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Michael Vartan

Michael S. Vartan (born November 27, 1968) is a French-American film and television actor. He is probably best known for the role of Michael Vaughn on the American television action drama Alias.

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I only remember the episode where Michael Vartan guest starred. Fun, too.
anyway I just started the episode where Michael Vartan plays sleazy French chef and a lot of complicated high school feelings are back
I love it so much. Plus Erinn Hayes in the unaired episodes, Owain Yeoman being a beautiful dirtbag, the Michael Vartan ep etc.
Just watched the movie starring Michael Vartan and Erin Moriarty & *** that was the best Horror flick I've seen in a while. OMFG.
Michael Vartan was so cute as a youngin 😍😍😍
Michael Vartan in Monster-in-Law...literally rawr...what happened to him is he a thing
Derivative, idea-free horror fluff with Michael Vartan anyone? Aha! My Within review for .
Michael Vartan has Aries Rising and a Pisces moon 😍😍😍😍
I became a woman when Michael Vartan ran down the stairs of the stadium to kiss her
Never Been Kissed (michael vartan and that crooked smile 😍)
It will be nice if they show back police-crime series ALIAS on tv. Really like to watch Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan on this series 😆
Oh no wait it was Jason london. But Michael Vartan is in it playing an *** but hey still hot
Oooh baby Michael Vartan. My heart is happy
This is like the time I rented OneHour Photo to pause on Michael Vartan's D.
Deidre, his soon to be ex-wife, is getting all of their DVDs in the divorce —including a copy of "Monster-in-Law" signed by Michael Vartan
Jennifer Garners boyfriend at the time was her Alias costar Michael Vartan, right atter her first divorce why do i know this?
I wish my husband Michael sumner georges vartan & I had a puppy like that!!!:)
I adored Michael Vartan, but come on, the juxtaposition of him and Cooper is funny looking back at it now...
Don't you be smack talking My Michael Vartan. I love him. I love him with ALL MY HEART.
Oh gosh. I still can't quite believe Bradley Cooper played the geeky sidekick while Michael Vartan was the hunky action man.
Oh, Michael Vartan. You broody trickster. I had a thing for Sark. Strange child that I was.
Oh, I adore the *** out of that, but my main reason for watching was Vaughn. Oh Michael Vartan.
Fwd: ROGUE with Michael Vartan,best part imao is when he goes looking for the dog and where he ends up. ...he deserves an Acting Award!
- And Bradley Cooper before he was cool. But I was a huge Michael Vartan fan.
Drinking alone, swooning over Michael Vartan... Can't really complain about a Saturday night.
Unless Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan come back...I'm not interested
Yeah BUT better be steady on NOT that he is "dead" and then reappears again. for doing that!
The writers interchangeably say Michael Vartan and Michael Vaughn.
You don't want to miss the last Postnup of the season tonight! Join & Michael Vartan at…
I have been binging on seasons of Alias. I admit, it's Michael Vartan that has fueled the obsession. His sad eyes make me strangely giddy.
Hey, I watched Monster in Law. tho technically it's because of Michael Vartan. and yeah I liked Enough.
.Remember TNT hasn't had a Black female lead since Hawthorne. 😦 *pours one out for Jada/Michael Va…
Michael Vaughn(Michael Vartan)& Sydney Bristow(Jennifer Garner)still one of my favorite TV couples ever.
.and Michael Vartan star in the latest scripted series from E!
Alan Thicke discussed art and coffee with actor Michael Vartan moments before fatal heart attack
I've always loved sports and hockey is a sport I play as much as I ca...
I think the hardest thing about being an actor is between jobs wh...
I'm not a bling-bling guy; I can't pull it off. I just look like ...
I just Googled him and.this is weird.
Actually going to nominate Never Been Kissed (and will spare you my thoughts on Michael Var…
Fake news story about the late Alan Thicke tricks TMZ, the New York Daily News and this website
You just have to keep plugging away and if you get lucky enough ...
IMPERSONATOR OUTED after Alan Thicke's death for the publicity via
Someone impersonated Michael Vartan after Alan Thicke’s death for the publicity
Alan Thicke talked art, coffee with Michael Vartan before death - New York Daily News
Not even a Kardashian would stoop this low! I hope not!!
a detective show where every week the mystery is "why did michael vartan never really take off" THE SHOW RUNS FOREVER
Oh and "The Arrangement," I'll have to watch that for science. That's the one with Cult Leader Michael Vartan
Just watched the Australian horror flick with Michael Vartan. Loved the song "never smile at a crocodile" during end credits 😂😨😄
Britt Morgan, though. Also Michael Vartan apparently is in it?
