Michelle Obama & Jackie Kennedy

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. Jacqueline Jackie Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (July 28, 1929 – May 19, 1994) was the wife of the 35th President of the United States, John F. 5.0/5

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"Melania Trump is the most graceful First Lady so far" . Jackie Kennedy?. Michelle Obama??. Eleanor Roosevelt???. Any of the others?
Right after Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan & Michelle Obama who favore…
Out of all the First Lady's we have loved from Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, one NOT LOVED will be sex toy Melania!
I wanna live in a world where Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama run it
A look back at Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy's different but equally iconic style
them: Jackie Kennedy was the best First Lady! . me: Michelle Obama tho. them: but Jackie Ken-. me:
Venezuelan-American designer Carolina Herrera has dressed US First Ladies from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama.
Now they're discussing how Michelle Obama isn't as beautiful as Jackie Kennedy and the outrageous price of cheesecake these days nice
Jackie Kennedy & Michelle Obama . dopest First Ladies to me .
I really admire Jackie Kennedy, Corretta Scott King, and Michelle Obama.. Like A LOT. I aspire to be similar to them as I get older.
I'll introduce policy like Ladybird Johnson, have style like Jackie Kennedy, and arms like Michelle Obama.
Hello all of my dazzling divas! I've said it a thousand times but I want to reiterate to you all how much I love and appreciate you all, not just for over the years but particularly now. Planning a wedding, birthdays etc are suppose to be joyous times and I'll admit these last few months have been slightly contrary, but thanks to you gals love, support, prayers and girl times I haven't missed a beat. I miss mom EVERY day but God couldn't have given me a better support system in you all. You aren't Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy or Maya Angelou but you are all phenomenal women and what examples I have to follow. I love you all to Reese's pieces. Mary A. Melton Lori Debreaux Ricks Tracy Tharpe Laverne Green
It's a pretty incredible achievement as a designer to say you dressed both Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama
Oscar De La Renta dies aged 82. The world just became a little more drab. Oscar De La Renta has died, according to ABC News. The fashion designer, who dressed celebrities ranging from Jackie Kennedy to Jennifer Garner over the years and whose brand became synonymous with timeless yet fierce elegance, was 82. The Dominican-born couturier, who sent a Spring 2015 collection down the runway at New York Fashion Week in September, made his umpteenth major splash designing Amal Clooney's wedding gown this past summer. He appeared in the pages of Vogue with George Clooney's bride, taken during her fitting. Also earlier this month, Michelle Obama made headlines when she finally wore a de la Renta dress to an event, joining the First Ladies club that also includes Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. De la Renta was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, but he said in an interview last year with the International Business Times that he was "totally clean" of the disease and not at all interested in retir ...
The designer served as a fashion confidant to presidential spouses from Jackie Kennedy to Laura Bush, though Michelle Obama snubbed his designs in favor of younger, up and coming names.
A little less class is in our world today.. Oscar De La Renta dies at 82 years old. He designed for Michelle Obama. Laura Bush, Jackie Kennedy and many more...
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The White House let alone Michelle Obama knows Diddily Squiddily! She compares Herself to Jackie Kennedy whom She couldn't ever hold a Candle to. No one in the Government is going to tell me how to Raise my Family and feed them and care for them! They can't even take care of themselves with out Taxpayer assistance! They force Illegals on us and deny our Kids a great Education. So Michelle Obama, Clean up Your own Doorsteps before you try mine! Practice What You Preach First!
OK people, I did it again! I had the NERVE, I mean the NERVE, to post my OPINION on a clearly political post. So now I've been deleted again. I have to wonder what lack of intestinal fortitude causes a poster so much panic that disagreeing posts are deleted. I have never and will never delete a post by anyone who respectfully disagrees with me. Since the poster was speaking of Jackie Kennedy as a great First Lady but did not like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama maybe he just doesn't like uppity women.😦 Sorry!!!
