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Mickey Redmond

Michael Edward Mickey Redmond (born December 27, 1947) is a former professional hockey player. He is currently a color analyst for Detroit Red Wings games on television for Fox Sports Detroit.

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Mickey Redmond is my lord and savior.
this time it'll be on purpose. You're a cross between Mickey Redmond and Pat Caputo
"David Copperfield has nothing on him" Oh I love ya Mickey Redmond 😂🐙
If Mickey Redmond ever dies I'll kill my self
I love Mickey Redmond's honesty and for that fact Ozzy. Thanks for telling it how it is
Mickey Redmond is the dumbest man in broadcasting
If Mickey Redmond, Lou Holtz, and Magic Johnson all died in the same week it would go down as the greatest week in US history
One of the most simply joyful/playful things of all time is Mickey Redmond doing a game.
Mickey Redmond should be the wokeness monster
It'll be a sad day when Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels are no longer the commentators for the Wings
'That was Datsyuk-ian' - Mickey Redmond on Athanasiou's coast-to-coast goal.
*ref calls penalty and puts 6 fingers up. Mickey Redmond: "not quite sure what those signals and signs mean". 😂😂😂
I have a Mickey Redmond hockey card.
Mickey Redmond is ripping Toronto about Kessel and I love it.
I don't get to listen to many games. Has Mickey Redmond been this furious/disappointed/disgusted the entire season?
oh no. Mickey Redmond at it again. He spends whole game muttering under his breath
Mickey Redmond's going to stab somebody.
According to a stat that I made up. the Wings are 0-18 when Mickey Redmond isn't on during the broadcast.
Red Wings games are so much worse without Mickey Redmond
When you get married by Mickey Redmond. Congrats Jamie & Nicole Berlin!
How long has Mickey Redmond been winking / 😉 at the fans as they start their broadcast?
Apparently I was doing drunk Mickey Redmond impressions last year
I got to see Mickey Redmond play live tonight. I can now die happy.
**GIVEAWAY**. Enter to win a pair of tickets to Mickey's BIG Celebration in Redmond! Attendees get a special...
posted a pic of own Mickey Redmond signing my puck at the game l…
Mickey Redmond scored with less than 5 minutes to play to lift Peterborough into a 5-5 tie with Niagara Falls in the Cataract City.
FLINT — Red Wings great Mickey Redmond cherishes OHL experience at Flint Firebirds game
Excited to quickly meet Mickey Redmond of Hoping to interview him about his journe…
Mickey Redmond said "Hey gang" to Hot Wing and I. I guess you could say we're good friends now 💁🏽
Some lucky person will be able to take home an autographed puck from Mickey Redmond at the Spring Fling!
Mickey Redmond is in Flint meeting fans and signing autographs!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
One hour until puck drop on Mickey Redmond Night in Flint!
before the season wasn't it Mickey Redmond that said Riley Sheahan was going to have a breakout season?
What an honor! Thx Paul Woods, Ken Daniels, Mickey Redmond, and all with the
legend Mickey Redmond on Capt Henrik Zetterberg scoring assist & passing in 4-2 win over Carolina, "He had h…
Current take some softball direction from annual participant and Mickey Redmond!
Not saying OSU is guaranteed to win & UM has no chance. But his logic is just downright stupid. He may be a bigger homer than Mickey Redmond
If you've ever heard Mickey Redmond announce hockey games, you'd be used to the like. "Like a monkey on a high wire, he got it!"
Well, you evidently like Mickey Redmond and hate Eddie Olczyk and Pierre McGuire. I don't like that idea.
Took about a month since its handmade
Mickey Redmond the best announcer in the game
I don't care what Team you support, we can all agree Mickey Redmond is the best *** Hockey Announcer ever.
"These fans are Hot n Ready for opening night at Pizza Box Arena" - Mickey Redmond
. not a head coach, but heard Mickey Redmond could use a sponsor.
