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Michele Bachmann

Michele Marie Bachmann (née Amble; born April 6, 1956) is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing , a post she has held since 2007. The district includes several of the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, such as Woodbury, and Blaine as well as Stillwater and St.

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To your point, the only other one I can think of is a Republican, Michele Bachmann, and we know what loon she is.
He said, from the state that sent Michele Bachmann to congress
last I checked, the likes of Kay Ivey, Joni Ernst, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and so many more FEMALES…
Please come to Andover, Minnesota. It's a Michele Bachmann area of elites, in a small suburb of Minneap…
Sources say Michele bachmann is going to have a run against Amy Klobuchar for Minnesota Senate.
Remember how tried to "prove" Michele Bachmann was a AND a by trying to "out" her h…
White supremacist Roy Moore and klansman Mike Pence are hate brothers. See one of many hate bills Pence personally…
2009: "3 days is an embarrassment," said Rep. Michele Bachmann, R "They know this health care bill is radioactive..…
Hillary Clinton. Debbie WS. Donna Brazile. Michele Bachmann. Betsy DeVoss. I could go on...what's your point?…
And never forget Michele Bachmann’s warring right wing Tea Party crazies... Tom, I’m recalling the ***
Hey Bill, I turned you off years ago for bullying female conservatives such as Michele Bachmann
You look like a life size candle of Michele Bachmann t…
You started the Tea Party that gave us intelligent voi…
Let's not make this about gender. After all Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Kel…
Well this got upvoted fast. This bought representative brought to you by the same district that brought you Michele…
My other favorite is WORTH drumroll you go girl. :-)
Remember when Bernie "debated" Michele Bachmann in 2015 . If he was sexist it would have come o…
I read the link... I'm not calling you sexist but I mean come on. The double standard that women p…
I love that Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul are on Russia right now, but Nigeria is a total disaster for people too.
You'll have to understand we never knew someone could be this crazy and get elected.…
Just for the record: Jesus rolls his eyes & shakes his head whenever you mention Michele Bachmann.
Do you remember when Michele Bachmann kicked off her presidential campaign in Waterloo and cited the town as the bi…
Core of Conviction HAND SIGNED by Michele Bachmann! Minnesota! Tea Party 1st/1st
Back when Michele Bachmann was running for president, I hoped he'd be her running mate if she was no…
I love that Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul to be the 2016 GOP nominee -->
Ah the right wing nut job talking point that’s been debunked. How’s that kool aid tas…
I mean, i guess it’s a small step up from that time Michele Bachmann’s info source was “some woman I…
More on 🤣. 1/Senator McCain and others roundly criticized Rep. . Michele Bachmann in 2012 when she and four…
Remember Michele Bachmann's crack about America "needing to be more like China"?. RT…
MICHELE BACHMANN is CONFUSED! They hurt themself in their confusion!
Small business is the backbone of the economy, and where the jobs are generated. Michele Bachmann . Small and...   10% Off
I agree women should have more opportunities but we have to make sure they're the RIGHT w…
I've long described Michele Bachmann (and others like her) as the type that would serve…
WATCH: Interview with former U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at the
Michele Bachmann on the OIC blasphemy laws and the to destroy YouTube
Very selective with his prayer answering. Gotta do it just right or else it will backfire. Ju…
"We need GOD back in government!"? Glad my area isn't part of that, but Minnesota Republicans (*Cough*…
Michele Bachmann and Tony Perkins are meeting with el-Sisi to share their anti-LGBT agenda. No, really. Because thi…
I added a video to a playlist Michele Bachmann! A Full on Sermon! Values Voters Summit!
Guessing he's presently not being as insulting as he was to Michele Bachmann.
Yeah, because people like Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Corrine Brown and Michele Bachmann have all been…
Five years ago was the last election Michele Bachmann won. The vote was SO CLOSE. She decided not to run again afte…
That photo of Michele Bachmann over your left shoulder says it all.
Come and Celebrate Israel Featuring our special guest Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Wednesday, November 15th...
Michele Bachmann: The rapture is coming and it's Obama's fault
Longtime antagonist of the Mutual Domain, erstwhile Fabric. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), is search to obtain the broad ...
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The only two people who don't seem to suspect that Lindsey Graham is a closeted homosexual are Lindsey…
Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are her bffs. They run the Crazy-Eye…
I find these comments an assault on any thinking progressive Christian like me! Faith shows in deeds not words, to say…
Sore subject for Graves for Congress 2012 - came w/n 1% of defeating Michele Bachmann with no outside help.
