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Michael Westen

Michael Westen (Born January 7, 1967) is a fictional character played by Jeffrey Donovan in the television series Burn Notice.

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Michael Westen still knows how to make my weeknights exciting. Though. Jesse. Jesse Porter... man. I miss Burn Notice
Just got to the one where Michael Westen dresses up as the devil and terrifies the easily impressed population of Miami
Michael Westen is my spirit animal.
No one in film does the "my mouth is smiling but my eyes want to strangle you" look better than Michael Westen in Burn Notice.
Everything I need to know I learned from Michael Westen.
My name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy until. . . .
Call in Michael Westen and the team!
I never thought I would hate Michael Westen so much
I feel a lot like Michael Westen wkth the way my mind is right now
"I dunno. But I'd rather not end up like Michael Westen…" Burn Notice reference, yep. And, no, the similarities between me -
Never gets old. Michael Westen and his yogurt. He is a total bada**
Ha!! Russian: "He is Michael Westen...there are only 4 of us"
when you're a sick college student eating weird wraps and gumbys pizza..god hates you and your friends - Michael westen
//So yes! I'm usually the geek, but I can play gun fun just as well. ^.^ Mac and Jack are SO Michael Westen and Sam Axe.//
That burn is so brutal it triggered Michael Westen!
Field work is not for me. I need to learn a lot of things from Michael Westen before I do something like this again.
My love for Michael Westen is never ending.
how are you going to get all the drug lords out... who do you think you are Michael Westen, from Burn Notice?
Did a Michael Westen (Burn Notice) + ate yoghurt, listening to M.I.A - Paper Planes. Rumours have it that she's associated to Tamil Tigers?
I shall forever fight a McGyver argument with Michael Westen who is in fact McGyver 2.0
McGyver 2.0 = Michael Westen. Seriously dude is an ex military man. Probably better shape and he has people there to help.
What do you think Michael Westen did after the series finale? Is he still helping people?
Michael Westen in a suit and tie oh my goodness
I basically want to be Jason Bourne, Michael Westen, Annie Walker all mixed together.
lmao Ryan. I hope u both know some of those Michael Westen Burn Notice ninjitsu moves.
And we're at 29 pgs for the Michael Westen story ... its now getting interesting!
Sylum Work in Progress - Right now I’m working on the next segment of the Michael Westen series for the...
Michael Westen will always be better
(BURNNOTICE) Carmello: Who are you? Michael: I'm Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. -- Burn Notice - Loose Ends [1.12]
lol Exactly! It was such a relief to see our Michael Westen again.
that's cool, more Michael Westen for me
Michael Westen . My adult son who is actually older than me
Michael Westen is no longer a reliable asset.
"A warehouse's door will be reinforced, it's walls won't be. And under the windows there will be no support beams"Michael Westen aka da goat
I feel like Michael Westen. I need to start going through my Spanish papers because it only gets mas difícil de aquí!
"Don't. Tell. Mom. She'll freak out.". //Michael Westen being the perfect model of a Valerie child. As usual.
Ray Donovan is must see TV. It's Burn Notice on a whole new level. Ray gives Michael Westen a run for his money.
S6E13 "OMG, I think that's Michael Westen. He's one of our own."
"The best lies are the lies that you get yourself to believe.". Michael Westen
*Hiding lots of guns under his pillow. Because he's scared of a moody fifteen-year-old. .Only Michael Westen.*
"This would be a good Michael Westen story. .If people were allowed to tell Michael Westen stories."
"When you're under cover, you have to be good at lying, even when it's hard." - Michael Westen.
"As a spy, you can't trust anybody, except the people you trust, except when you cant trust them" - Michael Westen.
"As a spy, sometimes you have to know secrets other people don't know." - Michael Westen.
Personally, I'm more Michael Westen than Ray Donovan. At least that's what my closest friends tell me (in TV terms, anyway)...
Honestly my idols in life are my mom, dad, Dexter, Jack Bauer, and Michael Westen.
[EU] Burned spy Michael Westen has a new adversary trying to assassinate him.Sterling Archer!
TV's Michael Westen not to be confused w/ Michael T. Weiss, though Jeffrey Donovan and Weiss have played brothers.
This mornings trainer ride was brought to you by Michael Westen and Sam Axe.
as Sam Axe & as Michael Westen in S3. Photo: fan_burnnotice.
Sharon Gless as Madeline Westen, Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe, Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, Gabrielle Answar - Fiona Glenanne
how weird is it in awkward settings I do Michael Westen monologues?!
I have the same personality type as Michael Westen, Jack Bauer, Indiana Jones, John McClane, and MacGyver.
Rainy days and mondays always get me down.until I find a Burn Notice marathon..something about watching michael westen doing some *** kicking and blowing things up.then i'm good... ♥
11 episodes left of season seven of Burn Notice. I just wanna hug Michael Westen when it's all over.
I hate that they cancelled When I grow up I want to be Michael Westen! Watching
Michael Westen is the most determined man on cable TV
You don't have to worry about finding Michael Westen, because Michael Westen will find you.
"He tried to kill you!" "Happens all the time. Don't worry about it." - Michael Westen
I want my life like Michael Westen from Burn Notice. Lol.
Photo: Behold, my patent-pending indoor cat-goes-outdoor retrieval device. Michael Westen, eat your heart...
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Jason Bourne, Michael Westen, Jack Ryan: What do they have in common? CIA style. Now you can get some too:
Wow Burn Notice is definitely in my top 5 shows of all time! Series Finale was amazing! thanks for being Michael Westen!
Tyler_says...This is not a threat, but a possible fact about what Michael_Westen did about problem people like Hollywood Jewish producers!!!
WHAT? Wierd! Must be Michael Westen messing with us.
I'm enjoying a blueberry yogurt. This one's for you Michael Westen.
Tyler_says...No, we are not using Vincent_Vega. Today, its all going to be Michael_Westen or you can activate Kaiser_Soze. OOPS OUCH OOMF !
Michael Westen is one of the coolest people ever.
Tyler_says...KRISTIN, keep switching MICHAEL_WESTEN back I need to relearn that areas of my brain again. OOPS; make_it_so! COBRA_LA! $
Tyler_says...Confirmed. Almost everyone wants MICHAEL_WESTEN to return as Mike_Westen. !
No no, Michael Westen, YOU'RE the real hero.
Tyler_says...Do you think Niel_Caffrey scammed Michael_Westen out of a Nigerian oil field and then they met the men_in_black making a Chuck?
Tyler_says...This gets tedious but to say, they never liked Michael_Westen because even when he did what he did, he was always himself. OOPS
My name is Michael Westen I use to be a spy until one day...
watched 3 seasons of Burn Notice Michael westen is the man! wish they would have kept the series goin.
Everything i know about tradecraft I learned from Michael Westen
Pity we never saw Michael Westen wear this T:
well, Brian, it didn't work out very well for Michael Westen...
It's been emotional but it's sure been fun! A great finale "My names Michael Westen & I used to be a spy."
So we say goodbye to Michael Westen tonight. I'll miss Burn Notice it was a great series.
Just did some Michael Westen moves with the car to avoid a giant tire in the road.
2 of JD's heads I found on eBay The other 2 heads (JD & BC) I got from a friend 😀😃
"Michael Westen was bae for the last month" Lmao that is a great show it's a most watch
Michael Westen was bae for the last month
"There's nothing like helping the little guy kick some bully's *** -Michael Westen
Conveniently between 2nd and 3rd period...Michael Westen shirtless!
Had a dream that I was dating Michael Westen last night, best dream of my life 😍
And now the Michael Westen bunnies are back... we should watch the first four seasons ...
My name is Michael Westen - I didn't do half the stuff you think I did and did twice as much of what you don't know
"Still, it’s better to have Michael Westen than a two-by-four."
Interesting article for local politicians this week. It's well worth reading "The Political Brain" by Drew Westen.
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"That's Michael Westen, and he used to be a spy. We're aquainted...unfortunately."
I'm going to miss seeing Michael Westen this summer! Thank god for reruns!
Right. But Fi knows he's Michael Westen and she isn't pictured. Nice photo by isn't it?
aka Michael Westen in 2x11 Hot Spot. Photographer: fan_burnnotice.
Honorary Ninja of the Day: Michael Westen - Give him some duct tape, household cleaners, silverware and a microwave = bomb + escape plan.
Very important question: In a fight between Eliot Spencer and Michael Westen, who would win? (It's a constant debate between me and my BFF)
as Michael Westen in S2E11 'Hot Spot'. Photographer: fan_burnnotice.
My brother keeps snap chatting me pictures of Michael Westen & now theres rAgret about not watching the season finale
Michael Westen has come a long way from the Michael in the pilot episode.
Is it just me or is Michael Westen super hot in the lineman uniform and toolbelt??!!!
It's rejuvenating body lotion. I can apply it if you like.. Oh, I'd give a kidney to apply it on Michael Westen!!! Mmm!!
My name is Michael Westen and I used to be a spy Words to live by =)
Just touched down in Fort Lauderdale! Time to get a car and head to Miami! I’ll keep and eye out for Michael Westen... Also Will Smith.
Michael Westen will always be my fave con-man ☺️
//AGAIN; in the wise words of Michael Westen: (Do you watch Burn Notice? YOU SHOULD.//
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I just binged watched Burn Notice 7ses 7 weeks. U really r the best actor out their. Michael Westen the best character Eva
I love Michael Westen, how he just put himself on the criminals' side.
I love the classic Michael Westen look. :))
Starting to eat blueberry yogurt to be like Michael Westen
I keep expecting Michael Westen to appear.
Oh my god! Ok so I might be a bit behind the times, as the final episode did come out last year... but I was busy! But I've just seen the last episode of the Burn Notice series which I've followed since the start way back in 2007 and just discovered that the whole series was an autobiography of Michael Westen being told to Nate's son Charlie when he is older. What do I do now, I've just finished the longest series I've ever followed... I feel empty.
aka Michael Westen in a scene from Photo taken by AnneGlenn74.
"You have to try to remember where the line is, between who you need to be, and who you really are, because when that line starts to blur, it affects everyone around you."- Michael Westen
How would Michael westen hijack the plane?
Neal Caffrey n Michael Westen miss'em so much :((
Every time Archer is less competent than Michael Westen, I feel a bit sad.
aka Michael Westen in a scene from Photo courtesy AnneGlenn74.
Yogurt. Cuz if it's good enough for Michael Westen, it's good enough for me.
Can I get to follow me arround and narrate stuff Michael Westen-style so I don't have to explain things to customers? the side of Michael Westen that everyone DIDN'T want to know about.
maybe they didn't like Michael Westen's dark side...not sure.
Michael Westen is such a *** badass. He uses the power of common sense to defeat evil.
And the way Michael Westen just picks this guy up like he's nothing!!
A little Michael Westen works a lot of magic.
You still in touch with those FBI agents who were on the follow Michael Westen around Miami beat?
sick show. Big fan of Michael Westen
- as Michael Westen in a scene from Pic ty Michiko1357.
- as Michael Westen in opening of pilot. TY AnneGlenn74.
- as Michael Westen in S1E1 Pic ty BurnNotice_USA.
Michael Westen is back on german TV! OMG! OMG! OMG! In 2 days! Season 6
did you see your Michael Westen glasses sold at auction for $4900?
Wow!! I'm watching the Burn Notice reruns on ION and I don't remember Michael Westen's hair (2011 Season) being...
If you keep changing thing your going to hurt my feeling you and if you hurt my feelings I will hurt your everything - Michael westen
I'd do my homework... but Michael Westen is too sexy for that.
It was just nice seeing "Michael Westen" again. That picture could have been taken from a episode.
fans! Michael Westen and co. return for the explosive final season on Monday 7th April at 9pm
aka Michael Westen in a scene from This phot... via
aka Michael Westen in a scene from This photo is courtesy of Miichiko.
[Spock1] OSIRIS was just iced by David, who has whacked a total of 563,936 rivals. BIM Michael Westen was just iced by David, which brings the body count to 563,935 rivals. DISCLAIMER: My posts are not meant as offence to any Race, Gender, Creed or Religion
Michael Weston from is almost as much of a badass as Michael Westen from
Wot is ur favourite michael westen quote, state season and episode :)
so does the rock. Ron Perlman's character on SOA and super spy Michael Westen.
as Michael Westen in a scene from Photo is courtesy of AnneGlenn74.
I'm pretty much Michael Westen when it comes to yogurt.
Michael Westen may have earned his star but real CIA heroes are represented here.
This brief is taking over my life. Again it invaded my sleep, so I woke early to work on it. As Michael Westen says: "I want my life back!"
It takes a team to raise a spy, especially when it's Michael Westen! This is my fun little Burn Notice tribute to Michael and his fun-loving, super supportiv...
With Michael Westen & Dexter around, how are there any bad guys left in Miami? Season 7 of
If someone could get me a pair of Michael Westen's glasses you would be pretty awesome
If I could marry Michael Westen, the things id do. 😍
“My last office today. . Michael Westen. . .signing off. tears to my eyes
My name is Michael westen I used to be a spy... Come on you can't end a good show like that
Some days I could use Michael Westen in my corner. Really. I have a job for him, too bad he's not real.
Kan'ichi Kurita Japanese voice actor that. he is Michael Westen in Japanese Burn Notice. Another character voice are Lupin the 3rd.
Watching one of our favorite shows... Burn Notice Season 7... :) I love you, Michael Westen. . I mean Matthew lol
Need help with an argument. Who wins in a fight? Jason Bourne or Michael Westen and why?
I guess Sam Axe has started looking for Michael Westen again...
Michael Westen is as bad at solving his own problems as the writers are making those problems actually interesting
Michael Westen, here is my problem whenever you say "I have a plan that can fix this": YOU NEVER CAN. This is 7 seasons of you being UNABLE.
Before he played spy Michael Westen on guest starred on See him in tonight'…
Lusting after Michael Westen until I fall asleep...
I have a new love for russian language... i blame Burn Notice and Michael westen
Love nothing, and nothing would be held Against you. ~~Michael Westen
after going through a somewhat rough day thanks to bullies out there I am just relaxing and watching the movie Hitch with Will Smith and Kevin James. That is movie is real funny. That movie also features Jeffrey Donovan, AKA Michael Westen from Burn Notice. He got his start in that movie.
So, Psych is finishing up it's long run. Good. Not that it's a bad show, it's just over. I am over it. Next, get done with Burn Notice, please. I like Michael Westen too much to watch him get run into the ground like this. LOL! USA.still remaking Magnum PI over and over and over again. ;-)
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Burn Notice logic: Spetsnaz: "he's Michael Westen, there's only four of us!"
Erin Houser, Michael Westen shot the wrong girl!!! LMFAO
Michael Westen time.last season of Burn Notice
Burn Notice series finale made me bawl my eyes out. Dammit! I know the show bad to end. It had run its course a couple of times over, but still! I love Michael Westen. And Sam Axe. I guess I just need to start over from episode one. All hail Netflix!
started watching Burn Notice.just one word for the missions "WOW" michael westen can be definately be called james bond of television
Season 7 of Burn Notice now on Netflix… Excuse me while I go spend the next 24 hours with Michael Westen… :-)
"My name is Michael Westen. I Used to be a spy..."
Quiet night with michael westen and reruns of Burn Notice. Don't be
Heading out to "mall" walk for 20 min; have lowered my bmi by 6%. I think my reward will be a glass of duck dynasty's Miss Priss Pink Moscato and an evening with Jason Bourne, or Michael Westen. Who do you recommend?
Binge watching Burn Notice. Miami! Beer, mojitos and beautiful people in bathing suits. Blue skies, sparkling water and Michael Westen. Ahhh tomorrow we shovel!
Mmm love this show! I'm pleading the 5th regarding the character "Michael Westen
Now that i know the show DEXTER was based on a real serial killer I'm going to have to restart the whole dries from episode one and look for whats been pointed out.i wish Michael Westen from Burn Notice was based on a real character...oh well...remember everyone...SHAMELESS is on tomorrow night
On our way to a tour if the hospital and testing out one of the three routs, Michael Westen style. So far the rain is helping as we made it in 17 minutes.
"Guns make you stupid. Duct tape makes you smart!" - Michael Westen, burned spy
Did you know that the "Burn Notice" character Michael Westen has a younger brother named Nate? Tune in for episodes starting at 9|8c tonight! For more, visit
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I have been working on spring cleaning and it is going. On Monday Drake has been working on his room all on his own. So all I will need to do is clean the carpet. The 13 year old is about 35 now. Friday was pay a dollar and you can wear your hat in school all day. Drake was all dress up and they told him he look like James Bond. Now he wants a tux to wear. Can this kids get any more fun. Oh but wait he wants a pair of aviator sun glass like Michael Westen from Burn Notice.
Rob Nelson eats more yogurt than Michael Westen.
"Guns make you stupid. Its better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart" Michael Westen
Michael Westen: Hey, Fi. Fiona Glenanne: I can't believe you, Michael. Forty-eight hours ago we said "good-bye", possibly forever. And then I get a message from you on my cell that I should come right over because you got a job. Michael Westen: Fi, there's a lot going on, so... Fiona Glenanne: You couldn't start with "I'm alive"? Michael Westen: I thought the fact that I was calling covered that.
I miss my favorite tv series stars -- Michael Westen and Nikita Mears. So sad... no more Burn Notice and Nikita. I hope there are more seasons of White Collar. Neal Caffrey!!! And, my most favorite-- Harvey Specter... don't they dare discontinue Suits!
Where does former spy Michael Westen live? Don't miss episodes of "Burn Notice" starting at 9|8c tonight!
RIP Professor. He could make a phone from a lunchbox long before MacGyver and Michael Westen. BTW MaryAnne > Ginger.
The Professor is dead. Long live The Professor! "Johnson's acting career started nearly a decade later, with early roles in westerns and sci-fi movies and TV shows, including "It Came From Outer Space," "This Island Earth" and "Attack of the Crab Monsters." His TV career was robust through the late 1950s and early '60s, including as a regular on "Black Saddle" and two episodes of "The Twilight Zone." But he'll be best remembered as Roy Hinkley -- "The Professor" -- on "Gilligan's Island." Johnson's unwavering, straight-man treatment of the character brought brains and gravitas to the otherwise silliness of Sherwood Schwartz's creation; it also afforded the otherwise hapless castaways a badly-needed hero, whose fix-it-with-whatever's-around approach would give way to more modern characters like Richard Dean Anderson's "MacGyver" and spurned spy Michael Westen on "Burn Notice."
"UGH" - me every time Michael Westen tries to do an accent.
That's the only way Michael Westen would lose a throw it!!
Agreed. Michael Westen is better than anything.
Caleb is the Michael Westen to my Sam Axe
Russell Johnson died today to natural causes! I only watched Gilligan's Island because I thought the professor was so hot! Look at pics of him in the 1950s and you will see how super hot he was! Without him, there would be no McGyver or Michael westen. Professor, we always have reruns! Rest in peace!
This reminds me of the Burn Notice episode when Michael Westen was tortured with loud noises. HELP ME! LOL!!
I think Michael Westen or his great-great-great grandfather should appear in AMC's Rev War Show 'Turn'. That would be fun.
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Just got to the office & already had to go Michael Westen on a locked door. I just picked the lock, I didn't blow it up. CC:
"My name is Michael Westen, I used I to be a spy."
I already want a pair of the sunglasses Michael Westen wears.
Yogurt advertisers should use Burn Notice clips of Michael Westen eating yogurt. It would raise the cool factor to infinity.
I rarely ever remember my dreams, but when I do I dream about project managing summer camps with a Vanessa Carlton soundtrack playing in the background, all while I'm desperately searching for Michael Westen, and when we stopped at a coffee shop in Colorado, a Chris Tomlin song began to play and all the people in the coffee shop began to sing out, including the barista who was working the register. Ummm... yeah. Happy Wednesday, everyone!
"You can thank me by keeping your head down and away from the windows." - Michael Westen
Wrapping up Season 6 of Burn Notice, and Michael Westen is still a bad ***
Is it just coincidence that uses crew members as aliases for Michael Westen?
And we all know its not Michael Westen because he is the greatest spy alive and doesn't get caught. :)
are the things michael westen from Burn Notice tells us true? I almost feel like its a Snapple fact type thing where half are true and half arent? lol
I really don't like the character Sugar in Glee, partially because I have ACTUAL Asperger's, so self-diagnosed Aspies *** me off; and partially because when I read the name "Sugar" on the trope page, I think of Michael Westen's drug-dealing neighbour in Burn Notice.
My skill set is the all together training of the following -Chuck Bartowski -James Bond -Jack Bauer -Fox Mulder -Michael Westen -Nicholas Brody -Jason Bourne
Hailee: "So you would rather have Michael Westen at the finish line with a gun than Ryan Gosling with a puppy." Thanks for helping me establish my priorities like a true friend. I'm going to kick butt on these long runs.
Welcome, friends, to the Battle of the TV Badasses! 3 teams, starting at 3 equally distant sides of an enclosed, Earth-like battlefield with vaious terrain types - think Hunger Games, but without the BS hologram creatures/forces of nature. They gather weapons, then search out the other teams and do battle, until one team (or solitary team member) remains. For the purposes of equalizing technologies, weapons will be limited to modern knives, handguns (revolvers & pistols), shotguns, and (non-assault) hunting rifles. No laser weapons, no POS 19th Century guns. Ammuntion is considered unlimited, but weapons are subject to damage from attack and environment. AMC: Rick Grimes (Walking Dead) Cullen Bohannon *** on Wheels) Fox: Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly) John Kennex (Almost Human) FX: Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy) Raylan Givens (Justified) NOTE: There are no spies/intelligence agents involved. That's why you're not seeing legendary badasses like Jack Bauer or Michael Westen. It was just too much hassle to inclu . ...
Trying to ease my uneasiness by spending time with my favorite spy Michael Westen
"My father's approach to machinery was similar to his approach to his family: If you don't like how something works, keep banging on it till it does what you want. If something doesn't fit, force it. And above all, make sure it looks good on the outside." -Michael Westen
Great night, good convo, got to meet up with a couple of my boys Nicholas Chiappisi and Michael Westen.
Wow that was a little touch and go there for a while, I felt just like Michael westen after he was burned and dropped in Miami... I myself was out of money stuck in Miami wiating for The money to transfer, I literally felt like I was going to be stuck in Miami. On the plus side I get to stay on south beach longer :)
Michael Westen: [narrating] Every decent punk has a bulletproof door. But people forget walls are just plaster.
I forgot to say this earlier, but due to the fact that I watched Burn Notice on 2 different channels last night, in a 3ish hour span, I had a dream of Michael Westen throwing coconuts at people in a tall palmtreehouse. it was glorious.
"You ever meet someone and it just seems to click instantly? You like the same things, share the same opinions, it seems like you've known them all your life. It could be fate or it could be that you have a listening device planted under the dashboard of your car." — Michael Westen, Burn Notice "Family Business"
2 seasons... I feel like that may be too much Burn Notice I've watched... in 3 days. On the plus side, I know how to spot a tail, think of a cover ID on the spot to talk my way out of a situation, and not trust anyone. Michael Westen is a good teacher.
Going through old photos and found a selfie from 2001... Michael Westen.. tempted to scan it!!
Oh my, I had a Dream that, Michael Westen (Burn Notice), Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) , and myself were part of a covert assignment, all this Burn Notice is turning me into a Spy when I close my eyes ;)
Michael Westen just mentioned doing a job in Budapest.
We're binge watching Revenge today. We ran out of Burn Notice. What this show needs is Michael Westen. He'd get all the rich bad guys to kill each other in one episode.
Cindy has an itchy remote finger. When I'm in the next room, listening as she's watching TV, it can get confusing. Just now, as the Ents marched off to war against Saruman in "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," they were suddenly getting advice on improvising weapons from "Burn Notice"'s Michael Westen! It's too bad it wasn't really like that: Michael could've shortened that war considerably!
"Covert Intelligence, at the most basic level, is a type of weapon, it can be used for good or evil, to make war or peace, to serve justice or power. It comes down to one thing- what you decide to do with it." - Michael Westen - Burn Notice.
Burn Notice is a sexy, action-packed original series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a former spy who has been blacklisted. Michael pieces his life back together by using his unique skills and training to help people (his clients) in desperate situations, while watching out for anyone that still has him in their crosshairs.Burn Notice also stars Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, a beautiful ex-IRA operative and Westen's girlfriend; Bruce Campbell as Sam, a washed up Navy SEAL who's an expert in tactical analysis, cutting through red tape, and finding the quickest route to a cold mojito; Coby Bell as Jesse, a former counter-intelligence agent who gave up his old life; and Emmy® Award-winner Sharon Gless as Madeline, Michael's mother, the voice of reason in Michael's chaotic life.
It surprises me how Dexter Morgan and Michael Westen never crossed paths...
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Finally finished all the Burn Notice seasons... Adios Michael Westen you sexy beast 😎
No more Michael more Dexter morgan.i need replacements
Is Eli gonna become the new Michael Westen?
The Christmas card I would love to get in the mail- Michael Westen and Fi Glenanne from ! Or maybe it's Fi Westen by now!
Ok all you Michael Westen fans! Is this not the hottest scene when he whips out that shotgun!! Oh. My . Heart.
I think the character Michael Westen is established by this season, and it seems to be a natural character for
road tripping down to Michael Westen territory
Maybe my life will turn out a little like Michael Westen's.
- Question of the evening: Which 5 television characters would you pick to have your back in a fight? Mine would be 1. Richard Harrow (Boardwalk Empire) 2. John Diggle (Arrow) 3. Omar Little (The Wire) 4. Michael Westen (Burn Notice) 5. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
When I eat yogurt I feel like Michael Westen
"It's what I want. And if you truly care about me you should *** well want for me what I want for myself." ~Michael Westen.
It comes with my future profession of being the next Michael Westen..
it's not Jeffrey Donovan who plays Michael Westen in Burn Notice, it's an actual actor named Michael Weston, BUT YES TEARS !!!
I'm going to be doing a lot of suave Michael Westen style speeches in this pointless paper because it's witty.
The truth is, in Michael Westen would be a janitor.
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I swear sometimes I eat yogurt so that I can be more like Michael Westen I want that life
I don't need yogurt to think of Michael Westen and Burn Notice. I watch it daily and still love it!!!
if every time you eat yogurt, you think of Michael Westen.
I want to say Happy Holidays to Everyone on FB. Some shoutouts to Taylor Sebesta,Michael Westen, Katie Rueffer, and a few others hope you enjoy the video once again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Michael Westen, Chips and Salsa, Nail Polish, and a clean apartment. Its a good Sunday.
"Effective interrogations take many forms; but usually include three key elements. First, you need a target with the intel you're after. Then you need an interrogation team. Their job is to secure the target and do whatever it takes to obtain "actionable intelligence". But getting useful information doesn't matter if you can't move on it. Which is why you need a support team in the field. The whole system breaks down, if someone kills the target before he can talk." ~Michael Westen
Sound of music or Burn Notice season 1 for the 2nd time . Definitely Burn Notice. Going thru Michael Westen withdrawal.
Today I found myself anxious about the future and I thought, "What would Michael Westen from Burn Notice think?" Michael Westen would not be worried about IF a plan wasn't going to work.
Right so I've been watching a lot of tv in my off hours recently. is it just me, or could Michael Westen from Burn Notice, wrap up all the problems in Season 3 of the Walking Dead in a Two parter episode?
This is a real leg to a Moa. Remember those stupid bird things at the beginning of Halo Reach... yeaaa. gives a different perspective to the bird lol. Michael Westen Mariam Wanker
Birds of a feather, Flock together. Burn Notice Did Michael Westen ever meet up or bump into Miami Vice or Sonny James Crockett while he was there? I bet Retired Vice Cops could have helped him out more!
I think I will pull a Michael Westen and just have some Yogurt thanks.
A great way to get people talking about their security, is to put them on the defensive. Accuse a guy of having bad locks, and before you know it, he's telling you where his motion detectors are. Burn Notice Michael Westen-Jeffrey Donovan
As much as I hate to say it tonight's episode of Person of Interest shows Reese the better contender over Burn Notice's Michael Westen.