First Lady Michelle Obama has one of the most coveted styles, next to Jackie Kennedy. She’s become a style icon for the modern working woman. Her style is sim
Jackie Kennedy, she isn't. Michelle Obama has made her mark on White House history by being a thoroughly modern First Lady -- and that includes speaking her mind! The former attorney has never been...
Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama eat your heart out. First Lady Claire Underwood easily takes the fashion icon crown.
Michelle Obama is the new Jackie Kennedy. She’s everywhere. And unlike Jackie, she keeps her man in line.
FROM THE "FUTURE HEADLINES" DEPARTMENT: "Former First Lady to host TV Talk Show - Michelle Obama will host..." Count on it. She's clearly very busy brushing up on her Talk Show circuit shtick right now. Bring back Jackie Kennedy, or even Nancy Reagan. They understood the responsibility of being "First Lady" to our nation's leader.
Who's classier, Laura Bush or Michelle Obama? I vote for Laura, but that's because Jackie Kennedy, Mamie Eisenhower, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and of course Nancy Reagan weren't choices in the poll I found. Who's your fave First Lady?
I think they go together perfectly! Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, the list goes on!
Can you even imagine Jackie Kennedy or Laura Bush or even Hillary Clinton getting off Air Force One in a gettup like Michelle Obama. It's obvious that our current First Lady has absolutely NO class!
I know ur answer XD | Fashion icon: Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama?~>
What dress do Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Alexa Chung, Michelle Obama, and have in common?
So I guess I can't say that Michelle Obama is the best looking First Lady since Jackie Kennedy?
First Lady Easter style through the years, from Jackie Kennedy to Hillary Clinton to Michelle Obama:
Happy President's Day! In honor of our Presidents, we decided to take a look at the favorite flowers of some of our First Ladies. Here's what we came up with: Eleanor Roosevelt and Pat Nixon: Yellow Rose Mary Todd Lincoln: Red Rose Nancy Reagan: Peonies (called purple flowers "old lady") Jackie Kennedy: White Peonies (hated Gladiolas) Michelle Obama: Roses and Magnolias Lady Bird Johnson: Black-eyed Susans Barbara Bush: Shasta Daisies Rachel Jackson: Violet Dolly Madison: Asters Anna Harrison: Lilacs
There has never been a more glamorous First Lady than Michelle Obama. Granted, Jackie Kennedy is a serious contender, but seriously.
says that Michelle Obama is "fashion forward" and that she's the first fashion First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. Delusional much?
Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and Michelle Obama are the only First Ladies to leave an iconic mark on fashion. Especially Jackie.
Jackie Kennedy is in top 3, Nancy Reagan had one of the most copied inaugural dresses, but Michelle Obama is tops.
Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln have nothing in common. Lincoln isn't even in Obama's league. Barack Obama is the greatest President of all time, greater than Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, either of the Roosevelts, greater than Kennedy, Reagan, Adams, Truman, Wilson, Polk, Clinton, Jackson, Eisenhower, or any of the other Presidents and Michelle Obama is the greatest First Lady of all time, greater than Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dolley Madison, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Edith Wilson, Sarah Polk, Abigail Fillmore. oh my God, Perspective is so much better than Key Lime Pie. Speaking of Key Limes, I forgot to mention Bess Truman.
As you may have heard, Michelle Obama recently wore a red Alexander McQueen evening gown to a state dinner held in honor of the Chinese president, Hu Jintao.
If Romney wins, Ann will be the 3rd hottest First Lady in history. Michelle Obama 2nd, Jackie Kennedy 1st. Abigail Adams a distant 4th.
Michelle Obama is one of my favourite First Lady presidents along with jackie Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt.
