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Michelle Bachmann

Michele Marie Bachmann (née Amble; born April 6, 1956) is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing , a post she has held since 2007. The district includes several of the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, such as Woodbury, and Blaine as well as Stillwater and St.

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Now we know where Michelle Bachmann gets her votes...
Media must stop normalizing Conway—A conniving, lying she witch who served as spokeswoman for Todd Akin & Michelle Bachmann!
Texas Roadhouse in Michelle Bachmann country oh lord
If you don't think this sentiment is important, I assume you support Bobby Jindal and Michelle Bachmann.
Michelle Bachmann gets it. Not afraid to stand up to the old Rhino's in the Senate. Support Michelle
Fun fact! The entire state of Alabama was designed by one of Michelle Bachmann's unpaid interns.
And Chris just mutters 'yeah' to her every lie, as if she is speaking facts/truth.. he use to do that w/Michelle Ba…
today is the five year anniversary of the roots playing "lyin *** b-" to intro Michelle Bachmann on Fallon.
i wonder whatever happened to Michelle Bachmann and her Trade husband
Of course...Ben Carson for HUD director. What's next? Michelle Bachmann for the head of the CDC?
Check out Allen West and Michelle Bachmann. Stay away from Lindsey Graham.
The moment THE MOST HIGH intervened in the US Presidential Election. Former Rep. Michelle Bachmann explain how.
Sarah in cabinet post..hope Michelle Bachmann is her assistant..Comedy Central in cabinet
Christians for Michelle Bachmann is a troll account
If you run across a Nader recurrence or some Michelle Bachmann crap, keep it to yourself okay
I don't see a problem with the statement. Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain - are evidence.
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people that absolutely would have voted for Michelle Bachmann over John Kerry because she's a woman are stunned
Conversion Therapy extreme for most Republicans. Only one of relevance who advocated it was 2012 Pres candidate Michelle Bachmann
not to mention cross eyed michelle bachmann and vowed to make O a one term pres from day 1
I don't use the 'love too' meme, but I absolutely love too be the intern tasked w/ explaining the kanye/jay-z kerfluffle 2 Michelle Bachmann
Sure, escalation, but we have over decade of anti-Sharia legislation, no-fly list, Michelle Bachmann, Peter King hearings...
Ironic is Michelle Bachmann having issues with lgbt standing up for themselves. Being married to Marcus & all.
That's what Michelle Bachmann's husband did. Ran some clinic to turn *** straight and bled millions from medicaid.
"Didn't he just loose to Michelle Bachmann?" .Never lost to Michelle - dum…
Where is Michelle Bachmann when you need her!
We can add listening to a soundtrack to the long list of things Michelle Bachmann can't do
Michelle Bachmann, nice to see that your contentious divorce from reality continues...
I wish Michelle Bachmann understood the rest of the world more. MB's bubble owes the rest of the world an apology.
Michelle Bachmann on how the power of prayer won it for Trump. Scary stuff
Is it true Trump is considering Michelle Bachmann for his cabinet
Next up is probably Michelle Bachmann for education. Good grief this is gonna be a sad, regressive ride
This is the state that elected Michelle Bachmann though... but wasn't my district! LOL
You're going to encourage him to appoint Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.
is about as relevant as Michelle Bachmann when she tried to run for president.
Going to a Trump Victory dinner tonight hosted by Rose Unplugged. Michelle Bachmann is the keynote speaker.
. We don't not need no Libs in the White House. GOP has the brightest. Pick Cotton or Palin or Michelle Bachmann.
Former member of the House of Representatives, Michelle Bachmann, commentating on US election.
Michelle Bachmann: Americans fear the rise of the Soviet Union. Little do they know that I am now running the USSR.
Has American Politics turned into a satire of itself?...
News from the Michelle Bachmann side of Minnesota...
Just make sure you pick 100% SOLID, UNSHAKABLE CONSERVATIVES!!! (like Rudy G., Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Thaddeus M:)
Dear please consider Michelle Bachmann for a position.
is now channeling Michelle Bachmann -
Trump needs more women in his cabinet to not look sexist. Throw on Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann.
wonder if Michelle Bachmann will rail against Trump’s billion-dollar airplane...
