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Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney (born Joseph Yule, Jr.; September 23, 1920 – April 6, 2014) was an American film actor and entertainer whose film, television, and stage appearances spanned nearly his entire lifetime.

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Actor Mickey Rooney, 93, has died. CNN's Nischelle Turner details his legendary career lasting nearly nine decades. More from CNN at To l...
In todays Monday Movie of the Week, where we highlight films on radio, we honor Mickey Rooney w/ LUX's "Young Edison" h…
Mickey Rooney died on Sunday at 93. We remember his prolific and volatile career, as well as the faith he seemed to grasp at the end of his life.
Hi - Sorry, I accidentally deleted the original post of this so I'm posting it again (with photo). Thank you to those that had previously "liked" it - I apologize that I made you disappear. ~ Last night, while watching a Mickey Rooney movie (National Velvet), I saw him read a plaque on saloon wall - it said: "It is better to have loved a short man than to have never loved a-tall."
Mickey Rooney passed away last week. His stardom was pre-my generation. But, I probably have watched one of his movies 50 times! ...he was the voice of Santa in "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."
So I discovered that when I hear Santa Claus talk to me I hear Mickey Rooney... that may seem weird until you know that when I hear GOD he sounds like George Burns... ah the magic of television!
Morph sequence following the life of Mickey Rooney who died on Apr 6, 2014. "But Life's Been Good to Me" was written by Richard Kates and sung by Lynda Baron...
Thoughts from Mickey Rooney and what he learned about life: There are people who think they know everything about everything. What they don't know is that every moment is a learning moment. Show me a man with a million dollars and I'll show you a million guys trying to take it away from him. I was about six years old when I did Orchids and Ermine. They dressed me in a suit, put a mustache under my nose, a cigar in my mouth, a cane in my hand, and a hat on my head. I go over to a telephone operator and say: "Baby, you'd look good in an Ermine coat." She says, "You fresh little thing." I think it was my only line. By now, I've done 280 pictures. Don't retire — inspire. Change is an opportunity for everybody to think. One of my favorite movies is Patton. I love where they ask him: "Do you ever read the Bible, General?" And he says: "Every *** night!" When the bombs were falling in World War II, everything changed but you. You're always stuck with you. Courage is something you didn't know you had. All w ...
MIckey Rooney left an estate worth $18,000.00. He either lived life to the fullest or should not have gotten married 8 times.
I received an E mail asking me… did I like Mickey Rooney and did I ever meet him? Yes, I did like him and no I saw him a few times on stage but never got to meet him. When Mickey was very young he was a great Hollywood star and did a good job as a kid actor, as he grew older film changed but he did not change with film. He became to over the top for me. Actors can do that you know they can out act themselves. I saw him on stage with Ann Miller on Broadway in “Sugar Babes” it was so Vaudeville and he was right for the part. He did have a long career and did many good films. His wives were tall and sexy; Ava Gardner was the beauty of them all. She said “what Mickey lacked in height he had in length,” so; I guess some dames are size queens too. Never underestimate those little guys they can be a very big surprise. The reason I did not do a page on him when he passed is because I was away on a vacation in Florida. So, here the above is you article now. Mickey, say Hi to Jane Russell when you get aro ...
I didn't even know Mickey Rooney passed away :'(
Mickey Rooney died!! This is ultimately sad news for me to find out!!
Auditioned for Puck in Cambridge Ma. in 1971. I'd have been a decent Puck, Mickey Rooney was beautiful
Watching a Mickey Rooney Marathon..with my mom in her room. She still knows all of the old actors and some of the gossip stories of back in the day, Best Birthday Ever!
I loved the movie from 1935 a mid summer nights dream when I was a teenager! Just watching it again after +30 years and its so ahead of its time! Funniest part is Mickey Rooney as Puck! Amazing production and very avantgarde for its day! Check it out if you can and have the patience.., brilliant!
CRAP I AM MARLON BRANDO'S DAUGHTER FOR GOD's sake my mother and father are ICONS! MY friend, who carried me on his should as a child was MICKEY ROONEY. FOR GODS SAKE
Real treat for the insomniacs like me! I've found an old Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney movie on TV!
3am watching Babes on Broadway with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. Good thing I can sleep until 11am
They don't make movies like the classics anymore. Love watching the old black and white and technicolor movies with actors like Mickey Rooney, Doris Day, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, etc.
Just watched Mickey Rooney in Boys Town again tonite and as usual enjoyed it. Thanks to Holly Cross for reminding me.
just watched National Velvet with Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor as a little girl . what a great movie
I need to go to sleep , Sheba has already hit the Hay. National Velvet with Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor is on TCM How can I sleep with such amazing talent in front 0f me?
Been watching National Velvet. What a great old Show. Great Acting. Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor. RIP.
Watching and taping my favorite movie of all time"National Velvet"starring Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor. She was probably 13 at the timeBeautiful movie!!
Am I the last one to read that Mickey Rooney died last week. I watched him for decades.
I watched 5 films starring Mickey Rooney today.
Hi Everyone. Terry and I had a most relaxing day. The kids and Ronald Pace left for home around noon, then it was just the two of us. Ah, grown up time. :) We delighted in watching old Mickey Rooney movies on TCM for the rest of the day . I didn’t push him too hard because I know he is going to be working like a demon tomorrow in therapy. So aside from some simple things like washing his face and brushing his teeth and a few mouth & tongue exercises, we left the big stuff for tomorrow. Terry’s precious grandmother, Mema, was admitted to the hospital at home for pneumonia and will probably be there for several days. So Ron went home a day early to check on her and to spend time with Betty Roden Pace . Since he was heading home, he saved me a trip by taking the kids to their Nana’s house. I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Each day he adds something new to his bag of tricks. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Much love!! Anita
I'm watching TV they are playing all kinds of movies with Mickey Rooney in them, it's a tribute to him, R.I.P Mickey, you were such a great actor and will always be in my heart! ;, ( ♡
Watching a Mickey Rooney marathon. We lost an amazing man but he lived a long life. Rest in peace Mickey, you will be missed as much as you were appreciated.
I should be in bed right now, but Boy's Town with Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracey is just way too hard to turn off!
watching AMC celebrates Mickey Rooney, Men of Boys Town, why oh why does the puppy have to get run over, balling like a baby right now.
