Michelle Obama & Ann Romney

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. Ann Lois Romney (née Davies) (born April 16, 1949) is the wife of American businessman and Republican Party politician Mitt Romney. 5.0/5

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Michelle Obama and Ann Romney should have a twerk contest.
Mitt and Ann Romney at Mitt's boxing match last night. Imagine the reaction if this were Barack and Michelle Obama. ht…
Liberal Fascism: Contrast the way "The View" treats Michelle Obama as opposed to Ann Romney (Beck) - YouTube
Ann Romney was criticized for wearing a $1,000 blouse. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama wears a $12,000 dress and is praised f…
Ann Romney, was on Piers Morgan, last night, and I swear, I sure do wish I'd never heard of Michelle Obama, and her husband, now. I also, really feel, that Romney is the best choice of Rs to run again, a 3rd time, and win the whole shooting match, because unlike all of the others, he is a moderate, not a conservative, or liberal, which is EXACTLY what the country needed a year ago, and moreso, now. She says he will not run again, because I'ts time to pass the baton, but I think as time gets closer, in a couple of years, Romney could easily throw his hat back in, and win, with a landslide. The Republicans will own the entire government, for at least the next 2 decades, after the debacle of Obama's presidency. I was fooled, and voted for him the first time, then after a year, of his first term, I KNEW we had made a serious mistake throwing McCain under the train, for picking Palin, and being too nice, to go for the jugular, with Obama. I am sure, if he had, it would definitely have gone the other way. I mea ...
Think if that vid was of Paula Deen hugging Ann Romney instead of Michelle Obama, media would play ENDLESSLY?
Was just watching Ann Romney talking about Mitt's campaign loss, the economy, and her new cookbook "The Romney Family Table" . We all need to watch for Michelle Obama in the coming days.replacing the food pyramid and her nutritional school lunches were such a success. (No one understands the "plate" they prefer the pyramid and the students are hungry because they're tossing their "nutritional" lunch in the garbage. I'm sure she'll be on tv to blaming Laura Bush !!!
Hands Down, with "No Question About It." Ann Romney does and would respect being the First Lady of the United States of America, with such Grace, Class, and dignity... I honestly cannot say the same for Michelle Obama... She has mocked, ridiculed, disgraced and continues to make a spectacle of herself, and what a true First Lady is really ALL about. It is my belief, she needs to show Class... and I with a lot of other Americans, just don't see it. Ann Romney fought and Won against Cancer and MS, and loves her Country! Where Michelle Obama said, after Obama won the 2008 election, for the First time I'm proud to be American. That statement of words spoken set the tone of what was to come. I do not care, what Color one is, as long as you respect the United States of America and the One's who fought for your Freedom. She has claimed to be a Christian! Then I say to her, what about the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and One Nation Under God. It's because of those spoken words, is why I cannot respect or exc ...
A beautiful, Intelligent, warm and caring First Lady.!Yes, the Tea Party wants You to. 'Fantasize" about Ann Romney!! Sorry, we are talking about Real, Genuine First Lady, Michelle Obama. We don't have to 'imagine' her, she is the reality! And she doesn't need "Magic Undergarments" either! And Yes, she Has survived vicious attacks by the right, and has always loved her country! Next.
Lauren and I are doing a GREAT German project. Joan Rivers and Larry the Cable Guy are judging Ann Romney and Michelle Obama's outfits.
“Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine, and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them.”
If Brent Musburger had gushed over Michelle Obama or Ann Romney like that instead of Katherine Webb it had been no big deal.
Ann Romney, Michelle Obama on family, politics - Join Talk at:
First Ladies, like Michelle Obama and First Lady candidates like Ann Romney during this election year in the USA, are pioneering new paths of influence in today's society and many First Ladies have used their position to change perceptions and raise awareness for lesser known causes. Hilary Clinton ...
They protect Obama always. But the liberal media cut Mitt Romney and his family every chance they could. The lies made up about this good man were disgusting. Ann Romney got grief for having a expensive horse. The horse was therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. Obama doesn't derserve all the king like coverage he gets. He's a disgrace to America and a big fat LIAR. If people would look at his college life and on, you would see the truth as a well. And I am not a racist, race has nothing to do with it. He's a LIAR! Why didn't the media report that Michelle Obama was stripped of her law license due to insurance FRAUD. She's a FRAUD and he's a LIAR!
Trishia, the fashionista.not.keeps wondering why Michelle Obama continues favoring those sparkly, full skirted dresses? She looks so much better in sheaths.really has a wonderful body for them. Dr. Jill Biden and Ann Romney looked spectacular in theirs.
Good to see Michelle Obama's bare arms tonight instead of Ann Romney is a used Nancy Reagan crown and scepter!
I think that the election should be decided by a lightsaber duel televised live during primetime. But not a real lightsaber, just the ones you buy at Walmart for like 8 dollars or something like that. The fight would need to be moderated by Tim Gunn. The tie breaker would be an arm wrestling bout between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney...now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go count something in honor of Election Day!
It’s Election Day! So get out of that Alexander Wang sample sale line and vote. Michelle Obama and Ann Romney already did. The First Lady cast her ballot by mail back in October, while Ann Romney voted with her husband today in Masachussets. Both women voted wearing simple outfits in bold colors–An...
Why-- I ask you, on this night before Election Day-- cannot the "Family Values" people see that Barack and Michelle Obama are deeply in love with each other, and are absolutely ga-ga about their daughters? Is this not what we all WANT for every family in this nation? Can you name a better MODEL for Americans to emulate? (And please, do not ask me to imagine Ann Romney stirring canned tuna into a casserole while Mitt bangs the books at the Harvard Business School...)
1 more day for election. Just wondering what will they do with the balance funds from the campaign. In my advise, both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney should visit Neiman Marcus or Saks and spend a few million to enhance their handbags and shoe collections.
Let's just compare Ann Romney and Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama kicks *** Anne Romney popped out 1200 children.
First Lady classic TV lookalikes: Ann Romney - the blonde Lennon sister from the Lawrence Welk Show (with better access to botox and plastic surgery). Michelle Obama - Julia.
Why did Whoopi Goldberg ask Ann Romney why her husband did not serve in the military and not ask Michelle Obama the same question ? ( Can anyone answer ? )
so I was bored and leafing through a magazine -- MORE magazine -- and there is an article entitled " why is America's First Lady stuck in time?" accompanied by pictures of Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and...wait for it...Ann Romney??? has my power been out longer than I think???
First Lady Michelle Obama is constantly being praised for her sense of style, while Ann Romney often goes unnoticed or criticized. DVF slammed Ann Romney for wearing one of her dresses recently, but there's a reason why. Runway to win is a campaign put together by designers DVF, Marc Jacobs, Derek L...
last night I had the WEIRDEST Nyquil induced dream. It involved: Ann Romney and Michelle Obama, my mother, Jafar from Aladdin, Oprah, a Walt Disney World Resort and a situation like the last 20-30 minutes of "Cabin in the Woods". C-r-a-z-y.
