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Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney (born Joseph Yule, Jr.; September 23, 1920 – April 6, 2014) was an American film actor and entertainer whose film, television, and stage appearances spanned nearly his entire lifetime.

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Didnt realise Mickey Rooney was still knocking about
Watching Breakfast at Tiffanys and I always forget Mickey Rooney played Mr. Yunioshi. *facepalm*.
This one appears to be written MICKEY ROONEY. underneath is "F U Mr. Mayer!"
btw: that Andy Hardy set has a Mickey Rooney autograph courtesy of WAC
Schumer's Fantasy: Mickey Rooney turns to Judy Garland and says, "Hey kids, let's put on a show & delay the inevitable."
Mickey (italian actor? rooney i think?) :. "ever since i was a kid, i always wanted to be.. a crime perpetrator"
The and times of mickey rooney ad Euro 33.06 in
Yeah - I loved that one - with Mickey Rooney and Kim Kardashian...
That "Mickey Rooney's Weenie World" restaurant begins to make more sense now.
Was talking with a friend about films we found sexy in our youth & they suggested as the most erotic: ... "9 1/2 Weeks with Mickey Rooney" !
Not only Wm Holden, Mickey Rooney but also Grace Kelly in film. It's a classic!
Mickey Rooney's yellow face was tacitly accepted as normal. As was brown face in westerns. And dare I bring up the Jazz Singer?
I liked Mickey Rooney in "The Bridges of Toko Ri". He flew the SAR rescue helicopter
the film has some major issues. Mickey Rooney as a Japanese man, for example
ugh, I hate Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffanys; I've always seen that role as a weird mistral type caricature
There are different kinds of whitewashing:. 1. A white playing an Asian (Mickey Rooney playing a Japanese man in Breakfast At TIffany's)
Zombie Mickey Rooney in modified Phillie Phanatic suit as Mushu...wait, Mushu?
That's like saying it was cool for Mickey Rooney to don yellow face in breakfast at Tiffany's...
I can't wait until they remake Breakfast at Tiffany's but only the Mickey Rooney parts
If Dorit and PK apologize to Mickey Rooney (Tom) I'll talk in Dorit's accent for a week. Tom don't give a *** abt that.
like buddy hackett and mickey rooney are arguing with sid caesar and sid caesar yells "Filibuster! Filibuster!" for some reason
Tom Neal is starting down that slippery slope, like Mickey Rooney in Quicksand
Picked up the Motley Crue bio and finally found people worse than mickey rooney
real talk man like mum look like Nandos version of Mickey Rooney 💯😂😂
If you read the review of The Black Witch, at no point in the book does it advocate apartheid or Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Like Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Gary hart. geo Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Mickey Rooney and thousands of others, All of us
is it Mickey Rooney or his grandson Wayne?
Mickey Rooney is shorter than Peter Lorre. Mickey Rooney is shorter than PETER LORRE.
It's a great big universe, and we're all really puny. We're just tiny little specks, about the size of Mickey Rooney.
Not terrible casting, on the surface at least. . Mickey Rooney as Lorenz Hart,. Tom Drake as Richard Rodgers, . in Wor…
Is that you Dave? This is like Mickey Rooney all over again.
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Mickey Rooney said his epitaph should read: "I tried!" Are you trying and picking yourself up again when you fail?
Includes but not limited to Spencer Tracy, Steve McQueen and Mickey Rooney until 2 hours ago bc i 4got he was in some stuff
Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins, Mickey Rooney and director Clarence Brown on the set of "The Human Comedy", 1943.
Ooh! Just like that young film star. whats his name?. Mickey Rooney 😊 x
Marine Band 1st played at Jefferson's first inauguration (& every one since). Mickey Rooney at FDR's 3rd, Ethel Merman at Reagans!
This movie makes me wish I had a chance to kick Mickey Rooney's old decrepit *** when he was still alive.