Why do the First Ladies need so many personal staff that cost all of us tax payers a lot of money? Michelle Obama has a personal staff of 22. That is not White House staff, that is just personal staff. Unofficially there is between 2 and 4 more. The staff is costing us tax payers 1.5 million dollars a year. Remember she has no official duties. Jackie Kennedy had 5 Barbara Bush had 4, 2 were part time Laura Bush had 15 Hillary Clinton had 19 This should be our first cut in our deficit.
it sickens me to think of the next American president being Romney, what a terrible step backwards towards the dark ages after having a breath of fresh air with the Obama presidency. I know he's not perfect, but public health care! go Michelle, maybe the wives should run the country! Jackie Kennedy, Elenore Roosevelt, Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama! these would of been better candidates than old right wing dictators! f'n republicans. church and state do not mix!
This is just standard behavior of the Obama family, who are adept in spending the people's money and not have any respect for the taxpayers to pay the bill. From: "in my own life, in my small way, I try to return to the country that has given me so much," she said. "That's why I left my job at a big Law Firm job to go into the Public Service." - Michelle Obama No, Michelle Obam has not been paid to serve as a First Lady and not have to make an office role. But this does not prevent her to hire an unprecedented number of staff to carry out her ideas came to her and serve the requirements during the Great Depression. Mary Lincoln buy porcelain role for the White House during the Civil War. And Mamie Eisenhower had to use her husband's salary to pay for the poet signed. The total number of employees of other First Lady has been paid by the taxpayer: Mamie Eisenhower: 1 paid for by the president Jackie Kennedy: 1 Rosalynn Carter: 1 Barbara Bush: 1 Hillary Clinton: 3 Laura Bush: 1 / Michelle Obama 22 Michelle ...
Ignore the caption. I am posting this picture to accentuate a point I have made on several occasions. The Obama family is dumpy. Michelle Obama should never have been put into the same class as Jackie Kennedy. The Obama's have no class. The Romney's are an example of the elegance that our President and First Lady should present when they attend formal functions.
So.do you want the blonde blue eyed rich no soul, "Yes Mitt, I will obey you Mitt" in the White House, or an active regular person that actually moves and does things for others; that buys her kids clothes and shops in the mall like everyone else? Michelle Obama is truly a First Lady. The White House hasn't seen the likes of her classy style since Jackie Kennedy
There’s no doubt that when Michelle Obama came onto the political scene in 2007, fashion folks were elated. She was heralded as the next Jackie Kennedy: One half of a power couple that was both sophisticated and hip–a sharp contrast from the image cultivated by Laura and George Bush. She wore emergi...
My latest update regarding Mrs. Romney rep'ing on Disney Channel was not to disregard her medical condition.or anyone with a disability for that matter. Michelle Obama is a modern day Jackie Kennedy and I would hate to see her step down as First Lady. If you interpreted my statement as offensive, my apologies. Sincerely, The aging dance teacher with hip dysplasia and degenerative disk disease fighting the Flu.
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Michelle Obama is the most stylish First Lady since Jackie Kennedy, I think
As we approach the election, lets look back on some of our First Ladies. All were great women, and probably would have made better presidents than their husbands. My favorites...Eleanore Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Ladybird Johnson, Roselind Carter, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. now...your turn..BUT be nice. You may not discuss, disagree or condemn...only name your favorites.
First Lady, Michelle Obama, is the classiest First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.
Someone said Michelle Obama didn't look like a First Lady. I for one thinks she looks great. She is a 21st century Jackie Kennedy, plus. She is successful and smart. She is young and fit. She's a great Mother, and a great daughter. I am proud of who she is and that she is the First Lady of our United States of America.
I have been a voter since 1960. I do not remember any First Lady, even Jackie Kennedy, who was on the TV as much as Michelle Obama. At least once a week she is on some Talk Show or game show - Jay Leno, Letterman, Jeopardy, Ellen deGeneres, and probably many more that I have not seen or been aware of. This is a new level of campaining. And how long has it been since Barack been in the White House doing anything Presidential? Michelle uses 100's of thousands of dollars for vacation trips, described as PR, while Barack uses air Force 1 to travel the country working for re-election rather than working to solve the country's problems. No wonder our country is in such bad shape. And another 4 years of BO will make things even worse.
