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Michael Slager

The shooting of Walter Scott occurred on April 4, 2015, in North Charleston, South Carolina, following a daytime traffic stop for a non-functioning brake light.

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Michael Slager claims to have forgotten statement given to SLED on shooting: .
Judge declares mistrial in Michael Slager trial. The judge in the murder trial of former North Charleston, South
Michael Slager wants judge to toss video of Walter Scott shooting
how is Michael slager a racist?? why because he's a white cop and the criminal was black that makes him racist??
Coward & Murderer Michael Slager also violated Creed. in his execution of Walter Scott, U.S. Coast Guard. https…
Reading that Michael Slager is asking for a public defender bc he's broke and that his family struggling bc of his trial is music to my ears
Michael Slager, the cop who killed is asking for financial assistance for the second time.…
Former police officer who murdered cryin' about funds for next trial.
It’s that MoJo publishes stories like Michael Sokolove’s on the killing of Walter Scott and trial of Michael Slager.
Can't believe that Walter Scott's murderer has still not been sentenced. . via
Killer cop Michael Slager is asking for public funding to pay for his second murder trial…
Game plan borrowed directly from the NEW presidential playbook:.
ICYMI Public defender files Michael Slager's 2nd bid for taxpayer backing of defense in death:
You're damaged. Period. I'm sure that you're able to justify Michael Slager shooting too.
We are getting to the reason we put Dylan Roof, Michael Slager, Darren Wilson up.
Retrial set for cop Michael Slager who was charged with the fatal shooting of Walter Scott during traffic stop
Pastor Thomas Dixon recently spoke with about the Michael Slager mistrial:
Michael Slager jury foreman . Dorsey Montgomery. speaks out on mistrial in Walter Scott shooting .
Dorsey Montgomery shares his experience as the jury foreman in the Michael Slager mistrial.
5 jurors were undecided in the Michael Slager case, according to jury foreman
mark_abadi: Michael Slager didn't do anything 'malicious' when he fatally shot Walter Scott, juror says
JUST IN: South Carolina prosecutor confirms she will retry Michael Slager after mistrial today
BREAKING: Mistrial declared in trial of Michael Slager, former S.C. officer charged in shooting of Walter Scott
*** Martha Stewart, Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress, went to jail for less than Michael Slager. I mean *** !! Where is the Justice?
Michael Slager shot Walter Scott in the back five times, on video. The jury didn't convict him of any crime. Shameful. https…
Been missing your music. So caught up in the trials of Ray Tensing, Michael Slager & Dylann Roof. Feeling so discouraged.
UPDATE: Lone South Carolina juror says he "cannot convict" ex-cop Michael Slager for Walter Scott's murder
White supremacy is maintained thru CODES.And the reason why race soldiers like Michael Slager can't get convicted is bcuz…
People keep using this Michael Slager case 2 say that the system is "broken".That's incorrect.The system works PERFECTLY…
Stephen Rankin, Randy Harrison, Scott Smith...Michael Slager is on trial now and Betty Shelby is also charged.
*** ! Jury deliberating if Michael Slager killed Walter Scott out of "fear" or "passion"?! HE WAS UNARMED AND RUNNING AWAY!…
Michael Slager and Ray Tensing trials show there are TWO Americas: . Those who FAVOR white supremacy and those who FIGH…
America has enough white supremacists to elect Trump president and to let Michael Slager off for video recorded MURDER…
The white supremacist prosecutors and the *** judge in Michael Slager trial STACKED THE JURY with whites. It was rigg…
Shooting unarmed Black people in the back USED to be ILLEGAL in South Carolina. . The all white Michael Slager jury say…
The absence of verdicts for Ray Tensing in Cincy & Michael Slager in Charleston are as sobering & as reflective as the electoral vote.
New: In trial of officer Michael Slager, who shot Walter Scott, jury just said it can't reach consensus on a verdict.
Ok so I get Ray Tensing getting off but I thought Michael Slager was pretty open and shut guilty.
Prosecutor in Michael Slager trial urges jury to believe bystander’s video, not fired cop's testimony:…
RECAP : Michael Slager murder trial goes to the jury via
Slager Defense Wraps by Blaming Victim: Was Walter Scott to blame for his own po..
