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Michelle Carter

Michelle Denee Carter (born 12 October 1985 in San Jose, California) is an American shot putter.

Carl Lewis Allyson Felix Valerie Adams Brianna Rollins New York Adidas Grand Prix Ryan Whiting Red Oak Vince Carter

Olympic gold medalist Michelle Carter competes at , where her father made history.
Michelle Carter found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the suicide death of her boyfriend
The constant use of the word "boyfriend" in the Michelle Carter case is a disservice to the facts of the case.
Michelle Carter found guilty; case was less about conflicting facts than competing stories. cc
'Get back in': 3 words judge focused on when convicting Michelle Carter in texting suicide trial https…
How is what Michelle Carter did different than how the MSM radicalized James Hodgkinson? Interesting debate
Michelle Carter was a teenager when prosecutors say she sent a fellow teen text messages urging him to kill himself.
This woman Michelle Carter encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself is truly horrifying. This woman needs to be given a…
THIS IS HUGE:. Commonwealth of Massachusetts v Michelle Carter, Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter of Conrad Roy...
The least Michelle Carter could have done is called 911 and sent them to his location.
The shocking texts Michelle Carter sent to boyfriend Conrad Roy before he committed suicide:
Jury selection to start Monday in Michelle Carter suicide baiting manslaughter trial
In an unexpected turn, Michelle Carter waived her right to trial by jury for the suicide of her boyfriend.
Jury selection starts today in the Michelle Carter case, in which she's accused of texting her boyfriend, encouraging h…
'His death is my fault': Michelle Carter suicide baiting manslaughter trail begins with jury selection today...
What a disgusting human being. Lock her up and throw away the keys.
Little Giant Ladders
This is the most disgusting and sad thing I've ever read. .
Looking at the chart of Michelle Carter who is on trial for convincing her boyfriend to kill himself 😕
NEW: Michelle Carter arrives at court for trial. Carter is accused of sending her friend texts encouraging him to kill himse…
Michelle Carter, 20, facing manslaughter charges over 2014 death by carbon monoxide poisoning of Conrad Roy III ... https:/…
you guys should cover the Michelle Carter case that's going on right now
Michelle Carter, teen accused of encouraging boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself |
"It absolutely shocks the conscience": Phil Tracy joins myTV38 to discuss Michelle Carter case.
Woman accused of urging boyfriend to kill himself goes on trial
Michelle Carter killed Conrad Roy when she told him to get back in his vehicle—the death knell she dealt him.
Killer Michelle Carter is the worse kind of human being, a deviant, who takes pleasure in the suffering of others.
Michelle Carter — accused of pressuring her boyfriend into suicide with texts — is now on trial. via
Michelle Carter is charged with manslaughter for allegedly using text messages to encourage her boyfriend, Conrad...
When they say ytwmn are dangerous, they ain't lying .
Even if she's found guilty I'm sure she won't get much of a sentence.
Live updates: Witness testimony in Michelle Carter trial
Michelle Carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter for her role in the suicide of Conrad Roy III.
Michelle Carter waives right to jury trial; judge will decide case via
(Mail Online):used boyfriend as a pawn before encouraging suicide : Michelle Carter is charged in the..
31. when Beyoncé was really upset while they were rehearsing that Michelle had to cheer her up. True Sisterhood https…
Woman on trial for texts 'driving boyfriend to suicide': Michelle Carter urged her…
All of this is proof that Michelle Carter has encouraged her boyfriend to do something which was unacceptable
they better throw the book at michelle carter or I WILL riot
Read the messages at the heart of the Michelle Carter suicide-by-text manslaughter trial
any thoughts? I'm torn... Suicide is done by an individual. However, does this count as manipulation?
Michelle Carter urged her boyfriend's death so she could play a "grieving girlfriend", a court hears.
Woman in texting suicide case wanted sympathy, attention, prosecutor says - CBS News
Michelle Carter in my opinion should be locked up in a long time
Prosecutor: Woman told boyfriend to kill himself - Michelle Carter badgered her emotionally troubled boyfriend ...
Did her texts push boyfriend to suicide? - Michelle Carter badgered her emotionally troubled boyfriend to take ...
