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Michael Sheen

Michael Christopher Sheen, OBE (born 5 February 1969), is a Welsh stage and screen actor.

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I always thought of you as Michael Sheen in Wall Street, trading currency at 2AM
how about hiring Edward Norton, Michael Sheen, Matthew Rhys, Damian Lewis, Paul Bettany & others for a change?
Frost/Nixon - great film, brilliantly acted by Michael Sheen & Frank Langella. A timely reminder of what…
Seen Kodaline and the script live, met Michael Sheen, Gareth Thomas, Aaron Ramsey, Fabio and Neville Southall
Wonder if Michael Sheen will get any work out of Chilcot Enquiry. Fancy a wee six-parter TV series with playing Cherie Blair.
There must be a reason why Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheen - to say nothing of Rob Brydon - all came from Port Talbot
Good morning Anthony Hopkins, Michael Sheen and Richard Burton. Isn't it about time to reopen Port Talbot's Plaza?
Fair play to Michael Sheen,he hasn't forgotten where he came from,a Port Talbot legend.
Michael Sheen's passion for Port Talbot is immense - there's life in my hometown yet. Wonderful documentary.
Thank you Michael Sheen for a heart rendering documentary and keeping Port Talbot in all our consciousnessOur Steel!!
Brilliant expose of the steel industry in Port Talbot. TY Michael Sheen
Well done Michael Sheen yet again bring Port Talbot to the forefront. Awesome ambassador to the town. Proud to live here.
Government must step up & | Michael Sheen grew up in Port Talbot and says steelworks must be saved https:/…
Michael Sheen speaking about the plight of the steel industry in Port Talbot-solidarity to all the workers there worried about their futures
Michael Sheen's Port Talbot programme is on BBC 1 Wales rn
I'll take an hour of Michael Sheen talking about Port Talbot. Wonderful. Just wonderful
One hour to go ... Port Talbot's Michael Sheen: The Fight for My Steel Town on BBC1. Make sure you tune in
Michael Sheen talks movingly about steelworks in BBC Wales show tonight
BBC News - Michael Sheen's return to Port Talbot to fight for steel town
No. He looks like Michael Sheen and she looks like Harry Potter. You're seeing things as usual.
Michael Sheen off and we get Sean Fletcher of "Good Morning Britain" fame on for RoW.
Rest of the World sub - Michael Sheen off, Sean Fletcher on.
It has a STELLAR cast that, honestly, they just didn't use. Timothy Spall, Michael Sheen, Steven Fry might as well have just not been in it.
Well that was a very un-settling film...Unthinkable.but it makes you think.Michael Sheen is so believable,...
and how could I forget Michael Sheen getting his head ripped off
Michael Sheen is on soccer aid...might be the only football I pay any attention to 😍😍
Stone fox meets silver fox: a tale as old as time, Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen edition.
Michael Sheen, Thomas Vinterberg and Matthias Schoenaerts on the set of Far From The Madding Crowd. (2015)
Definitely. Focuses on smaller players while only giving hints about Singer, Geffen, and Michael Huffington. No mention of Sheen.
Robbie Williams and Michael Sheen are back for Soccer Aid 2016 as the...
Sometimes you see things in a script, and it doesn't necessarily mean ...
Lizzy Caplan believes there should be 'equal-opportunity nudity'
I loved Michael Sheen as Aro. He played it so well as a creepy, hilarious, psycho.
My rule of thumb is that I want to do things I'd like to go and see my...
Is he the Prime Minister? Rather have Michael Sheen as Tony Blair?
it was better with Michael J... I stopped watching with Sheen...
can see her doing it to Michael Sheen!
Seeing Michael Sheen with his board started me on this. Thanks Michael.
Michael Sheen on the magic of Dylan Thomas - Telegraph
In some ways any film that you do has an artificiality about it. Even ...
DID YOU SEE? Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen recreate an old family photo:
Shannon??? Wrong actor, his name is Michael Sheen.
I sometimes think Michael Sheen is Wales' greatest gift to the world, then I have rarebit on a Bank Holiday Monday.