Benton tgot clipped trying to bribe a senator on Bachmann's campaign in 2012; she "disappeared" after scandal: . htt…
teaparty. tcot. gop. cim. "While Newt was fighting for Fannie and Freddie, I was fighting against them." ~Michele Bachmann teaparty tcot gop cim
"This was an historic meeting that I believe is setting into motion an historic relationship between an Arab...
So we're narrowing the field of sycophantic Michele-Bachmann-bug-eyed imbeciles. RogerStone that, Cap'n.
“Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran are the very epitome of evil.”–Michele Bachmann
If Trump hoped to convince Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to demonstrate greater tolerance, he should’ve sent a better team.…
Anti *** Talibangelicals met with anti *** Egyptian dictator, because of course they did.
Trump’s evangelical advisers have been relatively quiet recently, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been idle.
Why is Trump sending Michele Bachmann to meet Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi?
never forget that tom petty banned Michele Bachmann from playing "American Girl" at campaign events.
Michele Bachmann says her new ministry to the U.N. is “a vital part of preparing the world for the End Times.” 0_0.
It flares up every now and again. We actually did once write a…
They're all there: Hank, Waylon, Willie, Cash, Merle and Michele Bachmann. @ The Stage on Broadway
Aside: Michele Bachmann's "Obama will use Census data to send us to internment camps" analysis was w/ Megyn Kelly:
Ah yes. In 2010, Michele Bachmann implied that Obama would use Census data to round up white Americans and send the…
I love that Michele Bachmann and in more honest in the mornings says science -->
note, that, in that list, noted Genious Michele Bachmann had more RELEVANT education to governance than Rick Perry.
This is my favorite theory though. It's scientific because they have a graph and everything.
Dahl previously served as an assistant to former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Say no more...
After grad from college, Miller worked as a press sec for Michele Bachmann; Miller started working 4 J…
Say no more. She worked for head case, Michele Bachmann.
Ex-Breitbart writer and aide to Michele Bachmann is off of the National Security Council
Another briebart racist removed from the WH. 😊 😊 Anyone that was an assistant to Michele Bachmann prob doesnt have…
Ugh. A Bannonite Breitbarter AND a Michele Bachmann alum…now headed to USAID.
Republicans OWN the violent political rhetoric category. They OWN it. Find one natl Dem, Glenn…
honestly the best thing about this is that "Christians for Michele Bachmann" shared it
Ha. Love the Michele Bachmann-esque crazy eyes. Is that the dead give away for a hypocritical Evangelical?
wasn't it presidential candidate Michele Bachmann who predicted $2 a gallon gasoline?
Wasn't it Michele Bachmann about a year or so ago who predicted gasoline would drop to $2 a gallon?
Hannity used footage from a Glenn Beck rally to make a Michele Bachmann rally look bigger than it actually was.
he "WAS" an anti-semite? is that like being half pregnant? or is there some sort of conversion program run…
Oh, look! Matt Taibbi raises his ugly head, he wanted to see the 'hate-rape' of Michele Bachm…
Michele Bachmann on Trump's 'evangelical advisory board' 🙄
"Michele Bachmann, the former Republican congresswoman who represented parts of Minneapolis, said the chaotic...
PRAISE THE LORD! 'Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann has claimed that Donald Trump’s election victory was a...
Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann has claimed that Donald Trump's election victory was a "supernatural…
Remember when Rep. Michele Bachmann was on the House Intelligence Committee?
And kinda stupid. . Press handler for Michele Bachmann. Looks like lovechild between Pee Wee Herman and Joseph Goeb…
Stephen Miller worked for Michele Bachmann then Jeff Sessions. Hes a true believer in the craziest, most racist wing of th…
Wrong!...after Friday you can replay the Michele Bachmann of doomsday ACA death agenda, only it'll be Trumpcare!
Democrats: "Can't get any crazier than Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.". Donald Trump: "Here, hold my beer."
. "Government is not the family, it's not the church and it certainly should not be the doctor's office." --Michele Ba…
Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, & Betsy DeVos. Republicans must be picking these to make women look stupid. I know b…
These Betsy DeVos clips are hard to watch. Very Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin-esque.
Betsy DeVos is basically Michele Bachmann with a bankroll.
Advisor 4 Jeff Sessions "worked with Michele Bachmann and is beloved by Ann Coulter."