Is it me or is anyone else disturbed by the pics of blond haired fair skinned Ann Romney under which people declare how "beautiful" she is and how well she will represent our country? Personally I think Michelle Obama is a stunningly beautiful woman who has stood up for things I find important (as opposed to the ideals and lifestyle of Mrs Romney) and has been a gracious representative of our country around the world. Representative of the glorious diversity of our country, not just the northern european Anglo saxon portion of it. I rarely post any rants but i think its time we really took a hard look at the underlying basis of so much unprecedented resentment toward a President of the United States starting before he even took office. All politics aside, this is a very serious issue and worry to me: why so many have simply been unable to accept a dark-skinned First Family, even before they took up residence in the White House.
Jimmy Kimmel asked people what they thought of "last night's First Lady debate" between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. Of course, several people swore they'd watched the whole thing and declared a winner.
Just saw Ann Romney on Rachel Ray... Regardless of your political views you have to respect a woman that works so hard for her family. She really is an incredible women. Just to be clear so is Michelle Obama, however she makes me feel right at home Michelle doesn't.
This is disturbing.. and I've only added a smattering of horrible comments, but we all have to know how important racism is as an element in this election. Don't believe anyone when they tell you it is not a factor. We ALL know better. Reading these comments makes me want to work even harder for the Prez. These people are absolutely disgusting. Collected from a Tea Party FB page; found on Duchess St. Rollins' page: Jamie wrote: "These were some of the "gems" I mined from the Tea Party page (where I have been banned), this morning. and what is even more psychotic are in between ALL of these, there is the obligatory.."I'm" or "we are not racist." Yeah who do I believe, you or my lyin' eyes," as Judge Milian says. LOL. MY EYES. - - "LIKE" if Ann Romney would represent America well as First Lady - she don't look like a zoo animal at least. - michelle obama is an ugly fat buck tooth racist peice of crap - michelle obama is a tyrant who is racist and bigoted against white people - *** yeah she would. ...
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so the news finally breaks: Anna Wintour "makes sure" top designers do not acknowledge Ann Romney wearing their designs even though she has PAID for them. While they are GIVING, yes, for free, their designs to , Michelle Obama, to wear. And, last week Ann Romney is criticized for wearing an expensive pink Michael Kors outfit, that she paid for, to the debates, while again, Michelle Obama, is wearing a pink outfit for TWICE the money, that she did NOT pay for, to the same event. Do the Obama's pay gift tax on these expensive outfits? Just wondering? All you Obama fans out there, is that fair? Just wondering.
Was it my eyes or did Ann Romney snub Michelle Obama after the debate. The First Lady is a classy woman, she walked over to the Romney clown's, and she politely shook hands with the ones who acknowledged her. Mrs. Obama went over to Ann Romney and Ann Romney ignorantly turned her back to her and pretended to talk to a grandchild. I had separated Ann Romney from her husband and gave her a bit of respect. The way she turned her nose up at the First Lady after the second debate, and now after the last debate it's a sign that this woman is married to Mitt Romney for a reason, they are two ignorant beasts who belong together. It is disgusting, childish behavior and speaks to why their son wanted to "slug" the President of the United States. He learned it from his parents. I wonder what the family does when they all go home together after these debates, throw temper tantrums in Romney Room?
im embarrassed for all of the people that actually thought Michelle Obama and Ann Romney really had a debate and were telling Jenna Bush...
here's some campaign info for Sunday Oct 21 Romney Obama Rasmussen national tracking (3 day average) 49 47 Rasmussen 11 swing state tracking (7 day average) 50 46 WSJ/NBC national poll likely voters 47 47 an incumbent at (or below) 47% 2 weeks before Election Day is not doing well. My wife pointed out that Ann Romney was at the Al Smith dinner in NYC last week with Mitt, and there was a chair for Michelle Obama on the dias next to her husband, but she wasn;t there, and the empty chair was left in place. Press reports say she did have an event in NYC that day. What about likeability? Mathew Continetti at the Washington Free Beacon president is cold, abstract, prickly, and insular. His brand of cerebral partisanship is better suited for liberal blogging than for leading the free world. He doesn’t enjoy interacting with strangers or even with associates outside his immediate clique. He has few close friends. He relies on about half a dozen senior advisers. His impromptu speech is given to cutting, sarcasti ...
Michelle Obama and Ann Romney: Pretty (Fierce) in at Presidential Debate - Getty...
I just finished reading two interviews in Good Housekeeping magazine- the first with Michelle Obama asked questions like- How do you keep a sense of play in your incredibly busy life? and How have you handled the scrutiny of being in the spotlight over the past several years? Day to day how do you two (she and Barrack) stay connected? Then one with Ann Romney, where Ann was asked questions like- What steps would your husband take to improve the economy? and Are green issues something you think about? They also collected questions from readers for Ann-How, with your families wealth can you understand the struggles of regular folk? So, do you think Barrack and Michelle are poor? Is Michelle not up on campaign issues? Just wondered.
Glen Beck is doing a montage comparing the first 10 question posed Michelle Obama with the first 10 posed to Ann Romney on The View
No media bias right? US magazine headlined that Ann Romney wears a $1690.00 Oscar de la Renta dress to debate...further into article we learn that Michelle Obama wore Michael Kors; $1795.00 dress with $1495.00 matching jacket. How come the cost of Ms Romney's dress was headlined?
Oh and Michelle Obama in Michael Kors and Ann Romney in Oscar de la Renta from the debates. Love Michael Kors!
Pretty *** UGLY Bias in Pink US Magazine's BIG Headline screams that Ann Romney wore a $1690.00 Oscar De Larenta dress to the last debate...3 paragraphs into the article, they report that Michelle Obama wore a Michael Kors 2013 Resort Collection shift dress with jacket retailing $1,795 for the dress and $1,495. for the jacket.HHHMMM .a NOT so CHEAP SHOT? ...More DESPERATION! How many women does Michelle really relate to in the Middle Class?
I have a question. And without becoming incredibly political I would like to hear your opinion on the matter. Ann Romney was on "The View" and was asked some pretty serious questions in regards to major issues pertaining to the election, as expected. The cast questioned her religion, her husbands lack of military experience, and her views on abortion and woman. All fine and dandy. Except that when Michelle Obama was on the show, they asked her questions about Baracks romantic side and their marriage with a brief acknowledgement of the death of the ambassador. Politics aside, why should this obvious siding towards one direction happen over and over again on our major networks, clearly influencing one side. I don't care for either candidate. But this country will never prosper as long as Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg have such an influence over our votes? Am I wrong?
I did not see it but if Jane says it happened...it did. If you are going to ask soft questions of one candidates wife then you should continue that trend. Don't "over the fence chit chat" with one and "Hard Ball" the other. Per jane" BIAS ALERT: They asked Michelle Obama whether the president is 'romantic' — but when Ann Romney took her turn this morning on 'The View' couch, Whoopi Goldberg fired off questions about the Romneys' Mormon faith, military service and abortion."
