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Michelle Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

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I agree that Michelle Obama looks like an ape from the planet of the apes.
Michelle Obama praised accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. "He is a wonderful human being, a good friend, and just…
Did you know? Michelle Obama had an R&B music career in the 1990’s after she graduated from Harvard.
Shaun King, The dirty Huffington Post, Pete Rock, ESPN, Renèe Graham, Tariq Nasheed, Michelle Obama, I'm looking at you, and many more!
I think the White House could use Michelle Obama more then ever now lol
Democratic women cannot come up with an original thought. See...HRC, Michelle Obama & now Billie Jean King 🙄
Former Pres. Obama surprises former First Lady Michelle Obama with special message on their 25th wedding anniversary
Michelle Obama is the King, Queen, President and Prime Minister. I don't want to hear any different.
Ivanka Trump has already done more for military families as first daughter than Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton did a…
Barack and Michelle Obama reportedly eyeing NYC apartmen
Michelle Obama is exactly who the Democrats need to win big in 2020 - By Michael Starr Hopkins -
Lord, send me a wife with poise like Michelle Obama & style like Marjorie Harvey. Thanks. Amen.
Just discovered that Barack & Michelle Obama got married on this very day, and it is a fun fact I will now never fo…
I just got. to meet First Lady Michelle Obama! What a wonderful role model. She's conference for women. Welcome to…
Michelle Obama's weekend ski trip to. Aspen makes it 16 times that Obamas have gone on vacation in 3 years. (cont) http…
PHOTOS: Michelle and Barack Obama celebrate 25 years of marriage
I just donated. ❤️ Silver Wedding Anniversary for President and First Lady Barack & Michelle Obama ❤️
Happy 25th anniversary to our favorite President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama💍💎
Michelle Obama's sweet 25th-anniversary message for Barack will warm your heart via
Happy Anniversary President Obama and First Lady Michelle.we miss you😍
Wake me up when Michelle Obama is president I'm going to sleep
48 romantic photos of Barack and Michelle Obama on their 25th wedding anniversary
In 2045 we will still understand "the First Lady" to refer to Michelle Obama and no one can stop us
Happy 25th anniversary to Barack and Michelle Obama, may you enjoy another 25yrs together. Nothing but love for my Presid…
LIVE Now - Michelle Obama and Shonda Rhimes - The Keynote of the Pa. Conference for Women. Watch at http…
happy anniversary to both of you. American peopl miss you both and may they have Michel…
Happy Anniversary to the Obamas! Obama's 25th Wedding Anniversary Tribute to Barack Is Perfect
I ADORE Michelle Obama, but wish the Dems could imagine supporting a woman candidate who hadn’t been previously mar…
Talk of that man or ruler who prides in family anytime any day, it is Barack Obama. Often times his statements reads; 'Miche…
"Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, two former first ladies, throw shade on the ladies"
Riddle me this: How can the same books Michelle Obama read to children now be racist books because Trump is President?
This should be the Democratic nominee for President in 2020 if Michelle Obama don't run!!
She followed in the footsteps of her predecessor, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush…
wishes she was half the woman Michelle Obama is.
white ppl calling Michelle Obama an ape was never about race
I'm all here for Michelle Obama calling out white woman who voted for Donald Trump.
glad @ the year Lily's been having she was nominated for a Golden Globe , Michelle Obama praised her boo…
Or how about when Michelle Obama voted for Barack over Hillary? Did she "vote against her own voice" by not voting for a…
Hillary Clinton called us Deplorables. Michelle Obama is calling us Ignorant. Yet Libs blame Russia for the DEATH of the . D…
Michelle Obama -- Now that I'm no longer a president's wife I have once again resumed hating America.
The last person who should tell me how to vote is Michelle Obama. I worked to achieve my goals…
Queen of our hearts and our 1st Lady Michelle Obama said ANY woman who voted for Trump, voted to silence their voice
True Pundit the ONLY news site w/ the actual video. Disturbing stuff. Michelle thought no video was allowed. Wrong htt…
Michelle Obama tells crowd women who voted for Trump we’re doing what they were ‘told to’ https:/…
Any real American voted against America when they voted for . .
"When you're a grown up, it doesn't matter what other people say about you; you know who you are" -Michelle Obama featured in NBC s Science of Love
All generalizations are false, including this one. Ignorant comments make for ignorant times.