I was hoping for the Mickey Redmond Bingo Bango Center
I'm surprised that Detroit is so high, Mickey Redmond is one of the biggest homers next to Steigerwald and Edwards.
I really feel like Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond should be higher. But I am biased and this is fun regardless.
Mickey Redmond is the man. So bias and says what he wants. He is like Mike Valenti
bro you have know idea how much Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond are hyping me up right now!!!
I can't watch hockey that isn't announced by Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels.
Watching wings games on a channel other than Fox Sports Detroit basically *** because no Mickey Redmond
Red Wings Q&A: Mickey Redmond on trade to Detroit, Bruise Bros., ...
Chris Osgood and Mickey Redmond will be on the second line with Mantha. Might wake up the team, if not, at least *** has stories
Pulkkinen will score with his groin. Mickey Redmond will make a “Pulk-Cannon” joke and be forcibly removed from the booth
Great time at vs alumni game today. Mickey Redmond with an assist!
Mickey Redmond puts us all to shame!
Zuccarello’s saying ‘are you kidding me, I’m 5'8" I can’t be rough’ - Mickey Redmond, after a roughing call was placed on Zuccarello.
Mickey Redmond is literally if my grandfather had played hockey and liked to drink ginger ales. XD
but Mickey Redmond is the grandpa I never had 😭
Even Mickey Redmond doesn't think that is a hold on Eric Staal.
thank you for the follow back... Your work is wonderful!
Lmao only Mickey Redmond would say Lady Gaga performed at the Joe on New Years Eve before in which it was Zac Brown Band a few years ago
Mickey Redmond is the most knowledgeable of all Wings fans. Not a fan you say? Then why does he sound as frustrated with the Wings as I am?
Mickey Redmond is the worst. Dot com? Dot com?
My god I've agreed with Mickey Redmond twice tonight. Time to switch to the Habs game before the world implodes.
Forever thankful Centre Ice is giving us the Jets broadcast with Dennis Bayek instead of Mickey Redmond's overly biased shtick.
.primary board toucher/counter just used the phrase "barn burner", so he's obviously a big Wings and Mickey Redmond fan
Red Wings announcer Mickey Redmond keeps bringing up the Flyers like he's nervous or something...
*** is Mickey Redmond watching, Wings had plenty of guys in the zone on the last GA, they just stood there & watched
Mickey Redmond kicked Athanasiou and Jurco to the curb completely. What an imbecile!
Mickey Redmond doing Wings game when they show Lady Gaga who was there. " what does she do, is she a singer?" That's good TV.
I had forgotten how butthurt Mickey Redmond gets.
mickey redmond is just another DEToilet Bandwagon old Geezer who is in denial complaining about everything!
Red Wings losing 4-1. Mickey Redmond: Boy you can't help but feel like Chicago stole this one.
Will Mickey Redmond shut up your wings aren't that good buddy get a clue
Mickey Redmond drives me crazy. So biased.
Gotta love how Mickey Redmond never stops sippin the Kool-Aid.
I don't mean to question Mickey Redmond, but that looked a lot like a hook to me.
You will be SHOCKED to learn that Mickey Redmond thought a penalty call against Detroit was soft.
Mickey Redmond in reference to Lady Gaga..."What is she a singer?"
They show Lady Gaga during the Wings v Hawks game and Mickey Redmond says "What does she do? Is she a singer?" Atta boy *** What a beauty.
Mickey Redmond: "Lady Gaga is here, what is she a singer?"
Totally serious in referring to Lady Gaga: "What does she do? Is she a singer?" You have to LOVE Mickey Redmond.
I love that Mickey Redmond doesn't know who the heck Lady Gaga is. "is she a singer or something?" 😂
Lmao Mickey Redmond didn't know who Lady Gaga was 😂😂😂
"Lady Gaga, is she a singer?" Mickey Redmond telling it like it is
Mickey Redmond doesn't know who Lady Gaga is. I love it
Mickey Redmond has no idea who Lady Gaga is lmao!!