Just read the interviews of Michelle Obama and Ann Romney in the Good Housekeeping magazine. What a difference between the two!
Find out how much Ann Romney's Oscar de la Renta dress & Michelle Obama's Michael Kors dress cost for the
There’s no doubt that when Michelle Obama came onto the political scene in 2007, fashion folks were elated. She was heralded as the next Jackie Kennedy: One half of a power couple that was both sophisticated and hip–a sharp contrast from the image cultivated by Laura and George Bush. She wore emergi...
Michelle Obama is by far the most gorgeous 1st Lady (you know It's true, don't BS yourself). Followed by Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and if her husband is elected Ann Romney (even though she has some "Creature Feature" moments.) Barbara Bush looks like the Quaker Oats man!! Eehh... *vomits in my mouth*
Michelle Obama and Ann Romney were both wearing the same dress Marge Simpson kept redesigning in that one episode.
Ann Romney & Michelle Obama's November ... - Celebrity Gossip: Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are featured in the...
Rosemary Ellis of Good Housekeeping reveals what she learned in her interviews with the wives of the two White House candidates, talking about Michelle Obama's daily workouts with the president and Ann Romney's “lovely” personality.
So now Ann Romney is copying Michelle Obama's healthy eating style. Mitt Romeny is a liar, he couldn't run a state, and now is wife is pretending she cares about the country.Wow! But think about this.Mitt and Ann Romney scored big when he destroyed Massachuetts; imgaine how much money they will have in their out of country nest eggs when he does the same to The United States if we sit back and let him win. Remember people, Rick ( Hitler) Scott knows how to steal an election. Mitt is richer.beware.
Lol so I was reading that Michelle Obama is more popular than Ann Romney. Duh. Lol of course and the VP debate is 2morrow and of couse Im for Vice President Joe Biden he is a Scorpio. He is DETERMINED I should know I am a Scorpio :)
Michelle Obama in Colorado and Ann Romney guest hosts "Good Morning America", appeal filed on Peak 6 decision at Breckenridge, more details released on embassy bombing in Benghazi, and Alex Karras dies at age 77.
Leave the candidate's families out of it. Seriously. Don't call Ann Romney or Michelle Obama names. Don't make fun of what they do. Leave their kids alone, too. Running for office or holding office takes an incredible toll on a person. They shouldn't have to feel that they have exposed or hurt their families, too. Was it really important for us to know what the Bush girls were up to? I don't think so. And take a moment to appreciate what some of the first families have done for us. Betty Ford's frankness about her problems with alcohol was heroic - but it was her choice, and otherwise wouldn't have been any of our business.
Finally, Barack HAS COME BACK ... inside his suit. Ann Coulter said Michelle Obama, on her anniversary ... wanted to head home with Romney. What an *** Angry Bird Ann Romney versus M. Obama ... in her infantile mind ... I side with Ann Coulter and follow me trust me ... Ann Coulter, who was on Joy Behar ... is assertive and it is not enough. More Later!
Michelle Obama has bested Ann Romney in Family Circle magazine's latest "First Lady Cookie Contest." It's been held for 20 years, since Hillary Rodham Clinton tweaked cookie bakers everywhere with a derisive comment to her own critics that she "could have stayed home and baked cookies" rather than p...
Ann Romney to fill in for Robin Roberts on 'Good Morning America'; ABC News in talks with Michelle Obama -
Ann Romney and Michelle Obama felt like the exchange btw Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed's wives. I must break you!
The first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney takes place tonight. It, in related news... Michelle Obama's chocolate chip cookies defeated Ann Romney's M&M cookies in a "Family Circle" bake-off. And if this in any way affects your vote, you're an ***
Who do you know that has been affected by MS? Your father? Mother? Sister? Friend? Friend-of-a-friend? Perhaps you have heard of a few of these famous folks that have been diagnosed with this debilitating disease: Jack Osborne - son of Ozzy and Sharon Osborne Montel Williams - talk show host Teri Garr - actress Clay Walker - country singer Ann Romney - wife of Mitt Romney Richard Pryor - comedian Tamia Hill - singer and wife of Grant Hill Alan and David Osmond - brother of Donny and Marie, and son of Donny Michelle Obama's father JK Rowlings's mother MS hits everyone. Help us help everyone you know with MS. Walk with us on November 3rd or donate to our team, the VRA Rehabbers! Join VRA in the fight against this horrible disease.
And the winner is ... Michelle Obama and her white and dark chocolate chip cookies. The First Lady won Family Circle magazine's presidential cookie bake off, besting Ann Romney's M&M treats by 287 votes.
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I understand that Ann Romney totally blew the evening gown competition the other night. She doesn't stand a chance against Michelle Obama in the swim suits. If Ann doesn't sweep the talent competition, she won't even get Miss Congeniality and Obama will be a shoe-in for another four years.
Michelle Obama planted a vegetable garden on the White House Grounds. Jimmy Carter put a solar collector on the roof. Ronald Reagan took it down. What will Ann Romney do with the garden? OH right, it is unfair competition with farmers.
Listened to a lady (Republican) on the radio this morning complaining about how Michelle Obama doesn't "look the part" of a First Lady. Doing "push-ups" and dressing in bargain clothing. Then I see Ann Romney on Jay Leno! Did you see that get-up she was wearing. Geez. And no, I'm not saying anything about being Republican. Just commenting on how audacious that statement was considering the style of the opponent's wife.
First Ladys always have their causes. Laura Bush championed the causes of literacy with the slogan "ready to read, ready to learn". Lady Bird Johnson was an avid environmentalist. Michelle Obama is fighting for nutrition and against devastating childhood obesity. And we all remember Nancy Reagan's, "just say no" campaign. Should Mitt Romney become president, Ann Romney's ahead of the game. She's already set to scold any group into submission with "Stop it! Just stop it!" It works for anything. Touché Ann. Touché.
I watched Part of an interview with Ann Romney (Mitt Romney's Wife, who entered a Dancing Horse in the 2012 London Summer Olympics); & she appeared to be suffering Psychosis (I.E. Not in touch with Reality). Point: I would prefer Michelle Obama as First Lady over Ann Romney.
A little late, but just finished watching Michelle Obama's, Ann Romney's, Clint Eastwood's and Paul Ryan's convention speeches. I had listened to Mitt Romney's and Bill Clinton's speeches a couple of weeks ago. Mitt's speech wasn't terrible. It wasn't thrilling either, but no matter. I often disagreed, but I also sometimes agreed, and he gave a good spin to the critisms that he has received. He also managed to critise Obama with reasonably good taste, not being overly aggressive or insulting. Clint's speech was humorous and well constructed. Ann's and Paul's were just unbearable. It was all fluff. There was no substance - at all. They insulted my intelligence, and I hope they insulted yours too. After listening to the recent tidbits that Romney has had to offer since his "acceptable" speech, I don't understand how he still has a chance. Please, I know people are disappointed with Obama, and we are waiting for a miracle - that miracle that everyone hoped Obama would bring and didn't. But Romney is not that ...