Barack loves Michelle so much it hurts 😭😭
A scientific breakdown of the Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix, and Michelle Carter appearance on The Bachelor ->…
Happy 53rd birthday to our amazingly intelligent, classy and beautiful First Lady, Michelle Obama 🎈
Allyson Felix, Carl Lewis and Michelle Carter became the latest athletes to have a cameo on the Bachelor…
My top 5 would be Jackie O, Rosy Carter, Michelle Obama, Frances Cleveland, and Melania Trump in no order
Did Rachel already know Michelle Carter bc they seemed like friends 😂
Looked into this. Carl Lewis & Allyson Felix she could've got. Michelle Carter tougher...but they went to HS together!
Michelle Obama is about to join the elite ex-First Ladies club. Four members: Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush & Hillary Clinton
My adorable neice...arc studios is THE place to get your family pics done! Viv is so talented xx
Michelle Obama is quietly planning her next act - The Washington Post
Michelle Carter on the Bachelor was the only sane part of the show. 🏅😈💪🏽 any of the girls had a clue who Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix or Michelle Carter are. Dont think so.
Proof track rules the world - girls on do a decathlon judged by Carl Lewis & Michelle Carter
I'm gonna sign up for the bachelor just for a chance to meet Michelle Carter 🥇🏆
Michelle Carter and Alison Felix deserve better than this...Carl Lewis not so much.
michelle carter helping out on the bachelor you bet I'm living for this
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Ain't none of y'all bachelorettes knew who "Allyson Felix, Carl Lewis, or Michelle Carter" were before the producers told you
Carl Lewis went to UH and Michelle Carter went to UT. Yes.
Red Oak High School on the map with Olympic shot putter Michelle Carter on the Bachelor 🌹
Michelle Carter is on Life is good.
One group gets Nick Carter and the other gets Michelle Carter... that doesn't seem fair.
No offense but none of those girls knew who Michelle Carter was.
WOAH watching for the first time in forever paid off. These girls get to meet Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix and Michelle Carter!
and Michelle Carter on right now and I'm losing my fudging mind 😍😍😍
The Bachelor just got 4000% better now that they are featuring Michelle Carter & Allyson Felix
Are Rachel and Michelle Carter long lost friends or something?
Corrine: "I am so excited to see Nick.". Us: "We are so excited to see Nick ... Carter."
includes an with the herself, Olympic Gold Medalist Michelle Carter. Don't miss out! http…
Right. I wrote the article last week. They announced Allyson Felix, Michelle Carter and Carl Lewis would be on after I published.
I think it was really cruel of the school to call to tell me one of the kids needs lunch $$
for your next twisted tuesday, can you please you the Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy case??
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like Mike. 6th Man. White Men Can't Jump. Space Jam. He Got Game. Hoosiers. Coach Carter. Glory Road (not 90s but my fav).
Michelle Carter breaking the AR and beating the 2x defending champ to win shot put Gold on her last throw in Rio is…
Homecoming Parade, Grand Marshals Olympians Michael and Michelle Carter. Mustang proud of you!
America needs more like this. 2013 photo of Hillary Clinton with Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush and Rosal…
Article on how fake/fringe "news-entertainment" blogs/sites ultimately duped Hannity into commenting live on air
We're excited to be partnering w/ Olympic champion Michelle Carter, as she discusses thriving w/ and…
why not keep Michelle and not Carter. Better actress all around. Please
This is not the proportion of ice cream Michelle Obama taught me on Disney channel during the commercial break of Cory i…
Obama, Bill Clinton, & Michelle Obama even Carter are not running for President of the U.S., Hillary is & should be running from the law!!!
Hey Y'all! I have the pleasure of singing bgvs for this fabulous, SANGIN' soprano Michelle Carter Williams on...
Let me clarify, I am not picking sides on whether Michelle Borth & Sarah Carter stays. I love both actresses. We'll see what happens Friday!
Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy were Barbie doll perfection for Halloween:
Look at this sweet little boy loving on one of my books!!! Michelle Carter
Ever wonder what the best track stars of the year look like? Check them out!
Our St Columban Health Nurse, Michelle Carter, shows that your brain is like jelly. It takes a lot more time to hea…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy are Barbie doll perfection on Halloween:
Here's a Halloween treat from Billy on the Street! LEA MICHELLE CAN PLAY THE FLUTE!!!
Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams has passed away
Olympian Michelle Carter - blackgirlcurves: Because fat people ARE Olympians too!
Law students and Sheena Brooks of Admissions meet Olympian Michelle Carter at Healthy Harvest Run Oct 29
Being on TedWomen stage was an honor, but the real treat was listening to, oh, just two kickass Olympians./…
Congratulations to Michelle Carter on being named the 2016 Jackie Joyner-Kersee award winner .
Michelle Carter named 2016 USATF Female Athlete of the Year! Congratulations to the
Local gold medalist Michelle Carter (will be the grand marshal for the MORE:…
"The way I act is important because it's a reflection of how I walk with Christ." – Michelle Carter
Michelle Carter both shot put champion and makeup artist.
Michelle Carter became the 1st American woman to win gold in shot put.
Michelle Carter wins gold in women's shot put, first ever for USA in event
Michelle Carter beat Valerie Adams! 😳😳😳 Its like bittersweet. I'm American, but Val has been my throwing idol forever!!
Valerie Adams was one round away from history before, out of no where, Michelle Carter found magic to deny her.
Michelle Carter and Valerie Adams are my idols. I want to be as strong as they are, if not stronger. I want to throw the way they do 😍
Michelle Carter knocking off the great two time defending champ Val Adams (NZ) on her last throw to take gold in the shot.
COMMERCIAL: Michelle Carter shot puts a can of Campbell's Chunky Soup off a cruise ship leaving a harbor and nails Pete Rose in the crotch.
Michelle Carter wins gold with upset of two-time defending champ Valerie Adams - ABC News - via
Michelle Carter managed to make gold medal history while also one-upping her father.
Let me introduce you to Michelle Carter who just became the first American woman to win gold in shot put.
Michelle 'Clutch' Carter wins shot put on final throw
saved her best for last, claiming the gold medal and breaking the American record on her final
Michelle Carter wins gold for U.S. in women's shot put
⚡️ "Michelle Carter takes home a gold medal in shot put for Team USA".
Michelle Carter wins Gold for USA in shot put USA best
Michelle Carter wins gold on final throw that broke American record in women's shot put.
TX WOMEN are *owning* Rio, y'all. Watching Michelle Carter was a thing of beauty
Michelle Carter winning America's first gold medal in shot put!
MICHELLE CARTER!!! first american woman to win gold in shot put. making history!!
.joins her father as an Olympic medalist after winning tonight! . ➡️
Gold for Michelle Carter in the shot put with a throw of 20.63 meters
Michelle Carter for everything, please. Shot put is badass. 🇺🇸
We have the first track and field for Michelle Carter (in women's shot put!
S/O to the Michelle Carter wins first in women’s shot put in history!. 📷 PhotoRun
Michelle Carter unleashes final round beast to win shot put in .
Michelle Carter becomes first U.S. woman to win Olympic shot put gold:
22. Michelle Carter wins the USA's first EVER gold medal in women's shot put!
Michelle Carter. Saved the best for last in the very sense of it. Valerie Adams just saw Gold snatched away when she though…
Congrats to Michelle Carter, the first-ever U.S. Olympic women's shot put gold medalist
Michelle Carter (is the first American to ever win in women's shot put!.
nevertheless: In spite of that; notwithstanding; all the same. YesJulz. Katie Ledecky. Michelle Carter
Michelle Carter captured the first women's shot put gold in United States history.
Michelle Carter wins gold in the women's shot put. 2nd American to medal in the event (Earlene Brown, Bronze 1960) https…
BOOM! Congrats to Michelle Carter for bringing home the first ever in shot put for
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This dance/fight scene between Michelle Yeoh's character and Hundred Eyes was so beautiful
I just wanted to see Valerie Adams & Michelle Carter throw
Michelle Carter - going to Rio for her third Olympics!
One of the powerful, talented women who'll be representing us in Rio this summer, Michelle Carter. Because we...
has done more to combat childhood obesity in 24 hours than Michelle Obama has in the past eight years.
Michelle Carter picked the perfect time for the best throw of the night.
Longtime defense attorney picks apart Michelle Carter case
The only shooter who has been publicly identified as of this writing is Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25-year-old U.S.