No, to Eva Moskowitz for Department of Education. She's a globalist. What about Michelle Bachmann? She would help
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The POTUS-elect should appoint Michelle Bachmann head of the She's a tax lawyer & has the balls to drain that swamp
people like Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann are/were the faces of the Tea Party. We don't need their equivalents on the left
shes a top tier kook. Right up there w Michelle Bachmann.
It's the eyes,Rudy has CRAZY EYES.He has those Michelle Bachmann,Sarah Palin eyes.
Michelle Bachmann resigned because of the campaign violations in her campaign 4 yrs ago no trial even
Michelle bachmann needs to take a big dose of shut the *** up. God had absolutely nothing to do with this election. So stop.
The only thing that died with the Tea Party is Michelle Bachmann's career. HEYOOO!
Been about four years since Michelle Bachmann was supposed to be investigated for illegal campaign actions nothing done yet
my 1st reaction to mentions of Michelle Bachmann will always be to remember this scene .
I wish Michelle Bachmann would go the F away
here's a sentence I never thought I'd say: . I wish Michelle Bachmann would be more like Glenn Beck
is he on the Sarah,Michelle Bachmann level yet..or needs more seasoning ?
I submit Michelle Bachmann as exhibit one.
My god, it's like the all-star game of wingnuttery. Next up Pam Geller for Ambassador to UN, and Ag Sec Michelle Bachmann
But no one ever says that when I say I wouldn't vote for Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann etc.
What leftist man thinks: "Jim Graves is a progressive, but I have to vote for Michelle Bachmann or else I'm a sexist.". _
Michelle Bachmann is as crazy as Alex Jones
Moron Nan Hayworth on MSNBC making her usual fool of herself!Joins Marsha Blackburn & Michelle Bachmann as gop's top ***
They're absolutely undermining Phyllis!. PS fully supports Trump & wants Ed Martin to lead EF-not Anne or Michelle Bachmann.
.This is the same man who backed Michelle Bachmann !! I'm young...I work hard and
Michelle Bachmann is cis and also a Tea Party Republican. I just... I don't understand why Caitlyn Jenner being trans is …
It filters down to voters. They in turn elect people like...Joe Walsh, Allen West, Michelle Bachmann. They have no interest i…
Cruz and Fiorina together at long last. I guess Michelle Bachmann was too busy curing teh *** to jump into the fray
I definitely will. I've been enjoying podcast for the same reasons. His Michelle Bachmann interview was fantastic.
was Michelle Bachmann even invited to Nancy Reagan's funeral?
There is no one more classless than Bachmann! Michelle WILL b there & that shows respect. Obama has plenty 2 do.
If Michelle Bachmann thinks you're classless, don't change a thing
And Michelle Bachmann's opinion counts for what? POTUS has other things to think about right now.
Where did CNN find this moron Andy Dean?? Is he Michelle Bachmann's manic son??
Was just having a political discussion with someone and accidentally said "Michelle O'Bachmann" ... 😑.
Let me guess... they're celebrating Phyllis Schafely, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mama Duggar, and Stacy Dash.
Sarah Palin for VP and Michelle Bachmann for POTUS? Come on Arriana! The KY County Clerk
In interviews she seems like a far left Michelle Bachmann
. Wait until Caitlyn hears Rubio prefers that position go to Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann are you seeing your friends talking about *** on the tv machine..Janet Jackson showed a lil *** and you went nuts
Michelle Bachmann does not appear presumably because the list only included amateurs.
Michelle Bachmann is right - she is the most different from Barack Obama. She has a ***
Bernie had to say "Excuse me" when he debated Michelle Bachmann 2 years ago but he wasn't called sexist for it then
I wouldn't vote for Michelle Bachmann if she were running.
Michelle Bachmann worked for Carter's campaign - and she is still a dedicated RWNJ
Hey what happened to Michelle Bachmann? Why isn't she in on all this?
