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Michael Shannon

Michael Corbett Shannon (born August 7, 1974) is an American stage, film, and television actor. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Revolutionary Road.

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I liked a video Michael Shannon Once Worked at a Pet Store
I liked a video Michael Shannon Dishes on Filming The Shape of Water
I’m so in love with Michael Shannon I might cry
If True Detective keeps doing more seasons Sam Rockwell and Michael Shannon should star in one of them together.
Ok u might have to listen to me say I want Michael Shannon to eat my *** at least 30 times
NEW: This letter sent from Congressman Cummings to Congressman Gowdy outlines a detailed whistleblower account of the fact Mich…
Tweak this for Brexit and Bob's your uncle.
Never forget this amazing Michael Shannon quote
Michael Shannon is kinda sexy. I just realized it.
Really need to Shape of Water. 1. Michael Shannon . 2. Guillermo Del Toro
Michael Shannon's in the pic, too. One of my current favourites. Brilliant portrayal of Richard Kuklin…
Don't miss our one-night-only screening of TROUBLE NO MORE (Jan. 13). Rare footage from 1980 performanc…
For Michael Shannon, the Clothes Made the Man in The Shape of Water
Even thought The Shape of Water might be "too weird," but as Michael Shannon says, "you have to take risks in order to ma…
Michael Shannon explains how his name became a slang term on the Shape of Water shoot [The Verge]
Listen: Michael Shannon has honored his late co-star by recording the audiobook to Sam Shepard’s final work of fict…
Apparently Garner will be in that Waco series with Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch as well.
Universe, can Michael Shannon and Timothy Olyphant please star in a movie together please?
The referee of the City game looks like Michael Shannon as General Zod
In my opinion is the best Superman movie of all time. Michael Shannon and the great Russel Crowe both nailed as Zod…
Michael Shannon is awesome as Zod, as he's awesome in basically everything! Crowe and Costner were pre…
Michael Right Now Be Like Shannon is Hear who wants to go Christmas Shopping and Decora…
Kinda look like kin to Michael Shannon
Exactly! Her name and Michael Shannon were the del to attract lot of people to watch the movie. These p…
Michael told you not to come down and you went anyways, he had enough stress with his dad being in th…
We have another thread for you from yesterday's Napa Valley Film Festival!! . What a night. . Elijah Wood, Austin Sto…
Another one of the great Shannon Michael Cane. Hanging around in the lost and found. Rest easy.
12 Strong (2018), Trailer. Looks like a fantastic film &. Michael Shannon plays a good guy- this makes me happy
Speaking of kings, Michael Shannon holds the title for terrifying audiences with a facial expression
DUDE! I think McDaid described it as john Carpenter’s Superman. Michael Shannon is the best Pa Kent.
You and Michael Shannon should play brothers in a film.
Very sad to hear of the passing of Shannon Michael Cane; he was so lovely, so smart, what a loss.
Michael Bisping vs. Kelvin Gastelum targeted as new UFC Shanghai main event —
Amy Adams' 'Nocturnal Animals' and Kristen's 'The Runaways' costar, Michael Shannon, at the event, lookin fly
Wow, sad news. RIP Shannon Michael Cane of Printed Matter, and founder of “They Shoot *** Don’t They?”
Michael Shannon came to a screening of The Shape of Water and immediately walked over to a guy in a wheelchair, str…
Who else always forgets Michael Shannon is in 8 Mile?
Wow, just watched “The Harvest” (2013) with Michael Shannon and Samantha Morton. That was *** good! . WARNING: Do…
Sadly, no. The award was delivered by Michael Shannon.
Michael Shannon came to Chicago Film Fest closing night and took a picture with this kid. Nice guy Micha…
Michael Shannon is hands down the most interesting, mysterious man in Hollywood.
“The fact that you’re still searching for meaning and for significance is a great inspiration to me.” Tonight’s presenter,…
Review: Michael Shannon Is Mistaken for Bigfoot in One of the Worst Christmas Movies Ever Made
Michael Shannon’s Zod is a better villain than any Marvel movie, save for Loki. And that’s also debatable.