Finished Alias, Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner are my favorite people on the planet, and I need a box of tissues 😭😭😭😭
Also, I started rewatching Alias and I have such a giant crush on Michael Vartan.
I would rather do movies because I'm very lazy and the hours are much easier.
A Garry Marshall film that is so under the radar was Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan. I loved it!
"wondering what Michael Vartan has been up to" . ps Josh Lyman > Sam Seaborn
Me rewatching Michael Vartan is so so hot ❤️🔥 and I have missed Sydney Bristow so much 💃
Wait...are Caity and James working together? (And Michael Vartan too?)
Every actor will tell you it's so much more fun to play the bad guy be...
Re-watched Never Been Kissed and remembered where my inappropriate obsession with hot teachers originated.. *** Michael Vartan, you fine.
You never know why or when the next job is coming. I actually like tha...
They should make a "Never Been Kissed," sequel from Michael Vartan's perspective called "Got Away With It."
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Michael Vartan's hair is already looking better.
Michael Vartan in this movie is an English teacher's dream 😍
I would do this now, except I would just start ranting about how sad Michael Vartan must be now that he's all alone.
Never Been Kissed -Drew Barrymore. when she waited for Michael Vartan in.the field 4 her kiss.
When Michael Vartan appeared in the field&kissed Drew B in Never Been Kissed.
Hawthrone. I wanted that Marc Anthony, Jada and Michael Vartan love triangle
I can´t wait to see Michael Vartan brainwash Josh Henderson with this Institute of The Higher Mind
Never Been Kissed is on TV every time I think I'm over Michael Vartan.
.. and I look around in case there is a Michael Vartan lookalike.
I know people like Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan together, but I strongly endorse JG and BCoop
All about Michael Vartan ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
. It's on my bucket list to watch any role Michael Vartan plays.
The Arrangement is filming in Ladner today. Christine Evangelista, Josh Henderson, Michael Vartan.
Michael Vartan, a killer croc and lots of eminently edible tourists on a boat. Great stuff.
Finally catching up with Rectify and I'm digging Michael Vartan as sad-but-handsome man at the bar.
o rly?! This is Michael Vartan al over again.
Michael Vartan just showed up on Rectify. Weeeiiird. Don't think I've seen him since Alias.
Michael Vartan was so hot, Bradley Coops wasn't even on my radar.
And im remembering how horribly bad my crush on Michael Vartan was...
I'm watching the ep where Monica meets Richard's son - and it's Michael Vartan! Loved him on Alias.
as a fellow Alias fan, thought you might like this!
"Let me this time." - Michael Vartan as Danny Delaney to Zoe Saldana as Jennifer/Cataleya in
oh yeah KYLE will be TOM CRUISE 2.0 .No but they can add some much drama to it. and michael vartan will probably be the evil one
this week is Never Been Kissed. Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan. Love it.
Enquirer: Jennifer Garner ‘secretly hooking up with former lover Michael Vartan’ -
I wish the rumor of Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan are true!
like Never Been Kissed, but without Michael Vartan, and a whole lot weirder ?
My high school Alias-obsessed heart would love Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan to get back together now that they're both divorced
Bennifer II Sage continues: Which PR Camp broke the Trust. Was Jen creeping with Ex Michael Vartan watch jlo😂
did you see Michael Vartan is going to be on Rectify this season? Swoon.
Jennifer Garner is leaning on her ex for support during Ben Affleck divorce battle:
As Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck's marriage crumbles, she's leaning on her ex Michael Vartan for support:
I really loved them together but I don't like this 'thing' at all!😱😱.
Jennifer Garner​ turning to ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan for support amid Ben Affleck​ drama!
Binge watching Michael Vartan speaking French is everything!!!
Michael Vartan is going to be on season 3 of Rectify? I can't handle that.
A little scoop on one of my favorite shows. Michael Vartan guesting on this season
The Wrap - - &Alum Michael Vartan to Guest Star on &(Exclusive)
Can't wait. More people need to watch this show. And I spy Michael Vartan! season 3 trailer via
michael vartan is so hot I can't even right now
Michael Vartan on good dog parenting:
Remember when Bradley Cooper lost the girl to Michael Vartan & we were like "Sure, yup, that makes sense"?
Michael Vartan is one attractive human being.
He was at birthday party for Michael Vartan's mother in LA. Pic with British Vogue editor whose daughter is v friendly with
Fun fact: Doris La Frenais used to be Doris Vartan, and she's Michael Vartan's mom.
