Mickie James & Kurt Angle

Mickie Laree James (born August 31, 1979), is an American professional wrestler and singer of mixed Native American-Caucasian descent, currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), where she is a former two-time TNA Women's Knockout Champion. Kurt Steven Angle (born December 9, 1968 in Mt. 5.0/5

Mickie James Kurt Angle Jeff Hardy Bully Ray Bobby Roode Austin Aries James Storm Velvet Sky Samoa Joe Madison Rayne Chris Sabin Gail Kim Hulk Hogan Christopher Daniels Chavo Guerrero Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Zema Ion Jay Bradley Jessie Godderz

Who did Mickie James beat for this 2nd title shot? Kurt Angle is drunk w/ power. Oh for the record, Matt Hardy didn’t earn his either
Kurt Angle officially announces Mickie James will challenge Alexa Bliss at TLC 2017
We got The Hardy Boyz, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Big Show, & Mickie James on the same brand. . I miss the old times 😔😭
Edge, Melina, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, RVD, AJ Lee, Mickie James, basically everyone great who's retired with them
I'd honestly give anything to have Mickie James & Kurt Angle back in WWE
ok guys, im selling a few bits of stuff as im trying to raise £400 for comic con next month. i know im insane. please make sensible offers on the following items. all figures are MOC. The Belt is an Adult replica signed by former champions Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield. The Tna uk 2012 poster comes complete with frame and is signed by Bully Ray, Crimson, Gunner, Earl Hebner, Tara, Kazarian, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, Madison Rayne, James Storm, Christopher Daniels, Velvet Sky, Bobby Roode, Mickie James and more! Please help me get to my goal. would really appreciate it.
It is finally WrestleMania Week/weekend and I arrive in New Orleans in less 24 hours Here is a little schedule outline of what I will be doing down there Thursday April 3-An Evening with Jim Ross with meet and Greet 5th row Friday April 4 -A dinner with the F4/WO group and then go Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8 Saturday April 5-WWE Axxcess where I hope to meet and greet Natalya Neidhart WrestleCon part 1 the stars I am getting to get signatures and some photos from and part 2 Sting, Edge, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Goldberg, Bret Heart and Jim the Anvil Neidhart, Kurt Angle, Mickie James, The Steiner Brothers, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jake the snake Roberts, DDP, Jeff and Karen Jarrett, Maryse Ouellet, Tommy Dreamer, Masato Tanaka, Sid Vicious, Maria Kanellis, Scott Norton, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, ax and smash Demolition, Velvet Sky, Too Cool, Terry Funk, Jimmy Snuka, Doug Gilbert, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, and Brooke Tessmacher Saturday night- WWE Hall of Fame Sunday April 5 WrestleCon part 2 .. ...
Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, James Storm, Bobby Roode, and Mickie James at TNA on Saturday in Pensacola, FL ...
Results of tna's house show last night: 1. Kurt Angle made Bully Ray tap out for the Heavyweight Title, but Earl Hebner didn't see it. Ray went over in the finish. 2. James Storm & Gunner went over Kazarian & Christopher Daniels to defend the TNA Tag Titles. 3. Jeff Hardy went over Austin Aries in the Bound for Glory Series Tournament. 4. Samoa Joe beat AJ Styles and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat. 5. Devon went over Joseph Park. 6. Mickie James beat Velvet Sky to defend the Knockouts Title. 7. Eric Young went over Jessie Godderz. Tushar
Mickie James is on her way out and asks a production assistant for a ladder. - Chavo gives Hernandez a pep talk in the locker room about the BFG Series and tells him this is his tournament to win. - Mickie James is in the ring next to a ladder. She climbs it and says to get to the top of the Knockouts Division, you have to crawl, scratch, claw... She brags about her album deal and commercials and being the champion. She tells the other Knockouts that they will never be as great as she and that she will break all their faces on each rung of the ladder next week. - The Gut Check judges deliberate about last week's contestants in a video package. - We go live in the back as Ryan Howe is chosen to go forward. - Kurt Angle, Sting, and Samoa Joe arrive in the back. Angle says the numbers keep growing and the 4th member will be revealed tonight. Jay Bradley makes his entrance followed by Hernandez with Chavo.
