitt Romney supporter now, Romney-Ryan supporter Rekha Sharma who is by the way also State Rep candidate from 68th District, Florissant, Missouri. North County or North St. Louis County! & This picture of Romney was taken at my very own North County!!
How to make an Sonic OC. 1. Make sure that any character you make have to be Sonic's Lost relative, because we all know that Sonic's mom is a huge *** that let anyone in her Hedgehog womb. 2.Same with the Naruto rule, make sure that your Sonic OC have powers that are not in the Sega or Archie Comics canon. Make Sonic OC go SSJ 90.Tell Yuji Naka and Sonic team that you are more smart and creative than they are. 3.Instead of drawing your Character like a Sonic fan with dignity would do, go to google and open up the most expensive editing software. Microsoft Paint! Make sure you never take your time and make it sloppy. Look at Bludshot the Hedgehog and Sonichu. Those two are the most original Sonic characters ever! 4. For the mature audience out there. Do you want to have kinky sex with Eggman, want Sonic to whisper naughty things in your ears, want to give Cream some of your naughty cream of your own? Look no further than Sonic Passion. A place where you talk about all the dirty, horrifying things you want ...
When it came to creating some eye-catching videos for his band, Highland Park musician Benjamin Louis Fried Cassorla – aka Cassorla – turned to the widely available but far from sophisticated Microsoft Paint graphics software that is found on Windows
Microsoft Paint and Google Images could be 2 of the Worlds greatest ever inventions
"what about an article about how an incredibly crappy-looking ad made in Microsoft Paint in the space of five minutes …
All right, so, this is my first venture with Windows Movie Maker. I realize that I suck at Microsoft Paint. I realize that this isn't funny at all. But I wan...
First ever attempt in MS Paint, I decided to draw a Shelby Mustang GT500 in Microsoft Paint, with just a mouse, not using a tablet. Sorry I didn't have one o...
A Song for Harry Redknapp, sung by Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy. My first (and probably last) video. Created using Windows Movie Maker and Microsoft Paint! I k...
Microsoft Excel, my boss loves it, I hate it to bits. It’s deadly effective as a tool to organize data, but it’s overwhelmingly boring as well. Honestly, what can I do with Microsoft Excel? Previously, there was only Microsoft Paint and heck, Minesweeper in my Windows 98 work computer. It ... Contin...
This is a music video I made for the song "Fee" by Phish. I used Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker.
Caricatures made in Microsoft Paint, Edited in Corel Draw or Photoshop...
A little animated music video I made using Microsoft Paint and Windows Live Movie Maker. i hope u guys would enjoy this vid as i really enjoyed making it! le...
Another video along with music. with drawings i made on Microsoft Paint. once again, i know they arnt that good. but whatever, i dont care. it didnt take too...
Your better than tht Art Turd by far-It looks like he made his profile picture on Microsoft Paint, great art critic
Jared Kushner Charlie Gard White House Donald Trump Linkin Park Chester Bennington Anthony Scaramucci Michael Phelps Princess Diana North Korea Donald Trump Jr Home Alone Prince William President Trump Stranger Things Microsoft Paint South African Princes William Jordan Spieth Harry Potter Derrick Rose Girls Trip Justice League Hillary Clinton Trump Jr Justine Damond Islamic State Chris Froome White Sox Christopher Nolan Prince Harry Con International Perfect Time Black Panther Prince George Jeremy Corbyn San Antonio Wonder Woman Jennifer Lopez Jeff Sessions Middle East Man City World Cup Boris Johnson Paul Manafort Manchester United Chuck Schumer Nev Schulman Army Sgt Arab World Princess Charlotte Joint Chiefs Las Vegas Katy Perry Liberal Arts Supreme Court Love Island Justice Department Capitol Hill Attorney General Jeff Sessions Second Amendment Man Utd President Donald Trump Alice Cooper Al Gore South Africa South Sudan New Zealand Premier League Chicago Public Schools World Series Peanut Butter Kellyanne Conway Lana Del Rey Roger Waters Grenfell Tower Ben Affleck Mutual Fund Hawaii Five Tate Modern Shinzo Abe Super Bowl San Diego Charlize Theron Chris Harrison De Blasio Dale Earnhardt Jr Daily News Star Wars Robert Mueller Manchester City Gerald R. Ford Jose Mourinho Hurricane Harbor Anthony Martial Real Madrid Puerto Vallarta Amy Winehouse Elon Musk Ben Needham

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