We bailed out the bankers. Welsh steelworkers deserve no less | Michael Sheen
Ian Hart as J Lennon, Robert Hardy as Churchill, Michael Sheen as Blair- now Courtney B Vance IS Johnnie Cochran. He'd better get that Emmy.
Michael Sheen praises young Welsh talent at film awards
Carwyn Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Sheen, Tom Jones, that Plaid Cymru women, you're guys took one *** of a (narrow) beating.
Michael Sheen "humbled" by Syrian children as he opens refugee camp library
c'mon, that's like saying Michael Sheen couldn't play Tony Blair! just clone Ray x5
Why we support the cross-party NHS bill | Letter from Michael Sheen, Sienna Miller, Keira Knightly, Damian Lewis
does Michael Sheen still get to do ace work as pre-Iraq Tony Blair?
Get to hear Michael Sheen doing Larry Olivier doing Richard 3rd as a commentator on a Leicester game. Great producer think at
Michael Sheen as Larry Olivier as Richard III watching Leicester at football. The radio 4 only bit of broadcasting Venn diagram
staring Richard Gere,Steve Buschemi, Charlotte Gainsburg,Michael Sheen, Lior Ashlenazi, Dan Stevens,etc.Inform you more when the time comes
Really enjoying Michael Sheen charming the LA podcast crowd with gifts and swears. (Namedrops Columbo in this ep.)
That time Michael Sheen gave a terrible Christmas gift:
The film version, charting the rise and fall of CheeseXI, starring Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall: Edamned United
. Watching darts semi, is this Michael Sheen v lovechild of Rob Brydon & Griff Rhys-Jones ?
In the future all biopics will star Michael Sheen as all the middle-class white cis able-bodied males, and Eddie Redmayne as everyone else.
Thank you Michael Sheen, Martin Freeman , Robert Lindsay and Peter Capaldi. In support of junior doctors
Love The Damned United, but that was because Hooper let it be a Michael Sheen masterclass. Hooper wants to be the star now.
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also loved seeing Michael Sheen & Tom Sturridge both great actors too
Michael Sheen talks to Jeff Wayne and David Essex about working with Richard Burton on War of the Worlds
Based on his appearance on Jeff Garlin's podcast, Michael Sheen is basically a benevolent Kilgrave.
Michael Sheen appeals to Neath Port Talbot Council over Cwmavon charity Christmas light... via
Michael Sheen gets cast as a villain so often despite his defining role being Wesley Snipes on 30 Rock.
What is it about actors like Benicio del Toro, Russell Crowe, Liev Schreiber, Michael Sheen, Ben Mckenzie, Sean Pertwee?
Michael Sheen telling Craig Ferguson about the Roy Orbison cling film fetish group is one of the most hilarious things EVER.
Just spotted on iPlayer, Michael Sheen and Jon Richardson in one programme ah. Ruth Davidson though...
Sharing this again because it's so good - Michael Sheen talking about the NHS, and the kind of country we want to be
I have a pure crush on Michael Sheen 😏❤️
Neither as it turns out. Got tricked into a Woody Allen film. At least Michael Sheen’s in it.
how come you are selling Michael Sheen mugs?
Watching Michael Jackson fight Charlie Sheen is like prime right now. 😂😂
Sarah Silverman is not mincing words about her "real-life lover" Michael Sheen. The Emmy winner sat down with James Lipton for Bravo's
Good man! Even Michael Sheen slates on about their broadband! ;)
Could a baby be in the future for Sarah Silverman & Michael Sheen?
Throwback Thursday to 2001 with Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen & Michael J. Fox for a "Spin City"…
Not classic, but a step up from the last couple. Plus.. Michael Sheen,
but the Welsh though, Michael Sheen, man, Michael Sheen
Ruth Davidson looks as unrelaxed as Michael Sheen on
I thought Michael Sheen was brilliant tonight but sure Mr T will be even better!
Michael Sheen: the freedom and terror of learning to act
Ruth Davidson and our own Michael Sheen: this was one of the best HIGNFY ever!