People always say who should be fired or kept by WWE and/or TNA. So I decided to do a list. Depending on how this does I may do both promotions but for now I'm gonna start with TNA and see where it goes. Keep: AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Chris Sabin, Christy Hemme, Daniels, Eric Young, Gail Kim, Gunner, Hernandez, Hulk Hogan (like it or not, he's a draw), James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Kazarian, Kenny King, Kurt Angle, Magnus, Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher, Mr Anderson, Rampage Jackson, Robbie E, Samoa Joe, Sting, Suicide/TJ Perkins, Tara, Taryn Terrell, Velvet Sky, and Zema Ion Expendable: (Quick note, none of these wrestlers hurt TNA, but they dont help either) Brooke Hogan, Chavo Guerrero, DOC, Garrett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Jessie Godderz, King Mo, Knux, ODB, Rob Terry, Rockstar Spud, Sam Shaw, Taz, and Wes Brisco. Other: Abyss (Good but too directionless. Find a direction for him he is Keep, if not Expendable), Devon (Keep but as a road agent), and Mike Tenay (Good when Motivated, othe ...
Impact Wrestling Spoilers - 27/6/13 - - - - - - 1. Suicide defeated Chris Sabin and Kenny King to win the X Division Title. Lots of back and forth action. Suicide used the ropes during the pin and shocked everyone by winning the title. Hulk Hogan came out and announced that the real Suicide had been jumped and a different Suicide won the title. The fake Suicide ran away through the crowd. 2. Adam O'Reilly defeated Brian Howe in a Gut Check match. The Adam guy won and no one cared. Sting came out and introduced Kurt Angle. They cut a promo about the Main Event Mafia and destroying Aces & 8's. They said we would meet the newest member of the Mafia later tonight. 3. Magnus defeated Bobby Roode in a Bound For Glory Series match. James Storm and Gunner were interrupted by Robbie E, who has a bromance with Jessie Godderz. Storm calledTara a butterface, and Gunner knocked out Jessie. 4. Mickie James defeated Velvet Sky to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. Velvet cried during an interview. - Trying to do the Kaitly ...
Q: is there anyone who you would like to be friends with in WWE or TNA? A: yep...there were a lotta Texan Brawlers out in TNA like Angelina Love Brooke Tessmacher or many other people so yeah i sometimes did watch their matches and stuff but from TNA i only got to meet James Storm Bully Ray and Devon Hughes, and in 2007 i did meet Mickie James too, nonthless in WWE it was Mason Ryan and Evan Bourne i did talk to em but nah i don't think so now i'll be able to make new friends, but my friends who're still in WWE, is AJ, Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena and even Jim Ross or Undertaker or Jerry Lawler or Kane lol well i never had a chance to get to know TNA people though, only some of em and well they turned out to be my friends too not much from TNA, but it was like a pleasure to get to know Velvet Sky, Tara, James Storm, Tazz, Kurt Angle and stuff yeah i had a good time
* WARNING! * SPOILER ALERT!! * SPOILERS FOR MAY 30th EDITION OF TNA IMPACT!! * YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! * Presented By: The Pro Wrestling World Gunner, James Storm, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez beat Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Daniels and Kazarian * Bully Ray and Devon came out and cut a promo. They call out Sting and Joseph Park. * Sting and Joseph Park beat Devon and Bully Ray. * Dixie Carter came out and talked about Slammiversary. Aces & 8s interrupt her but Samoa Joe and Magnus make the save. * Garett Bischoff vs. Samoa Joe ends when a brawl breaks out at ringside. Joe, Magnus and Jeff Hardy vs. Garet Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Doc is set for the PPV. * Mickie James came out and talked about winning the title last week. Velvet Sky comes out and wants a rematch. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell end up coming out and getting involved. * Taryn Terrell and Chris Sabin beat Gail Kim and Kenny King. * AJ Styles beat Mr. Anderson by DQ when Kurt Angle ran out and hit AJ. Aces & 8s, Joe, Magnus, Joseph Park and Sting ...
