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Michael Weatherly

Michael Manning Weatherly, Jr. (born July 8, 1968) is an American actor, best known for his roles as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the television series NCIS, and Logan Cale on the television series Dark Angel.

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Hmmm. I'll have to think on that. I thought Michael Weatherly might could pull off JRock. What about him?
Michael Weatherly said there is always hope for that!! And Cote said she…
Anyone here who likes Michael weatherly as much as Eco or Chris o donnell?
Michael Weatherly's biggest fan and one *** of a talented artist
is that Liam? Omg Michael we need answers man this isn't cool
hi Michael, i'm your fan, you are funny in NCIS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Would that happen to be Bojana's mother with your handsome baby boy Liam? Glad to see you in a silly mood, Michael!!
Photo: Michael Weatherly Lobster versus baby and woman
I have more pics of Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn in my phone than my own family
Falling asleep listening to Michael W. songs. Just one of those times you need Michael to make you feel better. After NCIS:)
It's an absolute waste of Michael Weatherly's talent.
Oh, yes, Tony is indeed MIA! Such a waste of Michael Weatherly's talents.
Is the most talented actor on NCIS its a shame that they are ruining his character I support Michael forever!!!
Michael Weatherly's selfies are the best.
Help Wanted - Late Night Host for CBS - I can see it now: Late Night With Michael Weatherly!
“Got to work with Michael Weatherly of NCIS this week! Sweet! Can't wait to c this cutie!
Then I hope MIchael brought enough for us all ;)
Join the boycott by liking our FB page.
Hi Michael, I really loved the show w/ your voodo doll. Hope you are doing ok w/ all the earth quakes, stay safe dear friend.
I heard Michael Weatherly will leave Ncis like Cote de pablo? :( Is that true? :( I hope it was only a joke...
My one and only crush: Michael Weatherly.
Michael Weatherly, how old are you again?
I typed 'mi' into YouTube and the first suggestion was 'Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo housekeeping commentary' that'…
Wow, we are such good looking people. (Then I see the pic you took and I think no, only Michael is.)
NCIS: Season 7 (2010): Find NCIS: Season 7 at Movies and TV, home of thousands of titles...
now its the 3 Michaels. Michael Hall(Dexter), Michael Weatherly(NCIS) and Michael O'Neal.
"We miss (Cote) everyday on our show.and I hope she come back"- Michael Weatherly
Michael Weatherly, playing Jesus, visits Sarah Silverman in vilely inaccurate video. In support of the pro-abortion movement, aka "Women's Rights,"...
Now available here: Dark Angel Photo Card Set . The TV series created by James Cameron. See Jessica Alba back before she went blond and Michael Weatherly before he joined NCIS, & Jensen Ackles before he started fighting demons as Dean Winchester. The Complete 72 card set plus 4 foil cards. $15.00 and the book "Dark Angel: The Eyes Only Dossier" =$5.00 also available. Perfect for any fan of the series.
Michael Weatherly is like drop dead unbelievably gorgeous in photos, i bet in person he looks like a God or something
Jesus' heart broke more for the unborn babies and YOU, Michael, than took offense by your disrespect and sacrilege.
Can't speak for Him, like you Michael. But maybe Jesus' heart broke more for you than you know.
Want a way to communicate with Michael Weatherly directly? Go to his twiiter account I suggest...
Okay so for my birthday I want: Michael Weatherly, Mario Casas and Zac Efron to pop out of my cake 👌😍😂
I can't believe you did this. That's why Christians are now boycotting you and NCIS. Way to go. I used to be such a fan :/
I liked a video from Michael Weatherly Movie in Rare form (Created with
Michael Weatherly Movie in Rare form (Created with via
This is going to drive me insane. Who is Michael look like.
Michael Weatherly on Dark Angel is ommmg
I was just watching Dark Angel for the first time in a long time and I realized I knew Logan. At first I thought he was Miichael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson on Star Gate: SG1) but he's actually Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo on NCIS) I know no one cares... but I thought that was cool that I knew him before NCIS because I love Dark Angel...
That's a GREAT tour! I loved seeing the Community set and I got to talk to Michael Weatherly on my tour. ;)
This is appalling. It's why I won't be watching NCIS or anything Michael Weatherly (Dinozzo on NCIS) does, now or in the future.
Cote de Pablo he female part of this awesome couple Tiva, together with Michael Weatherly they performe best entertainment.
who likes michael weatherly he is hotty even though hes in 40S he still looks good!
Yay! I have it too. Thanks for the info. I finally get to watch Michael Weatherly in another series!
Tiva, NCIS, Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon and all the NCIS cast! Luv them ♥ http:…
hello Michael could you please follow me i would be the happiest NCIS fan ever :D
Me when somebody says something bad about Michael Weatherly:
Michael Weatherly was hitting that when she was 19. O.o
There is an SVU fan that says the SVU cast is more attractive than the NCIS cast. Obviously they haven't seen Michael Weatherly yet.
NEWS ALERT: Star Michael Weatherly shunned from photo shoot and horribly photoshopped into the new cast
"NCIS showrunner has spoken of a season finale with Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) in the centre. Could there be a touch of Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) involved?" Source
Doe found 's legs. Please God, don't let Michael lose anything below his waist. Especially his knees ;) ht…
Michael weatherly with his cute dog on his legs so sweet
Oh, nice, I had to look twice to find Michael Weatherly and Bishop should be in the center of it, after all it is the Bishop show!
Hey please add me on this account Michael Weatherly
REALLY?? I enjoy watching NCIS but I will no longer be watching anything with Michael Weatherly!! I have never been a fan of Sarah Silverman she has been vile and sacrilegious since the first day she got noticed. This country is all about being politically correct and not offending anyone UNLESS it's anti-God then it seems like it's encouraged! Believers in God need to stand up and let their voices be heard!!
Question: Michael Weatherly has made a few statements recently which indicate that Cote de Pablo may return to NCIS full-time. What can you tell us about this? —Anne. . . .. .. . . . .. Ausiello: Weatherly said on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards, “We miss her every day… and I really hope she comes back.” Period. Cue the “Telephone Game.” That said, it seems that de Pablo wouldn’t be guaranteed the warmest of homecomings. David “Ducky” McCallum recently expressed to DigitalSpy his “frustration and anger that someone should just walk out on us,” adding: “I just don’t understand how a leading lady in a show that’s worldwide, who ostensibly wants to have a career as an actress, suddenly walks away from such a gem and just vanishes a couple of days before we start production.” - Domanda: Michael Weatherly ha fatto alcune dichiarazioni recenti che indicano che la Cote de Pablo può tornare a NCIS tempo pieno. Cosa puoi dirci su questo? -Anne Ausiello: Weatherly ha .. ...
All these years of watching the same movie (Asteroid) over and over and I found out today Michael Weatherly (NCIS's Tony Dinozzo) plays one of the young intern doctors. Learn something new everyday!
INTERVIEW - Michael Weatherly on how it feels to have the show nominated, what makes the PCA special and what hes most looking forward to. at the 40th Annual...
