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Michelle Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964) is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

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Michelle Obama continues to get people moving by sharing her boot camp fitness routine
Harbaugh says Michigan is going to ask Barack and Michelle Obama to be honorary captains in 2017.
all kidding aside. Is Joy Ann Reid, Michelle Obama's twin brother? They both are very manly. I can see what *** Ba…
OBAMA & His Wife Sneeze and it makes the MSMedia. FASHIONIST…
I know that Michelle Obama would say when they go low we go high but I'm tired of going high so I will call them every name in the book
.hi I just thought that Tyrese commenting on Michelle Obama's Father's Day post falls under your inter…
Michelle(It's in honor of a woman who turned Barack Obama into a dad and Paul McCartney's 75th birthday)via
Was a big strong Michelle Obama look a like brought on stage too, you ***
Meeting to discuss hosting with Michelle Obama tomorrow 🤞🏾I'm beyond blessed
I'm sure you said this about obama + when they…
Right now GOP has no shame. Dems would not support laughing at ANYONE that get shot. BT…
We love Michelle Obama and Barack Obama. It is me Lauren
Omg same Donald Gambino in my Top 3 black people. Next to Michelle Obama and Malcolm XYZ. Also Kanye but only YEEZUS ERA!
Michelle Obama... don't know if this was her hair but she rocked this look
Harbaugh said they will make an official ask of President and Michelle Obama to be an honorary game captain
Jim Harbaugh plans to ask the Obamas to serve as honorary Michigan captains for a game this season h…
President Obama we miss you and michelle and the girls in the White House...HappyFathers Day!
Michelle Obama is continuing to live her best life, and her style is carefree fabulousness!
Trumps jealousy of Obama is so lame and pathetic. Trump will NEVER hold a candle to Obama. We need…
21 beautiful parenting quotes from Barack and Michelle Obama
Again, examples on both sides. All those images of Obama being lynched, of Mi…
Does not look like obama other than the fact it's a man of color.also not ne…
Michelle Obama, we miss you and your effortless springtime looks.:
I should hire a lawyer but who?. 1. Bill Clinton. 2. Hillary Clinton. 3. Barack Obama. 4. Michelle Obama. ohh, they've all…
Imagine if that was starring Michelle and Barak Obama...or a play about killing *** people , . Imagine the media outcry...
Really disappointed you didn't say Happy Father's Day to Michelle Obama
Donald Trump said he is more popular than Obama now... Michelle wished Barack a Happy Fathers Day. Melania didn't wish…
Jim Harbaugh wants Barack and Michelle Obama to be honorary captains for a Michigan home game this season
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said he'll ask Barack and Michelle Obama to serve as honorary captains this season.
Why can't ppl, news org say former Pres Obama/1st lady Michelle Obama? This is so F'ing disrespectful
Time for her to be in prison. Michelle Obama food program there would be a mercy for her.
A gym chain that former First Lady Michelle Obama was reportedly a fan of will open a Long Island location
I respect what Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Oprah & Martha Stewart do much more than Amber Rose, that's not empowering women.
Michelle Obama,the first African-American First Lady of the United States, became a member of Alpha Phi Omega as an…
Michelle Obama to Silicon Valley: Make room for women in tech
Michelle Obama outs Barack as an outfit repeater:
Michelle Obama reveals no-one noticed Barack wearing the same tux for eight years
Thank you Susan Cain, Shawn Achor, Steve Pemberton, Adam Grant, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michelle Obama, and all the...…
Michelle Obama been planning this. That's why she wrote Yara's recommendation letter lol.
Michelle Obama in San Jose this morning to address crowd at Apple's via
Kathy Griffin is scum. I've decided to fight fire with fire. I'm uploading a photo of me holding up Michelle Obama's bloody…
Michelle Obama is going to be in the new King Kong movie she will be Kong saving millions on makeup for the producers, she looks the part
Hillary Clinton loves the environment so much that she requests to fly in a separate plane rather than with Michelle Obama. .
The things that were said about Michelle Obama definitely come into play.…
In the words of Michelle Obama "When they go low, We go high" only ignorant people involve children in grown ups AFFAIRS
Bonding moment between former president Bush and Michelle Obama
So Alex Jones the guy who think Michelle Obama is a man has been given press credentials to the White House, my god
I liked a video 'House of Cards' star Robin Wright talks Michelle Obama for President, Feminism & Red
I'm as angry about this presidency as people were when Michelle Obama wanted kids to eat vegetables sometimes.
Barack & Michelle Obama first President and First Lady to both voluntarily surrender th…
"She don't get dressed to make silence look pretty" - Michelle Obama's Easter Dress Speaks, Camisha Jones 💥
Erika Alexander: "All do respect to Michelle Obama, now we need to say when they go low, bury them." Me: 🙌🙌🙌. ht…
So what? Did you report what the costs of Michelle Obama's clothing was while she waged class warfare? I don't thin…
Martin Luther King Jr. is a CAPRICORN. Michelle Obama is a CAPRICORN. Lebron James is a CAPRICORN. Muhammad Ali is a C…
Michelle Obama enjoys lunch with a VERY relaxed Barack at their luxury Italian villa.
Lebron James is a capricorn. Martin Luther King Jr was a capricorn. Michelle Obama is a capricorn. Aaliyah was a capricorn. G…
Michelle Obama is a Capricorn . Lebron is a Capricorn . John Legend is a Capricorn . Christian Louboutin is a Capricorn . Tyrese…
The great thing about so many Trump supporters is their bashing of Michelle Obama. Princeton *** Laude, Juris Doctor Harvard Law, etcetcetc.
Trump slammed Michelle Obama for not wearing a head scarf in Saudi Arabia, but it's OK for Melania to do the same
Although I don't think Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Ellen deserved to share the same screen as Rosa Parks or Masala, but whatever
Melania Trump forgoes head scarf in Saudi Arabia, despite Donald Trump's prior criticism of Michelle Obama for same
Donald Trump once criticized Michelle Obama for the exact same thing Melania just did
Good read. Melania follows Michelle Obama, Theresa May, Angela Merle and Hillary Clinton in choosing not to wear a head…
Melania & Ivanka refuse headscarves. Trump attacked Michelle Obama for not wearing one.
Melania & Ivanka can do what they want, but Trump's attack on Michelle Obama means Press should ask him about this. https…
.Robin Wright wants Michelle Obama to be president:
Barack and Michelle Obama sign record book deals with Penguin Random House.
We're only weeks away from 2017 with Michelle Obama, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and the top leaders in HR!…
Representative Maxine Waters has a special place in my heart; right beside Congressman John Lewis & Barack and Michelle Obama.
Join Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michelle Obama, and 50+ influencers at the HR event of the year!
Bryd brings in Al Sharpton, Magic Johnson, John Lewis, etc. They must know Michelle Obama. OU18 lets work to bring her her…
"In the words of my hero, Michelle Obama, 'When they go low, I get high'"--Cathy Anne (Cecily Strong) on SNL.
Michelle Obama is upset because Trump got rid of her horrible school lunch program which was just basically giving prison foo…
Like how Barack and Michelle Obama listening to y'all
Only the media is shocked. People of color, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, abuse victims, Barack&Michelle Obama, Hillary, Har…
President Barack & Michelle Obama will donate $2 million to summer jobs program in Chicago.
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Obama loves America so much he wanted to fundamentally change her. He went on an apology tour. Michelle Obama was never proud…
Michelle Obama on fire over school lunches: "Why don't you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with…
Michelle Obama questions Trump's call to scale back school meal nutrition rules: "Why is that a partisan issue?"
Michelle Obama is our National Treasure. Hear the message about strong men,
How dare Harvard educated, scandal free Michelle Obama care about young people. May…
Michelle Obama's nutrition message to Trump: 'Don't play with our children' -…
Michelle Obama asks why Trump administration is OK with kids eating "crap" in schools
Michelle Obama: Our children might have a shorter lifespan than we do for the first time in the history of mankind. It's nobody's fault.
why Michelle Obama was the WORST First Lady ever via
Michelle Obama could call me a worthless piece of crap and it would still be the most motivational thing I've ever heard.
Food for thought... has discredited:. The IC. The media. Judges. POWs. Credited:.
The most divisive President of our time. Obama, and Michelle both made race a priority, making American's dark times a th…
Hey . Did Ivanka plagiarize another author for her book? You know, like Melania stole Michelle Obama's spee…
Michelle Obama will always be American Royalty. Such an inspirational being. Long live the Queen of America! 👸🏾
Michelle Obama looks absolutely stunning on the cover of Vogue ?
Barack Obama thanking Michelle for staying with him is making us laugh-cry
🌱"Grass is always green where it is watered." ~ Michelle Obama
Review | Before Michelle, Barack Obama asked another woman to marry him. Then politics got in the way.
First Lady Michelle Obama gives her final speech (Video)
If they blame this on Obama, I'm going to seriously going to lose it. Or eat my feelings. Probably both.
Mural of Michelle Obama as African queen sparks controversy .
Men: Last 22yrs If you ever miss *** . Me: NO I'm good . Obama: Hi. Me: Say no more is Michelle joining
"And there but for the grace of God go I." -Michelle Obama
Boycott Shes had Obama on twice and Michelle on several times but refuses to have President Trump or his family on the show.
Gotta be real also on who can actually beat Bernie if he does decide to run which is very possible.…
Michelle Obama. - Degrees from both Princeton and Harvard. - The first ever black FLOTUS
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the John F. Kennedy Library as Barack Obama receives the 2017 John F. Kennedy Profile in C…
Complaints that Michelle Obama's school lunch rules cause food waste have been ignored for years—until now.
Former First Lady Michelle Obama delivers inspiring message to 2017 graduates: “Barack and I are so proud of you.”
If its a black college it should be a black speaker. Maybe Michelle Obama?
Smartest person in the room! No wonder they want to stop Michelle Obama's Girls education program! They are scared of this
The Trump administration is ending another initiative started by Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama unveiled their design plans for the 44th President's library—see the renderings:
Michelle Obama vows to continue promoting education, as Trump eliminates her initiatives like Let Girls Learn
Our has learned WH ending Michelle Obama girls education program "Let Girls Learn."
The Trump administration is ending Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn"... by via
In a week Trump puts an end to Let Girls Learn and free meal for kids projects started by Michelle Obama. This is just heart…
Great First Lady. Michelle Obama was not presentable. Awful personality. RACIST
Author claims in new book former President Barack Obama didn't date black women until Michelle Obama.
Why y'all on my mans Obama *** He proposed to somebody before Michelle.woopidy doo. He had to drop that rock to get…
A new memoir claims Obama cheated on Michelle before they got married, did cocaine and considered a *** fling. I knew I like…
Obama: "Michelle & I will personally donate $2 million to our summer jobs programs here in the community."
USDA to make school lunches edible again. Michelle Obama hardest hit. - Hot Air
This book re affirms my assertion that Obama was nothing more than a political fraud.😏.
And speaking of Michelle Obama this is still one of my favorite gifs of all time
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama looking fabulous during the unveiling of the presidential center.
Wow! Trump was in head when he was in Law school😂READ THIS BOOK
did Obama give up a white GF as it made him less authentically *Black*?What price amibition explores a new biography http…
My review of RISING STAR, David Garrow's huge new biography of Barack Obama: (Spoiler: I think…
I want to be Michelle Obama. That is all.
You learn that from michelle Obama ? ❤️❤️
It's all about erasing Obama. . Michelle's programs. And now his pension.
So every president gets a shrine? Weird. In Japan, only dead people are honored.
Michelle Obama says she and Barack will keep fighting for what they believe in # via
If Michelle Obama was a Tigers fan this would be her facial expression to Roosters fans
Pres. Obama, Michelle to personally donate $2MIL to Chicago summer jobs programs so "young people can get to work". https…
Former First Lady Michelle Obama discusses how important building design is to the lifeblood of a community:
(Karen Carpenter didn't know when she got married... a bit like Michelle Obama.)
Michelle Obama reveals what Sasha, Malia Obama did on last night in White House
Michelle Obama reveals how daughters Malia and Sasha spent final White House night via
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Michelle Obama reveals why she will never run for president...
CHICAGO (AP) — Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will visit Chicago for a community me...
Since yall messing with Michelle Obama money, she has one serious question for Van Jones, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warr…
New post (Trump administration ends Michelle Obama's program facilitating ...) has been published on Hot ... -…
First on CNN: Trump administration ending Michelle Obama's girls education program
The Trump administration is unwinding some school-lunch standards championed by Michelle Obama
Trump is ending Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn" ed program but he's willing to tell the girls where they could stand…
Michelle Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) will also participate on the event.
Michelle Obama explains why she served some side-eye at Trump’s inauguration
Michelle Obama dishes about Malia and Sasha’s slumber party on their final night in the White House htt…
very unfortunate news today that Trump's White House is ending Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn", my interview wit…
Trump administration is looking to end Michelle Obama's educational program, "Let Girls Learn".
Michelle Obama to participate in MTV event celebrating students pursuing higher education
Trump administration ends Michelle Obama's program facilitating educational opportunities for girls around the wor…
Trump adm. ends Michelle Obama's program facilitating educational opportunities girls around the world via
Trump administration is ending Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn" worldwide educational program
Trump ends Michelle Obama's girls education program
Barack and Michelle Obama deserve every *** dime. Focus on Trump, dammit. Our country is in peril.
President Trump got more people out exercising (marching) in his first 100 days than Michelle Obama did in 8 years.👌.
You can't ask for a Michelle Obama if you aren't a Barrack Obama, to get an exceptional woman, you must be an exceptional man.
Has anyone ever seen a photograph of Michelle Obama or Barrack holding his "DAUGHTERS" as babies or even children?
If this is true then why does everyone love Michelle Obama and rip Melania Trump?
Michelle Obama congratulates Ellen on the 20th anniversary of her coming out
The food industry is the answer Michelle Obama would get. Thats who stopped her anti-obes…
Michelle Obama explains why she has no interest in running for office via
She pales in comparison to Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama: I won't run for office Will never forget this beautiful and brilliant First Lady, She is loved!!
Michelle Obama: I will never run for office
inspired talk from our former First Lady and current boss lady Michelle Obama today.
Former First Lady Michelle Obama makes her first public appearance at a Florida conference: qua
Melania Trump has upended the role of First Lady in 100 days POTUS gets paid, not FLOTUS. Michelle Obama should have stayed in kitchen.
Was Behar ever enraged by criticism of former First Lady? Was she disgusted by negative mention of Michelle Obama?…
Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, addresses packed room of architects and practitioners
"Michelle Obama says she won't run for office"Former First Lady Michelle Obama said she would never run for politi…
I still think of Michelle Obama as First Lady.
When Melania Trump and Michelle Obama met, their clothes did some of the talking:
Viola Davis should be e lead actress should they decide to do a biopic of Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey...
The man behind the Michelle Obama mural says he'll pay the original artist for the work he "appropriated"
Ina Garten and Michelle Obama on Barefoot Contessa good thing they never had kids, they would of never cared 4 them
Ina Garten and Michelle Obama on Barefoot Contessa selfish & self centered and full of herself and hisself! spoiled
Ina Garten and Michelle Obama on Barefoot Contessa seems 2 me that she knew she was in the money early on,so no kids
Barack & Michelle Obama were self-made millionaires BEFORE the WH. And the ONLY folks they need to account to re future e…
You want to know what the Democratic Party stands for? Re-watch Michelle Obama's convention speech. Still gives me chills.
I would be the Puerto Rican version of Sarah Paulson, but for Viola Davis or Michelle Obama.
Muralist accused of stealing Michelle Obama art for mural says he gave original artist "free publicity"
Michelle Obama celebrates spring with our two favorite pups: OMG that was Whoppie Goldberg twin.via
I'm going to need people to stop comparing Ivanka the daughter-wife to Michelle Obama. Ivanka is not the First Lady (wh…
The artist of that Michelle Obama piece put up in Chicago (on ig)
"I don't think you would have had a Jackie Robinson without Rachel." -Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker had brunch and it was fabulous:
Michelle Obama mural in the South Side of Chicago. . Artwork By:
Someday, I would love to meet Michelle Obama, Angela Davis, Angela Rye, Maxiane Waters, and a few others too. 😊
LOL.Marxist hypocrite Barack Obama snaps photo of Michelle Obama on yacht of billionaire Geffen
What do Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have in common?. They're all Disbarred Lawyers http…
if i ever meet Michelle Obama i am going to have to address her as Madam President. don't see any other option
THEY R all 1 party. Pics out of Bush jr.hugging Michelle Obama & talking about how close they R. Also…
actually Michelle Obama has hosted the Easter egg roll.
Eddie Griffin Full Show || I wanna make love to Michelle Obama. via
Remember all those times Michelle Obama profited by suing people who wrote false things about her?
President Obama's been on vacation> Tahiti. Michelle Obama has just flown over to join him. Sandra Fluke just boarded a United flight out 😉
I mean, Michelle Obama wrote her college recommendation letter. But congrats to her either way!
Barack and Michelle Obama leave Tahiti as they continue their post-White House tropical tour
Michelle Obama made history of being the first black lady ,yet your focing on her hair. She made…
No disrepect to the black women not mentione liked Oprah, Angela Davis, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama... and so on and on
Do you think now the might explain to us how Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama lost their licenses to prac…
Michelle Obama wears her natural hair.. now there is a 1st Lady
It's wild that Michelle Obama's platform was healthy eating, exercise and going to college and people were still UPSET.
Honoring former First Lady Michelle Obama on the last day of Women's History Month.
U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama depart the White House March 30, 2015 in Washington,...
"We just took to each other": George W. Bush and Michelle Obama: An unlikely friendship
b/c these Elkins Knights want Michelle Obama, Decisi…
Love women who are warned but persist Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Joy Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth War…
Outside of Mary Todd Lincoln, there may not have been a 1st Lady more delusional than Michelle Obama.
She cant Michelle Obama was actually banned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for testing positivd for PEDs. Sad.
Had the pleasure of meeting James Naismith, Michelle Obama, Betsy Ross, and Michael Jackson @ the 3rr grade Wax Mus…
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From Anna Wintour to Michelle Obama, see notable celebrity side-eye moments in recent history
So who's "Judge" Napolitano's source? A guy who was banned as a guest for spreading phony Michelle Obama stories https:…
One of Judge Napolitano's sources? Larry C. Johnson, who once propagated a hoax about Michelle Obama
ICYMI: "Judge" Napolitano's source? Guy who was banned from MSNBC even before he spread phony Michelle Obama stories ht…
What is Michelle Obama doing in the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle services?
Happy Birthday to my First Lady FOREVER! Michelle Obama birthday
and she's the First Lady. I'm sure you'd have had something to say had Michelle Obama done similar.
(2) to Michelle Obama's example, she decided she just won't be First Lady.
Libs defend rapper who threatens the First Lady into sex slavery. But call Michelle Obama a monkey, they're calling…
Gordon Ramsey just called Michelle Obama the "Former First Lady" and it's the closest I've come to crying at a TV show
Melania Trump, occasional First Lady, $180 million/year. Barack +Michelle Obama, 2 for the price of one $400K/year. Which is better deal?
Michelle Obama was the First Lady & all First Lady's set causes/agendas. Ivanka Kushner ain't no 1st Lady.
why is Michelle Obama & Not First Lady Melania Trump being asked to the show?
Remember when Michelle Obama used to host St. Patrick's Day at the White House? Melania Trump won't even be there. https:/…
Then there were Michelle Obama's trips. This is a zero win for you:
Michelle Obama's Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act could possibly get dumped by the Trump administration h…
Michelle Obama's healthy school lunch program in jeopardy? ...
Michelle Obama's healthy school lunch program in jeopardy?
Imagine - IMAGINE - if someone "famous" suggested selling Michelle Obama as a sex slave.
Was using the brown skin colour tones from the Michelle Obama piece and ended up finishing…
I say, what an awesome president God had blessed us with in the name of Barack Obama.Awesome Lady of the president, Michelle Obama & family.
List of guest stars I want to see on Blackish. Shonda Rhimes. Oprah. Michelle Obama. Laverne Cox . Sherri Shepherd. Leslie Jones .
Barack and Michelle Obama, like a cozy pair of socks, you didn't know how comfortable they made you feel till you put on…
Did you worry about Michelle Obama's freeloading Mother living off Taxpayers for 8 years in White House
If there were a photo of Michelle Obama texting and ignoring a group of important guests in the Oval Office white people…
Honestly... It's really sad because Okonjo Iweala, Michelle Obama will not define Feminism like this
LRT: If Michelle Obama wrote my college recommendation letter I would walk around with it at all times.
there are 2 video out Obama says he is from Kenya and another vidoe Michelle says the same.
While I'm STILL at it... THANK YOU, my lovely wife Jessica, Nina Simone, Michelle Obama,…
There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. — Michelle Obama.
Power couple! Barack and Michelle Obama step out in style (photos)
That's one *** of a college recommendation letter!
Yara Shahidi got Michelle Obama to write her college recommendation letter
Michelle Obama's post-White House but she's looking chicer than ever: ... ALL
When does Michelle Obama get to walk back into the White House and scream "YOU RUINED MY HOUSE!"?
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama out in NYC giving LOOKS!
I've spent all day thinking about Michelle Obama with that Alex Wang bag
Barack and Michelle Obama out today, they're glowing 😍
Michelle Obama wrote Yara Shahidi's college recommendation? If that ain't life goals, I truly don't know what is.
Not sure... it's like a cross between Michelle Obama and Hillary the Walker impressions
Former First Lady Michelle Obama surprises students at DC school in honor of International Women's Day. ht…
here's some black women who inspire me, since you forgot: Michelle Obama, Bey, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong'o, Laverne Cox, Taraji H.
Is Scott Walker subconsciously eating unhealthily on purpose just to throw shade on Michelle Obama?! Probably
Michelle Obama, JK Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Beckham and last but not least, my Sona Mona are some of my role models
Here’s the Story Behind the Unlikely Friendship of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama
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I think folks jusy don't like the organizer y'all. Aint she the one who called Michelle Obama ugly?
Acknowledge that we need women like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Michelle Obama as well as Assata Shakur and Marsha P. Johnson an…
Shout out to my fave absolute power houses! Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, Karen Brady, Adele, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama
Chance the Rapper praised by Michelle Obama after announcing $1m gift to Chicago schools
Wake Up Little Suzie in Cleveland Park (near me), they also did an incredible tribute to Michelle Obama.
Drop Everything and Look at Barack Obama Sporting a Leather Jacket Like a Boss
I hope my future wife ages like Michelle Obama lol 🙏🏾
Scott also all the money given to Muslim country the Billions Obama gave to Iran and Michelle gave to Muslim School in Monaco ???
Barack Obama swaps his suit for a leather jacket (and looks better than he ever has)
Drop everything and look at sporting a leather jacket like a boss: 🔥
. They're definitely not buying into the fabricated hype being spewed by orangeguy.
Michelle Obama always looked like she was ready to beat up on somebody, did the left say a word about it?…
"When they go low, we go high." - Michelle Obama, talking about ideal cooking temperatures for obtaining the perfec…
confidante Valerie Jarrett moved into his D.C HM. we know hes *** & michelle is rly Michael=so Vals no threa…
.Michelle Obama's initiative to inspire every American student to continue education past h…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
THE REAL AMERICAN BOSS:Barack & Michelle Obama seen as they exited the National Gallery of Art in Washington…
Everywhere Obama goes crowds assemble and clap
Barack and Michelle Obama seen out for first time since wire-tap claims via
If you think Barack Obama would have been the same person without Michelle you dont know how life works...
Oh god! Look at Michelle Obama can an educated woman&that too the former First Lady of US be seen in the kitchen??…
For those cooking up that RGs comments about Mrs Obama cooking were "sexist" pls read .
The Obamas look chic and serene upon their return to Washington.
What do you make of Michelle Obama and former Pres. George W. Bush's friendship? The co-hosts discuss.
Can we talk about how fly Auntie Michelle and Uncle Barry look spotted out and about??
."Nobody picked on Malia and Sasha...Nobody picked on Michelle" Guess he missed…
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have never looked better 😍🔥😍🔥.
Or Michelle Obama. White women who prop up patriarchal power are protected, everyone else is ruthlessly denigrated. https:…
Barack and Michelle Obama seen for the first time since wiretapping claims
using typical GOP argument..did u guys back up Michelle Obama?.or only ur party women deserve the support.
First of all, Obama is not worried about that man. He is off jetsetting, having a baecation with Michelle, as he should be.
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George W. Bush explains how he and Michelle Obama 'just took to each other’
George W. Bush on fondness for Michelle Obama: ‘We just took to each other’
George W. Bush explains his fondness for Michelle Obama: "When I saw her, it was a genuine expression of affection"
George W. Bush on his friendship with Michelle Obama: 'We just took to each other'
Sharing positivity on our TL: The Young, Ambitious, & Beautiful Former First Lady, Michelle Obama will soon...
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