John McCann denounced Michele Bachmann from the Senate floor and this investigation was ended.
. Michele Bachmann reminds you that God picked Trump to be GOP nominee but had no control over Obama's 2 wins. -John Fugelsang
Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann's husband just CAN'T WAIT for a ticket to see Bette Midler on Broadway in HELLO,DOLLY!
May as well ask Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Ann coulter for advice. The result will be the same
Michele Bachmann: I’m advising Trump on Islamic terrorism — like we face here in MN Down at the Piggly-Wiggly?
as if we need yet ANOTHER reason to fear Trump… ⁰Michele Bachmann: I'm advising Trump on foreign policy | TheHill
TRUMP: Michele Bachmann came out tonight. RYAN: Yeah?. TRUMP: Now that I'm full Breitbart it's like Christmas for kooks over here
The brought us Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and to top the list, Donald…
Just an insignificant representative ranked more conservative than Michele Bachmann.
it makes me so happy that Michele Bachmann is no longer a US Representative.
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The world defines 'waste' very differently than Jesus does.
Sexist attacks against any woman running for office are unacceptable. This includes attacks on Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.
Michele Bachmann is 1st GOP woman to represent her state in Congress. And she's got horrible resume.
It's tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland.
would you feel the same about Sarah Palin? or Michele Bachmann?
So you obviously supported Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann too then.
.Remember when Michele Bachmann claimed that she reads Mises "Human Action" on the beach lol.
I was in the Minnesota state Senate from 2000 until 2006. In 2006, I w...
If Michele Bachmann was a Democrat, Rachel Maddow would support her over Sen. Sanders, simply because of Mrs. Bachmann's gender.
Michele Bachmann's reading comprehension is a gift to political satire.
Hey, I took karate when I was 17 years old; I am dangerous.
It is not, for instance, afforded to a Ben Carson, a Clarence Thomas, a Michele Bachmann, a Peter Thiel.
Is it sexist to oppose Sarah Palin? Is it sexist to oppose Carly Fiorina? Is it sexist to oppose Michele Bachmann?
Left, duped by Onion parody, condemns Michele Bachmann
A normal way that the American free market system has worked is that w...
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My parents were divorced when I was a young teenager, and I was raised...
We're seeing the fulfillment of the Book of Judges here in our own tim...
like at least Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann are okay to look at
I have a very high opinion of Steve King and his ability, so I would e...
Whenever I see that phrase (not often, thankfully), I hear Michele Bachmann, with that Hearts of Space mystical background
If you ask me, every GOP candidate and Obama was sexist for not handing the Presidency to Michele Bachmann in 2012.
Michele Bachmann is still pushing them.
Michele Bachmann to Geithner and Bernanke: Where in the Constitution is this ...
Remember when Michele Bachmann said carbon dioxide is a "harmless gas?"
i.e. they can say that Michele Bachmann, Fox News, Palin, Jeff Sessions, et al are somehow Good and Fair and Smart, but Trump is horrifying.
Look what running for president did to Michele Bachmann’s career.
Someone will be exposing the lies that no doubt comprise Sanders’ campaigns. (How do people think Michele Bachmann won in MN?)
If getting a woman pres is all that matters Y not Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann sadly both have 'experience' 2
Michele Bachmann is always a great person to go to for an opinion abou...
Hey Tom, maybe you should run as a dem. We conservatives would rather have Michele Bachmann back or AJ Kern representing us.
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I'm not involved in light, frivolous matters. I'm not involved in frin...
The party that gave us Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, why aren’t we surprised you gave us Trump?
Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan, and Mike Pence should be first on the list.
My view of foreign policy is that we need to be careful and circumspec...
Michele Bachmann is looking for work.
Never in the history of the United States have we cut back on troops w...
I saw no feminists rally around Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, or Carly Fiorina. And everyone can wait another month.
The government has no business telling an individual what kind of ligh...
Ron Paul DESTROYS Michele Bachmann on Iran, booed for attacking Paul on ... via
What people recognize is that there's a fear that the United States is...
You don't stay married for 33 years and not compromise.
Michele Bachmann warns Obama will reveal he’s the Antichrist
It would be fun to have someone in the White House who has worked in t...
What I want to do is to make sure that we fully repeal Obamacare. This...
