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Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin (née Maglalang; born October 20, 1970) is an American conservative blogger, political commentator and author.

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Alt-right is nazism. He reminds me of Michelle Malkin . Both spiteful, full of hate, despicable,…
What is the media environment in the Age of Trump?. discuss. Watch the SEASON FINALE:.
Manufacturing Hate for 'Made in America' - Michelle Malkin. Shared via Bing Search.
HEY I LOVE MICHELLE MALKIN AND CONSERVATIVE REVIEW! thats in caps to cancell out all the hate.
It's true, is pretty much the worst of America.
Manufacturing Hate for 'Made in America' - Michelle Malkin via
Want the TRUTH about . digs deep into this Cop-Killer’s history:.
CELEBS love to say they're Human Rights Activists What about exposes them. Sneak-peek:.
I remember when you used to pass yourself off as a conservative...oh and this
ICYMI: commemorates Cop Killer birthday with a renewed call for her capture. More: .
Yep, Michelle Malkin, Ted Cruz, Thomas Sowell, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mark Levin & Feisty Floridan, they're all gr…
Talking on camera with Michelle Malkin of Fox News. Straight talk on illegal immigration, gangs, and sanctuary cities. S…
Michelle Malkin "We have to stop calling these places 'sanctuary' cities. They're OUTLAW cities.". http…
Michelle Malkin to Hannity: "If you lie down with dogs you get fleas. If you lie down with Paul Ryan you get fleeced."
Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, at least you're in good company! Along with Ivanka Trump, Maria Bartiromo, Trish Regan...
Michelle Malkin | » Nancy Pelosi, Down and Dirty via how can we rid oneself? TERM LIMITS stocks hers
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Bumps in the Road: Trump vs. Obama by Michelle Malkin | Creators Syndicate via
Spicer needs to be replaced as Press Sec. by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram or Michelle Malkin. Someone use to handling liberal
The Dems that are Skipping the Inauguration are totally turning their back on this beautiful country. Good...
or we could just deport Michelle Malkin
I see that is trying to ease Michelle Malkin back in to the family, but they still won't let her talk to anyone but
I don't typically like slopes but Michelle Malkin has me rethinking that decision
.Michelle Malkin FOUGHT Trump via Twitchy every step of the way! Do not force her down my throat as if she helped him win! LIAR.
Barf, liar Michelle Malkin is at Inaugural acting as if SHE helped Trump win! No! WE won the laurels that she thinks she can rest on?!
Just glad Michelle Malkin is back. We all really missed her!
A lovely photograph of two women who take no prisoners. I find Michelle Malkin absolutely fearless.
Part of the reason why the energy is "electric" is because Congress is no longer necessarily gridlocked.
Have always liked Michelle Malkin's frank explanation of how it is.
Repost from seanhannity : With Michelle Malkin tonight in Washington DC
Michelle Malkin a "trotskyite"? LOL I've followed her for years. trotskyite she is not.
Many of us would love to see Michelle Malkin have a show on Fox News.
Why doesn't Michelle Malkin have a show yet? She's great!!
Michelle Malkin is wonderful to watch on your show. Can she have her own show 🇺🇸
How nice to hit us with Dr, figured Lion King was used up. Love Michelle, Malkin.
Michelle Malkin is a fool too trying to get white approval poor thing
Sean Michelle Malkin needs to run for sentor, and laura .
Looking forward to see 👀 the very beautiful and intelligent Michelle Malkin on Hannity next 😙.
Michelle Malkin... a dr. Seuss quote is reciprocated with fierce animosity. :(
Well done. This is a hateful, dangerous ideology being taught to kids. This is nothing other tha…
Michelle Malkin speaks with Chris Stigall about her reservations over the nomination of Betsy DeVos.
What has gotten into you. I've know Michelle Malkin for over ten years. She is nowhere near a Marxist dude. You're delusional.
Many were really Liberals and fake Never Trumpers. Michelle Malkin is not the support the establishment type. Neither is Levin.
Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin stops by “The Show” to discuss the obvious bias displayed by
Sad truth is that every Big Five house has a conservative imprint. Michelle Malkin. Ann Coulter. Name your awful. He or…
This show illustrates what some of us have long suspected - Mike Huckabee and Michelle Malkin were genetically engineered.
Michelle Malkin | » Shameless Obamacare shyster Gruber back + he still thinks everybody’s stupid via   10% Off
of course, by "many people" you mean Michelle Malkin, Alex Jones, and the drunk guy yelling at a trash can in the subway.
Michelle Malkin, John Cardillo and Cameron Gray help turn the White House blue to honor fallen police officers
Shep Smith is extraordinary, but Michelle Malkin is just astounding as Monica Crowley. It is really a beautiful show.
Obama BEGAN with a moving eulogy to slain officers . . . Michelle Malkin sums up ending with one bad word -
Where's the outrage for this 5 year old girl??? Michelle Malkin: Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho
You began this, sir, you *presumed* that Trump supporters hate Michelle Malkin. She made poor judgement about choosing Ted Cruz.
I have never hated Michelle Malkin. Was truly disappointed she went with Teddy Bush Cruz so stopped following her for a while
Walid Shoebat, Tony Perkins, Michelle Malkin, Brian Fischer, Sandy Rios, Pat Robertson & a whole slew of others & get back to me
A hilarious Michelle Malkin provides her customary blast of brittle energy in "Fox Report Sunday," an engaging corporate comedy.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck at her finest with great Michelle Malkin support.
Fox News Sunday is a breezy period comedy carried by the strong performances of Michelle Malkin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
Just like I've asked not to have Kola Boof on my tl, I also strongly request that you never ever have Michelle Malkin on it either. Thanks.
Standout Michelle Malkin and Hasselbeck are heart-wrenching as the vitriolic mother and neglected teen daughter.
Bret Baier does a credible roughed-up urban ghetto impression of Michelle Malkin
Raising the traditional and early retirement ages will mean extending worke...
CPAC 2016 - Michelle Malkin Something we all NEED to hear.
Well, there you have it. We're now down to Michelle Malkin as the only honest political writer/commentator left
Michelle Malkin is utterly convincing as the smart, wistful girl with the notebook.
Malkin: The iron will of the WWII generation "has been replaced by an army of sad-faced emojis."
Requiem for a VA Victim - Michelle Malkin. This is infuriating!
“Most intriguing to me, of course, would be He practices what he preaches" -Michelle Malkin
I added a video to a playlist Michelle Malkin Speaks to DeSales University Students about Journalism
BRAND NEW Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin - Obama & Team of Cheats (HC)
I don't know anything about Michelle Malkin, her parents, or how she "got here".
There is no such thing as a 'free' government benefit. Ask small-business o...
Requiem for a VA Victim by Michelle Malkin via
HEre's a daily Caller piece featuring Michelle Malkin on the topic
Michelle Malkin and hot cinnamon tea
I am currently reading Out by Michelle Malkin. :)
Great column by Michelle Malkin about the terrible VA.
Good Riddance grow some balls & replace her with Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin or Pat Buchanan.
read it and weep. It's hard not to uncless you're a VA bureaucrat. Michelle Malkin | via
Michelle Malkin continues her run as world punditry's most gracefully aging actress.
is the Canadian Who Would be King. Abuses the Bible, lies, cheats, plays dirty. Michelle Malkin just got gross
Heard Michelle Malkin talk about this at CPAC - made me glad we own several!
Video: Malkin Roasts Common Core-Based GOP at CPAC; Don't often agree with her but sometimes. via
Michelle Malkin | CPAC | GOP sold out movement conservatives She is not one to mince words..she's a treasure
via Michelle Malkin returns to CPAC to skewer the Republican establishment
CPAC; Ted Cruz set the crowd on fire, Carson said goodbye, conservatives partied.
CPAC: Cruz up, Carson out, Michelle Malkin on fire - its a conservative party http…
Michelle Malkin by Doug Powers If you didn’t see Sunday night’s Democrat debate between Hillary Clinton and...
Michelle Malkin is playing a most troubled lady, and giving a sincere and generally effective characterization of same.
Michelle Malkin torches GOP establishment at CPAC 2016 -
. Well, as Michelle Malkin has correctly said, “Political correctness is the handmaiden …
Michelle Malkin torches GOP establishment at CPAC 2016 . via
Stae of NY: Pearson’s foundation abused the law by siphoning charitable assets to for-profit arm
boos Michelle Malkin after she unloads on John Kaisich and Common Core. CPAC is not the same as "grassroots conservati…
CPAC Boos Kasich as Michelle Malkin Slams His Support for Common Core, Attacks on Grassroots by …
“It’s not people outside the party that have thrown the conservative grassroots base under the bus. It’s the...
did someone say Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin? 😏. Mona Charen. Great piece last week about their anger driving.
Such a maniac that Michelle Malkin backed her in a failed primary challenge to Pete Sessions (R-Tx)
Michelle Malkin on H 1B visas and her new book Sold Out via LOOK AT CRUZ PROPOSING INCREASING H IB X5.
Total Security Abyss. Who is screening the screeners?
Michelle Malkin: Dem supporters of Constitution-skirting president accuse GOPers of skirtin...
Michelle Malkin delivers her most scintillating performance to date in this wonderfully entertaining show.
Yeah, don't go on Michelle Malkin's page if you want to feel good about America. Lots of nativism/racism on there.
hmm, Michelle Malkin is anti-abortion, yet she supports a false prophet, Joyce Meyer, that says being anti-abortion is wrong!?
. Why limit yourself to establishment hack? Why treat Americans like they're stupid? plenty of room here ask Michelle Malkin
I find it funny that anti-abortionist Michelle Malkin praises a Joyce Meyers, who said being anti-abortion is wrong.
Checking out "Michelle Malkin: When Open-Borders Media Are in Charge of Debate" on Tea Party Command Center:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Did you read Michelle Malkin's wrap up? Funny!. wrap-up:. Bush: Mom. Carson: ...
For what it's worth I don't like angry women - includes Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham snd michelle malkin & I consider myself conservative
At least he still has Michelle Malkin cheering him on.
. Michelle Malkin: . A lot of stumbling and bumbling by Obama through his obligatory remarks about Scalia. What a mess.
I'm sure Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin would be appropriately reverent if it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Not right either way
It's the show that established Michelle Malkin as the girl next door.
Michelle Malkin: NH watch: Optimistic Sanders supporters sing about having ‘somebody to lea...
Michelle Malkin being worried about what brings us together is like Chris Martin worried about overshadowing the other acts.
Join me for dinner on February 16 with the Hays County Republican Party and Michelle Malkin.
Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin are easily the best odd couple we have seen since Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.
Leo DiCaprio calls for end of fossil fuel dependence at World Economic Forum & Priv.. ~via Michelle Malkin
Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin warned conservatives about The Donald | RedState
Thank you for telling the truth about It is a RINO propaganda outlet!!. Source:
Michelle Malkin anticipates garden of plants at CNN's gun town hall
FINALLY! Somebody wrote an article about shift to MSM at
is destroying it's base. It had a good thing going but that will be ending.
Michelle Malkin: ‘My Base Is Fed Up with Fox’ News Channel; Murdoch pushing for Fox to be openly hostile to Cruz
Tell that foxy lady Michelle Malkin I send my best! :) oy yeah, good on her for dumping Rupert Murdoch
I too am fed up w/ 's choice of traitors like Bush, Graham, ad infinitum. Michelle Malkin is the …
I liked a video from Michelle Malkin owns a lib on race
It should just be an ad with Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Michael Steele, and Michelle Malkin.
Neil Cavuto still remains the definitive screen Michelle Malkin for many of the character's fans.
Shepard Smith Reporting features sharp dialogue and moving performances from the talented Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin.
Combines the talents of Bill Hemmer, Michelle Malkin and anchor Paul Gigot to hilarious, endearing effect.
John Derbyshire reviews Michelle Malkin's new book Sold Out on the H1B scam -
Small-town drama has big moments thanks to Greta Van Susteren, Michelle Malkin and a superb Paul Gigot.
Michelle Malkin & John Miano blow the gaff on our guest-worker programs in their book SOLD OUT. My review at
Dr. Ben Carson in 2015 and Michael Reagan in 2014 so hear Michelle Malkin at the 2016 HCRP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner!
"If you're a Constitutional Conservative, prove it, and stop being a sell-out" - Michelle Malkin via
Author, pundit, activist and blogger Michelle Malkin went on with Steve Malzberg today on Newsmax TV. Michelle...
Obama says there's been lots of 'misinformation' spread around about Obamacare (hey.. ~via Michelle Malkin
First-time anchor Chris Wallace has long been Michelle Malkin's producer, and he's learned the master's lessons well.
Probably the best of the Harris Faulkner/Michelle Malkin vehicles.
Harris Faulkner is a sweetly vulnerable Michelle Malkin; Paul Gigot is cold, brittle and, well, Stuart Varney, as Ed Henry.
Well put Michelle Malkin. When all is shaved away. Cruz is the most conservative of all
Michelle Malkin. for Speaker of the House. Ann Coulter is out since went Trumpkin bc jealous of Cruz success.
Appoint the Ghost of Andrew Breitbart, via Michelle Malkin's ouija board, to SCOTUS.
Intelligent conservative women we need to see more on TV News: Sarah Palin, Deneen Borelli, Monica Crowley, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch.
Michelle Malkin channels Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Lana Turner and Susan Hayward in the lovingly crafted "Fox News Sunday"
Glenn Back, Michelle Malkin, and Dana Loesch . If you told me that a year ago, I would have laughed
Gretchen Carlson and Peter Doocy provide heart-warming romance and comedy in this solid debut by anchor Michelle Malkin.
One of the best family productions of the 80s. Bill Hemmer and Michelle Malkin are delightful. A show you'll cherish forever.
My man Ted picking up endorsements frm so many ppl I respect like Pamela Gellar& Michelle Malkin now Bibi http…
Featuring deft interplay between Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin, Shepard Smith Reporting is an immensely appealing social satire.
I can't help admiring the enthusiasm and musicality Michelle Malkin brings to her routines -- both as Monica Crowley and herself.
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Michelle Malkin | » Hey you spelled ‘Democrats’ wrong in this story about foundering O-care state exchanges
Sarah Palin is the Real Deal. Donald Trump is a Fraud - Michelle Malkin .We need Are you listening?
Dark, dazzling turns by Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin, and Stuart Varney makes it achingly romantic.
Michelle Malkin| 3rd Planned Parenthood video ‘We can see how much we can get out of it’ via
Let me sum up in two words how the unhinged Left copes with the threat of global jihad: Kill Bush!. Michelle Malkin
Obama Cronyism + Your Personal Data = Trouble - It's the most far-reaching scandal in Washington that no one wants...
Energetic low-budget vampire nonsense from Neil Cavuto and Michelle Malkin.
‘An act of war, fool!’ Michelle Malkin sets Obama straight about Marines killed on US soil
Michelle Malkin attacked Fred Thompson in 2008. She attacked Rick Perry in 2012. She attacks Donald Trump now in 2016. Wrong every cycle.
Michelle Malkin | » Montel Williams has a murder wish for Rep. Michele Bachmann via
Add to it, Michelle Malkin follows , he uses foul language, all that qualifies him as conservative Tea Party GOP
Soap opera-ish Shep Smith/Michelle Malkin starrer still tugs at heart.
John Stossel is personable as Michelle Malkin, and John Gibson is even more so as Trace Gallagher.
I'd like to offer up Bill O'Reilly & will toss in Ann Coulter as a gift with purchase. Ah take Michelle Malkin too!
Michelle Malkin - Debunking Obama's Bilious Baltimore Babble sends $ to cronies,not
. So what about con Michelle Malkin? Why isn't she a John Lott supporter? His extremely poor research skills?
When conservative Michelle Malkin is critical of John Lott.maybe you should open your eyes?
Baier is a tender, stoic hand at the end of the line, and Carl Cameron, Peter Doocy and Michelle Malkin add pungent support.
Michelle Malkin | » Obama promotes executive amnesty for (get this one) ‘Americans-in-waiting’
Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin give iconic performances in this dark, morally complex tale of redemption.
With her sweet-sad face, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a perfect Michelle Malkin.
Michelle Malkin: ‘Obama Incapable of Dealing with Reality — and Our Enemies!’ - - Tea Party Command Center
Michelle Malkin: ‘Obama incapable of dealing with reality — and our enemies!’ via
precisely. I've defended Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin against racist and transphobic slurs and I loathe them both.
Michelle Malkin reminds us that Al Sharpton's 'public standing' was enabled by the GOP, too -
Why not accept Michelle Malkin as Hasselbeck? As it turns out, she's quietly terrific. Most of the supporting pundits …
congrats on using Michelle Malkin as your role model! Maybe if you did research, you'd learn something.
Michelle Malkin | Ship them home and take care of our Vets 1st, We are not a day care center fo…
'Give it a rest, hon': Michelle Malkin tells Wasserman-Schultz to shut up about Uncle Fred
Fox News Sunday is a modest success for Chris Wallace, due in large part to the charm of Michelle Malkin and John Roberts.
The racist Star cartoon was RTd by professor Glenn Reynolds and favorited by Michelle Malkin
Smith nourishes his tale of the widower Gregg Jarrett and widow Michelle Malkin with a greening bud of romance.
Shep Smith and Michelle Malkin shine a light on the fallout from America's covert anti-terrorist attacks.
Featherweight romantic comedy has a few nice twists in a standard plot... and the charisma of Mike Huckabee and Michelle Malkin.
Michelle Malkin and Dave Bossie talk about their new film on the Kelly File
Smith shines in a delightfully told biography of Michelle Malkin
Lee Stranahan is to Andrew Breitbart, as Dana Loesch is to Michelle Malkin. A wannbe crap monger aspiring to be an infamous turd.
What's really going on at Jefferson county schools by Michelle Malkin.
Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin blasts progressive view on immigration at King event
Steve King/Michelle Malkin event just starting at The Stoney Creek Inn in Sioux City.
Will I hear from the "fainting couch brigade" who was quick to jettison Steve King now that Michelle Malkin is standing with him?
Michelle Malkin: Senator Harry Reid is a Beltway corruptocrat with an interminable case of diarrhea of...
The O'Reilly Factor is a light romp geared up by the schtick shifted by Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin.
Even its structurally weaker moments give Smith an opportunity to expand on Michelle Malkin's physical and mental dislocation.
This group needs to be for who they really are! via
Maglalang Malkin is a Filipina woman who has turned against her own race for $$$. No one respects that or her.
Baier is a real talent, and Michelle Malkin is a riot as his older sister.
After a 12-year hiatus, Greta Van Susteren is back in action as Michelle Malkin.
Can I have some of the drugs Michelle Malkin is doing?: They seem fun. Major alternative reality there.
. Sigh: Michelle Malkin focuses on looters rather than the murder of unarmed black teen by police.
Jesus that's like replacing Ann Coulter with Michelle Malkin.
'Disaster': Michelle Malkin describes the ins and outs of Hope & Change
Michelle Malkin | » Obama’s endorsement of Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie pays off big for opponent via
Check out this newsletter from Michelle Malkin:
Michelle Malkin 2m. Cuz nuthin sez "social justice" better than hurling a trash can into a bus...
Remember that whole Cancel Colbert nonsense? Suey Park colluded with Michelle Malkin on that whole thing...
Has anyone checked on Michelle Malkin's views with pot? Maybe she and Japanese internment can become pro-liberty.
Does not=endorsement; judge Jeanine,Ann Coulter, Michelle malkin are 3 of the snarkiest, snide women in media
I'd like to take this opportunity to send everyone to Michelle Malkin's work is proven accurate and…
Palin finally gets her chance to cut loose -- and her frisky, flirty Michelle Malkin is a comic revelation.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Michelle Malkin we've been fighting this while everyone slept.
Gretchen Carlson and Michelle Malkin and a long, sleepy road
Jason Biggs' wife whines to Dan Savage that she was 'stoned' by Michelle Malkin and right-wing bloggers
Michelle Malkin has a few words about the Obama administration!!
Top of the line Shep Smith with wonderful Ed Henry and surprisingly funny Michelle Malkin.
Megyn Kelly is cool. Michelle Malkin is cool. William Kristol playing Alan Colmes? Cool.
I sure would hate to be stranded on a paradisiacal island with Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin. I'd swim for it.
Michelle Malkin on the Hypocrisy of Gun Control - Sean Hannity - 12-19-12: via
Michelle Malkin's finest hour, and perhaps husband Geraldo Rivera's as well.
Michelle Malkin was on the Bergdahl case back in 2009 when it happened. She's done her homework & here it is: "Five years ago, I publicly raised questions about Bowe Bergdahl's desertion from Blackfoot Company, 1-501 Infantry (Airborne), 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division. A few weeks after his so-called "capture" in late June 2009, three conflicting accounts surfaced: U.S. officials told the Associated Press Bergdahl had "walked off" the base with three Afghans; the Taliban claimed on its website that "a drunken American soldier had come out of his garrison" and into their arms; and Bergdahl claimed in his Taliban "hostage video" that he had "lagged behind a patrol" before being captured. I asked on my blog: Were the AP's sources mistaken? Or is the disturbing first account the right one? What about the "three Afghans" Pfc. Bergdahl reportedly "just walked off" with after his shift? Who are they? What's going on? Five years ago, one of the brave soldiers who risked his life to ...
Michelle Malkin: Bergdahl release was ‘a diversionary tactic that blew up in their face’ – Glenn Beck via
What Happened to Marine Deserter Wassef Ali Hassoun? By Michelle Malkin · Jun. 6, 2014 Ten years ago this month, U.S. Marine Wassef Ali Hassoun disappeared from Camp Fallujah in Iraq. After a five-month military investigation, he was charged with desertion and theft, brought back to Virginia’s Quantico Marine base and then transferred to North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune for trial. Yet, a full decade later, Hassoun is as free as a bird. The accused deserter’s whereabouts are unknown. No trial ever began. No punishment ensued. And our leaders in Washington don’t seem to be doing a thing about this. Hassoun was born in Lebanon and immigrated with his family to Utah in 1999. A few years later, he joined the Marines as an Arabic translator. On June 20, 2004, Hassoun bailed on guard duty at his base in Fallujah. He took his military-issued gun and his Muslim prayer rug. Military records obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune showed that he was “torn between military loyalty and his Muslim beliefs.” Accordi ...
She LIVED 14 year on our dime with FAKE SSN? The Legacy of Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt - Michelle Malkin - Page 1
nothing beautiful about Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin et al. Hate and perpetual outrage are ugly things.
H/T Pat Dollard Excerpted from Michelle Malkin: Behold Canada and America. One country supports the efforts of a U.S. Special Forces soldier’s widow to hold accountable the jihadist who killed her husband and the father of her two young children. The other country helped free that jihadist from Guan…
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Rally in Harrisburg at the capitol today at 12:30! Michelle Malkin, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe and Sen. Scott Wagner...
Eat Your Words, Debbie Wasserman Schultz via harsh most of what comes out of her mouth is crap.
Michelle Malkin is a conservative hero, yes, but she's also an advocate for medical (and even recreational) marijuana. Our expansive interview:
Michelle Malkin: "In Arizona, illegal aliens incurred health care costs totaling an estimated $700 million in 2009. But in Phoenix, at least 40 veterans died waiting for VA hospitals and clinics to treat them, while government officials created secret waiting lists to deceive the public about deadly treatment delays."
Join AFP Pennsylvannia and Michelle Malkin for a Rally at the PA Capitol to urge legislators to support Paycheck Protection June 4th at Noon On Wednesday, June 4th from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. AFP-PA is hosting a Paycheck Protection Rally at the Pennsylvania Capitol with Michelle Malkin! We are call…
"It's NOT about the weapon, it's about the Morality!" says Michelle Malkin in a heated debate with Richard Fowler who feels that stricter gun control laws wo...
Look out, everyone. The nation’s school-lunch lady, Michelle Obama, is mad.
Michelle Malkin: Conservative hero and legalization advocate
Common Core State Standards (CCSS), initially created in 2009 by all fifty state governors at the National Governor Association, currently represents one of the most severe threats to our domestic tranquility, individual liberty and national security that the United States has seen in decades, as a new age of collectivism and the Progressive plan of 1934 emerge together at the direction of the Obama administration. This threat exists in Obama's recognition of Common Core as an efficient tool for indoctrinating our children into the Progressive marxofascist worldview, creating a convergence of communism and capitalism that amounts to crony capitalism and fascism here in the United States. And in so doing, these elitist Progressives plan a new, and yet old, approach to government, in order to create a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave.   The best educated people across the ages, such as Pericles, Cicero, Voltaire, Madam Curie, John Locke, Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedm ...
Michelle Malkin believes in wealth distribution also. She wants tax dollars for uneccesary wars.
Michelle Malkin can smoke a bag of weed a day, who cares; after the umpteenth posting of your article, enough already, Unfollow,
Michelle Malkin: Conservative hero and # marijuana advocate (interview) by
Michelle Malkin | via It's interesting when a lib prog fails, they double down instead of changing
.: *** hath no fury like a Nanny State control freak scorned" |
My Trip to the Pot Shop - Medical marijuana is quite literally a life saver. By Michelle Malkin: via
Conservative points out how reform bridges partisan lines. htt…
is our number one issue in PA. Find out why
We need you in Harrisburg on June 4!
Register now before we run out of space!
Had totally missed that is an advocate for marijuana legalization. Fascinating: cc
WOW... Finally l agree with Michelle Malkin. Can't believe it.
Mostly, but what about *** like Dinesh D'Souza and Michelle Malkin?
Michelle Malkin | » Obama addresses VA scandal: Mad as *** and going to take it some more via
Silence is complicity. Speak now or surrender your ground. Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin pushing Rand Paul again. Malkin has lost any integrity she may have had. For dirt on Rand Paul, see:
Conservative author and Common Core critic Michelle Malkin is Jeb Bush’s worst nightmare.
Columnist Michelle Malkin: "When Obamacare operatives aren't busy trashing the private health insurance market and squandering billions on useless technology, they're busy … being idle."
Now why is it the Liberal Media never uses a feisty lady like Michelle Malkin to portray the heroine in their movies? Her rapier wit makes her the ideal role model! ;-)
Phoenix, AZ Conservative author and commentator Michelle Malkin has endorsed Diane Douglas in her campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Malk
Wednesday, October 28, 2009 How the FCC and Liberal Churches Are Scheming To Shut You Up by Michelle Malkin The war on conservative speech has moved from the White House to your neighborhood pews. Left-wing church leaders want the Federal Communications Commission to crack down on “hate speech” over…
And by the by, and Malkin...stop with the self-censorship.
Two words for liberal morons: Sarah Palin. There are many more examples, Michelle Malkin, etc.
Michelle Malkin: "Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." - Best Dolly Parton words to live by
Q: How does a conservative know that the media and press are dominated by liberals and slant news to the left? A: Well, c'mon - Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and Mike Huckabee and Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and George Will and Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg and Michael Medved and Ann Coulter and Michael Savage and Pat Robertson and R. Emmett Tyrell and Jeff Jacoby and Monica Crowley and Thomas Sowell and Dennis Prager and Steve Doocy and Ollie North and Tucker Carlson and Neil Cavuto and Brian Kilmeade and Dana Perino and Bret Baier and Liz Cheney and Mark Steyn and David Limbaugh and Bernie Goldberg and Ben Shapiro and G. Gordon Liddy and Rich Lowry and Victor Davis Hanson and John Podhoretz and Lou Dobbs and Cal Thomas and Walter Williams and John Stossel and Debra Saunders and Shelby Steele wouldn't all be saying that in their syndicated columns and on their national TV and radio shows if it was ...
Most notable for the performances of newcomer and Emmy nominee Monica Crowley and Michelle Malkin,as her abusive mother.
As head of the NGA, Mary Fallin has been one of the biggest advocates of the federal and national takeover of our children's education known as Common Core. I am happy to join conservatives such as Michelle Malkin and Oklahoma organizations like Restore Oklahoma Public Education and Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education in signing this petition to tell Mary Fallin to STOP IT! If you wish to stop Common Core, please sign and share this petition today. Sign the letter to Mary Fallin here:
If ur outraged by but not Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Grover Norquist, Ted Nugent, u might have an agenda
Citizenship is a privilege, not an entitlement. . Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin | » Imagine the MSM headlines if Condi Rice were on the Left via
Michelle Malkin rails against "Fed-Ed" or Common Core education standards. Warns of the consequences
Tom Tancredo jokingly suggested that Michelle Malkin should run for Lt. Gov on his ticket. She declined.
VIDEO Michelle Malkin: Al Sharpton has blood on his hands
. Michelle Malkin a great American fighting for our country!
Megyn Kelly finally came into her own as a first-rate actress in this poignant 1981 Michelle Malkin show.
Michelle Malkin made her name defending the things done in those two videos.
It operates purely on visual juxtapositions, emotion and the presence of lead actress Michelle Malkin.
Indeed... We'll be seeing Michelle Malkin speak (and hopefully have an opportunity to chat with her) Friday evening... We saw her speak at the FreePAC event at the Restoring Love Rally in Dallas and she was awesome. Can't wait!