Heard on Jimmy Kimmel show the other day that they should have a fist fight between Obama and Romney and charge Pay-per-view. That could help alleviate the national debt. So, I had this idea that we could then have the VP's fight...Biden and Ryan. Or how about former presidents...Clinton could take on George Bush Jr. Now this would get people interested in politics and raise a ton of money. Best idea in a long time. ;-) To further expound on this...how about first wives...we could have Michelle Obama "cat fight" with Ann Romney. Or Hillary vs. Laura Bush :-)
According to Julie Bowen tonight Ann Romney and Michelle Obama said that the tv series Modern Family is their favorite TV Show and Bowen apparently said this perspective just might be what will bring America together. Lol
Ann Romney, to critics in GOP: "… how on earth is this worse than what faced/s Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton?
In an Iowa radio interview, Ann Romney was asked about Republicans who criticize her husband's presidential campaign. Sternly, and with an edge to her voice, her response to them: "STOP IT!! This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring." Ann Romney, stop yelling at us. Who told you it was going to be easy? If you wanted easy you and Mitt should have stayed in the private sector. First you called us "you people." Now you're yelling at people to "stop it!" Ann Romney, you're no Laura Bush. You're no Nancy Reagan. You're not even Michelle Obama. You're an entitled country club wife who, like your husand, can't relate to people outside your set.
Ann Romney could take some lessons about "grace under pressure" from Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.
Ann Romney is NOT Michelle Obama. *** she isn't even Pat Nixon or Betty Ford or...l wonder if Hitler was married.
Not for one side or the other right now on this election. Actually believe I could do just as good of a job as has been done so far, and when you think about that , pretty darn scary. 4 years from now, should Obama win,just do not see Joe Biden as President. Likeable guy, not presidential. Actually I really liked the idea of Hillary Clinton, now there is one tough lady. Michelle Obama, can take her or leave her, she has her good moments and bad. Ann Romney, I cannot relate to at all. She comes across as privileged. She is the modern day Marie Antoinette. The infamous line "let them eat cake",,that is Ann Romney, she is clueless. If she had to run a household , raise 5 children without the benefit of assistants and basically unlimited cash, she then might be able to understand what the average american wife and mother does. Course that is not the case, she wears designer T shirt worth several hundred dollars because she can ,HELLLOOO ,, Reality calling, Ann, most of us can't,,don't think we can afford to ...
For those who don't know, Diplomats, has a money laundering scam in Foreign Countries. The Middle East, Africa, Switzerland and the Caribbean are major for them. That's why U.S. money was found at the death of Hussein. People like Sec. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and a host of others are after. They want to control the money and people's lives. To due what live in a compound and be *** for foodstamps, and cash assistances. Remember the Watergate Scandal and the Savings and Loans Scandal. What I have to say shouldn't spark them to be unjust.
Entrepreneur Magazine shared the following link and had this to say about it: Which convention speaker do you think is the best storyteller? can learn a lot from Ann Romney, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and even Clint Eastwood about what to do (or not do) when standing in the spotlight.
Tracy Reese, the designer of Michelle Obama's famous DNC dress, talks to The Daily Beast about the bump in sales, Ann Romney, and her next collection.
What do Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, and Ann Romney have in common? Apparently, everything.  
Comparing DNC Speeches: Michelle Obama's Written 7 Grade Levels Above Ann Romney's There have been a lot of comparisons made between Michelle Obama's and Ann Romney's convention speeches, but this is a new one to me (via the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs' Smart Politics blog): Although her husband has delivered some of the simplest State of the Union speeches over the last 75+ years -- with all three written at an eighth grade level -- Michelle Obama did not follow rhetorical suit on Tuesday evening. One week after Ann Romney set a record for delivering a speech written at the lowest grade level in convention history by the wives of presidential nominees, Michelle Obama delivers a speech written at the highest ever grade level. Using the Flesch-Kincaid test, researchers found that Obama's speech was written at a twelfth-grade level, "more than 3.5 grade levels above the next highest speech of the 10 previous prepared remarks delivered by wives of presidential nominees since th ...
Watch Ann Romney speech n tell me how many lies can one woman tell? if noses use to really grow she would be in trouble ...Michelle Obama tell me how was her speech compare to Ann Romney .Mitt Romney u r so mechanical n just as much a liar as your wife...first of all Obama pass your healthcare bill ,Obama got Bin Laden,Obama remembered the troops,Obama is making it easier to get into college by lowering tuition ,Obama save the GM while u said let it go bankrupt,Obama pay his fair share of taxes but u still can't show yours,mitt u love America so much that u hide your money in foreign banks to escape being tax in America ,you're a Mormon a cult that just the other day said that black folk were curse...i know the Republican's hate the fact that finally the people that built the White House is living in it...Obama should change the name from White House to the president house.Jackie Robinson became the best baseball player when given the chance,tiger woods golf,the William sisters tennis, basketball,football ...
These are the faces of America, this is who rightfully should be in the White House next year. When I think of America I imagine THIS! NOT Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama, or filthy rich Willard and Ann Romney. What have we done? :(
I find it profoundly revolting that CNN will dare to compare Michelle Obama's s extraordinarily intelligent, genuine and emotion-filled speech to the fake, detached and soulless act by Ann Romney. It is really sad that in the 21st century there are still two set of standards depending on the color of your skin. Just imagine George Bush saving the Auto industry or getting rid of Bin Laden, CNN would have surely crown him the best president in the history of America, yet their so called analysts such as the angry and envious David Gergen spend most of their time painting the grimmest picture they can of the performance of the President. It is sad that a network that once was the voice of truth is now fighting for Fox News' share of right wing viewers in order to survive. (CNN, I mean SNN ( Stale News Network) is moving more and more to the right. Ask yourself why T.J. Holmes left and why Roland martin has been silenced. Why they now have a Sarah Palin Wanna be in Ashley Banfield. It is a shame.
September 8: God of grace, continue to pour out your grace on Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Ann Romney and Janna Ryan. Surround them with trusted friends and family who will encourage and support them in the face of the upcoming days of the election season. Most of us cannot image the burden these women must bear as the wives of political candidates; we can only pray that their faith makes it lighter. Protect and strengthen their marriages, dear God, and may their love for their spouses carry them through the demands of this election season. Protect their hearts and minds from the vile and hateful things said about the men they love. For each of these couples and their children, do not allow the darkness of political discourse to dampen the light of their love for each other. Loving God, these remarkable women are, first and foremost, wives to their husbands and mothers to their children. Bless each of them in these roles as well as in their efforts to help carry their beloved "candidate husband" to ...