Did you know Michael Vartan loves AFL and got a southern cross tattoo because he loves Australia so much.
Oh, they did come up w/some contrived excuse 😂. Man, I loved Vaughn. Michael Vartan hasn't looked as hot as he did then.
“Now they want me to direct!” Bradley yells to Michael Vartan down in the pit, before telling him to put the lotion in the basket.
If I had to choose 1 TV character to spend the rest of my life with it would be Michael Vartan Alias character lol
Happy to Michael Vartan who looks like Bruno!
Michael Vartan where are you now XOXO LOVE YOU
RIP Michael Brown of The Left Banke. This EP by Sylvie Vartan features a cover of the classic 'Walk…
Rogue is on. Excellent, a movie about a gigantic killer croc is just what I need at 1:45am. . Plus Michael Vartan, amirite - R
Michael Vartan on season 2 of Bates Motel ayyy
Michael Vartan is pretty cute. What ever happened to him?
If you revisit Ally McBeal season 4, you get Michael Vartan, Jami Gertz, and a beguiling Robert Downey Jr. cover of Joni Mitchell's "River".
they named some dude she dated and asked who came next. I guessed Ben Affleck. It was Michael Vartan
If they made Michael Vartan do his own dub then it definitely would've been.
"Michael Vartan is like the ideal man.
Michael Vartan is like the ideal man.
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I'm so upset about Michael Vartan's aging you have no idea
No! Objectively, your eyes are gorgeous and I wanted to let you know! I wish I was as eloquent as Michael Vartan in Monster-In- +
I just watched it. It's SO ridiculously cute. It's not fair, real life isn't like this! Except for Michael Vartan...
and Never Been Kissed is Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan it's from 1999
yes, yes it is. And Michael Vartan's presence doesn't hurt.
I'd try to bone my teacher too if he looked like Michael Vartan
I mean mortified if one of my old high school teacher's sat with me not Michael Vartan.Lol
I wish michael vartan would chase after me :-(
Never Been Kissed is on and I'm just wondering what's happened to Michael Vartan.
Michael Vartan makes my heart ache. He's so *** beautiful.
The ending of Never Been Kissed still makes me smile. I am swooning over Michael S. Vartan!
I had th biggest crush on Michael Vartan from Never Been Kissed lol watching it now and realising I still do
I still get nervous for Drew Barrymore every time I watch Michael Vartan show up late at the end of Never Been Kissed.
Never Been Kissed. I love this movie. It never gets old. Bonus Michael Vartan is hot.
My love for Michael Vartan has stood the test of time way more than my love for Leo.
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" I saw someone on the train who looked like Michael Vartan on the train but with with a bigger a good way".
Jada Pinkett & Michael Vartan from the show HawthRNe
Jennifer Garner and Michael vartan though...
Michael Vartan said same thing about Garner/Affleck. Says Ben on mission to end his career
CQ4 "Never Been Kissed." Is that weird? I don't want to be Josie Grossy, but I want to end up with Michael Vartan!
Michael Vartan, wife divorcing after three years
I'm watching the episode of Friends with Michael Vartan in it.OMG he is such a BABE!!!
'Alias' alum Michael Vartan and his wife are...
Michael Vartan was so dreamy in Never Been Kissed!
Michael Vartan should do spaghetti westerns
Well, Satisfaction has Michael Vartan and Blair Redford, so I know where my viewership is headed. :-)
All with the help of Michael Vartan, Jen Garner, Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Dr D, Peter Cosgrove and Julia Gillard. We realised that Queen Mary of Denmark, Our Duchess of Cambridge and Katy Perry are all Angels just like me and Pink is our white light Angel and the world started to see that Angels are valuable and our work is worth being paid for and we are the type of girls people listen to so that we can help all the other girls. Us Angels are for the boys and girls and we caused a lot of Global Cultural reform so to reduce the incidences of sexism and to make sure that people heal their own worlds first.
THERE IS A VACANCY FOR MURDER AND INCEST AT THE Bates Motel. SPOILER ALERT! We are only just 3 episodes into the second season of Bates Motel which is roughly based on characters from the Alfred Hitchcock classic "Psycho" and already the drama is building up.. Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz) has murdered the man she thinks is responsible for her fathers brutal murder. Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) helps love interest Bradley fake her suicide and disappear to protect her from the murderous drug lords. Norma (Vera Farmiga) is disappointed to learn that she didn't get a part in the community play. She makes a new friend however in Christine Heldens (Rebecca Creskoff) who was supposed to direct the play but quit when Norma didn't get the lead. She invites Norma to a party and is introduced to new people including Christine's sexy brother George (Michael Vartan). Could there be a new love interest for Norma? Did Norman really murder Miss Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy ) but block it out of his memory? Norma knows ...