You know when Michael Sheen is just the bestest person ever! An then you chuck Jon Richardson in there for extra awesome?! Yey
And the treats continue- Michael Sheen on and Christoph Waltz on 👍
Slowest-paced ever - was Michael Sheen asleep? Missing words missed-out to laborious, unfunny Chinese stereotypes - poor episode
Still sad Michael Sheen didn't do a Blair impression. I know we have whole films of him doing a Blair impression, but still!
"Cant be bothered watching Have I Got News For You I'm too tired". *sees Michael Sheen*. "Actually I will"
No way, we love Michael Sheen, always puts a smile on your face. Scruffy and pleased - always!
it started on bad note with Atos joke I expected better from Michael Sheen tbh
was rather with with the talented Michael Sheen, for a change. Crap show, and now so awfuly bad as to be beyond belief.
Cracking episode of tonight. Michael Sheen the best host of the series so far. Good to see primetime BBC One pulling no punches.
I like Michael Sheen but feels a tinsy bit stilted tonight
Both Hitler and Michael Sheen are trending, and now all I can envisage is an extraordinary Miami Vice reboot.
Michael Sheen, great actor, bloody awful presenter!
I'm watching HIGNFY with Michael Sheen hosting. Think you've got some competition in the unlikely form of Ruth Davidson MSP
Michael Sheen "Would anyone like to try a Tony Blair impression?"
Michael Sheen to present every week please 😁
much more funny this week, and by the way Michael Sheen is brilliant and I love him.
Michael Sheen hosting Have. I Got News For You on BBC tonight referred to poor broadband speed as “one of those crappy hubs”
can't you make Michael Sheen permanent.
Way too long, is Michael Sheen playing Will Hay?
I sort of wish all Welsh people were Michael Sheen.
Michael Sheen is bloody brilliant on
Weird crush: Michael Sheen. I think it's cos he's smart.
I'm guessing Michael Sheen is in rehearsals for The Dickie Davies Story.
Michael Sheen and Ruth Davidson look pretty good additions to The show needs a lift
Have I Got News For You Friday BBC One 9pm Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by [...] Michael Sheen and [...] Jon Richardson
Newport-born Hollywood actor Michael Sheen pens intro to book revealing new twist in the Newport Chartist risi
Michael Sheen backs Gwent Wildlife Trust's competition project: GWENT Wildlife Trust is “thrilled” to have bee...
You know you're cool when you gotta edit your Instagram post cos you referred to Martin Sheen as 'Michael'.
Michael Sheen, William Daniels, the ROMEOs, Sisters of Apollo 13 -- I've met my quota for interesting actors, writers & directors today.
Michael Sheen: "While I enjoy spending time in L.A., Britain is my home."
in my mind im seeing Michael sheen as Tony Blair when recalling him!
Michael J. Fox looks more and more like Martin Sheen every day. Which is weird. Because I don't think they are related
Could they not get Michael Sheen to do the game?
the newest DLM with Michael Sheen is amazing. Had no idea Sheen was so funny.
Michael Sheen mentions Sweet Tooth on the latest Doug Loves Movies podcast
No! YOU'VE spent the last half hour listening to The Sterophonics and googling pictures of Michael Sheen!
Michael Sheen speaks on protecting the NHS - Bedwellty Park
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I didn't think I could love Michael Sheen any more and then I heard him call TITANIC "the ELO of movies" on Doug Love Movies and here we are
My best friend from high school who's in the seminary of Saint Michael's Abbey in SoCal looks a lot like Sheen!
Michael Sheen called TITANIC "the ELO of movies" on this week's DLM and I think it may be his best work
Listening to Doug Loves Movies and - *** is Michael Sheen good on this show.
Michael J. Fox looks almost exactly like Martin Sheen now. In case you were looking for a realistic Back to the Future 2015 hot take.
Pearl Jam Biopic/JJ as EV, Greg Proops as Stone, michael sheen as mccready, dean delray as andrew wood
has anyone else noticed that Michael Sheen only looks good with long hair? I'm sorry bro its tru
The Michael J Fox days the Charlie Sheen episodes are up in the air
Had no idea Sarah Silverman and Michael sheen were dating. What an interesting couple. Would like to have dinner with them.