Some of my favorite comments from and about the RNC and the DNC.1) Tropical Storm Isaac steals Romney's thunder...God does move in mysterious ways 2) Romney and Ryan are already creating jobs and putting people to work, Ryan's speech had so many factual errors that the the fact check organizations have had to hire more researchers. 3)from Charlie Rose, CBS--Well, we heard Michelle Obama speak last night and we heard Ann Romney last week and I think it's safe to say that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both married up. 4) on the long embrace shared by Clinton and Obama--I thought there for a minute he was going to try to burp him! 5) Jon Stewart on Clinton's speech--He had more false endings than a James Brown concert 6)from Romney pollster Neil Newhouse on factual errors in campaign ads--We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers 7)from Ted Strickland, former gov. of Ohio--If Romney was Santa Claus he'd fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.
Having watched many of the more prominent speeches at the two conventions, I am left feeling that Obama and Romney gave two of the lousier speeches at their respective shindigs. In my humble opinion, the best Democratic speeches were from 1. Bill Clinton, 2. Julian Castro, and 3. Michelle Obama. For the Republicans, Chris Christie was far and away the best, with Condi Rice second and maybe Ann Romney tied with Nikki Haley for third. Paul Ryan would have been second if he had not embellished so much. Also, I'm sick of hearing people say, "that's (not) who we are."
I have so many new girl crushes after this week's DNC Michelle Obama, Cecile Richards, Kamala Harris, Jennifer Granholm, Gabby Giffords. As Ann Romney would say "I love you women!!"
You want a good way to check the temperature on this election? Go to YouTube, search for Ann Romney's speech at the RNC, compare the amount of views with the likes vs dislikes. Then, search for Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC, check the same stats. THEN, do the same thing with Mitt Romney's speech vs Barack Obama's. Also, while you're at it, look up Clint Eastwood's speech and compare it to Bill Clinton's. You're going to notice something INCREDIBLY evident, and above all the lies, rhetoric, angsty partisan sword thrusting, that thing that is so evident is complete honesty on who the American people feel they can relate to and who they believe has their best interests at heart. And it's not Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Ann Romney or anyone else that spoke at the RNC. It's the platform of the democratic party. People like it, the majority likes it. Those numbers were not conducted by some "biased" pollsters, those numbers are your access into the honest opinions of hundreds of thousands of Am ...
Here's an article I found in my email this morning. "Ann Romney, Michelle Obama and Giving Women a Voice in the Church" Before you throw stones or want to endorse me as a candidate for the next president, just hear me out. And even if some of you strongly disagree or hate me more than you already do, just ponder the thought and question I pose in this article about the importance of having the voices of both women and men in our lives and in the larger Church. My intent isn't to hurt or bash the Church but as someone that loves and serves the Church, I want to see it grow deeper, more just, and more reflective of the Kingdom of God--one that fully embraces the gifts of both women and men. So, let me set the table. I care about politics not because I obsess over politics. Hardly. Rather, politics is important to me because it involves policies, and policies ultimately impact people. And the last time I checked, people (a.k.a. human beings created in the Imago Dei) are important. In my opinion, we have no c ...
"In the crucial hour from 10 to 11 o’clock, when the wider country pays attention, the Democrats crushed the opposition. Michelle Obama wrapped a Regular American story line around her Harvard Law degree better than Ann Romney could wrap one around Mitt’s Harvard Law degree. Bill Clinton offered more policy substance than Paul Ryan and was more trans-partisan about it." - David Brooks
Just finished typing a 13 page! That's right a 13 page final report in my Emergency Management, then typed a 5 page report for my Criminal Justice class. Ouch! Now going to watch the DNC and hear from our President. I do not get involved with politics on FB or any other book for that matter, but I will ask you this: Michelle Obama or Ann Romney, Clint Eastwood or Bill Clinton? Which speeches were the best? I'll let you fill in the blanks. Have a blessed evening FB.
Whose convention speech grabbed you more, Michelle Obama's or Ann Romney's? Bill Clinton's or George Bush's?
So I watched both Ann Romney and Michelle Obama's speeches on you tube to compare them. I thought Michelle was the more gifted speaker although Ann Romney held her own as well. Its too bad I not so impressed with either candidate so much. The main reason I voted for Obama was he said he was committed to getting our troops out of Iraq and improve the economy. Yes some have gone home but why are we still there? And the economy is not good. Answer me this- George Bush was hounded every day about getting the troops home-why has Obama gotten a free pass?- no one adresses it with him. But Ronmey's position on womenr's rights disturbs me as well. Yes I am sure they are good husbands and nice men- what I care more about is a good president to lead this country. I do need to research Romney more though. And I think Clint Eastwood is a great actor and fine producer but I thought his speech was horrible with no substance what so ever. I would think he should be talking about Romney-not bashing Obama. Yes I admire ...
This tym round politics in USA wanna b tough to predict.though itz now either Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney bt the spirit of their families reveals that this tym round one gonna play hard to get. it started with Ann Romney's press conference to market her husband. yesterday it was Michelle Obama's press conference. both were shocked by how pple were unhappy by current leadership and it was hard tym for both ladies to convince the United States pple. the question z "who wanna b the next president for the States"?
I watched the Republican Convention last week and thought they did a nice job humanizing Mitt Romney. He comes off a bit stiff and always seems a little out of synch with his surroundings. His running mate is a polished politician who can always argue with a dispassionate style which conveys wisdom and gravitas even when confronted by a hostile interviewer. But after 2 nights of the Democratic Convention, I am filled with renewed confidence in the strength and viability of the Obama/Biden ticket. After watching Michelle Obama surpass a fine speech by Ann Romney, tonight's speeches by Elizabeth Warren and the absolutely superb Bill Clinton, I am totally energized and eagerly awaiting the acceptance speech of President Obama tomorrow night. Bill Clinton dissected the Republican argument and exposed it for the discredited and shallow policies it contains. The President will follow that up with an equally compelling speech tomorrow night and the American people will know which candidate has the best vision fo ...
Ann Romney may think she is entitled to live in the White House, but Michelle Obama showed her and the rest of the nation what a real First Lady looks like.
To say that the Romney camp is concerned about the upcoming First Lady Debates is to put it mildly: they are absolutely panicked by Michelle Obama's blowdown performance last night. The Romney Camp has, in fact, changed its focus for Debate preps from Mitt and Paul to Ann and Janna. "Focus!" cries debate coach Sara Pailin, "Keep your eye on the ball, and use your Key Words in any answer." She explained that "maverick" was her Key Word, and "Wasilla." If the moderator asked her what she would do if North Korea launched a rocket with an A-bomb on it, she was to say "Maverick Wasilla Maverick Wasilla Maverick Wasilla, don't you think so too, Joe?" Ann Romney, being a little brighter than the former Governor of Alaska, has been given a Key Sentence to remember. It is: "There you go again, always preferring a Big Government, top-down, cookie cutter solutions that completely ditch the private sector and slow job growth." If she is asked what her program is, she has a Key Word: "vouchers." This actually worked o ...
Ann Romney gives a speech at the RNC and the news is full of analysis of the content. Michelle Obama gives her speech at the DNC and what's the headlines the next day? How good she looked in her Tracy Reese dress. Hmmm.
From a Daily Kos note today: "A Smart Politics review of prepared remarks delivered by the spouses of presidential nominees at national political conventions finds that Michelle Obama's 2012 speech to the DNC was written at seven grade levels above Ann Romney's as measured by the Flesch-Kincaid readability test."
