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Michelle Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

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Barack Obama and Michelle Obama out in NYC giving LOOKS!
Barack and Michelle Obama out today, they're glowing 😍
Not sure... it's like a cross between Michelle Obama and Hillary the Walker impressions
Former First Lady Michelle Obama surprises students at DC school in honor of International Women's Day. ht…
here's some black women who inspire me, since you forgot: Michelle Obama, Bey, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong'o, Laverne Cox, Taraji H.
Is Scott Walker subconsciously eating unhealthily on purpose just to throw shade on Michelle Obama?! Probably
Michelle Obama, JK Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Beckham and last but not least, my Sona Mona are some of my role models
Here’s the Story Behind the Unlikely Friendship of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama
Acknowledge that we need women like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Michelle Obama as well as Assata Shakur and Marsha P. Johnson an…
Shout out to my fave absolute power houses! Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, Karen Brady, Adele, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama
Wake Up Little Suzie in Cleveland Park (near me), they also did an incredible tribute to Michelle Obama.
Drop Everything and Look at Barack Obama Sporting a Leather Jacket Like a Boss
I hope my future wife ages like Michelle Obama lol 🙏🏾
Scott also all the money given to Muslim country the Billions Obama gave to Iran and Michelle gave to Muslim School in Monaco ???
Barack Obama swaps his suit for a leather jacket (and looks better than he ever has)
Drop everything and look at sporting a leather jacket like a boss: 🔥
. They're definitely not buying into the fabricated hype being spewed by orangeguy.
Michelle Obama always looked like she was ready to beat up on somebody, did the left say a word about it?…
"When they go low, we go high." - Michelle Obama, talking about ideal cooking temperatures for obtaining the perfec…
confidante Valerie Jarrett moved into his D.C HM. we know hes *** & michelle is rly Michael=so Vals no threa…
.Michelle Obama's initiative to inspire every American student to continue education past h…
THE REAL AMERICAN BOSS:Barack & Michelle Obama seen as they exited the National Gallery of Art in Washington…
Everywhere Obama goes crowds assemble and clap
Barack and Michelle Obama seen out for first time since wire-tap claims via
If you think Barack Obama would have been the same person without Michelle you dont know how life works...
Oh god! Look at Michelle Obama can an educated woman&that too the former First Lady of US be seen in the kitchen??…
For those cooking up that RGs comments about Mrs Obama cooking were "sexist" pls read .
The Obamas look chic and serene upon their return to Washington.
What do you make of Michelle Obama and former Pres. George W. Bush's friendship? The co-hosts discuss.
Can we talk about how fly Auntie Michelle and Uncle Barry look spotted out and about??
."Nobody picked on Malia and Sasha...Nobody picked on Michelle" Guess he missed…
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have never looked better 😍🔥😍🔥.
Or Michelle Obama. White women who prop up patriarchal power are protected, everyone else is ruthlessly denigrated. https:…
Barack and Michelle Obama seen for the first time since wiretapping claims
using typical GOP argument..did u guys back up Michelle Obama?.or only ur party women deserve the support.
First of all, Obama is not worried about that man. He is off jetsetting, having a baecation with Michelle, as he should be.
George W. Bush explains how he and Michelle Obama 'just took to each other’
George W. Bush on fondness for Michelle Obama: ‘We just took to each other’
George W. Bush explains his fondness for Michelle Obama: "When I saw her, it was a genuine expression of affection"
George W. Bush on his friendship with Michelle Obama: 'We just took to each other'
Sharing positivity on our TL: The Young, Ambitious, & Beautiful Former First Lady, Michelle Obama will soon...
Sean Hannity said today that conservatives never attacked Michelle Obama. Yes, really, he said that.
Wouldn't Elizabeth Warren & Michelle Obama make a great ticket in '20?