"What does she do? She a singer?" -Mickey Redmond talking about Lady Gaga
"What does she do, she a singer?" - Red Wings broadcaster Mickey Redmond, on Lady Gaga.
Mickey Redmond doesn't know who Lady Gaga is and it makes me love him so much more.
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Mickey Redmond literally didn't know who Lady Gaga was
Mickey Redmond just asked who Lady Gaga is 😂
Mickey Redmond is not aware of Lady Gaga's profession.
Mickey Redmond as the camera is on Lady Gaga "What is she, a singer?"
Mickey Redmond is precious & we are all blessed to have him in our lives.
Mickey Redmond, don't act like u have no idea who Lady Gaga is.
Mickey Redmond doesn't know who Lady Gaga is, this is amazing.
Lolololololol Mickey Redmond had no clue who Lady Gaga was
Hawks were having a fire sale according to Mickey Redmond. Too many men on the ice.
Why can I not buy a wings t-shirt with a mickey redmond phrase on it? I think there's some serious money to be made there
Well the only positive is Mickey Redmond's Commentary "we have a laundry list of things we need to do as a team" ... He isn't kidding.
Will somebody please get Mickey Redmond of the air today. Hey *** if u don't have the right answer quit guessing until u do.
Mickey Redmond to coach Wings alums vs. Avs ... |
Mickey Redmond to coach Dead Wings alums vs. Avs at Coors Field he wants to show mediocrity comes in all ages.
I got to watch the Wings version with Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond they seemed bitter ..
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mickey Redmond just told Ken Daniels to lay off the refs. That is the sign of the apocalypse.
Ken Daniels: Is that his first non-beautiful goal?. Mickey Redmond: *clearly offended* I thought it was a beautiful goal.
Aww man. Is George Blaha like Mickey Redmond now? Only does home games exclusively?
Come meet Mickey Redmond at our Ram Off Road Experience from 11 - 2 on Saturday.
spike hockey starts soon! Maybe i can get u to meet some alumni where i Work. ..i know mr lindsey, mickey Redmond nd others
"I don't think any crowd in the NHL begs for their team more than the fans here in Montreal." -Mickey Redmond.
Mickey Redmond on Red Wings broadcast makes Pat Tabler sound like the President of Harvard.
Fox Sports Detroit should make an exception for Mickey Redmond and just let him throw f-bombs during the live commentary.
Seven members of the Red Wings Alumni Association, including Kris Draper, Mickey Redmond and Dave Coulier, visite...
Mike Ditka, SVG, Mickey Redmond, Harbaugh pressers, Bashara verdicts & more for podcast right here:
Last time me and Nick Lidstrom waved at each other. Tonight me and Mickey Redmond waved at each other. I love going to Red Wings games
"Animated son-of-a-gun." -- Mickey Redmond, talking about Tomas Tatar 😏👏
If I could have a 3rd set of grandparents it would for sure be Mickey Redmond and Paula Deen
Mickey Redmond should not be doing ford commercials
Mickey Redmond just cracks me up with his commentary lmfao
Hilarious!! Penguins at cheering on the . Mickey Redmond you're one entertaining…
One of my life goals is to sit down and have a ginger ale with Mickey Redmond
Loving that Vitamin C line! (Helm, Datsyuk, Weiss), as the great Mickey Redmond named it.
I like the outtake of the Dodge Ram commercial where Mickey Redmond bench presses the truck and attempts to fight the cameramen
between listen to Mickey Redmond tonight or stabbing my ears with an icepick I choose the icepick
"Red Wings got away with 6 on the ice. Big time." - Mickey Redmond. I agree.
Mickey Redmond 'that may have been tipped' or Howie's just not very good and gives up weak goals. I didn't see a deflection on replay
Great in-game story from Mickey Redmond about his dad.
Mickey Redmond after congratulating a listener for 90th birthday on air: "Gotta find out what he's drinkin' or smokin'"
Someone go pick up all those names Mickey Redmond is dropping.