Michelle Obama had some serious competition leading up to her big Democratic National Convention speech on Tuesday night. Last week, Ann Romney delivered her Republican National Convention speech in a powerhouse Oscar de la Renta red dress.
Very telling: Ann Romney wears Oscar de la Renta dress to make her speech (approximately $2500) - also a foreign designer. Michelle Obama wears Tracy Reese - American deisgner - (more than I can afford, but probably less than $400 judging from the Reese line of clothing). Understand your audience, Ann . show compassion for those who are hurting financially!
Let's see... she attended Princeton University (one of the 5 most expensive universities in the nation) and then attended Harvard Law School ( top 3 in cost) and within a few years of graduating from law school she was making over $300,000 a year and living in a $1.65 million manison. Of course her children attended a Private School with a yearly tution of $23,000 a year and not the public school down the street. I almost forgot that her husband also attended Harvard Law School and eventually became a multi-millionaire. Ann Romney? No, that would be Michelle Obama. Gotta love last nights "fairy tale" speech.
Good words from My pastor: David Anderson Wisdom Wednesday – Wisdom for Spouses and Singles As I listened to Ann Romney give her speech last night at the Republican National Convention, I was immediately reminded of an interview she did with Piers Morgan and her husband, Governor Mitt Romney, during the Olympics in London this summer. Both occasions made me reflect on how a spouse humanizes us. Whether male or female, when meeting someone’s spouse it makes the person you interact with or view from a high position look softer, more approachable and real. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the USA, has been seen as a great asset to the President Barak Obama. In both cases, it is impressive to witness the strength of both women in their own rite. One white, one black. Both mothers. Both married to powerful men. Both carrying the weight of public will and private woes. Witnessing the dark side and the bright side of their husbands as hard workers, fathers, and fighters. Usually no one knows the man better th ...
Paul Noble, I am sharing your post!!! "If farmers and blacksmiths could win independence from an empire, if immigrants could leave behind everything for a better life on our shores, if women could be dragged to jail for seeking the vote . if a young preacher could lift us to the mountaintop with his dream, if proud Americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love, then surely, surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great American Dream" ---Michelle Obama "You can trust Mitt. He loves America. He will take us to a better place, just as he took me home safely from that dance." --- Ann Romney
The verdict is out...Michelle Obama stole the show and edged out Ann Romney from the podium. Sorry you had to suffer tuna and pasta in those lean years, Mrs Moneybags. Hope you are enjoying the hundreds of millions and the car elevators now. Please tell us about the secret rituals inside the Celestial Room of the Salt Lake Temple now!
All I could do to not keep comparing Michelle Obama to Laura Bush,Ann Romney,Pat Nixon,Nancy Reagan and ALL the rest. Sad.
Oh yeah, how about Michelle Obama? And what do they say about awesome women that are on the conservative side like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Mia Love, Ann Romney, Susanah Martinez, and Ann Coulter? Does anyone question how much Michelle Obama spends on her clothes? Or does anyone remember how Sarah Palin was ripped apart? I actually read one post that said Ann Romney was "full of sh**." It's one thing to support someone you agree with but talk about being hateful, the people from Planned Parenthood spitting on a group of women from Moms for Mitt. This is the president that said he was going to bring us all together. I'm seeing the deepest division this country has ever had since the Civil War.
Many years ago, my mom had Vip tickets to the Democratic National Convention and I went. It was electrifying...Aretha Franklin sang, Rev Jackson spoke, Elizabeth Glasser spoke on AIDS (she died a few months later)..I have been hooked on conventions since then. Michelle Obama did a Condi Rice by not mentioning Mitt Romney; her videos showed her doing push ups and double dutching..and between her story and Ann Romney's, does everybody have MS? I have never been a fan of MO, but tonight she was amazing...this woman was pure corporate America and showed no signs of the great helper reformer for years..I think the Presidency has changed her. Tonight, was very very weak on policy (I was disappointed that MO did not touch on this; personally I can take an I love my husband speech for, oh say, 2 minutes ...if the Dems nail a policy economic strategy...and bring out a plan for economic solvency..they win this election. So enough about people who love each other marrying, and reproductive rights already...and does ...
Wow. Michelle Obama is absolutely amazing. Can you imagine any other First Lady (especially through the ages like Pat Nixon and her generation) giving a speech like that? Okay, a little "assignment" for everyone: Compare and Contrast Michelle Obama's speech tonight with Ann Romney's speech last week. Go.
So give this a thought about how our world has changed. Picture Bess Truman or Mamie Eisenhower speaking so eloquently about their husbands as did Michelle Obama and Ann Romney.
Regardless of political preference, Michelle Obama is a much better public speaker than Ann Romney. She connects with the average American citizen much easier. Although, while I love her focus on fitness and ability to wear a sleeveless dress, she was dressed more for a summer Cocktail Party than as the First Lady of the United States.
Is it just me or does the DNC have more swagg than the RNC. Our first Lady Michelle Obama , their First Lady Ann Romney. Our Latinos Julian Castro, theirs Marco Rubio. Our black men Deval Patrick, theirs Artur Davis? Need I say more
Sandra Fluke, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi vs Nicki Haley, Ann Romney, Susana Martinez, and Mia Love. I love the right options
Hypocritical Morons. Ann Romney slammed for $990 Shirt, Michelle Obama praised for $6,800 jacket Back in May, Ann Romney, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, wore a $990 Reed Krakoff silk shirt for a media appearance. The item of clothing set off a media firestorm, with the Romneys widely accused of being “out of touch” with average Americans. In particular, the Washington Post wrote that the $990 blouse “will not help her husband change those perceptions, no matter how many Laundromat Photo Ops are on the campaign’s itinerary.” Fast forward to last Friday, when First Lady Michelle Obama attended an Olympics reception for heads of state at Buckingham Palace, donning a J. Mendel cap sleeve jacket from the 2013 Resort collection. The price-tag? $6,800. This time, the Washington Post simply described the intricacies of the jacket and noted that Mrs. Obama has previously been criticized for “not dressing up enough for Queen Elizabeth II, so she stepped up her game.” No snide r ...
Here's what that hump Brit Hume had to say about Ann Romney's speech: "“I think that was the single most effective political speech I’ve ever heard given by a political wife. I think a lot of women would look at her — particularly mothers, married women — and find her utterly admirable and utterly credible.” Apparently Hump, er, Hume has never heard Michelle Obama speak. Or Hilary Clinton. Or Eleanor Roosevelt. Or even Lady Bird Johnson. Maybe he meant the single most effective speech by a Republican wife. No, that can't be right, because that means he was ignoring Pat Nixon, Mamie Eisenhower, and Barbara Bush. Mamie gave some real barn-burners back in the day.
Michelle Obama, you are no Ann Romney, she is our next Jackie Kennedy.
If it's okay for Juan Williams to call Ann Romney a "Corporate Wife", would he object to calling Michelle Obama an "Affirm ...