Not Betty Davis' eyes, More like Michele Bachmann's eyes. Looks like the boy next door, acts like Jeffrey Dahmer
idiocracy23 Have you ever looked into Michele Bachmann's eyes? TrumpIsChicken
LOL.Jane Sanders is hilarious. Her critiquing Krugman is like Michele Bachmann critiquing Stephen Hawking.
former Anoka US congresswoman Michele Bachmann thought that was crazy
He cribbed this goober-talk from Michele Bachmann. Or it and Michele's talk have a common ancestor.
Do you really think Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Juan Williams, John Stossel would go on for 5 listeners?
Random observation: Michele Bachmann was on the Senate Intelligence Committee ...
Minnesota has given us:. -Michele Bachmann. -Denny Hecker. -Jim Bakker. -Every GM and AD of every MN team ever
DakotaVoice JWC ScholarShare with Michele Bachmann: The fourth annual John Witherspoon College ScholarShare on...
Who is that man you CALL And . Dr. Michio Kaku. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
I want to see Herman Cain, Ben Carson & Michele Bachmann on Jeopardy hosted by Norm McDonald. I want to see Mike Huckabee eat ghost peppers.
Why in the world did Chris Matthews have that irrelevant heathen Michele Bachmann on his show
When you make fun of Alaska for electing Sarah Palin but then remember your state has Michele Bachmann
In 2012 Michele Bachmann claimed Libya was in Europe. In 2016 she thinks it's in the Middle East. I have a headache. https:…
I had great guests back in the day. Newt. Michele Bachmann. John Stossel, Juan Williams. It was a blast.
remember Michele Bachmann trying to get Anderson Cooper's attention at those things? lol
That is one thing I can agree with Michele Bachmann on. I have known Obama to be The AntiChrist the moment he was...
Sam Stein's new podcast is amazing-- it actually makes people like Michele Bachmann seem... human.
Seems legit...Michele Bachmann warns Obama will take over the United Nations — and then reveal he’s the Antichrist
Let's not forget Iowa picked Michele Bachmann in a straw poll after she mentioned John Wayne Gacy was from Waterloo.
Still one of the greatest things: Michele Bachmann bragging re: Waterloo, IA being home to John Wayne...when it was John Wayne Gacy.
At least Trump didn't get his John Waynes mixed up like Michele Bachmann did. You know, John Wayne Gacy, the mass murderer from Waterloo,IA.
Candidate Confessional will feature interviews with Howard Dean, Michele Bachmann, Michael Steele, and Wendy Davis.
Howard Dean, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann had grassroots movements too.
It used to be Michele Bachmann. Now probably Steve King.
Paul Ryan is the 1st Speaker of the House in 90+ years to grow a beard, after Michele Bachmann became the first Congresswoman to be a beard.
...because Steve King, Louie Gohmert, and Michele Bachmann not only ran for office, but won. And were re-elected.
Montel Williams has a murder wish for Rep. Michele Bachmann (Look how he treats women)
CORRECTION: Michele Bachmann won the IOWA "straw poll" in 2012...Santorum won the Iowa Caucus!
Checking out "Michele Bachmann's Letter Warning of Muslim Brotherhood and Her " on Tea Party Nation:
If anyone feels threatened by Donald Trump, remember that four years ago at this time, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann were leading.
"I'm for big business, too. But is where the jobs are generated." - Michele Bachmann
women running,Also I wonder Michele Bachmann was she an inspiration as
Call me a homer, but Michele Bachmann needs to be in this conversation.
Martin o'Malley is talking to Michele Bachmann's state of the union response
Conservatives attack Carly Fiorina for being pro-Islam via
how about Michele Bachmann. She got shot down by Tom Petty for using American Girl. She had no clue it was about a suicide
Well then God us a petulant child who punishes at complete random
Well, guys. "Michele Bachmann and I just had a moment" is not a phrase I ever thought I'd type. 👀
The greatest misconception about demon possession is that Michele Bachmann isn't involved.
Why is CNN putting on Michele Bachmann backer Wayne Newton before the Democratic debate
Michele Bachmann just asked for example of when Catholics raped and beheaded people. Crowd yelled, "THE CRUSADES!!!"
It was a tough battle, they gave everything. But there can only be one winner. It's official. Michele Bachmann is dumber than Sarah Palin.
Are you kidding me? An actual Michele Bachmann birthday?
Paul Ryan is as far right as Michele Bachmann, according to DW Nominate, now being tarred as a RINO.