RFC in the news: with Attny Joe Cataldo on his texting/suicide case for
As a long-time HS throws coach, watching Michelle Carter and the other women shot-putters get after it was a rush. thx ladies.
Psycho girlfriend 's convinced him to commit suicide. Sick.
Michelle Carter with the winged foot making the Olympic team & breaking the trials record in her final throw of...
Michelle Carter wins shot put at US Olympic Trials with record throw.
Texas Court: Here are the disturbing texts from Michelle Carter pressuring her boyfriend to commit suicide...
A total of 15 athletes went sub-13 secs in the first round of the US Champs 100m hurdles yesterday! Read about it:
Michelle Carter and Emma Coburn win at US Champs - global update... Round-up of some of the latest news & results:
Stop the shootings 'Awaken to Peace?'
AFH athlete is on the Good luck to all at the
Very disturbing...unhealthy teenage relationships. This girl should be charged in every way possible.
Olympic track trials 2016 - Michelle Carter locks up third Olympic berth in shot put
Shot-putter Michelle Carter locks up third straight trip to Olympics - via App
Lawyer for Mass. Teen Charged in Friend's Suicide: 'She Tried to Talk Him Out of It'
Still so sickened by Michelle Carter. Words can't even describe the absolute disgust I feel for this monster of a person.
seems like some excellent odds on Tom Walsh and Michelle Carter ;)
Michelle Carter reflects after dramatic world shot put final: The American got the gold with the final throw o...
Interview with author Michelle Carter (by host Angela Misri (for Books Go Social
Congratulations to the Rowse Family on their 2015 Toyota Sienna from Michelle Carter!. Enjoy your new Sienna!
My first thought was she's Goldstar (specifically Michelle Carter), but I guess not. Could be Rani or an entirely new TV char like Harrison.
I was reading someones status today talking martial arts. It included my favorites Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly. I...
Daniel Carter got his fairytale ending. Well, he didn't get it - HE EARNED IT!
now everyone knows you're with the Carter fam (
Dan Carter as man of the match is so well deserved
Dan Carter and that drop kick. Beautiful
35 mins | Carter going for it from the sideline. Over! 9 v Wallabies 3
26 mins | Pen to ABs for head high. Carter going for kick. Over! 6 v Wallabies 3
20 mins | Late tackle on Carter from Sio. Pen to All Blacks on half way 3 v Wallabies 3 …
17 mins | Carter goes for touch. Lineout 5 metres out 3 v Wallabies 0
PEN Will Genia is penalised at the breakdown & Dan Carter once again sends the ball between the posts 9-3 http…
PEN Sekope Kepu is pinged for a high tackle on Dan Carter, who puts back in front 6-3
PEN Incessant pressure sees stray offside, Dan Carter thumps the first points 3-0
Great article! Question: What benefits will O, his family & cohorts receive when US falls? Michelle will NOT live under Sharia
I got Michelle Carter Jared and Kim Hong un off the hook and that kicker lady
Michelle Carter Eato. Amusing Harry Styles. Images. You may want to check:
I know we had 2 chances to meet 🙈😭 we will soon maybe me and Michelle can plan a trip or something
thanks for sharing Michelle Carter, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
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Hannah has always been my little princess and now she gets to be one on stage!
I used to love to go on different boards on the Internet and see what people were talking about. I'm home bound,...
Two of my favorite girls: Jessica Rabbit and Peggy Carter. Tee from https…
Cathy Carter Sparks Michelle Lee I haven't tried the use and benefits of them on your health is quite somethin...
'Things you should never have to see': Michelle Campbell says what happened that day will forever be etched in...
Check out my video from The White House Get In The Know Now Michelle Carswell Darryle A. Carter...
Sunset over an Acacia tree in the Kenyan serengeti | Photo by Pamela Wayne-Carter
Michelle Carter. What you did, was disgusting. Hope prison treats you well!
michelle you are slowly making me lowkey SQ af
The Magic lies in doing what makes you Happy! :) - Michelle Carter
Thailand , travel memories by Anna Carter https…
Thank you, Michelle Carter Haley! You're now entered to win the $100 SHELL gas card. Drawing October 30th.
The lovely Michelle Carter has taken the stage -- what a treat!
Michelle Carter with a message for all us artists...
Michelle Carter murdered Conrad Roy. That's it. She could have saved his life, but she decided to let him kill himself.