I just liked “'A surprise visit from the First Lady Michelle Obama ' to Watkins Elementary School Washington, D.C…
Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a deal to publish their memoirs - it's reported it could be worth more than £…
"Barack and Michelle Obama" Missing and tonight...and every night, since 1/20/17. Looking forwar…
Barack and Michelle Obama sign book deals
Here's the Cliff Notes to Barack and Michelle Obama book
If you too miss Barack and Michelle Obama
$60 million!?!. Barack, Michelle Obama get book deals via
says the one who was against Michelle Obama's lunch program. How dare the gummint tell our kids to eat healthy and not be obese!
Trump says he’ll ‘speak from the heart’ during his first speech to Congress. And Melania will speak from Michelle Obama…
Gotta take the shoes off. Just think of the uproar if Michelle Obama had sat on a couch in the Oval Office like that.
The complete list of Barack and Michelle Obama accomplishments:. ... ... ... the end.
“Barack and Michelle Obama have book deals - YouTube”
Update: Barack and Michelle Obama agree two book deal with Penguin Random House worth an eye-watering $65m.
Barack and Michelle Obama sign record book deals with Penguin Random House
Barack and Michelle Obama each have book deals - Chicago Tribune
Will you be buying Barack and Michelle Obama's upcoming memoirs?
Barack and Michelle Obama each have book deals
Waiting for their former employees to tell-all, too! > /Michelle Obama have book deals
Michelle Obama was the first black First Lady of the United States and she is the only First Lady that has two Ivy Leag…
Barack and Michelle Obama 'reach record $60m book deal'
Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a book deal–and it's a big one.
Barack and Michelle Obama sign book deal reportedly worth over $60 million.
Bidding war for rights to memoirs by Barack and Michelle Obama has reportedly reached a record sum of $60 million https:…
Memoir News: Barack, Michelle Obama sign bumper book deal - Mr Obama is already the author of two memoirs and a...
Barack and Michelle Obama ink historic publishing deal
Barack and Michelle Obama are getting a record-setting book deal worth at least $60 million ht…
Barack, Michelle Obama get book deals via
Boycott Penguin Random House. Barack &Michelle Obama sign $60million deal for new memoirs
Barack and Michelle Obama net $60m record-breaking book deals with Penguin Random House
Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama will each write a book.
Excited to read the memoirs of Barack and Michelle Obama! A true writer's President. . https:…
Former US president wife Michelle Obama to publish new book through Penguin Random House
Penguin Random House will publish forthcoming books by former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama's memoirs will be produced by Penguin Random House.
Michelle Obama's momma made Barack keep the plastic on the White House couch because of people like Kelly Anne Conway.…
1992: Barack and Michelle Obama before they were married
Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and the power of female friendship via
Remember that time Michelle Obama said the Lord's Prayer? Me either.
Serious question..did Michelle Obama ever recite a prayer before Obama spoke? . . For that matter...did any other first la…
Michelle Obama is straight. I'm *** Would I call her homophobic for celebrating her own anniversary/loving her husband? No. Tf.
I pay tribute to Dr. King and to President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama with this photograph I made in Selma, Ala…
Joan Rivers murdered for saying Michelle Obama is Transgender .
Michelle Obama vacationed in Spain in 2010, and it cost taxpayers half a million dollars.
All Michelle Obama did was make school launches crappy 😂and that is the truth
Michelle Obama must be so relieved that it is all over. He doesn't have to tuck it anymore.
Michelle Obama reveals her thoughts while watching Melania say the Lord's Prayer
Got Away With This Serious Ethics Violation Because when you're an Obama crime pays!
Michelle Obama never recited The Lord's Prayer, but she did tell us that we're all a bunch of racists. So, I guess ther…
I'm sure you would've cut Michelle Obama some slack
Melania Trump opens with The Lord's Prayer. This lady is SO refreshing after Michelle Obama! BEAUTIFUL!.
White conservatives heaped racism and hate on Michelle Obama but Melania, who has pose naked, says one prayer and she's mo…
Melania Trump begins her introduction of President Trump by reciting the Lord's Prayer, I don't remember Michelle Obama ev…
Michelle Obama said she was never proud of her country til they elected her husband POTUS. I've never been prouder since…
Michelle Obama just gave her final speech as First Lady—and it will leave you an emotional wreck…
Michelle Obama had children's health. Barbara Bush had family literacy.