We always talk about how awesome "First Lady's" are. Eleanor Roosevelt. Jackie Kennedy. Pat Nixon, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama etc, etc. and most but not all of their husbands turned out to be bums. So, how come we just don't elect the wife President? Makes more sense to me!
The ONLY "First Ladies" that EVER had LOOKS, STYLE, GRACE, SMARTS & CLASS - in one, are "Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, & Michelle Obama".
*I strive to be HALF the woman Hillary Clinton-Michelle Obama-& Jackie Kennedy are/were. Not Kim K - Rihanna & Marilyn Monroe*
We have only had four great women in the White House, Mamie Eisenhower; Jackie Kennedy; Hilary Clinton and now Michelle Obama
I think the issue was much ado about nothing. I never heard any of it on either side until now. The only criticism I have ever heard about Michelle Obama's spending had zero to do with her clothing (a personal expense I assume she pays herself) and everything to do with her travel that she bills to the government. As for how she spends her own money--one of my beeswax. Also, the photo seems to criticize Romney for doing business with a "Dominican" designer instead of an "American" one. Oscar De La Renta not only is American--both by a Puerto Rican mother but also officially by dual-citizenship--but does business in NYC and was a key designer for Jackie Kennedy. So not only is this a ridiculous concern on either side, but the person who put together the photo is making an anti-immigration statement I don't think was intended. I guess when making cheap political shots, nothing exceeds like excess.
As I watched the DNC last night I got misty-eyed when Gabby Giffords led the pledge. I got fired up and ready to go when Joe Biden talked about a job being more than a paycheck in his "schmaltzy big brother(ly)" way, as Chris Matthews, put it. I love a "lunchbucket" Democrat firing up a hall. I was amazed to flip back and forth from Fox to watch Karl Rove talk about all of Obama's broken promises. As if a political operative like himself doesn't know the difference in a candidates platform - what he wants to accomplish and what he thinks is realistically attainable - and a promise. It was a great DNC from start to finish, and I haven't even had a chance to watch Julian Castro's "stem-winder" or Bill Clinton's "masteful 50-minute speech" as Gene Robinson described them. I do know that it takes a skewed perspective to cast a shadow on such an uplifting event. This morning I read Charles Krauthammer calling Michelle Obama's speech "brilliantly cynical." Meanwhile I agree with Jackie Kennedy that it's just mo ...
consistently hears that Michelle Obama has approval ratings higher than her husband's (typical for a First Lady), which, in her case, are usually around 65%. Sure, that's high, but what the *** is wrong with the other 35% of the country that actively DISAPPROVES of Michelle Obama? It's like disapproving of Nancy Reagan or Jackie Kennedy.
Michelle Obama rocked the DNC last night. She is such a classy lady. She reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. Anne Romney looked like a self serving cry baby that talked more about her self then her husband at Republican convention. I'm fallowing evry minute of the conventions to see who stands where on the issues. I love politics. I listen to the news programs like Morning Joe and Rachal Maddow and Meet the Press. Hey I'm not a nerd for nothing.
Michelle Obama is equal parts Jackie Kennedy and Hillary Clinton
I'm about to hit the sack here - but - before I do - This evening I changed the channel to 9 - WFTV - ABC news locally - had the misfortune of seeing a part of Michelle Obama' speech - fan fare and all - - while I respect her as a person - she went way over the top of reality! On Prime Time - ABC - she was declared a "fashion Icon" - - What First Lady in the history of the USA - be they Republican or Democrat - have you ever seen dressed as Michelle was this evening? A "fashion icon"? I think not - I can name a few who were - Jackie Kennedy - Laura Bush - Nancy Reagan - Eleanor Roosevelt - Barbara Bush - Roslyn Carter - First Ladies with Grace and Dignity! Perhaps Michelle is a fashion Icon - but I haven't seen any women wearing anything closely equated to her fashion - except - at Walmart! Stay safe all - May God Bless you and keep you under His wing of protection!