Michelle Obama criticizes all women who didn't vote for Hillary: Praised. Melania just wears heels & she's ridiculed, con…
Michelle Obama was criticized for 8 years about her appearance, including being compared to an ape. Did u defend her? Didn’t…
somebody shld tell Michelle Obama that the rest of us aren't being paid millions to push lies for the DM party.
Hey Michelle, when do we get back the $100 million plus you & Barack blew on vacations?. Michelle Obama slams women who voted f…
Michelle Obama talks Trump, Beyoncé, and reveals her favorite track off 'Lemonade'
Out of the White House "bubble," Michelle Obama impugns the intelligence of women who supported
Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton do not speak for me as a woman. To think that they speak for all the women is crazy.
Michelle Obama, you don't know the first thing about MY VOICE, your husband spent 8 yrs dividing USA & he…
The biggest chunk of Hillary news today was about what Michelle said last night. Here's Glamour's take on it.
Mouchelle your husband was the worst president ever! 2 say that abt women is 2 say we R ignorant like LIBERAL women‼️
.my "voice" screamed NO to a cheating, narcissistic liar who should be in jail. Trump won w/my vote. http…
Michelle: Women ‘who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice’ - You're 1 to spea…
HOW DARE YOU. You don't tell me who my voice is!. It's NOT Hillary & it sure as *** is not YOU.
My main observations of Michelle Obama are that she is fiercely intelligent, as gracious as I imagined, and not to be trifled wit…
NFL executive Joe Lockhart sold an $8.1 million mansion to Barack and Michelle Obama
SHC seeks replies over petition against $70m given to Maryam by Michelle Obama - International News Network…
Fitting names for creepy crawlies. . "...named them after, among others, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Vermont S…
'Still my president!' Barack and Michelle Obama draw a crowd of cheering supporters in New York
Melania Trump hosts her first event in the garden Michelle Obama founded
If only Melania Trump would copy THIS from Michelle Obama...
Melania Trump carries on Michelle Obama's garden tradition
Would you rather measure Michelle Obama or paint Brooke Shields
DYK? Michelle Obama is the oldest Indonesian US President other than Shaquille O'Neal.
5/2017: Barack and Michelle Obama donate $2 million to summer jobs programs in Chicago
Doesn't everybody? I certainly don't use Melania as a role model for my daughters. Michelle Obama, Laura…
Can you imagine Barak and Michelle Obama, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, or George and Laura Bush doing that?
That may be the norm, but it's changing. Look at: Michelle Obama, Ellen, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Angela…
A video surfaced of Michelle Obama saying during pledge allegiance to Flag all This for a Dam flag. Notice where she d…
Drunk *** woman at Paul Mitchell in Danbury saying Michelle Obama has "big nuts" but like in the sense she actually has them. 😒Just shut up.
Michelle Obama was picked as best dressed, Vanity Fair must like that *** look.
Everything Vanity Fair does is a joke - including having Michelle Obama on Best Dressed list 😂😂
"Michelle Obama outshines all Democratic prospects for 2020"
Kelly Rowland, Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and Mrs Tina Knowles wished Beyoncé a happy birthday by recreating this 'Form…
Vanity Fair outrage: Michelle Obama, not Melania Trump, makes International Best Dressed List and people blame...
Michelle Obama has 100x more class than you.
Her campaign to plagiarize Michelle Obama is going great!
See how Jay-Z, Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, more celebrate Beyoncé's birthday
Blue Ivy, Michelle Obama, Kelly Rowland & more pay tribute to Beyoncé for her 36th Birthday!
I picked Michelle Obama, Hillary, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris, and Wonder Woman for my fantasy football team and the men s…
She's wearing a sleeveless dress. Michelle Obama made that mistake. How dare the FLOTUS bare her shoulders in public.
Not just Michelle Obama dresses as Beyonce for singer's birthday
Michelle Obama. What the media didn't show you.
"Success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people's lives." —Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama showing love to Beyoncé for her birthday is my new favorite thing
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
.celebrated b'day by recreating her "Formation" look
Michelle Obama as Beyoncé in Formation extended my life expectancy and paid off my credit card bills 😍😍😍
Michelle Obama, Serena Williams recreate Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ look for her birthday
Michelle Obama, Serena Williams recreate Beyoncé's 'Formation' look for her birthday:
I wanted Michelle Obama but she clearly said she doesn't want to run. I'd like to see Biden - Kennedy or Biden - Harris.