Oh. Yeah. on Jennifer Garner and swooned at every scene with Michael Vartan. MAJOR fangirling for me
The Earth rocks in a terrifying end-of-the-world scenario, starring Michael Vartan (Alias), Lauren Lee Smith (CSI), Emmy...
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So I heard Michael Vartan is joining the cast of Bates Motel this season. hold on while I wipe my drool.:-)
Sorry, Michael Vartan is burning up the small screen with Bates Motel. Stand corrected. Cooper & Garner better watch out. A&E, yo!
Michael Vartan opens up about new season of ‘Bates Motel’ -
Michael Vartan opens up about new season of 'Bates Motel': What can fans look forward to?
Michael Vartan to play new love interest on 'Bates Motel' Watch our conversation:
Michael Vartan says that with the release of every Bradley Cooper movie
Love this photo from last week's premiere of Vera Farmiga and Michael Vartan: New romance for Norma!
Facinelli made his feature film debut in Rebecca Miller's Angela in 1995 and came to the attention of critics in the TV-movie The Price of Love later that year. In 1996, Facinelli played opposite his then-future wife Jennie Garth in An Unfinished Affair. Other TV roles followed, including a part in After Jimmy (1996) and a college dropout in Calm at Sunset. Facinelli co-starred with Amanda Peet and Michael Vartan in the 1997 AIDS-themed drama Touch Me (1997) and co-starred as a high school student in two 1998 features with Ethan Embry and Breckin Meyer, Dancer, Texas Pop. 81, and Can't Hardly Wait, which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt. Facinelli appeared in the sci-fi film Supernova starring James Spader in 2000. He made appearances in Riding in Cars with Boys in 2001 and The Scorpion King in 2002, followed by a leading role in the Fox drama Fastlane. Facinelli had a recurring role in the HBO series Six Feet Under in 2004 and a role in the FX original series Damages beginning in 2007. Facinelli starred in H ...
Had no idea Michael Vartan and Sean Astin were in this!
What kind of crisis did Michael Vartan's character go through in Never Been Kissed when he realized he was crushing on a student?
isn't my love Michael Vartan coming on for Norma?Loved him since Never Been Kissed Idk but I need Normero too.
I was focused on Robin Williams, too. I did't know anything about Alias or Michael Vartan when I saw the movie.
Effort. Lots of effort. Seriously, watch Michael Vartan's eyes in Monster in Law and you can see the will to live fading.
Michael have not aged well :( Loved you in Never Been Kissed but seeing you in Ring Of Fire.not so much
I found the name of the hot actor it's Michael Vartan
Ending the night with Never Been Kissed. Love! Michael Vartan is a god.
I first heard this song in a movie called Never Been Kissed starring Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan. I've loved t…
Michael Vartan on the other hand, MONSTER IN LAW and FRIENDS
pretty in love w Michael Vartan tbh
when you're done with that, can you hook me up with Michael Vartan? thanks!
Chillin alongside Michael Vartan, me for an audition, him for a producers meeting. Had to shake his hand.
Michael Vartan stopped being happy for Bradley Cooper three movies ago.
Exactly... such a waste! I'd take him over Michael Vartan any day! ;)
tea the spy ;). If you start scaling walls and kissing Michael Vartan let me know
It's back! Join us for Movie Night on Friday, February 14th. We are showing "Monster-in-Law" starring Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan, and Jane Fonda. Cafeteria opens at 4:30 pm, movie starts at 6:00 pm. Sign up now at the Village office.
Edgar is seeing Michael Vartan at Mega Fame Casino. Join the action!
My favorite part of my favorite movie! Such a sweet and happy needing!! Oh yeah, bye, Michael Vartan will you please marry me?!
White Pine Bay is getting a new resident. On Wednesday, July 24 TV Line broke the story that actor Michael Vartan has been cast in the second season of the A&am
Never Been Kissed always makes me cry... don't know if its coz its romantic or coz Michael Vartan is so *** hot!!
My Disney's junior introduced me to him, and I termed him as the hybrid. Jake Gyllenhaal plus Michael Vartan? There you go. Getting the best of both worlds, and the good voice. :) Re-reading about the clouds. Their names rhymed '' all the time. Kus? Pus? Rus? LOL
Okay up watching Hawthorne and this Michael Vartan is gorgeous Janet Newhouse Schlotta.