Michael Slager faces 30yrs-life if found guilty of murder, 2-30yrs if guilty of manslaughter for shooting death of Walter Sc…
Former South Carolina Cop is riding this lie until he dies despite the video- via
I bet money this cop gets off too. I feel sorry for the one black man on that jury with all those pale faces
Scott family says they would accept manslaughter charge if sentence 'maxed out'
Jury deliberations begin in Michael Slager murder trial
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Prosecutor closes with this line: "We can only have one fountain for justice. It's time for Michael Slager to take his drink.…
The case of Michael Slager, the police officer who killed Walter Scott, is in the hands of a South Carolina jury.
- Watch the video thats key to the Michael Slager case(CNN) - Video
"After the shooting, Slager dropped his Taser next to Scott’s body, a decision he could not easily explain Tuesday"
Jurors hear closing arguments in trial of Michael Slager: With the possible charge of manslaughter… |
Case of former police officer charged with murder in death of unarmed motorist Walter Scott heads to jury.
Michael Slager murder trial goes to the jury
Did Michael T. Slager kill Walter Scott with malice? A jury is deciding.
SLED agent relaying Michael Slager's story from initial interview notes after shooting. Savage again objects.
Ghent begins to read notes. Savage objects."That's not Michael Slager's statement. That's this officer's statement that he wrote down."
Defense goes after SLED in Michael Slager's murder trial
TheRoot: Michael Slager's attorneys say he is being double-teamed by the state and the federal government
Video could be key as ex-cop goes on trial in Walter Scott killing: Michael Slager, the former officer charge...
Michael Slager will face a federal indictment in the fatal shooting of in 2015:
Michael Slager, the officer who killed Walter Scott, has been indicted on federal civil rights charges
Ex-North Charleston, SC, officer to remain free on state bail after indictment on federal charges - Post and Courier http…
Former officer faces federal charges in Walter Scott shooting
Michael Slager charged with federal civil rights violation, obstruction in Walter Scott shooting
Walter Scott on top, punching police officer Michael Slager.
Ex-Charleston police officer Michael Slager indicted in shooting death of Walter Scott:
Feidin Santana ensured that Michael Slager would face justice for his crime.
kinda like Mark Fuhrman calling out Michael Slager.
After federal arraignment, Michael Slager stays free on $500k state bail, plus GPS monitoring, surrender of passport.
Ex-North Charleston officer indicted on federal charges in death.
Cop charged with federal civil rights violation in Walter Scott shooting
Officer who shot Walter Scott charged with civil rights violation, obstruction of justice. https:…
Michael Slager, the cop who murdered has finally been indicted. Rest in peace, Walter.
Michael Slager indicted on federal charges for shooting of Walter Scott
Former South Carolina Officer Indicted on Federal Charges in Walter Scott Death: Michael Slager, who was fire...
Mother of speaking to the media about the federal indictment brought against killer cop Michael Slager. https…
Former cop who shot and killed Walter Scott now faces federal charges.
Ex-cop is indicted for misleading investigators 1yr after death. A look back:
federal prosecutions even more rare. Michael Slager the only officer involved in a 2015 shooting indicted federally https…
Michael Slager is out on bail and in house arrest due to murder trial delay. Remember
Dena Iverson, a division spokeswoman, told The Post and Courier this week that “the department declines to com...
Federal prosecutors now involved in both Slager and Roof cases even with Slager & Roof cases pending in state court.
Grand jury meeting in shooting a significant step in possible federal case vs. Michael Slager:
"Patrolman Michael Slager killed motorist Walter Scott on April 4, 2015, firing eight times at his back as he... https…
Michael Slager hit Walter Scott with 5 rounds of 9mm as Scott was running away then walked over and planted his gun on him.…
On this date in 2015 a white police officer, Michael Thomas Slager, killed another unarmed Black man, Walter Scott. http…
Which also delays officer Michael Slager trial until after that
delay so the case of Michael slager can be pushed back even further.
Date change means ex-N Charleston cop Michael Slager will go on trial for murder of Walter Scott (set Oct. 31st) b4 Roof's trial.
A year after Michael Slager murdered Walter Scott. NWA was right.
The second policeman in the video showing Walter Scott’s killing by officer Michael Slager…
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Supporters� letters paint Michael Slager as �go-to� officer who kept calm under pressure/ via
yea you're right Jason van *** doesn't exist Michael slager doesn't exist not like Ferguson went to grand jury or anything either
Michael Slager, Terrorists are the minority, Tamir Rice. need i go on?
Bail approved for ex-cop charged in Walter Scott's shooting death
"But Michael Slager has a baby". Yeah, so did Walter Scott's parents.
blackmattersus: A year ago white police officer, Michael Slager, shot an unarmed African-American man,...
there's plenty of examples. Here's one. You just hope capitalism ends discrimination.