Michael Sheen will play Dan in the film adaptation of Episode One
Dan is a cross between Chris Addison and Michael Sheen.
Told you - Jason Statham and Michael Sheen to the boardroom
What are Grayson Perry and Michael Sheen doing on this show anyway?!
Richard Dawkins might be the real world Wesley Snipes (Michael Sheen in 30 Rock Wesley Snipes, not Blade).
I have come to the conclusion that Than is Michael Sheen playing a fairly useless businessman
Take Jason Statham and Michael Sheen into the boardroom...
The way PoundShop Michael Sheen says "Are you interested in buying a salad" makes it sound like a proposition.
Not Michael Sheen has 'gone in week two' all over him.
Michael Sheen is doing a brilliant job as Dan.
Michael Sheen was in Twilight. I've just learned this.
Michael Sheen is so freaking funny for his second appearance on Doug Loves Movies. And his PRIZE BAG! GEEZ! 😂
My favourite so far is South African Michael Sheen, or Bermudan Grace Jones. Or the fish monster.
Colin Hanks on Nerdist and Michael Sheen on Doug Lives Movies today! /drive by podcast news
Agreed; I have watched Charlie Sheen and Brett Michael's NO CODE OF CONDUCT more than I have watched any Star Wars prequel.
The last Hamlet I saw was with Michael Sheen and he was amazing and I'd say Cumberbatch is every bit as good
All UK citizens should watch this! Michael Sheen Tears Into NHS Cuts In Blistering Speech
See Michael Sheen, Carey Mulligan in Far from the Madding Crowd teaser
Unthinkable. Would've been a AAA release but something legal happened. Samuel L, Michael Sheen, good thriller.
(I told you I don't care about the Volturi. Except Michael Sheen hamming it up or Aro being hilarious Vampire Dumbledor…
23rd October's HIGNFY will feature Michael Sheen and Jon Richardson. So the other guest will be Louise Mensch to balance the awesomeness.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I think about the fact that Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman are a couple, like, eight or nine times a day.
Not a slight on Michael Sheen, but I do wish David Bowie had played the role of Zuse in Tron: Legacy.
Can't wait for Michael Sheen and Darrell Hammond in "Jmart/Trump"
Interviews with Julianna Margulies, Michael Sheen, Peter Capaldi & more in our digital edition
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme by Carey Mulligan & Michael Sheen, found with
Michael Sheen, Graham Greene - for shame. You are BETTER THAN THIS
From the Archives: Michael Sheen in conversation with Jeff Garlin
my vote is for Michael Sheen from Frost Nixon as Rand Paul:
omg yes its the best!!! Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen are so great!!!
Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan onstage at the 'Masters of Sex' panel during the 2015 Showtime Summer TCA tour
Sony Lawyers Told - Masters of Sex' Producers to Create... - Michael Sheen as Dr. William Masters and Beau Bridges...
Michael Sheen's last greatest roll. "Lionel Blair, the Cocaine and *** years"
I'm a few weeks behind on Doug Loves Movies, but Michael Sheen was really fantastic and should be on every episode.
Michael Sheen of course; but he's probably expensive - got Bill Wallis to do Henry Vincent for me once, but he's RIP now.
you know that Michael Sheen will play Joe Allen in the story of his life.
Just caught the last half hour of Frost / Nixon. Acting masterclass from Michael Sheen and Frank Langella.
Michael Sheen sounds and looks like Michael Emerson and it's ruining this show for me
Jon Hamm, Matthew Rhys, Justin Theroux, Michael Sheen and more. Find our picks for the at:
The Spoils Before Dying is looking mightily intriguing on and it stars Michael Sheen, m.
That biopic was brilliant - Michael Sheen was brilliant as Ginger Baker.
Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen don't share interests -
Sarah Silverman returning to boyfriend Michael Sheen's show 'Masters of Sex' -
That's the one - be prepared to fall in love with Michael Sheen's voice all over again.
Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Hiddleston and Michael Sheen at a special ‘Celebration of the Arts’ event. (May 23, 2012)
Big Break : The Movie - starring Michael Sheen as Jim Davidson and Ray Winstone as John Virgo...