. No. The Alinskyite label came from a Texas Bible thumper who was upset I told him Michele Bachmann is irrelevant.
Michele Bachmann reminds us, yet again, that she's completely off her rocker
Red State Americans are 9.3x more likely to vote for Michele Bachmann on The All-Time Worst People in History
Politicon 2015 [GALLERY] – Photos from the Los Angeles event that featured ...
5 worst right-wing moments of the moment — Michele Bachmann is completely off her rocker via
Michele Bachmann said she could talk to God - I like that in a leader. Which one of you can talk to God?
No, that is why you will never be president Michele Bachmann.
Ben is giving Michele a run on stupid.
Michele Bachmann is still&opposed to same-sex marriage.&The former Minnesota rep, who once dismissed the fight for
The Iowa Straw Poll was canceled because of irrelevancy. Michele Bachmann won it last time.
Michele Bachmann suggests the devastating is God's wrath for American foreign policy
Michele Bachmann was correct about Hillary, Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood …htt…
In Sept. 2011, TX Gov. Rick Perry was beating Romney 29-17 in national polling. Michele Bachmann was pulling 30% in Iowa.
On this day 4 years ago, Michele Bachmann won the now-defunct Iowa Straw Poll
Michele Bachmann won the last Iowa Straw Poll... Just saying...
*** like Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, and Sarah Palin are allowed to be considered serious political …
Jan Markell and Michele Bachmann are fools leading fools who promote nonsense.
"In an interview with Religious Right radio host Jan Markell this weekend, former Rep. Michele Bachmann..."
(in Africa) to the Iowa State Fair in 2011 running around after Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann...
Michele Bachmann says we should celebrate the fact that Obama ushered in nuclear war, End Times
Michele Bachmann still a lunatic, gleefully cites Obama's Iran deal as sign of the apocalypse
Michele Bachmann says what we know: rejecting will bring war. This makes her happy.
You never see Jan Markell and Michele Bachmann in the same room. Just an observation.
Michele Bachmann says World War III is upon us, thanks to President Obama
Let's not forget Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee etc... The doors to the asylums left wide open.
Rick Perry returns Sun. to Electric Park Ballroom, where he famously upstaged Michele Bachmann in her hometown 1 day after Iowa Straw Poll.
I thought the last GOP primary season was a train-wreck. Apparently, it was just a warm up. Michele Bachmann? Herman Cain? Newt? Santorum?
cause they are so fun to watch . In the third Ann coulter ,Jerry springer ,Michele Bachmann and Anthony weiner appear
The RCP polling average July 2011: Mitt Romney first at 24 percent, Michele Bachmann second at 18 percent, and Rick San…
You just need a third rhyme for Michele Bachmann-endorsement-era Kelsey Grammer
Four years ago Michele Bachmann was leading the GOP candidates and Obama. 8 years ago Fred Thompson was. Now Trump - LOL
"Michele Bachmann revealed Saturday that leadership, led by John Boehner has no intention of resisting e…
Michele Bachmann is a true patriot and stands up for the conservative principles that make America thrive'
If Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Michele Bachmann & a red brick were on Jeopardy, it would be the 1st time a winner said nothing. Disgraceful
Montel Williams, who advised Michele Bachmann to slit her throat, decries Rush Limbaugh's incivility:
Michele Bachmann sends Marcus to bravely bite down on Obama's Apocalyptic Wiener of the
Michele Bachmann has not ruled out a 2016 run. Hopefully she makes her announcement before Marcus makes his.
Michele Bachmann compares President Barack Obama to the co-pilot of doomed Germanwings flight http:…
Michele Bachmann has the eyes of a witch. Why do sub humans like Michelle get press time? She is dumber than a...
Why is any1 quoting Michele Bachmann: Obama 'Virtually Guarantees...World War III' is psychotic & not smart.
Michele Bachmann compares President Obama to Germanwings co-pilot who killed 149 people
Michele Bachmann compares Obama to Andreas Lubitz, the pilot who downed the Germanwings Airliner
Michele Bachmann says she supports Indiana anti *** bill. Her husband Marcus is hiding in the closet and unavailable f…
In fairness, Tom Cotton is a worthy heir to Michele Bachmann.
‼️re - I knew she reminded me of someone! It is US Tea Party Michele Bachmann! Traitor.
Michele Bachmann is my favorite politician who's opposed to *** marriage, and in one.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Congratulations, Michele Bachmann! Now that Minnesota has approved *** marriage, you're finally free to marry your *** husband!
UGGH "we want our democracy to be based on christianity. any other religion would make it a theocracy." - michele bachmann
When is Dana Perino RIGHT about ANYTHING, Mark? She's no Madame Curie-- or Michele Bachmann, for that matter?
not disgusted by Michele Bachmann voting AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act
Lee, Van Buren, Cedar and Washington. Missed that day of Michele Bachmann's Full-Grassley-in-10-days back in 2011.
How Michele Bachmann inspired to debunk politician's "errors":
Canada's own Michele Bachmann, only without the wit, intelligence and style.
I love that Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz's faces right now.
Michele Bachmann & Fox "News" Push Billion Dollar Lie and Get Caught (no...: via
well after that stunt I'd place him in the same circle as Michele Bachmann lol
Carson will go far. He's the Michele Bachmann of 2016
I was trying so hard to take Michele Bachmann's chances seriously.
Ⓡ Michele Bachmann There are Muslims who are very frustrated by last week's absurd White House three-day summi...
Karl Rove and the GOP bought Michele Bachmann the Straw Poll .
THE 113th CONGRESS: Rep. Michele Bachmann says she formed this caucus to get Congress back to obeying the Constitution
.I remember fondly how Michele Bachmann rode that Iowa Straw Poll win all the way to the White House!!
Rand Paul won CPAC's Straw Poll. I predict this means as much for his prospects as Michele Bachmann's performance at 2012 Ames Straw Poll.
I would have guessed Michele Bachmann, but I doubt that anything could fix those crazy eyes...
It is wholly unreal how rude some people in Michele Bachmann's district are to POC. No I'm not an *** & yes I know what I'm talking about.
How Michele Bachmann inspired to debunk lies about science via
Which of course ONLY theory that MSM/you find acceptable. Nemtsov importance in Russia = . Michele Bachmann in USA
will quit picking on Michele Bachmann now.
Ⓡ Michele Bachmann The President is now spending $3 billion on Obamacare that Congress never authorized!! The ...
Peacock Spiders are better dancers than Michele Bachmann's husband. Now that's impressive! RT!
Scott Walker must be filling the void of wisdom left by Michele Bachmann .
You're free to disagree with them! And who in 2012 was more electable than Mitt? Santorum? Ron Paul? Michele Bachmann? Please.
It was Rep. Michele Bachmann, who said it, I believe. Her claim for why the museum shouldn't exist was ridiculous lol
That is how to govern if you really care about national security. And put Michele Bachmann on the Intel Committee, also too.
Michele Bachmann, what color is Marcus' dress?
Determined to scare morons, Bachmann links US cop shooting with Isis
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
MICHELE BACHMANN served in the military and is a possible Presidential candidate.
He is vying for the role of the male Michele Bachmann. Even Gohmert isn't this stupid.
At last year's Michele Bachmann called conservatism "at its core an intellectual movement"
. Honestly? Someone like Michele Bachmann had more problems than just policy disagreements.
Rand Paul. For people who thought Michele Bachmann's health advice was "too sciencey."
Remember when you thought you'd be President? Pulls a Michele Bachmann on Vaccine Safety via
Michele Bachmann urged a massive protest against Obama's immigration action—but no one came
It's like Michele Bachmann's 2011 win never happened
"Freaky Super Tuesday," where Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann switch bodies and nobody notices.
Shades of Michele Bachmann crouching in the hedges from the scary *** people.
former Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, possibly former 2008 vice presidential nominee and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and
Michele Bachmann's campaign cmte brought in ~$180k in Q4 of 2014 by renting its donor list:
I think Michele Bachmann might just be a new identity for Katherine Harris.
Come to think of it, didn't Michele Bachmann become a national figure after Katherine Harris lost her congressional race disastrously?
A minute ago someone posted a picture of Michele Bachmann and for a second I thought she was Florida's own Katherine Harris.
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Maybe John came out of the closet and thought he was . Michele Bachmann
sometimes I look at the events of the world and think- What would president Michele Bachmann do?
*** pride. Pink Paper News: *** have a right to marry but only with the opposite sex, Michele Bachmann says *** pride
I see wild-eyed articles flying around that look like they could have come from the pen of Michele Bachmann.
With Michele Bachmann gone, if Sara Palin quits the we do for laughs? Can any of the other…
Allright we got Michele Bachmann in the mix now too
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