If any white man had implied or said something similar re Michelle Obama like Juan Williams implied about Ann Romney they would be fired
Who would be a better First Lady: Michelle Obama or Ann Romney? No question. Michelle Obama has proved she's incompetent. We need new blood in the White House, not a globe trotting anti American thief.
Just like his counterparts at MSNBC on Tuesday night, Fox News Channel political analyst Juan Williams thought it fit to continue forwarding the left's main attack on Ann Romney - that she just can't relate the average American Woman. Minutes after Mrs. Romney's RNC speech, Williams bluntly remarked...
So.according to Juan Williams, on Fox News, he displays his leftist, "war on women", mysoginist, Democratic underpinnings by claiming Ann Romney to be a rich, "corporate wife". He explained, "...one that is taken care of..."!!! REALLY, Juan??? You mean, just like Michelle Obama? You are a complete jerk Juan.never paying attention to you again.not that I really ever did!
Anyone who failed to hear Ann Romney's speech, at the Republican Convention, tonight, missed the best speech that's has been given by a woman at any event that I've heard or read. She did a marvelous job, and was surely speaking before the largest crowd to which she had ever spoken. Another fine speech was given by Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina. As the daughter of immigrants, she also did a fine job. Not surprising, neither of these highly attractive, highly intelligent, highly accomplished women began their speeches, as did Michelle Obama, a few years back, with, "For the first time in my life, I am proud of America."
Ann Romney = Stepford Wife...Michelle Obama= Epitomy of Class who came from nothing.That's an American Woman who I can look up to and be proud to call my First Lady!
Ann Romney's going to be the laziest First Lady ever. Nancy Reagan was active to help kids "say no to drugs" and what not, Michelle Obama's promoting outside activity, what's Ann Romney going to support? Leeching off your rich husband?
Ann Romney did an interview with Faux News and tried to convince people she shops at Cosco! I don't beleive it. Michelle is real!
8/24/12 - Heard that Ann Romney was scheduled to speak on Monday evening at the Republican Convention, but the major Media announced that they will not cover much of anything that entire day. So, the Republicans simply moved her speech to Tuesday, when the Media cannot avoid covering it. That's a master political move, people, whether you recognize it or not. Why do I say that? Because, traditionally, the Conventions get lots of new viewers - people who have only now begun to tune in to the election. They've been too busy doing other, or just not interested up until now. Ann Romney is not a politician, but she is a wholesome, intelligent woman who will very likely come across well AND aid in introducing her husband to members of the public who do not yet know what a great guy he is. THat's one of the things Conventions are expected to do for the candidate. And, here's another prediction. She'll make Michelle Obama look sick in comparison.
Michelle Obama speaks at the Democrat Convention and the networks treat it like the Super Bowl. Ann Romney is scheduled to speak on day 1 of the Republican Convention and they aren't even airing the convention! All 3 networks are actually airing reruns. Nah...there's no bias in the media. Luckily (unlike in the Walter Cronkite/ Dan Blather days)...WE HAVE OPTIONS.
I would pay as much as I could afford to have a picture taken with Ann Romney, Janna Ryan and others. I would never pay a penny to have a photo taken with Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Catherine Sebelius or anyone in the Obama Administration who is pro-abortion...THE MOST HEINOUS EVIL IN THE WORLD TODAY (THE MURDER OF INNOCENT UNBORN BABIES). They should thank God their mothers did not abort them.
You know, I'd take Laura Bush any day over Ann Romney. She's like one of those "sofa blondes" on "Fox & Friends" & she is NO Michelle Obama!
I went to the Scott Walker rally for Mitt Romney on Saturday. Good turn out. Nice to see some younger people out supporting Romney, McDonald, Wolfe. I spoke at length with a small business man. On a much lighter note: The press attacked Ann Romney for just about everything but boy if you say jokingly that Michelle Obama was mistaken for a Green Bay Packer linebacker, they really just get so upset
This came from a friend whom I highly respect. THINK ABOUT IT! While not my perfect candidate, (Fred Thompson is not running) I CERTAINLY believe Mitt Romney will do a better job than what we have now! ..Look around, listen, observe.. the things that are in the forefront are nothing more than distractions from REAL issues.. Chick-Fil-A is a NON-issue Free Birth Control is a NON-issue Romney's Tax return is a NON-issue Ann Romney's blouse and Michelle Obama's jacket are NON-issues and many more... Here are SOME of the real issues: - Americans are out of work.. and a whole *** of a lot more of us than the doctored up numbers the government Loudly proclaims only to be quietly revised 3 days later. - 800,000 work permits for illegal aliens while American citizens can't find work - We are being poisoned with GM foods and while family farms are being put out of business - Our water and air are being purposely poisoned with fluoride and chemtrails - We have a president that we know nothing about. - We are under ...
While raising children is hard work whether you do that alone or whether you do it while working isn’t really the issue. Sure Ann R. made a choice but it was a choice she was free to make because of her economic status. Many American women would love to stay home and raise their kids and not have to work but they don’t have that luxury. Michelle Obama worked and raised her children because she and the president both had to pay off student loans. Something tells me Mitt and Ann Romney are unfamiliar with the terror that accompanies anything arriving in the mail marked “Sallie Mae.” And think for a moment how the right would react if Michelle Obama had chosen after law school to stay at home and raise her kids instead of working as a hospital executive. There is also an issue of how the “stay at home” moms who are praised tend to be white and suburban. While a certain level of economic success allows for these women to stay at home with their kids instead of also bringing in money to support ...
Who cares about how much someone spends on clothes -- except for the Left! They make a big deal out of the stupidest things. If DEMOCRATS stop making 'News' about Ann Romney's $990 blouse, then there wouldn't be posts like this one about Michelle Obama. These so-called 'intelligent' people who represent the Democrat Party need to GROW UP!
Ann Romney spends $990 for a shirt = evil rich person. Sarah Palin has $150,000 spent on her for entire wardrobe in 08 = careless to spend that money in a recession. Michelle Obama spends $6,800 for a shirt = how elegant she is. Fit to be a queen. Tim Geithner doesn't pay taxes for a few years = treasury secretary. Mitt Romney may have paid or not paid taxes for 10 years = evil rich person. And the media isn't bias.
Instead of focusing on what Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have to say or what causes either woman supports, we’re obsessing over what they’re wearing – and how much their outfits cost. Why aren’t we worried about the price tag of the suits, shirts and ties sported by President Obama and former governor Mitt Romney? I hardly think they’re choosing their clothes off the rack at the local discount chain. Something tells me neither gentleman has worn a $9.99 tie from Walmart. (I know exactly how much they run because my daughter’s spent the summer as a server in a restaurant and must wear a tie to work, though she usually picks up one for $2 or $3 from the local thrift store.) This weekend the First Lady caught flak over her $6,800 jacket from American designer J. Mendel, worn to a reception at Buckingham Palace for the opening of the Olympics. Well, gosh, the Queen of England was there, too, so I hardly think we’d want Michelle Obama decked out in the latest fashion from Kmart. To be honest, if ...