"I can't believe this is a conversation about Gerry Rafferty and I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK" - Michael Sheen
Okay, so shadow cabinet, who do we have? Charlotte Church, Michael Sheen, Eddie Izzard, Steve Coogan, Lenny Henry, Glenda Jackson...
and Underworld even has Michael Sheen in too!
Spending tonight with two Top Ten Men of 2015 winners: Matthias Schoenaerts (4) and Michael Sheen (10).
I'd like a new Prime Minister today, please. I'm thinking Michael Sheen as Tony Blair.
Breast Cancer Awareness
We are excited to welcome our 2 new ambassadors to the project; Michael Sheen and Frieda Hughes
Here's Michael Sheen's wonderful speech on the NHS again, to remind us of who we are.
This is a reminder that Bill Nighy, Derek Jacobi, Michael Sheen and Wes Bentley have all appeared in the Underworld series.
Michael Sheen is an incredible actor in the Twilight movies
David Mitchell, Michael Sheen, Jameela Jamil and Sarah Brown are the stars baking in this week’s
Wales: Michael Sheen, Richard Burton, Sir Anthony Hopkins... just why is Port Talbot such a 'star factory'?
Others set to appear in SPOILS BEFORE DYING include Michael Sheen, Chris Parnell, Tim Meadows and Kate McKinnon:
Welsh actor Michael Sheen speaks to the BBCs Andrew Marr about what he believes is the massive inequality in the UK.
Turns out Michael Sheen is a completely different actor to Martin Sheen.
may want to change your graphic from Martin Sheen to Michael Sheen.
Michael Sheen surprises Prince's Trust young designer in an emotional re...:
Full text of Michael Sheen's speech " My god , do I feel an affinity to this human being Michael …
I'm sorry but Michael Sheen was with Kate Beckinsdale and Sarah Silverman? Winner at life.
Michael Sheen's stunning NHS cuts speech will bring you to your feet
is it YOU ? thats just done a rather good speech ?. are you a Green Michael?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Thank you for a fabulous welcome and a brilliant day defending our NHS. Michael Sheen was brilliant.
. 's Blistering NHS Speech If only our politicians had some of this fire in their bellies.
That Michael Sheen speech is something else. As is this...
Michael Sheen channelling Nye Bevan and Welsh chapel zeal. I'd vote for him!
Michael Sheen's rousing speech about the importance of the NHS is bloody fantastic.
“Believe in something” Michael Sheen tells politicians during rally for NHS
Stirring fire and brimstone speech by Michael Sheen yesterday.
Actor Michael Sheen slams cuts to NHS in passionate speech - video
'By God, believe in something,' tells politicians in a passionate speech:
Michael Sheen…we don't we have politicians like this….
Michael Sheen tears into NHS cuts in blistering speech
Michael Sheen's speech was electrifying. If only our politicians could manage the same, says
If only our MPs had the same passion as Michael Sheen | Owen Jones
Michael Sheen doesn't seem to be a fan of the Tories and Andrew Lansley
Kenneth Williams and Tony Blair both portrayed by Michael Sheen. One was a funny man with a snide voice, the other was in Carry On Camping.
Michael Sheen is so adorable I can't even. Glad I never saw any of those films where he played Blair because he would've been ruined for me.
I love Michael Sheen. Still struggling with the fact he doesn't actually sound like Tony Blair though.
Michael Sheen has replaced Tony Blair's face in my memory forever. Can't explain why. The power of film and visuals.
Would it be uncomfortable if Michael Sheen did his Tony Blair impression in the tent? I'm sure they'd all love it
Now Taylor's gone have switched to . Michael Sheen looks scarily like Tony Blair when he gets competitive.
No coincidence surely that Sarah Brown is on with Michael Sheen (well known for his portrayal of Tony Blair).
Thinking about a where all 4 contestants are Michael Sheen's various impressions of Blair, Frost, Kenneth Williams, etc.
will Michael Sheen reprise his Tony Blair to make Sarah feel at home?
Walker/Molyneux, starring Michael Sheen as John, Forest Whitaker as Peter, and Christopher Walken as Godus. Coming in 2018
Mark Strong is in one of my favorites, Heartlands, with Michael Sheen. Not a huge part, but it is a sweet film.
Michael Sheen, Steve Buscemi and Josh Charles have joined the cast of political drama "Oppenheimer Strategies"
6 times US President captured attention on silverscreen: Obama is in India and agree with me when I say we all are glued to our screens to know where he is going, what he is doing, what he said and what deals did he make? President of United States is a big deal. He is not only the leader of United States of America but of free world too. People are always keen to know about his power, tactics and his personal life too is under scrutiny all the time. Then there is Air Force one, The Beast and the ever so enigmatic Secret Service. There is a lot of material for the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster. And Hollywood hasn't disappointed at all. Over the years, we have seen many actors bring former presidents to life and a few have portrayed one. Here are our favourite picks - Air Force One – Harrison Ford does a tremendous job as President. There is cunning and ruthless villain (dishy Gary Oldman), there is a slight hint of Cold War and whatever remained of Soviet breakup. Then as the title suggests there was ...
Bill Condon's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST had better have Michael Sheen as the Beast and he'd better do that giggle from BREAKING DAWN.
Michael Irvin is probably all coked out now
Michael Sheen is so good at playing a *** in midnight in paris
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Watching "The Adventurer - The Curse of the Midas Box" with Michael Sheen in the cast.Great film so far.
From the Archives: Michael Sheen is featured in a Masters of Sex video clip from season 2, episode 3
Watching biopic about the 'sport' of over-paid indulgent rich playboy brats -Hunt in 'Rush'. Nothing tops Michael Sheen in Damned United.
Are you fan of the film "The American President" starring Michael Douglas as the president & Martin Sheen as his aid?
Lizzy Caplan, watch her series Masters of Sex, with Michael Sheen...
Have you heard Columbo story on Jeff Garlin's podcast? Hilarious!
From the Archives: Michael Sheen talks about his favorite film at the 2014 BAFTAs
Why Michael, because I'm single and I'm like Charlie Sheen awesome literally
Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan have great chemistry on screen
Michael douglas (who i like) wants to save the airline . Charlie sheen (who i like) wont let him . There is a power struggle. Time warner stock
yo at some point in s3 michael sheen needs to turn to Lizzy Caplan and go "if we pull this off we'll be the masters...OF SEX"
🔥ROUND 4🔥. I'm not sayin I wanna be Charlie Sheen . DM to Michael
I listened to michael sheen read out poetry the other day and it was the best thing i've ever listened to
Picture of first communion book. It is in the Archbishop Sheen museum here in Peoria, IL
Hearing the roar of 70,000 people & leading out Zidane, Figo, Giggs. Add a memory to tackle
Michael Sheen welcomes the NOM to Cardiff: . A 1-min video about the empowering/sustainable aspects of
“Nostalgia is denial, denial of the painful present.” –Michael Sheen ‘Midnight in Paris’ 2011
From the Archives: Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan interview their boss about Masters of Sex
is a lot more Martin Sheen and Michael Flatley than saoirse Ronan... WCBIreland
SNS students have been working with top film director on a new BBC programme. So exciting!
From the Archives: Michael Sheen discusses directing and starring in a live broadcast reading of Under Milk Wood
Keep seeing an advert with actor Michael Sheen in it.or is it Tony Blair...or Brian Clough...or Kenneth Williams.or David Frost.
still not over the fact Michael Sheen was in Newport and my mum walked past him because she couldn't remember if he was famous or not.
Seeing Michael Sheen's face and hearing an American accent come out of it hurts my brain
Michael Sheen killed his role. You would love it but definitely cant be your fave. 😜
would have been Ray Grav but now I'll say Michael Sheen or maybe Iolo
"Indie Folk Polished to a Bright, Sly Sheen" by NATE CHINEN and JON CARAMANICA via NYT
Forgot how good Michael Sheen is in 30 Rock. "Excellent pantomime is supposed to be idiotic."
Michael Douglas was a better president than Martin Sheen
Watching The Queen. Have such a crush on Michael Sheen. Will still sign up for being his Settling Soulmate.