Michelle Obama shows off her toned legs in a wrap skirt - Daily Mail
Condi Rice,Michelle Obama,Joy Reid,Kamala Harris all look alike to bi…
Kamala Harris, Sally Yates, Michelle Obama...if experience, judgement & ability ever come back in vogue; HRC
Which Leading Lady, do you prefer Melania Trump, Princess Diana or Michelle Obama?
Michelle Obama certainly showed who she was;. attending a posthumous Medal of Honor presentation. weari…
Im thinking Joe Biden and Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris and Joe Kennedy
Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, HRC and Michelle Obama and her daughters! So many wonderful women!
...also, that's not Michelle Obama. That's Condoleezza Rice, who was Secretary of State, under Geo…
Michelle Obama, me, my grandma, Michael Angelakos (lead song of Passion Pit), Trevor Noah, Túpac, Travie McCoy, Pat…
I'd take Michelle Obama over Kamala Harris all day.
There is no new First Lady. There is only Michelle Obama my only First Lady.
If I was drowning I think I'd rather a First Lady with Michelle Obama arms to pull me out instead of one with Melania…
. looks more like Michelle Obama seated with Sasha . just saying
I don't see Michelle Obama with Sasha & Malia 👀
Yes, the picture of James Brown referring to Michelle Obama is offensive an…
Michelle Obama is secretly a man, claims Donald Trump's favourite conspiracy theorist | Via
Chelsea Clinton spars with InfoWars' Alex Jones over Michelle Obama claim
Sorry you're getting trashed cause you called out Micheal V. Robison aka Michelle Obama who has a ***
(2014) BO$$-"MICHELLE OBAMA PURSE SO HEAVY CARRYING OPRAH DOLLARS" still one of my fav lyrics idk why
Puke Alex Jones just yesterday spewing more hate saying he had proof Michelle Obama a…
Update my dad just tried showing me a video titled "Michelle Obama flickers lizard tongue" I need to leave immediately
Michelle Obama: "Being president doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are."
Alex Jones slammed for sharing video claiming Michelle Obama is a man via
Michelle Obama is not a tranny she's a post-operative gender reassignment!
Gonna try to do a more normal Roundup now. . Here's Michelle not liking beets, which is not one of my favs either.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Interesting u tube vids on why Michelle Obama is a trans.
Michelle Obama: "The presidency doesn't change who you are. It reveals who you are.".
Obama's kids aren't his biological children. Michelle is a man.
You will see video of Obama calling Her " MICHAEL" as in " Michael and I "Don't Believe me ? WATCH THE VIDEO. Michel…
That Michelle Obama is treated so horribly by so many in this country & remains so committed to improving it is nothing sh…
INFOWARS- Chelsea Clinton responds to Alex Jones video questioning Michelle Obama's gender/
A man who just printed a story about Michelle Obama being confirmed as a man has the president's ear.
Hey Nancy, I heard a rumor that Michelle Obama is a transvestite drag queen? Is that true?
YET Michelle Obama /aka Micheal is a Tranny n just Maybe Joan Rivers Gave her life stating…
45 and Sheriff Joe have something in common. They get news from this lunatic.
Chelsea Clinton has responded to My video covering CNN Questioning Michelle Obama's gender and J…
And here's to you, Michelle Robinson. Seriously, though, Obama's hands are tied by tradition ... for now
Michelle Obama is the coolest First Lady ever.
Whatever you do - says DO NOT visit this page, it's just too,...too - words just can't describe it. https:/…
The Left can label EVERY conservative a racist Nazi, but if you even HINT that Michelle Obama is a tranny everyone LOSES…
See the number 1 video on the web - Is This Final Proof Michelle Obama Is A Man?
The only surprising thing in this story is that POS Alex Jones didn't accuse Michelle Obama of assassinating Kennedy
Bo waits for Michelle Obama on the south lawn before they both head to the Walter Reed national military medical ce…
Anderson Cooper's kin, Cornelius Vanderbilt, owned Michelle Obama's great-great-grandfather Jim Robinson! Trump family never ow…
Democrats don't know shame. Look at Rosie, Michelle Obama, Antifa, trannys in the girls room. T…
Hi Bree!Democrats should get Michelle Obama to run f President!She stands f Love & Peace!Us Aussies Love her!Aus Pete!😁
I love Mellie Grant, Claire Underwood, and the idea of a President Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, but the trend is obvious. (2/4)
I'm really shocked and insulted that you would collaborate with Michelle Obama after what they have done to America.