Michelle Carter's and Conrad Roy's messages before suicide everyone should take the time to read this.
was she injured? Looking at the form of Michelle Carter and Schwanitz I'm worried for
K. Michelle got her tf up out of here tho lol
K.Michelle body look about as good as a bacon and egg sandwich.
K Michelle the same one who called Tamar a muppet 😂😂
S/o to K Michelle for this hit. Missin you is way to hard to do.
Clawd Jesus Shannon Lucabrasi Carter there go our bi K.Michelle! Lort ham mercy!!
*** Michelle had to take her own pic at the ?! Lol
Michelle 😂. I've now just started laughing at her automatically
Yay my inspiration Michelle Carter won her 6th yes 6th National Title in the shotput and…
Thanks for the birthday love Michelle Mimi Carter
Hope Josie Rizal in only means Bruce gets a moveset upgrade like Jun & Michelle did in TTT2 http…
Aaron carter is bae he just doesn't know it yet 😏😋
6x US Champion Michelle Carter. Thank you for all of your support!
SEX THERAPY TV prompted me to TAG Canadian artists
Which US Americans are on the World Championship team? shot put 17,75m (58' 3") 1st Michelle Carter 2nd Tia...
Sorry I couldn't make your tournament today but atleast you got to meet Vince Carter!! 😆.
Major congratulations to Michelle Carter (who has been chosen to be featured in the July…
Just read foreword in Agent Carter: Declassified. It brought me to tears to say the least. Thank you😘 ht…
Me? Wait for someone to fix up? I can't raise a man una word to K Michelle 😁
If you need to/can watch two drama eps before Emmy voting closes, it should be this: & this:
I was flippin' TV channels just now...Love Boat, Michelle Phillips. Seriously, looked like Carter standing there! :)
Join us in congratulating our Cozy Convos family member Michelle Carter who is the USA National Champion in the...
Congrats to Michelle Carter who dominates women's Shot at US Outdoor Championships -- 65-8.25!
Sorry I had to repost him. What can I say I'm a fan! Good luck this weekend girls :)
Great NYAC evening at champs. Kibwe Johnson and Michelle Carter take titles. Jeneva McCall joins them on worl…
Congratulations Wilson Boynton for a fantastic interview with Michelle Carter of The Londonpreneurs Show. Thank...
Merry christmas and a happy new year to all my family in aldbrough Leslie Carter,(anty pat),uncle les,Michelle Carter,claire sandbrook(dont have you on here) jez,luke,jenjen,Vicky Carter,james hopper(same to you dont have you on here) alex,harrie,jake,Adele Carter,andy harris(dont have you on here),lewis,liam,andy,emily, grorgie, abby cooper and family love you all loads mwah xx
Run-off for alternate Board of Directors spot between Lauryn Williams and Michelle Carter.
Amanda Bingson, Michelle Carter, & Kibwe Johnson named to the IAAF Continental Cup "Americas" team.
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Showdowns set for Adidas Grand Prix in New York today! In the USA Track & Field Southwestern Association, not only do we have DFW talent competing over at the Elite of Mesquite Track Meet in Mesquite, Tx in the youth category (ages 8-18) today - but we have those athletes who have come through the ranks of our youth programs or have competed for several colleges/universities in Texas to start their careers and are now professional world class athletes. They are Michelle Carter (Univ of TX); Charles Silmon, (TCU and Hallmark Track); (Tiffany Townsend, Baylor Univ); Jessica Beard, TXA&M; Alexandria M Anderson, Univ of TX; Bianca Knight, Univ of TX; and Jeremy Wariner, Baylor Univ just to name a few. These athletes can been see competing now at the Adidas Grand Prix, live from New York on the NBC Sports Network from 3-5 Central Standard Time. For complete start list click here
Baked Spaghetti, it's what's for dinner! Recipe by Michelle Carter.