ZOMG this new FAR FROM THE Madding Crowd with Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen and the guy from Rust and Bone
Nah, but really watch Masters of Sex because it is well written and Michael Sheen and Lizzy Kaplan are great.
Is it just me or is Jim Murphy trying to take on Michael Sheen for the title of best Kenneth Williams impersonation?
Fun fact: I will see any movie starring Tom Hardy, Brendan Gleeson, Daniel Day Lewis, Michael Sheen, and Owen Wilson.
my dad went to school with Anthony Hopkins, my mum treated Richard Burton's sister & Michael Sheen lived in next street 😁
Finally getting a chance to watch The Queen with Helen Mirren. Everyone was talking about her performance, but Michael Sheen as Tony Blair was the standout for me.
50 Celebs design Paddington statues to promote the new film. Michael Sheen's is a Shakesbear!
Eddie Redmayne is becoming quite the Daniel Day Lewis / Michael Sheen.
Michael Sheen’s Paddington Statue Unveiled, First of 50 Contributions to Paddington Trail via
Arun do you support Israel's war on Africans or oppose it? (David Sheen “On Israel’s War on Africans” by Mogusha Michael
I think it's specifically permitted when the stars are Charlie Sheen and Michael Biehn.
As IF my dissertation supervisor is hanging out with Michael Sheen in NYC right now. WHAT.
Celebrating Dylan - Michael Sheen and reading on the centenary
Happy Birthday You're beautiful too wanna 4-way with & make it 5 with Michael Sheen?
Michael's *** the way they're both wet with his spit, the thin sheen of sweat on his forehead where a few dark locks stick. -
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Two things I love about Tron: Legacy. Daft Punk and Michael Sheen.
Seems to me tech parties are pretty mild compared to other industries:
Can I haz a threesome with Kate and Michael Sheen in those movies? plzkthx
1st day on "Grace And Frankie." Scenes today with Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, and Michael Gross.
keep up the sterling work. Did your celeb bombardment include Matthew Rhys & Michael Sheen? Just a thought.
Gorgeous production of Under Milk Wood at the 92Y, with Michael Sheen and Kate Burton (daughter of Richard and Sybil)
I've just been told about an amazing memory community arts project in Wales you may find interesting.
thanks for lovely piece in about NY, Dylan, Michael Sheen and
listening to the 'Y' - Under Milk Wood NOW! Quite nervous... but utterly knocked out by Michael Sheen's Beeb Wales peformance
From the Archives: Michael Sheen records video message for launch of Into Film
Michael Sheen's production of Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood makes its New York debut on Sunday
Here's our link up with American radio "Michael Sheen Brings Dylan Thomas' via "
.ST autocorrect :p lol Michael Sheen, James Spader and now Benedict Cumberbatch. Jep i am done.
Wait, Michael sheen is dating Sarah Silverman? I was totally convinced he was dating Ginny from masters of sex
Hi, have you seen very early film that Michael Sheen starred called "Heartlands" adventure on his motorbike in Lancashirex
Michael Sheen's voice is like molten gold, someone should put Tom Jones on the stage and how hilarious were the blue-adoring birds?!
From the Archives: Michael Sheen will read bite-size excerpts of Dylan Thomas' poems
Michael Sheen puts in a solid performance in 'Masters of Sex',thank me later.
Michael Sheen dressed up as a Guilty Remnant for halloween omfg did you see?
Getting added to the' celebrity couples I would like to hang out with' list - Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen
News Wales reports that Michael Sheen read an unpublished poem by Dylan Thomas as part of the centenary celebrations
It's not the hardest costume to do but this is my favourite celeb effort so far
Hollywood star Michael Sheen reads his favourite of Dylan Thomas’ poems.
was this the one they did for the centenary with Michael Sheen et al or the Richard Burton radio one?
wish Michael Sheen had had Richard Burton's timbre, or Dylan's would have done.
Michael Sheen actually even better than Richard Burton here. Seen this?
I loved it and thought Michael Sheen made a wonderful First Voice. Fewer fireworks than Richard Burton but totally hypnotic.
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