Someone just told me that I look like Michael Vartan. I will take it!! ;)
Josie (Drew Barrymore) is going undercover as a high school student in Never Been Kissed on assignment for a Chicago paper. So when sparks fly between her and her teacher (Michael Vartan) it's actually age-appropriate.
An idyllic wildlife cruise disintegrates into terror when a party of tourists are stalked by a massive man-eating crocodile. Sam Worthington and Michael Vartan star in the action adventure Rogue tonight at 8pm!
TVLine Items: 24 Makes Time For Stephen Fry, Nashville Signs Charlotte Ross and More London-based 24: Live Another Day has made its first local hire, tapping Stephen Fry to recur as Prime Minister Trevor Davies. Described as a strong and charismatic leader, Davies’ friendship with President Heller (William Devane) come under tremendous pressure because of personal and political crises. 24: LAD premieres May 5 on Fox. Read for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…. * Bates Motel will reopen on Monday, March 3 at 9/8c. Recurring guest stars checking into Season 2 of the A&E hit include Alias‘ Michael Vartan, The Shield‘s Kenny Johnson and Boss‘ Kathleen Robertson. * FX has handed 10-episode series orders to the half-hour comedies Married (starring Nat Faxon and Judy Greer as a miserable couple) and You’re the Worst (starring Ava Cash and Chris Geere as a self-destructive couple). * Charlotte Ross (VH1′s Hit the Floor) will guest star in a March episode of Nashville, TVLine has confirmed. The ...
In this episode, Michael Vartan tells us not who, but what he lost his virginity to. Find more Losing It With John Stamos videos on Yahoo Screen.
I admit ... I like chic flicks... There... I said it... it's like a weight off my shoulders.. Yea, I'm watching "Never Been Kissed" Although, I have had a monster crush on Michael Vartan for years... he's sexy
Colombiana what a great movie. Michael Vartan, Zoe Saldana and lastly Olivier Megaton
Date night with Jill last night. Saw Alan Thicke, Andie MacDowell, Michael Vartan, but the highlight of the the night was Jill calling Brendan Shanahan over and I got to meet him and shake his hand. Awesome fun night people watching at the bowling alley.
1 of my choice (y) Colombiana (2011) A young woman, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin. Director: Olivier Megaton Writers: Luc Besson (screenplay), Robert Mark Kamen (screenplay) Stars: Zoe Saldana, Michael Vartan, Callum Blue |
Anybody watch the movie called ”Monster in Law" with Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan and Wanda Sykes? Can anybody relate to crazy mother in law? ~SassyWife
Bates Motel has gotten a Season 2 premiere date and a new cast member - Alias star Michael Vartan.
So it's a little into 2014, and reflecting back to 2013 is happening. It was a year of ups and downs. Celebrating birthdays, weddings etc. an amazing trip with my amazing hubby saw us travel to canada for the first time, and catching up with friends after so long, the beautiful city of Chicago, the culture shock of Mexico, theme parking ourselves out in Orlando, resting up in Miami and heading back to one of most favourite places on earth, Los Angeles, and there having one of the coolest events & meeting some amazing people - Michael Vartan, Meredith Monroe & Corey Feldman (that was a dream come true), & of course a Kool Kiwi reunion, minus one special Kool Kiwi. But 2013 also came with some heartbreak. The loss of a sweet star, Cory Monteith, & of course my beloved actor Paul Walker, someone who can never ever be replaced. And the loss of a dear friend John 'Q' Elgani, the sweetest most kind hearted man, who touched my heart the first time I met him, who always had time for me no matter how busy he was w ...
Michael Vartan has swapped spit with a bunch of few huge stars including Drew Berrymore and Jennifer Lopez. Who was the best?
Do you think Alias would have been a better show if Bradley Cooper and Michael Vartan had swapped roles at the beginning of the series? What do you think Ben McCool Kanen Matthews Maggie Sturgis Rob Crossett?
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A new guest is checking in to "Bates Motel." "Alias" veteran Michael Vartan is joining the cast of the A&E drama series in Season 2, according to TV Guide. The actor will p...
The perpetually unlucky-in-love motel proprietress finally lands the affection of a decent gentleman during Bates Motel's second season (premiering March 3 on A&E). [...] not just any man, but Alias veteran Michael Vartan, who joins the spooky show in its third episode as the recently-divorced...
The first look at Alias alum Michael Vartan in Bates Motel Season 2 has arrived. Vartan plays the recently divorced George (pictured right), who becomes Norma’s new love-interest after they meet up at a party thrown by George’s match-making sister. Speaking to TVGuide, Vera Farmiga said of her chara...
