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Michelle Beadle

Michelle Denise Beadle (born October 23, 1975) is a sports reporter and host for ESPN.

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Bill Simmons daughter chanting LETS GO CENA the whole match and Michelle Beadle not wanting to stop her
James Gang classic with Joe Vitale, Michelle Lynn Beadle, Rik Cunningham and Trevor Meyer at Rockcino.
Fun with Joe Vitale, Rik Cunningham, Michelle Lynn Beadle and Trevor Meyer at the Rockcino!
You're right. Hiring Michelle Beadle for a last few rim jobs before he hangs em up. (She ain't there for boxing knowledge)
Michelle Beadle with the greatest one liner of the year
Michelle Beadle has every right to block me I was very inappropriate and out of line to her 😭😭😭
Michelle Beadle looks like Marilyn Monroe at times.
Sorry I'm not sorry the Spurs lost, Michelle Beadle and Skip Bayless.
All I want for Christmas is another DM from Michelle Beadle 😍
Have the biggest crush on Michelle Beadle.
Michelle Beadle on the TV as I walk through the airport. Why ya trying to ruin xmas
ok instead of natalie you would rather have Michelle Beadle covered in hot fudge right?
Contrary to popular opinion, I love Lampley's The Fight Game...but Michelle Beadle is a complete waste of time
GIF: Michelle Beadle takes a salmon to the face.
OMG! She's buring the body in front of the cops! Michelle Beadle is a BAM.
Glad to see that your okay Beadle. Merry Christmas Michelle!
Michelle Beadle did word association with Freddie Roach. Next time on The Fight Game: Beadle gives Roach a Rorschach inkblot test.
Person of the year is surely Michelle Beadle
I hope Michelle Beadle really is learning about sport to back up what she's saying.If she's isn't, fans will have a field day w/ her
Think Isis would have a problem snatching up Michelle Beadle?
I don't mind Michelle Beadle. I actually respect her sports knowledge. I just hope she understands fans & their outlook on the sport
seemed really confident that will happen in an interview with Michelle Beadle
Same difference. Is this Michelle Beadle interview real?
- I heard it's cuz he nailed Michelle Beadle after she threw herself at A-Rod at the ESPYs
I don't like dogs,but I like michelle beadle,she cute/hott
Michelle Beadle rocking the spurs sweater!
So what will Lampley ask Michelle Beadle on the Fight Game? "So Michelle, which of the 3 fights you watched this year did u like the best?"
I'm glad Michelle Beadle gave him his Ni99a wake up call!
personality Michelle Beadle who said she would pull for scurvy over the is somehow hosting an fan event soon.
Lmao Michelle Beadle has the worst build ever on a woman
So is gonna disresect by having Michelle Beadle host an FSU fan event?!?! After what she said about our team?!? UNBELIEVABLE!!!   10% Off
Why is Michelle Beadle on The View rn??? C'mon babe don't stoop to that show!
People like Sam Ponder, Michelle Beadle, and Clay Travis already had their minds made up no matter the evidence. They look bad, not us.
I don't always agree with your methods, but to be fair you did cite Linda Cohn and Michelle Beadle as great female reporters.
I'd like to see Michelle Beadle on The View again. I hope Rosie Perez & Whoopi Goldberg return the favor & appear on Sports Nation.
Michelle Beadle's cave dwelling *** blocked me because I called her out for not supporting Cari Champion. At least I know she read it.
Michelle Beadle is so annoying. I don't know what Jim Lampley was thinking putting her on the fight game.
Michelle Beadle dare to mock the wife of Mr West but quiet as a church mouse when Artie was disrespecting Cari Champion?
Michelle Beadle couldn't wait to @ Stephen A. Smith for his opinion on Ray Rice but when it comes to Artie Lange and Cari …
Nothing against Michelle Beadle, but I would've liked for Jim Lampley to interview Bernard Hopkins, especially after re…
ESPN Video: Michelle Beadle got a birthday surprise on "SportsNation" when the Spurs' mascot showed up and brought a video from San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich.
Michelle Beadle's as awesome as her championship throne in Grantland's new Basketball Hour.
Michelle Beadle graces Bill and Jalen with her presence and reminds them that, while all the other teams in the NBA are cute and everything, the San Antonio ...
Highly Questionable has improved since the addition of Bomani Jones. SportsNation has gone back to unwatchable with Michelle Beadle's return
Michelle Beadle gon mush Ur face for what u said but her little jokes ain't funny at all.