I'd be somewhat shocked if Michelle Obama was not preparing her 2020 campaign based on the slogan; "Make America...
remember when there was an outrage when Michelle Obama asked kids to eat a vegetable and now our president is defendin…
Remember when people got mad that Michelle Obama said kids should eat a vegetable?
WATCH LIVE: Michelle Obama: I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves
There are six people I know that Mr Donald Trump doesn't mess with:. Oprah. Michelle Obama. Warren Buffet. Bill Gates. Tim Cook…
Video surfaces of Michelle Obama at Beyonce’s birthday party
Michelle Obama's school lunch adviser stands accused of stealing $65,000 from the program.
I sincerely miss President Barack and Michelle Obama when grace, dignity, integrity, intelligence, honor, and respect was in the…
Michelle Obama's school food program guru indicted for stealing $ from school lunch program:
Michelle Obama: Kenya is Barack homeland! Early on, a nervous Michelle slips up!
Ben Jealous leads Russ Feingold leads Michelle Obama and no one voted for Brian Schweitzer. You have 16 hours to vo…
It physically hurts me to see pictures of Barack and (especially) Michelle Obama 😭😭😭
Michelle Obama explains the inspiring life of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.
A6: Michelle Obama worked to promote drinking water to kids through her "Drink Up" initiative in 2013. A hero indee…
Michelle Obama got Job in Chicago Hospital from Valerie Jarrett contact Made $330k Yr worked 4hrs daily never worke…
BREAKING!. Viewing pics of Michelle Obama will NOT cause erectile dysfunction ... but rather incurable leprosy where…
The colors you use remind me of Gelila Mesfin's famous Michelle Obama portrait
Michelle Obama opens up about racism and the 'shards' that 'cut' her 'deepest' as First Lady
That's real class. We miss you Michelle Obama!
.Michelle Obama on the racist insult that 'cut her deepest' during her eight years in White House
Michelle Obama is most educated First Lady in American history with two Ivy League degrees from Harvard and Princeton.…
Michelle Obama was the greatest First Lady, maybe ever. School lunch reform is so important. Making lunch taste worse, is unambiguously good
I was honored to have met FLOTUS Michelle Obama and shook her hand. She sme…
Moms voice changes so much the second she answers the u go from jay z to Michelle Obama in .2 seconds? I don't know that lady...
Michelle Obama opened up about her role as First Lady -- and it's turning heads...
Michelle Obama opens up about racism she faced as First Lady
Michelle Obama via Cruz weah is empty,he 3months president of Liberia, Liberia Nigeria Coup set,greed envy,
Michelle Obama talks 2 the about the "Racism she faced as First Lady." Her life for 8 years was really hard http…
Recommended read on “She was a historic First Lady, but Michelle Obama says some never saw past ‘my skin …
Former US First Lady, Michelle Obama reveals racism she suffered while in power -
When u say "First Lady" the first image that comes to my head is Michelle Obama. From now until forever
Michelle Obama says breaking the glass ceiling in becoming first black First Lady left some lasting emotional scars.
Michelle Obama responds to racist attacks she received as First Lady
Michelle Obama is one of the most inspirational women of our time
Michelle Obama should have been president, not her useless husband.😩
Yes,along with his life partner ,Michael Obama, I mean Michelle.
"Women, we endure those cuts in so many ways that we don’t even notice we’re cut” - Michelle Obama
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Michelle Obama on racist comments she received: They "cut me the deepest" via
“Don’t be afraid of the country you live in. The folks here are good.” continues to inspire & go high htt…
Coming together with a few hundred of my closest friends to listen to Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama reveals the most painful parts of being First Lady
Michelle Obama opens up about her scars from the racism she’s faced
Michelle Obama opened up about the racism she endured as First Lady. It's heartbreaking.
Michelle Obama addresses racist attacks she endured as First Lady
My mom just told me Michelle Obama was at her job 😫😢
In Denver speech, urges women to seize their power while not hiding their scars.