I just got off the phone with Michelle Carter Brown - at this time there are no clinical trials that Carter is eligible for and due to the fact that he has 2 types of cancer vs 1 it will be hard to find a trial. The cancer is in his bones and bone marrow and will be terminal. At this time he will remain on chemo to prolong his life vs curing his cancer. It could prolong his life just months or maybe even years - the Dr cant say for sure. There is a stronger chemo they could give him but he would get very sick and they haven't had it help any of the other cases they have tried it on so they have declined to go with that treatment as they want Carter to have quality of life and not be sick all the time. Please continue to pray for the entire family! with - Carter's Fight Against Cancer
I'm seriously dying cuz you and Carter are so cute😍 I ship it. Waterbugs✌️
Dear fb I am a married man. My heart belongs to Michelle Carter Thanks for the convo but I have a family to tend to.
Port of Savannah snub complicates debuts of Jason Carter, Michelle Nunn
Michelle carter and Beverley Smith Was Peach trying to get food!! Starving
Well 11 years ago today me and Michelle Carter told The Lord that we were in it together for life we have had great times and bad times and I am happy 11 years later that we are still together and still growing together even though sometimes it seems as if we were growing apart but that is just life living in itself cause we are still together we will always be side by side no matter if it is good or bad moments I love her and she is my queen and she has helped me make a beautiful castle with out you michelle life would have no meaning or purpose HAPPY 11th ANNIVERSARY MICHELLE CARTER I love you from the bottom of my heart to the top
She so scary Michelle Carter I turned the lights off n its pitch dark she like mara u wanna lay down... Like w.t.f girl u to big fo dat... Lol
Coach Keyes from Fort Worth Christian mentioned Michelle Carter from Grace Prep wanting to be my coach this summer. Is that you?
thank you! I'm still singing BSB till this day! Just can't seem to get Nick Carter's hair...
This day, followers of Christ, none of our debates and opposing interpretations matter. This day we too are raised from t…
I need to publicly apologize to Michelle Carter for being a *** last night. I'm sorry baby, you know i love you!
The Dems best chance in Georgia might not be with Michelle Nunn
great experiences from my rep FYI Ducks. Michelle Carter is amazing!
MICHELLE PFEIFER IS DA BOMB IN THIS. she reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter tho
😍. Everyone meet the new Mrs.Reynolds💘 You should ship her and carter😏
Michelle Carter, Alisha Brasher, Alison Abbey, Jo Millner and Rebecca Van De Pol you are the five lucky winners...
lmao I hope carter sees all of these
Lol why would they say k Michelle son is YEET?? 😩😩.. Dead
Please join us as we celebrate the resurrection!
We don't love "magcon". We love . Cam. Nash. Carter. Hayes . Matt. Aaron. Taylor. Shawn. Jack . Jack. Jacob . And our queen mahogany.…
Not emotionally prepared for nash, cam, hayes, & carter to be taken out of the magcon family section on the website.
Omfg I'm crying 😭 Nash, Hayes, Cam and Carter are not a part of magcon anymore 😭
Me rn cuss I can't watch Carter's YouNow 😭
I told Michelle that carter is my brother. 😂😂
I liked a video from PHOTO BOOTH FUN W/ MY ASIAN MOM! | Carter Reynolds
*** Grayson has new girlfriend, Michelle Carter, who is she?
I love you sooo much carter and im going to meet you really soon 🙈😏
Butch how do you handle all the crazy women on the 1999-2000 Raps? Jackie Christie, Kendra Davis, Michelle Carter etc
Next time we go to Hunans, we might need to fill out paperwork to have the Hot & Spicy Soup! Be well, my friend!
Carter think she know how to turn a rope
*knows Cali is safe for now and sees Carter go for Michelle, leaps after them as well*
it's wicked isn't it x see you Thursday is jack coming too, Michelle carter is coming with us xxx
Jeanette Ann Johnson, 63, of Hope Mills, passed away, Monday, April 14, 2014 surrounded by family. Born in Caldwell County, she is the daughter of Thomas and Mildred Barefoot. She is preceded by her father and a brother, Larry Starling of Hope Mills. She is survived by her husband, Pete of Hope Mills; sons, Randy McLeod and wife Tracy, and Kevin Lewis, all of Hope Mills; step sons, Ron Johnson and wife Suzanne and Travis Johnson and wife Liz, all of Pinehurst; mother, Mildred Barefoot; two sisters, Dee Callahan and husband Al of Parkton, and Michelle Carter of Hope Mills; five grandchildren, Allison McLeod, Tre' and Garrett Johnson, and Aiden Thomas and Shea Brinson. A memorial service will be held at 6:00 pm, Thursday, April 17, 2014, with a visitation immediately following the service from 6:30 till 8:30 at Pinecrest Funeral Home, Hope Mill, N.C.