“It's official. Michelle Obama is the hottest First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.” Lady Bird Johnson hates this message.
It's hard to believe that Mrs. Obama was ever considered a liability for her husband. WHEN he is elected for a 2nd term and once the history books are written, I believe Michelle Obama will be considered as influential as First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, and yes even Hillary Clinton. What a stunning example of a strong American woman she is.
If anyone will be responsible for Obama winning a second term in office - aside from Obama himself and all he has accomplished in his first term (despite the constant obstruction of the GOP) - it will be Michelle Obama and the speech she just gave. WOW - just... WOW. That was amazing. I know that Jackie Kennedy was almost universally revered in her day - but she couldn't light a candle to Michelle, who is, quite possibly, the greatest First Lady we have ever had.
Michelle Obama hit a GRAND SLAM! The beauty, grace, class and elegance of Jackie Kennedy, the eloquence of Barbara Jordan and Maya Angelou and the heart and soulfulness of Vashti McKenzie, Cynthia Hale, Carolyn Knight!
Michelle Obama is the classiest First Lady ever. That includes Jackie Kennedy.
There was Eleanor Roosevelt... and there was Jackie Kennedy... and THEN there was Michelle Obama!!!
Michelle Obama: The most statuesque First Lady we've had since Jackie Kennedy Onassis!
only three First Ladies that i have knowledge of have made the impact and done it with such class and grace...Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, and Michelle Obama...she is so gorgeous and look at that dress!
Michelle Obama is in the hottest First Ladies list, along w/ Jackie Kennedy, Sarah Childress Polk, and possibly a young Martha Washington
Michelle Obama, you are no Ann Romney, she is our next Jackie Kennedy.
Michelle Obama is the coolest First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. Ann Romney is the most plastic potential First Lady since Laura Bush.
I looking for a Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jackie Kennedy type. I don't think you'll find that in the club...maybe a bar though lol
What the First Lady costs us Former First Ladies have had staff, Mamie Eisenhower had a personal secretary paid for out of her husbands salary. Jackie Kennedy had one personal staff, paid for by the tax payers. Roseline Carter had one. Barbara Bush had one, Hilary Clinton had three, Laura Bush had one.. Now, how many personal staff do you think Michelle Obama has, at tax payer's expense?
Michelle Obama is the most glamorous First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.
Oprah Winfrey wants to help Michelle Obama fight Obesity and Michelle said she didn't want some fat lady to help her campaign against fat people. Oprah has been fighting the scale for a lot of years and knows what is like to be fat. Why do thin people like to put us fat people down. Oprah has been there and she would have been a good spokesman to help us all fat people. Michelle will never have the grace as Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan had. Will we Rem Michelle for her nice arms. I Don't think so.
When I think of a First Lady that has class; I think of Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, and Jackie Kennedy! I some how do not see those qualities in Michelle Obama! There is something about her that completely turns me off!
Not that I was alive to judge, but Michelle Obama is the most classy and beautiful First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.
Robin Williams: Michelle Obama is like a combination of Jackie Kennedy and Serena Williams. Lol. :)
WE have the best White House partner with Michelle Obama! She is rising to the level of Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy!
You are a Michelle Obama, a Jackie Kennedy, A MRS. KING, you is a mom you birth, raised, saved, lost a child you are still a mom. You is a wonderful, excellent, joyful, crazy, horrible, uncool mom. You is a I love you mom, I hate you mom, a mom who dance around the room when your child graduates high school, college, and even sign a major deal with the Detroit Lions ( Travis Lewis) kinfolk YOU IS A MOM.. 2 b continue
Nancy Reagan in the streets, Jackie Kennedy in the sheets, Michelle Obama in the toilet.
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