I was enjoying the Grantland basketball Hour until Michelle Beadle came on...Then I turned my television off like any san…
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When are Michelle beadle nudes gonna leak?
well I'm apparently "the poor man's Michelle Beadle." Let's have a poor man party. Bring Natty Ice and ramen.
If my plans to marry Maria Sharapova don't work out, God forbid, then Michelle Beadle is my future wife.
Michelle Beadle is a Spurs fan and birthday surprise for her was SPURStacular:
I liked a video Michelle Beadle Reminds Everyone the Spurs Are the NBA Champions
Why is Michelle Beadle on The Fight Game? What great boxing insight does she provide?
Michelle Beadle has a perfect Spurs-themed birthday
Gregg Popovich's Surprise B-Day Message for Michelle Beadle Brings Her to Tears: ESPN television host and San ...
Michelle Beadle is a diehard fan of San Antonio and birthday surprise for her was SPURStacular:
Who is this woman on SportsNation who isn't Michelle Beadle or Charissa Thompson?
C'mon! Where do these Michelle Beadle replacements come from? Victoria Secret? Gucci models?
Steve Austin abused his wife in 2002, and Michelle Beadle called him awesome and badass this year so she should stop talking about Ray Rice.
Michelle Beadle and Marcellus Wiley just had the most heated debate on Sportsnation I've ever seen and it was about tipping at restaurants..
Michelle beadle is just terrible, i actually watched sportsnation while she was gone, once she got back it became a throw away "sports show"
When did Michelle beadle go back to Sports Nation?!
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I need them Rachel Nichols and Michelle Beadle nudes
Let me check if Michelle Beadle or Cari Champion on that list .. bet Hannah storm wants to be on there
bro get that shirt and take a pic with those pants on and Michelle Beadle will be all over you again! 😜
Me and my youngin watching games all day tomorrow. Raising the black Doris Burke, Pam Oliver with better edges, the mixed Michelle Beadle
Normally I'd enjoy that but, it is Michelle Beadle's alma mater so no.
They should name the new domestic abuse penalties "The Michelle Beadle Proclamation".
9. Michelle Beadle (because legal said we had to include a woman)
don't make Michelle Beadle jump in this piece
I thought you meant Michelle 'Go die in a hole' Beadle then I thought, wait they didn't say anything about her working w/WWE. xD
If you REALLY wanna talk annoying.just remember...he used to co-host with Michelle Beadle...
is Michelle Beadle from EVEN tho she hates on kingjames hard
Erin Andrews or Michelle Beadle, if you had to?
Michelle Beadle needs to stay outta my TL. I'll never see her the same.
(Came with a note that said "Send to Michelle Beadle. lol OK I guess )
Dude is deflecting his station's Michelle Beadle Hot or Not segment. That's what this game is abt.
Thanks for the follow! Here is Linda Cohn in her own words: .
sam thinks lana del rey is ugly but michelle beadle is hot.. lmao I'm done
Just Killing Time Podcast this take on michelle beadle & stephen A made me BOL
Still in love with Michelle Beadle and Sam Ponder
Because I don't trust the networks to do that properly. Look at how Sage Steele is used. Michelle Beadle. Bonnie Bernstein. Etc.
/Michelle Beadle debacle has to be the wackiest pro wrestlin
The best actress on TV is Michelle Beadle when she pretends Colin Cowherd makes a good point
Rousey is pretty relevant. Bill Simmons/Michelle Beadle less so, but there was a bunch more not shown too.
Michelle Beadle needs to shut her *** up she was tryna get Stephen A Smith suspended from jump
Do you think that this is a warning shot to Michelle Beadle not to go after other commentators? There was no controversy!
Daniel Cormier stopping by the SportsNation set to chat with the lovely Michelle Beadle
She doesn't know how to LISTEN to others speak.Sad. Michelle Beadle fires back at Stephen A. Smith after on-air rant
Michelle Beadle deleted her rant towards Stephen A Smith...why is that?
Stephen A Smith was not suspended for his comments about the abuse, he was suspended because of Michelle Beadle's react…
ESPN's Michelle Beadle courageously spoke up. via
Michelle Beadle is wack for twisting Stephen A's word. Get her out and bring Charissa Thompson back.
Michelle Beadle is 110% right about Stephen A. Smith. That retard is no good and should be fired.