Barack and Michelle Obama play footsie for Valentine’s Day
Founders of OFA Michelle Obama & Jim Messina encouraged by chaotic outcome of Chaffetz town hall
Republicans are going after one of Michelle Obama's greatest achievements
Barack and Michelle Obama sign with Harry Walker Agency for speaking engagements, Bob Barnett (of course) for books, per sp…
/Could you imagine if the NY Times said that about 1st Lady - Michelle Obama??
Nobody elected Michelle Obama, either, but she didn't exactly get a shortage of attention for this kind of sentiment. ht…
Hillary, Obama, Michelle, Joe all warned us about Trump & Crew yet there were enough Gullibles among us who believed
Harvard law professor who taught Barack and Michelle Obama says former First Lady 'should've been...
"There is no boy who is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education" --Michelle Obama 💕
Melania plans on maintaining Michelle Obama's veggie garden. maybe you should follow your wife's lead.
America will always let you know how it feels about black women. They called Michelle Obama a gorilla, a tranny, an angry black women...
if someone had said that about Michelle Obama they would have been fired!
I miss Barack and Michelle Obama. They truly care about our country.
I'm sorry I love Michelle Obama & would normal follow her "when they go low, we go high" motto but FLYNN literally started "LOCK HER UP"
Barack and Michelle Obama offer internships for their DC office
Food stamps is more of a problem than this so called I mean First Lady she will never be Michelle Obama
This is the sweet tale of how Barack Obama met Michelle
Didnt the right called Michelle Obama a monkey and a tranny wth
Obama for the love of our Country come back,we will get him out of your house, . one way or the other, OBAMA WE NEED YOU…
Could you imagine the uproar if Pres. Obama took a pic w/Michelle, Sasha, Malia or any other family member sitting…
Why I love the Obama's Michelle Obama POTUS 44 "The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama sent out an... https:…
People love defending Melania but what about when an actual First Lady as committed and involved as Michelle Obama dealt with…
No, Michelle Obama's Mom Will Not Receive a Pension for Living in the White House.
If a reporter for a conservative publication had referred to Michelle Obama as a "hooker," do you think news media would hide…
if someone would have said anything close to this about Michelle obama that reporter would have been canned
Bust out your résumés— Barack and Michelle are offering internships for their DC office
where you able to stop by and visit with President Obama and Michelle since you were in DC?
Success isn't about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives -Michelle Obama
One part of the Obama White House that will endure under Trump: Michelle’s vegetable garden
A mixture of Jessica Pearson and Michelle Obama. That's who I'm aspiring to be.
I wish Michelle Obama would run for president
Imagine if Michelle Obama had sued someone because they ruined her chance to profit off of being First Lady.
To the former First Black, MOM in Chief, Michelle Obama , we celebrate with you and your family , Black History Mo…
While the whole world hates the new president > Barack and Michelle Obama to be awarded freedom of Dublin
I thought Barack and Michelle Obama gave so much dignity and gravitas to the office of President and First Lady. An outsider's opinion
Failure is an important part to success. No successful person ever reached it in a straight line. -Michelle Obama
For let's all recognize Melania Trump for her performance of Michelle Obama's speech
Michelle Obama is no longer First Lady... what did warren mott do? start selling ice cream
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Barack and Michelle Obama enjoy well-earned holiday with Richard Branson and family in Caribbean
You really think Michelle Obama, Princeton graduate, Harvard Law School degree recipient, & former lawyer would be a sl…
Kinnaka's Blog | Michelle Obama rocks bum shorts as she continues her vacation with hubby, Barack Obama ... -…
Barack & Michelle Obama spotted chilling extremely hard in the Carribean
"Michelle Obama is like Nanny McPhee, when you want her you can't have her" - Matthew Clark
In 2020 Michelle Obama runs for President with her VP candidate Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clone Posse and defeats evil tyrant Donald Drumpf
A look back at some of Michelle Obama's finest moments, all of which were punctuated by style and grace.
Next time can tge USA pick either Will Smith, Ellen or Michelle Obama as president?