Watching "Never Been Kissed" and I still get excited seeing Michael Vartan run down the steps and onto that ball field!
Abaye go watch ka Movie ka Ring of Fire by Michael Vartan mu Q'S Digital gyekali 1&2 naye kathufuu
I cannot believe I just realized that Michael Vartan is in To Wong Fu
It's almost time for "Bates Motel" to reopen for business. A&E has released a trailer for Season 2 that teases very little, but still should be enough to get viewers excited. Like the poster released back in September, the new trailer shows the lights turning back on in the Bates Motel sign. It then shows the simple "re-opening in 2014" log line that the network has been using to tease Season 2's premiere date. An earlier trailer showed off Norman's taxidermy tendencies and gave a hint at the way fans know we will end up going psycho. This one is simpler, and still doesn't show any actual footage from the upcoming season. However, a first-look photo of Season 2 did show Norman, Norma and Dylan at Miss Watson's funeral. When Zap2it spoke with Nestor Carbonell and Norman Reedus earlier this year, they both promised that Season 2 will resolve the mystery surrounding Miss Watson's death early on, and that it might not be as easy an explanation as people think. "At that moment with Miss Watson it's not immedia ...
Aside from the crazy mother, I would totally marry Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan) from Monster-In-Law.he is cute, has a nice house (in my favorite architectural style) is so sweet and is a doctor.
How Family Guy's Brian Ranks Among the Best and Worst TV Resurrections dogs go to heaven, but do they really stay there? That's the question that we've been pondering since Family Guy shocked audiences everywhere three weeks ago when they killed off one of their most beloved characters. Brian Griffin may have been just a dog, but his abrupt death caused an outpouring of rage and disappointment amongst thousands of Family Guy fans. On tonight's all-new episode, "The Christmas Guy," FOX's animated hit confirmed our suspicions when Stewie performed a Christmas Miracle and used his newly-mended time machine to bring Brian back to life. Did anyone else tear up during their heartfelt reunion? EXCLUSIVE: Family Guy's Shocking Death: Boss Reveals Why They Decided to Kill Off [Spoiler]! Now that Brian is officially back in the land of the living, we starting thinking about all the other iconic TV rebirths that shocked our small screens over the years and how the pup's return compares to all the others. From Buffy' ...
With the hubby out for the evening, am torn to spend my evening with a substitute in Michael Vartan or Rupert Penry-Jones? So tough!
Hey, Michael Vartan, where have you been since Alias and Never Been Kissed?
You'll love this one Bobbie Garside, apparently not only do I look like Daniel Craig (according to your customers) but I look like Michael Vartan too. (The teacher in the film Never Been Kissed) lol
Just got done watching one of my favorite movies. Love Michael Vartan (def can pass for pw)... Now time for shower and bed. Work in am :(
Is it just me, or is the premise of the movie "Never Been Kissed" ... kind of creepy? Don't get me wrong... I am totally in love with Michael Vartan and Drew Barrymore. I watch the movie every time it's on. And c'mon, who hasn't had that crush on a teacher (Mr. Barney). I still feel weird every time I watch that movie.
Watching Never Been Kissed makes me want to watch Alias so much. Michael Vartan is such a babe.
I understand the sadness for Paul Walker's friends, family, and fans. The accident sounds horrific. Could they have Michael Vartan take over The Fast and the Furious? Kind of how they covered for Heath Ledger when he died unexpectedly.
Celebrity B-Days: Jimi Hendrix would be celebrating his 71st birthday Actor James Avery (”Sparks,” ‘’The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) is 65. Director Kathryn Bigelow (”The Hurt Locker”) is 62. TV personality Bill Nye is 58. Actor William Fichtner (”Invasion”) is 57. Guitarist Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds is 54. Drummer Charlie Benante of Anthrax is 51. Drummer Mike Bordin (Faith No More) is 51. Actor Fisher Stevens is 50. Actress Robin Givens is 49. Actor Michael Vartan is 45. Rapper Skoob of DAS EFX is 43. Rapper Twista is 41. Actor Jaleel White (”Family Matters”) is 37. Today is: Pins and Needles Day, Tomorrow in America turkeys meet latkes at the holiday table for a once-in-a-lifetime coincidence as Thanksgiving Day and the first day of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah fall on the same date. The rare happenstance (last time 1888) has led to such inventive mash-ups as ‘Gingerbread Hanukkah Houses’, ‘Dreidel Salt & Pepper Shakers’, ‘Lights of Hanukkah Platters’, and ...
