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Michael Weatherly

Michael Manning Weatherly, Jr. (born July 8, 1968) is an American actor, best known for his roles as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the television series NCIS, and Logan Cale on the television series Dark Angel.

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Can't believe it was renewed for 2nd Season after all negativity I re…
That is a great photo! I miss Michael Weatherly, but I heard he is good in Bull!
Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo on the ET Stage.mp4 putem korisnika
Those who are fanatics of so-called dramedy of television network, surely did not let the…
Brash, but brilliant, courtroom psychologist Dr. Jason Bull may dazzle the audience with his wit and insight on...
Looking forward to watching season 2 of bulll except you have better legs Michael weatherly x
Michael has better legs he is Gorgeous love you Michael weatherly
to wish a very happy birthday to star Michael Weatherly! 🎉
So do we Michael Weatherly it's time for gave their happy ever after for their fans
You can't control the Weatherly! is back in production for season 2:
but the protagonist of legal drama Bull could’ve turned out differently if it weren’t for the talented and charming…
Good luck. Hope you get to meet Michael.
Can I share your photo please Katie on the Bull with Michael Weatherly FB page?
What did Michael Weatherly say when his agent called saying he got him a lead in a TV series? 'Bull!'
Why doesn't she get her own show or join Michael Weatherly on Bull? is the best show in the 🌏…
The new season not far. The next article not far. It would be... https…
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Michael weatherly under the sun tiva version 11x01 11x02
The boys are back in court. Go behind-the-scenes of season 2:
Motivation is always good but and Give us more. Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly. The cher…
Look at that scruff! I didn't know you could grow whiskers Michael!!😉
michael weatherly can BE MY DADDY oh my GOD
I liked a video Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly at the 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival
Kinda sad Scaramucci's out, that mean less screen time for Michael Weatherly when he plays him in the movie about this administration
Kinda *** that michael weatherly isn't part on the NCIS team an…
Michael Weatherly can play The Mooch in the movie of this
Every time I enter my parents home theyre watching NCIS and now I've developed this unexplainable crush on Michael Weatherly just in passing
A little while ago I saw the last 2 eps of season 13 of - wow. Hats off to Michael Weatherly's performance, so emotional. 😢😭
I have been waiting for my dark and gritty conspiracy theory remake of Little Women for TWO WHOLE YEARS NOW
53. Michael Weatherly ●08/07/68●. - american actor. - love him in suit and tie. - the perfect tony dinozzo in ncis. - h…
Happy Birthday to one of the most talented, most deserving, most hard working, handsome fellows on TV. Happ…
Was quite an upheaval losing Michael Weatherly from the show recently
Bull. - the cases are really interesting. - good characters. - Michael Weatherly. - i'd want Bull to help me if i we…
I stopped watching when Michael Weatherly left.
So I have decided that and NEED to work together again. Jensen on or Michael on who agrees???
Nico and Frankie with Michael Weatherly on the set of Bull
Is it just me that thinks Michael Weatherly would have been great in friends?
Who will they get to mock him on SNL? Rob Lowe? Michael Weatherly? Reese Witherspoon?
Michael Weatherly ‘86 is making new headlines-for his house: The Hollywood mansion is now for rent, just $25K/month…
When he leaves "NCIS," Tony DiNozzo should... I say stay alive!
I'm watching NCIS. God bless michael and your family. . .
Could John Krasinski have done the exact same job? Or Taylor Kinney? Or Michael Weatherly?
Michael so needs to do some kind of fan events for fans of his in the UK I would be there in a heartbeat 😚
Clever, funny and illuminating about who we are as people. Read our interview with Michael Weatherly at…
Oooh so this is a bit good and Michael Weatherly in those Tom Ford glasses is helping
Just about to watch Bull starring Michael Weatherly, it's a great show so everyone should give it a try
Just one great reminder of Michael Weatherly's profess…
Michael weatherly on a possible Ncis return never rule anyt
I love Mark Harmon too but also Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette because they have strong characters.
Never cared for Michael Weatherly as DiNozzo on NCIS. Really like him on Bull. Tuesday night TV the best! NCIS, Bull, NCIS-NO. Loving it!