Mickey Rooney could go from 0 to 100 in about two seconds, hey.
I didn't ask to be short. I didn't want to be short. I've tried to pre...
I'm sorry. My next favorite,when Mickey Rooney is a suspended jockey that wishes he was big and then gets his wish
I added a video to a playlist Babe: Pig in the City Official Trailer - Mickey Rooney Movie (1998)
When I say I do, the justice of the peace replies, 'I know, I know...'...
"Stick with me honey you're gonna be a big star some day". -Mickey Rooney
Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney dance together as part of the production number for "I Got Rhythm"
January 2, 1943: MGM recording session for "Girl Crazy." Judy, along with Mickey Rooney and Nancy Walker,...
Like what's the difference between Lafayette's accent in Hamilton and Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's?
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Agreed but Mickey Rooney is such a *** killer in that movie lol
watching the Twilight Zone marathon makes me want to hear Mickey Rooney commentary
To travel there has been on my bucket list for years. Full of legends and now home to my favorite, Mickey Rooney💗
Like an old Mickey Rooney-Judy Garland flick, hundreds bring a once-grand western Minn. movie palace back to life.…
I can't recall any Korean War films he did. William Holden did the Bridges film with Mickey Rooney. Peck did Pork Chop Hill
Opening today in New York from MGM: Busby Berkeley's BABES ON BROADWAY, starring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.
If you get the classic "Requiem for a Heavyweight" is on now (1962, Jackie Gleason, Anthony Quinn, Mickey Rooney).
The new version of is perfectly fine. But it's missing 2 key ingredients: Mickey Rooney and Jim Dale...
Alastair Sim, Mickey Rooney, George Cole, Mike Reed - it can only be Christmas on Talking Pictures!
82 is a respectable age to die. Give the guy a break. We didn't do this for Mickey Rooney (did we?)
Joe Louis was one of my closest friends. I'm a great boxing fan. I ...
If you stamped on Mickey Rooney, he would still turn around and smile.
I know there's a lot going on in the world right now but doesn't this emoji look a little too much Mickey Rooney in BaT? 🤓
Mickey Rourke, Spillane, Rooney, Finn, or Mouse? If Rourke, I hope you had a safe visit.
This has morphed into a "Twilight Zone"; Burgess Meredith or Mickey Rooney will be pitching the 10th for the Cubs.   10% Off
Just wait until Brandon Lee is killed and is replaced by Mickey Rooney
Happy Birthday to the late Mickey Rooney! Seen here w/ Ann Miller performing the McHugh Medley from Sugar Babies!
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland practice Spanish at MGM's little red schoolhouse
Totally understandable. For the longest time, I conflated Mickey Rooney and Mickey Rourke. . # via
I think it's safe to say that Miss Cleo was just Mickey Rooney in an elaborate costume
And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?. She said I think I... with Mickey Rooney?. And as I recall the teeth, I still can't believe it
The film is to the late actors Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams
Wow. Looks like they turned Pete's Dragon into an E.T. remake. Passamaquoddy just isn't the same since Mickey Rooney passed.
I was born in Brooklyn, delivered by a Chinese doctor on a table in a boarding house on Sept.
I wrote so many months ago about Mickey Rooney's hi school. I got this copy on the SAG Foundation's YouTube around the 40 min.
My favorite comedians. 1. Patton Oswalt. 2. Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland week starts w/Babes in Arms
For a minute there, I thought that was Mickey Rooney in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"...
I want to dress up like Mickey Rooney tonight...
The "Breakfast at Tiffany's" song: a couple's relationship hanging on by the thin thread of Mickey Rooney's yellowface caricature.
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"Embarrassed/Afraid" Star Mickey Rooney 90, shared his experience of elder abuse by step-son
I'm watching Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, and Bruce is not having Mickey Rooney's racist caricature. I love it
Amateur Mickey Rooney's skeleton has taken to wearing a swimming costume to hide the Internet.
