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Michelle Rounds

MICHELLE. (on the phone) Yea, I had a question about funding rounds and lawsuits.
MICHELLE. Yea, I just wanted to ask you a question about funding rounds.
My washing machine did so much rounds today than I have been doing lately😭
I can switch wigs in between rounds does that count ?
Liar played nearly 800 rounds of Golf during his eight years in office and traveled the World with…
When Ned, Peter, and Michelle went to Intramuros. Prolly Michelle and Peter had a lot of rounds riding in a Kalesa
You'd like to think there'd be a few apologies doing rounds if Michelle is indeed, as she intimated yesterday, too ill to even take part.
I'm wide awake for morning rounds. But I cannot get my body to get out of bed. Because there's like a mini storm outside 😭😭😭 !
Really? Obama set record 4 most rounds of golf during presidency & most money spent on his/Michelle's…
Lijiao Gong still in the lead after 3 rounds in shot put final with 19.35m. Michelle Carter in second with 19.14m
Michelle Carter, the girl who urged & successfully convinced her bf to kill himself, got 15 months. Shouldn't be surprised anymore🙄🙄
George Groves beats Martin Murray on points after a bruising 12 rounds. .
TERRIFYING: His neighbor refused his sexual advances, so he fired 33 rounds into her house
This in response to a popular article doing the rounds. Algorithms aren't racist. People are.
One down, eight to go!. See you tomorrow at 10 a.m. for rounds 2-7 of the 2016
Oh, man. This has probably done the rounds already, but Scotland welcomes Trump is priceless.
If give k Michelle rounds that's one big fake booty I'd get out the way
I lost 2 rounds of beer pong last night 😅
Saw a group of registrars on ward rounds with a consultant yesterday. They looked nervous. Does the feeling of incompetence ev…
Oct. 22, 2015 - Regional Rounds session with Dr. Michelle Welsford is coming soon! Don't forget to RSVP!
.resident cheerleading expert, Michelle Sandlin rounds out our panel.
Someone has been disinherited! 'I'm the better mother': Michelle Rounds on Rosie O'Donnell
Again, thank you Michelle Rounds for singing the legendary songs from the music of Black American culture. You honored
Cheeky 12 rounds with then lunch with Good times.
EX-DRAMA! Find out the unbelievable ways that Rosie O'Donnell is making Michelle Rounds' wife a living ***
Suicide Drama EXPOSED!. Terrifying ways Rosie O'Donnell is making her estranged wife's life 'a nightmare':
I will. I start radiation today. 33 rounds 🙈. But hey I've always wanted to glow in the dark.
I got two rounds DC. Gus didn't do anything with those takedowns.
Wow didn't miss one day of work during her 8 rounds of chemo. Brave to say the least. .
Awesome Michelle Rounds! Again, thank you for your celebration and performance of my culture! Much
Much love to you Michelle Rounds! Thank you for celebrating Black American/AA music and cultural art forms! I believe I was
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Before I left Michelle stop by making her rounds. one
Thank you Michelle Rounds for your performance and celebration of Black, female musical art forms. I
Hope this fabulous sunshine stays for the weekend. Racing at Oulton Park. Final rounds of the Championship. First...
MT can we teach our residents/med studs if we do not Bring back bedside rounds
Rosie O'Donnell's ex Michelle Rounds was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night after a concerned friend called police who then kicked down
Michelle Rounds, 43, was seen strolling down Main Street in her home town of Nyack, New York, earlier today and was seen t…
Michelle Rounds gets back to normal after being hospitalized
Rosie O'Donnell's ex Michelle Rounds gets back on her feet after suicide bid
Making the rounds--> At the last moment, the WH will knock Hillary out, and with no time left, Michelle will become the Dem candidate.
26 events in last 13 months - Queen Michelle has 4 top 10's, no wins and of a potential 104 rounds, 18 in the 60's. And every shot on TV.
Come thru, you deserve rounds tonight
Michelle Rounds Williams sent me an email recently with the following tips in it. . This is very helpful as we...
This sweet photo making its rounds online. Breaks my heart. Mama and baby at peace. 💔
The 53-year-old TV personality and comedienne is currently locked in a custody battle with her estranged wife Michelle Rounds. A source
Rosie O’Donnell’s estranged wife Michelle Rounds wants a judge to force the ex-talk show host to submit to random drug…
One man's one round...another man's four rounds..😅😅
Ooft. Am watching the boxing I feel like I have been involved in a few rounds myself llf time to get mashed. HFH TAL 81
Attention Michelle Rounds. Its been awhile fans just like to know if Dakota is ok.
Singing and voice tuition with Michelle Rounds @ Nada Jan's Atelier in Garden City on Wednesdays ~ .
Rich Homie and Propain - 2 rounds, still makes me cry, i miss dallas yo
So I think I should give my two cents I n the joke/comment that has been making rounds on social media about Michelle's loyalty to Obama.