Today marks one year since the Walter Scott shooting by Michael Slager https:/…
Court document: SLED reeportedly find DNA of Walter Scott and Michael Slager on taser swab.
Walter Scott was high on cocaine and alcohol when he attacked Officer Slager.
Walter Scott's DNA found on Michael Slager's taser. Slager will WALK with a HUGE settlement.Shame on Police Chief.
Walter Scott DNA has been found on Michael Slagers taser
White America while you're busy re-litigating OJ Simpson, George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, Jason Flanery, Michael Slager etc are still free.
Walter Scott case: Michael Slager released from jail after posting bond - CNN
Ex-cop in SC shooting of unarmed black motorist free on bond - USA TODAY
knew 2 go 2 and pander to those elderly "Forgiveness" negroes. The same Blk ppl who forgave Dillan Ro…
Charleston Black Lives Matter organizer Muhiyyidin D'baha talks to me about Michael Slager. WATCH:
Just in: New consent order in Michael Slager case allows more time for testing of taser, Slager's uniform.
Judge extends time for testing 'unexpected discovery' on Michael Slager's Taser A judge has agreed to allow more...
Walter Scott, a 50-year-old black man, is shot and killed as he's apparently fleeing North Charleston officer Michael Slager, 33.
So I see NYPD officer Peter Liang got convicted. We must watch what happens w/ SC cop Michael Slager. Pattern so far is white cops get off.
lenience was in ref to Michael Slager who killed Slager released on bail & is currently on house arrest.
No doubt. We'll see what will happen w Michael Slager - already been treated w lenience. World forgives white men everything
Michael Slager cop who killed Walter Scott , free on bond
Walter Scott was shot and killed by Michael Slager did Eric Holder call him a murderer ?
I'm still waiting for Eric Holder to call Michael Slager who shot and killed Walter Scott a murderer.
I'm still waiting for the ex U.S. Attorney General to call the North Charleston South Carolina police officer Michael Slager.
Michael Slager released, placed on house arrest: A cry could be heard from the family of Michael…
South Carolina cop Michael Slager had excessive force complaint before Walter Scott shooting
Cop Michael Slager heard laughing about his 'pumping' adrenaline, after shooting Walter Scott:
Michael Slager is a murderous badge-wearing sociopath that just happened to get caught. Let's not kid ourselves.
Amid other police killings and murder cases, bail for Michael Slager not unusual
National Action Network after fire at Slager home: "We do not condone violence."
Of 48 Charleston murder cases w bail requests, 24 got bail. bail higher than 23 of them:
Michael Slager hasn't lived at that house since he was arrested, police said.
Attorney seeks to block public disclosure of Michael Slager bail supporters
Lawyer seeks to block public disclosure of Michael Slager supporters (by
Michael Slager, the former police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, who's charged with murder in the shooting d…
Motion to seal by lawyer came in response to our request for public documents:
Defense seeks to seal names of people who backed bail bid:
Breaking: Michael Slager, S.C. cop who killed unarmed motorist Walter Scott, freed on bond. . A look back: .
your retarded claim falls apart in the face of fact Van *** Michael Slager and Baltimore 6 were all indicted by grand jury
Michael Slager, an American political prisoner, spent Christmas in solitary confinement -
Michael Slager Declared Indigent costing more tax payers money. but that OK i guess
After spending 100k on a private attorney, Walter Scott's killer was indigent funds to hire an expert. Pig.
If you’re doing some holiday traveling today, bring and me along with you. . http…
Former Officer Michael Slager declared indigent, Judge still to rule on state funds for defense:
.has the latest on Michael Slager's return to court today. Watch her report at 6.
While may be in hard financial straits, he is hardly indigent.
Former cop Michael Slager's attorneys ask judge for money for expert witnesses
Fmr cop Michael Slager was in court today; his attny is asking for him to be declared indigent so state will pay for expert witnesses.(Cont)
Attorneys for Michael Slager requested an expedited hearing this morning to discuss funding for expert witnesses in his case
Hearing for Michael Slager expected to start @ 10. Defense asks for quicker hearing over evidence submitted
Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, charged in the shooting death of will be in court today.
Man now suing Michael Slager had filed complaint vs North Charleston officer but it was dismissed:
Walter Scott's family asks judge to approve settlement.
Michael Slager's attorneys requesting expedited hearing: Michael Slager' attorneys are requesting an expedited…
NOW: Michael Slager not getting out of jail ... for now. No decision from judge today on bond.
Just In: Bond hearing for former officer Michael Slager now set for Sept. 10th @ 2PM.