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True sadness is working all day and missing a Mickey Rooney Marathon on TCM. Wish I had known sooner.
Still can't believe Mickey Rooney is actually gone. Such a legend and great loss. Without performers like him, we wouldn't be where we are today. He will forever be an inspiration.
REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT was a teleplay written by Rod Serling and produced for the live television show Playhouse 90 on October 11, 1956. Six years later, it was adapted as a 1962 feature film starring Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason and Mickey Rooney. Ralph Nelson directed the movie version in 1962
Mickey Rooney born Joseph Yule, Jr. September 23, 1920 – April 6, 2014 "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
Watching the Mickey Rooney marathon on TMC. It is easy to forget how utterly like-able he was. He just makes you smile. What an amazing actor.
Anyone else watching the Mickey Rooney tribute on TCM? What a talent we lost this week. RIP Mickey, I was a huge fan.
National Velvet comes on at 12 am,with Elizabeth Taylor (rip) & Mickey Rooney (rip) 1944,and guess what Angela Lansbury is in she rip?
For the first time ever tonight, I watched the movie Boys Town with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney. I sat here and just was so sweet and I couldn't believe I'd never seen it. Forty years ago our family lived in Omaha and were lucky to have some very special boys in our lives. Every week, our parents, Jim and Sylvia, invited boys who shared a cottage at Boys Town into our home. They brought with them a sense of humble gratitude for the fried chicken Mama prepared, the games of Ping Pong and driveway basketball games we all played together. I was blessed to know both Steve's and Mike and Dewey...and call one of them the first boy I ever loved. I wish I knew where all of them were today but know that one of them grew up to be a good and successful man.
Home alone... just finished working out. Now just going to chill out and watch TCM. Men Of Boys Town with Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy. Your welcomed to come watch.
Loving Turner Classic Movies channel... Boys Town with Mickey Rooney is on. Haven't seen it in SO long!
I had no idea Mickey Rooney passed away a week ago!! Shows you just how out of touch I am.
MEN OF Boys Town with Spencer Tracey and Mickey Rooney coming on TCM right now.
Just watched "Boys Town" with Mickey Rooney & Spencer Tracy for probably the millionth time. It never ceases to amaze me how I cry 💦 EVERY SINGLE TIME! I know what's happening & yet it reduces me to tears💦. Both of these men were such FANTASTIC actors!💦
I just finished watching "Boystown" with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney. What a good movie.
Well, I'm bawling again! Watched movie "Boys Town" staring Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy! My kind of movie!
Just finished watching Boys Town. Lots of Mickey Rooney movies this weekend. Although a sappy, overacted movie, still made me cry.
Bawling like a baby watching "Boys Town", with Mickey Rooney. They just don't make movies like this any more!!
I am so sad, put the grand babies to bed and now I have been sitting here crying while I watch the last half of Boys Town!!! With the great Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney of course!
Mickey Rooney Tribute on TCM. The Human Comedy (a coming of age story about the life at home during WWII) and now Boys Town. Pass the tissues, please. (And, yes, I've seen them before.) As many have pointed out, he and Judy Garland are putting on a big show in heaven with their old pals from MGM.
Mickey Rooney marathon! Boys Town movie... Pulling my heart strings! I remember watching these on the old black and white tube TV in a cabinet!
Boys Town with Mickey Rooney and Spencer of my favorites.
Watching Boys Town with Mickey Rooney on TCM. Reminds me of Family Classics on WGN with Frazier Thomas every Sunday. Great memories !
TCM showing all these Mickey Rooney better actor in Hollywood.
I loved Mickey Rooney, Im watching Boys Town. A true movie, this was acting!!! Spencer Tracy was also great in this Oscar nominated movie!
Thank you to Bill Gray for sharing this photo of his tickets to Mickey Rooney's show at the Stadium in 2001. Rest in peace, Mickey.
Mark Twain is my favorite writer, "Huckleberry Finn" is my favorite Twain book, and Mickey Rooney is my favorite Huck Finn. It's very rare for an actor to inhabit a favorite character so completely that his face *becomes* the character's (it's happened only one other time)--but, in spite of all the script butchery book-to-film, for me Huck Finn wears Rooney's face. If he'd done nothing else (instead of having had a 90-year career as what Sir Laurence Olivier once called "the greatest actor of them all"), he'd still be engraved in my mind forever. Goodbye, Mr. Rooney, and thank you.
We are watching Mickey Rooney and Spenser Tracy in "Boys Town".
Actor Mickey Rooney died on April 6th (9/23/1920-4/6/2014) at age 93. Among Mr. Rooney's film credits is a 1949 independent production by Samuel H Stiefel made for United Artists titled, 'The Big Wheel'. In his first film after leaving MGM, Rooney plays 'Billy Coy', a young man determined to follow his father's footsteps and become a race driver. The film was a success in theaters across the nation and is valued today for the midget sequences filmed at Carrell Speedway in Gardena, CA. Mickey Rooney was always gracious to racers throughout his life, as this film created a bond with racers he always respected. Long Islander, Warren Smith, currently owns the Offy midget which appeared as 'Six Bits', in the film. The car has been on display in the lobby of dinner theater venues on Long Island where Mickey Rooney was appearing and the Smiths were always guests of the actor. One young theater goer from Long Island with a burning desire to become a race driver took the name 'Coy' for his on-track name. Aft ...
I have watched a few movies today to salute Mickey Rooney . Watching Boys Town. I don't think I've watched this since I was in high school.
I am being given the tv to watch Mickey Rooney movies! Thanks, honey. I will see you all tomorrow...Have a blessed day
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Love the TCM network. Been watching Mickey Rooney movies off and on all day today. Waiting for National Velvet later on this evening - one of my all time favorites! I know it's a beautiful day outside, but I can't help myself!!
Watching me some Mickey Rooney, Spencer Tracy." Boys Town". great film.
TCM is going to show Boys Town. They are honoring Mickey Rooney all day. Seen Huck Finn and another movie with an artist singing CIELITO LINDO. RIP
It must be Mickey Rooney movie day on TCM. They've been on all day!
Boys Town is on tcm with Mickey Rooney if you haven't seen it it's a classic love it
Bout to watch 'Boys Town' on TCM..Mickey Rooney rocks. He passed away few days ago at 92 yrs. ...RIP Mickey.