Didnt they just drag Ann Romney thru the mud?-Michelle Obama Rocks $6,800 Jacket - Michelle Obama - Fox Nation
I never see Michelle Obama in the news. You know why? SHES ALWAYS ON VACATION! Laura Bush actually did something, and so will Ann Romney.
Big day on TODAY today -- catch all of the latest from Olympic Park in London, plus a live interview with Mitt and Ann Romney and a visit from First Lady Michelle Obama -- all this morning on NBC starting at 7am!
Um... but what about all the attacks on Ann Romney? She sort of deserved that "you people" bashing but beyond that, by this post, I am to assume that none of that ever happened? I can go down the list- Barbara Bush is a smart lady, I met her. Laura Bush- bless her heart, she is the type who went to school for her MRS degree. Hillary has always had an agenda and Michelle Obama has big arms and a big butt, both of which signify she would whoop your *** if you messed with her husband. SO, all Monica jokes are off when it comes to that lady. These are just my opinions formulated from years of people watching. Aside from that... I hate election years. All this bashing is just stupid but if we are going to partake in it, at least don't bash the other side for doing it too. Fair is fair.
Ann Romney and Michelle Obama are totally fair game - Bangor Daily News
Ann Romney is all phony just like Barbara Bush. Not anything like Michelle Obama. GOP pundits r full of it.
Folks, I’ve come up with an idea for a national televised forum with Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. There is a distinct possibility this could happen if we formulate the proposal correctly and submit it to the national League of Women Voters office. I would handle the submitting part, but I need help with the thinking up part. Please share your ideas for the text of the proposal. Feel free to PM me with your ideas if you like. I could even Friend you if I haven’t already. Thanks.
just voted in the Family Circle cookie contest. They offer 2 recipes - one from Ann Romney and one from Michelle Obama. Actually Michelle sent in a recipe from her child's godmother - I don't think she bakes cookies!!! Strangely the winner is usually (always??) the next First Lady. Vote for your favorite - familycircle.com/cookievote
Asian Age - India - Michelle Obama and Ann Romney in cookie face off -
Michelle Obama and Ann Romney enter their favorite recipes in Family Circle's presidential cookie bake-off.
After seeing on The Today Show yesterday the two cookies chosen by the presidential candidate’s wives, Ann Romney and Michelle Obama, which is a tradition Family Circle magazine started a number of candidates back, I decided that Ann Romney’s M&M Cookies needed to be made here and tested. I just fi...
First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are going head to head – in a cookie contest. Family Circle has pitted the two political spouses against each other in its Presidential Cookie Bake-Off, a contest it’s held for the past five presidential elections. Obama entered a recipe for white...
After years of attacking Michelle Obama, Sean Hannity deems Ann Romney off-limits for media criticism.
MSNBC’s continuous string of near slander against Mitt Romney has just spawned yet another aggressive bit of push-back, this time from Neil Cavuto of Fox News. You may recall that MSNBC anchor Lawrence O‘Donnell recently slammed Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, for claiming that she participates in t...
HATE LETTER OF THE DAY: Dear Editor, Lalo Alacaraz' political commentary in the "comics" section of the UT consistently lies by omission, making a devious attempt to influence readers to his own political agenda. To daily malign Ann Romney for being a self made wealthy woman and housekeeper with a $1000 blouse while omitting the fact that Michelle Obama appeared at the Kid's Choice Awards in a $1500 outfit (see below), and chaperoned at $1,000,000+ tax payers' expense, does not offer a "point-counter point" fairness approach. And what about Michelle's $4 million dollar trip to Hawaii and her $9 million trip to Spain? Gee, would someone be wrong to point those out on the "funny pages?" The "funnies" or "comics page" were always supposed to be "funny," or "comical," not meant for political agendas. The Cockroach strip (excuse me, La Cucaracha) by Lalo Alcaraz is neither funny or comical; it's simply politically malicious and designed to make liberal left political statements without rebuttal. "Ah, and t ...
Hillary Rosen said basically that Ann Romney isn't a "real woman" because she never worked a day in her life..And crazed liberal wacko Michelle Goldberg compared her to Hitler and Stalin...I'm so glad that Republicans are civil and don't call out Michelle Obama. Imagine the firestorm that would create by us mean spirited Republicans..
Ann Romney got mercilessly attacked last week for having the unmitigated audacity to wear a $990 shirt on television. On CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday, Thomson Reuters' Chrystia Freeland said this was "fair" and "fine" because "Michelle Obama gets bashed if she wears expensive clothes"
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The first closet has increasingly become a subject of interest since Michelle Obama swept fashionably into the White House in her Jason Wu ball gown. Yesterday, Ann Romney's clothes stole the spotl
Both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney wear fashions designed by Reed Krakoff whose "most abiding aesthetic interest is the use of design to convey privilege." Thoughts?
Jimmy Kimmel Live! Today is the 20th annual Bring Your Child to Work Day — or as it's known in China, Thursday. It used to be called Take Your Daughter to Work Day but then the sons got a lawyer and they had to change it. It's a great opportunity to show your kids why you come home so miserable every day. According to a new ABC poll, both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are more popular than their husbands. At this point, so is asbestos.
Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are soaring high in personal popularity compared to their husbands President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, while Hillary Clinton, another prominent woman in the American political sphere, has hit a new 20-year high in her favorability rating, according to a new poll. Mi...
First Lady indeed! THIRTY per cent of Americans find Michelle Obama more favourable than Ann Romney - Daily Mail..
So if Hillary Rosen, main stream media and the left wing progressives all believe that Ann Romney is unqualified to speak about women's concern over the economy because she was a stay at home mom they must then acknowledge that Michelle Obama has absolutely No business telling us what and how to eat, as she has ZERO experience in nutrition! Right? What say you.
Hilary Rosen and Hillary Clinton: Ah those sweet, sweet memories of Hillary Clinton saying she wasn't "some little woman standing by her man, baking cookies" -- and of Teresa Heinz-Kerry's wondering if Laura Bush had ever worked a "real" job and the understanding that Michelle Obama had a $300,000 a-year job created for her out of whole cloth, and then discontinued when she left for the White House. --Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney and the Credentialists The Anchoress
Please Stop Apologizing By BILL MAHER THIS week, Robert De Niro made a joke about First Ladies, and Newt Gingrich said it was “inexcusable and the president should apologize for him.” Of course, if something is “inexcusable,” an apology doesn’t make any difference, but then again, neither does Newt Gingrich. Mr. De Niro was speaking at a fund-raiser with the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Here’s the joke: “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white First Lady?” The First Lady’s press secretary declared the joke “inappropriate,” and Mr. De Niro said his remarks were “not meant to offend.” So, as these things go, even if the terrible damage can never be undone, at least the healing can begin. And we can move on to the next time we choose sides and pretend to be outraged about nothing. When did we get it in our heads that we have the right to never hear anything we don’t like? In the last year, we’ve been shocked and appa ...
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