I feel the need to do a shout out for all those who helped me survive this past weekend! To my parents, (Jeannine Elvekrog) for friday night; to Lee Carter and Michelle Carter for feeding kids Saturday night; to Tracy Spoeth-Jaworski for watchng kids today; to Mike Forbes for being flexible to get sam here for grandmas funeral and my supervisor, Susan Gerber, for offering me flexibility to get to my grandmas funeral in the middle of 3 day forum!! I am blessed to have such supportive people in my life...
L. MERRITT AND ROLLINS AMERICAN AOYs, by Alfons Juck, EME News INDIANAPOLIS (USA): World champions LaShawn Merritt and Brianna Rollins have been awarded the titles of Jesse Owens and Jackie Joyner-Kersee Athlete of the Year, USA Track & Field announced. They will be honored on Saturday at the Jesse Owens Awards and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Indianapolis. The event is held in conjunction with USA Track & Field’s Annual Meeting. The titles represent the US Athletes of the Year awards, The Jackie Joyner-Kersee Award is newly named for the top female athlete. The winners were selected in balloting of members of the U.S. track and field media, and a fan vote was held on the USATF website that comprised 10% of the total vote. More than 4000 fan votes were received. Other men’s finalists included Ashton Eaton, Justin Gatlin, David Oliver, Nick Symmonds, Michael Tinsley and Ryan Whiting. Finalists for the women’s award were Brigetta Barrett, Mary Cain, Michelle Carter, Brittney Reese, Jenny Simpson ...
Let's get behind our throwing family and vote for Michelle Carter and Ryan Whiting ... please share this on your... http:/…
This is going to be something! Michelle Carter performance at Hotel Utah!
had a blast last night, thanks to Michelle Carter for organizing the afternoon with the limo and trip to my favorite shop - club x.and Elizabeth was a delightful fruit and veggie queen
Four American Records on Magnificent Saturday at Outdoor Championships, from USATF 6/22/2013 DES MOINES, Iowa - Three women attacked the record books in an outstanding day of competition that saw Brianna Rollins and Michelle Carter each set an American Record, while Amanda Bingson did so twice on the third day of senior competition at Drake Stadium. Rollins (Miami, Fla.) put the world on notice with her sizzling 12.39 collegiate record in the 100m hurdles at the NCAA championships two weeks ago in Eugene, and added to the anticipation with her windy 12.30 in the semis earlier today. In the day’s final event, the former Clemson runner roared into the record books with a stunning 12.26 that left a high-quality field in her wake and demolished the 13-year-old American Record of 12.33, set at the 2000 Olympic Trials by Gail Devers. Rollins’ time is the equal fourth-fastest in world history and is only .05 off the 25-year-old World record, held by Bulgaria’s Yordanka Donkova. Behind Rollins, Queen Harris ...
Michelle Carter, who just threw 20.24m, 66-5, the AR, uses glide technique, June 21, 2013, photo by,
I'm up thanking God for all His many blessings that he have brought my way. I love The Lord He heard my cry. I am so thankful to have family and friends that care. Special thanks to Lynda Linda Ryder, Michelle Carter, Linda Carde, Rhonda Grant, Guenett Tameru, Marilyn Freeman and The Macy's Crew.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle Carter! I will miss my Aunt Martha!!! Your mom was a amazing woman Michelle! Let me know if I can do anything!! Love you girl!
This was from Michelle Carter - ‘TWAS THE NIGHT OF CUB SCOUTING (in remembrance of the lives lost on December 14, 2012) ‘Twas the night of cub scouting And as we return home, I tuck my scout into bed my head fills with this poem. I’m so proud of his accomplishments, Every badge, gleams with pride. A true scout he is, Even, deep down inside. But tonight my heart’s sad, For this week you see, To many young lives were taken, Robbed of what they may be. At the hands of another, Small children are gone, How can anyone look at innocence And do something so wrong? 6 daisy sashes retired that day, 2 tiger cubs laid to rest, My heart goes out to all of these families, Scouts or not, their children now rest. Even the teacher, who died, so that her students could live, was a venture scout when she was a kid. She had no idea at work that day, That she would be a hero, Or have her life taken away. She died protecting children, So that they may live, To achieve their goals and dreams. WHAT A GIFT TO GIVE! She d ...