You've got to recognize, there will never be another you. It has nothing to do with ego; it h
This is what happens when you date Mickey Rooney! . Toto later ate her remains!
Dreyfuss' character bringing up Gene Kelly, Jose Ferrer, and Mickey Rooney, in one dinner.
Mickey Rooney looked tall next to Tom Cruise
Mickey Rooney's obituary just showed up in my feed. An actor so great, he died again.
I dunno. The first one had Mickey Rooney.
You always pass failure on your way to success.
Brings to mind Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
A couple of years ago now Mickey Rooney's Son reached out to touch me via the internet! Bazar coincidence not!
I think this was the name of that movie where Mickey Rooney played a retarded guy
[명언]You always pass failure on the way to success. (Mickey Rooney)
You too can have 30 to 40 lovers in a lifetime that micki rooney generation from the MIckey Mouse Club
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Sweet, popular and made in New York - The Mickey Rooney cocktail
Now we're watching an episode that features Mickey Rooney, Mickey Dolenz's daughter, Patrick Swayze's brother, and Tippi Hedren.
Brian Donlevy and Mickey Rooney? Wow quite a pedigree in this movie
On a bit later is How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, if you can imagine Mickey Rooney, Buster Keaton, and Brian Donlevy in a beach film.
A 1980 publicity shoot for SUGAR BABIES on Broadway (Ann Miller, Mickey Rooney) and tour (Carol…
Linda Hunt was great in that role. Nothing against JG, but the thought is giving me Mickey Rooney flashbacks.
Mickey Rooney, Danny Dyer, Mary Rose, Michael Caine, Tony Hart, Annie Walker. Or have I got it wrong?
Pizza with Shakespeare. July 8 at 2:00pm: A Midsummer Night’s Dream with James Cagney and Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney not believe it so I look like a homeless man
ICYMI "Mickey Rooney's Final Years," top investigative feature at SoCal Journalism Awards
Kennedy has Grown so much he's like Mickey Rooney in that Twilight Zone episode
From Mickey Rourke to Mickey Rooney in four short years.
The Trail of Tears. Japanese internment in WWII. Slavery. Jim Crow laws. Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's...
if you're looking for that kinda kick, check out mickey rooney as comic "japanese" neighbor in Breakfast at Tiffany's--unwatchable
I tried to watch it a few months ago. 2 minutes after Mickey Rooney showed up I turned it off. Sorry. Can't do it. It's painful.
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Awesome win for and amazing Mickey Rooney story
Watched the incandescent Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. They should be edit out the appalling character played by Mickey Rooney.
Someone needs to remake "Breakfast at Tiffany's"' that is true to the book, doesn't whitewash its *** character & doesn't have Mickey Rooney
I really do love, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," but that Mickey Rooney makes me cringe every time he's onscreen. Also, tons of smoking going on.
I’m seeing Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the 1st time right now and oh my god do I hate it because of Mickey Rooney. What a horrible character.
Took Mickey Rooney 40 yrs 2 regret his role in (but not all his fault studio dir etc).
TCM offers sensitivity warning prior to b-casting Breakfast at Tiffany's because of Mickey Rooney.
Remove Mickey Rooney and let her go to the airport at the end. Fixed.
Shouldn't tamper with classic films but I wouldn't be upset if they digitally replaced Mickey Rooney.
I wonder why Blake Edwards didn't make use of Mickey Rooney again?
Never gonna get over Mickey Rooney's role in this .
Uhh... watching BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S for the first time and uhh... boy. Mickey Rooney. That sure was a decision made by several people.
Breakfast at Tiffany's is on... Forgot how racist Mickey Rooney is in this. But *** Audrey:)
Mickey Rooney in B'fast at Tiffany's: wildly stereotypical? Is that code for politically incorrect?? 🤔
thx for the head-up on Mickey Rooney's portrayal here, was a good touch :).