You guys are resorting to the Tea Party that was Hi-Jacked by people like Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck.
A nobody who has interviewed Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, Juan WIlliams, John Stossel and many more.
Yeah, I know Michelle says some crazy things from time to time, but I seriously agree with her on this.
Miley Cyrus as Michelle Bachmann. NSFW, but really nails it. (music video)
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Ted Cruz has same Christian Dominion view that destroyed Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann
.why was Michelle Bachmann destroyed 4 having same religious views as .? Christian Dominion
So far has won only MN, the state whose discerning voters gave us Jesse Ventura, Michelle Bachmann & Al Franken.
It actually made me mad that you didn't get more props for your Frock character - Michelle Bachmann/Sarah Palin realness!
you made Michelle Bachmann look sympathetic and human, without a hint of nuttiness. That alone deserves a Pulitzer Prize.
Their stuff during the Obama elections was fantastic. Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry were super, if I remember correctly.
Omg the replies from Michelle Bachmann nd other Rep. About Slavery. These pple sit in Gop. *** It's not just Donald
And there's this. Hi, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. And oh, btw, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio hate immigrants. So.
Pf course this is the same Intel Cmte. that Michelle Bachmann was on. Sooo...
YES, remember how resoundingly House Leadership, Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy, ridiculed Michelle Bachmann? Leading from?
oh, looks like Christians for Michelle Bachmann is parody. Terrible, terrible parody, but still.
I thought it couldn't get any worse but does that logo say "Christians for Michelle Bachmann"???
I *long* for the days of Newt Gingrich's insane Tiffany bill and Michelle Bachmann's moronic claims about NATO's civilian casualty rate.
Michelle Bachmann is watching this and saying "Tsk. This is too crazy even for me."
you now what means nothing to voters? Michelle Bachmann
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
When he asked Michelle Bachmann in 2012 if she was a "flake" while grinning, I decided I'd never watch him again
That was a hilarious interview with Governor Jan Brewer! Talk about a knucklehead! Is she related to Michelle Bachmann?
You have to forgive me for assuming you're a moron for saying you're with the same political sub-party as Michelle Bachmann.
michelle bachmann: I wish mitt woukdve gone after obama in 2012 with the same intesnsity that he did trump today
Michelle Bachmann will get her worst fear with as Prez b/c he'll send any dissenter to
Michelle Bachmann created the Tea Party Caucus then heralded it as saving a party split, but moderate republicans were just held hostage
What we have on Capital Hill- career politicians - Michelle Bachmann left for telling truth - Allen West never re-elected. Writing on wall
The state that made Jesse Ventura a Governor Al Franken a Senator and Michelle Bachmann a Congresswoman goes to
What are those people in MN thinking? They elect Jesse Ventura, then Michelle Bachmann, and now they vote for Rubio
maybe it is confusing from a Michelle Bachmann stand point...
I don't know how Rubio won Minnesota. Those people elected Michelle Bachmann so I was sure they'd go for Cruz.
If Rubio wanted to pick a REAL Minnesota embarrassment, Michelle Bachmann was available. She'd love any publicity.
Minnesota has also voted for Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, and Michelle Bachmann. What the *** is going on up there?
the Michelle Bachmann vote failed miserably.
Isn’t St. Olaf in Minnesota? Rose Nylund was from Minnesota. Isn’t Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota? Marco Rubio won Minnesota. 🤗   10% Off
Who would've thought we'd be reminiscing longingly about the halcyon days of Michelle Bachmann & Herman Cain?
yeah, but we're the state that elected a pro wrestler governor, Al Franken to the senate and Michelle Bachmann to congress
Since Michelle Bachmann left office, crazy people are lost.
Cruz is channeling Michelle Bachmann: "Obama will be.. A TWO TERM PRESIDENT!"
Carly Fiorina is Michelle Bachmann & Ben Carson is Herman Caine of 2016. You embarrass yourself when u take…
Hey, that's EXACTLY what I said when Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll in 2011!