I have been watching Mickey Rooney movies all day and now my favorites are coming on! Boystown followed by Men of Boystown, I love Turner Classic Movies channel!
The Human Comedy with Mickey Rooney. Everyone should see it! Great movie.
I'm such a cornball. I just love Mickey Rooney. I just saw one of his movies. He had me wrapped around his finger. I just love him. I always did. I don't care how short he is. I think he's the cutest thing.
I was watching an old Mickey Rooney movie The Devil Was A Sissy and something came to my attention I had forgotten! When I was a kid if your bike did not have a chain guard you had to roll up you pants or high cuff your jeans on the right side so it did not get caught in the chain! Had forgot all about that!
Boys Town with Mickey Rooney is on TCM at 7 pm tonight if anyone is interested.color me there!
Sitting here watching old Mickey Rooney movies with my parents... And honestly im enjoying them!!
Welcome to the 439th Edition of my series.  I want to start by saying we have lost a few people lately including iconic Actor Mickey Rooney who performed to the day he died, WWE Hall of Famer Ultima
So, what are your 35 favorite Mickey Rooney films?
Watching the movie marathon to Mickey Rooney he is American icon who will be missed by yours truly he made some great movies with some of the best actors actresses in their day my favorite is Boys Town I asked him to autograph my video copy of it when he came to town.
I love that TCM is having a marathon on Mickey Rooney today, just got finished watching ( The Human Comedy ). Love that I could just sit here and watch it with Elaine Montgomery, but knowing that things need to be done around the house but I know they wont lol. Mr. Rooney is a great hero (actor) to me I used to watch his movies with my mom when I was young. Mr. Rooney and my grandfather used to be great friends, my grandfather Joe Escovedo used to work with him way back in the day lol. Before my grandfather passed away in 2000 he would always sit there and tell me and Elaine what a fun time he and Mr. Rooney would have but he partied way to much for my grandfather but loved to drive him around Hollywood and Palmsprings. So I would tell my grandfather *** Tata Joe you could of been famous we could have been rich. LOL, and he said mijo that life style was not for me and i said then what was it then. My grandfather Joe said was coming back home to Sanora and Superior Arizona working in the minning business. ...
Killer McCoy, with the late Mickey Rooney playing boxer Tommy McCoy is starting right now (3:00) on Turner Classic Movies
Had no idea Mickey Rooney was in so many great movies. Watching TCM (& working). RIP Mr Rooney.what a talent.
Mickey Rooney movies all day long on TCM! What a GREAT Actor!!
Its mickey rooney day on tcm... I need a tv outside :)
I've been watching Mickey Rooney movies all day on TCM. Boys Town on at 7:00pm. Great tribute to a great man.
I think Mickey Rooney is haunting me. I'm trying to watch one of his movies and every dang time something important is about happen the electricity goes off!!!
Doing nothing today! Worn out from Sketchin Around the clock! Too much walkin. Groovin, and movin!! Gotta chillaxand watch Mickey Rooney all day!
Am I the only who didn't know that Mickey Rooney died last week? Where was I? Granted, I don't watch TV, but I read the news daily!
ATTN TO ALL 68 AND OLDER. Watch Mickey Rooney movie "The Human Comedy". Gives great insight to our parents' thinking and behavor!
Relaxing at a comfy villa by the beach while drinking wine, and watching Mickey Rooney films with Joey Liebke.
All day today on TCM is Mickey Rooney movies. Can't wait for 'National Velvet, also starring a young Elizabeth Taylor and her retainer, at 11pm, CST.
Like my mom, I have been watching the Mickey Rooney marathon on TCM. But I have to say, although his movies are great, his personal life was much more entertaining and dramatic! 8 wives!! RIP Mickey.
Nothing like watching Mickey Rooney classics on the Turner Classic Movie Channel and enjoying an ice cold beer.
Cable channel TCM is showing Mickey Rooney movies today Sunday April !# thirteenth
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I just finished watching "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" on TCM. What a great old film. Didn't realize Mickey Rooney portrayed the young Huck until the credits rolled at the end.amazing actor! RIP
Autism for the win. Crying because we are going out to dinner. Upset because we yelled at the dog who's panicked by wind gusts. Weeping because her costumes downstairs are a mess. Laughing at an old Mickey Rooney flick now, then sad because she just remembered he died. I think I need to lay down.
IF YOU ARE IN THE MOOD for Mickey Rooney, TCM is packed with his films today and all day. Boys Town is coming up in a few hours.
"Don't retire~ inspire. There's a lot to be done. " Mickey Rooney
Just finished watching Huckleberry Finn with Mickey Rooney. What a great movie and a great story. To me, it's a touch of what life was like for my ancestors, a slave existance. No matter what I see in this world, I can never understand man's inhumanity towards another.
"The Last Night of a Jockey" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. The only actor in this entire episode is Mickey Rooney. Rod Serling wrote this episode specifically for Rooney. CBS's Program Practices department criticized this episode for use of the word "dw
I am so loving that Isaac is sitting here watching "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" the 1939 movie starring Mickey Rooney. Isaac first said to me, "mom I wish this movie had color, is this movie from the 80's?" LOL...I said no son. Then he said, "I LOVE this movie mom!" I am glad he is appreciating a classic.
As sad as I am of his passing!! I am so proud that I co-starred & Directed The Iconic Legend Mickey Rooney! RIP you beautiful man! Tony DeGuide
With taxes to get done I have no business watching Mickey Rooney in Huckleberry Finn but I can't resist. I bought a movie poster and was going to see if I could get him to autograph it, but I decided not to bother him. Then last week I learned he lived near me in Studio City and only had $18,000 when he died. Heck, he could have used the $100 I thought I'd offer him. Guess you should act on ideas before they're too late.
Mickey Rooney - first movie in 1926, last one in 2014.
If Mickey Rooney is cremated, the family will be fighting over which son gets the ashes thrown in his face.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Mickey Rooney will be laid to rest alongside Hollywood royalty.
Mickey Rooney movies all day on TCM. What are YOU doing today?
Mickey Rooney on TCM all day today.
The death of Mickey Rooney makes me wanna watch Pete's Dragon. Anyone remember that movie?
I am Watching a Mickey Rooney movie...his Dad told him... If you are making your own money you don't have to explain where it goes but if you spending someone else's money , the source has the right to know where the money is being spent. (Always) lol.