Breaking: Bond hearing for former officer Michael Slager rescheduled for September 10th, 2 PM.
Little Giant Ladders
Bond hearing for ex-North Charleston officer Michael Slager, charged in death, reset for Sept. 10:
Ohio man accused of setting fiancée on fire says it was an 'accident': Michael Slager, 40, allegedly set Judit...
Michael Slager By: Wayne Morin (Scroll down for video) A man who was arrested on a charge…
"Michael Slager, Ray Tensing, Brian Encinia, Dylann Roof..have in common? Racial terror". Old to young. .
What do the crimes of Ray Tensing, Michael Slager, Brian Encinia and Dylann Roof all have in common? [ 976 more...
What strikes me about Officers Michael Slager, Eric Casebolt, Brian Encinia, and Ray Tensing, is their cowardice. They wer…
I must say I am disturbed that the cop (Michael Slager) who killed my cuzWalter Scott is getting a bond hearing...
Slager Pray for the poor woman he set on fire.
Slager would not be in court if he has severe burns...burns don't put you in a w/c either. He is SLIME!!!
Bond hearing for Michael Slager set for August 27
Michael Slager is the former North Charleston officer charged with the murder of
Breaking: Bond hearing for former officer Michael Slager scheduled for August 27.
STORY on upcoming bail consideration for Michael Slager:
Bond hearing for Michael Slager, police officer charged in death, will be 10 a.m. Aug. 27 in downtown Charleston.
Attorneys requesting bond hearing for Michael Slager - WIS
Thank you to all those who inboxed me to make certain I was aware of Michael Slager Attorney seeking bail for him...
Michael Slager is charged with a setting woman on fire at a gas station. Victim suffered burns to most of her body.
Attorneys requesting bond hearing for Michael Slager,
Attorneys requesting bond hearing for Michael Slager.
Mentioning “extensive” evidence favoring his client, attorney for Michael Slager asked a judge on Tues to set bail
Attorney arguing for bond release of Ofc.Michael Slager, who murdered Unacceptable. .
Attorney asks for bond hearing for former North Charleston cop Michael Slager
Attorneys requesting bond hearing for Michael Slager: Attorneys representing Michael Slager in the murder of Walter…
The attorney for former officer Michael Slager is asking for bond for the jailed ex-cop.
Attorneys requesting bond hearing for Michael Slager
The attorney for Michael Slager, the former S.C. officer charged with killing Walter Scott, today filed a motion asking for a bond hearing
Walter Scott, Michael Thomas Slager, and the Myth of Police Reform - The Atlantic
No. Officer Michael Slager was wrong. He is being charged with murder, as he should be.
Explain the crowdfunding campaign in support of Michael Sl…
Explain the crowdfunding campaign in support of Michael Slager
Officers like Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaelo, Michael Slager, Eric Casebolt etc. WANT ACTION! I say put 'em all on the fron…
this now!. This is Officer Michael Slager shooting and killing in South Carolina. Shot him 8 times.
From the deaths of Michael Slager & Eric Garner to the rants of Paladino & Mascia
The Walter Scott shooting video shows exactly why we can't just take the police's word for it
But Dylann Roof and Michael Slager are neighbors in jail. .
you could've seen him do it personally (e.g. Michael Slager) and you'd still deny b/c of hatred. Why?
Walter Scott shooting: officer laughs about adrenaline rush in recording
"The senior officer told [Officer] Slager during the conversation to go home and relax, assuring him that he would…
Charleston shooting suspect and cop who killed Walter Scott are jail neighbors. .
If convicted, Michael Slager faces between 30 years and life in prison without parole
We're asking to open a crim CR investigation of frmr PO Michael Slager.
With Ramsey's kinda logic, Officer Michael Slager and Eric Casebolt are only in legal trouble cause the media reported their abuse.
Dylann Roof and Michael Slager are cellblock neighbors in
Michael Slager, for one. Did you need more?
A grand jury had indicted former North Charleston cop Michael Slager. Here are the details...
Dylann Roof &Michael Slager, who shot Walter Scott, both in same Charleston jail-white supremacy finds a new home
Former police officer Michael Slager and Dylann Roof get adjoining cells: Michael Slager, the former North Cha...
Charleston Police confirm Dylann Roof & Michael Slager are neighbours now. Roof in cell Slager in
Shooting suspect in a cell next to officer Michael Slager:
Dylann Roof, who is accused in the church shooting, is in a cell next to former officer Michael Slager.