Michael Westen's brand of justice is just like that of The Batman.although he uses guns but never shoots to kill
Its time for Burn Notice or michael westen lol
Survey: Who do you think would win in a DeathBattle..."Person of Interest" John Reese vs "Burn Notice" Michael Westen
"Interrogating a hostile prisoner is a little like proposing marriage: you want to get it right on the first try, you don`t settle until you find the perfect spot, you take special care to create the right ambiance, and set the mood, and then you wait for the best moment to pop the question." Michael Westen (Burn Notice)
Yay, I've finally done this vid. I've been thinking about vidding Michael Westen to this song for over a year. I think it's perfect for him. He's normally se...
From private homes to financial institutions to military encampments, security consulting is a multibillion dollar industry. And while security consultants constantly tout new materials and technology, the basic techniques haven't changed in 4,000 years. Get a better view of any danger headed your way, make your walls sturdier, and arm yourself well enough to fend off attacks. - Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen Burn Notice
"Working covert ops, you learn to exploit weakness. You manipulate greed, fear, pride, to make people do what you want. But when you're dealing with true believers, those weaknesses aren't there. All you can do is help, or get out of the way." Michael Westen (Burn Notice)
I have 19 likes so far, if I get more after this then ill post more later. 1. I hate when people mispronounce my name 2. Both of my dogs are named after Pokemon. Vulpix and Eevee 3. My son was named after Michael westen off of Burn Notice, his name is Hunter Westyn. 4. I love firing weapons 5. During the first two years of my marriage I only saw my husband every six months 6. I met my husband in a hot tub on vacation 7. I only weighed 3lbs when I was born and had half of a kidney 8. Im dyslexic and went all the way through high school with out knowing it 9. Im the shortest of my siblings, both younger brothers are over 6' 10. I love to draw 11. I have four tattoos all of which I drew myself 12. My best friend is a guy 13. Im a lover more than a fighter, but I'll fight for what I love 14. I practiced Brazilian jujitsu up until I was 18 15. I joined the army reserves at 17 16. I have done everything on my bucket list 17. My favorite NFL team is the Oakland raiders 18. I put my left shoe and sock on before m ...
I watch Covert Affairs and on the last review, at the end, it said Notice's Michael Westen would be shaking his head. I have no words.
someone asked me here is my answer my top ten favorite fictional couples: 1) Westley and Buttercup (princess bride) 2) Elisa and goliath (Gargoyles) 3) Tristan and isolde (book) 4) Belle and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) 5) Prince Alexander and Cassima (kings quest V) 6) Belldandy and Keiichi (ah my goddess) 7) Casey Jones and April (TMNT) 8) Dennis Doyle and Libby Odell (run fatboy run) 9) Fiona Glenanne and Michael Westen (Burn Notice) 10) Daenerys and Khal drogo (Game of thrones)
Fairly certain I'm the first person to compare Burn Notice's Michael Westen to Captain Jack Sparrow. Also: great finale,
I watched the Burn Notice finale I was in a state to see Michael Westen's mother take her own life but took out soldiers that try to kil her
Thank you Burn Notice and Michael Westen for 7 whole seasons and for all the tips. It was worth every one of my Thursdays
I want someone to love me like Michael Westen loves Fiona.
Stupid Michael Westen, Could have saved everyone the trouble if you completed the mission 2 episodes ago!
“.deserves an Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, Tony & Superbowl ring for his portrayal of Michael Westen
You will always be Michael Westen. Bravo to you, the cast & crew for an outstanding last episode & series.
Does anyone know if Michael Westen's apartment in Miami still stands?
Wow. What an episode. Huge fan of Michael Westen and the rest of the gang. I'll miss watching you every week!
Got a call from my Michael westen today and I am so very happy :} glad to hear you're doing well
Thank you for showing us the heart & soul, courage & heroism, of Michael Westen!
Hopefully Jack Bauer has Michael Westen on speed dial
MICHAEL WESTEN will forever be in our hearts!
In honor of the last night, here's my Michael Westen video...…
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