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Michael Socha

Michael Socha (born 13 December, 1987) is an English actor, best known for his roles in the critically acclaimed films This Is England and Summer, and the television series This Is England '86 and Being Human.

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Can't wait to see Liam's play 'This is Living' starring Michael Socha and Tamla Kari at Trafalgar Studios
I'm watching The Aliens, & I remembered the time I literally bumped into Michael Socha when I walked out of the post office in Butetown
is actually funny. Also Michaela's got me feelin some way about Michael Socha.
Yep. They already have Michael Socha coming. No clue who it will be though as there is another con with loads of the cast there
michael socha kinda makes me think of a Ross/Claire kid
Michael Socha is everything I want in a boyfriend
Will Scarlet and Michael Socha both deserved so much more
Just realised who the actor Michael Socha reminds me of.! Bet loads of people tell you that, don't they? ๐Ÿ˜Š
Steve Coogan AND Michael Socha on Alan Carr Chatty Man, that's me staying up for another hour then
Michael Socha's deadpan comedic delivery is brilliant ๐Ÿ˜‚
Yeah, I had high hopes but that bit is weird and I don't really like Michael Socha's character much so far.
Michael Socha said OUAT was soul destroying. I wouldn't be surprised if other actors said it.
There's something so sexy about Michael Socha
An accent like mine and a face like mine, I think a lot of the time it's ea...
Just catching up with on the tellybox. is wonderfully gorgeous as usual โค๏ธ. Michael Socha though.. Oh my days.
If you love Being Human, Misfits and of course Michael Socha you have to start watching It's bloody awesome ๐Ÿ˜
Michael Socha is so hilarious in this, I've been laughing the whole time ๐Ÿ˜‚
The whole michael socha/ will scarlet thing makes me so sad. I miss him so much he deserved so much better. Will is great so its michael
When is Michael Socha going to marry me then
The Aliens is definitely the best thing on tv at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‚ Michael Socha๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
The Aliens on channel4... Not seen it yet, but actor Michael Socha is a Jake Gyllenhaal clone!
Sometimes Michael Socha looks a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal and I'm glad I wasn't well for himself.
Michael Socha on my tv screen, that's what I like to see ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜
omg put some heavy brows on Tom and you have Michael Socha.
Caught the end of could be editing but Michael Socha hardly spoke! All Saints looked great. Curiously catchy for a simple song.
Did they ban Michael Socha from speaking, then? Very odd
If Michael Socha could just love me now that would be great
only watch the aliens for Michael Socha
The Aliens actor Michael Socha is convinced Shane Meadows won't do any more This Is England
This Is England star Michael Socha confirms whether the drama will ever come back
This Is England's Michael Socha doesn't think Shane Meadows will write any more | News | Culture | The Independent:
Little Giant Ladders
This Is England's Michael Socha: 'I think the story's ended'
I should have lived through the '80s, not been born in it. My style is a mi...
Can't wait to see Michael Socha back on my tv
Sometimes I like to go out; sometimes I like to chill and do nothing.
Michael Socha on snapchat is so funny
Rewatched This Is England 90 the other day and can't get over how Michael Socha made Harvey one of the stand out characters
I'll defo be watching Alien league next month, fancy Michael socha a lil bit
I love Michael Socha's accent. I could listen to him talking all day
I've got some kind of love for Michael Socha (always rooting for him!) Looking forward to this thing on
I watched it last summer & really enjoyed it. Michael Socha is awesome in it! Really steals the show. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
So my son, Kieran Michael McCormack, is having surgery this morning. 23 years old. Tonsils, adenoids and deviated...
when you push Michael's physics textbook off of his desk you become public enemy
well, Michael Socha was a series regular too and we know what happened with that... ๐Ÿ˜’
Watching This is England 90 now. Michael Socha only gets hotter and hotter.
And this was the Mr. Socha one in case you're interested.
Sometimes Michael Socha looks a lot of people are talking about getting drunk today and partying lets get something's cleared
Michael Socha is so beautiful and in my head we are married. he reminds me of randall from clerks. i'm into that square-jawed jock look
So we have BABIES R US / TARGET/ WALMART registering for Darlene Ruger and Michael Socha
Michael socha's in peaky blinders no way
Thought the baby sitter in had to be related to the guy in this is england and I was right. Michael and Lauren Socha
I'm a little bit in love with Michael Socha
think Michael Socha could have had the best performance of the series as Harvey. Understated.