He walked out in front of the net totally unmolested - mickey Redmond
"MT Today on show, Mickey Redmond & others I love Mickey!He's a good person.Fondest wish is 2 hug him :-)
Mickey Redmond was not their first 50 goal scorer...
I just want a collection of Mickey Redmond quotes to use at my disposal in daily conversations.
"It's a long road back, and one game doesn't make a comeback, but what a game and a night for --Mickey Redmond.
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Mickey Redmond - Detroit's colour guy, watching on a stream
"Bingo Bango that's a goal for the Wings! I'm happy about that..." - Mickey Redmond
Umma get a tattoo of Mickey Redmond's face saying, "Built Ram Tough"
Mickey Redmond thinks everything is a penalty 😂
Ken Daniels & Mickey Redmond are the best TV announcers in the biz today.
Listening to Mickey Redmond is annoying even if you're a wings fan. I love the guy, but make your obvious favorite a little less obvious
Mickey Redmond just called Tomas Tatar a fire hydrant.
I don't care what Mickey Redmond says that was weak as fucj
I love Mickey Redmond just said Bears vs Falcons will be a person.
Does anyone no why Mickey Redmond is not doing color for Fox Sports Detroit
Did Mickey Redmond huff on a balloon before recording that commercial? His voice seems just a little higher than usual
Yourself and Mickey Redmond are the best analysts
I miss Mickey Redmond when the are on the road. At least Ozzie is getting better in the booth.
This match lacks one key ingredient
Life goal: have a beer with Mickey Redmond.
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Well, except for Mickey Redmond. He’s just a treasure. 2/2
Mickey Redmond doing "Pizza Pizza" at 1:51 nearly made me spit coffee all over my monitor.
Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond not entertaining? Obviously you dont know what you're talking about...
I've missed Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond. This offseason was WAY too long.
I don't know about you, but I love hearing Ken Daniels & Mickey Redmond again.
Ah...the sweet sound of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond...
Oh, it is so good to hear the dulcet tones of Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels again.
I've missed the voices of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond ❤️🐙
Nothing like hearing Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels again!!
Ahhh. The soothing sounds of Ken Daniels, Mickey Redmond, and are coming from my TV. Lets Go Red Wings!
Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels are back baby
Are Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond announcing every game from center ice?
It's nice listening to Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels again
Ken Daniels & Mickey Redmond did the best intro to the game honoring the Joe. I got chills & almost cried. I'm gonna miss that place.
Can't wait to hear the voices of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond tonight calling the Red Wings
I'm just glad we get to have the voices of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond back in my house.
The first player to get a hat trick against the Caps was Mickey Redmond of the Red Wings. Second? Bobby Orr.
will drew and marc have Mickey Redmond on soon? Looking forward to some hockey talk.
It's getting colder, leaves changing color and I just heard Mickey Redmond on radio. Can't wait for some hoc…
These commentators are such homers they make Mickey Redmond seem fair and unbiased. Blatant uncalled penalties
You can... put it on the board! Yes!! the hawk worse than the mickey redmond
You are OK as long as John has a better leash on his notes than Mickey Redmond.
Like Mickey Redmond says, ain't no place for a nervous person: “Alright you can take a deep breathe now!!!”
Can we get Ray Hudson and Mickey Redmond to call a game together?
Hockey fans, please complete the following quiz!... 1. What brand of hockey gloves did Brett Hull wear during the 1995 hockey season? 2. What was the name of the Brett Hull line of rollerblades? 3. According to Red Wings announcers Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond, how many legs did Steve Yzerman play his final 2 seasons on? 4. In 2002, the Blues played the Blackhawks in the playoffs. How many shutouts did Brent Johnson record in that series? 5. Who was the starting goalie for the Blackhawks in the 2002 series? 6. Who was in net for the Blues when Steve Yzerman scored the game winner in double overtime to eliminate the Blues? 7. What is Mike Kennan's nickname? 8. Pavel Bure's? 9. Teemu Selanne's? 10. Ed Belfour's? 11. Curtis Joseph's? 12. Brett Hull's? 13. Wayne Gretzky's? 14. Steve Yzerman's? 15. Who was the captain of the Blues at the end of the 95-96 season? 16. Why did the Panthers fans throw rats on the ice during the 95-96 season? 17. Who scored the game winning goal to win the Stanley Cup for the C . ...