What is it with Americans claiming to be chosen by God? Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Kim Davis. I mean: whoops.
Yet another Trump is doomed prediction. Charlie Cook is in denial. Michelle Bachmann wasn’t ahead for six months.
Just had a lovely conversation about Islamic terrorism with Michelle Bachmann in the ladies room
Well then let them out and put Louie Gohmert, Joni Ernst, Ted Cruz, and Michelle Bachmann in there!!
voting against even Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin. They'll still move the cause forward.
Today at the dr's office they were showing CNN with Michelle Bachmann defending Kim Davis and then my head exploded and now I have no head.
Good one! Maybe Michelle Bachmann can be her running mate.
Really now, when Mike Huckabee and Michelle Bachmann endorse your behavior, you must know you've made terrible choices.
Remember when so many were mocking Michelle Bachmann for having 'crazy eyes' in that unflattering photo? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Are you talking about Michelle & Marcus Bachmann or the couple in the meme?
My personal favorite Republican piece of wisdom was when Michelle Bachmann said the HPV vaccine caused mental retardation
put Michelle Bachmann on this afternoon. I immediately changed the channel.
Michelle Bachmann refuses to look at you?
Would scorn Michelle Bachmann for being ignorant of the law & Constitution, but alas, she is an attorney. She should know better.
OMG is having Michelle Bachmann as a commentator? How low are they going now?
For those into over analyzing polls,a reminder:4 yrs ago,President Perry was leading Michelle Bachmann in Iowa in polling avg
When you leave MN for a peaceful week in DC and then end up sitting behind Michelle Bachmann at the first event of the day...
Michelle bachmann wishes she was as pretty as you!
throw in Michelle Bachmann & Charlie Sheen and it’s like a bizarro/evil version of the Scooby Doo gang
They'd adopt Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann as well.
Wow... Just wow. It's like Michelle Bachmann on steroids.
Long way to go. This is where Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann were in 2011 at this time. Meaningless.
(also, if anyone would know, it's Michelle Bachmann)
If I remember Michelle Bachmann correctly, the first symptom is mental retardation.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Michelle Bachmann refused to go along with donors & establishment like Cruz. Got her out. Same with Cain.
Are you sure Kim Davis isn't just Michelle Bachmann disguised as Broom Hilda?
They control him. I did not know Michelle Bachmann was a neo con. Really? I missed that.
This would be nice, but Michelle Bachmann would be MUCH more betterer!
Palin eyeing energy secretary in Trump WH Great! Throw in Michelle Bachmann as SecDef and remake 3 Stooges shorts.
So? Herman Cain was leading in NH and Michelle Bachmann was leading in Iowa same time in 2011. Meaningless!
she's fairly nuts, but nowhere near Michelle Bachmann-level nuts. Now that woman is proper crazy.
Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz. "They don't embody the Tea Party" would be an amazing copout.
Mother Jones & Michelle Bachmann don't really count as "Conservatives Attack Fiorina"
Wait. Do you think Michelle Bachmann's crazy eyes were contagious?
Yeah, that's not going to happen any more than the polls showing Michelle Bachmann beating President Obama in 2011.
Michelle Bachmann wanted to know more about Huma Abedim. Did stand by her?
Maybe people fleeing redneck district of Michelle Bachmann. Cities BOOMING.
Nominating Michelle Bachmann's TP darling Todd Akin in MO was another stupid move.
Wondering how much longer before Donald Trump goes the way of Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann.
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The one best takeaway from Iowa is simply this…they chose Michelle Bachmann for president in their straw poll for 2012.
I am hearing Marcus Bachmann, husband of Michelle Bachmann, is contemplating a run for Congress.
Michelle Bachmann should get an Emmy for her contributions to Parks and Rec
Probably the same God who tool Michelle Bachmann to run for President.
Maybe you can get some free sessions with Michelle Bachmann's husband for *** reparative therapy.
Eric Cantor and Michelle Bachmann both got degrees from William & Mary School of Rock and Bernie.