With regards to TIE, can we all just take a minute to appreciate how brilliant Michael Socha was as Harvey? Everyone knows a *** like that.
Michael Socha holds the key to my heart
So turns out I'm slightly in love with every character I've seen Michael Socha play.OOPS
I loved Michael socha up until the point I saw him chewing his toenails off. Hope I get over it
Michael Socha's accent makes me weak
Shattered after This is England '90 finale. Mainly as I'm going to miss shouting 'FIT' at the TV whenever Michael Socha comes on screen.
Anonymous said: Michael socha isn't cockney. Cockney accent is London accent. He is from north England.
What a heartbreaking finish. Michael Socha was one of the standouts from this series. Effortless acting throughout.
skeleseerellie: โ˜ธ-259ย small/medium HQ gifs ofย Michael Socha. I do not take credit for any of these gifs,...
Anyone notice Harvey (Michael Socha) is the brother of Lauren, or 'Kelly' in misfits... Mind blown. I knew it!
This is England is over which means no more blonde Michael Socha๐Ÿ˜ข
honestly Michael Socha what a man..
I'm massively swooning over Michael socha x
Woody high fiving the priest. Gold! And... Michael Socha if you ever need a hug. Right here
I'm gunna be dreaming of Michael socha tonight
There's just so much shouting. Every episode is just loads of shouting. Too much shouting and not enough Michael Socha.
Not being funny but Michael Socha is a absolute babe xx
dunno what I'm gonna do without my weekly dose of michael socha after this is England finishes ๐Ÿ’”
Why did I not ever clock on that Michael socha and Lauren Socha are twins
I love Michael Socha, no doubt about it. .
Michael Socha's derby accent proper shines in
Michael Socha is the ultimate babe ๐Ÿ˜
Why does michael socha look like mr potato ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ bruhh
I think the main reason I still watch Once Upon a time is for colin o'donoghue and michael socha
Has Michael Socha been on set for season 5 yet? :)
I'm 26 and the last thing I googled was 'Michael Socha Girlfriend'. Because she would be the only thing standing between us...
oh here's one, what's happened to Michael Socha in Once Upon A Time?
what a perfect perfect man Michael Socha is
Michael Socha is someone id love a night out with, what a man
Michael Socha, may just be the one.
-- tragically died, I decided to stop for my own well-being. But when Michael Socha who acted on the spin-off series that --
Michael socha is well hot in This Is England
Michael Socha in This Is England is doing bits ๐Ÿ˜
Michael Socha's Eyebrows makes me go liquid tbh
I would really love to netflix and chill with Michael Socha
.what even was the point of Michael Socha being regular last season he just faded into the background what's up is he okay
You credit Perry Fitzpatrick as playing Harvey, but it's Michael Socha.
I'd have cried if Michael Socha hadn't bent over in his tight white jeans.
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Email archive and ediscovery session. With Michael Lappin, Martin Tuip and George Socha.
I'd like Michael Socha for my birthday please ๐Ÿ’Œ
Only watch this is England for Joseph gilgun and Michael socha
Thatโ€™s actually where we get Will Scarlett (Michael Socha) from
Oh wow, 4x18 actually gave Michael Socha something to do.
now that i know Michael Socha isn't going to be a series reg probably wont get a happy ending =(
every episode of This Is England makes me fancy Michael Socha a little bit more and i don't know why. Just something about him๐Ÿ˜
Michael socha in a stone roses t shirt is killing me
yeah Michael Socha, he plays Will Scarlett in ouat. He's a werewolf, recurring in s3 then he's a regular in 4&5
Just found out Michael Socha is probably be written off the series. ๐Ÿ˜ Last character I liked.