Just wanted to give one more note of thanks to the following bands/musicians for making these 1st round of "seisiuns" such a success: Celtic Core -(from Indianpolis) Inchcore (Boston) The Locals (Boston) The Old Brigade (Boston) Irish Whispa (Boston) The Green Rovers (Boston) The Fenian Sons (Boston) Erin Og (Boston) Michelle Carter (NY) Mr. Sean Ruane (NY) DJ Joe C & BIG Town Productions (NY) The FDNY Emerald Society Pipes & Drums (NYC) GIRSA (NY) Broken Banjo Strings (NY) The Lost Tribe of Donegal (NYC) Celtic Cross (NY/NJ) Jameson's Revenge (NYC) The Mickey Finns (NYC) - We'd also like to thank all the vendors who donated merchandise for the raffles & auctions and of course all the volunteers from the EIIC who manned the doors. Now, on to Sandy Seisiun (part two). - Nobody says we have to stop at two.there are plenty more irish bands/musicians from around the area we're sure you would love to see perform. Feel free to have them contact sandyseisiunor message us here. Let's keep this train on the tracks ...
What are you doing tonight? Nothing? COOL! Your plans have changed. You are now heading down to Crooked Pint Ale House on Washington Ave in MPLS to hear some amazing music, and help People Serving People. We are headlining the show, so we go on last, but come check out Walker Fields and Kevin Bowe too! Bring sox, coats, and kids books to maybe win some music prizes! If you're in a play, you're done before we play, so come unwind with some Schell's beer specials and some sweet original tunes by my awesome band, Jonny James and the Hall of Fames! Mo Perry, Emily Rose Skinner, Stacia Rice, John Middleton, Randy Schmeling, Dave Gangler, Adam Carlson, Michelle Carter, and all of their friends are going. (That may be a lie, but hopefully it inspires truth!)
7 on 7 flag football tourny this Sunday @ 1130 in Fort Worth. Gift Cards for top two teams. Need a winning team. Inbox me if intrested, serious inquries only please. Michelle Carter is still in charge of cheerleading squad ladies...
Ready for the evening to get here. Michelle Carter, Ryan Carter and Dallas Johnson are going to see Sinister.
You are old and in a nursing home 1.Wheelchair races you down the hallways:Stuart Crass 2.Has to change their depends ALOT-:Michelle Carter 3.Steals your food- :Kimmi May 4.Runs down the hall naked:Dementia Black 5.Rocks a baby doll all day:Rhonda Vonbelfry 6.Has to have daily enemas:David Jaksic 7.Swears they can fly: KeyKey OhMy
Very proud of Michelle Carter from Red Oak. She got 6th in the shot put in the Olympics! She got 15th in Beijing. Great improvement and what an accomplishment!
North Texans Take to the Track Monday: Red Oak High School and University of Texas graduate Michelle Carter will...
Michelle Carter, who graduated from Red Oak, Will be throwing shot put on the Olympic stage on Monday!
Come out and support Michelle Carter. She is a product of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and Fellowship Christian Academy.
Carmelita Jeter and Allyson Felix lead a loaded women’s 100-meter dash field while Jillian Camarena-Williams and Michelle Carter will continue their rivalry in the women’s shot put when the Adidas Grand Prix begins Saturday at Icahn Stadium on Randall’s Island in New York.
Watched better known as Michelle Carter, totally kill it today!!I think I sat behind some of her family ha:)
Jillian Camarena-Williams, Michelle Carter, Sarah Stevens-Walker up next in the women's shot put
Michelle Carter, the 2006 NCAA Indoor champion in the shot put, will try for her second Olympic team at the Olympic Trials, which begin June 21 in Eugene, Ore.
Happy Mothers day Michelle Carter, hope you guys have a great one Vince
Co-owned by NBA star Vince Carter and his mother, philanthropist Michelle Carter-Scott, Vince Carter's brings together great food and spectacular design in a welcoming "upscale-casual" dining atmosphere. Vince Carter's is perfectly suited for the NBA star's hometown. The menu features a wide variety...
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