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Micheal Bay

Michael Benjamin Bay (born February 17, 1965) is an American film director and producer.

Power Rangers Megan Fox Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Advanced Warfare Tim Burton Star Wars

Now all I need if for Micheal BAy to get Star Wars or SUperman directing job.
Man is it just me or does it seem like the lead actresses in Micheal Bay's movies keep getting younger and younger
yeah I feel you... I think his movies are just good in general like I don't think I've seen one disappointing Micheal bay
i think mine would have to be Micheal Bay frfr
MICHEAL BAY: what about a movie about a man coming to terms with his sexuality. PRODUCER: wow mike that's. MICHEAL BAY: but his *** explodes
Micheal Bay movies feel like 120 minutes of the monkey chase scene in Indiana Jones 4.
lol I'm this way with how Micheal Bay ruined the transformers movies for me I wish they were never made 😢
I swore FF was the *** child of Micheal Bay. It's like Transformers meets Bad Boys 2.
23. "Anything by Micheal Bay! Explosions!". //Don't really watch a lot of movies so... Akira...?
was watching a trailer for an old movie I remember and wanted to watch, then Micheal Bay popped on screen and I lost all intrest
I'm sorry if you have a different opinion but Zach Snyder is literally like a pre-teen boy crossed with Micheal Bay.
Do you think Micheal Bay just really has a hard time hearing?
reboot transformers and keep Micheal bay away from it.
Zack Snyder getting actors from Rami's Spider-man movies is like how Micheal Bay likes to get Coen Brothers actors.
I think she expected Micheal Bay action scenes.
Never got that either. If I like a moviw/show, I like it. Who cares who made it. I've even enjoyed Micheal Bay content before
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What Micheal Bay has done w/ the Transformer movies is crazy!!! One of the dopest movies series I have ever had the privilege to watch
and character development for action in a Micheal bay ESC way, being that he is a fan boy himself, man of steel & the Watchmen
What's crazy is the transformers movies woulda been good if Micheal bay wasn't tossing his style into it
Dunno if that sounds smart, sounds like a Micheal Bay remake of Point Break with wing suits starring Megan Fox
A biopic about a dangerous watch maker driving up a one-way street in 18th century Canada. Starring Brad Pitt. Directed by Micheal Bay.
Donkeywork pt1, watch out Micheal bay!
I will never forgive Micheal Bay for killing off my favourite autobot.
Is it weird that I've been called like, the second micheal bay?
As someone who was worried would take a Transformers/TMNT-Micheal Bay turn, I can gladly say I was wrong. So *** fun.
just saw Justice League trailer... seriously... was the our friend Micheal Bay?
Better than anything Micheal Bay has done tbf imo
I added a video to a playlist MICHEAL BAY EDITION - Happy Room
Link to one of the new trailers for the terrible Micheal Bay Transformers movies for your viewing pleasure:.
Ive seen shots of the new Power Rangers film, which looks like a micheal bay rip off for some reason.
Tarsem Singh was a student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California along with Zack Snyder, Micheal Ba…
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The reboot Power Rangers movie is like Micheal Bay running for Oscar
It's the antithesis of the Micheal Bay Transformers art direction, and refreshing to hear about.
Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone are just a Micheal Bay wet dream.
Apparently D.C. Justice League Is going for that Micheal Bay Transformer crowd...
actually american gundam would be cool, but theyre probably gonna discard the Deeplore and turn it into micheal bay fodder
they need Nolan back in their lives. . Or Micheal Bay. At least the explosions will be mad
like the color palette is "Micheal Bay Transformers but if the only footage was extreme close-ups of Autobot *** w/ an iPhone camera"
Alice Through the Looking Glass is basically Tim Burton trying to do Micheal Bay
Fridge Logic works for Micheal bay so it will work for Power Rangers.
The Power Rangers movie was dope 5/5. Micheal Bay is the GOAT for this one
It didn't go the route of Micheal Bay Transformers?
Was there actual shots fired at Micheal Bay and the Transformers franchise?
that bus desebers to be in a Micheal Bay movie
Power Rangers was just Amazing, that's how our childhood should be done, thank god Micheal Bay had no hand in it.
Jaws is about suspense. Micheal Bay doesn't have the restraint
Is Micheal Bay going to approach you for a movie deal?
What is Micheal Bay directed a movie called "Boom", but there wasn't any explosions in it.
This is going the Micheal Bay's Transformers route and that's not good at all.
I have a very bad feeling about Romba hype pannathinga pa please ✋Director is Siva not Micheal bay.
people do like explosions. Most likely why Star Wars and Micheal Bay became so popular
legion is fantastic. Ce many times is like a micheal bay franchise i have fun and shut my brain off
No he's illustrating Transformers and I imagine being paid handsomely by Micheal Bay.
Micheal Bay's reboot of Darkwing Duck without clothes on?
Everything about the Transformers movies that Micheal Bay did just seems I hate how dark and depressing everything looks.
Just heard a noise outside (possibly the wind/revving of an engine?) and it sounded something you'd hear in a Micheal Bay movie trailer.
David goyer is the Micheal bay of writers
I know right?! I love the part when the whole show is directed by Micheal Bay!
The Micheal Bay movie that tried to be Titanic in WW2?
From Micheal Bay levels of orange sun to an otherworldly fog. It begins! 😄
Life is like the micheal bay transformers movies. You can only take so much of it before you realize you've just been waisting your time
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That was Micheal Bay tough? *spits* oh sorry I do that whenever I say his name. Get the taste out.
Wait for it...wait for it... YES! Join the Bay Area Arts Conservatory in welcoming Micheal Cusumano for...
(Ironically the savior of TF is Micheal bay for getting a HUGE ton of people back into TFs due to non-fans liking the films but w/e)
superhero movies have lost it with me. in fact, with most of PPK HQ. It's like Micheal Bay makes everything :(
Micheal Bay is systematically killing everything I loved as a child...
that sounds more like the Micheal Bay approach.
People with PTS from 911 shouldnt go see any Micheal Bay films.
Micheal bay is one of the dopest directors hands down.
"wasn't as bad as I expected Actors lacked emotion in songs.Of course it looked like a Micheal Bay mutation though
I put my pants on just like Micheal Bay. Meghan Fox and explosions.
"the micheal bay" burger. Comes with dynamite inside it
Shout out to Micheal Bay for ruining the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. twice.
The title race just got another twist,This is so Steven Spielberg mixed with micheal bay drama!Whoever cracks nxt weekend loses..
Equals's film concept is so similar to Micheal Bay's The Island
thinking about Transformers 4 and I can't help but notice that Micheal Bay loves to make top executive people be complete ***
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Oh boy Micheal Bay is releasing a new movie. Can't wait to see how much more he can ruin my childhood
i might buy just because I love WW1 history so much but like I have Verdun and this looks like a Micheal Bay film. Like More PTSD for me pls
Sorry no Micheal Bay film this time around :p
This is actually closer to the source material than the Micheal Bay ninja turtles movie.
I just thought of a bad *** idea for a Transformers movie! I might put Micheal Bay out of business, lol.
Epic Gears of War always after something rowdy, like Micheal Bay there is always alittle underhanded nasty in the story. Something hateful.
And i dont want to turn WW1 in a Micheal Bay kinda like action game. Ppl are starting to forget WW1 already. Must be authentic
I would watch the *** out of that movie tas Micheal Bay director para maraming explosions
Naruto is actually progressing in the story now. but at the same time Micheal Bay is in charge of it now Kappa
he's down the bay as we speak splattered into the gravel Emma. Shocking
I didn't know Micheal Bay is making the new Power Rangers 🎥
Another example is the new TMNT movies, the Micheal Bay ones.
what in the *** is this!? Is the director micheal bay or something! This look bad
RE: Power Rangers, look @ the liberty they took with Rita Repulsa, what did u expect? Bet the Megazord will look like Micheal Bay's Gundam.
if it was Micheal Bay and Bad Robot it would be fantastic.
in retrospect Micheal Bay is probably less interested in her since she's of legal age now.
Except maybe transformers. Can't not pay attention when there are explosions every 30seconds. Because Micheal Bay.
lol! I guess.. But as for my Micheal bay comment.. MB uses the same *** shots every *** movie.. Same lighting, same BS!
Why is this person alowed to do this seriously this is what happens when a spoiled brat hires micheal bay
I think Micheal bay has a drug problem
After seeing the Micheal Bay ninja turtles movie my mom said "those were some good costumes"
Geez man this looks straight outta Micheal Bay film.
I heard Micheal Bay will be making a new Transformers Film it would be great to carry on the Franchise with yourself mark 👊🏾
Oil is flammable right? then how come Fort McMurray hasn't exploded like a action scene in any Micheal Bay film yet?
3. Micheal Bay is to write and direct the next Stars Wars movie, what method you using to take your own life?
LMFAO OKAY. can we also watch tnmt micheal bay movie one day... like idk why but I wanna see it ...
Am not paying to see another cliche Micheal bay action packed movie with lack of creativity,
I added a video to a playlist Micheal Bay| Call Of Duty BO3| Gamesicle
Hes up there alright with Micheal bay lol but I'm not for the JL movie cause of him. Just Suicide Squad and Bats
If anybody were to direct a movie about my life or anything like that I would want micheal bay to direct it
some are pretty good though like the texas chainsaw massacre the one Micheal Bay made
Zack snyder is like the Micheal Bay of CBMs. All style. No substance.
*** if only Micheal Bay could direct dragon ball z for one of his movie. Truly won't disappoint.
Zac Snyder is a horrible director that man is close to being on Micheal Bay level
That was before they infected it with the STDs of Micheal Bay
I think it's about time we know if Micheal bay sexually identifies as an explosion or not
when Micheal Bay directed a nature documentary
rofl Hari is tamil version of micheal Bay blockbusters only bro
I added a video to a playlist If Michael Bay Directed UP Reaction & Thoughts on Micheal Bay
That's how it started out that way but then they got really in to Micheal Bay movies in a really un-ironic way.
. Micheal Bay with Sam Fishers voice, to be exact.
Call Micheal Bay, he may need a action movie fiction writer
There are farmers in the bay area? Isn't everyone a software engineer? :(
Please stop saying your childhood is ruined every time Micheal Bay makes a movie
taken to ice cream while I read about hypermasculinity in Micheal Bay
I wonder, if Micheal Bay plays pokemon, does he only use pokemon that can learn explosion?
When a reviewer states that Micheal Bay's Transformers stuck to the source material more closely. yikes:
Disney movies or like Micheal bay movies?
This sounds like the opening scene to a Micheal bay movie.
Stagers Vanessa, Micheal and Tiz were treated to a tour of the Bluesfest grounds in Bryon Bay last week. The team...
Said El Marouk With director Micheal Bay & producer Ian Brice during the shoot of the movie…
Boring. Every I turn there at least two Micheal Bay explosions await me LOL
CPA commercial trying to make it sound like CPA's everyday life is like a Micheal Bay movie. Helicopters? Really...
What a great day to display Micheal Bay on the tray and bay, olé
Micheal Bishop's FG is good from 20 yards out to end the first half. East Bay up 17-6.
That was my reaction just 10x more stupid and directed by Micheal Bay
When someone says Micheal Bay is a great director
Looks like NEON and Micheal Bay have something in common!
Hive (honey on tap) to host United States 'Natural Beekeeping Guru' Micheal Bush at Byron Bay, New South...
Don't forget to MICHEAL BAY that like button.
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I'll bring the pop. It'd probably be a Micheal Bay Film
Oh look starts this weekend, its a wonder Micheal Bay didn't butcher that part of my childhood.
*** it watching the trailer makes me wish Micheal Bay had directed it (… hehehe just kidding)
Excuse my French, but Micheal Bay should have been Firefly because of his destructive compulsions. BOOM BOOM BAAM! EXPLODE!
I really don't need in an election campaign Robert Redford playing Dan Rather OR Micheal Bay playing Benghazi warrior. Please just STFU.
. You mean the lava fight scene? C'mon! That was so over the top. Micheal Bay couldn't have done it better. :/
Paramount needs to stop depending on micheal bay and get a new for Transformers my pick is JJ abrams
it feels like Micheal Bay directed the trailer. so many splosions!
Ooh someone asked who are the top 5 racists in 5. Vince Vaughn. 4. Jennifer Aniston. 3. Woody Allen. 2. Micheal Bay. 1. Mark Wahlberg
John Woo is like a competent, not racist Micheal Bay
Micheal Bay the best action director
It is almost Oscar's material it just needs Micheal bay, The Rock, and a disappointed Matt Damon.
Not enough explosions or racially stereotypical characters for Micheal Bay.
The best they come micheal bay
much like every Micheal Bay film, apart from the good part
Why doesn't Micheal Bay want to direct the 5th Transformer?
all the hate at Micheal Bay for killing off Ironhide!
Why do i feel like im watching a Micheal Bay movie instead of the El Classico???
HILARIOUS!! WWE troll Micheal Bay with new video:
This gif needs more micheal bay.. .
If only it was directed by Micheal bay! We would at least see some action then!
Oh my god that Micheal Bay Wrestlemania video
Listened to a few Micheal Bay excerpts kindly sent me. I think his voice will be fairly easy for me to imitate.
Anyone know if there's any interviews with Micheal Bay, or anything else where he's talking at length?
Depressing to know that we are paying more a year to Micheal Bay than actually trying to find intelligent life in our Cosmos.
Watching Into The Storm and Micheal Bay could easily fap to this
The Bay Area's own pulled up to the function
Or perhaps the plot to a Micheal Bay movie?
Micheal blair of buff bay jamaica Took scissors chopped up his pregnant 5 month baby mothers arms/legs raped an beat another lady for hours
very true. Micheal bay as the producer or director. And someone else to write the script
Just Cause 2 is pretty much Micheal Bay: The Videogame. Seriously, any little thing you do will cause some sort of explosion.
heard some stories about Ratner that put Micheal bay to shame in terms
when Micheal Bay directed a nature documentary .
Sinn Féin Dublin Bay North Convention has selected Cllrs Micheal McDonnacha & Denise Mitchell to stand in GE.
Hellla missin' the bay. Concert round 2 this summer, you down?!
the way we blowing up just like a Micheal bay Movie
make a tank behind with tons of explosion and make a watermark saying "Micheal bay"
The ride back home last night was the greatest moment of my entire life it was like a *** micheal bay movie
Looks like Micheal Bay isn't the only one that can kill TMNT
Spirit:*jumps away majestically while two steamers crash into each other and explode in the background*. Spirit: Micheal Bay eat my ***
Micheal Bay makes big dumb movies with little substance and a lotta flash. He intends to make these movies...
Also, I'm sorry, but the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie was 80 times better than everything Micheal Bay has made. Combined.
Micheal Bay is overrated. Only reason his movie do good is because of his effects and screenplay.
Has Pewdiepie gone to far?. Will we ever see him PS Micheal Bay?. Will I gett a girlfriend?. Stay tuned for the next picture!
It's currently a dog fight between this Micheal Bay Ninja Turtles and Ninja Turtles 3 for worst ever.
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You know it's a Micheal Bay film when you see ad placement EVERYWHERE in the movie.
I hate Micheal Bay he just shat on my head for this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Ugh. UGH.
With the Eagles loss, the following teams are in with a WIN Sunday:. • Dallas. • Green Bay. • Seattle
SPIELBERG vs HITCHCOCK. and TARANTINO and KUBRICK and then Micheal Bay shows up, of course.
Micheal Bay, no doubt. One of the best ever.
I agree with Shamalan *** and makes Micheal Bay look like Peter Jackson.
How many times can you say "That's racist" while watching a Micheal Bay movie and it be an apt statement?
I dare Tim Burton to make a different type of film imstead of all this generic goth rubbish or Micheal Bay just to walk of a cliff.
I am Bread in der Micheal Bay edition :D
I had to try three times to get through it. Couldn't help but feel like it was too Micheal Bay.
Cameron Newton on first team all Tampa Bay in also joins Micheal Hedrich Mark Kantzler and Antonio Pinero Crespo for relay
So tonight I found out that Pain & Gain, a good film, was directed by Micheal Bay...I mean no explosions, no Fox and it actually made sense
Rented the Ninja Turtle movie.wasn't impressed. Too much like a transformer movie. Micheal Bay.needed a chill pill.
finaly someone who hired Micheal Bay!
watching pearl harbour and as a film scholar as my tutor calls all her students now and as a person who did history ..Micheal bay retire
uh Cody is the reason Micheal Bay makes movies
So much destruction! How I know Micheal Bay didn't write Korra finale? Because it was friggin' awesome.
Remember when Micheal Bay kept making transformers movies when it wasnt cool anymore.yeah me too
Ah i love linkin park after all! thank you for making linkin park song as the soundtrack for transformer. you're the best micheal bay
im so angry with this weakling heroin Micheal Bay could make her at least useful for a bit like at least please be a lot more badass would u
I feel like my work isn't that great so imma force myself to watch teenage micheal bay turtles
Bruh Micheal Bay did an excellent job with TMNT
TMNT was alright. I'll give it a seven. Good job Micheal bay
I liked a video from Advanced Warfare troling MIcheal bay movie
Advanced Warfare troling MIcheal bay movie: via
name a director that isn't Micheal Bay or George Lucas I need movies to watch
Someone really needs to help find Micheal Bay a new hobby.
We making movies say I'm like Micheal Bay, explosions everynight and everyday.
//Chief rex semblance is to generate explosions.NO MICHEAL BAY JOKES PLEASE!
yes I heard the same thing but Micheal Bay isn't directing because apparently he wants to do Bad Boys 3
all micheal bay explosions before age of extinction. Enjoy
Why does Micheal Bay hate epileptics so much?
That Micheal Bay has been tapped to direct Star Trek III?
Dear Sony hackers... Please go for Micheal Bay next... No more films from him please
Hey North Korea, can you also threaten theaters for showing Micheal Bay and teen romance movies? I'd really appreciate it
Explosions in my head. Micheal bay, you in there?
And legolas going matrix on the god dam stones was way to over the top for a lotr movie! peter jackson is the new micheal bay.
Thank you because now I know how to stop the next micheal bay movie and next Tyler Perry
Micheal Bay LOVES F'in up classic 80's/90's memories!!! This was a simple Ninja tale, not over the top GARBAGE!
Don't do it! Its micheal bay it'll kill your childhood with explosions
dear sony, since you pulled the interview do you think you could pull any micheal bay or M Night shamalayn movie.
"I have become an uninteresting plot device ever since Micheal Bay put me in the movie" -megatron
To those that are saying they never should have made The Interview. I say that about every bad Micheal Bay movie still doesn't make it true
Micheal bay makes movies for Americans
4 minutes and we already have a low-angle shot of Megan Fox's *** And Micheal Bay didn't direct this?
I don't condone violence of illegal actions but what if the same could be done for any Micheal Bay film?
So Sony shuts down but Micheal Bay gets to keep making movies!?!?! Well, look forward to the ripping on this.
It's Micheal Bay, what did you hope for?
Maybe pastebin can stop also Micheal bay making more movies.
Directed by Micheal Bay. Starring Meghan Fox as Eliza Maza... :::shifty eyes and runs for the nearest exit::
Micheal Bay the type to actually be some stupid *** college student from Michigan.
Micheal Bay DID NOT write the Transformers movies. It was this guy Ehren Kruger
worst movie ever. Micheal bay ruined my childhood with that one movie
Micheal Bay is calling he wants Optimous Reim back
Out of all the Micheal Bay films you chose one of like 3 bad films
*the thought of a micheal bay movie caused an automatic Selfdestruct*
I do too. I can't bear to watch KLK. Plus robot fights just badass, makes Micheal bay fights look small
What if Micheal Bay directed the next Harry Potter?
Some part ov me thinks Micheal Bay did a Better job on Ninja Turtles than Transformers
brace yourself the Director of transformer Micheal bay IN BENGHAZIII !!
I may not agree with you on everything but props on your Micheal Bay-style writing tips. Truly an inspiration.
Micheal Bay passed on directing transformers 5. Now if only he would pass on directing every other movie he plans on making
this would have made Micheal Bay's Turtles movie infinity better
So does this mean confirmed Micheal Bay not return for Transformers 5?
Saga is adapted to film... by Micheal Bay!. Stop! The horror!
Micheal Bay isn't ruining these movies with explosives it's really cause the keep handing him the aux cord
Best idea I've heard since Micheal Bay decided to fire Megan Fox from
Micheal Bay is in talks to direct a film about the 2012 Benghazi attack on the American diplomatic compound. . I have no words..
Wait a sec...Micheal Bay could be doing a Movie about Benghazi.anybody is welcome to come over to my house and just murder me.
I hate the 2014 Carolina Panthers more than I hate Micheal Bay
I love how you want characters to experience a full on Micheal Bay as their demise
I can't believe Hasbro is actually a big part of that movie's production XP. Also Micheal Bay as one of the producers for it
Micheal Bay no longer on for transformers 5. Will it be for the better?
I just read that Micheal Bay won't be directing Transformers 5, if that's isn't a win for humanity then I don't know what is!
Wait, is the Micheal Bay Benghazi thing not a joke? Is that actually happening?
"Micheal Bay...hes like the Nickelback of movies."
Attention all fans Micheal Bay will NOT direct Transformers 5... let that sink in for a second.
all this needs is an explosion and some guns and it's a Micheal Bay movie
Micheal bay should not be allowed to direct, such a great concept destroyed...
Lets go see it on Broadway with micheal
I don't. I only remember a short guy's extensive adventure with his friend micheal bay the fire wizard
It looks like it was directed by Micheal Bay (excluding the explosions of course).
the 80s ones are the ONLY ones! The micheal bay ones look absolutly terrible. "now rise Rodimus prime"
Nobody was made such an impact in cinema like Micheal Bay has. Transformers was a masterpiece
Micheal Bay to direct movie about the Reformation; John Calvin is going to blow Servetus up.
the Nickelodeon tmnt sis alright, but micheal bay has and will continue to destroy my childhood with his movies.
Micheal Bay just needs to stop making films for a while.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was awesome, and another Micheal Bay film at the top of my list!
you are an upgraded version of micheal bay. I hope that's a compliment
Packers are blowing out Panthers at Lambeau Field. James Starks scores on a 13-yd TD run. . Green Bay leads Carolina, 21-0.
you're right it has as many plot holes as a Micheal bay movie
Micheal Bay seems intent on ruining every beloved property he gets. The best part of this film was a joke that
I'm surprised Micheal Bay and Rob Liefeld don't have a redtube together. So many "explosions". And muscles. But no feet tho
no, I'm not sure I can bear to. It looks horrendous and Micheal Bay :-(
Well Done to Micheal Manns, Ian Graham and Bobby Nair. This years first hundreds for the Bay. Great work boys. Go...
"Micheal bay should of directed frozen"
Micheal bay should of directed frozen
. Ha. I'm proud to be American & all that, but tired of the world only seeing us as morons who produce Micheal Bay movies.
Good to hear Micheal Bay is continuing to pump his mass market bilge into cinemas.
Maybe they have come to realise what they get from a Micheal Bay film and they don't want to see that anymore?
Don't ruin Transformers Angry Birds. Micheal Bay half way on doing that don't help
The picture was taken as Micheal Grey was passing out 😂😂
Micheal bay ,You have competition crow
I added a video to a playlist Micheal Bay's Wet Dream (Turbo Dismount)
Can tell Micheal Bay was part of with the car explosion. Great visually though.
I want to see it tbh but thought it might be too much with micheal bay producing it, thought the last transformers was extra
It really good n Micheal Bay didnt direct it So dont worry Its a pretty good movie, which was shocking as I was a H8R of it
Recycling content like Micheal Bay is bad form for a 500 meelion dollar game.
Transformers age of extinction... Micheal Bay takes an amazing childhood memory & transforms it into a steaming turd
micheal bay didnt produce it. Not as bad as you're making the film out to be. Megan Fox maybe can't act but didnt have a problem
I'd like to see a fistfight between Micheal Bay and M. Night Shyamalan, as long as the victor is subjected to unspeakable torture.
Going to see ninja turtles today, curious to see what micheal bay did to the other good cartoon from when I was little.
Watching the '89 Ninja Turtles movie with 5 year old nephew. "Why do they look so weird?" Thanks Micheal Bay. This is how they look!!!
Diarrhea so explosive, Micheal Bay directed it.
Just noticed the TMNT is out in Scotland before it is here. Was that a referendum concession? "Vote no, and you can have Micheal Bay crap?"
Me and my friends are gonna watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Saturday . better be good. expecting a lot of exploasions cuz Micheal bay
A lot of AAA titles are the Micheal Bay films of games. Can you imagine the backlash of giving a CoD title the ratings Transformers 4 got?
day. What's your Micheal bay movie.
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