Hey 👋 u & your husband have caused a racial divide in this country that hasn't been seen since MLK Jr h…
Michelle Obama says she was 'cut deepest' by racist remarks via
Trump speech last night drew 8000 people in Ohio; Michelle Obama, 8500 in Colorado - and her event c…
Michelle Obama says racism she faced as First Lady "cut me the deepest"
Michelle Obama rises above racist jabs to empower women.
Michelle Obama reveals the most difficult part of her time as First Lady
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I got a shiny Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters card, AND a first edition Chuc…
Schumer should re-watch the Democratic National Convention and every Barack & Michelle Obama speech.
Who plagiarised Michelle Obama's speech for Melania Trump tonight at ?
Copy of Obama's list. Just like his little tramp plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech!
So boys can't have female role models? From Wonder Woman to Michelle Obama to…
I love Michelle Obama with my whole heart...just a random thought.
Beyoncè could be the pettiest person of all time. Replacing Michelle Williams with Michelle Obama
This day 5 years ago—Trump went after Michelle Obama's vacation; Trump has made 7 trips to Mar-a-Lago & 4 to Bedminster in…
Michelle Obama posted the most heartwarming birthday photo for Malala
Elizabeth Montgomery and Michelle Obama digging deeper looking for a connection
Conservatives: How long are you going to keep addressing Michelle Obama as First Lady?!. Me:
Michelle Obama was, is, and forever will be the baddest First Lady this country has ever seen. Debate your mama.
Happy bday to the lady herself Michelle Obama! Thanks for being the best First Lady this country has ever seen ☺️🎉
Barack and Michelle Obama. Whitley and Dwayne Wayne. Will and Jada Smith. Martin and Gina Payne. Rochelle and Curtis . F…
"Melania Trump is the most graceful First Lady so far" . Jackie Kennedy?. Michelle Obama??. Eleanor Roosevelt???. Any of the others?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Right after Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan & Michelle Obama who favore…
Michelle Obama gets standing ovation at ESPYs
Michelle Obama honors late Eunice Kennedy Shriver with Arthur Ashe Courage Award at 2017
"In a world of Kardashians, be Michelle Obama" -Mama Campbell 2k17
Melania at the White House listening to Michelle Obama like.
Michelle Obama to honor Eunice Kennedy Shriver at the ESPYs
Out of all the First Lady's we have loved from Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, one NOT LOVED will be sex toy Melania!
Ten Speed will publish 'Chasing Light,' a book of photos of Michelle Obama, by former White House photographer Amanda Lucidon, in October.
The 'girl' in the right side of the photo looks like a combo of 'Barry Soreto' & Michelle Obama. It is the teeth &…
New fav quote:. "Strong men, men who are truly role models, don't need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful." - Michelle Obama
Her 6 languages consist of no, how much, and pay me first. Please let's stop the sh…
Michelle Obama will help posthumously honor Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver at the
I'm sure you get told this on a daily basis but you're an exact replica of Michelle obama
I added a video to a playlist The Stunning Transformation Of Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama to honor Special Olympics founder at ESPYs.. Related Articles:
Update your maps at Navteq
You can't find one single picture of Michelle obama…
You cancelled for saying Michelle Obama cancelled
This is especially near & dear to our hearts at because of our relationship with the wonderful
The former First Lady is presenting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.
Next issue...did Michelle Obama collude with Russia on making school lunches healthier?
Tucker. There is a level of *** made special for you. Its Michelle Obama pegging you day a…
Your premise on Islam needs some references. Decades - should be easy!. HRC?. Sen Warren?. Pelosi?. Boxer?. N.O.W.?. Black Caucus?. Mi…
Former First Lady will present the Ashe Award for founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver. .
Man, remember when "Michelle Obama has upper arms" was the worst political scandal of the month?.
Michelle Obama will always be my favorite First Lady because of when I got my First Lady helmet and it always reminds me of her :') queen
Here’s why Michelle Obama’s upcoming ESPYs appearance could be REALLY awkward –
There's a character in Enemy of the State that looks like Snowden AND Will Smith's wife looks like, but is not as pretty, a…
"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish". ~ Michelle Obama .
Michelle Obama to posthumously honor Eunice Kennedy Shriver at ESPYS
“that looks like a dress Michelle Obama would wear” LMAO
Melania not as popular as Michelle but she beats Hillary
Chicago has Chance . Chicago has G Herbo. Chicago Kanye West. Chicago has Michelle Obama. Chicago has Bernie Mac . Chica…
Michelle Obama to present Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the Wednesday night at 8 p.m. LIVE on Channel 2
Had Michelle Obama (more qualified than Ivanka) filled Barack's seat at the G-20, the media and the GOP would be callin…
Michelle Obama is a year older than Marisa Tomei . [breaks the internet]
Michelle Obama is a lawyer. That would be hilarious!!