So you're saying Michael Shannon and Ian McShane ruined Christmas?
Her award was delivered by Zod himself, Michael Shannon. Gyllenhaal, Tom Hanks, Kristen Stewart and Natalie Portman als…
Without a beard, you look like Michael Shannon.
aaron taylor-johnson, Amy Adams and michael shannon at TIFF (Variety studio)
my new favorite piece of film criticism... and Michael Shannon love.
Film suggestion. Peter Mullan and Jacki Weaver to play an elderly Bonnie and Clyde, terrorising rural America on a murder…
I would let Michael Shannon do unspeakable things to me
lookin' like if Michael Shannon and had a love child
There are no pics of my kings jeff and michael shannon together this is peak lanaphobia!
Shannon said Dre Massey will be an option at backup QB if Zaire can't play and Franks is the starter
Amy Adams Receives American Cinematheque Award, and Michael Shannon Stands in for Meryl Streep via…
What Florida interim coach Randy Shannon said after loss to South Carolina
I will never ever forget Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley
Michael Shannon joins Steve Martin in the Movie Dads Hall of Fame
I had the opportunity meet Jon Lovitz, Bill Pullman, Michael Shannon, Michael Stuhlbarg, Simon Curtis and see Patrick Stewart in person.
Re-watching Boardwalk Empire and decided I need more Michael Shannon in my life.
Just rewatched Bug with Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon and I forgot how unsettling and chaotic this movie is. A good one for sure.
Man Shannon Sharp said Michael Jordan is off the Henn Dawg and Cigars lmao
Michael Shannon of thinks is a rock star - don't we know it!
I can't think of one movie that wouldn't be improved by adding Michael Shannon.
Shannon: “This is stress, this is Vicki Gunvalson” . . Vicki:
I liked a video Benedict Cumberbatch Wants to "Hug the (Michael) Shannon"
I’m watching The Night Before and I had no clue Michael Shannon was in this movie I really love one man
So I'm walking out of WaWa and bumped into my favorite actor the legend The real Michael Shannon!
I have a hard time giving an unbiased opinion on any character Michael Shannon plays. Love that actor.
Every time I rewatch discover something new, and just learned Michael Shannon plays the jerk cop. Love it even more
Michael Shannon as David (because he's amazing). 'Everything happens for a reason'
Are you telling me I get to watch something involving Amy Sedaris and a shirtless Michael Shannon? IS THAT WHAT YOU…
Yo...I just seen the clip of Shannon Sharpe talking bout Michael Jordan eyes. 💀💀💀
Great film, AT-J won the Golden Globe and Michael Shannon was nominated for the Oscar. A film that makes you think.
Amy Sedaris has Justin Theroux and Michael Shannon on her new show could it be... peak tv?
You know Michael Shannon and Paul Bettany have a passing resemblance -- which works a…
It's been awhile since we've had a kid host. With recent success I think he'd be good. I'd also…
lmao these white boys on Fescoe don't know Shannon Sharpe was talking about Hennessy and Michael Jordan
Michael Shannon is in a nominations honeymoon with the Academy and his movie is the Best Picture frontrunner.
Michael Shannon would be perfect as Bittersteel, but if you're going creepy, Jared Leto should be Bloodraven.
.starring Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon & is our Gala
I don't care what anyone says, Michael Shannon played a great villain as Zod. Say what u want about M…
Michael Shannon can do anything he wants and I am in, but Bittersteel is a nice, nice fit.
If you've seen Michael Shannon read the sorority letter for Funny or Die, you'll see why I think he's Bittersteel.
Bittersteel has always been Michael Shannon in my mind. Bloodraven is Christian Bale (with hair dyed white-blond)
SIMPATICO at McCarter w/ Michael Shannon is an electric tribute to Shepard's edge. A classic in the making.…
Your mum looks like Michael Shannon spliced with Hanson
Michael Shannon been putting in work
Michael Shannon but only in character as the guy he's playing in The Shape of Water
From Wednesday, here is Shannon Sharpe saying Michael Jordan's eyes are red because of "Henn dawg and cigars." 😂😂😂 .