Have a massive crush on Michael Socha
Sunday which mean church a roast and this is England 90 on tonight oh happy days! How handsome is michael socha though! :)
im so mad that Michael Socha wont be returning as a series regular!! he was all i had left from Once Upon a time in wonderland, dammit :(
Blimey was good... Such a great cast. East Mids actor Michael Socha is superb.. Also in Being Human of course :-)
Colin Morgan, Tom Riley, Matt Stokoe and Michael Socha photographed by Rankin for The Hunger
I seen a cast picture for it when they announced it the other day. Michael Socha was in it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š
Get so excited every time I see the This Is England advert because it means Michael Socha's face will be back on my screen ๐Ÿ˜
N if Michael Socha isn't in the new season there will be words
Can Michael Socha and Sean do a con together so I can cry over Scarlet Hood? Pls and thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
I wish Michael Socha would speak more in Once Upon A Time because I bloody love his accent
I believe Michael Socha is English ๐Ÿ˜Š he was born in Derby
Kieran Michael McCormack and Connor Patrick McCormack this is so you guys!
Michael Socha is so attractive and plus side I absolutely adore his portrayal of ๐Ÿ’•Tom mcnair๐Ÿ’•
Despite Michael Socha not being a regular anymore, will we find out what happened to Ana (Red Queen)?
Was Michael Socha demoted to guest star for series 5?!
Freaking cool! Kieran Michael McCormack this is you!!
The IMDB profile for Michael Socha's sister Lauren and I are dying laughing on the phone right now๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I continue to not understand why Michael Socha was made main cast when he's only said about four words the whole season
Michael socha's eyebrows are the most confusing thing I have ever come across
More Michael Socha, please. Not just on but like, life in general.
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Goodnight world. Love and kisses from me and this beauty. Mr Elis Michael socha โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜
I will never fancy anyone as much as Michael Socha
For Will to be a main character this season he sure is getting little focus. They pulled a Meghan Ory with Michael Socha.
whenever that happens, it reminds me of Michael Socha ๐Ÿ˜‚
I think your dead. Rc was done filming before anyone. Edr just finished a few days ago as did Michael Socha. If +
Got to the point in Once Upon A Time S3 where Michael Socha comes into it. Forgot just how brilliant he is!! :)
Michael Socha indirectly said i'm lovely I love life
No, sadly. Jen was in the restaurant when I arrived. I did see Colin and Michael Socha arrive and go inside.
I'm excited, I can't wait to meet Michael Socha's character.
I like Robert, Michael socha, Josh. They are all hot. I don't find Sean attractive at all
Funny thing I just recalled. Wasn't the Michael Socha OUAT series regular announcement made on April Fools last year?
From what I've read and heard of today's filming: Sean Maguire, Jared Gilmore, Michael Socha, Peddler/Author and...
Met Michael Socha today and ohmygosh he is so sweet and funny and down to earth like marry me? Please?
Unrelated, but was that pic of you and Michael Socha from today?
The crush I have on Michael Socha is like, not normal.
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confused as 2 why they would add Michael Socha as a regular cast member (no offence I love him) yet not use him n not make Sean a regular
Michael Socha and Lauren Socha are just way too awesome!
for how long will michael socha stay a regular on the show? will he stay for good? (WE LOVE HIM!!)
Constantine has the same accent as Michael Socha
Michael Socha's accent just sounds so great surrounded by Americans
I'm just watching because of Jen. And Michael Socha. he rocks!!!
Michael Socha is just so great! love him in im gonna start just for him!
I just want more Michael Socha. That's all. He's so talented, funny... there's something about him I love!
Yep, definitely watching OUATiW only because of Michael Socha. Episode 2 tomorrow. Good night!
I think we found the Michael Socha of SHIELD
Can I just have michael socha and put him in my pocket please
it's weird that me and ella are from where Michael Socha is from & have met him .
Michael Socha and Lauren Socha can take turns narrating my life. I wouldn't mind.
Why canโ€™t Michael Socha and Emma Rigby be together in real life?
I would die if Michael Socha and Lauren Socha starred in a series together.
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michael socha should have a shirtless scene on ouat I need it
michael socha is cUTe af i hope he stays on the show tbh
Tell me Lauren Socha isn't an exact female version of Michael you go ahead and try
They already feel threatened bc michael socha is way hotter than hook and it's honestly a beautiful thing to see
Michael Socha continues to save this show.