The fame, the money, the women... it must've felt great to be Mickey Rooney.
IDS: "promises were a series of possibilities". Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mickey Rooney and Henry VIII can identify with that.
I love that is showing "strike up the band." i love seeing mickey rooney and Judy Garland in films together.
One of Moreau's toadies looks like Mickey Rooney.
I'm telling you that Pig head kid is Mickey Rooney !!!
I added a video to a playlist EP-0231 The Death of Mickey Rooney at 93 on the 96th Day, Another
Elliot being scared of the dragon that Mickey Rooney's describing is so cute
Oh god here comes the local alcoholic as played by dear old Mickey Rooney
you probably favor the Mickey Rooney version. You probably have that Candle in the Water song running on repeat on your mp3.
Every once in a while the Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney solution seems to fit the need:
Bill Sackter movies are now on DVD: 'Bill' and 'Bill On His Own.' Starring Mickey Rooney. Available at coffee house.
Mickey Rooney in Francis in the Haunted House 8x10 1956
I Saw a Dragon Music & Lyrics by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn Sung by Mickey Rooney, Helen Reddy and Ensemble
Mickey Rooney and Edmund Gwenn 1942 8x10 Still Photo - Text Caption on Back
omg I cringe when I see Mickey Rooney too no thanks either😖😷
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I'm former biggest star in the world Mickey Rooney
9. I cringe when I see Mickey Rooney. No thanks.
I wish I could summarise for you the text conversation with my family about Ava Garner, Mickey Rooney, Gregory Peck, ice cream and boats.
Mickey Rooney Jackie Jenkins and Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet at Warner Ranch stables now
I'm the only man in the world with a marriage licence made out to whom it may concern. - Mickey Rooney
You're right. I hear female superhero and you're the first image in my mind. I'm fat too. Get real. Mickey Rooney?why
. In high school, they did not call Gasparino "Mickey Rooney" because he liked vaudeville...
Hey Guys,. Are we through pretending . what HUGE Mickey Rooney . fans we were, yet?
Joy is right about Mickey Rooney portraying a Japanese man in at Tiffany's 😱😱😱. It is so awful & insulting!
Yo pretty sure the ghost of Mickey Rooney is running your filters so if you're looking for some sensitivity training hmu
Yeah heez like Mickey Rooney who had multiple incredable wives except his r metal : ) hb
Everyone who worked on 'The Fox and the Hound' is important. We're all...
A lot of people have asked me how short I am. Since my last divorce, I...
If Barbra Steisand wants to make a picture called 'My Pink Fingernail,...
"I don't regret anything I've ever done. I only wish I could have done more." - Mickey Rooney
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This guy has lost more elections than the number of times Mickey Rooney was married.
My weird nghbr ate Mickey Rooney and cheese. With peas and hominy.
If you listen, you'll learn. If you talk over each other, you don't ac...
I keep going because if you stop, you stop. Why retire? Inspire.
God bless the universe, God bless Japanese, Chinese, Indians, all of t...
Preakness draw 5 p.m. No longer televised, but live on My favorite draw was in mid-80s with Mickey Rooney. Fun guy.
You never saw this part when Mickey Rooney or Judy Garland said, "Hey! Let's put on a show!"
This day in 1959 the New York Daily News headline read Half-Pint Takes a Fifth when Mickey Rooney married his 5th wife Barbara Ann Thomson
You always pass failure on the way to Rooney
. Exactly my point. He had that quirky Mickey Rooney appeal that bagged Ava Gardner.
my 2 pigs are Kune Kune's & they're called Mickey Rooney Kune Kune & George Clooney Kune Kune.
I buy women shoes and they use them to walk away from me.
MICKEY ROONEY & Judy Garland Babes in Arms VINTAGE ORIG PHOTO movie musical
Mickey Rooney looks great in the photo. A multi-talented actor!