As easy as it is to knock Zack Snyder about many things I don't think Michael Shannon would be getting the long overdue/more than deserved
Michael Shannon has already won two Oscars and an Emmy in my heart.
so in the past 2 years B has worked w actors from 1 of my fave shows, Boardwalk Empire: Michael Shannon--Michael Stuhlbarg--Kelly MacDonald
Switch up is very peculiar, cuz no one that stood up for her (Kaep, Michael, Shannon Sharpe) fits that description
New post (The Shape of Water Official Trailer (2017) Michael Shannon, Oc...) has been published on Viral Newest…
Who do you think will register in THE SHAPE OF WATER for supporting actor, Michael Shannon or Richard Jenkins?
Taylor Kitsch opens up about playing cult leader David Koresh in a new miniseries opposite Michael Shannon:…
Sure lock for Sally Field in Best Actress Contender, Michael Shannon & Octavia Spencer in Supporting Category.
Watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon spar in the trailer for 'The Current War'
Erin Brockovich, starring Michael Shannon and Goldie Hawn. Directed by Terry Jones, music by Mott The Hoople. Budget: $5
Plus: any project that involves Guillermo Del Toro, Doug Jones, Michael Shannon, & Alexandre Desplat has the true potential to be AMAZING.
trailer stars Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, and Doug Jones as an amphibious man. ht…
Is my gross crush on Michael Shannon alienating or relatable?
DC has Michael Shannon. DC has Russel Crowe. DC has Kevin Cosnter. DC has Jesse Eisenberg. DC has CIARAN H…
David Lynch and Michael Shannon. Jane Campion and Jane Fonda. I could go on, but we'd be here all night.
People that need to hurry up and get Oscars:. Trevante Rhodes. Ruth Negga. Michael Shannon. Amy Adams. Gary Oldman. Andrew Garfiel…
Michael Shannon as General Zod. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. David Thewlis as Ares. Ciaran Hin…
Watching Zak Snyder superman on TNT at this bar in nola: Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe are too good for this movie.
Two celebrities who are voice twins are Michael Shannon and Steven Wright. I heard them both on podcasts recently and it's uncanny.
Remember when I thought Aaron Taylor Johnson was gonna steal my mans Michael Shannon's Oscar nom
Zombieland, starring Bob Odenkirk and Michael Shannon. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, music by Gil Scott-Heron. Budget: $1 billion
Sitting at a bar in between Michael Shannon from Boardwalk Empire & Dean Norris from Breaking Bad. Things that literally just happened.
Frank & Lola: Not great but a solid, gripping drama about obsession n betrayal. Michael Shannon n Imogen Poots are brilliant.
Check out what I found. (DVD), Michael Shannon, Imogen Poots. Region 2. SEALED NEW via
My goal is to become Michael Shannon in Nocturnal Animals
Just found out that HBO is making a movie about Fahrenheit 451 starring the Michael B. Jordon from Creed and Michael Shannon.. pretty stoked
Decided to watch Elvis & Nixon last night because Michael Shannon as Elvis seemed like a good idea. It was! And Kevin Spacey as Nixon = yes!
HBO is adapting Fahrenheit 451 into a film starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon
Guillermo Del Toro's starring Sally Hawkins and Michael Shannon, will open Dec. 8
Public Disclaimer: I do not endorse murder and do not actually want Michael Shannon to murder Zack Snyder unless I can watch.
Any way you can somehow make a gif of Michael Shannon actually snapping Zack Snyder's neck?
Michael Shannon looks like Jaws from the James Bond movies.
I think Michael Shannon was born to play Ted Kaczynski what do you think? I don't know how my brain made that connection or why
.has been cast opposite Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch in 'Waco'
Cable is a badass. Looks like Michael Shannon will play him in the next Deadpool movie.
If it isn't going to be Stephen Lang, I'm okay with this casting. Michael Shannon is awesome.
'Mike and Molly,' but it's about Michael Shannon and Molly Shannon being roommates
I'm here for Michael Shannon in any role. ANY role.