New Dr Demento show features 60 songs in 60 minutes! Also featured: tax time, tributes to Mickey Rooney and Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, and a new Monty Python song. www.drdemento.con
Mickey Rooney marathon on TCM, yep theres my day
Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney dies He was the Cal Ripken of Show Biz. RIP to one of the true le…
Hello FB Friends: Paul Cavalconte here for Vin Scelsa on *** s Delight! Unique interpertations of Kurt Cobain songs are spinning now. Still to come, Record Store Day Vinyl Exclusives, Mickey Rooney tears it up on drums, British Invasion--then and now. Join the party on 90.7 FM and! Please share.
Actress and dancer Ann Miller (1923 – 2004) was born on April 12th. She was discovered by Lucille Ball and talent scout/comic Benny Rubin while hired as a dancer in San Francisco. This led Miller to be given a contract with RKO in 1936 at the age of 13 (she had told them she was 18) and she remained there until 1940. The next year, she signed with Columbia Pictures, where, starting with Time Out for Rhythm, she starred in 11 B movie musicals from 1941 to 1945, ending her contract in 1946 with one “A” film, The Thrill of Brazil. The ad in Life magazine featured Miller's leg in a large, red, bow-tied stocking as the "T" in "Thrill." She finally hit her mark in MGM musicals such as Easter Parade (1948), On the Town (1949) and Kiss Me Kate (1953). She starred on Broadway in the musical Mame in 1969, in which she wowed the audience in a tap number created just for her. In 1979 she astounded audiences in the Broadway show Sugar Babies with fellow MGM veteran Mickey Rooney, which toured the United States e ...
Oh my goodness! Someone on here thinks the flags are at half mast because Mickey Rooney passed away! Hello!! Fort Hood shooting people!
In the Great Depression, why were child stars so popular? Saluting Shirley Temple & Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney will be buried alongside Hollywood royalty
Glad they were able to work this out. family ends dispute, agrees to bury actor at
New post: "EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Rooney's widow and stepson at war over $18,000 will that cuts them out - they cl...
"You always pass failure on your way to Mickey Rooney. Here's a great article about his double life.
How are they handling Mickey Rooney's demise?
Steal Of The Day, stolen from Tammi Hawn Lauderdale "Just do the best that you can. For as long as God lets you." - Mickey Rooney
Good Morning Legends Family, There will be more special video clips coming up later today in loving memory of Hollywood Icon Mickey Rooney. I will be concluding this special tribute to Mr. Rooney on Sunday.Continue to enjoy your Friday everyone!
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ERNEST & CELESTINE, DRAFT DAY, a few titles on DVD/Blu-Ray plus a tribute to Mickey Rooney on FILM SOCEYOLOGY at 5 on WFYI HD-2 and
The world lost a great entertainer with the death of Mickey Rooney this week. I was glad to read that he had accepted Christ as his personal Savior. God offers all of us the gift of eternal life through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, shed on the Cross for our sins. Wherever you are in your life, it's not too late to come to Him in repentance and faith. "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him." Romans 5:8-9, NKJV.
A battle may be brewing over the remains and estate of late Actor Mickey Rooney, who disinherited his wife and eight of his children in his most recent will.
TCM remembers Mickey Rooney this Sunday, turning the whole schedule over to the 90-year showbiz veteran.
"Always get married in the morning. That way if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted the whole day!" - Mickey Rooney
Well Officially off the wagon... Anyway I hope you all are not too mad or disapoined in me. MOM, so sorry... But I miss you, and it's not only that. IT's Mickey Rooney, Herb, Grandma, IMI, It's my kids it's my mortality MY FUTURE MY STRESS FACTOR in LIFE IN GENERAL. I THINK I AM JUST NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW IN GENERAL ANYMORE...
Hey Amy: Lots of big news this week. Not sure where to start. Attorney General Holder thinks he's victim. Oh be still his bleeding heart. Peaches Geldof, Mickey Rooney and Ultimate Warrior all said goodbye. Some gal threw a shoe at Hillary. Didn't hit her, but nice try. I'm not advocating violence, it's just a joke. UCONN's college hoop teams are the champs. They didn't choke. Stephen Colbert will take over next year on CBS' Late Night Scott Brown gave his New Hampshire senate run a green light. Eric Holder thinks legal gun owners should be tracked. I think he should do some reading... the US Constitution to be exact. HHS Sec. Sebilius is the first victim of Obamacare death panels...of sorts An American flag catching fire at a Braves game was a giant oops in sports. This week we saw stories on "trespass cattle" and "free speech zones" Hall & Oats entered the Rock Hall of Fame. They'll be next to the Rolling Stones. Hammerin' Hank made comments about the GOP being like the KKK It's sad to tarnish his caree ...
RIP Mickey Rooney ... you've entertained so many for so long .time to rest now sir
So we have lost Mickey Rooney and Peaches Geldof this week. We also lost someone of far more importance on Monday. Roger "Bill" Aylmer (James' Godfather) also sadly passed away on Monday. Bill was one of Stamford's greatest characters and he, his humour and his forthrightness will be very much missed by everyone who had the privilege to know him. RIP Bill. Our love and thoughts are with Julie, Roz, Rachael and their families xx
"You always pass failure on the way to success." Mickey Rooney
TCM remembers the legendary star and Academy Award honoree, Mickey Rooney, 1920-2014.
I didn't know Mickey Rooney was born in Brooklyn
Mickey Rooney, you left us sooo early!
Mickey RooneyWith his recent passing, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation honors the life and legacy of Mickey Rooney and recognizes the indelible mark he left by sharing its two-hour 'Conversations with Mickey Rooney' in its online video archive. Recorded in 2004, Rooney discusses his lengthy Hollyw...
Mickey Rooney, who died at the age of 93, had a long life filled with fame, movies, and was probably the first to have eight different spouses. For those that don't know, there is a very important Canadian connection that I want to share with you. While being in Toronto doing a stage play, Mickey watched the beloved Christian talk show called 100 Huntley Street and saw the host David Mainse explain the gospel on television. At a point in his life where he needed truth, grace, and real riches in life, he called a prayer partner to accept Christ into his life. After that moment, Mickey Rooney became friends with David Mainse. Mickey realized that fame, fortune, wine, women and song is not going to get him into heaven, only Jesus. While you still have breath, give your life to God when there is still time. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Several years before Mickey Rooney passed away, he filmed a piece with comedian and actor Jonathan Winters, that ended up on the cutting room floor — but has exclusively obtained th...