Celebrity celebrating their Birthday today; BILL NYE turn 57 Known as the Science Guy, he educated and entertained children with his show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, from 1993 to 1998. JALEEL WHITE turn 36 Best known for his role as nerd, Steve Urkel on the television show, Family Matters. PROFESSOR GREEN turn 29 English grime hip hop artist who released the gold-selling UK album At Your Inconvenience in 2011. CAROLINE KENNEDY turn 55 JFK's daughter and co-founder of the Profiles in Courage Awards, who was nominated as the US ambassador to Japan in 2013. SAMANTHA HARRIS turn 39 American television co-host of Dancing with the Stars. TWISTA turn 39 Chicago-based rapper known for his unusually fast flow. JAMES AVERY turn 64 Best known for his role on the television series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as Will Smith's Uncle. JIMMY ROLLINS turn 34 2007 National League MVP who helped bring a World Series title to Philadelphia in 2008. ROBERTO MANCINI turn 48 Former soccer player who is now manager of Premier Leag ...
That's my sentiment concerning one Michael Vartan. Hehe
Watching monster-in-law and can I say Michael Vartan is muy guapo
Watching Monster-In-Law. I love Jane Fonda in this movie, she's hysterical! And oogling over Michael Vartan isn't so bad ! LOL
Michael Vartan is the only reason I watch Monster-in-law
Michael Vartan is one sexy man, can I please just have you
My thoughts exactly! If only they had Michael Vartan... It's turning into Alias.
FCP up 52-33 on a 15-5 run. Michael Milligan with 10 and 10 now. Vartan Tanielian hits an NBA three during the run
Anyone else having flashbacks of that horribly convoluted "Rambaldi" storyline from the last days of Alias with this Remington thing happening on Scandal? Did J.J. Abrams stage a hostile takeover of Shondaland? And more importantly, whatever happened to Michael Vartan?
Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed LOVE ME
Michael Vartan was one of my first celebrity crushes when I was thirteen
Sure Michael Vartan has aged.but he can still get it
Did you ever see the foreign film, Fiorile? He kinda reminds me of Michael Vartan in that film...
All I have to say about this is Michael Vartan...that scruffy amazingness all over his beautiful face makes me happy.
I'm literally only watching it because I love Michael Vartan tbh
So. Michael Vartan can pull off wearing eye liner. Good to know.
Never Been Kissed is still my favorite just because of Michael Vartan.
Michael Vartan sure gives me the feelings. Already knew that though. I think he showed his butt in One Hour Photo? Maybe.
This week's is ... Tom from michael_vartan
Michael Vartan is in this episode. HANDSOME HANDSOME HANDSOME.
YES I LOVE THIS MOVIE TO DEATH. michael vartan is especially fine in it YEP
Just watched Never Been Kissed for like, gosh, the hundredth time. So totally can't pass it up whenever it's on. Such a simple, tried and true storyline, but it makes me so happy. And Michael Vartan *swoons*yum yum yum. :)
Me too. I loved Michael Vartan. I rewatch Alias from time to time. It just never gets old for me :)
omg. Michael Vartan. I had such a crush on him in middle school because of Alias.
Adding to the employment roster...just got hired by a dog-walking company! Can you say FUNNEST JOB EVER? Also, I hope this makes me J. Lo in "Monster-in-Law" so I can meet my Michael Vartan.
I don't know why but I'm still in love with watching Never Been Kissed simply bc of Michael vartan
I was mad when she dumped Scott Foley for Michael Vartan!
See, I’ve never found BA attractive. I was so mad at Jennifer Garner when she dumped Michael Vartan for him. Lol.
Michael Vartan is a good lookin man. He's on Alias as a CIA agent, that's probably half the…
Michael Vartan, setting my standards since 2003 or whenever "Alias" aired.
So at what point does my obsession with Michael Vartan become a problem?
Patrick on reminds me so much of Michael Vartan that I'm starting to look around for Sidney Bristow, LOL ;)
NIA LONG!!! I loved her with Michael Vartan on This is why I can’t watch awards shows. It reminds me of my cancelled faves.
Just stumbled across a web show called "Losing It with John Stamos". It's John Stamos (aging well) chatting with actors individually about how they lost their virginity. It is honest, sometimes awkward to watch, sweet and so hilarious. The one with Chris Parnell is sad and the Michael Vartan episode is humbling/sweet from such a cute guy.
Oh my god what -- 'Losing It' with Michael Vartan cc
I don't know about the rest of you, but I was crushin' on Michael Vartan a la Never Been Kissed when I was eleven.
Michael Vartan is going to be on Bates Motel S2? Yeeesss. My body is ready.
That Jenn's pregnancy ruined all possibility of great final season. And where is Vaughn? I need more of Michael Vartan.
Michael Vartan I don't see this obsession ever going away since Never Been Kissed.
if I've learned 1 thing its michael vartan met his wife @ wholefoods so dammit i'll continue to buy my produce there
I would do unspeakable things to Michael Vartan.
Staying in trying to get heathy by watching Alias. Whatever happened to Michael Vartan?
Mm that actor Michael Vartan is very sexy indeed, watching him in the cheesy chick flick and he plays a teacher, i would have been very happy to have had him as my teacher
Mm enjoying Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed...he is hot! Still prefer him as Lancelot though ;) prow! Lindsay Ortman James
Wine and Michael Vartan. What could be better?
Watch now Jennifer Lopez vs Michael Vartan in Monster In law - Comedy Movie.
Michael Vartan is where Alias Alumni French gold comes from
Patrick is a dead ringer for Michael Vartan.
This Blacklist show feels kind of Alias-y. Is Michael Vartan going to show up and speak French?
It looks like you are correct!!! Michael Vartan will be joining the Bates Motel cast as Normas love interest
I've realized I have no idea whats going on in alias cause im so distracted by michael vartan's sexiness. ugh
has that returned yet? Isn't Michael Vartan from on there this season?
I wish Michael Vartan were in more stuff
remember Jolene? how Michael Vartan says Jessica Chastain smells like "warm milk"? I will never forget that line.
Came home and roomie was watching Never Been Kissed. Forever and always heart Michael Vartan!!
Watching on it used to be one of my fav films in school! Had a huge crush on Michael vartan! Still do
Watching Monster in law and drooling over Michael Vartan:)
I have always loved Never Been Kissed as I love Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan I swear I saw it in the theater like 7 times. Now I was flipping on the movie channels and it makes me so sad. I mean the kids when she was in high school were so mean and later as the uncover reported those girls are just HORRIBLE. I know there were probably some not nice people in HS but I hope I truly hope it was never that bad for anyone.
I can't wait. I need Michael Vartan & Vera farmig back in my life
Finally watching for first time and it reminds me of She wrote "Michael Vartan" in my high school yearbook a hundred xs.
The Blacklist is the not Following starring the not Olivia Wilde, the not Kevin Spacey, the not Michael Vartan, & the not that black guy.
I love older movies, like from the 90s, and I was jus... — lmfao this was so random AND MICHAEL VARTAN CAN MARRY...
Michael Vartan will always be the one that got away.
"Norma's got a new leading man. Any guesses?
“Norma's got a new leading man. Any guesses? THIS
Norma's got a new leading man. Any guesses?
Sign up today to support my favorite charity, Love Across The Ocean! Poker tournament is this Saturday. $20,000 prize and Michael Vartan. What are you waiting for? :)
reminds me of alias and my love Michael Vartan
in related news, former alias star michael vartan (has he done anything interesting after alias?) is set to star in S2 of
I may need to catch up on solely because Michael Vartan is going to be on Season 2.
Wait. Michael Vartan's gonna be in 'Bates Motel'?! And y'all aint even tell me. Rude.
Listen, I would have started watching Alias if I knew *young* Bradley Cooper and Michael Vartan were in it.
The second issue of Stiletto mag is out! After the Kiss excerpt, Sawyer from Lost, and Michael Vartan.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Listening to Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys) really makes me want to make out with Michael Vartan in the middle of a baseball field.
99% of the reason I'm going to stick with watching alias is because michael vartan makes even my bones wet
You guys...whatever happened to Michael Vartan?
There is something about Michael Vartan...maybe it's the scene at the end of Never Been Kissed and the Beach Boys song altogether, but he can make out with me any sweet time he'd like...just sayin.
Michael Vartan - Gorgeous and speaks French fluently.hard to resist.
Monster In Law is such a good movie and Michael Vartan is a stud 😍😍
Michael Vartan is the most perfect Armenian man I've ever laid eyes on.
I still think it's funny how I was all about Michael Vartan during the Alias days and just thought 'meh' about Brad.
Michael Vartan has to be the most handsome man ever omg. 😍
Michael Vartan is the most beautiful man on this earth and the most amazing actor I've ever seen on television 😻
Michael vartan is probably the hottest actor in the world who has a smaller musculature
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