TNA Impact Wrestling RESULTS. .1. Joey Ryan V's Petey Williams V's Suicide & the winner is Suicide. .2. Magnus V's Wes Bristol & the winner is Magnus on a DQ. .3. Mr Anderson V's Kurt Angle & the winner is Mr Anderson. .4. .Mickie James V's Velvet Sky for the title & the winner & new champion is Mickie James. .
The following matches and events are advertised for tonight's TNA Impact Wrestling television show, which takes place in Tampa, Florida. -Aces & 8's hold a patching in ceremony for A.J. Styles. -Hulk Hogan appears. -Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson. -Bully Ray and Sting appear as the build to their TNA Title match continues. -James Storm reveals who he will team with to challenge for the TNA Tag Titles at Slammiversary. -Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts Title. -Sam Shaw vs. Alex Silva in a Bound For Glory Series tournament qualifier match. -Suicide returns
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Thursday's Impact Wrestling broadcast aired LIVE from Tupelo, Mississippi! Check back Friday for footage from the huge event on SpikeTV! - The event kicked off with Sting and Kurt Angle coming to the ring, demanding an answer from AJ Styles! AJ came out, but refused to answer. Angle got in AJ's face, but Styles left, further angering the Olympian. Angle and Styles brawled on the entrance ramp, while the Aces and Eights came out and attacked Sting! Afterwards, TNA cameras caught AJ leaving the building - he still wouldn't answer! - In Knockouts Tag Team action, Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky - still bothered by her knee injury - and Mickie James defeated Gail Kim and Tara! After the bout, Gail wasn't happy about the loss and attacked Tara! - Later, the Aces and Eights hit the ring, with Bully Ray addressing the situation with AJ, wondering who would join Sting and Kurt Angle! Then he turned his attention to D'Lo Brown and how he let the club down last week! Bully ordered D'Lo to remove his gang colors, but ...
AWESOME show by TNA tonight. Mickie James and Bully Ray whooped Tara and Jesse. Mickie is awesome and the crowd was into everything her and Bully did. Mickie did the Wassup headbutt and an awesome DDT on Tara. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe had a great tag match with D-Von and DOC. The cage match main event featured four of my all time favorites. Jeff Hardy was standing about five feet from me when he made his entrance throughout the theater. I marked out when James Storm came out as the special referee. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode were hilarious trying to out cheat each other. Storm nailed Roode with the Last Call and Hardy was over. Excellent show with entertaining matches and seeing Mickie dominate was great to see as well. she looks amazing in person. This house show further solidified why I am such a huge fan of TNA.
IMPACT NEWS: 1.3.13 reveal, Wrestler of the Year poll, title match results, new member of A&E?, Video - Impact post-show TNA Impact News & Notes 12/20/12 -- Sting was revealed as the mystery return on the first Impact of 2013. The 1.3.13 reveal focused on Sting looking for revenge on each member of the Aces & Eights group. -- Title match results on Championship Thursday: Jeff Hardy retained the TNA World Title over Austin Aries, Tara retained the Knockouts Title over Mickie James, and Devon retained the TV Title over Kurt Angle. -- TNA announced a Wrestler of the Year poll that will run until the Jan. 3 Impact. The voting includes five candidates: current TNA Hvt. champion Jeff Hardy, 2012 TNA champs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Bully Ray. [Poll here at ImpactWrestling.com] -- Aces & Eights teased recruiting more members for their group. Devon focused on one individual he had in mind who he described as "arrogant" and a disgruntled TNA wrestler. Also during Impact, Aces & Eights vowed to ...