Michael Weatherly is set to return to "Bull" on Global TV this fall, but would he ever re-appear on his previous...
Have you already seen this article from Frsnce
Michael Weatherly (48) high key wished I was ziva on NCIS so tony would fancy me
It's still the Tuesday who will stay forever in our heart and honor Cote De Pablo &Michael Weatherly w…
Michael Weatherly "Never rule anything out' . Cote and Tony return?.
Bull was my personal guilty pleasure this season. I love Michael from NCIS and I w…
Last year people were complaining that Michael Weatherly didn't have enough freedom, should be able to eat whatever he wants.
Video: on rumours Cote De Pablo will appear on season 2
These words reminds me on two amazing human beings.Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo!!!💖💖
Our gorgeous Michael Weatherly in Madrid recently with and…
Michael: That's just a beautiful home!
Michael, thank you for this beautiful pic.!! I hope that you and Your family have a good rest in this lovely place!!
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Michael watch this video Robert de Niro
Thank you Michael for sharing this picture looks like a beautiful day that's the way it looks in Florida today beautiful
Have just seen the advertisement for new programs with Michael Weatherly called Bull is this your program too ?? worth watching ??
Yes it's a great show and well worth watching. I love Michael Weatherly he's great in the show
Chris Pine kinda looks like a young Michael Weatherly.
JG and NCIS! We must be separated at birth. My husband won't believe it! Miss Michael Weatherly.😊
This is a problem. She also dislikes Michael Weatherly actor star of bcz he is Yugoslavian like his wife. ?
Michael Weatherly on the Red Carpet with fans at the Montecarlo Tv Festi... putem korisnika
I added a video to a playlist Will Cote De Pablo Return to 'NCIS' To Send Off Michael Weatherly?
Michael who said make it count skippy ?😂 I bet you don't know this 🤔🤔
Another source, another article. I hope from heart to hear very... http…
I need the huge chemistry from Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly back. I need it now.
I can't wait to see reunited and it has to restart from this PPF point For me PPF was a Cote De Pablo & Michael Wea…
Magnum PI reboot - Michael Weatherly as Magnum. David McCallum as Higgins. LL Cool J as TC. Rick... ???
Milano, Michael Weatherly, Ian Somerholder to name a few celebs all had potential scri…
Michael Weatherly reveals why he left NCIS after 13 seasons after finding a new role on Bull.
hi Michael my name s John I'm from Irish could u make a million air
Michelle Obama Surprises Deserving Veteran - Prank It FWD. This made me cry! Michael is as sweet as Miller Weatherly
Click through for 25 things you don't know about star Michael Weatherly!
MICHAEL WEATHERLY - is the man who inspired Michael Anthony in How I Won Lotto
LOVE NCIS, Sad when Michael Weatherly left. but really getting into The Bull
we want the return of Michael Weatherly, he was great in the show and I haven't watched it since he left.
We're expanding the brand. Bojana and I are indeed awaiting ou...
Michael, is universally absent and it is really freaking we, her fans, out! Can you tell us if you have heard from her?
Michael I want to know do you ever miss NCIS,?? I miss Tony on there but I like Bull to, I just wish you would shave
I think my parents only ever watched NCIS for Michael Weatherly. I haven't seen them watching NCIS since he left, but they watch Bull a lot.
I hated to see Michael Weatherly leave NCIS, but I'm loving him in 🕵🏻
Right now on the new hit show starring Connecticut's own Michael Weatherly
My father and mother are both very smart people and I always f...
Hi Michael. Want to know which episode of your new show Bull is your favourite please? Thanks. Missing diNozzo very much 😎
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I am terrible at memorizing things. Hence, ad-libbing.
Hi Michael. froze my *** off tonight because the heating is not working! Love you!
Watching Bull on planner and .Michael Weatherly can definitely wear a cardigan is all I am saying 😊
My big running discovery was around Stanley Park in Vancouver. Mi...
Does the bracelet that Jason/Michael always wears have any special significance?
A commercial for Bull came on, and Kyle yelled, "Daddy!" I am absolutely fine w/ him thinking I look like Michael W…
They can rewrite Michael Weatherly's character back into NCIS next season.