She looks like Tiffani Amber Theissen was hired to play Michelle Bachmann in a movie.
Someone should ask Michelle Bachmann how rising in Iowa polls worked out for her?
Is Trump trying to make everyone hate Brady? Next Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann will be endorsing him...
then he can have Michelle Bachmann's husband "pray the *** away".
Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann were just momentarily popular candidates. is the SYMBOL OF A MOVEMEN…
Probably the same as the Lois Lerner (IRS) investigation. *Michelle Bachmann was right."Gangster Gov't"
In 2011 it was Michelle Bachmann out to an early lead about like what Trump had.
Iran vows their Nuke deal ,will not stop them from,bringing death to Israel&America.Michelle Bachmann was right .We should have nuked them!
I'm sure Michelle Bachmann is already on the case
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Remember when Michelle Bachmann was leading in Iowa? Today, so is that liberal charlatan LOVE...
remember when Minnesota Michelle Bachmann said she heard "the clear voice of god" telling her to run for prez
NEWSFLASH: Remember when the GOP claimed their diversity was proven by Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain being leading candidates?
Michelle Bachmann is owed and apology she warned us Huma could not be trusted.
no Michelle Bachmann should be played by that diloposaurus that killed that fat greedy engineer Dennis from first Jurassic Park
PERHAPS Mike Huckabee told Israel to DO IT.. Since he slams Obama just like Michelle Bachmann did, and why we...
The way the Republican primary is shaping up, Steve King, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin may well become RINOs
This is a joke right? If not, Michelle Bachmann needs to read up on Ghengis Khan.
.it was Ghengis Khan they were trying to keep out. and Michelle Bachmann is about a stupid twunt.
Michelle Bachmann loves the Iran deal because it facilitates End Times. This Repub., in Congress, ran for President.
Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!. At least according to Michelle Bachmann re: the Iran deal. Listen lady, if...
Walker today joined Michelle Bachmann by stating that low wages lead to more money for people. Worked the first time?
For those that miss in presidential elections, Scott Walker will fill in for Michelle Bachmann.
Win Iowa like Michelle Bachmann! enters 2016 presidential race near the top of the GOP field
Donald Trump is the GOP's new Michelle Bachmann. Poor Ron Christie is on MSNBC's Ed Show trying to assure people his party is still sane.
Dear, Jerad Miller's FB page was ALL Fox News, Bill OReilly, Michelle Bachmann. Not left at all. He was at Bundy ranch, ffs.
They have that Michelle Bachmann look in their eyes too. A brain is a sad thing to waste.
Ah, I can hear it now - Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann to the American people, "Let them eat corn dogs."
Yea.I think he said on his radio show that he wanted Michelle Bachmann to slit her throat
I clicked on a YouTube video named "Michelle Bachmann Stupid Moments" and I was surprised when it was only four minutes long.
Michelle Bachmann tried to blow the whistle on the Regime's MoBroHood connections years ago, and was roundly laughed off the planet.
The more I read about Michelle Bachmann the less I want to read about Michelle Bachmann
just looked up sharknado 3 online, haven't seen any. All star cast of D- listers! Michelle Bachmann? Chris Jericho? On-and-on
GOP Presidential hopefuls desperately seek a whiff of Obama swagger. Next up, Michelle Bachmann twerkin to banjos.
So who's gonna pop out of the clown-car next? (Fingers crossed it's Michelle Bachmann!)
Has it really come to this? Michelle Bachmann is now just a stock photo for promoted ads?
I cannot bear to watch the video of the Duggar interview but in the still photos in articles they are remarkably like Michelle Bachmann.
Iowa City, of course: home of the *** robot that heckled Michelle Bachmann in 2011.
I'm waiting for Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and Joe Arpaio to enter the ring.
Michelle Bachmann inhaled a Band-tailed pigeon earlier today as it flew by her face when she said "jobs" one too many times. The bird is ok.
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Is concerned that our Vets will slit their throats as he encouraged to do?