Please consider joining this page. It began as a statement against the recent blasphemous video featuring "NCIS" actor Michael Weatherly (aka Tony DiNozzo) as a pro-abortion "Jesus," who, along with so-called comedian Sarah Silverman, uses profanity and sexual innuendo to support abortion legislation. The page is growing toward also becoming a Christian community, where "rubber meets the road" in support and discussions of learning how to be IN the world v. OF the world.
"Jesus" appears in a video pro abortion causing repudiation Christians At one point, Sarah asks, " When does life begin ? " The answer given by Jesus , between laughter is "Life begins at 40 " . But then adds that " fertilized eggs are not people. Fact is that people are people." "Jesus" appears in a video pro abortion irritating Christians Furor is causing a skit in the United States where the image of Jesus is being used for a campaign in favor of abortion . A major impact on the subject shows that the debate over how and when you can make jokes in the name of Jesus is similar in all Christian countries . With nearly a million views , actress and comedian Sarah Silverman , has posted on his channel five minute skit where the way it was visited by Jesus Christ in your home is shown . The unusual conversation is that Jesus asks you to take your " word" in the case, to support the U.S. legislation on abortion. Michael Weatherly , the actor who plays Jesus , the Savior shows as a person of "humor", but says ...
Catch up with Robert Wagner and Michael Weatherly as they discuss tonight's episode, Broken Arrow, as well as their characters' relationship. Watch NCIS Tues...
I love the chemistry michael weatherly and cote de pablo have!!!
Saddened this week to see a video mocking Jesus Christ and the right to life. What was sadder was that Michael Weatherly starred in it. I have been an avid fan of NCIS since it's inception, but will be no more. The video is on You Tube with Sarah Silverman. Unbelievable, but enough is enough.
I could never get enough of this epic song I love Michael Weatherly!!
Michael Weatherly, as DiNozzo, said the Caesar haircut framed his own face well. :-)
I loved NCIS until I heard about him mocking JESUS. Wow, I am offended. I don't think I will be watching the show anymore.
ugh I know I Needed smthng new but can't think of something, and my pic is great, it's Michael Weatherly wrapped in tape
"Cote de Pablo makes me cry with laughter" - Michael Weatherly
Michael Weatherly. Did you mean the love of my life?
young William Shatner is looked like Michael Weatherly, ohmy.
U eerily look like Michael Jackson in the pic
Michael, being Micheal, I see!! Thanks for keeping things lighthearted and funny in the fandom!! You're the best!!
Have a Michael! Thanks for the wonderful attitude you have this year with all that is going on! Keep us smiling in S11! Hug
that's true michael, listen to Jess.
*NOW PLAYING* New Music from Michael Weatherly "Under The Sun" (From the Benchmark Official TV Soundtrack). See The Music Video at — — Top 40/Pop in Radio - Listen Now at — Purchase at: and
Michael Weatherly and TV go together like peanut butter and jelly. He's done a bit-part on every show that aired during his life it seems.
Once again Michael you made my day by giving me a good laugh!! You are still just as handsome & sexy as you were 10-12yrs ago!
Oh, Michael. You will always be sexy & good lookn no matter how old you are.
Only Michael Weatherly could be that funny I love you Michael!Hope everything is well with you
Why did Michael Weatherly get plastic surgery?
Michael Weatherly woul make a good Dr. Strange, wouldn't he?
im going to have nightmares Michael this is not okay:)
"I think you know, Cote, Ziva she is so important to the show" Michael Weatherly. and also listen to Micha…
Just imagine what Cote and Michael could do with unsanitized sharing about Tony and Ziva's past and fut…
Was it weird to see Michael directing Rocky & Mark? :)
Great little special features video where Michael Weatherly talks about Cote de Pablo & their first scenes together
Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly steam up (and crack up!) our NCIS cover shoot -- check out our video.
Michael & Cote = Pure MAGIC. I've never seen anything like it on any other TV show. They "made" NCIS a MEGA show.
Michael, this "Tony centric finale" has to be because Ziva comes back home, please!
My type of man I love Michael Weatherly in any role!!
I loved Michael Weatherly as Logan and I love even more now as Dinozzo
my heart will stop beating for NCIS, no matter how amazing Michael Weatherly is, if we can´t have Cote back …
I am still bummed Ziva is no longer a regular on NCIS. Cote De Pablo and Michael Weatherly were such a great team together!…
“Cote de Pablo: Do you think Tony trusts Ziva?. Michael Weatherly: With his life. Cote de Pablo: I love you too…
Michael Weatherly, Actor: NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Michael Weatherly was born in New York City on July 8, 1968. Raised in Fairfield, CT, he left college to pursue a career in acting. He also had a great passion for music, and played in a band while pursuing his acting career. He b...
Amen! The best thing I've done on this fast is reduce my TV viewing. The first cut came easy when it was a no brainer to boycott NCIS after that blasphemous video that Michael Weatherly did. Be careful what you are feeding your spirit by what you are watching on TV. OUR MINDS NEED TO BE RENEWED.
Watching NCIS: LA. I love it. Watched a lot of this on USA yesterday. I still miss my Michael Weatherly fix from the other NCIS..but but the new guy I like is in this one too. But, yes, he is blonde..go figure..ha..And younger...what do you know..This one is cooler anyhow..However, I miss Abby too. I love them both..two different shows and Hetty is so mysterious ..
Michael Weatherly makes it real hard to watch NCIS. I hope his character goes to live with Ziva REAL REAL soon
We need to get the word out to all Christians to turn off NCIS every Tuesday after the blasphemous video Michael Weatherly (Dinozzo on NCIS) did that mocked Christians and blasphemed Jesus. We shouldn't support a show or an actor that thinks it's ok to be tolerant of every other religion, lifestyle choice etc, but that when it comes to Christianity it's ok to demean, and worse, to blaspheme our Savior. PLEASE LIKE OR SHARE ON YOUR PAGES to spread the word because mainstream media didn't cover this story. If you're unaware, click the photo below, there's a news article in the comments.
Please make a stand for a Christianity by not watching NCIS. It used to be my favorite show until Michael Weatherly (Dinozzo) mocked Christians and blasphemed Jesus. I will not support the show anymore and hope you will do the same. How can we endorse a product that that thinks it's ok to blaspheme our Savior? Click the photo if you're unfamiliar with the story.
Welcome to all our new members. Our are growing slowly but surely. The best thing you can do to help this page is to like and share posts and photos from this page on your timeline so your friends can learn and hear about this horrible, blasphemous skit that Michael Weatherly appeared in and that includes NCIS. Mass media is not covering this story. So it seems like it's up to us to spread the word. I really need you're help. Please share this page and you can also invite your friends to this page. Anything that can help would be appreciated. :)
I was a big fan of JAG and am a big fan of NCIS, so why don't I remember this? "Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, and Michael Weatherly all appeared as their NCIS characters in the final episodes of JAG to begin the show's spinoff to NCIS."
NCIS star Michael Weatherly has revealed the show's title has been changed several times, because people kept getting confused.