I hope so Michael weatherly come back in NCIS on season 15 ! And Cote De Pablo too
The new must be Michael . For God's sake, just watch it.
Ziva has to retur Now because if michael weatherly a.k.a tony leaves Ncis is a disaster!. so please come back!
Petition to remake Titanic with... - Michael Weatherly as Jack And Cote De Pablo as Rose
Ratings Report: Why Michael Weatherly’s should be smooth sailing towards season 2
Michael Weatherly is such a good actor
I love Michael's portrayal of but the show needs something e…
For the love of god, would people quit badgering Michael Weatherly about Cote De Pablo? As a fan of both actors it's getting quite annoying.
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Ratings Report: Why Michael Weatherly's 'Bull' should be smooth sailing towards season 2
I still don't know how I got so lucky to get Michael Weatherly and Freddy Rodriguez in the same show 😍😍
CELEB WATCH: We noticed that Michael Weatherly was sporting classy new Tom Ford eyeglasses in his new series...
Yes!!! 💜 it! Michael Weatherly and George Eads and all the gang! So happy!
Dear fans Sep20th the season start with Kill Ari and Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly, so forget https:/…
Now that Michael Weatherly is no longer on NCIS, I will miss Robert Wagner guest starring, I have been a fan of his for a long time
I was mildly disturbed by the kid on trial in Michael Weatherly's new show. I think you know why.
Nice start. Michael Weatherly is such an amazing actor! ❤️
Time to see if Michael Weatherly's new show is any good. 😐
AND it's based on Dr Phil. I like Michael Weatherly but I just can't.
A dive into the mind: What makes you, you? Michael Weatherly, who essays the character of Dr Jason Bull...
Watched it today. Very good. Did you check out Bull featuring Michael Weatherly from NCIS?
My Ziva, My Mote, that is without Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly there is no show.
oh no I meant the evol Michael weatherly show
Ok, not really digging MacGuyver. Sad but oh well. Now going to try Evol Michael Weatherly in Bull.
Michael weatherly left NCIS to be on Bull?
Michael, I Love your new show. Wow, truly enjoy watching your work. Thank You!
Michael Weatherly is amazing. But so far Bull is... well, that.
I watched the first episode of Michael Weatherly new show and I like it
Michael Weatherly has a killer voice js.
another keeper. love Michael weatherly. My DVR is in trouble this season.
When he's not throwing darts at his picture of Michael Weatherly, that is. Oops.
Looks like the fall TV awareness/tracking reports were pretty accurate in predicting week one sampling:
Maybe it was time for Michael Weatherly to move on from NCIS but I don't see sticking around long-term.
Watched Bull. The plot is interesting,Michael Weatherly's acting was great but so many other actors looked robotic, almost unbearable to see
Bull was boring, dull & forgettable. Michael Weatherly tries his best (& maybe things will get better) but he can't save the day this time.
"Bull"is very good with great actors and ofcourse the number one Michael Weatherly.The one and only.
We love Bull!! You made the character your own right out of the gate. A hit! Congrats! Can't wait till next time. Go Michael!
You gotta love this new series Bull starring Michael Weatherly. Perfect combination of human psychology study and interesting tech ☺
Thanks for the heads up! You're awesome at keeping us well informed. Have a great weekend, Michael!
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It's an error on the page, not Michael's, lol. Thanks for sharing, Michael. 😊
Just finished watching the debut episode of you KILLED it! Great debut Michael! Although, miss u lots on
if you're an instant fan of Dr. Jason Bull!
They replaced Michael Weatherly with Wilber Valderama on NCIS…I…I don’t think I will be watching this show much longer
i cant believe michael weatherly really left NCIS
WOW! You rock Michael Weatherly! I'll be glued to Bull every Tuesday night!
Love Michael Weatherly but disappointed that his role did not let him shine the way he did on NCIS. Hope that improves
Only caught part of MacGyver. But Bull was. bull. Wanted to like it for Michael Weatherly, but it was not good.
hello michael weatherly...i might have to watch THAT
speaking of hot, check out Bull with Michael Weatherly
.Dear please keep in mind I put in a public bid for this casting last NOV
It's astounding that people think I'm cool given the amount of time I've dedicated to thinking about Michael Weatherly's cardigans on Bull
I almost died during when said call me BOSS! Michael, you are awesome, keep it up!
Bye bye, DiNozzo, hello Dr. Phil! How Michael Weatherly prepped for big change in character
I loved Michael Weatherly on NCIS but his new show is not so good
Fall Television is Here - Michael Weatherly Returns to TV in Bull! via
Add these to the list... 5 Reasons You Can't Miss Michael Weatherly In
"I took a risk by leaving NCIS to star in via
Michael, are you any relation to Burr Weatherly?
Michael Weatherly did ya take Robert Wagner with you cuz he seriously could pass for your real (TV) father 👍🏻
These are Mark Harmon zucchini. Doe had to buy 4 of these to have as much as 1 Michael Weatherly zucchini.
How rich is Michael Weatherly?: The post How rich is Michael Weatherly? appeared first on Richest Celebrities...
On an entirely more peaceful note, Michael Weatherly is fabulous.
How long have you been working with Michael?
I'm sure Bull does! So glad you still love Tony. I sure do. Old days were epic, so is Tony, and so are you, Michael! .
Michael Weatherly’s ‘NCIS’ Finale Finally Answers The Ziva Question | Deadline Have we had this yet?
Still upset that Michael Weatherly left ncis and got his own show
I have to agree with you, love that profile picture of Michael, he looks great, can't wait to watch
Sure gonna miss you Michael, but wish you nothing but the best and continued success!!
Way to go Michael, Can't wait too see you in Bull..
Lots of folks on TV. Lots to watch. No need to support jerks. Happy to support Michael.
can't wait Michael to see the new show
Michael Michael What are we going to do with you???
I give you a Gibbs slap Michael. See what happens when you leave marks side lol. Looking forward to your new show
Michael, how excited are you to meet us?
oh Michael, he is so toxic for this country, folw me I cld tell u things tht wld put mre hair on ur chst
Best of luck Michael. I know I'll be watching.
Michael, did you know DISH customers can't get CBS because of stalled financial negotiations? I WANT to watch your show!
..Valderramma dismisses Weatherly, no shoes to fill
Wilmer Valderrama says 'there's no shoes to fill in' as he replaces Michael Weatherly in NCIS via
Are there any possibilities that Cote will appear in Bull?Anyway, we will be there for you, Michael!
So looking forward to your new show Michael!
Michael, you look amazing!!! Stay cool filming in this oppressive heat! Was 98 degrees here in PA!
Beautiful Pic, You looking very happy and relaxed Michael, Let's go to can't wait to see you😍💕😘
So this new Michael Weatherly series is all about how you can game the justice system. Interesting.
congratulation on the great new show Michael!
Waiting with anticipation to see Bull 👏👏👏 Looking Good Michael 😉
Good luck to your new future Michael
MICHAEL WEATHERLY stars in new drama BULL on
Michael Weatherly leaves NCIS. Shemar Moore leaves Criminal Minds. What is TV coming to???
Michael Weatherly stars in new drama 'BULL'
MICHAEL WEATHERLY stars in new drama BULL
I'm excited for bull. Because Michael weatherly is hot AF
watching Michael Weatherly's final NCIS episode, *** this is going to be emotional
'NCIS' season 14 spoilers, news: Wilmer Valderrama not out to replace Michael Weatherly ...: A little o...
"NCIS" has recruited Blue Bloods alum Jennifer Esposito to help fill the void left by Michael Weatherly's departure last spring.
One of the best movies ever!!! Chim Chim Cherie!! Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks, Michael? Wonderful movie about Mary Poppins!
Michael Weatherly stars in new drama
Two weeks earlier it was Anthony Dinozzo @ Michael Weatherly left by one favs r going away!! =(
I'M SORRY HFBDFK we'll see again Michael Weatherly, but in another series, in future ç__ç
Ziva may not be dead after all, according to the showrunner! 🙂
It actually makes me really sad that Michael Weatherly left
Finally watching Michael Weatherly's last episode as Tony. I have a feeling I'm going to need some tissues 😢
My favourite Michael Weatherly interview as of late was when he was on Live with Kelly, and he was talking about traveling to foreign--
I can't believe Michael Weatherly has left NCIS though
I think Michael Weatherly of NCIS would make an excellent James Bond. He's young enough to make quite a few movies and has Bond qualities.
Watch “Michael Weatherly Jnr” on A very candid interview. Liked it a lot. Made me smile & laugh😊
Shocked & saddened that after 13 years Michael Weatherly is hanging up his Anthony DiNozzo hat. Gonna miss these!😔 https:…
My legs have become accustomed to the treadmill. And in L.A., running ...
"And by losing, at least seemingly losing, the love of his life, Ziva." - Michael Weatherly
Michael I wish you didn't leave I did cry please come back to NCIS again at some point I would feel at least a bit happier!!
Corus Upfront: Actor Michael Weatherly on his new show, ‘Bull’ ❤️❤️
I am going to pretend this is the final scene from the finale episode. Tony, Ziva, Michael, Cote - love you, miss you. Xxx
My wife, Bojana, is a doctor; we both work intense hours and have mont...
When I moved to New York to act I was no good at working restaurants -...
Soaps taught me the fundamentals of the game. You know, how to show up...
Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo watch the season finale of NCIS together on May 17, 2016.
Ziva may not be dead, according to the showrunner! 😎
According to the showrunner, Ziva may be alive after all! 😎
Ziva may be alive according to the showrunner! 😎
Michael got a new gig,though. Cote became voldemort,and Ziva got dead.
good luck to Michael weatherly in whatever he does for the future Catherine Northampton UK
NCIS Family First - I will really miss Tony the Character, and Michael Weatherly the actor, the show won't be the same without him.
“The love of his life, Ziva.” - Michael Weatherly about Tony Dinozzo (via 2broxy)
Don't be heart broken, Ziva may be alive after all! ❤️
Michael Weatherly for the Giorgio Armani campaign was a great idea bc he is a beautiful Italian man.
So Michael Weatherly, talking about Tonys exit, refers to Ziva here as "the love of his…
I'm upset because Michael Weatherly is leaving ncis no
Because no one saw zivas body in last episode. All the best Michael for your new show!
Not only that but the showrunner said Ziva may be alive after all! 😎
I'm an old romantic that gets feels when my favourite character die or leave. Michael Weatherly you will be missed so much.
Intrigued by what you've said Sarah! Great episode, Michael played an absolute blinder tonight.
Goodbye Tony. Michael Weatherly you will be missed. Great acting. Loved every minute. Goodbye and good luck. Tears.
'NCIS' alum Cote De Pablo confirms that she did not return for Michael Weatherly's final episode airing May 17, as…
'NCIS' star Sean Murray on Michael Weatherly leaving: 'People are afraid of change' | How about Poppa DiNosso, Bob Wagner as replacement
I liked a video Michael Weatherly and Eric Christian Olsen on The Talk (Oct 19th, 2015)
Usually, if I watch late night TV, I watch old reruns of Johnny Carson or Man from U.N.C.L.E. Watching Colbert because... Michael Weatherly
Me: "well, I'm going to go upstairs, watch NCIS, & cry about it because Michael Weatherly is leaving..." 😭😭😭💔
"I’ve really enjoyed working with [Michael Weatherly on He’s a special young man, I have great affection for him.” (Robert Wagner)
I kind of want Michael Weatherly play a bad guy in some sort of thriller or doing that James Bond thing, could work :)
How is it Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray r looking old as *** but Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette look perfectly fine
plz bring back ziva david Cote De Pablo so her and tony Michael Weatherly can get together
Mark Harmon & Michael Weatherly...this brings me so much happiness.. love NCIS
Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly the only value for me
and stop your fan annoyment. Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly deserved it.
it's and first time let us honor our darlings Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly.
for our gorgeous Cote De Pablo & and her congenial partner Michael Weatherly
Each third monthly Tuesday is now period. Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly deserve it https:/…
the most important day for Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly fans we need them back for the finale
Cote De Pablo, Michael Weatherly and Joe Spano in NCIS from "Extreme Prejudice"
It was a great Kick *** ninja moment, a great Tiva moment, our great Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly
If you're sad about leaving visit this page and we can grieve together.