Michelle Malkin | » Montel Williams has a murder wish for Rep. Michele Bachmann via
instead of talking about a 15-yr-old boy at the time what about the things Williams said about Michelle Bachmann!
What about what you said about Michelle Bachmann ? Montel Williams rips Josh Duggar:
Will the people of the internet rushing to defend the honor of Michelle Bachmann please not spell her name "Bockman?" smdh
Wait, did Michelle Bachmann do something different with her hair?
You belong in an insane asylum, getting Thorazine 300 mg every four hours, sharing a room with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann
Why is Ed looking into the wrong camera tonight ? Is he doing a Michelle Bachmann imitation ? it's annoying
Democrats should set up a PAC for him get the nomination,since Michelle Bachmann isn't running.
. They've made a TV series about Michelle Bachmann?
Making potentially controversial jokes is only OK if a wants to make a rape “joke” about Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann.
Do you think that Michelle Bachmann would go as far as to restrict the sale of sex toys if she were elected?
Remember when the left ridiculed Michelle Bachmann? -->Hillary's Terror-Tied Aide Had Full Access to E-mails |
I wonder if Michelle Bachmann ever figured out how to use those Google glasses.
Yet conservatives couldn't wait to dump Michelle Bachmann for simply saying this had been told to her by ONE MOM.
Bachmann upset we can’t indoctrinate immigrants into Christianity Nobody cares what you think Michelle, nobody!
all I need to see Is Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter and WorldNetDaily mentioned in the same story and I know there's fun coming.
Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Bobby's a party folks, you're all invited!
Is every republican running for president? I think one of Michelle Bachmann's desk toys is going to have a go next
He sounds like the Michelle Bachmann of Taiwanese politics from what little I've read. Endlessly entertaining too.
ya but he is rich now. same with Paul Ryan Michelle bachmann and many others.
Or rather Ann Coulter and Michelle Bachmann so we can turn the country into a huge mental facility
This woman have nothing but rhetoric! So why the Sarah Palin band Wagon?She n Michelle Bachmann are irrelevant!
Why America is moving left: Text smaller Text bigger Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann and Phyllis ...
Poor Bernie had to deal with two of the world's stupidest, most annoying people simultaneously... via
Michelle Bachmann was trying to Teach Ann Coulter how to button a button but they couldn't get the zipper up
5-3-15. Michelle Bachmann, Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, during an interview with Jan Mar
So michelle Bachmann is gonna be in sharknado 3. yall hope happens what i hope happens, right???
It's not as liberal as you might think. Also home of the Michelle Bachmann cult.
wasnt a dope like Michelle Bachmann out in front in Iowa at this time in 2012? (what value are these polls so early anyway)
and yes the corn dog gifs have put me in a mood, I'm on way to Sonic to do my Michelle Bachmann impression
"not all cultures are equal" -Michelle Bachman, U.S. House of Representatives
now i know who gives money to Michelle Bachmann
The Republican Party's Michelle Bachmann spouts the word of God.
GU's Religiot of the Week: Michelle Bachmann. Revels in the imminent 'rapture of the church' (apocalypse) . .
Escort/brothel professional, Michelle Bachmann is complaining cause she lost clients for her prostitution business.
That doesn't mean she's better. You may as well have Michelle Bachmann run again then
-Michelle Bachmann is God's personal warning to sinners everywhere "this is how you'll end up, if you don't repent now"!
-the swarms of earthquakes happening in the Midwest are obviously caused by Michelle Bachmann's unbalanced thinking.
The sad thing is, plenty of dudes think it's just cool to comment on the *appearance* of Michelle Bachmann, or Ann Coulter, etc.
Oh well I would have bet you 3 nice links about Michelle Bachmann for 2 nice links about H/S rail
. Sorry, fidiot--Crazy girl eyes is the exclusive domain of Michelle Bachmann. Have you ever had an original thought?. NAH!
Rona is Canada's version of Michelle Bachmann. Pay no attention to her.
The first set include Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann. Lol!
And now, a message for Michelle Bachmann from God.