Pico Rivera student meets with Michelle Obama for higher education initiative, by
Michelle Obama was pictured boarding a plane out of Palm Springs International Airport on Monday to head for the ...
Michelle Obama or Bob Dylan? Readers suggest castaways for Desert Island Discs
Michelle Obama wore a red Jason Wu dress at the
What's really inside Melania's gift to Michelle Obama
how bout we put Down Michelle Obama your head would explode hypocrite
I'm weak at George Bush boy been plotting on Michelle Obama 😂😂😂
you don't compare or compete with President Obama & Michelle.
Christine Anu to Michelle Obama: we miss you already via
Michelle Obama: got called a gorilla on live tv. Y'all:. Melania: breathes . Y'all: we feel so bad for MELANIA waah 😢
If she not Michelle Obama I don't want her
We HRC voters all warned you. PBO warned you. Michelle Obama warned you. Biden warned you. HRC warned you. But you wouldn'…
Michelle Obama explains how The Mary Tyler Moore Show changed her outlook on what women can accomplish
Everyone that says their gonna miss Michelle Obama definitely packed lunch every day at school. Still not over the school…
I liked a video What's Next from Barack and Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama memes are the internet's coping mechanism
Why Michelle Obama had the face. Nothing more.
.praised Mary Tyler Moore as "one of the few single working women depicted on TV at the time."
Michelle Obama is twice the man that Barrack Hussein Obama is! 😂😂😂
George Bush always looks like he would risk it all for Michelle Obama
Republicans look to scrap Michelle Obama school lunch plan |
Dear Barack and Michelle Obama,. Thank you for an incredible 8 years.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
getting back at Melania for refusing to eat him by mocking her plagiarism of Michelle Obama's speech.
Michelle Obama: Mary Tyler Moore showed women that "building your career is a viable option"
Oh, I'm sure Morgan did the same with pics of Michelle Obama a lot in…
Trump got more fat women to walk in one day then Michelle Obama did in 8 years ~ Joe bailey
Michelle Obama ended her time as FLOTUS in Jason Wu. . Thank you, not just for your style but your positive influence on…
Thank God! Melania has more class in her little toe than Michelle Obama will ever have.
Wicked's on meeting Michelle Obama and more:
I'm positive Venus Williams has a bigger *** than Michelle Obama.
“It was really about us all.” -- Tracy Reese, on what Michelle Obama wore and why it mattered
Over her eight years, Michelle Obama definitely left her mark. Here are her top moments as First Lady htt…
Just a fact: Michelle Obama wore more designers over the last eight years than any First Lady.
Michelle Obama. -Former First Lady of the US. -beautiful Black Woman, and Black excellence . -powerful role model to young…
Michelle Obama tears up during final speech as First Lady
Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greeting president-elect Trump and wife Melania.
Michelle Obama is no longer the First Lady, but she is a perfect example of the countless educated Black Women. https:…
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But most of the ppl saying that are people who do support trump and shame other girls bodies like when Michelle Obama became the First Lady
oh and bash Melania Trump all you like but the lady speaks 5 languages. let that sink in for a min. how many does Michelle Obama speak? yeah
First Lady Michelle Obama takes one last walk through the White House, along with dogs Sunny and Bo
We will never have another First Lady as elegant, poised, charismatic and accomplished as Michelle Obama
Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama have a lot in common, if you know what I mean!? 🤢
8. I will never get over Michelle Obama getting lit with Missy Elliott. The coolest First Lady ever.
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are enjoying some much-desereved vacation time in the British Virgin Islands:...
G-d knows they deserve it! . 'Barack and Michelle Obama are (Deservedly) Vacationing in the British Virgin...
Barack and Michelle Obama arrive on Necker Island to stay with Richard Branson| Daily Mail Online
Barack and Michelle Obama on their wedding day, 1992.
Trump got more women to actually exercise than Michelle Obama tried to do for the past 8 years-success! ht…
LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Donald Trump got more fat People out to march in 1 day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years. Just sayin…
This is why Michelle Obama will never be forgotten.