Michelle Obama personal hamburger no bread dollars
You know who I think of? My grandmothers, my great-grandma, my mom, and Auntie Michelle Obama.
"Pres Obama asks Michelle to sit in for him at G20. Rush Limbaugh has actual stroke on air. Headline: "Lunch Lady Thinks She is Boss." "
Chicago has Bernie Mac . Chicago has Kanye . Chicago has Michelle Obama . Chicago has Chance the Rapper . Chicago has R. Kelly…
Definitely would vote for Michelle Obama if she ran for president
So, Fox would be OK with Michelle Obama sitting in for 44? Another example of Fox Hypocrisy.
Wow! Two Ivy League degrees in one picture! Michelle Obama has both.
Why do you people want Michelle Obama to dress like June Cleaver on leave it to beaver. Its not a ***
This is how they treated Michelle Obama and the Obamas' two young children for 8 years. cc:
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Michelle Obama retained 24 staffers in the first year of the Obama White House. Melania Trump currently employs four h…
Moran talking about healthy eating, nutrition, similar to Michelle Obama. Audience member shouts "stop blaming the victim"
Amelia Earhart, Martha Graham, Michelle Obama, Tina Fey, HRC -you are all cordially invited to my slumber party 🎉
Trump criticized Michelle Obama for *not* wearing a headscarf.
left wing Moran, HRC LOST the race, proven she’s on drugs. Michelle Obama is the queen of overweight woman & Big O is racist
Obamas return to the South Side. Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama were back on
OMG! I just rewatched Demi's performance at "The White House Correspondence Dinner" and Michelle Obama licks her lips at Demi jmxknxbcbxbx💀
U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and First Lady Michelle Obama (L) welcome Chinese President Hu Jintao for a...
I wanna live in a world where Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama run it
I respect Amber Rose hustle though and her as well, but I'd rather my daughters look up to Michelle Obama.
Sales launch at condo project designed by Studio Dwell on former site of hair salon that Michelle Obama used to use.
I just started crying because Jill Biden and Michelle Obama were in an episode of The Night Shift, if you wondered if I missed them.
Did you watch the BET awards? Our First Lady Michelle OBama was on there.
Them playing that video of Michelle Obama has me in literal tears. Omfg.
New trending GIF tagged michelle obama, betgifawards2017, bet awards 2017, thank you for everything you do via Gip… https…
*** Michelle Obama's speech to Chance lightweight got me teary.
Success isnt about how much money u make, it's about d difference u make in people's lives. ~Michelle Obama.
news from Michelle Obama helps make Chance the Rapper's BET Humanitari...
From the south side of Chicago to the White House, our famous person profile is ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama. . After...
Michelle Obama helps make Chance the Rapper's BET Humanitarian Award historic
You know you're living your best life when Michelle Obama is praising your work
Watch: Chance the Rapper Receives the Humanitarian Award with a Special Video Message From Michelle Obama at the……
Chance the Rapper Gets the BET Awards Crowd on Its Feet After Surprise Introduction from Michelle Obama
You know chance that *** when he got Michelle Obama calling him up thanking him 🙏🏽 Chicago it's bussin
Hey you can keep your first "lady" Michelle Obama. We didn't want her then and we don't want her now!
Check out the $8.1 million dollar home Barack & Michelle Obama bought in Washington D.C. 😍
Chance at 24 got a humanitarian award, Michelle Obama speaking highly of him, and Beyoncé hugged him. I'm 24 and I'm t…
Watch honor "You are an outstanding role mode and an inspiration"
Once You See Michelle Obama’s Dress, It’ll be Hard to Focus on Anything Else
Lmao Michelle Obama don't want you. Try the Michelin Man
Wow Chance The Rapper got a special shot out from Michelle Obama in shook!
Michelle Obama will FOREVER be my First Lady. Ain't nothing she said wasn't true.
Me, when Michelle Obama started speaking.We miss you
Don't that kinda look like Michelle Obama in the car tho
Michelle Obama assists make Opportunity the Rap artist's BET Humanitarian Award historical -
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