Portrait of Mickey Rooney this mans life & career, story even Hollywood couldn't have written especially the ending
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If your idea of Mickey Rooney, Rod Serling or Mel Tormé is narrow or limited, do check this out. Some the greatest 90 minutes in TV history.
this is what she looked like when she married Mickey Rooney, Jan 10, 1942.
Classic. Jackie Gleason in 'Requiem for a Heavyweight' (1962). Mickey Rooney in the background.
One of the Boys - one of TV's Guide Worst Series - on NBC in 1982. Mickey Rooney, Nathan Lane, and Dana Carvey.
Lovechild of Janet Reno and Mickey Rooney? Seriously, glad this is finally settled!
Listen to Brazzle Dazzle Day by Helen Reddy, Sean Marshall & Mickey Rooney on
Ha! "Andy Hardy" reference in a movie Mickey Rooney is in. And I got it! Go me!
'16 has been an epic year for celebrity deaths, yet it's still hard to believe it's been 2 years since Mickey Rooney died.
Famed Glamour photographer George Hurrell snapped this candid of Ava and Mickey Rooney in 1941.
If you stay up too late you'll end up watching an MGM produced minstrel show on TCM, staring Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. 😐😐
but wasn't that one of the requirements in your Sugar Babies contract with Mickey Rooney?
Always remember the movie with Spencer Tracy & Mickey Rooney. Christmas Music Father Flanagan Boys T
I'm kind of sick of seeing Emily's love for Mickey Rooney in my mentions tbh
Mickey Rooney as Arcade; Stockwell’s all wrong. Or Neal Patrick Harris for pure showmanship.
I liked a video Mickey Rooney in Broadway to Hollywood (1933)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I liked a video What happened to Mickey Rooney?
Literally for how long have I been confusing Mickey Rooney and Mickey Rourke?
Jenn: “Who’s Kim Basinger?”. Me: “She was in 9 1/2 Weeks with Mickey…”. J: “Rooney?”. And now I will never be able to erase that image
I have officially found the Worst-Aging Famous Child. Go home, Mickey Rooney's ghost.
This reminds me of the Mickey Rooney elder abuse case by his non blood relatives. Authorities need 2 B advised.
Were you ever attracted to Mickey Rooney? Or should I say Mr Ava Gardner himself!!
Mickey Rooney was originally offered the role of the Penguin. . Listen on iTunes: .
TBBT is as offensive to my people as Amos and Andy, Speedy Gonzales and Mickey Rooney in Breakfast At Tiffany's.
The Fox and the Hound / The Fox and the Hound II Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Ted Berman, Richard Rich   |  ... -
L.A. County should send out an elder abuse investigator now for Richard Simmons. We already had a tragedy with Mickey Rooney.
Charlie Chaplin and Mickey Rooney at the premiere of the 1942 reissue the Gold Rush
Haven't seen that one yet, but love Mickey Rooney movies.
Just watched Disney's 1977 'Pete's Dragon' for a bit of a trip down memory lane. Mickey Rooney is my fave in this!
Richard simmons story sounds like a repeat of Mickey Rooney's last days.
A2 How to start a Follow the model set by Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney.. "Let's put on a show"
Little Giant Ladders
To those seniors, and especially elderly veterans like myself, I want to te...
Blue State Americans are 7.7x more likely to vote for Mickey Rooney on People We Wish Were Still Alive
Great Story today in on East Legend Mickey Rooney in For the Love of the Game
Yes, I doubt Ava would be interested in Mickey Rooney the Plumber lol
I agree.and did you know that Martha was one of Mickey Rooney's wives ?
that was the Mickey Rooney Frank Sinatra generation
I wish they'd release a version of breakfast at tiffanys with Mickey Rooney's part edited out.
On a positive note. Great story by Bernie Pramberg on old footy rival Mickey Rooney. *** great bloke
Nothing to be concerned with, remember the whole MGM Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland thing that never was, that's all.
just FYI it's pronounced Brian Mulroney like Mickey Rooney.