Michael socha is such a typical british lad he reminds me of my brother๐Ÿ˜‚
Michael Socha makes me mad cause I've heard about him at least 20 times. and I still can't figure out who he played. okay google help me out
yeah well that's a different British accent, Michael Socha is from Derby
I am! Also, Michael Socha (as the Knave from Alice) is such a nice touch on the show. He and Hook can't stand each other.
Apparently Michael Socha is from Derby... Somebody take me there!
I just realized I saw Michael Socha's name in credits for last week's but didn't s
Have I mentioned I love Michael Socha? [A bunch of times].
Glad to have Michael Socha back. He & Naveen Andrews were the only reasons I watched the oth...
Listening to Michael Socha interview because my ears and soul need to be blessed by his accent one more time
I'm starting to like Michael Socha lol
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I just love Michael Socha so much Will and Rumple are the lights of my life
Also think Michael Socha is really great. Love watching him.
Michael Socha is a precious little babe.
Michael Socha looks so cute in this episode.
OH YEAHHH Michael Socha was in Being Human that's how I recognize him
Will Scarlet is my new favorite character. This 100% has to do with Michael Socha and his gorgeous accent. ๐Ÿ˜
Michael Socha pleas e marry me already
Michael Socha could get it any day of the got *** week help me
I love that Michael Socha is in this season. Iโ€™ve missed him since Wonderland ended.
why can't I quit you? Oh yeah, Michael Socha, nevermind.
Michael Socha on OUaT!! The good thing about spinoffs: when they fail, you can move the good parts over to the mothership.
Michael Socha reminds me of Tom Meighan so much and I literally don't know why??
Michael Socha and his sister look ridiculously alike...I thought they were twins!
Joe Gilgun is such a beaut! So is Michael Socha! I need this is England 90 to come out now!!!
THATS A DISGRACE TO MANKIND TBH. I love Michael Socha sfm, but I don't think I can so through the Hook Show.
All purpose parts banner
Michael and Lauren Socha are just too good๐Ÿ‘
"Creators tease introduction of :D yay
Michael Socha (The Knave of Hearts/Will Scarlet), right, in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. (Jack Ro
yeah like i would probably only go to CW show panels lol. Maybe Once just to see Michael Socha. I also would do Shield
I wanna sleep with you Michael Socha
I know Michael Socha he did the movie Summer with RC
If you like Michael Socha, then you my friend, are my kind of pal!
Michael Socha should've been a model
So, I'd like the cast from Once Upon a Time to do a huge panel at Dragon Con this year, particularly Lana Parrilla, Sean Maguire, Jennifer Morrison, Colin O'Donoghue and Michael Socha. That would be awesome. I expect we'll start seeing some of the bigger names committing to the con in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed for this and a huge Spartacus panel.
no news on Michael Socha's character
Check it out! Michael Socha will be in season for of Once Upon A Time! ;)
Has Michael Socha actually been confirmed as being in season 4.
Michael Socha is becoming a regular next season, and Will Scarletโ€™s younger sister died in a frozen lake when they were younger..
And another thing to be excited for on season 4:. Michael Socha (Knave in OUAT in Wonderland) will be regular on OUAT. THIS IS AMAZING
Derby actor Michael Socha to star in American series Once Upon a Time
I've heard that Michael Socha will be joining the main OUAT cast - He's young, but would be an interesting match for Regina.
maybe just be my favorite characters! // (Now all we need is Anastasia)!
Which UK show was Will from Once Upon a Time In Wonderland in?
'Michael Socha to join OUAT as Series Regular In Season 4' JFC NO!
phodilusbadius: I donโ€™t know how Michael Socha will be on Ouat, but I really like him. And whatโ€™s more, I...
y'all tell my girl Ms.Socha I said what's up๐Ÿ‘Œ
Yay!! Love Michael Socha from the moment he appeared on Being Human!
I wasn't crazy about Wonderland, but I LOVE Michael Socha! So glad he'll be on OUAT!
I had a dream I met Michael socha last night and he slapped me cus I wouldn't stop hugging him
Photo: onceuponatime-confessions: โ€œHonestly, Iโ€™m not sure how I feel about Michael Socha joining OUAT as a...