Enjoy your basketball bracket stuff, just know if Mickey Redmond ever says "hungrier than a cat at a taco store" I'm going to be rich.
Why do I have to listen to Mike Milbury, I get enough of his crappy announcing during the regular season. Somebody go find Barry Melrose or Mickey Redmond , get this joker out of there.
A conversation I had last night with that old man at the bar: Him: (after seeing me in my Red Wings work fleece) "who is that announcer on tv for the Red Wings?" Me: Ken Daniels, Mickey Redmond. Him: no the young guy who was playing. Me: oh, Chris Osgood Him: NO! Come on, he used to play.. He has blonde hair. Me: well, Larry Murphy used to be an announcer, but I'm sure you're talking about Osgood. Him: you know, for a guy who claims to work for the team you don't know what you're talking about. Just like everything else in Michigan. It used to be good here but now it's bad. The Pistons won the World Cup in 1994, and Ford is bad. They don't have any good cars and they hire bad people from NASA to work for them. Me: wow... Hold on a second. First of all, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the Red Wings. Secondly, the Pistons didn't win the World Cup in 1994, they won NBA championships in 89, 90 and 04, and Ford is the only one out of the big three to not take a government bail ou ...
"Spider-man isn't any more acrobatic than Jonathan Quick." Mickey Redmond, crossing fan boundaries.
This Day In Hockey History for Jan 13th… → 1905 - Team Ottawa Silver Seven plays team Dawson City (Yukon) for the Stanley Cup in the National Hockey Association. Ottawa wins 23-2, with Frank McGee scoring 14 goals. → 1908Montreal Quebec - Montreal Wanderers sweep Ottawa Victorias in 2 games for the Stanley Cup. → 1926 - Babe Ruth dropped the puck for a ceremonial face off in New York, but when the game started the Montreal Canadiens beat the New York Americans 2-1, before a crowd of over 10,000 fans. → 1960 - Gordie Howe tied Maurice Richard as the NHL's all-time scoring leader, when his goal in a 5-2 loss to Chicago gave him 945 career points. Richard had an assist the next night, then Howe went ahead for good (until 1989) three days later. → 1971 - In one of hockey's biggest trades, the Montreal Canadiens obtained Frank Mahovlich from Detroit, in exchange for Bill Collins, Guy Charron and Mickey Redmond. → 1983 - Murray Oliver took over as the Minnesota North Stars' coach, replacing Glen S ...
Now these were Hockey Players Steve Yzerman, Nick Lidstrom, & Mickey Redmond. I am glad i was able to see all three. Go Wings, God Bless Grandpa Kurt
So after returning from Texas late Monday night, we got a good nights sleep and back to Detroit we went. This would be a very special day indeed. The Grind Line. Maltby, McCarty, Draper, and Kocur. The Russian Five. Fetisov, Larionov, Kozlov, Fedorov, and yes none other than Vladimir Konstantinov (aided by friends) started game 2. The Irish jig played after Shanahan scored. Seeing Chris Chelios slide across the ice on his head after he scored. Hearing the crowd of 33,425 cheer at the introduction of Steve Yzerman. Watching Nicklas Lindstrom drop the puck in game 1 and Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay drop the ceremonial puck in game 2. Seeing my personal favorite tough guy Darren McCarty clown around with his former teammates and opposing tough guys. I got a great kick out of Mickey Redmond, now game commentator on Fox Sports Detroit, get an assist in setting up Sergei Fedorov's goal. And how can I not mention Tomas (Homer) Holmstrom's game winning shoot out goal? Seeing the likes of Osgood, Legacy ...