Preview Thursday’s Impact Wrestling broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c – the return of Championship Thursday with THREE World Title matches! If you can’t watch it on Thursday night, make sure to set your DVR to record it! The road to the January “Genesis” Pay-Per-View continues! - It’s the return of CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY with an epic main event as World Heavyweight Champion “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy will defend the gold against former titleholder Austin Aries! - The Knockouts Championship will also be on the line as Tara defends the title against one of these four superstars: Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Miss Tessmacher or ODB! The potential challengers will make their case to Knockouts Executive in Charge Brooke Hogan, and Brooke will select who receives the title shot! - Also on the CHAMPIONSHIP THURSDAY edition of IMPACT, the Television Championship will be defended as Devon of The Aces and Eights puts his title on the line against the Olympic Gold Medalist – Kurt Angle! - Plus, just ...
Impact Wrestling 06/12/2012 Results Bad Influence & Roode open the show, Roode promos about Jeff and Daniels promos about Styles.. After a while Styles comes to the ring, it ends in a 3 on 1 brawl.. Storm and Hardy come down for the save. Devon says Aces & Eights have been paid to take someone out. Devon bt. Samoa Joe by Pinfall to become the New TV Champion after DOC hit Joe with a hammer. Al-Snow reveals he had food poisoning Mickie James, Tara, Jesse and Velvet Sky have a war of words.. quite pointless. Chavo & Hernandez bt. The Robbies by Pinfall (Chavo pinned Robbie E). Joey Ryan belittles them on the mic before Matt Morgan attacks from behind. Kurt Angle bt. DOC by DQ after Aces & Eights storm the ring.. Was a good match as well.. Bully Ray demands a match against Aries.. HOGAN DENIES.. We go inside Jeff's head for a promo on being champ Kenny King bt. Zema Ion & Kid Kash by Pinfall to become No. 1 Contender for the X Division Championship (Kid Kash pinned Zema Ion) Bully Ray cuts a promo on Aries a ...
awesome I have 3 favorites Mickie James and AJ Styles and Kurt Angle
yeah! Dudley Boyz, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, RVD, Mickie James - they're all there!
*PT 3, Final Resolution Results!* Winner: Austin Aries. We get a look at Velvet Sky's return. JB is backstage with Tara and Jesse. Tara says Velvet is barely back and it should still be all about her. Tara talks about winning tonight. Tara addresses Mickie James and says she's going to beat her so bad she will be embarrassed to show her face. TNA Knockouts Title Match: Mickie James vs. Tara. Taryn Terrell is the referee as Mickie James makes her way out first. The TNA Knockouts Champion Tara is out next with Jesse. Jesse presses her and they kiss before we get the bell. They lock up and go back and forth. Tara takes control and works on the arm. Mickie tries to turn it around but Tara slams her by her head. Mickie does turn it around and slams Tara by her hair now. Jesse checks on Tara as Taryn tells them to break it up. Mickie comes from behind with a bridge for 2. Mickie with a Northern Lights suplex for 2. Tara rams her back into the corner and then beats her down. Mickie turns it back around but Jesse ...
TNA Final Resolution results: Storm and Kazarian have a segement in the ring. Storm vs Kazarian. winner James Storm. Xdivison title match RVD vs Kenny king. Winner RVD. Tag title match Chavo Hernandez vs Joey Ryan Matt Morgan. Winners by dq Chavo Hernandez, during the pin Morgan push out the ref from the ring. Austin Aries vs Bully Ray, Winner Aries when Brooke came out and Aries pull her in the ring . Hogan came out to take Brooke of the ring , and when Bully and the ref wasn't paying attention Aries hit Bully with something. Knockouts championship match Tara vs Mickie James. Winner Tara. Devon Doc and two other aces and 8's members vs Garrett Bischoff Samoa Joe Kurt Angle Wes Brisco, winners Angle Garrett Samoa Brisco. Daniels vs AJ Styles. Winner Daniels. World heavy weight championship match Hardy vs Roode. Winner Hardy. Aces and 8's attacks Booby Roode, and they attacked Hardy to-Juan
its time for the TNA PPV prediction game: * Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries * Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe vs. Four Members of Aces and 8s * One Final Time: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels * X-Division Title Match: RVD © vs. Kenny King * Knockouts Title Match: Tara © vs. Mickie James * TNA Tag Team Title Match: Chavo and Hernandez © vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan * TNA World Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Bobby Roode Bonus questions: Will there be at least one unadvertised match on the ppv? (Yes or No) What will be the 4th match on this night?