Michael Socha salta de Once Upon a time in ... -
The best news I've heard since Wonderland got cancelled. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Michael Socha and the queen of hearts became a thing?? OMG they're so qt uwu still done with all things ouat tho
Love him! Yay! โ€œ(Knave in 'Wonderland') to join 'Once Upon A Time' as series regular
Michael Socha and Joe Gilgun definitely my favourite actors
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I do see that โ€œAccording to EW, Michael Socha, who played the Knave of Hearts, will be coming to Storybrooke for the series 4th seasonโ€
MICHAEL BABY! - vintageinkloves: How addicted am I to Michael Socha at the moment? BLOODY *** VERY...
magykkatte: If Michael Socha is going to be a regular on OUAT next year, I definitely need Emma Rigby to...
so apparently there's already been a Knave of Hearts on OUAT? I don't remember him but Michael Socha will be better!
Michael Socha is joining Once Upon a Time! and I were just talking about that! :D
Can you also add Anastasia (Emma Rigby) as a series regular to Once Upon a Time since you've added Will (Michael Socha)?
YES I adore Michael Socha and would love to see him continue on in Storybrooke!
Michael Socha will reprise his role as the Knave in Once Upon a Time, though! I love his character. He looks so much like his sister, omg!
Michael Socha ficha por Once Upon a time.
Is Michael Mocha, Socha or whatever he's called really becoming a regular? *** We'd rather have Sean, thank you very much!
to POSSIBLY join as a series regular, via
Michael Socha set to join 'Once Upon a Time' as series regular -- EXCLUSIVE
'OUAT' to Add 'Wonderland' Star as Series Regular vรญa Michael Socha moving from 'OUATiW' to 'OUAT' :)
Set de fotos: The complete cast of OUaTiWย (in order of appearance): 02. Michael Socha Will Scarlet
knave of hearts from is expected to join as a regular cast! MY WISH IS COMING TRUE.
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'Once Upon a Time' to add Michael Socha - This is not yet a done deal because Once Upon has not been officially...
Everyone knows I fall for English guys but Michael Socha has the sexiest voice of them all.
(( Moffat and his people really missed a genius opportunity by not casting Michael Socha as a young Nine...
Lauren and Michael Socha's accent give me life
Don't get too attached, it's not looking good for a second season :( Michael Socha is fantastic though.
Michael Socha is the best thing about . I'm really liking the Knave
Hoping to confirm that Michael Socha will be playing in our community vs celeb game
correct me if i'm wrong but the guy in Jojo's video "Disaster" looks like Michael Socha (Knave) from OUATIW...
Spending Saturday morning with my boy crush Michael Socha. . Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Trailer
So the fb fan page has hit 3, did that happen !
ACK TOM MCNAIR/MICHAEL SOCHA IS ON Once Upon A TIME IN WONDERLAND that's enough reason for me to watch this show
Michael and Ashton used to be like:. . 'Matching tshirts'. 'Check'. 'Matching hairstyles'. 'Check'. 'Mirror selfie timee' httpโ€ฆ
Idk who that is because I don't watch it I just really like Michael Socha (:
it was horrible. I only tried it because Michael Socha. No respect for ppl that watch OUAT
Omg though they've made Michael Socha PRONUNCIATE in Wonderland. I was crying. His beautiful accent. Ruined.
fans: Did Michael Socha actually cut his head for real? Live podcast at 6:00 pm EDT.
OMG OMG just seen Michael Socha from This is England ๐Ÿ˜€
I'm officially in love with michael socha and peter gadiot.
I seriously need to see "Svengali", anything with Vicky McClure and Michael Socha is worth watching!
It's great to see Michael Socha on my TV again!!!
My mom can't see Michael Socha without laughing at me for solid 20 minutes, this is an abusive household.
loved seeing Michael socha, tobias Menzies and Lorraine Ashbourne back on my screen, guest staring in last nights
loved seeing Michael Socha back on my screen in last nights fantastic role and acting as David. can't wait for the
Great to see Michael Socha in last night's Local boy done (very) good.