I'm in awe of these old timers. Mickey Redmond to Sergei Fedorov for a goal? Are you serious? It's stunning. These guys can still play.
Mickey Redmond hit Sergei Fedorov for a goal...
My favorite was the sweet pass Mickey Redmond to Sergei for a goal. Fedorov was my favorite.
What a hoot...Mickey Redmond skating a regular shift and setting up Sergei Fedorov for a goal.
Alum Red Wings took both games from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Good to see Vlady at the games. he joined Slava Fetisov, Igor Larionov, Slava Kozlov, & Sergei Fedorov for the Russian 5 reunion. The reunion of the Red Wings Grind Line took place: Kris Draper, Joe Kocur, Kirk Maltby and Darren McCarty, It was cool that Draper wore Bob Probert's jersey to honour him. This was the who's who of hockey with Chris Chelios, Dino Ciccarelli, Mickey Redmond, Steve Yzerman, Gordie (Mr. Hockey) Howe and his son Mark, and many many others.
I just wanna say that even though I didn't see it AT Comerica, I got to see Sergei Fedorov score on a beautiful pass from Mickey Redmond!
Goal Sergei Fedorov, assist to Mickey Redmond just sounds weird. Good, but weird
Kris Draper, Dino Ciccarelli, Joe Kocur, Chris Osgood, Mickey Redmond, and the Red Wings skate outdoors at Comerica Park in preparations for the Alumni Showd...
This team also featured Yzerman, Federov and Lidstrom. Mickey Redmond now explaining Curtis Joseph doesn't have to be spectacular. I'll say.
Mickey Redmond is the next Don Cherry. Stuff concrete mix into it, old timer.
Mickey Redmond is looking forward to the Winter Classic Alumni game: "Being part of such a wonderful thing, a great celebration to the game of hockey, especially the outdoors...It'll be a long trip back to where it all began for me, but I’m looking forward to being at Comerica Park with 40,000 people and just having a ball." - Mickey Redmond on the Alumni Showdown via Official Detroit Red Wings ~~Red
What's funnier: Mickey Redmond trying to speak French or Rod Allen trying to speak Spanish?
Detroit has some of the best sports announcers Mickey Redmond and Rod Allen
The only way you could get me to watch the is by putting Mickey Redmond and Rod Allen in the booth'd be hilarious!
I want Rod Allen and Mickey Redmond in the same booth. That would be magic.
You don't have to necessarily like Chicago, nor Detroit, but if you are a traditional hockey fan, you have to love the fact they are playing Game 7. Stan Mikita, Hull bros, Billy White, Jimmy Pappin, Tony O v Gordie, Delvecchio, Sid Able, Ted Lindsay, Marcel Dionne, Mickey Redmond, Roger Crozier. er sorry, another flashback
Mitch Albom: So if you were calling the game in the third period when that penalty shot was called, what would your reaction have been? Mickey Redmond: I would have been out of the press box, that's for sure! This is a family show so I can't say what I would have been shouting.
On a night like this I miss being in Michigan listening to Ken Daniels, Mickey Redmond and Larry Murphy doing the Red Wings broadcast.
Mickey Redmond, ladies and gentlemen. He's working and Larry Murphy isn't.
I am glad Fox Sports Detroit got rid of Larry Murphy for that kind of salient color commenting from Mickey Redmond.
Is it wrong of me to much prefer listening to Ken Kal and Paul Woods rather than Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond?
Missed the pic, but I think Mickey Redmond just asked Larry Murphy to the prom via a jumbotron message. I hope he says yes!
Mickey Redmond just asked Larry Murphy to prom. What do you think he said?
So glad Doc Emrick is calling the game on NBC Sports! I'd rather listen to him in SD than listen to Mickey Redmond with HD
Mickey Redmond, Thomas Holmstrom, and Mike Babcock poured my wine. Then I kissed the Stanley Cup. All…
FSD wont have to hear eddie O you listen to Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond
Mickey Redmond and Si Robertson. I could sit all day and listen to both of those guys talk.
Since both of my grandpas are dead, I am nominating Mickey Redmond and Lou Holtz as my new grandpas.
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I love Mickey Redmond "you can see what Mickey Rooney thinks" is reference to Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau
Mickey Redmond just called Bruce Boudreau "Mickey Rooney"...not a bad comparison.
I'd love to hear Mickey Redmond defending that hit. By love I mean I'd rather stick a pencil in my ear.
Mickey Redmond is somewhere having a seizure right now due to these calls.
Big thanks to Mickey Redmond, Ken Daniels & author Rob Simpson for signing The Winged Wheel book at the Joe
Mickey Redmond would've tore the refs a new *** for that awful call
This Wings game better not suck. Its bad enough Mickey Redmond isn't announcing.
Give me Mickey Redmond or do not air the game. The last thing I need to hear is Pierre McGuire speak.
I beat Mickey Redmond once. It was in a bar in Ottawa. He cried like a little baby.
Hate when my Wing games are on NBC. Their commentators blow. No one beats Mickey Redmond.
Honored to sign copies of "The Winged Wheel" at the Joe for 90 min B4 Wed's tilt vs Minny, w Mickey Redmond & Ken Daniels
As Mickey Redmond would say It's going to be a Dandy at the Palace come Thursday & at the same Good for MI!
Ken and Mickey's second intermission interview with Ken Holland is up on DH.N: /cc
So Jimmy Howard legit had the flu.."throwing up & everything" Mickey Redmond says.Had IV's put in him during last nights game intermissions.
"Datsyuk absolutely loves embarrassing people" - mickey redmond
Mickey Redmond and Ken Holland lol can't wait to see Ken join the boys for the third period
Ken Holland interviewed by Mickey Redmond! FSD is the best!
Didn't get out of bed on the right side on the pacific eh? -Mickey Redmond.
No Wings game is complete without Mickey Redmond.
There has been no better hockey commentating team than and Mickey Redmond in my opinion.
Don't know what is worse MacLean and Cherry making Laffs excuses or Mickey Redmond watching a 1998 game in his stupor !
I do not have enough time in the life to explain how much I love Mickey Redmond 🐙
Hockey nite in Canada announcers blow!! Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond are the best!!
"Aand that guy should have another scotch" mickey redmond is awesome
Love seeing Mickey Redmond on the Western road trip.
When mickey redmond talks very highly about the best player in the NHL >>>>>>>
I would love to have Pat Foley on the mic beside Mickey Redmond
I'm going to switch between the two. Like CBC (and after hours), but Mickey Redmond made the road trip and tomorrow's StPDay
Mickey Redmond, His voice is comforting to me (:
Bob Errey > Mickey Redmond.. Homers are Homers, but Errey cracks me up.
"When you wake up in this town you get hockey in your coffee!" (quote: Mickey Redmond, ex Red Wing)
Mickey Redmond's "Oh, dad, I didn't mean to do it" call on the Petry replay is pretty great.
Mickey Redmond, wanna be my grandpa?
Mickey Redmond on FS Detroit just said that Pavel Datsyuk is probably the best player in the game.
If Mickey Redmond loved Datsyuk any more his wife would have cause to worry.
According to Paul Woods, Petry had a good night. According to Mickey Redmond, Petry had a rough night. WHICH IS IT?
Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels voices are in perfect harmony
I'm surprised Mickey Redmond didn't stab Ken Daniels for interrupting him on that goal.
Mickey Redmond on FS Detroit said, "Is there a better passer in the game than Datsyuk? Maybe the Sedin twins?" Not Sid???
I know. Mickey Redmond saw it coming though.
it would be awesome if Mickey Redmond was your uncle!
no Mickey Redmond, not everyone scores on their own goal
I feel as is if mickey redmond was deprived of makers as a young child
don't tell Mickey Redmond that he seems to think its all puck luck and bounces. No its all about will and skill.
Why does Mickey Redmond hate Brunner so much? Geze ***
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Red Wings Hockey on Fox Sports Detroit. Good times with Mickey Redmond. Now lets score some goals and win!!!
Mickey Redmond is the biggest homer
Even when the wings are losing it still makes me happy in my belly to see Mickey Redmond
Forced to watch Det feed of game. Used to enjoy Mickey Redmond, when did he turn into such a hack? Sounds like
Mickey Redmond has to be one of the most biased color analysts. He's up there with the Penguins crew.
I'm sorry Mickey Redmond is the *** Cheney of Detroit Red Wings play by play
Mickey Redmond is just terrible as a color announcer. And his play by play partner ***
There may be one thing me and agree on and its a deep hatred for Mickey Redmond
The vast majority of Mickey Redmond's contribution to broadcasts seems to be mild chuckling.
Amazes me how many penalty calls Mickey Redmond thinks are the wrong calls. lol
I love Mickey Redmond's surprise at the hooking call: "OOOH! they called it! hey!"
lol, Mickey Redmond just giving it verbally to the refs in this game...
"I don't like it but that doesn't mean they're not going to call it." -Mickey Redmond
Those who've grown accustomed to Larry Murphy's analysis on games from western Canada. Surprise! Mickey Redmond is on this trip.
Mickey Redmond and Larry Murphy aren't wearing helmets
Actually, now that I think about it. They are all Canadian born. Mickey Redmond, Larry Murphy, and Ken Daniels.
Eric & Jordan Staal, *** and Mickey Redmond, Mike Ricci, Craig Ramsay, Doug Jarvis, Larry Murphy and, for 3 games, Wayne Gretzky!
bloodshot eyes and dysfunctional lungs, but Dave Coulier and Mickey Redmond can still make me laugh! maybe I belong in Canada...
"Jordin Tootoo- built like a fire hydrant."- Mickey Redmond. best commentator ever
is able to watch the Wings game for the first time this season! Love hearing Mickey Redmond's voice! Please Red Wings let's WIN! (Oh and happy birthday to Todd Bertuzzi)
Wasn't watching on NBCSN. Was watching Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond call it on Fox Sports Detroit.
What Red Wings coach Mike Babcock had to say to Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond last night
dude..shut up... like you could do better... Mickey Redmond is a legend. (
Big Rich making it big, providing security for Mickey Redmond last night
It's Hockey Night in Canada this Saturday - finally. Anybody know the gluten-free players in the NHL? Maybe a prize in for the first 5 correct responses.
I'm not looking forward to watch games on because of Mickey Redmond.
Mickey Redmond just called Henrik Zetterberg, Brendan Shanahan. Ummm 2002 what up?
Best part of hockey being back on - Mickey Redmond w/out a doubt. He needs a national broadcast gig.
Probably one of the happiest men in Detroit tonight. Red Wings icon ex great wing and current analyst Mickey Redmond
It tickles my fancy when Mickey Redmond says "gang" an "holy mackerel"
Feels good to be able to hear Mickey Redmond's famous "holy macro" again
Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond are the biggest clowns in sports broadcasting
I forgot how much I love hearing mickey redmond attempt to speak
"He looked like a flamingo in the front yard" - Mickey Redmond quote of the night
Mickey Redmond just compared Franzen to a flamingo in your front yard. Ive missed his commentary.
Mickey Redmond still a bit rusty from the lockout, hasn't noticeably cussed on the air tonight
Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond on my TV. it's a good night in
"Mickey Redmond just called zetterberg shanahan😂" he's wasted
So nice to see Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels on TV again!
Actually excited to hear John Keating's and Mickey Redmond's voice commentating again, I'm sure it won't last long though
Will someone tell Mickey Redmond its about and aboot dam Canadians lol ...
Oh mickey redmond, how ive missed your sultry dulcet baratone
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