Rosie O’Donnell filed for divorce against her second wife Michelle Rounds in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday, just two weeks after quitting
Playing 6 rounds of volley ball last night was not the best idea. I'm dying!
Winners from the last two rounds of the MSA participation awards are . 22/06/14 Michelle Panza - Melbourne...
SCAM ALERT: IRS phone scam making the rounds: via
ah, Pookie actually said something? Was it between golf rounds or while hiding from Michelle? Of course he sides against Israel.
Papa johns need to hurry up with my pizza before my rounds!
What does Michelle do as Prez Plays 81 Rounds Of Golf & Attended 75 Fundraisers Since Re-Election? via
Boston bound on flight 252. Flight attendant Michelle with cool boston accent is doing a great job, From seats 6E & 6F.
First Lady, "Michelle Obama Makes the Chicago Rounds" and joins our favorite sus...
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Cairo Jazz Club: 197, 26th July Str, Agouza, Cairo, Egypt / Telephone: 202-3459939 / Contact: Akram & Alex.  This is the center of all independent live music in town. Live performances take place 4 - 6 nights a week ranging from jazz to oriental to electro. Mediterranean cuisine available daily from 12:00 noon to 3:00am. To get there this is what you tell your taxi driver - 197, 26th July Street, Sphinx Square. JAZZ SUNDAY is the clubs tribute to the jazz greats of old (and not so old!). Jazz classics performed by Cairo's best, with as many interpretations as there are bands. "jazz Sunday" is where you can see the likes of regular performers The RIFF Band, Eftekasat and jazz diva Michelle Rounds.
9 years today!! A terriable accident took lil mike.things have never been the same. Tears yet drop when i think of that horriable are the you told youf brother to put his head between his legs(not knowing you was really sayin good bye.)lord when i got to that hospital n saw daniel, it was nothing but pain n mixed emotions. I sometime ssk myself .wonder what Michell Hanley n mike said to each other? Your leavin us should have taught us somethings, but the friends got wilder.especially daniel n martin. Martin got ppl round him but i cant help but wonder daniels thoughts for today.(the tears want let me finish)
I'm actually rooting for the 3 left, Michelle, Sasha and Amber. I liked Sarah during Battle Rounds pero parang nawala eh.
could they be any smaller? Just you wait till Gordon does his rounds tonight 🍬🍭🍫
while Michelle Trachtenberg rounds out the cast as Lee Harvey Oswald's wife, Marina. Killing Kennedy will premiere on the
I'll come to your house and call rounds lol
To all of my fellow Candy Crushers, I am disconnecting from Candy Crush so I won't be able to send y'all any requests. Sorry, it's too addicting. Y'all have fun!! Love you!
The off road community's site for their systems.
Can someone please tell me what GMO is?! There's people's holding signs all over 15th ave?! Sara Richmond,Michell Cain-Werner someone?!? Lol
Love Jazz? Join us today with Amro Salah Jazz Trio and the Australian Jazz singer Michelle Rounds
Michelle is awesome too!!! Yeah, I watched the blind auditions, skipped the battle rounds, & now am back watching!
Popularity is when people like you;Happiness is when you like yourself
Do you have a favorite line of fabric?
GOOD MORNING on this soggy,rainy,cool,overcast day here in ts'kw'aylaxw,Been up awhile all ready so going to get this day under way,figure it out after another Jav,mhm Cheerz 2 Eh!!
In the pro game, anchored putters don't make putting any easier. They simply bring poorer putters closer to good ones. Time to address the two elephants in the room - slow play, and the golf ball...
Update your maps at Navteq
For everyone that believes in the Power of Prayer...please pray for my dad he is about to receive his first round of chemo...I was very blessed with the chance to spend just about 24hrs with him and my family...I almost feel in those few short hours I spent a lifetime with my family I felt so much at peace...I am so proud of them...
There were two bright spots on Mitchell's PET scan three weeks ago. They weren't supposed to be there. The scan was supposed to be completely dark. The brightness indicated something bad...not sure what exactly. So we did another round of chemo ...just to be safe. We should be with our radiation oncologist right now zapping anything that lingers... instead, everything comes down to this PET scan tomorrow. I know this sounds crazy, but please focus on darkness for Mitchell. Blackness, dimness. Pray for "nothing". Pray for silence in his chest. Ironic, I know.
BIM2013 Registration Re-opens My dear friends, Due to the overwhelming requests and enquiries regarding new registration, the Organizing Committee is pleased to re-open registration for BIM2013 scheduled on Sunday, 25th August. We are offering a limited number of entries till 30 June 2013 for all categories. To register, please click are other few reminders : 1. For those who have collected their race packs and will be running BIM2013 this August, you will be using the same bib that was included in your race pack. Please take care of your bib, DO NOT bend or fold it. In case you lose it, there will not be any replacement. 2. The routes of all three categories are still the same. They are available in our website and you may download them. 3. If you have already registered for BIM2013, we still have your records so you don’t have to re-register. 4. We will have another round of race pack collection. We will advise you on the time, date and venue once finalized. If you wish to send a representative ...