The end of Ace Venture relies on the premise that transgender people are gross/weird. Sean Young is Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Care Bears the Movie is on Sunday, or as Mickey Rooney once called them:
no one did Chinese better than Mickey Rooney
I like Joseph Fiennes, but, if true, this is like Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Please be a rumor.
Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney accused of sexual affair with Elizabeth Taylor when 'she was 14'
Mickey Rooney: "Always get married in the morning. That way if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted the whole day."
James Cagney was one of my childhood crushes, also Mickey Rooney.&Scott Baio.&Jason Bateman.&Bugs Bunny!(Mel Blanc)
Still maintain Mickey Rooney's Asian character in Breakfast at Tiffanys is less offensive than Mr Woo in Benidorm!
National Velvet -- Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney opened on this date in 1945
Hey guys, remember when Mickey Rooney made that film where he played a billionaire who lived as a baby? Good times.
Can it be? Mickey phantom has somehow transformed himself into Internet.
If I had one wish I would snap my fingers and every poster of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's would become one of Mickey Rooney
Breakfast At Tiffany's: Mickey Rooney. I'm just going to leave it there.
*drifts into talking about Mickey Rooney and his porking around*
I'm reading a book about the life of Mickey Rooney, and it is missing an internal part of his career: PETE'S DRAGON. Unforgivable.
not seen it yet but sounds suspiciously like Mickey Rooney as Mr Yunioshi in Breakfast At Tiffany's.
With Academy Award Winners Margaret O'Brien and Mickey Rooney (his final film) Comes the true to text adaptation...
Mickey Rooney and the Magical Map Wait, that might actually be pretty awesome.
Really weird how The Hound looked into camera & said, "This one's for you, Mickey Rooney" before killing those guys.
is great. "That was as Mickey Rooney. Thanks to for making that happen." Like, what? But awesome.
Sometimes the transition from being in control of your life to having absol...
Agreed. Even after his death, Mickey Rooney would offer more than Ciftci.
Watching the trailer for Kevin Smith's new movie feels like if Mickey Rooney's corpse tried to play a teenager.
Sugar Babies ran from 10/79 to 8/82 and was Mickey Rooney's Broadway debut. Ann Miller co-starred.
what's even a Japanese man, man. it was friggin' Mickey Rooney. there was no P.C. back then. just mayhem.
No movie commentary will ever be as good as Mickey Rooney discussing his Twilight Zone episode
Why is Mickey Rooney's ghost talking to Cam Newton
I spy Ronnie, Nick Adams, Carolyn Jones, Lloyd Bridges, Mickey Rooney, Powell, and Dean Jones. Powell got Reagan into the GOP.
Don't forget Mickey Rooney's ethnically offensive portrayal of Mr Yunioshi too.
And that's without mentioning Mickey Rooney upstairs.
"In 1944, Mickey Rooney enlisted in the US Army. He served more than 21 months, until shortly after
Man, Mickey Rooney's part in Breakfast At Tiffany's has not aged well.
If I watch one more old movie, I may turn into Mickey Rooney!Not so bad.
i never saw The Pest but a bad movie podcast told me he does some Mickey Rooney-style Asian character in it?
"My best pick up line in those days was to let them know that I was Mickey Rooney." – Mickey Rooney, Dating advice
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Oh I know!!! And Mickey Rooney is in the original! You can't top him!
School days on the MGM lot with Judy Garland, Lana Turner, and Mickey Rooney.
Now on DVD. Bill Sackter movies starring Mickey Rooney. 'Bill' and 'Bill On His Own.' $20 for both.
Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams. — watching Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Y now it's time for the po show starring Mickey Rooney. Oh, Mahmoud Darwish.
It's probably some movie from the '30s. Now that I think about it, Girl Crazy, with Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland, is pretty close.
Is that Mickey Rooney or a bipedal tortoise?