Mike Turner looks Michael Shannon in 2031 if Michael Shannon decided in 1997 to be a raging alcoholic.
🍁🍁. One for Michael Shannon and one for Aaron Taylor Johnson
The prefect movie would star Michael Shannon, John Goodman, Rooney Mara and Oscar Isaac and be directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson's acting in this movie ~clap clap clap~…
oh, the groundhog day one? Yeah, i knew it was Michael Shannon. Incredible how famous he is now.
Lexington's Michael Shannon talked to the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips about having a prime seat for the...
Someone needs to cast Michael Shannon and Christopher Walken as father and son.
I liked it right until the end. Michael Shannon was really good. So was Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Michael Shannon is in this one, it's a winner
sexual preference: Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley in the film "The Runaways"
Nocturnal Animals was so goddam good and Tom Ford owes it to goddam Michael Shannon my favorite actor of all time
Emma and Ryan in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain in Take Shelter.
Levine has kind of a proto Michael Shannon vibe in this (and usually, I guess)
you should watch!!! it's about the all girl rock band, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Michael Shannon, COLOURS! MUSIC! WOW!
Honestly I really can't believe I got to meet John Gallagher Jr and Michael Shannon like I'm crying
Other than Michael Shannon, was pretty much ignored.
Aaron Taylor Johnson won the Globe for best supporting actor while nominates Michael Shannon instead. Both w…
Aaron Taylor-Johnson was better than Michael Shannon in Nocturnal Animals & Ben Foster was better than Jeff Bridges
I'll take Michael Shannon over Aaron Taylor Johnson any day
I'd like to know why your friend Michael Shannon makes so much NSA propaganda: http…
Now, where are the official pics of Ben and Michael Shannon, Ben and Tom Holland and Ben and Nicholas Hoult
Michael Shannon is a giant next to Martin Lawrence
if you haven't seen Premium Rush i suggest at least one viewing to witness Michael Shannon's award-worthy performan…
The singer from Three Doors Down looks like if Michael Shannon and Vince Vaughn had a baby and their music is the sound of that baby crying.
Michael Shannon would be a lock for Nocturnal Animals; too bad for him it came out the same year as *** OR HIGH WATER. Can't have two.
Why does Michael Shannon look so much like John Russell?
Ruth Negga and Michael Shannon looking good on the red carpet
Michael Shannon makes Best Performances of the Year issue, out this week.
Joel Edgerton as Brody, Sam Rockwell as Hooper, Michael Shannon ofc as Quint (alt Chris Pine, Oscar Isaa…
Imogen Poots (27) is in love with Michael Shannon (42) & Michael Nyqvist (56) in FRANK & LOLA. Her character name is literally "Lola" *gags*
Michael Shannon is an underappreciated treasure 💜
I watched 10 films with Michael Shannon in them. How you gonna top that 2017?
Same. I mean it's clever enough and worth a watch for Michael Shannon, but it's so clumsy and unsettling in the wrong ways
See Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon tell what made so exciting.
Nice to see Kim Tae-Ri, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor Johnson (Nocturnal Animals), and Rebecca Hall (Christine)…
Amy Adams, Michael Shannon & Jake Gyllenhaal are masters but what a turnout by Aaron Taylor Johnson. Need a few more viewings.
Movie about making Michael Shannon as Frank Capra. Andrew Garfield as Jimmy Stewart. Oliver Platt as Lionel Barrymore.
Michael Shannon in THE NIGHT BEFORE is a friggin' revelation. Put this guy in more comedies!
Ezra Miller as The Riddler, Ray Fisher as John Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg as Ray Palmer, Michael Shannon as The Joker.
4. Adam Driver and Michael Shannon having a moment.
For one, Michael Shannon's jaded West Texas cop performance was head and shoulders above Jeff Bridges.
How is AT-J nominated over Michael Shannon in don't get me started on that BS nom for Jeff Bridges.
Aaron Taylor Johnson is scene stealing in Nocturnal Animals - and he stars with Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and Jake Gyllenhaal
Gotta go to Ali or Bridges here. I wish Michael Shannon had gotten a nom for Nocturnal Animals.
Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are superb, