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Micheal Caine

Sir Michael Caine, CBE (born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite on 14 March 1933) is a British actor and author.

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Christian Bale will always be Batman & Micheal Caine will always be Alfred
Wanted: One scarf that WON'T make me look like Micheal Caine in A Muppet's Christmas Carol
I cried during that movie. I was hella sad when Micheal Caine was talking about Clive Owens baby
The Island (1980) with Micheal Caine. Weird movie with a dark but oh so satisfying ending!
Micheal Caine in Last Valley is my hero though!
Tara Reid bot. Thanks Gary Busey. And the Sharknado is following them. We sure Micheal Caine isn't going to show up.
ah jeez, so have a sad Micheal Caine...
: i dont get it. I see Stallone and Micheal Caine in the picture.
but did she approve of your Micheal Caine?
Micheal Caine is coming back to BTCC... THIS IS AMAZING NEWS.
Got nothin this week other than a dig at normy for the Micheal Caine
i like them..quite Micheal Caine ish..60s cool..suppose you have to have taste to get it..😎
Remember when Micheal Caine fought pirates who were led by Tinker from Lovejoy and David Warner?
[Video] Micheal Caine on acting... how men cry
I need someone to be my Micheal Caine era Alfred. Just follow me around with positive cockney quips like "Why do we fall Mastuh Wayne?"
Like any of them could touch Micheal Caine
Sir micheal caine holds this film together
Micheal Caine, Bruce Forsythe & David Attenborough to cack it before 2017
Good Night you princes of Maine. ~Micheal Caine; Cider House Rules. Congrats on the win today brother!
Micheal Caine and Liam Neeson in the same movie and it's a batman film😍 why have I not watched this yet😍😍
See Chambers is still a liability then thank god Micheal Caine was offside
I now have hiccups & a loop of "we are the Pigs Head Protection Society" singing in my head a la Micheal Caine. Thanks 😑
Coke Caine cowboys..Micheal Irving was snortin at the same time catching passes 😭😭 I'm bout to throw da eagles some coke we gon win then. .
Heath Ledger's Joker scared Micheal Caine (Alfred) so bad, he forgot his lines.
wow! The micheal Caine lookalike is an obvious plant there!
new Stonehearst asylum poster with Kate beckinsale,Jim sturgess with Sir ben kingsley and micheal caine
Posted a new photo: "no it's not Micheal Caine. it's Chuck our drummer. studio between takes"
Alfie (2004). . Slightly unnecessary remake . I like Jude Law, but he is NOT Micheal Caine!. Follows the same plot as the original. 📱
Harry brown channel 5* 10pm tonight ... Defo watchin that, Micheal Caine's a very naughty man in it !!!
A classic Retro/Vintage style made famous by Micheal Caine and Buddy Holly
...meanwhile Micheal Caine - the Whistle blower what a great film - on now - movies4men!
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Two films from the archives that are nice: Grand Theft Auto (starring Ron Howard) and The Whistleblower (starring Micheal Caine) 1977.
. Spot on kinkypep he looked like Micheal fcukin Caine against UTD. and he only had contend with Sprawlling Woy will soon fcuk im up
Physically and emotionally incapable of hearing Micheal Caine speak now thanks to The Trip.
To be honest, I believe the British accent got me. Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Micheal Caine... They left out Tom Hiddleston, though. *sigh*
I mean the cast. Anne Hathaway, Micheal Caine (Alfred), Hans Zimmer (he did the music for the trilogy) and Christopher Nolan
John Simm is like Micheal Caine. I can watch anything with him in, and love it. Just saying
think Dan Shak should be voice for new batman villian...him, Morgan Freeman & Micheal Caine
...Bill Cosby, Micheal Caine & a fleeting cameo from James Coburn. Everything's going wrong in Beverley Hills on the week of the '78 Oscars!
Can't bare to see Micheal Caine cry :'(
I always get sad when I see Micheal Caine cry in the Dark Knight 😫
I have to wash dishes and bath these kids,pple i will be back let first do house work mom wil cain me if i dont do.
I have had some people, ones I have know all my life unfriend me because I as most know am anti Obama. I see what he has done and is doing to our once great nation and I will never stop till he is gone and we are on the right track again. I have my opinion and you have yours. If you don't like mine just delete me or set me so you don't see my post. I have liberal, conservative, libertarian, and independent friends and a few that really don't care. But I don't throw away a friendship because of what they say. we all have our right to say what we think. So to those who deleted or are going to delete me.IT IS YOUR LOSS OF A TRUE FRIEND! GOD BLESS AMERICA. IMPEACH OBAMA!!!
Micheal Caine and Morgan Freeman in the same film
I need to see now you see me if Morgan Freeman and micheal caine is in it its bound to be good
My oldest brother is now retired...a scary thought in itself. Then I realized that ALL FIVE of my siblings are in their 50s. No!
Today is a day where I turn into Micheal Caine and learn how to cook using one good hand
Idk why but los swaggers me cain gordos se cren bien chingonez con sus jordans de 20$
There are now the large rock statues of their parents. The white rock wolf with the moon symbol on its chest was the statue of their mother. The winged black rock wolf with the fire symbol was their father. Both their parents were shapeshifters. Their father was a demonic Lycan, and their mother was the Moon Goddess...but also a vampiric elven queen. Their love for each other was forbidden by their clans. Their father was known as Sparta by the humans.who turned against his clan and fought them to protect his four children. Their mother was known as Lucreta to her people...who left her clan to stand by her lovers side. During the battle, their fathers clan killed their mother...leaving Sparta with his three daughters and only son. Her and her brothers two younger siblings didn't make it through the winter.but her and her brother were determined to fight on for their life. Once their mothers clan found out what happened to their queen, they wanted blood for blood. They sent out a hunting party to kill the ...
A film! I just seen a trailer now got an all star cast too! Morgan Freeman Micheal Caine etc
theatre mein dekha. I sooo wanted to see it man. Kidhar release hua hai? Jesse eisenberg nd ruffalo. Micheal caine too.
What shall I do in a time like this?!?
Aries Cantero So I just got done watching Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. This movie wasn't as good as the first or second one, almost felt like Christopher Nolen had no desire to make this one and the studio wanted him to make it. First off, Gary Oldman, Morgen Freemen, Sir Micheal Cain, Liam Nielseen, great acting, no complains. This movie was an ok movie, not all the acting was bad and I got to say this one was bit too corny. The actor who played Bain, did a great job of acting, weither he looks like the comic book Bain, reminds to be seen. I always viewed Bain no longer human, kinda stupid, not smart like they did in the movie. Anna Hathaway, she does good acting, but as the part of Catwoman, they should have picked a better actress. There were moments where she connected and some parts where it felt she was playing a label. She should have done better job of understanding her character, the relationships and finding her character's humor, which in some parts, most of the time her character wa ...
If we are to believe the media, some of the movies and other forms of entertainment, then the Bible is full of myths and fairytales and we should not take the Bible anything other than a collection of stories that borrowed alot of its stuff from pagan and mystery religions. And I must admit, that sentiment sounds really really convincing for sure. We hear it time and time again.from scientific greats like Richard Dawkins, and Micheal Shermer and Lawrence Krauss, as well as the likes of Bill Marr. But a falsehood does not change to truth via repetition. "Any story sounds true until someone sets the record straight." Proverbs 18:17 And that is exactly how we can describe the sentiment offered by the likes of Dawkins, Krauss, Shermer and Marr. They have the 'sound' of truth, but not the 'substance' of truth. There is a world of difference. And these guys have no problem with ridiculing the Bible and those who believe in it. But ridicule and refute are different words. Afterall, a piggy bank with only '2 cent ...
If you say "my cocaine", it sounds as if micheal caine is saying his own name lmao
Added to the list for the contest: Zack Hudspeath and Gavin Hawthorne!! Thanks for sharing our status/page!!
Inception is the best science fiction film I have ever seen in my life Leonardo Di Caprio - Ken watanbe - Ellen Page - Tom Hardy - Joseph Jordon Levitt - Marion Cotillard - Micheal Caine written,dproduced and directed by Christopher Nolan
Good morning! The sunrise ceremony begins in 1 hour. Other commemorative events for the 137th Anniversary of the Battle start at 10 am. See you there!
Hard day for my family we just buried m Aunt Viola Cain or as we new her Vedo,loved her very much ,she was last sibling my father has living,so please keep him in your prayers and also Paul Micheal Deason he was very close to her,Thanks.
Yeah, it does. Have you seen the interview where Micheal Caine falls asleep?
*** my secret is out... For you see, I AM Sir Micheal Caine.
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Currently drinking tea with biscuits on a red bus going around Trafalgar Square with Sir Micheal Caine.
... And she said with total conviction... "I have to give my children a better future so please is there a place I could meet real sexy white guys, someone like David Beckham?"... and my heart wept for this beautiful black woman... so I asked "Why do you think your children will have a better shot at life if they were biracial?"... and she answered with complete belief... "nothing good can come out of black people"... I was dumbfounded, to think that this lady held a masters degree and yet could hold such views... and as though she could read my thoughts she stabbed me deeper with the monstrosity of her ignorance ... "by the way, biracial babies are just the cutest things in the world" ... so I asked "so being biracial is better than being black?"... and she persisted with her conscious or unconscious naivety "Its the best you can come to being white" ... I opened my mouth and my voice found not its voice, she read the shock in my eyes and fired another salvo... "Do you think if Obama's mother wasn't whit ...
Micheal Caine is a god, he should run the country
Every responsible dog owner or pet parent knows that getting a dog is a life-long commitment. From the moment you open your heart and home to a loyal dog, you'r
Jesse Essinburg, Morgan Freeman, Micheal Caine, Mark Ruffalo... its gawny be a belter!
My name is micheal Caine your bloody doors off:-)
Are Len Goodmam and Micheal Caine actually the same person?
On my way from fishing...i must say i had a good time...thanks Lilly i had fun... beats being in the twin.
Just found out Albert Einstein, Quincy jones , Micheal Caine, Nat KIng Cole are all Pisces power line up tho
They also anoint. There are “anointed” preachers preaching “anointed” messages to thrill audiences who come to have their ears tickled, and to be entertained. Babylon is one beautiful woman, powerful, impressive, “godly,” and gifting, in one way or another, all her subjects to perform and be counted. She is all there is to be admired and desired on earth and has power to dispense the same to those who unite with her. Her price? Your life! As it says, “Her feet go down to death, her steps lay hold of Sheol” (Proverbs 5:5). “Now therefore, listen to me, my children; pay attention to the words of my mouth: do not let your heart turn aside to her ways, do not stray into her paths; for she has cast down many wounded, and all who were slain by her were strong men. Her house is the way to *** descending to the chambers of death” (Proverbs 7:24-27). This great, magnificent woman is not the common street prostitute, but the same woman described in Revelation, chapters 17, 18, and 19. It was r . ...
Another prediction.d Wade is going to dislike LeBron by the end of the career!
Alright, this needs to be said. Anderson Silva will beat Chris Weidman. Most people know I don't like Anderson Silva but how can you not at least respect this mans skills? It's always amazing to watch unless he's clowning someone like Maia. Weidman is a good fighter and has a lot of potential but I don't see him hurting Silva on the ground or Chris being able to keep him down for 5 rounds without getting tko'd. I want to see Chris Weidman win and add to the newer breed title holders but I doubt it happens. -Gary
Raging up my plc ft David , Cain , and Michael (:
Full mixed track produced by DmbBeats
This video is comprised of footage from the Rajhi Gahler / Megajoos Flordeluxe Tour in June 2013. Featuring "Strange Love" off Rajhi Gahler Vol. 1 recorded b...
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Micheal Robin Cain was a very sweet, loving guy, he was my aunt BJ's grandson she was my nanas sister, that I guess made micheal my cousin, micheal and I had a special relationship, I loved him very much and he will be missed dearly.God has took a very special man away from us this is true, but he needed an angel for some very special jobs, that no one else could do but micheal.
Found this info on another horse site,,,sounds like we need to be aware, "If a Micheal Cain contacts you to purchase some of your not believe a word he says...he is a fraud...delete him and block him from your friend list...I had a terrible experience with this man wanting to purchase some of my horses.wouldn't send a down payment...lied to another party involved...told different stories to other people...he has no money to buy horses.gave every excuse he could use...just a warning to all who are selling horses.Thanks!! 19Like · · Promote · Sha
Yep sounds like my boys James Lewis Neff and Micheal Cain
Just curious to see how many people think im pretty... So if you think im
All's I'm saying is that if Joss Whedon wrote a new Power Rangers movie, that was directed by Christopher Nolan, with plenty of sex, explosions, drama, at least one dead Power Ranger, and Ken Jeong as Alpha, I and the rest of my generation would fight each other to get to the theaters. Wanna fix the economy? The Green Ranger Rises.
I must give props to some of the "God" fathers than have helped me along the way. Some family, some friends, all relevent!!! Grand daddy!! Uncles Frank, Joe, Bill, Eric, Geech, P-Nut, Buster... Gene Thomas would come help me with my math; Billy Brown had to get me back in school a few times, James McKay & Richard Cain for the constant threat to put the "paws on me"; Rufus Timmons, Slo Rogers, Micheal Williams & Giggi James Isreal for being part of my "village" (all the Williams Heights dads showed real love!) Uncle Rex with that disipline! Mr. Ebbie Shaw (Big Brothers) took me to Disneyworld the 1st time; Mr. Bonnie & Mr. Bivans for wisdoms that will last my lifetime; Robert for all the school clothes & summer school you paid for... Rudy Wheeler & King David Singleton (Morris College family) Coach Norman Singletary who ALWAYS encourages... & Pastor Ralph W Canty Sr, who has been more of a blessing than he will ever know... To much to be thankful for to complain about not having a man in the house. Yes it ...
I want to say a Big Happy Father's Day to Sandra J. Ridley who was mommy and daddy for me and my sister as we were coming up love her to pieces she still offers her wisdom in difficult times but there were some great men in our lives who also helped to take up the slack Lynn Cain Sr, Lynn Cain Jr who are both watching over us from heaven and Micheal Cain our Grandfather and Our Uncle's love you all
Okay, IF baby B is a boy, Corey insists on having the first name start with "C" but I am having a hard time finding any C names that I really like.
With Jessie Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Micheal Caine and Morgan Freeman, this movie is already worth seeing. Beyond that the story looks awesome, if a bit confusing.
every scene with Micheal caine is reality just so you know
Micheal Caine n role of beauty advisor, to Sandra Bullock contestant: "Your eyebrows, there should be two."
"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"-((thick Micheal Caine accent)
"If Micheal Grant wanted FEAR to be more realistic he should have had Caine call everyone peasants while he was king of the FAYZ"
yea!! Micheal Caine just went off on one
Anyone who says that money can't buy you happines is putting out propaganda for the rich...Micheal Caine
that's okay Lesean & I are going to be hanging out with Morgan Freeman & Micheal Caine so. Yeah
"Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." Micheal Caine as Alfred in BatmanBegins™
If you say the words my cocaine you sound like Micheal Caine saying Micheal Caine
I want to watch a film with Micheal Caine in but I only have Harry Brown handy and that's just depressing.
nah the one with Micheal caine is the best :D
I love you really bebs. I'm reading Micheal Caine's biography, how about you? LOL
Micheal Caine in Ipcress file, What a dish!
The one thing I never do with a woman, I never crawl to one, they either take me as I am or not at all. (Alfie/Micheal Caine version)
You cant go around depressed, youve got to think of others. (Alfie/Micheal Caine version)
"smile everyday, life is not a rehearsal..." - Sir Micheal Caine. My favourite quote of all time.
Nolan: "It's always good to have some Micheal Caine in your film."
I'm watching Billion Dollar Brain (1967), the third Harry Palmer film starring Micheal Caine. I never realized that the director of The Who's Tommy, Ken Russell, directed this film.
just saw Dark Knight Rises. AWESOME flick--an I'm not a Batman zealot.jest sayin'.BUT ANY movie that has Gary Oldman and Micheal Caine in it is a worthy view.
Watching an interview with Micheal Caine and Morgan Freeman. Don't think there's anyone with better voices.
Rewatching Hannah and Her Sisters. Really cant go wrong with Micheal Caine, Max Von Sydow, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow and Diane Wiest all in this movie. Probably my favorite bittersweet dramedy behind Smiles of a Summer Night and 8 1/2.
I think the likes of Morgan Freeman n Micheal Caine still Need to b involved
Thought it was Cillian Murphy or Cotillard or Levitt. Rupanya, it's Micheal Caine: 10 Signs it's a Chris Nolan Movie
The Dark Knight Rises - An epic movie to end the trilogy in style! Another masterpiece from Christopher Nolan! \m/ Screenplay : 100 on 10. Movie Rating : Doesn't even need a rating, the best movie ever! Came up to the expectations very well, with vile Bane, impersonated by Tom Hardy and Catwoman, impersonated by Anne Hathaway stealing the show from Alfred (Micheal Caine) & L.Fox (Morgan Freeman). The final twist about who the mysterious trigger-man was and the important things to remember in life, taught to the knight himself (Christian Bale- THE BATMAN) makes the movie INTENSE. Some say that the movie was not upto the mark of the dark knight, yes it was not upto that mark but was BETTER THAN ANY OTHER SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER MADE! The movie was complete, explaining every other tiny notion and brought the truth out from within the dark. ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER MADE BY MAN-KIND. A MUST WATCH MOVIE INDEED! XD
The floodgates of my eyes were opened by Micheal Caine. Didn't even cry that much during Hunger Games.
Micheal Caine deserves an academy award for his performance in Dark Knight Rises. Amazing @
Staying up till 4 in the morning. Brilliant idea. And i wasnt been sarcastic. Finally saw Micheal Caine's Italian Job. Marvelous film. And i want those 1968 mini cooper than the updated ones.
I watched a good Movie on ITVOne Batman Begins with Micheal Caine as Alfred the Buttler, Morgan Freeman, Leeam Neesom as the Bad guy coming to destroy Gotham City. 10 out 10 for a Action Movie.
Liam Neeson, and Micheal Caine hold it all together... And Morgan Freeman - so its all about the 60 year old men!
worth it! Micheal Caine, Robert Duvall, Haley Joel Osment and Kyra Sedgewick. Now I have to get it out again!
27 Jun 2012 17:24 January 2011 Konstrictshun hit the top 50 on the Billboard for New Urban Artist (College, Internet, Satellite Radio) and April 2011 he hit the Billboard again in the Top 100 CHR/Rhythmic. Also completed and intensive Actors Workshop with A-List Casting Director Kim Hardin July 2011 Did Extra work with Central Casting. T.V. show CBS Series 22nd Precinct and Law & Order "SVU" and Extra Work With Up and Coming Motion Picture Feature film "Now You See Me" Starting Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Micheal Caine. Also Performed Comedy @ Stand-Up New York off-Broadway (Blac-Tino Comedy with Comedian Such as Def Comedy Jam and B.E.T.'s Comic Views own Talent & Harlem's Smokie Suarez) As 0f 2011 October Konstrictshun Landed Distribution with the number one and largest label in the world Universal Music Group
Bobby Moore, Pele, Micheal Caine and others. Great line up, no way Germans could win.
send Bobby Moore, Micheal Caine and the 1980 Ipswich FC to Berlin '36 - they've proved themselves in that atmosphere
I do try, a little eccentric at times, John Cleese and Micheal Caine in one x
I think the best jude law film is The Holiday and that the best alfie is Micheal Caine he is the original and best
Watching Alfie on tv, makes you wonder if all Alfie's will be like that, our Alfie certainly has the looks and I am sure he will have the swagger. P.s Micheal Caine is so much better than Jude law tho.
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