Silent Witness was brilliant! I don't think Michael Socha was filming down the road from me, must have been a different ep i saw filmed
I really can't take Michael Socha seriously, I just see his sister๐Ÿ˜‚
I love Silent Witness. Always good writing and performances. Michael Socha ex Nott'm TV Workshop excellent as Benetto tonight. Part 2 tomoz.
cracking performance from Michael Socha in Silent Witness ๐Ÿ‘
Way to go our very own Michael socha, you were awesome in. Tonight's Silent Witness, looking forward to watching the final part tomorrow ๓พŒต
just been watching Silent Witness and Michael Socha was smashing it...Derby lad of course.
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Michael Socha is a fairly good actor
it's got Michael Socha in, how can you complain! And the Irish soco bloke is hot! ๐Ÿ˜
always remember when I had the biggest crush on Michael Socha after watching him in shank
Is it weird that I find Michael Socha attractive when he is almost identical to his sister who is not a pretty sight at all
my favourite Michael Socha in Silent Witness ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Michael Socha in Silent Witness tonight๐Ÿ‘Œ
My cousin Michael socha on BBC one tonight at 9 tonigth
Only half an hour before Silent Witness with Michael Socha, m
Catch Chanel Cresswell & Michael Socha on Silent Witness tonight & tomorrow night at 9pm x
*** I'm good, I watch and and figured out Michael Socha & Lauren Socha are siblings. They look alike
it is really odd how Michael Socha and his sister look so similar it is freaking me the *** out and now I can't not see it
I share a birthday with Steve Buscemi, *** Van *** Jamie Foxx and Michael Socha. that's not bad.
just wondering if your the REAL Michael Socha or if this is a fake fan account?
Started watching and saw Michael Socha playing a female role... turned out it was his sister. Wow, resemblance is uncanny.
After watching this is england (mini-series) and shank all i can say is bloody michael socha you ruined my life
Started watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland because I can't wait until March for regular OUAT and Michael Socha's in it!! YEY!
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Plot: In Victorian England, the young and beautiful Alice tells a tale of a strange new land that exists on the other side of a rabbit hole. Stars: Sophie Lowe, Michael Socha, Peter Gadiot
My attraction for Michael Socha actually hurts my head.
Michael Socha fans you can catch him next week in Silent Witness at 9pm Thursday and Friday.
All Michael Socha has to do is stand there and then I nearly cry because he is so hot.
I will be watching Silent Witness on Thursday just because, Michael Socha
Wow my mum just mistook Michael socha for Russell tovey I'm sick of this woman
Sherlock! Oooh but this trailer... Michael Socha shirtless... May end up watching Silent Witness on Thursday... Not easily distracted at all
Michael Socha, this man is one of my biggest celebrity crush
finally got to s3 of Being Human and michael socha! also i just found out he's in OUAT I will literally watch just for him omg
I'll have Michael Socha for breakfast please
I used to like Michael Socha in Being Human, but never thought he was handsome. In OUATinW he's really nice though.
Michael Socha is in Silent Witness next week! My two favourites, amazing!
OMG on next week's Silent Witness there is going to be both Michael Socha and baby!Home Sec. Excellent.
NO NO NO! Michael socha's was filming where I volunteer and missed it! So angry!
Breast Cancer Awareness
And next week Michael Socha and his expressive eyebrows. Welcome back Silent Witness
Michael Socha is the cutest thing and I'm so mad about it
Watched "Shank" tonight. It was... interesting. It has some good moments and some bad but it was funny too... Of course, it does help that Michael Socha is in it.
British actor Michael Socha brings realism to a fantastical world in "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland." The actor share what he's learned about creating real characters in unbelievable worlds.
The uncanny resemblance between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Socha is absolutely blowing my mind.
You heard it here first--things are about to heat up on primetime television this week. And we couldn't be more excited about new talent Michael Socha. The wide-eyed hottie is the star of the new ABC spinoff series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, in the role of the Knave of Hearts. We're sure hearts...
It's so obvious that Lauren's the sister of Michael Socha. Her accent, face shape, and's like a girl version of Michael.
Falling in love with Michael Socha...must be the accent ;-))
You can just really tell Michael Socha and Lauren Socha are related. As soon as I heard him speak on ouat in wonderland! Are they twins?
Take a shot every time Michael Socha says "bloody" on Once
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