...this actually came out of her mouth. Michelle Bachmann, one of the few people who could make Home
Michelle Bachmann: Obama's poor relationship with Israel will bring the return of Jesus
Michelle Bachmann is my favorite apocalypticist.
Steve King from seems to have picked up the craziness where Michelle Bachmann left off. Iowans must be so proud!
omg like thanks for telling me!!! Our state is so awsssummm for electing democrats like Michelle Bachmann
Ted is the second hope of the Democratic party. Michelle Bachmann is 1st Choice.
Let me guess he is probably a tea bagger. One thing to consider, St Cloud is the home district of Michelle Bachmann.
Follow and work for Michelle Bachmann you two
Oh yes, you're under attack like Michelle Bachmann says. These are the end days ! The devil's coming to get you
Michelle is the best entertainment we have. The Game of Thrones of disastrous politicians. BACHMANN OVERDRIVE,...
I don't understand why Michelle Bachmann hates *** so much, I mean she IS married to one..
SNP will NEVER join Conservatives in a Coalition govt. EVER! There's a better chance of Michelle Bachmann dating …
Michelle Bachmann knows when the Rapture is?
How is the WaPo report different from Michelle Bachmann saying a woman she met told her..?
"I have the constitutional right to kill other people's kids" Michelle Bachmann
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. Judith Miller is to Journalism what Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann are to Politics!
Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert got slammed for wanting an investigation on MCCAIN!
I have a phone smarter than Michelle Bachmann
My answer to Is Michelle Bachmann right in saying Obama will bring about the Biblical end of days?
and you do. wow. Michelle Bachmann got in a lot of trouble for saying the EXCACT thing
Bernie has a hard time debating Michelle Bachmann. Imagine what Hillary is going to do to him.
Michelle Bachmann *really* thinks Jesus is coming back soon, or just going for the "We're going to die soon anyway" apocalypse vote in 2016?
OMFG are you kidding me. Go talk to Michelle Bachmann about end-times. Let's rehash the SOS. So tiring
Marcus & Michelle Bachmann announce new book on preserving the passion in Christian marriage, to be titled 50 Shades of Pray.
Yesterday I remembered that Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann were both legitimate contenders for the last GOP nomination.I cried a little
Good point. Demonize any Republican Congressmen to the left of Michelle Bachmann.
Wow. More believably human expressions than Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin *together*.
Right out of the mouth of extremist Michelle Bachmann. The second amendment is your right to violently assemble.
The filth on my phone has evolved into a semi-advanced colony; appears to have formed super-pac supporting a Michelle Bachmann candidacy.
tfw half of mom's side of the family likes Michelle Bachmann and she's the only sensible one
still looney Christian conservatives and Michelle Bachmann are upset that even can't pull it off.
Crazy club member of the month Michelle Bachmann!
I can never tell whether an article about Michelle Bachmann is satire or not.
according to Michelle Bachmann you'll be able to meet him in person thanks to obama
Michelle Bachmann: A one woman hate group. Too bad she and Marcus don't have a reverse therapy to turn hate filled heretics into Christians.
God speaks to Michelle Bachmann: "Oh, Michelle. We have your straitjacket ready now .. and btw Marcus is *** "
Michelle Bachmann has a law degree from Liberty University. Nothing more need be said ...
Hum the tune of She's got Betty Davis Eyes and insert Michelle Bachmann, kinda catchy!
REALITY CHECK IN THD MALE: When I hear myself or others say how much we look forward to the day when they celebrate a woman being inaugurated... I'm right there with you, to see this long overdue at long last .a woman as President of the United States. But... let's be careful not state too simply that we 'want a woman president'. Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann or Joni Ernst (who will do the GOP rebuttal tonight to President Obama's State of the Union address) are all happy to oblige.
Michelle Bachmann for President, because it's time for a female George Dubya!
Michelle Bachmann and fellow white jacket wackadoodles ask President Obama to bomb Iran at Christmas Party
Santa got a Christmas gift for Michelle Bachmann's husband.
The last days of Michelle Bachmann on the Hill.
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