Like if you want to be my cover! ;)) cause someguy has my'girl as his cover and dp!
Uh-oh here we go again with sleepless nights, bubba no.2 due in December!! :oD
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds appear to be the latest stars to pull off a private marriage without the prying eyes of the paparazzi. According to People magazine, the "Green Lantern" co-stars got hitched Sunday night at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Reps for the two actors have yet to confirm the marriage. If the report is true, this would be the second secret marriage for Reynolds, 35, who previously wed actress Scarlett Johansson in 2008 on a remote island off the coast of Canada, where Reynolds hails from. This would be the first marriage for Lively, 25, who previously dated "Gossip Girl" co-star Penn Badgley, and more recently, Leonardo DiCaprio. Lively and Reynolds join a list of other stars who wed in secret. Click through to see six more. Rosie O'Donnell and Michelle Rounds
Michelle Rounds must have married Rosie in the hospital during angioplasty makes Nick Gruber look good.
Rosie O'Donnell secretly married her girlfriend Michelle Rounds in June (IrishCentral)
Rosie O'Donnell's fiancee, Michelle Rounds, has been diagnosed with a series of rare tumor, reports
The funny lady, 50, announced on her blog Friday that her fiancée Michelle Rounds has been diagnosed with a rare disease. "Again and again, her pain grew worse," O'Donnell writes. "It seemed impossible. No one knew what was wrong. Life changes in an instant." The couple went through a "maze of medical mystery," according to the blog post, until Rounds was eventually diagnosed with desmoid tumors. O'Donnell calls it a "beyond rare" disease that isn't cancer but "acts cancerous" and only affects three out of every million people. "She is recovering from surgery [she had] in June," O'Donnell reveals. "[She's] getting stronger every day. We have joined the fight against this disease, raising money and awareness." Rounds's illness has put a damper on upcoming nuptials for the couple, who in December publicly announced their plans to marry.
Rosie O’Donnell revealed on her blog today that she and her fiancée Michelle Rounds were forced to postpone their wedding when Rounds was diagnosed with rare non-cancerous but aggressive fibromatoses, also known as Desmoid tumors.On her blog O’Donnell explains that Rounds woke up in pain on Mother’s...
Rosie O'Donnell's finacee', Michelle Rounds, has recently been diagnosed with Desmoid Tumors. My sister, Kate, suffered with these for the last 10 years of her life..I sure hope Michelle's outcome is better than Kate's. sad...
The couple postpone their nuptials after Michelle Rounds undergoes surgery for desmoid tumors
Rosie O'Donnell's Fiancee Diagnosed With Tumors, Wedding Postponed Rosie O'Donnell and her fiancee Michelle Rounds have postponed their upcoming wedding because of a scary tumor diagnosis, has learned. Rosie, 50, has been posting photos on her Instagram account of the inside of hospital rooms and Michelle laying in a hospital bed — but kept mum on why, until now. PHOTOS: Rosie O'Donnell's Miami Beach Estate Hits The Market The comedienne and actress took to her blog on Friday to reveal the tragic disease that their family has been dealing with for the last few months in the form of a poem, saying Michelle started to feel ill in May and was eventually diagnosed with desmoid tumors. Read Rosie's full poem below: PHOTOS: Rosie Sells $2.5M Home In One Day - Take A Peek Inside! took mish 2 malibu drove to napa stopped in big sur heaven on earth it was a honeymoon before the wedding pure bliss we laughed loved listened then blink – it begins on mothers day morning pain that won’t let up w ...
Wishing the couple well during tough time.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Rosie O'Donnell reveals she and fiancée Michelle Rounds are trying for a baby
Rosie O'Donnell's fiancee Michelle Rounds 'trying to get pregnant'
Rosie O'Donnell: My Fiancee Michelle Rounds Is a Barbie: "She has Mattel stamped on her *** " the talk sh...
Michelle Rounds Shows Off Engagement Ring: She also showed that, despite some serious fashion blunders, she has ...
I just posted Michelle Rounds Engaged To Rosie O’Donnell, read it here:
Rosie O'Donnell is "so so so happy" about her engagement to snaps photos of the ring bling to prove it.
Congrats to O'Donnell and her girlfriend, Michelle Rounds, on their engagement!
Rosie O'Donnell engaged to girlfriend Michelle Rounds -
New planet, Michelle Rounds and the teddy bear toss
Michelle Rounds Shows Off Engagement Ring: O'Donnell posts a picture of her fiancée captioned "so so happy"
Rosie O'Donnell and Michelle Rounds engaged after dating only 3 months - Examiner
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