Jennifer Baker! Michael Weatherly played on an episode on Charmed! Lol
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I think the thing that makes 'NCIS' so special is the team and the group. And there's our fearless leader, Mark Harmon. - Michael Weatherly
Just finished watching the extremely unfunny, disgustingly offensive video by Sarah Silverman mocking and insulting every living person on the planet. While I was not surprised by this lowlife unemployable unfunny twit I was extremely disappointed, no disgusted by the appearance of Michael Weatherly who stars as Denozo on my formerly favorite TV program "NCIS". Needless to say I have watched my last "NCIS" program. With all the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson, "Duck Dynasty", because he is a Christian who took a principled stand there is hardly any blowback on this disgusting woman and her video. I can not remember seeing anything more disgustingly offensive.
On Monday night's episode, Padma Lakshmi joins Michelle Trachtenberg, Michael Weatherly, and a slew of pale and lumpy non-celebs for, among other things, a game of "Four-Letter Word." Read on...
Photoset: movingearths: Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly | "She's, you know... She's my buddy"
For all real fans of Cote de Pablo our Ziva together with Michael Weatherly this greatfull couple Tiva a friendly...
Use your four-letter words wisely! On Monday, NBC airs back-to-back episodes of Hollywood Game Night starting at 8/7c. In one game, celebs Michael Weatherly, Michelle Trachtenberg, Padma Lakshmi and one regular contestant are challenged to spell four-letter words using foam letters while blindfolded...
Thanks for answering me I loved & can't wait to watch your ep in April Sorry Michael won't direct this season
This absolutely DISGUSTS me. I have lost all respect for Michael Weatherly.
FAR LEFT "JESUS" IS OKAY WITH ABORTION - "A video of the skit...shows NCIS actor Michael Weatherly appearing as...
Isn't it sweet how much wife dotes on him when they're together. Such a lovely couple.
it was a photo shoot with Sean Murray and Michael weatherly
Yes, all the pictures I used were off camera ones. Otherwise, it wouldn't be Michael & Cote.
I just lost all respect for Michael Weatherly.
I think a personal thank you is in order from Michael ... Or flowers, will take flowers ;-p
Falling in love with Michael Weatherly's voice. Again.
Wrote this past Xmas ep. Another airing in April. Michael might direct next season. Thanx for watching.
Glad Michael culled most of his easily offended followers w my JC joke before he did this. Much less hate now!
Cherry on my "the world's gone mad" week was NCIS Michael Weatherly as Jesus telling us Abortion is OK ...
The Huffington Post missed the part that Michael Weatherly (NCIS "DiNozzo") played Jesus. Hilarious!
I mean I know her & Michael R both 4 Tiva so that's a start. I Believe it can work.
Thank you! I love R U going to write another ep in Do you know when Michael will be directing again? Ciao!
Photo: Mark Horowitz about Michael Weatherly directing (S8 dvds): "No one really should be allowed to be...
love you two together. I use to watch Robert Wagner in Hart to Hart every week. Michael I watch on Dark Angel. Miss Ziva
Hi Michael, Victoria is so adorable, I have three granddaughters, Lily 8, Giselle, 4 and Ava 2. I love it when they come.
good grief Michael Weatherly was young & skinny in Dark Angel
Beautiful girls!! Olivia clearly carries the Weatherly genes! She's adorable Michael. And I enjoy snacks too!
Well Michael Weatherly You're always my favorite actor Stay epic on NCIS you're irreplaceable OWN THAT! I love you so much!!
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? — Michael Weatherly
I'm not *** but even I have to admit,Michael Weatherly is a very attractive guy.
I adore this song and I adore this man!!! I love you Michael Weatherly!!!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Friends fans of Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly our Tiva let us trend tomorrow for this marathon. A good...
Did I ever tell you that how much I'm in love with Michael Weatherly? I really am!
I didn't know u directed this Michael! Great epi! Miss the good ol days. :( My family really enjoyed it last night!
After seeing the awesome NCIS epi. 'Seek' Michael Weatherly directed, do you know when he'll get to direct this season?
oh oh that is my video Michael :) Glad you liked it even if it's a very old one now. Thank you for sharing !
KEEP YOUR EYE ON US LAREDO ! Tuesday January 21, 2014 7:00pm NCIS "Seek" (TV14-LV) “Seek” – The wife of a Marine who specialized in K-9 bomb detection urges the NCIS team to investigate the recent death of her husband in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Director Vance asks for the team’s assistance as he interviews nannies, on NCIS, Tuesday, Jan. 21 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Series star Michael Weatherly directed the episode. 8:00pm NCIS: Los Angeles "Ascension" (TV14-LV) While Sam and Deeks recover from traumatic torture that will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional relationships, lives are still in jeopardy as the NCIS: LA team searches for stolen nuclear weapons, on the fifth season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles, Tuesday, Jan. 21 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include Aunjanue Ellis as Michelle Hanna, Christopher Lambert as Marcel Janvier and Timothy V. Murphy as Isaak Sidorov. 9:00pm Person of Interest "Proteus" (TV14-LV ...
||Me: *showing a picture of Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette together* Look at goofy Michael Friend: *looks at me* I'm goofier than him. Me: No way. No one is goofier than Michael. Ruthie
Michael Weatherly”in the mood flowers”as he was spotted at a Hollywood flowers store with some help to carry them in his car. Uploaded some photos.
Michael Weatherly (NCIS) & Emily Deschanel (Bones) present the Award for "Favorite Actress in a New TV Series" to Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Crazy Ones ...
You know what's a big load of crap? NCIS. The man in charge anyway. Cote de Pablo (Ziva) is easily the best character on NCIS (second maybe to Gibbs and that gut lol). Recently she announced that she was quitting the show. Most people would just assume that she wanted to move on and expand her acting career, but in fact she quit because the producers of the show refused to pay her as much as they pay her two counterparts Sean Murray (McGee) and Michael Weatherly (Dinozzo). Ziva, Dinozzo, and McGee all play characters of the same status and importance, so why is there a pay difference? This kind of gender inequality is unacceptable in any time period, let alone 2014. Telling the producer to be a man would be counter productive; the producer needs to be a good human being and pay Cote de Pablo a matching salary to her coworkers. She made the show for me and many other men and women. It's not right.
NCIS: WHY AREN’T TONY AND ZIVA STAYING IN TOUCH? SHOW BOSS ADDRESSES THAT ‘VALID ISSUE’ AND MORE .. . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . (in fondo alla pagina c'è la traduzione) . . .. . . . . A second goldfish is nice and all, sure, but why isn’t NCIS‘ Tony keeping Ziva in his life in a more literal way, either through Skyping (on an encrypted line, of course) or any other 21st-century technology available to him? “A lot of people have approached me about the idea of not shutting the door entirely on [their staying in touch], and I’m not opposed to it,” showrunner Gary Glasberg told TVLine at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, when we asked if the CBS drama might ever suggest that Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) is finding ways to communicate with his ex-colleague (former cast member Cote de Pablo). “But it has to be done in a way where it feels organic to the storytelling and we’re not just throwing in lines about Ziva here and there.” For example, “If Tony’s ...