Malkin great job winning a puck battle on the wall. Earned that empty-netter -SK
Conservative Michelle Malkin tore into Al Sharpton Wednesday night while on Hannity's FoxNews TV show.   She went off and said that Shparton is a shakedown artists who hates cops and whites. She also said "Al Sharpton has blood on his hands..He’s ruined lives. He’s been one of the worst purveyors of…
Kris Letang with his 2nd goal of the playoffs, 1-0 after 40 minutes. Kunitz and Malkin with the assists. ht…
With an assist on that goal, Evgeni Malkin ties Kevin Stevens for fourth place on the all-time post-season points list …
Liked look of that PP alignment. Malkin as QB. Him and Crosby on opposite sides.
Michelle Malkin scores big with her first role in recent history that shows her at her best.
Michelle Malkin, conservative columnist, to speak Thursday in Port Angeles
GOSNELL: The movie Hollywood won’t make, but YOU can. Michelle Malkin |
I swear to god: this is the worst case of manufactured outrage since Fox News and Benghazi. Rania didn't play footsie with Michelle Malkin +
Michelle Malkin appeared on a chick show called 'The View' to talk about her new book. The women of the View battled with Malkin over who was more corrupt: ...
You know it's a bad deal if The National Review and the likes of Michelle Malkin are also against it.
Michelle Malkin follows this guy, by the way. We haven't even started on why he's called "IRA".
I agree with you Michelle Malkin! Rutgers turned their back on one fine classy lady. Too bad for them. Liberals and their tolerance is just a big joke which they prove every day.
Michelle Malkin? MT did you use someone racist as a hyperbolic tool to show failings of someone on the left?Denounce immediately!
oh, I get it. when conservatives shut up, someone else does it. when liberals shut up, obviously they are hiding something. What happens when Michelle Malkin herself shuts up? Everyone wants to know.
"Oh, please! please! don't point out that I have a mixture of African and Asian blood. I promise that I will visciously attack every person of color and I swear to uphold the tennents of the White Race. Please accept me into your culture." Very Truly Yours, Michelle Malkin, "Self Hating Amerasian former Refugee Adoptee. Just waiting for the approval of every white person who will listen.
Obama Second Trem will it be the death of American as we know it: Michelle Malkin Shreds Jeb Bush, Common Core and ‘John Dewey/Saul Alinsky-Marinated Progressives’
"Selective enforcement is the hallmark of this administration!" says Michelle Malkin as she joins FNC's Martha MacCaullum on America Live, to discuss Attorne...
Had to share this thought: To be perfectly clear: Liberals are pro-liberalism, not pro-woman, pro *** pro-black, etc. They hate free-thinking women, *** and blacks who refuse the indoctrination. This is evident in their grotesque treatment of women like Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, and Michelle Bachmann, in their bigoted treatment of homosexuals like the Republican running in California, Shep Smith, and others, and in their racist treatment of blacks like Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, and others. Liberalism is the enemy of freedom. It is the enemy of love. It pits people against each other in constant upheaval in order for the few who pull the strings to remain in power and control over the people.
Earlier today I wrote that I disagreed with the decision to ban the LA Clippers owner for life. I've actually changed my mind on those thoughts. As it relates to his industry, NBA basketball, as well as his past history, he actually did deserve the ban for life. My mistake was to compare the NBA to others industries, rather than a case by case basis. I was guilty of false equivalence that I so often rail against. Even though I changed my mind about his punishment, doesn't mean that I think think this guy is worse than Clive Bundy, Donald Trump, Sara Palin, Paula Deen, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh .
The only people who appear on FOX that I trust are Megan Kelly, Gettya, Laura Ingram and Michelle Malkin.. . Cont.,
A great clip of Michelle Malkin fighting against Common Core, brought to us by Shark-Tank. I've transcribed a good portion of it below: And you know as well as I do that before it was Common Core, ...
FOX News’ pint-sized Filipino firebrand, Michelle Malkin, was in Florida this past weekend to deliver the keynote address to the Hernando County (Po-dunk) GOP’s Lincoln Day dinner. During her speech, Malkin dug deep into her heart to express the love she felt for Jeb Bush and his embrace and sponsorship of Common Core “Fed Ed” standards. (Sarcasm) Watch the video: …read more Source: Breitbart
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