ESPN's Michelle Beadle courageously spoke up. via Digg
Michelle Beadle did "one of the most courageous things I've ever seen someone in sports journalism do" via
Awesome | ESPN's Michelle Beadle courageously spoke up. via
who reacts more, Michelle Beadle or Jemele Hill?
Michelle Beadle is one of the dumbest women in sports broadcasting now, in the same ranks with Jemele Hill.
‘First Take’ host Stephen A. Smith takes on, then apologizes to, ESPN’s Michelle Beadle over domestic ..
Michelle Beadle = a lady with integrity and smarts. Stephen A. Smith = a classless turd who needs to have his bare butt spanked by a dominatrix on national TV for his naughty victim blaming...
Stephen A Smith is a well paid house *** he just got his *** wake up call by Michelle Beadle
I've appreciated that Charissa Thompson hasn't come to her friend Michelle Beadle's defense today. She knows the kind of man Stephen A is.
Who do you like better as an anchor Michelle Beadle or Charissa Thompson?
Michelle Beadle got offended and helped cause a stir. Meanwhile Jemele Hill somewhere saying "he ain't lying"
what did Stephen A Smith say to get Michelle Beadle all angry?
You don't see these kinds of incidents happening to Charissa Thompson, MIchelle Beadle or Samantha Steele. Only to Erin.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Bercules can do amazing bat tricks. Michelle Beadle can't.
My wcw Michelle beadle! A woman that knows her sports nothing sexier!
Today I met Michelle Beadle-- I told her a corny joke (which I think she enjoyed) and she complimented my beard. Things are gettin serious.
Michelle Beadle can get it any day of the week bruh
Is Kobe this generation's Jordan?. Max Kellerman, Marcellus Wiley and Michelle Beadle debate if it is fair to call...
that's talent...did you see Michelle Beadle try it?
Hm. I actually like Michelle Beadle. Crap. Now I have to live with the fact she hates me.
tell Michelle beadle to ignore people that don't support *** people. She'll talk to you.
atleast Michelle beadle knows who we are.
"I know how to BS with the best of 'em"
"TV is about what we look like... it's more of a harsh reality on the female side of that equation"
"I find women who don't know a lot about sports but pretend to know a lot annoying"
I would do anything for Michelle Beadle to DM except make a comment like that.
I love when Michelle Beadle gets butthurt and puts an account on blast and then a thousand *** jump in her mentions to validate her side
From espn's Michelle beadle because I said I wouldn't want to play football with *** either. She also blocked me lol
Michelle Beadle can just go ahead and marry me right now
I'm wanna toss Michelle Beadle off the backboard and windmill slam
I have a Michelle Beadle thing. I like her.
Michelle Beadle is a great reason to watch
Michelle Beadle is my favorite woman on ESPN
Michelle Beadle and Marcellus Wiley just sarcastically made fun of Dustin Ackley.
Michelle Beadle knows what she's talking about
Michelle Beadle is back on Sportnation and looking better than ever
Michelle Beadle off Sports Nation is every guys dream
>tfw I dont have the screenshot of me BTFO of Michelle Beadle, Cris Carter, Bomani Jones, Callie Rivers etc. etc.
In an interview with Michelle Beadle on SportsNation last week, The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, appeared to be very open to the idea of...
Why We Will Likely Never See The Rock Wrestle in WWE Again: In an interview with Michelle Beadle on SportsNati...
wow ! just got blocked by Michelle Beadle.
He deserves 10 bumpdebumps for Michelle Beadle at number 1. Was Kayal sipping the bankers club while making this list?
she used to be a 10. It's all about Michelle Beadle 😍
Michelle Beadle was awful on the Breaking Amish reunion show. She single-handedly made it the most awkward interview I've ever seen. lol
that blonde looks like the love child of Florence Henderson and Michelle Beadle.
Either this account is obsessed with the Heat, or it's ran by *** spurs fan Michelle Beadle:
I'd more than likely get Michelle Beadle pregnant with no regrets
I can't stand Michelle Beadle. She tries too hard
I'm attracted to greatness. That's why I was attracted to Michelle Beadle. Among other reasons obvs.
Michelle Beadle and Max Kellerman on the same show? that's bad
I think I hav a crush on Michelle Beadle...
Sweet! Even Michelle Beadle said that she's enjoying the Bo Dallas character and is a BO-Liever. Becoming Bo-Lievers! :)
does this mean Michelle beadle will go back to sucking lebrons ***
"Heat fans like... Michelle Beadle going in lol
Michelle beadle ain't been the same since Arron RODGERS hit her with the curve
I hate Michelle Beadle she is so annoying.