Michael Slager, cop who fatally shot Walter Scott in South Carolina, indicted for murder
Ex-SC police officer Michael Slager indicted in death of Walter Scott
I liked a video from Michael Slager Indicted, But . . .
I added a video to a playlist Michael Slager - Had at Least Two Prior Tazing Incidents Reported
Thx & for choosing pic of in uniform. Yes, he served America in the Coast Guard: http:/…
Ex-Police Officer Indicted for the Murder of http:/…
Charleston, SC NAN held a presser Monday pleased w/ Michael Slager's indictment for the murder of
Michael T. Slager had been jailed on a murder charge since April 7, when a video of him shooting a black man eight times in North
Ex-police officer Michael Slager is indicted in a black man's death. Who was Walter Scott?
South Carolina officer whose shooting of unarmed man was captured on video is indicted
domain names
An indictment of disgraced, ex-cop Michael Slager for MURDER and we're wasting time on this!!??
Grand jury indicts Michael Slager on murder charge in Walter Scott shooting
Solicitor: Michael Slager indicted in Walter Scott case (Andrew Knapp/Post and Courier)
Former North Charleston, SC, police officer Michael Slager indicted for murder of Walter Scott -
Pierre Fulton was in Walter Scotts car when Scott was pulled over by Michael Slager, a North Charleston, S
Witness Feidin Santana told ABC News that he cannot be certain what it was that officer Michael Slager dropped by Walter Scott's body.
These are three of the seven police officers who arrived at the scene to join Michael Slager after he shot Walter Scott to death. Daily
Mitigating factors, ON TOP OF Michael Slager, frame from video
Get honest about what happened--Walter Scott on top of Michael Slager (still from shaky part of video):
Walter Scott's family thanked Feidin Santana for shooting the cell phone video that lead to the arrest of Michael Slager.
CLARENCE W. HABERSHAM,jr.,: Black P.O. who aided white P.O. Michael Slager who snuffed out Walter Scott. WHY IS HE NOT ARRESTED?
Walter Scott had planned a cookout for the day he was shot by former officer Michael Slager:
I’ve never been to an NRA Convention, but I can imagine there’s a prominent Michael Slager shrine & George Zimmerman will give the keynote…
Michael Slager 'feared for his life' before fatally shooting Walter Scott. He lied via
Milwaukee's police chief writes that bad cops like Michael Slager are making all officers ...
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Newly released dash cam video shows Ofc. Michael Slager, Walter Scott before fatal shooting:
cannonfire: Do we have maniac cop -- or a maniac country?: Michael Slager, the cop who shot unarmed civilian W...
Mother of cop who shot Walter Scott says her son Michael Slager is a 'good person'
It appears there was no struggle. Police dash cam video showing Michael Slager approaching Walter Scott's car.
Michael Slager was listening to Everlast’s “What It’s Like” when he pulled over Walter Scott
SLED releases dash cam footage of Michael Slager's patrol car before fatal shooting
Pretty hypocritical on Donovan's part when there were online fundraisers for Darren Wilson and most recently Michael Slager
Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo and Michael Slager can shake hands, ya'll happy now? All three RACE SOLIDERS train KILLERS.
The difference between Darren Wilson and Michael Slager is no one had to believe Black witnesses for
A fundraiser for a lying murderer? Take this down, Michael Slager deserves no support.
Pretty sure the young man who took the video of being murdered was in far more fear for his life than Michael Slager ever was.
Same circumstances, why wasn't Daniel Pantaleo indicted for murder for doing the same thing as Michael Slager?
Hey pretty sure the Michael Slager support campaign violates your community guidelines. Can you address?
If you think Michael Slager will DEFINITELY be convicted because "the evidence is irrefutable" ask Eric Garner & Trayv…
Michael Slager will argue he FOLLOWED POLICE PROCEDURE when killing Walter Scott, the same as Daniel Pantaleo when killing Eric Garner.
Michael Slager killed an unarmed black man on video and just like Daniel Pantaleo before him, will almost undoubtedly get off
I will not be in the least bit surprised if Michael Slager walks. Not even slightly surprised. Daniel Pantaleo walked.
The way Michael Slager gunned that man down was hideous & a continuous reflection of the mentality towards black men in America.
Michael Slager really shot Walter Scott then hit him with the Chappelle "let's just sprinkle some crack on him" defense. U…
Wish we had as much video of Darren Wilson as we do of Michael Slager
Video shows officer Michael Slager shooting unarmed black man in the back in South Carolina http…
And here is the mugshot of Michael Slager, the officer who killed
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