Been talking with some older Black folks up here about politics. They keep tellin me they want Cory Booker or Michelle Obama to run.
President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania are greeted by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. 📷: Mark Wilson…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Michelle Obama prepared papers to divorce Barrack but they feared would kill self. He's suicid…
With all these marches Trump has done more for obesity in four months than Michelle Obama did in eight years
President Barack Obama with First Lady Michelle Obama meets Prince George as the Duke and Duchess…
Obama telling to Michelle - ha ha..look at him..he already looks f😜😜
Michelle Obama when Melania gave her a gift at the inauguration
Michelle Obama, who showed us everyday what grace, intelligence and strength looks like ❤
Attention GOP this is how you pay respect to Michelle Obama. Once again Hillary, thank you. These two, My sheros, alwa…
What did u think of Michelle Obama's look at To be honest,I thought she would go out with a bang. Expected more
Michelle Obama is really taking the transition hard
Michelle Obama is one of the most racist, unpatriotic, & vindictive people in politics. People need to wake up to the mons…
Not even 24 hours in and Trump has gotten more fat women to walk than michelle obama has in in 8 whole years.
Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama her speech back.
unfollow @ POTUS FLOTUS VP they took all the followers of Obama & Biden & Michelle
ThankYou President Obama and Michelle Obama For The 8 Wonderful Years and being a friend of India
On Day One of his administration, Trump already has more Americans out walking than Michelle Obama did in 8 years. (h/t
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Why don't we take Obama and Michelle and make our own country somewhere else ? 😭
Can you imagine Fox news take on this if it had been Michelle Obama?
I honestly don't think someone like Mark Lamont Hill should be allowed on tv! He & Michelle Obama are the biggest raci…
Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGenerous. Two strong, courageous women, fighting for equality.
Michelle Obama's great isn't she? Gutted the USA got her while we had Samantha Cameron leaving her daughter in a pub
Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Obama, Chachi Gonzales, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, I could go on and on but
my mother, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Sally Ride, Mother Teresa, Susan B. Anthony, too many to list.
Michelle Obama after getting a Tiffany's gift box from Melania:
Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisholm, Michelle Obama, Correta Scott King more than just pretty, women with guts
Barack and Michelle Obama board an Air Force jet and depart Washington D.C.
Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton facial expressions describes the mood of the country right now.
Lord, grant me the emotional strength of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama that allowed them to sit through that inaugura…
Barack Obama will forever and always be my president; Michelle Obama will always be the best First Lady, and an inspiration to women to me
Name a First Lady more beautiful than Michelle Obama. Name a president more attractive than Barack Obama. I'll wait. ht…
Former President Barack Obama's and Michelle Obama's flight to Palm Springs diverted because of bad weather.……
*Michelle Obama opens Tiffany box from Melania and sees note* "Take me with you. I didn't vote for Donald either. Baron i…
People can't get enough of Michelle Obama's face during Trump's
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden are the real Holy Trinity!
1. This is racist. 2. Michelle Obama is stunning. 3. That's Katie Holmes.
Michelle Obama breaking the fourth wall like Frank Underwood
1st of all Melania will NEVER compare to Jackie, FIGHT ME . 2nd of all Michelle Obama is beautiful FOH
Former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama enter helicopter as they leave U.S. Capitol
Thank you Mr President ! Because of you and Michelle Obama, you inspired us to dream Big!!
Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama wave to the crowd as they depart Joint Base Andrews
Today being President Obama's last day, let us not forget how Michelle Obama gave us the best First Lady looks of all time htt…
WATCH: Barack and Michelle Obama depart Capitol Hill after the of President Donald Trump
To feel better today? Look at the way Michelle Obama and George W. Bush just beamed when they saw each other.
I don't care what y'all say George w bush got a crush on Michelle Obama he always smiling and happy when she come around
Michelle Obama standing silently by as her husband makes small talk with the POTUS
First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden arrive together outside the US Capitol for ceremony
More than you. Michelle Obama some of Michelles degrees are honorary. That's how those things work.