Michelle Beadle is looking rough. Very catcher mitt-ish.
Wow *** happened to Michelle Beadle? Looks like she got shot in the face with Homer's makeup gun.
Michelle Beadle is now a LeBron fan again.
Does this mean Michelle Beadle will wear that LeBron Cavs dress again? Because that's something we can all get behind.
Michelle Beadle on SportsNation just compared her leaving the Mothership for NBCSN & now back to LeBron's return
Wow what happened to Michelle Beadle wow what wow
Wait... Michelle Beadle is on Sportsnation again? Hadn't watched it since she left. That was like 8 years ago I think.
She thinks she's hot. I dislike how she uses her voice. Michelle Beadle is 1000X better and FAR better looking.
will you finally let the Decision go, Michelle Beadle?
just Michelle Beadle...But Brad's use of term is completely invalid. Same concept of liking Barca cause of Messi.
Michelle beadle cute and all but I thought Espn anchors were suppose to be unbiased
Michelle Beadle, is now trending in
Wonder if Michelle Beadle gonna stop hating him now!?
I just thought of michelle beadle in an orgy
BREAKING NEWS Michelle Beadle is having an orgy
I have a very strong dislike for Michelle Beadle
Michelle Beadle thank god your back
Michelle Beadle just ruined all chemistry on Sports Nation.
If all 3 comeback I'm gonna be real nice to Michelle Beadle so she can unblock me, & when she not expecting it.
I want a job like Michelle Beadle. Lol I'm gona work at ESPN some day, trust🙏
ESPN needs to make a 30 for 30 about the Michelle Beadle - Erin Andrews feud.
Michelle beadle will go on a date with me
Sportsnation will get someone better then Michelle Beadle
.Michelle Beadle will leave and come back again!
Watching Michelle Beadle trying to pronounce soccer players names is horrifying
Did Michelle Beadle just say she is a boliever.. Cud she possibly be talking bout Bo Dallas. No way.
Michelle Beadle just said she BOlieved on Sports Nation.
Michelle Beadle just said she's a BOLIEVER.
Michelle Beadle just said she was a on 😍
Michelle Beadle just made a subtle Bo Dallas reference on SportsNation. Called herself a "Boliever" and only a few people know what that is
Michelle Beadle just copped to being a Boliever on TV.
Having Michelle beadle back on Sports Nation just feels right
Any Madden fans in LA?! Tomorrow I have extra tickets to the EA Sports Madden '15 NFL Cover Athlete reveal party in DTLA with the final 2 athletes, Richard Sherman from Seattle Seahawks and Cam Newton from Carolina Panthers! Hosted by former Detroit Lion, Barry Sanders and ESPN/Sports Nation host, Michelle Beadle. You will be in the priority audience on TV with us and will have the chance to meet and take pictures with the athletes. Message me if you're interested :)
Michelle Beadle decided that the NBA Finals was so exciting that it needed a twist, so she made an 80's-Hollywood style montage.
who cares what Michelle Beadle thinks about soccer, she's a 38 year-old airhead who still watches pro wrestling
Mike Greenberg is the worst fan of all time, closely followed by Michelle Beadle.
Huh? There was a commercial with both Alex Morgan and Michelle Beadle so I nearly passed out.
Since being paralyzed during a high school hockey game three years ago, Jack Jablonski has had many highs and lows. Saturday night was most definitely a high. Saturday was prom night at Benilde-St. Margaret's, and Jablonski's date is one of the co-hosts of SportsNation on ESPN2, Michelle Beadle.
UFC president Dana White recently appeared on ESPN's SportsNation with Michelle Beadle for a wide ranging discussion. Glover Teixeira odds "Right now [Glover Teixeira] is an almost five to one underdog. THAT'S INSANE. That guy has not lost in almost nine years. He's got knockout power in both hands.
Now that Michelle Beadle is back, get rid of Marcellus Wiley.
is so much better with Michelle Beadle back on it
Michelle Beadle looks heavier than ever
Merriman and Lita. I’m waiting for Michelle Beadle and former ROH exec Sid to show up soon.
. Congratulations Amy. Hope she is well. Love your show on CBS. . Amy Lawrence v Michelle Beadle for best sports personality.