Mickey Rooney is the voice of Santa Claus.
no one with touch Mickey Rooney in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S
worst all-time: Mickey Rooney playing an Asian in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
Brendan O'Carroll is doing a 'Mickey Rooney' and impersonating a 'Chinaman'. Except it's 2015 not 1961.
It's called "ex-mas". Larry King & Mickey Rooney are two of it's most ardent adherents.
updates Mickey Rooney for rank 455 to 1681
Bob Saget: Man, Dave in a onesie and the late great Mickey Rooney is overly-joyed to…
Mickey Rooney as Santa is my favorite thing
dude my regular not-great aunt met Mickey Rooney and it went poorly
I prefer Mickey Rooney's Santa. Plus the RB Rudolph one was pretty mean for no good reason.
Movie wise though? Definitely can’t think of a worst character at the moment. Maybe Mickey Rooney’s character in Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Having a hard time getting past Mickey Rooney playing a Japanese man ugh but it was the 60s
you were 1st with the right answer Mickey Rooney!
Though I peeked over right at part where Mickey Rooney was still racist (like, good lord, they need to CGI that out of movie)
definitely loved it! Can't believe she was married to Sinatra AND Mickey Rooney!
Mickey Rooney's widow accuses stepson of faking will and killing him via
watchin it's a wonderful life and I think George Bailey vs maybe Rick Blaine maybe Professor Higgins or Mickey Rooney
So Thomas will live to be at least 90 + will probably still be making vines. He'll be the Mickey Rooney of Vine.
Freddie Bartholomew, in Captains Courageous he gives a spectacular performance. Also Bobs Watson, and of course Mickey Rooney
What a handsome and talented group. Clark Gable, Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. Try to describe...
Why is Neil Young nor Chris Farley nor Mickey Rooney my grandfather? Questions I'll ask for a lifetime
"Someone said there's no such thing as small roles, only small actors. Think it was Mickey Rooney. Anyway, it ain't true." - Ernest Borgnine
This story about Mickey Rooney's abuse prior to his death is heartbreaking:
The story on Mickey Rooney is tragic and then Mickey Rourke gets involved and it feels like a farce.
National Velvet with Mickey Rooney, Liz Taylor, and Angela Landsbury is a truly special film, one can watch over and ov…
ashton if Mickey Rooney could tell some of those old stories He dated Elizabeth Taylor Judy Garland. was really cute in th d…
That headline should say Mickey Rooney raped Elizabeth Taylor. She was 14 years old!
Imagine the chaos if had been in the Mickey Rooney / Judy Garland "c;mon, guys, let's put on a show" type films.
What a happy updated old style show Reminded me of movies in the 40's Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney. Too cute and Funny!
Jock was great. We smoked weed together with Mickey Rooney and Burgess Meredith. Great time!
Happy birthday to the late jazz artist John Coltrane, the now departed but always funny actor Mickey Rooney, and...
Happy Birthday to the late great Mickey Rooney, John Coltrane, Ray Charles, Charlie Barnett and Elizabeth Pena.
Happy 95th birthday to Mickey Rooney (1920-2014)!
I didn't know that. You'd expect that Marshall Dillon would have served. Mickey Rooney? That little squirt? Now I'm sorry.
one of the band members when Rooney is in the band... Mental Mickey was singer
I'd say it is Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Probably the most offensive performance in American cinematic history.
If I'm ever down I just think about Andy Rooney's "A Few Minutes..." but with Mickey Rourke instead of Andy Rooney.
The Mickey Rooney Show – Pilot (1954): Mickey belongs to a little theater group and has yet…
"Walt Disney named after Mickey Rooney, whose mother he dated for some time.",
Dunno...isent he related to Mickey Rooney or something?
I still cant get over, I miss Lauren Bacall, Shirley Temple & Mickey Rooney so much... 💔 over a year. WOW
"BOYS TOWN" (1938) Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy 1950s re-release photo C753
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