Mickey Rooney asked me what I like most about being dead. I looked him in the eye and said, I get to kick Bud Adams *** everyday
Wow three people dead in a span of a week...Mickey Rooney, "Warrior" and now Jim Flaherty.who's next? God Forbid!
TCM's tribute to Mickey Rooney this Sunday - a 24-hour marathon of his class films beginning 3 AM Pacific, 6AM Eastern. Check it out!
Before Mickey Rooney unexpectedly died, he was looking for his final resting place.The 93-year-old actor, who was in good health when he died during a nap on...
The late Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney was not shy about sharing his faith.
*** can't marry but Mickey Rooney can marry eight times. Oh that's fair and balanced.
NOW THAT MICKEY ROONEY IS DEAD is Olivia de Havilland the last living Golden Age star? (Cutting off the Golden Age at 1950)
Actor Mickey Rooney did not want to be buried in a cemetery plot he bought years ago, before splitting with his wife, his lawyer said Wednesday.
By Tim Kenneally TheWrap The body of Mickey Rooney, the 'Andy Hardy' film star who died Sunday at age 93, is at the center of a family dispute that has prevented the actor's body from being ...
The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery has installed a photograph of entertainer Mickey Rooney with his frequent co-star Judy Garland to honor the late actor at the museum in Washington.
I feel bad for Mickey Rooney no one has claimed his body yet..Where are all these Hollywood actors man up people.
R.I.P. Mickey Rooney. Just heard of your passing and you will be truly missed. Will be nice to know You and Judy Garland can once again perform together for the angels.
From Mickey Rooney to Roy Rogers, a look back at Shriners Hospital for Children — St. Louis through the years.
Mickey Rooney had $18,000 in his estate. He was once the highest paid entertainer in Hollywood. So let that be a lesson for all my friends who like to drink, gamble and womanize... die young.
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Just read Mickey Rooney disinherited his entire family except his stepson. Who knows what all went down in his family, but this is kind of sad. Loyalty, like long term marriages & non-passive aggressive people, is a rarity in Hollywood!
How sad..mickey rooney just passed away a couple days ago and his family is already fighting ...
The legacy of Mickey Rooney, who died on April 6 in California at age 93, goes far beyond the silver screen.
Who remembers when Mickey Rooney was playing at Sebastian's? What play was it?
Confession: when I heard Mickey Rooney died in my head I heard Mickey Rourke died. Up until today I couldn't figure out why nobody was saying anything.
LA judge to decide whether remains of Actor Mickey Rooney will be released to his estranged eighth wife or his lawyer
Mickey Rooney. Great actor. If he was in it, I was there.
Mickey Rooney signed his last will just weeks before death.
Mickey Rooney juggled a notorious private life and squeaky clean on-screen image thanks to Hollywood super-studio MGM, says Gaby Wood
In the 1930s, Mickey Rooney was the biggest star in the world. In April of 2014, when he died at the age of 93, his estate was valued at $18,000.
Typical Librans enjoy one strong lifetime partnership as shown in the table of Committed Celebrity Marriages in The Quotable Libra book. Legendary Libran Actor Mickey Rooney (born 9/23/1920) belonged to the smaller Libran subset going through a series of relationships with the expectation of finding the perfect relationship next time around. Rooney was married eight times. The Quotable Libra provides eight additional Libran examples of multiple high-profile relationships.
Mickey Rooney, celebrated child actor of the 1930s, &dies at 93 - LOS ANGELES -- Mickey Rooney, a...
We are deeply saddened to hear the news of Mickey Rooney's passing. The Hollywood community lost a great actor today.
Hollywood Icon Mickey Rooney Dies at 93 - Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney died on Sunday of natural causes. He was...
As we know by now Actor Mickey Rooney passed away last Sunday at the age of 93. A petition for probate was filed two days ago in Los Angeles Superior Court and listed his estate at $18,000. Such a small amount for an actor who had a long career.
Bob Hope presents an Honorary Award to Mickey Rooney, in recognition of his 60 years of versatility in a variety of memorable film performances, at the 55th ...
Aurevoir .goodbye to a good Actor Mickey Rooney
Many are expressing surprise after details were released about beloved Actor Mickey Rooney's will. . Read the...
In the news today, Mickey Rooney left an estate of only $18,000.00 after a lifetime of work. So sad because he was set to do a reality show with my grandson Nick Leisure that would have filled his pocket again.
WSJ: Americans have mixed feelings about legendary Actor Mickey Rooney.
Fight looms over Mickey Rooney's remains - Actor...
I just read that Archie Bunker was originally written for Mickey Rooney, who turned it down flat. Hard to imagine anyone other than Carroll O'Connor as Archie...
CNN is reporting that Mickey Rooney's estate may be contested by family members. Apparently, the late actor had a...
Mickey Rooney, versatile actor and master showman, dies at 93 via
Mickey Rooney, child actor who went on to lifetime of stardom, dies at...
Remembering Mickey Rooney,thank you for the memories.
Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney dies at 93 - ...
Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney dies at 93 -
Mickey Rooney Dead: Legendary Actor Dies At 93 - Mickey Rooney, an award-winning actor and Hollywood legend who...
Y now it's time for the Kendall Jenner show starring Mickey Rooney. Oh, farted.
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Newsreader on BBC Radio referred to Mickey Rooney as "the 93 year old child actor", which conjured up some impressive imagery.
Mickey Rooney dies at 93; child actor's career spanned decades - Actor Mickey Rooney, who became the United...
R.I.P to the one & only Mr. Mickey Rooney. My Saturday afternoons growing up just wouldn't have been the same without you.
Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney Dead at 93 - Mickey Rooney, one of the...
Why are the TV stations in Britain not honouring Mickey Rooney? I can't find any showings of his movies, not even on TCM!:-(
Mickey Rooney, film legend, dies at 93 - Legendary actor Micky Rooney has died at the age of 93,...
Actor Mickey Rooney disinherited his children, his wife and all but one of her children in a will he signed just weeks before his death. Rooney, 93, died of natural causes at his Los Angeles home Sunday. Although court papers suggest there is not much ...
Mickey Rooney, the legendary actor who starred in more than 200 movies, died on...