ICYMI: Michael Weatherly is leaving at the end of the season: 😥
Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly waiting on GG and MH
said B ist in her top 10 lolololol of what? Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly hold all top ranks, B is a zero https…
w/o Cote De Pablo united with Michael Weatherly there is no for me a lot other fans
Against the Clock with...Michael Weatherly & his wife, Bojana Jankovic
I love Michael for the rest of my life :* :) the Love of my life
Michael weatherly and Cote De Pablo should come back to ncis and get together
Sir Michael its way past time 4 U to put out a new ditty,melody,tune or whatever U want2call it.Need a new number 4 my playlist
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📷 cbswatchmag: Today’s forecast: fair weather! Check out our photo shoot with Michael Weatherly in...
Loved the playlist, and all your thoughts and memories. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us, Michael.
Thanks for that, Michael. I really enjoyed your music choice and the chat. Glad I can go to bed just gone midnight now tho!
Love you Michael and your character Dinozzo ❤️ I'm probably ur 1st Syrian fan
"He had all this funky junk." Michael Weatherly about Robert Palmer 😂😂😂
Michael Weatherly is on now He sounds very jock-y. 😂
KCSN 88.5 FM Michael Weatherly joins Sky Daniels for a guest DJ set today at 3 p.m!
The checked suit SCREAMS Michael Caine to me. Would Harry Palmer wear it? Or Sidney Bruhl?
Sometimes things are as fun as they look. Thanks for the amazing adventure via sharet…
Cote De Pablo & Michael Weatherly is what the show need, live from not your neverending sensless ideas. https:/…
📷 NCIS 01x17 || The Truth is out There Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander CBS...
Michael Weatherly is leaving after 13 seasons
Say it ain't so! I love Michael Weatherly and will miss him greatly. Those are mighty big shoes someone's going...
michael weatherly is leaving ncis and I cried in my room for a half an hour I wish I was joking
Michael, you will be sorely missed! Please do NOT let them kill you off! Please? Leave it open for you to come back?!?
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Daniele Hayes, let the screaming begin
I hate that Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS.I LOVE this show and hate to see this happen, but I wish him the best.
Michael Weatherly leaving ‘NCIS’ after 13 seasons: "NCIS" star Michael Weatherly says he's leaving the long-ru...
Just learned that Michael Weatherly is leaving It'll never be the same without DiNozzo... Please just don't kill …
Michael Weatherly is leaving and I'm about to cry, someone hug me
For nearly 25 years total I've admired Michael Weatherly in every role he's ever done. I'm never once gave up on him . TKU
star Michael Weatherly to exit after 13 seasons
thanks alot Michael can't wait for your next project but im sad really sad ur leaving
I think NCIS has let Michael's character flounder after Cote De Pablo's exist. Let DiNozzo go …
Well had to send you one more No matter what do you next Michael you'll be the hero you was when I first discovered u in 1992
'NCIS' star Michael Weatherly leaving show after 13 seasons
NCIS Shocker - see the star who is leaving the show -
Just found out Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS. I can't stop crying. DiNozzo will forever be my favorite character. I love him so much.
Michael Weatherly leaving CBS drama 'NCIS' after 13 seasons
'NCIS' shocker: Michael Weatherly is leaving the CBS drama via
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NO! Michael Weatherly leaving 'NCIS' after 13 seasons via
Way too emotional over the fact that Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS after this season.
Maybe he'll run off to Israel to be with Ziva..
The news about Michael Weatherly leaving is part of my hope that it's because of a revival/limited series.
'NCIS' favorite Michael Weatherly is leaving show
My life is over!!! Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS 😭😭😭
Michael Weatherly is leaving 'NCIS': get the details
My mom said when Michael Weatherly leaves NCIS at the end of the season it will be like there's a death in the family.😳
fans, Michael Weatherly is leaving the series after 13 years. 'Very' Special Agent Tony DiNozzo had better not die off, please don't
ICYMI: Michael Weatherly is leaving this season
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