The return of Michelle Beadle, from 3/3/14 edition of SportsNation. I'm not too particular about her returning to SportsNation. It's like returning to the gi...
She's great. Like seriously, if they just want to keep using her, it would be great. And Michelle Beadle.
Michelle Beadle is always trolling lol
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If I mute Michelle Beadle will she still get RTd into my TL?
A little confused as to why and how Michelle Beadle just DMed me lol
NBC television host Michelle Beadle was reportedly involved in a backstage incident with CM Punk's girlfriend, WWE.
Jesus Murphy I'm so bored I'm trying to make conversation with Michelle Beadle
Michelle Beadle back on Sportsnation, huh. I like it
I love her in a platonic way but Michelle Beadle hasn't aged well and HD isn't very kind to her these days
I was happy when Michelle Beadle returned to Espn. I love her on SportsNation
Michelle Beadle just showed shirt on fans make sure to get it…
Michelle Beadle > Paulina Gretzky it's all about the lol
love your opinions, but did you say Michelle Beadle was good looking? Have you seen her lately?
Why do so many people hate on Michelle Beadle? Lol
I'm going to sleep when it's 4 over here. Ayy remember when Michelle Beadle blocked us?
Dear ESPN's Michelle Beadle: Can you describe the wall that you hit? How fast were you going?
@ Michelle Beadle , honest sports intellect, tells it how it is, amazing to follow, Truly one of a kind
only reason I used to watch sportsnation RT“Michelle Beadle fire to me”
I think Michelle Beadle is the best dressed but that's just me
Would wife Michelle Beadle up so quick
I'm glad Michelle Beadle is back on SportsNation. She made that show.
When did Michelle Beadle come back to Sportsnation? Lol
Michelle Beadle's legs look really good on today.
Wait, when did Michelle Beadle come back to Sportsnation?
Michelle Beadle is back on sportsnation??
True/False from FLA: At 10:55 Sunday pm, Michelle Beadle will be shouting "YES! YES! YES!" (No, not what some of you think)
what about Michelle beadle running on a beach? Is that unfair?
Michelle Beadle vs. AJ Lee was such a missed 'Mania match possibility lmao.
If you have 5 minutes go through Michelle Beadle's timeline. All it is, is her responding to trolls lol
I bet she is saying 'Michelle Beadle talking sports just seems unfair'.
I just adopted this dog on the Sun Sports broadcast. Can’t wait to get the little critter home!
if anyone needs pub, its michelle beadle. Shes another misinformed twerp on espn
Just realized Michelle Beadle is back at ...awesome.
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So how soon will Josh Elliott follow in the steps of Michelle Beadle & Erin Andrews?
Michelle beadle is back on sportsnation so now I can be happy
Tonight is vs Spurs... here's Michelle Beadle in the 80's.. favorite this for later use.
Michelle beadle is back on Sports Nation,she must be pretty desperate
Michelle Beadle is back on SportsNation: Yes, that wild and sexy blonde is back on ESPN, a...
I hope Michelle Beadle is permanently back on sportsnation
The fact that Michelle Beadle is back on sportsnation >
Wait Michelle beadle is back with Sports Nation?
Michelle beadle is back on Sports Nation?
Told the guys the Michelle beadle story. How we thought lady was her and followed her through LA mall for a good 10-15 minutes.
Man, I'm not gonna @ Michelle Beadle anymore, all her annoying followers on my TL
This is Michelle Beadle age 11. This picture IS the 80s
Michelle Beadle the total package she looks good and actually knows sports plus she's hilarious
Thank god Michelle Beadle is back on Sportsnation
Is Michelle Beadle back on SportsNation for good? featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm watching SportsNation and seeing Michelle Beadle and Joel McHale. Is this real life? Can it be like this forever?
When did Michelle Beadle come back to Sports Nation?
Glad to see Michelle Beadle back on Sports Nation. Now you know where you can find her.
Michelle Beadle is back on Sports Nation that's what's up
Michelle Beadle is back on sportsnation today 😍
I'm starting to think that Michelle Beadle is an alcoholic.
Its not even good it's just michelle beadle laughing
Tuned into SportsNation to see Michelle Beadle back in action – and Joel McHale is the guest, sabotaging and making fun of the show. Hmm OK
*** good to have Michelle Beadle back Marcellus can have some fun..their personalities are really good together.
Michelle Beadle is back to Sports Nation? The show may be watchable again.. Now to get Colin back
is making an absolute mockery of SportsNation. Serves Michelle Beadle right for thinking she's a sports media professional.
I love seeing Michelle Beadle back on SportsNation! She doesn't jock Lebron like everyone else on ESPN
Its awesome having Michelle Beadle back on Sportsnation
So glad Michelle Beadle is back on Max & Marcellus are cool but Michelle makes the show better.
why is Michelle Beadle acting like an air head on ESPN? It *** seeing her have to kiss another *** *** .First Colin, now Max Kellerman
BREAKING NEWS NBC has traded anchor Michelle Beadle to ESPN for a case of PBR and a half of an Italian hoagie
Nothing makes me happier then seeing back on It's still missing Michelle Beadle = dream girl!
Sportsnation is 100x better with Michelle Beadle back.
Joel McHale on SportsNation is cracking me up. He just threw Michelle Beadle's pants in the garbage.
Michelle beadle back on sportsnation? 👍🙌🙏
Is it just me or is Michelle beadle on Sports Nation hot as ***
If Michelle beadle is back on Sports Nation I'm watching it everyday again
Michelle Beadle is back on things are great again!
Michelle beadle on sportsnation yea that made my day Michelle beadle back on sportsnation?
Michelle Beadle is back on sportsnation. 😍 life is good
I had heard of this Michelle Beadle creature before, but this is my first time seeing her on ESPN Sportsnation...I'm...not impressed...
Sportsnation has regained its spot as my favorite show now that Michelle Beadle is back
Somebody needs to make a show like First Take on ESPN, but have michelle beadle and Charissa Thompson yelling at each other instead
Michelle Beadle feels like a third wheel on a bike. Get her off. Max & Marcellus have a dope relationship on this show.
At least Michelle Beadle is back and still gorgeous as ever!
Michelle Beadle is back on Sportsnation and it is twenty-billion times better.
Sooo pumped that Michelle Beadle is back in SportsNation.
Michelle Beadle back on tv. Life is great.
Michelle Beadle is back on sportsnation 😍😍
I'm so happy Michelle Beadle is back on SportsNation
Mrs. SCC is NOT a fan of Michelle Beadle's outfit.
Michelle Beadle back on SportsNation is a wonderful thing
I'm pretty sure I'm seeing Michelle Beadle on Sportsnation right now
Greatest feeling ever, waking up from a legit nap to Michelle Beadle on SportsNation!!
so glad Michelle Beadle is back on SportsNation :)
One day I'll figure out if I find Michelle Beadle attractive or not ...
Michelle Beadle, your arms look fat.
Michelle Beadle from "SportsNation" is a breath of fresh air. Now, if they can drop Max Kellerman...
Michelle beadle done got back on TV acting weird af
Bottom line. Sportsnation had become my favorite show over first take. Now lets hope espn doesnt inject a 3rd full time corny chick to interrupt skip and steven a great debates. Carrie is a moderator and great part of first take. I definitely didnt refer to her when I said corny chick. Im talking about the 4th seat for guests. Watch espn now inject some *** full time to ruin the chemistry between skip and steven
WHAT!?! Beadle completely ruined sportsnation. I never liked the show with her or colin. I stumbled upon it and love it with max and wiley. She returned this week and I PRAYED it was a one time deal. I was so disappointed that she is back full time. She is the pretty girl who thinks she is funny because the guys laughed at her jokes. When she is ugly she will realize she wasnt funny at all. I raced home from work to watch sportsnation on my dvr. Now maybe ill just work that extra hour since this chick reminded me why I hated the show years ago when she was on.
¦ 626 ¦ Michelle Beadle returns to ESPN and SportsNation today ¦ After her brief NBC odyssey, Michelle Beadle return…
If you have never heard the story of Michael Jordan punching Steve Kerr in the face, Michelle Beadle is here to help….Glad to see her back on SportsNation
bring back Colin Cowherd since Michelle Beadle came back to the show
Sportsnation should have never gotten rid of Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd.
Michelle Beadle back on Sports Nation, nice
Its cool seeing Michelle Beadle back on SN. I kinda miss the Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle days.
Wait. Michelle Beadle is back on SportsNation? Great! Now let's get Colin Cowherd back too!
In her new segment "Michelle Beadle's Most Misunderstood Sports Stories," Michelle shares her favorite sports moments with a unique take, even for Beadle.
Michelle Beadle back on just gives me that much more of a reason to watch it
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