Born in 1920, Mickey Rooney dies at 93 - HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Actor Mickey Rooney, one of Hollywood’s brightest...
Mickey Rooney remains spark legal row: The fate of Mickey Rooney's remains will be decided this week following the Hollywood actor's ...
Can you believe Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney was basically broke, and only had $18,000 in the bank when he died?
Mickey Rooney dies, no one bats an eye... A WWE wrestler dies and the USA goes soft... Sad when true actors get upstaged by fake wrestlers.
Actor Mickey Rooney signed the final version of his will just a few weeks before he died, leaving his entire estate to stepson Mark Rooney — and giving nothing to the rest of his family
I am shocked that Mickey Rooney was still alive.
Ok, tonight the t.v. said Mickey Rooney died "flat broke" with ONLY $18,000.00 in his bank what world is that "flat broke"? Not mine...that's for sure!
Mickey Rooney's immensely popular Andy Hardy was a model for Archie Andrews in 1941. Just coincidence they're dying at the same time?
My AC repair guy seems to think that God told him when Mickey Rooney died (which he did last week or so) the end of the world is coming. Oh, also that the fallen angels were not good ones & that aliens will be here to take some of us to another place to start over. I'm wondering what he did in the 60's & 70's because it's damaged his brain. Lol.
So Mickey Rooney had been married 8 times, and was broke when he passed.
Just figured out that it was Mickey Rooney who died. Sorry for the confusion in my earlier post. Anyhow, I'll miss Mickey's weekly broadcasts on 60 minutes. Many people said he was getting pretty cranky in his old age and was out of touch with his "get off my lawn" attitude. I, however, found it refreshing. RIP, Mickey. You were a man among mice.
2 generations from both families~ My Mom with Mickey Rooney and me with Michael Rooney. The pic with my mom was taken on the Columbia Pictures back lot, where my grandparents worked. The picture of Michael and I was taken at the Tribute to Carol Channing Thespian Ball. Tyler was in the show dancing in the tribute to "Hello Dolly". It was a wonderful experience!! RIP Mickey and hope you and Ty are tearing it up together now!! :) Danny Valle~ you should show this one to Michael! :)
April 6/14. A sad day Actor Mickey Rooney passed at 93yrs... :(
It's kind of sad to learn that Mickey Rooney only had $18,000 when he died.
Mickey Rooney, the child actor who became the world's top box office star, has died aged 93. Higham looks back on his remarkable life.
L.A. TIMES - April 8, 201 9:59 p.m. By Victoria Kim and Harriet Ryan For decades in Hollywood, Mickey Rooney led a charmed life. He acted opposite Judy Garland and Elizabeth Taylor, collecting award nominations for performances praised by the likes of Cary Grant, Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams. He married starlets and beauty queens — eight times in all. On Tuesday, two days after his death at 93, it became clear how far his fortunes had fallen in recent years. Rooney's trust didn't have a dime. He owed back taxes to the IRS and the state Franchise Tax Board. He was estranged from most of his nine children and separated from his wife. He had disinherited everyone except one stepson, according to a will filed along with court papers that showed assets of just $18,000. Even in death, Rooney's troubles weren't over. Two feuding factions of his family were in court Tuesday because they could not agree on what was to be done with his remains. A judge ruled that no one can claim his body from the mortuary u ...
Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney, one of Hollywood’s last surviving stars of its classic era, passed away April 6th from natural causes. He was 93.
Here's my appearance on O'Reilly, discussing John Kerry, Wiccan religion, and Mickey Rooney:
R.I.P. First it was mickey rooney, then the Ultimate Warrior.whose next always happens in threes and if the first two were that much of nutjobs then the third will probally follow that trend
Does anyone else remember pictures of Mickey Rooney "to Nick" hanging on the bulletin board in the original Rosangela's Pizzeria? R.I.P. Mickey.
RIP Mickey Rooney. I think my favorite role of his hands down would be in the made for TV movie "Little Spies", I must have watched that movie a hundred times as a kid. Anyone ever see that movie? It also featured a young Candace Cameron from Full House. Memory lane...
TURNER CLASSIC READ DETAILS BELOW.. We'll celebrate Mickey Rooney this Sun, April 13 with a full day of his films. Review the schedule at
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While Mickey Rooney was the highest paid actor in Hollywood 70 years ago, his personal property totaled just $18,000, according to documents accompanying his will. That's just sad.
Thanking My Brother-in-The Lord Paul La Vecchia-for this post ! Also want to Thank My Admin. & other Members that they did Awesome posts for Members Birthdays yesterday & Today for Mickey Rooney !! I been under the weather the last 2 days, but will back later to post a New Members Birthday.
Mickey Rooney had a net worth of $18 thousand dollars when he passed-8 divorces and family who ripped him off-VERY SAD
Unbelievable, that such a star as he was, Mickey Rooney only left $18,000.00 in his estate, to one son/caretaker, in a career that spanned more than 60 years!!! The "believable part" is that he had wed to EIGHT wives!!! Holy Smokes!!I Someone so "loveable" you never would have guessed! Hollywood as usual, crushed my memories of a star that shone, before I was born! The more I see, the less I like!!
Mickey Rooney the 93 year old actor who recently passed away reportedly left his step son his estate although the actor have been working nearly all his life since the 1930's was said to only have $18,000 in his back account The actor once said before his passing his money trouble stems from his previous 8 marriages(yes 8 wife's) alone with family mismanagement and being a victim of elderly abuse is why he had little money left...Wow truly sad! written by Ken Hands ***source Yahoo News
Ha ja ja Mickey Rooney done ut right--- spent his fortune while alive and left little--- thats the way to do it uf ya ask me---
Mickey Rooney updated his will just three weeks ago, naming his stepson Mark as the sole beneficiary to his estate. Mark is in a battle with his brother Chris, the same person Mickey accused of eld...
I can't prost anything more about the great Mickey Rooney. It is too emotional for me and too terribly sad. What joy, what delight he have the world for so long and then to die with only one pair of shoes and family squabbles. I hope Ted Turner throws The *** the biggest funeral Hollywood has ever seen, burial in Forest Lawn in a place of prominence with the biggest memorial in the place. He can afford it. If he stopped showing The *** s movies on TCM it would be terribly thin. He will aways remain the singularlly most talented performer in the history of film. That should count for something in Hollywood.
*** .. Mickey Rooney only left an estate of $18,000 as he was ripped off by a family member who was handling his finances and lost several millions..Bummer, after working as an actor and starring in many shows and films for most of his 93 years...
Nothing is the same! I miss Mickey Rooney!! He was a HUGE talent & a little sensitive when I held his favorite ball just out of reach. I miss how Mickey would chase after his favorite ball when I'd 'let er go!' I miss the pitter patter of little feet across the cold linoleum floor; the thump of lil Mickey jumping in bed, on me, on those Saturday mornings, with him tugging at my heartstrings & pajama bottoms... to get me going. I don't miss lil Mickey's promises to all his ex-wives; pledging that I would 'service' them in every way, from laundry duty, chauffeur detail, helping with their homework (a few were quite young), dusting the ceiling & fans, & "servicing them". Nuff said. I still can't believe he's gone & if not for the empty bread box (where he slept) as a reminder, I wouldn't believe it. I thought eulogizing Mickey Rooney would give me some closure; maybe if I closed the bread box. M-I-C... K-E-Y, Why? Why not? Do I look like somebody with all the answers.
Even after his death, the family of Mickey Rooney is still fighting over him. Now, the dispute is about what to do with the late actor's remains.A Los Angele...
Today's HUH moment: Just read that Norman Lear's first choice for Archie Bunker was Mickey Rooney.
And the entertainment world, we give our farewells to long time Actor Mickey Rooney. Famous for his appearances in movies like The Fox and the Hound, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Night at the Museum... Mickey Rooney was 93.
I can handle Peaches Geldoff passing, or Mickey Rooney, or Philip Seymour Hoffman. But not the Ultimate Warrior. . I am in bits :'(
Jimmy Kimmel calls out local news outlets that got Mickey Rooney confused with Andy Rooney
There was some sad news here in Hollywood. Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning Actor Mickey Rooney passed away at the ripe old age of 93. He was one of the...
Celebrities really do die in 3's. John Pinnette (stand up comedian), Mickey Rooney, and now The Ultimate Warrior (famous Professional Wrestler). I was hoping it was going to be Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus and anyone with the last name Kardashian (or Charlie Sheen, Corey Feldman and Lindsay Lohan).
Mickey Rooney: World War II Veteran, Bronze Star recipient, & long-time supporter of the Troops.
Being a "Old school southern boy" I grew up with T.V. wrestling and I loved the show. My buddies and I would catch a show downtown at the Omni in Atlanta from time to time. We would see the Road Warriors, Rick Flare and the Assassins one and two. Two being Tim Woods one of the bouncers at Dudleys in Doraville. I was lucky to have met several of the stars being connected with the restaurant business I met Ricky "steamboat" Dragon, Jake the Snake Roberts. Rick Flare and The Fabulous Freebirds. Well one night when I went to pick up my wife from work at the L&N Seafood restaurant her boss came up to me jumping like a schoolgirl at a Justin Beaber concert. He said he had some people I needed to meet. At the back corner sat Sting and The Ultimate Warrior. The latter was just inducted into the Wrestling hall of fame this last weekend in retrospect his speech was almost cryptic of his untimely demise. I will always remember him as a great showman and performer. That coupled with the passing of Actor Mickey Rooney ...
It's only April and a lot of big names I knew growing up as moving on to the next stage... Lately, it's been Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mickey Rooney, now the Ultimate Warrior... I got to interview PSH back in 2000 for the SAG AFTRA Commercial Strike in NYC. I used to put on make up just like the Ultimate Warrior in HS, using my school colors, to show school spirit. He was my favorite wrestler back then. Who else is moving on...
Cinema Head Cheese: The Podcast! - You Go Now! - Kevin gets into an all comedy movie lineup. He talks about How to Be a Man and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. He then goes into a whirlwind of stand-up specials that include Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Seth Meyers, Tom Segura, Bob Saget, Amy Schumer, Tom Papa and more.He also talks about the passing of Mickey Rooney, John Pinette and The Ultimate Warrior, as well as David Letterman's pending retirement.Click h...
rest in peace Mickey Rooney, John Pinette, and the Ultimate Warrior. I liked all three of these people immensely. (Pete's Dragon, the Punisher, being a badass (insane but still badass)). So.okay, that's it death. i think you can take a break now, cool? cool. hail hydra.
Mickey Rooney, one of the longest-tenured actors in movie history, dies at age 93:
The Ultimate Warrior just died. First Philip Seymour Hoffman, then Mickey Rooney & John Pinette, now this. RIP all of you.
@ 17 what did I know of Mickey Rooney or dinner theatre
VETERAN Actor Mickey Rooney- who began his career when he was just 18 months old - passed away yesterday aged 93.
News headline made me chuckle. "Iconic Actor Mickey Rooney recalled." He sure was.
Just an observation, Mickey Rooney passes away, we hear about it for one day. Philip Seymour Hoffman dies and we hear about it for weeks. Sorry, Mickey Rooney had the more historic and noteworthy career.
RIP Mickey Rooney. Laurence Olivier's pick as the greatest American actor. A great shame the Kennedy Center Honors never got…
I never knew that Mickey Rooney was Norman Lear's first choice to play Archie Bunker. Personally, I'm glad he turned it down.
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Why is Mickey Rooney crying in my ketchup? Why is Kunal Nayyar unplugging my iPhones?
Several Hollywood stars have joined those paying tribute to Actor Mickey Rooney after waking up to the news of his death.
Los Angeles Police tell the Associated Press that Actor Mickey Rooney has died at age 93
Did you know that the character of Archie Bunker in "All in the Family" was originally supposed to go to Mickey Rooney? Although they wanted the role to go to a real booze drinker and Mickey was always having a Shirley Temple.
Photo: pabloavannucci: Lucille Ball and Mickey Rooney on The Lucy Show The creation of “The Kid”
Fun fact: Mickey Rooney was offered, and turned down, the role of Archie Bunker.
On the TV show "Access" They did a story on Mickey Rooney and his life, very good. Mickey was tapped to play Archie Bunker in All in the Family TV series but turned it down!
Elvis Pressley, Michael Jackson, Ron Howard, Mickey Rooney all have the same thing in common. They did something one time and they and their families are still receiving the income from it
I am even more becoming so disenchanted with E! News. They call themselves a news show but if you are over 40 years old- you are ignored if you make news. To give them credit they did air the passing of Larry Hagman, but their record for these stories involving artist/actors over the age on 40 is really bad. For an example- Sunday a legendary legend passes away whose career expanded over eighty years- a former living time capsule and how air time did Mickey Rooney get on what is suppose to be an Entertainment News program?- ZERO- zero time spent talking about how much a legend he was or what his career meant in Hollywood's history, instead what we got was breaking news on Kim K wearing a thong on a beach and exposing her huge assets. Over the years I have often said maybe E! News should really be name the K! Network since they are more important than anyone else- but the question I will have if I live long enough to see it - is what happens when they all turn over 40, how much relevant will they all be wh ...
Today's News in 60 Seconds... The search for that missing Malaysian jet is one of the great mysteries of our time. The lack of new "pings" may simply mean the flight data and cockpit voice recorders have gone silent. The batteries only last about a month... The "Blade Runner", the disabled Olympian who admits shooting his model girlfriend, has turned into a sad case of "He said, she's dead"... The number of Americans without health care has dropped significantly due to Obamacare... Stephen Colbert is the favorite to replace David Letterman... Please tell those kids in SF to stop flipping "smart cars"... Small cars save gas and make it easier for all of us to park... Mickey Rooney stood 5-foot, 3 inches. His autobiography was titled. "Life is too SHORT"... He was also married eight times. THAT'S tenacity... Microsoft should NOT stop supporting Windows XP... Spiders inside Mazdas are causing problems. Yes, SPIDERS!... The Masters won't miss Tiger Woods. Let other heroes emerge... finally, Dodger fans ...
Mickey Rooney Stories. 1967 0r 68. The 4 Rhodes Brothers leasing the lounge at a little motel in Miami Springs and happy to say we were packed 6 nights a week for two shows. I also admit it only held 170 people. NOt like the Mart that seated 604. It was the Parkway Motel across the street from the World famous Bryson Irish Pub. ( both are still there ) On any given night we would have in the audience celebrities . This night we had Dickie Smothers, Pat Paulsen, a few Playboy Bunnies and Mickey Rooney. We Brothers thought we were in some type of movie. Why were all these people here? Because it was like an off broadway place to be. One of our Servers was from Columbus, Ohio and graduated with my first Wife, Ruthie from St. Joseph's. She was and exceptionally nice lady and attractive. On the gentle side. Mickey did not have a date. He was a little short on time that night ( sorry. Pun intended. That's just me ) he stayed three shows. The he went out of the showroom. At closing he came back with a bottl ...
Mickey Rooney: Mickey Rooney as Archie Bunker and Other TV Casting Almosts: Would Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts be the
Listen to this fun story of when Norman Lear tried to cast Mickey Rooney as Archie Bunker
Mickey Rooney. 250 Films made. Hailed by Laurence Olivier as " The greatest actor America ever produced" Won two Oscars. Nominated for three died today. One inch column in paper. Peaches Geldof. Umm daughter of Bob.5 pages!
Mickey Rooney at age 2, 22, 62, and 92 (scroll to bottom)
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Mickey Rooney: baby-faced, dangerous and irresistibly anarchic
HEAVENLY DAYZ: Judy Garland & Ann Miller just left for Purgatory where they will welcome Mickey Rooney (@ the Purgatory R…
Mickey Rooney: America’s Favorite Actor Steals the Show at FDR’s Birthday Party |
The legendary Actor Mickey Rooney has sadly passed away at age 93
Michael Jackson loved Hollywood history & Mickey Rooney. told me about him. He really liked him. Now they're gone http:…
Mickey Rooney's ties to Boys Town will endure - Boys Town,...
Mickey Rooney entertaining the troops in 1945.
Who the heck was Peaches? What about Mickey Rooney?! Now that should be headline news for gods sake
When Mickey Rooney (R.I.P.) passed away the other day, I had to listen to the Kinks' Celluloid Heroes -
The Daily Mail doesn't know the difference between Mickey Rooney and Mickey Rouke. Shameful!!!
Very sad to hear of passing of Mickey Rooney. He was a legend, rolled gold Hollywood, and he made my family laugh & cry…
Mickey Rooney, star and stud: Mickey Rooney, who died on Sunday, had a wholesome on-screen persona, but a wild..
Mickey Rooney, celebrated child actor of the 1930s, '40s, dies at 93 - (Miami Herald)
Morning! Besides Mickey Rooney, we lost comedian John Pinette this weekend. In honour of him, and "Fit Tuesday"...
Life in pictures: Hollywood actor dies aged 93
What the critics had to say about Mickey Rooney: By The Associated Press Here's what the critics had to say...
Very sad news about and Mickey Rooney. Love to friends and family of theirs
Mickey Rooney appreciation: Remembering an American icon on screen - A major star in a time when the famous...
R.I.P. Mickey... A true Legend. It was a pleasure to have met you...
Fart is the attribute of the smelly. - Mickey Rooney
Remembering Mickey Rooney with photos from his life and career >>
Mickey Rooney a career in clips: From Andy Hardy to Night at the Museum, we look back at the c...
Mickey Rooney's death, at 93, should be a cautionary tale to child actors everywhere.
Before I turn in, a truly fond farewell to Mickey Rooney - what a talent, what a life! Not always easy, but always uni…
With Mickey Rooney gone, the list of living silent film actors falls to 13. Still remarkable. ht…
The last movie I saw Mickey Rooney in was "Night at the Museum", felt that way when my grandfather died in 1995.
Really sad to hear of Mickey Rooney's death. My mum loved the Rooney-Judy Garland B&W movies and I watched them too!
'Mickey Rooney' appeared on Monday 7 at the 1st place in the Top20 of Worldwide's Trends:
[ZA] News | Mickey Rooney | Mickey Rooney, legendary Hollywood actor, dead at age 93 (video)
Still so saddened by news of Mickey Rooney, a true legend with a career spinning over 8 decades. RIP you are joining the greats up there
People upset about Mickey Rooney's Breakfast At Tiffany's performance this long after the fact have probably done some h…
Acting legend Mickey Rooney dies at 93 - For a period in the 1930s and '40s, boosted by...
5 memorable movie roles of Mickey Rooney ..Entertainment Fresno
Great memories of Mickey Rooney'. Here are 10 Most Memorable Roles via
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