Michelle Obama is such a role model and I have all her letters she wrote framed just to remind myself to continue to follow my dreams. 😭🙌🏽
My Latest. How the party of family values consistently rejected the impeccable integrity of Barack & Michelle Obama. https:/…
We love you Michelle Obama. But baby Danielle Taylor I love you much more. Love always, Joseph.
Michelle Obama's touching last Instagram posts as First Lady require tissues - USA TODAY
I was thinking Michelle Obama and Beyoncé but u right too
FLOTUS Michelle Obama, THEE Eartha Kitt, and grandma Aunty Betty White all share the same birthday
A look back at Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy's different but equally iconic style
them: Jackie Kennedy was the best First Lady! . me: Michelle Obama tho. them: but Jackie Ken-. me:
150 years of First Lady inaugural gowns, from Mary Todd Lincoln to Michelle Obama
If you get the chance, please read thread on Michelle Obama (FLOTUS). His passion and raw honesty is breathtak…
Only if you make them Frosted again the cereal THUG Michelle Obama is off the Bully's pulpit,let's make Frosted Fla…
Pres. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama deplane in Chicago ahead of tonight's farewell speech
Happy Birthday to First Lady Michelle Obama! - the smartest, coolest, hard working, game-changing First Lady there ever was…
Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama!!! All new Billy on the Street with starts in 15 minutes on
Happy Birthday to one of the best first ladies our nation has ever seen! We will miss you Michelle Obama!
Michelle is corrupt, had her law license revoked for insurance fraud, no chance! htt…
DivaDebbi: Michelle Obama's Fashion Legacy My personal take with my great thanks :)
BREAKING: White House confirms Obamas will come to Palm Springs after leaving office Friday.
Eartha Kitt, Muhammad Ali, Betty White and Michelle Obama all born January 17th?!
⚡️ “Michelle Obama celebrates one more birthday in the White House”.
Happy Birthday to our amazing Michelle Obama! We will miss your grace and intellect in the White House! https:/…
I feel like I should have cake, you know, to celebrate the birthday of Betty White and Michelle Obama 🍰🎁🎉🎈
Happy Birthday to the iconic Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama made us laugh, cry and more. It's time to say 👋🏼
Happy 53rd Birthday to the phenomenal and amazingly beautiful Michelle Obama. WERK QUEEN!!
Happy Birthday Michelle L. Obama. Aka Michelle L. Robinson, the girl from the Southside of Chicago. ❤
Happy 53rd Birthday to the phenomenal and amazing Michelle Obama.
53 sayings from First Lady Michelle Obama that will give you life - via
I hope to look as good as Michelle Obama at age 53
"Happy Birthday, Michelle. I love you" Barrack Obama wishes Michelle a happy 53rd birthday
happy 53rd birthday to Michelle Obama!
Happy 53rd Birthday to the phenomenal Michelle Obama.
y'all telling me Michelle Obama is 53? I thought she was in her 30s, I mean.
Happy 53rd Birthday to the beautiful Michelle Obama
Strange how it's Jim Carrey's, James Earl Jones', Betty White's, Michelle Obama's, Steve Harvey's, and Muhammad Ali's Birthday all today 🎂🎁🎉
Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama. Thank you for being the inspirational, dedicated and phenomenal woman you…
Betty White & Michelle Obama & Muhammad Ali are the only ones I care for today:) . Steve Harvey can take his Capricoon self on.
Happy 53rd birthday to our amazingly intelligent, classy and beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama 🎈
Two days of beautiful birthdays. Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama and Betty White today, and yesterday, the ageless Sade. G…
So it's Betty White, Michelle Obama and James Earl Jones' birthday today. That is pretty dsmn epic.
My top 5 would be Jackie O, Rosy Carter, Michelle Obama, Frances Cleveland, and Melania Trump in no order
today's birthdays - Dian Fossey, Betty White and Michelle Obama - this should also be a national holiday
Michelle Obama is about to join the elite ex-First Ladies club. Four members: Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush & Hillary Clinton
Michelle Obama is quietly planning her next act - The Washington Post
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