O Michael Weatherly me to pedi tou:)
Can someone tell my why Michael Weatherly is so perfect? & if you don't know who he is, I hate you.
Ending the night of watching Michael Weatherly, m! Enjoyed my niece play, Keisha! She played good, but was waiting for my other niece to get on the court Shania! Good night!!
Watching a docudrama on Natlie Wood and Michael Weatherly is playing the young Robert Wagner...kind of ironic :)
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Photo of Anthony Dinozzo for fans of Michael Weatherly. Some of Dinozzo's photos.
My new goal in life.stalk Michael weatherly AKA Tony D'nozo from NCIS...he's my future husband.
Still contend that Chris Pine and Michael Weatherly are the love children of Robert Wagner.
"NCIS" star Michael Weatherly stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood to chat with "Extra's" Renee Bargh about Cote de Pablo's farewell episode and what's in ...
The CBS Eye Guy hitches a ride with Michael Weatherly. The new fall season is coming to CBS!
I do love these two on and off screen Mark Harmon & Michael Weatherly
Join the Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo from NCIS on their cover shoot for TV Guide Magazine! Exclusive interviews, Photo Booth and behind the scenes co...
Josh Holloway and Michael Weatherly walk the red carpet at the 40th Annual People's Choice Awards!
Emily Deschanel and Michael Weatherly present the trophy to Sarah Michelle Geller at People's Choice Awards 2014
Your favorite stars were all over social media with pictures from the 40th Annual People's Choice Awards, held January 8th in Los Angeles. Check out what they had to say!Intelligence star Josh Holloway and NCIS' Michael Weatherly show off their smiles on the People's Choice red carpet.
Watching "Real or Magic-David Blaine" with Michael Weatherly and still done believe in magic but this guy is amazing!!!
Seth Green, Olivia Munn and Michael Weatherly have fun with helium balloons on ROVE LA. AUSTRALIA: Mondays @ 8.30pm on FOX8 ...
Michael Weatherly stopped at the ATM for Cash and went to buy some Coppola Wine “Sofia”in Hollywood. Uploaded some photos.
Michael Weatherly walks down the red carpet at the Awards. Check out the star-studded action!
I think someone should make a movie starring Michael Weatherly (NCIS) & Chris Pine (Star Trek) as brothers and Robert Wagner as their Dad (since he alreadly plays Weatherly's Dad on NCIS). I pay to see it.
The 2014 People's Choice Awards are coming up fast — and the list of attendees this year is hot! Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and Christina Aguilera will be walking the red carpet live from L.A. this Wednesday Jan 8 along with Sandra Bullock, Michael Weatherly, Michael B. Jordan, Sean Hayes, Robert Downey Jr., Zac Efron and Drew Barrymore. Tune in at 9 et/pt!
"Extra's" Renee Bargh stopped by the set of "NCIS" to chat with stars Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly and Rocky Carroll, and she discovered there's a cuddly n...
Thank you Michael Weatherly Trentacosta For pool advice !!! To all peeps with pools run everything in your pool all night !'n
George Peppard was as handsome as Michael Weatherly in his hay day.
A trio of NCIS cast members will be back for Season 10... and 11. Thank you for signing on the dotted line, Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette.
Pauley Perrette and Michael Weatherly are featured in this year's NCIS Season 11 Soundtrack. Read blog and check out exclusive music videos now!
NCIS Missing Cote De Pablo But Welcoming Emily Wickersham .. ... . .. BEVERLY HILLS, CA—It took Michael Weatherly to finally explain his former co-star Cote de Pablo’s departure from NCIS. After eight seasons as special agent Ziva David, de Pablo announced last June she would not return to the series. CBS wanted her back. The producers wanted her back, but de Pablo stuck to her guns and walked away from TV’s No. 1 drama. (It airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on Global.) Ziva and Weatherly’s character, senior special agent Anthony DiNozzo, had a long-running will-they, won’t-they relationship on the show. “It was really with the arrival of Cote that I think something special happened there,” Weatherly told a gathering of international press earlier this month. While it was “never a love story, never rolling over and pillow talk,” there was always a great deal of chemistry between the characters. He compared the big orange squad room on NCIS to the newsroom in the classic film His Girl Friday, ...
Michael Weatherly is a proud papa once again!
Mr. Tancharoen. It is on this night i officially endorse Michael Weatherly to be Johnny Cage and Jason David Frank to be Kabal.
Michael Weatherly, Eric Christian Olsen, Chris O'Donnell, & Charlie Hunnam all in one night this chic is super happy.officially love Tuesdays!
Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are the best choice!!!
Crazy how many famous actors now had guest appearances on Charmed! Sarah Rafferty, Misha Collins, Michael Weatherly. To name a few!
I liked a video Interview Michael Weatherly on "Live with Kelly" - Feb 7, 2012
You will never find a better chemisty than these two share!! Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo for
Michael Weatherly and Cote de pablo for best on screen chemistry
Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo!!! The best couple ever!!!
Miss Sean Murray, Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon on NCIS at Fox Channel. Everyday, every morning I always watched it.
Seriously everyone, Zachary Quinto from Stark Trek or Michael Weatherly from NCIS to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman vs. Superman
Photoset: Rocky Carroll, Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette - CBS press tour all stars party: TCA’s 2013.
Rocky Carroll, Pauley Perrette and Michael Weatherly take to the red carpet at Rocky Carroll, Paul...
3 glasses of wine & I'm giddy.Someone please pass this info onto Mark Harmon, so he'll hit Michael Weatherly upside the head & send him over
She wasn't even asking for the same as Mark Harmon or Michael Weatherly, just better pay to reflect her years on the show.
"I dont play with actors, just with Michael Weatherly" Cote de Pablo
More b-day wishes go out to Michael Weatherly, Rocky Carroll, Joan Osborne, Kevin Bacon, Anjelica Huston, Jeffrey Tambor & Steve Lawrence
Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray because NCIS is the best and they're both😍
I had a dream that I met Michael Weatherly & Pauley Perrette. & it was the best dream EVER.😍🙊
What is the best song of Michael Weatherly? And Pauley Perrette?
bloody weather *** so i guess it up with the 80's music ( Queen Michael Jackson) n get this house in order...:)
Sabrina hes 48, and i thought liking Michael Weatherly at 44 was bad😂😂😂
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Back when weather sorta made sense. Well, it never made sense in Seattle, but I loved the stickers. --with Joyce Johnson-Burke and Michael Burke
Others input wanted: If Wal-Mart was not in East Peoria, right on the riverfront, what would you image could be there that would make the riverfront more attractive and vibrant?
I added a video to a playlist Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly - The Rhode Show 09/25/12
Just received notice, Michael Q Todd, that y'all have a big storm. Stay safe.
Thank you to the McQuaids for such a fabulous end to our market yesterday and to Don and Michael for such a wonderful opener. The weather held out for us and the strawberries went fast! Hope to see everyone next week :)
Michael, Harrison, and the rest of the NYLT crew have to be just about at the end of their patience for rain about now. It's hard as a parent to know your kids are out in weather like this, but they couldn't possibly be in better hands.
Anyone watch "Live w/Kelly @ Michael" for today's word? My TiVo did not record it due to the weather storm! HELP!
Join me for an outdoor yoga practice THIS Saturday. Live music by the fabulous Michael Green, and all donations go to support Peace and Paws Dog Rescue. (they save humans too!) The celebrity dogs Giddy & Twinkle will be there as well. You can come down & listen even if you don't do yoga, say hello to Melissa Aronson Hannon and Bo & thank them for all the good work they do. The weather forecast looks decent, warm with a chance of rain. If it seems questionable, check my website for an update: www. We will still practice & play if the grass is wet! (bring a towel(s)!)
Being on the 15th floor of a building in this wild wind is not fun!
Turkey’s Perfect Storm The spontaneous protests in Turkey, which began in Istanbul and have spread to over 70 Turkish cities, have raised serious questions about Turkey's political stability and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership. The demonstrations began as a spontaneous protest against the Erdogan government's decision to build a shopping mall and a replica of former Ottoman army barracks in Gezi Park in Taksim square. However, they have mushroomed into a broad protest that transcends the traditional political cleavage between secularists and Islamists that has dominated Turkish politics in recent years. The protests reflect a deep-seated sense of political frustration and discontent, particularly among the young and middle class, two groups that have paradoxically been the main beneficiaries of Erdogan's policies over the last decade. These groups are likely to play an increasingly important role in Turkish politics in the future. The demonstrations have their roots in several closely i ...
I am on an emotional roller coaster and want to get off. Thanks to all my friends who have and continue to check on me. I cannot believe that at 42 I am finally learning life lessons most of us learn in grade school. Paul Blart, from "Mall Cop", is a liar. Peanut Butter does not fill the cracks in your heart. I'm not really sure what will, if anything. Life will go on I"m told. Thank goodness for my boys, family and good friends who help to keep me sane as I try to understand life, love and everything that we do to ourselves that causes either happiness or pain.
Thought I would share this FREE event for kids/families tomorrow (I just learned about it from a friend). It has bounce houses, face painting, crafts, vendors and concessions. Hopefully the weather will be good! Kids Day Friday, June 21, 2013 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Les Gove Park, 1005 12th Street SE Auburn, WA
Oh, how nice - Tomasz Schafernaker is doing the weather on BBC1 tonight. He certainly scrubs up well.
Last day in Norway spent summer dog sledding! Those dogs were amazing! Headed to Chicago tomorrow.looking forward to Katie's shower, but not looking forward to saying goodbye to Michael! God blessed us with wonderful weather and a fabulois trip.
What is the nerdiest thing about you?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Anyone have family in Orlando, FL? I have a daughter currently waiting alone in the Orlando airport on a weather-delayed flight. Kathleen Sullivan Susol
There is so much fungi around with the weather we are having and I would love to know which ones are edible. I have just found that someone in Melbourne has made a cd with photos and descriptions of 300 species. Here is a link to the details of how to buy it and there is a bit of a guide on this website too. Kirrily Todhunter
Marlon Copeland’s Game 7 prediction Started in November now we’re here! Will Tim Duncan add to his legacy and further cement the claim as the best big man on his era or does LeBron James take another step towards his boyhood idol Michael Jordan? Forget all of the stragities and ploys that each team has tried to pull off the series, let’s forget the coaching staff matter of fact let’s forget the fair-weather fans. This game comes down to the will of the players, who wants it more and will do what it takes to win. Fatigue may play a factor but if you get tired that means you didn’t want it. The team that will win the game best players will have to go into win or go home mode! Prediction: Miami Heat 107 Spurs 103
Had a great day today shooting with my pal TS - it poured down and we were all having such fun we barely noticed...
I guess its fitting that it was so hot today. Alright HEAT Nation, Stand up! We calling on all of you old, young, new, fair weather fans, early leavers, late stayers, home watchers, bar watchers, men, women, black, white, Haitians, Cubans, thugs, pastors, pastors' wives, pastors' girlfriends, kids, parents, Kendell fans, Overtown fans, Ft. Lauderdale fans, Homestead fans, Opa Locka fans, Miami Gardens fans, Key Biscayne fans and all of South Florida we need your energy tonight, Stand up! Lets push our team to victory. GO HEAT!
Bourne Choral Society Raises The Roof On Saturday, 1st June, Bourne Choral Society performed an evening of summer music to raise funds for the 'Raise The Roof Appeal' at St Michael and All Angels' Church, Edenham. The large audience, which had braved the unseasonal weather, enjoyed a programme of sacred and secular music from across the years. Jenny Bean directed the Choral Society with Stephen Webb accompanying on the organ and keyboard. Jenny Thompson, who has sung many times with the society, delighted the audience with her entertaining approach and her varied repertoire of songs which was accompanied by Jackie Kirby. The choir demonstrated its versatility with sensitive performances of sacred works which included compositions, written especially for the society, by Stephen. In contrast some very lively, upbeat items were included which encouraged the audience to 'sing along'. The men entertained with a selection of nursery rhymes and a lively and spirited section of songs from the shows was performed ...
Mistake of the day: running out of gas in 105 degree weather because my inspirational card was covering my gas gage. Oops! Win of the day: 40 minutes of down time to return phone calls!
Hello all, had a wonderful walk yesterday in the sunshine. I would really recommend everyone walking from Hartland Point to Hartland Quay, the scenery is breath taking. Today, I have walked the hardest part of the SW Coast Path, and it was hard, continuous ups and downs, from Hartland Quay to Bude, 15.5 miles, but very hard walking, which took from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. Unfortunately, at about 4.30 pm. the weather changed and we continued in rain and very low visibility, so could not see the lovely scenery around Bude.
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for tomorrow. Is it wrong to be excited? I mean, a dishy surgeon, a nice long rest and a solution to a problem? What more can one ask? Thank you also to my resident weather forecaster Lisa Pheysey who says it's getting warmer :-) Midnight is the stop eating deadline so grazing away so I don't feel even slightly hungry waiting around tomorrow. Got a nice big book to read and the prospect of getting back to yoga. See you all on the other side of tomorrow :-)
I guess days when the weather *** and I don't have to work, I'll do two a days... Like today
Police are back at Hernandez's home with a search warrant and a few questions such as: 1. Why was his home security system including surveillance intentionally destroyed? 2. Why his cell phone was handed over to authorities in pieces. 3. Why house cleaners were hired Monday to scrub his house. I really hope he had nothing to do with it but its not looking good right now. Just an FYI not enjoying putting up these posts but he is one of our best players and want to keep everyone updated as new confirmed updates are released. -Phil
Let's talk about the emotions involved in finding out you have autism, as an adult. I thought I was going mad. I was excited. I was sick. I was scared. I was upset. I was relieved. I was IN SHOCK. I've seen it happen with so many adults on the spectrum. We relive our childhood in our mind and wonder, "What if I'd known?". Share your experience here to help others.
For a start look at Lourdes today and the Grotto like a river,ye people say it is global warming,but read the Bible,its there for all of us to see and a lot of us not paying attention.But to all of you out there im only going to say ,what i know to be true,depending on youre believes its up to each and every one of you to make youre own minds up.i will try and make it short but not easy,lot to be 1994 on June 9th,a date several seers,knew something was going to happen that,they forecast that the world would be totally changed,they were Pastor John Hinkle Christ Church,Los Angles,,in Arvada Colorado, David Grififfis they had expected the world to end,at same time,there was and still is voodoo in U S A ,abortion *** and *** people,but some of those matters were coming up for discussion in white house and senate,and people had no fear,it was just an everyday thing.But let me tell you while it was been discussed,on that same date 9th June,there was an earthquake nearly 400 miles underground,fe ...
I just got out of the pool at Bayside RV Campground. Water temp. is perfect, as is the pool. Thanks Leonard and Michael.
Happy Bday to ex Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony! 3 from him in the 3peat.traffic/weather updates...a chance at scoring Despicable Me 2 movie passes all before head head out to Battle on the Border tonite.
God I love our nites in watching fishing so romantic NOT !!! Sort it laddo or I will kick *** lol
This area gives access to a large collection of news resources, both printed and online, and offers information about academic journals, scholarly publications and books
Jerry Foster burnin trees over the valley lol
I had a great time with Sir Chris Hoy and his wife at the beginning of May and their both lovely people. They stayed for about 3 hours and it was a fantastic day. My brother came back from University for the day and Chris gave my friend an unexpected call which she said gave her the fright of her life, after just coming out an exam. Over the following week I had lots of press wanting to write about the day and I got overwhelmed and exhausted with it all.  I met Kevin Bridges at the Beatson in Glasgow, with lots of other young cancer patients and he was very funny,  A big thanks to my friend Eilidh who held a fundraising afternoon at Strathallen school, in early April. This included a massive auction, raising a total of £1,920. I was invited to go but didn’t as I was unwell. Thanks to Jennifer Port for playing her harp for over 2 hours on Buchanan St in Glasgow. Raising £420 for Teenage Cancer Trust. Unfortunately I was unable to join her, as I was not feeling up to it so her friend went along to le ...
So Joke In Here has stopped us signing Douglas because he's never heard of him. Isn't that sort of the point of our scouting? We've all heard of truly brilliant players. It's the diamonds in the rough that we want.
Exodus International, an organization whose mission was to “help” *** Christians become straight, is shutting down. But not before issuing an apology. More:
Going to the Valley camping 2morrow fOr the weEkend with the famIly,can't wait soOoO Excited :) Hope the weather stays beautiful like today! 1 more real day of SchOol left,WoOt wOot...pumped,love you Michael Moo,xxo
Before I go any further about future gigs, let me say our gigs last week in Edmonton AB Canada at Blues On Whyte were awesome! It was a special place full of Blues lovers, young and young at heart. Many thanks to Michael Purcell and the entire staff at Blues on Whyte and The Commercial Hotel. Thanks to all the fans and new friends we made and their die hard partying and support. And especially to my Canadian rhythm section, Joey Dimarco and Bryan Czarnecki (The Czar) for their professionalism, great playing and for giving 100%. Also special thanks to my right hand man, Steve Laudicina (aka The Iceman), for always giving 100% and rockin' each and every show. See you soon, eh?
What amazing wedding weather! I'm so lucky to take my couples to the prettiest locations to shoot. The other day I discovered the hidden Lilly pond in Phoenix park. We hit that spot today with newlyweds Clare & Michael and it was Magic! Can't wait to go back for a creative shoot some day soon!
Well the weather had been kind to us all week but we have come unstuck today. We have had to make the decision to call off the sports day today. Our apologies to everyone looking forward to another great sports day but even if the rain stopped by 9am this morning the grounds would be too slippery. We'll let you know what is going to happen when we have sorted it out
Stop Trying To Impress Negroes Who Will Never Like You   No matter how many people you are good to No matter how well you treat people And no matter how many people you give advice to, look out for, and go above and beyond for to help out There’s always one *** out of the crowd who will never ever like you It is what it is   The piece is designed to teach us a universal lesson about human nature No, not the hit song on the “Thriller” album by Michael Jackson That you and I should have been mature enough to learn in our childhood Everybody that you interact with or see is not going to like you And everybody ain’t meant to be your friend, either   So stop pouting and complaining Stop crying and whining Dry your eyes Stop feeling sorry for yourself And cancel your pity party   Brothers and sisters Attempting to impress Negroes who don’t like you Only leads you on a vicious cycle of low self esteem And the need of approval and validation You end up as a co-dependent of the thoughts, ideas, and . ...
Michael arrived from Washington, Maria arrived from Eritrea. Welcome back to England. Looking forward to Scotland and Ireland.xx
Sometimes I forget that Michael Weatherly's name is actually Michael. He doesn't look like a Michael.
Ok...the only REAL Spurs fan I kno is Mauricio Juarez...the ressayall are strictly haters & bandwagom passengers. Period. All yall who sayin fock LeBron now were not sayin that 3 1/2 yrs ago! U DEFINITELY weren't sayin that in 2003! None of yall was screamin fock the Miami Heat before LeBron got there! I'll put money on it! Most of yall casual fans anyway & couldnt even tell me the commissioner's name. Yall dnt even have a legitimate reason not to like him! Oh u still mad over 'The Decision'? REALLY?? Yall love Kobe but he RAPED a girl & dry snitched on Shaq...Yall like Chris Brown & he beat the brakes off Rihanna...Tiger focked er'thang movin & got a 9-iron to the grill because of it...Michael Vick killed dogs for fun...J.R. Smith killed his friend drivin reckless...But yall like all these other ppl...Bron aint never been in any off-the-court issues & donates relentlessly to the Miami community AND NOT TO MENTION in Cleveland where they were burning his jersey a few yrs ago. Yall really need to have a se ...
I'm feeling like it's time to rev up the grateful machine in my spirit today. I'm reading a lot of posts about bad things, things people are pushing, selling or trying to convert others to. So I'm starting a grateful chain. Pass it along. I'd love for you to wanna jump in and post one thing you are grateful for today. Let's see how long we can get this one. I'm shooting for 100 comments that will make us feel good and remember what's important. I'm grateful for.
New Michael Stars Tees and Tanks in! Come in and see all of the great colors and fabric perfect for this Oklahoma weather!
emergency emergency this is not a text the world police has issued an all points bulliton for shebron james aka CHOKE MASTER its the 4th forth quarter and he was seen running away from an item namely a BASKETBALL if u see him he is to be arrested taken to miami home of the SHEMALES and begged to potrai his role as a leader for e.g.what michael jordan did 6 championships 6 finals mvp kobe black mamba bryant 5 championships 2 finals mvp enough send go L.A. SPURS lmao
If anyone is attending Michael Rivas's memorial tonight and needs a ride from the downtown/midtown/Montrose area, private message me. Leaving around 5:30PM.
Just reading a statement on the internet and I quote "if a man rapes a women or child he must pay her for the use of her *** *** thats islam for you
*** the Oppressor weather he is White/Black/Hispanic/or Asian also as brother Michael stated the North/South American Indians as well
Join me at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight from 6 - 10:30 for Bike Night. Trophies provided by Ride Safe hope to see you there!
well our new police FLO phoned, all set for tomorrow morning. Finally get to see the man that killed my dad!
A REAL dad does not have to try to make his ex baby momma look bad, He lets the Beeyotch to that all on her own ;)
Updates; 1} I have the memory patches ordered for Doc. If you want one ($5.) I am keeping the order pretty tight as to only Tho's who are requesting them. So if you want one please let me ( or Karen Bohlen ) know pretty quick so that I may adjust the order... 2} Who wants to go to Fredericksburg in September? It's been a while since we all got together and had some fun. The weather should be awsome and yes the "big cot" will be there... We are trying to decide for eather the 3rd { 20-22 } or the 4th { 27-29 } weekend. Don't be bashful. Which weekend works best for you? Everyone Is Invited !!! As always. This is a Non Club event so club members please leave club issues at the club house... We are also looking into setting memorial bricks for some more of our fallen brothers. The bricks are aprox $55.00 each. The only question is who and how many... If you want to order a special brick on your own for someone special get with Karen. She knows ALL that stuff and can hook it up. Just keep in ...
Are you ready for the Pro-Am tomorrow? 42 teams going head to head in one of our famous competitions. It's gonna be a great day with fantastic greens, camaraderie, super tasting food and a warm welcome in the Clubhouse when you are done. Good luck to all and have fun!
Anyone up for ride out Sunday either to heart side via Middleton tees dale n back through Hexham , or ride down to hawes for some deep fried Wensleydale cheese ;) ? Weather permitting
Went to Geneva Switzerland today and it was AMAZING! everyone needs to go there at least once in their lifetime!!!
Taking advantage of a surprise day off, beautiful weather, and being a Freetown resident! And the only two I have to share it with
In just a few minutes - Twisted Links with Kris Gruber with tracks by artists including Michael MacDonald, Seth Lakeman, the Strawbs, the Scorpions and Oasis! Have a few cooled drinks and some nibbles to hand and enjoy!
Hey folks, Bob again. I just interviewed a Christian author about his diagnosed Bi-Polar disorder. He keeps it under control with medication. Personally, I do understand that in some cases there are very real neurological issues that legitimately require medication, but I also understand that some Christians see this as a cop out and an excuse to not discipline your thoughts and "control" your emotions. What do you folks think? What are your thoughts on Christians taking medications for issues like Bi-Polar disorder?
Today is the type of day ...regardless of what he had to do.. you would see my daddy on his motorcycle crusin! Perfect weather.. I miss seein him ridin in the sun.. everytime I see someone on a motorcycle I blow a kiss to the sky. I miss you Michael Carnes I kno today your in heaven crusin down the golden roads!
It's a nice and mild start this morning. We're partly sunny and warm this afternoon with highs in the mid 80s.
Beautiful Weather is in the forecast!! Come enjoy the gentle breeze & relaxing atmosphere @ 83rd.& the Bay. Sunsets, Live Entetainment & much more. Entertainment Line-Up: Thursday~Michael Smith~Friday~ Tear The Roof Off~Saturday~2 Much Stuff with Joe Smooth.
Doughnut on my calendar, as in big zero tonight… Anybody need a picker gimme a shout. Oklahoma City tomorrow night, Dallas Saturday. Pretty day today- hope to run some errands on the big Ultra Classic today. Make the rounds.
My sister just tried to convince me that Michael Weatherly was dead. Uhm. No.
Hope a lot of the family can make it to the Greene/Lamons reunion Saturday 22nd at Carpenters Chapel Church. And I hope the weather is nice.
While it will still be a little cool tonight, the pattern continues to change to a warmer one. A large area of high pressure to our west with dry weather will slowly work its way east. On Friday a large area of high pressure will be over us and then slide east. Once east of us a southwest flow of warmer weather along with humidity will move in. This new pattern is expected to last through the weekend and into early next week. We may even approach 90 on a couple of days, especially early next week. No area wide rain like we have seen so often, but due to the increased humidity in the coming days, a few thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening can’t be ruled out. ~Michael
A great evening at the Oak Bay Night Market. The weather was a bit iffy, but came thru for us in the end. Too busy to visit friends, Ginger Filangy & Joanie McCorry - but that's a good thing. Next month! Doris Barry was right next door with Fab Cat Fabrications. Couldn't convince Michael to do a Penny run. :(
Off to speedway tonight.Hope it stays dry!!
This weather can just buck it's ideas up right now. We all want a lovely sunny weekend for Maker Solstice Festival. Radim Armis, Linda Dunstone, Joe Wildman, Jed Lewis Lance Hendy Michael Tack Jaime Eve Beccy Freeman Andy Paice James Noone Stephen Howard
Finally. The weather turned and we had a nice testride with Product Manager Michael Staab. Not very technical trails but enough to get a feeling of the kinematics of the new 29" fullsuspension xc racebike. First impression is that it works. On the big ring in the saddle on the climbs it just flys. On the more steeper sections You barely have to move forward on the saddle. It tracks and climbs like a cat. Very light and responsive. I got a little short reach for my taste, but anyway managed easily to find the perfect balance in high speed cornering. It carves god. More to come, read the full minitest, interview with Canyon Topeak Ergon teamrider Robert Mennem and about the Canyon factory visit, in the next number of Cykelmotion Danmark.
Ladies here's the scenario a husband holds his wife's hand and looks at her in the eye with concern and says "sweetie im gonna say this with love. youre over weight. now is he mean for that approach as opposed to coming out and just calling her fat?
Had a great day out at Harefield heart hospital,been in for a nuclear medication myocardial perfusion scan,had so much chest pain thought they was gonna keep me in,but home now,anyone know any dirty jokes NO just playing there's youngens on face/book
As another school year draws to a close and I partake of the annual Last Lunch on the Lawn with all the students, various caregivers and staff of Callahan School, I am suddenly struck by the reason why I am particularly excited about this year's finale. While every passing year of Max's life is significant (as milestones that mark the passage of time is significant to all caregivers) I can distinctly remember last year's Last Lunch. I remember the weather was just as beautiful, the kids just as excited and the staff just as relieved as they were today, but I also remember the suffocating sadness that plagued me last year at this time after finally accepting that my marriage to the man I thought was the love of my life was really just in my head. The summer that followed was a blur of abject misery. This year I feel not just better but pretty freakin' great! The relief of finally feeling good after years of anxiety and confusion is hard to describe to anyone who hasn't been through similar. This past year ...
Love men with long, healthy, clean and shiny hair. plus a passionate song... That's all I need from male creatures.
Morgan has the dreaded bulls eye rash and fever. They offered to do the Lymes blood test but say they recommend treating with an antibiotic anyways. With all of today's technology, why can't we kill those little buggers!
Not long to go now for My photo shoot with the wonderful Michael Anthony Alago and hope he has a safe journey to the UK. Lets rock this photo shoot on Monday :-)
Packing up to head home. Loved staying here at the park. Very quiet and VACANT. I guess not a lot of people want to camp in 90 degree, extremely humid weather. Go figure??
The weather at Myrtle Beach is a dream for a beach lover. Low humidity, sunshine on and off and temps in the mid 80's. Absolutely beautiful. But instead of being on the beach, I am sitting under the cabana in Linda Willis Wilson's backyard watching Gavin in the pool and Ernie Michael Willis pressure wash the house. Loving every minute of it!!
Joelle has 3 dozen eggs available if anyone is interested (1 dzn for $3 or 2 for $5) The chickens love the warm weather. :)
Just curious if anyone feels the same about this as I do. Ever post a status about a particular subject, and most of your friends reply concerning the subject matter, but there's always one that comes into the conversation and ask about something totally unrelated? Why ask on that thread? Just a minor pet peeve of mine :-)
I been patiently waiting for a track t explode on...
With all the lovely weather we are having, it's time to take a walk/bus/bike to Ebling Library and see the exhibit people have suggested is "stunning," "sobering," "eye-opening," "unsettling," humanitarian..." The exhibit titled: After Chernobyl Photographs by Michael Forster Rothbart Location: Ebling Library-3rd fl Galleries June 14th-August 31st, 2013
Needed...warm bodies to fill out my Friday Slopitch team. 6:30 and 9:30 game times. East Point park at Morningside and Laurence area in Scarborough. No real offer to play refused. Lol. Beer provided between games.
i really need somebody here with me when tornadoes come through , last night i FREAKED myself out hiding under my bed with my dog wonder if i was safe under a king size bed and holding my dog Lol. but thank the lord it never reached my area
The news is of particular note since the Alaska is one of the fastest warming states.
apparently its gonna hoy it down over the weekend, best pack da wellies, :D
Brilliant event yesterday with good weather too.. Our next School is Wednesday 26th June, Elites are now FULL & there's only a couple of Premier's left now..
Big events for Michael this year. He's been off of chemo for 3 years. In two more years, he will be considered "cured" of leukemia. He learned to ride a bike this spring and he flew an airplane during a fundraiser event by Jet Air Group for Families of Children with Cancer. He's been trying to play baseball but the weather has canceled many games. He's going fishing on the Bay this weekend. Life is exciting and busy.
Temperatures are set to soar in early July and mid-August – according to Donegal postman-come-weatherman Michael Gallagher anyway. Michael, who has been predicting the weather for 25 years, took time out from his busy day job in the Cloghan area of Donegal today to launch the SuperValu Summer Food and Wine range in Dublin along with TG4 weathergirl and presenter Mairead Ni Chuaig. The postman says that he learned to observe the outward appearances, moods or movements of the animals and countryside, which he claims provide indications of that kind weather to expect over the coming days and weeks. He has been particularity encouraged by recent signs of the sheep moving to the mountains. He also claims that the ever-changing hues of the mountains against the horizon from day to day have also helped the people of Na Cruacha Gorma (The Croaghs) in Donegal to predict the weather. He said: “All the signs are there that summer is far from over. Before weather forecasts, the old people used to rely on the natu ...
The weather is expected to be GREAT Saturday Night in De Soto for listening to John Michael Montgomery, Morgan Frazier, David Oakleaf & the Open Road, County Road 5, Matt Snook, Hazard County and Landrush.
My daughter and I just got our nails done!! She is happy and so am I now we are home and waiting on her brother Michael to come home from summer school not sure what we are going to do since we did a lot yesterday so I am thinking and wanting to just chill at the house today!! Wait for the hubby to come home tonight and than I am off to the gym I have to switch my gym schedule since the kids are out of school. Well I hope everyone enjoys the weather today cause starting tomorrow it is going to be a very HOT weekend ahead :)
Long journey home will begin soon! Met some some great people and the weather has been so hot ☀
Tonight makes or breaks lebrons legacy its that simple
  Fine Gael Waterford Deputy Paudie Coffey has welcomed the opening by Minister for Sport Michael Ring TD of the newly laid running track at the Regional Sports Campus (RSC) in Waterford City.  Deputy Coffey said he was pleased to be able to intervene at a critical stage last year with the Minister to ensure the project proceeded.    “This facility plays an extremely important role in athletics both locally and regionally and this upgrade is a boost for the region and I was pleased to met with Minister Ring on two occasions about this matter where I impressed upon Minister Ring the importance of this funding and what it would mean for Waterford City and the Region as a whole.   There has been a notable increase in demand in recent times of this facility and any upgrade would therefore be timely.      “Due to the poor weather at the end of last year and start of this year; it meant the project could not be started until the weather had improved.  This jeopardised the funding allocation for th ...
BOM...rumble rumble we go again!!
The scandals keep on coming | 9Digg - What the web is talking about right now a country widely perceived as worthy but boring, Canada is receiving some unaccustomed attention these days for the utterly unworthy but mesmerising municipal dramas unfolding in its two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal. Until this week the focus has been on Toronto, whose mayor, Rob Ford, faces unproven allegations that he was caught on video smoking crack cocaine. Mr Ford denies he is a crack user and has rebuffed calls to step down. Still, he is tainted by a now infamous photo that places him in the company of one young man who has been murdered and two others who were swept up in a mass police raid on June 13th, in which 44 people were charged with murder, attempted murder and operating a sophisticated gun- and drug-smuggling ring. But even as journalists dogged Mr Ford in anticipation that he would give in to mounting pressure to resign (he has not), the action shifted to Montreal. On June 17th Michael Applebaum (pictur ...
What a difference a day makes. Rain, rain go away! We are currently getting ready for ARMED FORCES DAY on Saturday and hope that the weather picks up for all the men and women in uniform who will be parading along the seafront on Saturday morning. We are lucky to be hosting the repatriation ceremony between the town and the Royal Marines at a special lunch. If you want to see the parade, make sure you are along the seafront around 11am. Tomorrow (Friday) evening we have JACKSON LIVE 2013 - fans of Michael Jackson will love this one. And coming up soon, TOPLOADER and from THE JAM From THE JAM is the collaboration of legendary bassist Bruce Foxton (The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers), drummer Mark Brzezicki (Big Country), and vocalist/guitarist Russell Hastings. The Jam had amazing chart success, with 18 singles and 7 albums making the top 40 in the United Kingdom from their debut in 1977 to their break up in 1982. Their last 5 albums were all top ten hits and their last 8 singles made it into the top 10. Toge . ...
Michael Fish takes his weekly look at the upcoming weather, with an eye on and it's no surprise to hear that Summer 2013 is taking a short break...
I have really bad hay fever or a cold coming on! Anyone else got hay fever today?
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