TNA results: AJ and Danies in the ring talking . Daniels calls AJ a loser. Daniels says u finding out i'm better then is ur nightmare . Daniels Kaz Booby attacks AJ Hardy and Sting make the save. That will be a 6 man tag match later on. Tv title match Samoa Joe vs Devon. Some girl distracted the ref while doc hits Samoa Joe. Winner Devon . More Aces and 8's girls comes out. Mickie James is in the ring. She thanks the fans for the love and support. Mickie says this Sunday she will become the new Knockotus champ . Tara comes out. She says u break my heart. She says so u had a rough year , and i had an amazing year. Here comes Velvet Sky. Velvet says i miss all of u guys . Velvet says i want to publicly thank Brooke Hogan. She says ladys good luck this sunday . Velvet says in 2013 i will win the Knockouts Title. Robbie E Robie T vs Chavo and Hernandez. Winners Chavo Hernandez. Ryan came out after the match and Distracted Hernandez Chavo while Morgan attacked them. Doc vs Kurt Angle. Winner by Kurt Angle when ...
History of Survivor Series: November 27, 2005...Sunday Night Heat match: Juventud Guerrera with the Mexicools defeated Simon Dean...Booker T with Sharmell defeated his opponent in match 1 of a best of 5 series...Women's Champion Trish Stratus with Mickie James defeated Melina with MNM to retain the title...Triple H defeated Ric Flair in a Last Man Standing match...WWE Champion John Cena defeated Kurt Angle with Special Referee Daivari to retain the title...Theodore Long with Palmer Cannon defeated Eric Bischoff...Batista, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, John "Bradshaw" Layfield with Jillian Hall & Randy Orton with "Cowboy" Bob Orton defeated Shawn Michaels, Kane, Carlito, Chris Masters & Big Show.
Sting and Kurt Angle vs. Aces and Eights tomorrow night-AWESOME!!! The final confrontation between Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries before their Ladder Match at Turning Point as well on Impact!!! Good stuff!!! Mickie James is returning at the beginning of January for the UK tour. She's been out promoting her music and resting up on nagging injuries-she'll come back and hopefully have an awesome series with Tara again.
Honestly, Mickie James and Madison Rayne wouldve been better backup for Kurt Angle instead of Brisco and Bischoff
Loved the main event with Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy!!! I always like when these two have matches like their cage match at Lockdown from this year. Hardy as champion is awesome. Looking forward to the rematch with Austin Aries!! I really enjoyed the promo with Bully Ray and D-Von as well. It felt somewhat like a shoot and with the known history with these two it came across as natural hatred. Well done!!! I like that Tara is in the spotlight right now as the top Knockout. I like Tessmacher's aggressive approach to the match tonight-really think she is one of the best things going in the mainstream companies right now. I think it would be awesome if Tara's current reign leads to another series with Mickie James and Mickie comes out with another Knockout Title reign. Like I said, I've been enjoying TNA this whole year-it just continues. Only thing I would change is Chavo and Hernandez as champs and getting rid of Robbie E and ODB (the only Knockouts I'm not a fan of). I honestly am a fan of pretty much every ...
Kurt Angle vs The Cowboy James Allen Cox tonight!! Add them if you haven't! Also TNA World Champ, Austin Aries and Kenny King will face Bobby Roode and the X division champion Xema Ion! Brooke Hogan will update Hulk Hogan's condition after being attacked by Aces & Eights Chavo Guerrero makes his wrestling in ring debut! Also number 1 contenders match between Mickie James, Tara, Madison Rayne, and Me for the knockouts championship!!
Whens the icon going to return for we the fans like Jeff Hardy,Kurt Angle & Mickie James but we watch TNA because of Sting
my fav of course is Mickie James,and then there's Mr.Anderson,Magnus,Samoa Joe,Aj Styles,Austin Aries,Velvet Sky,Rosita,Kurt Angle,
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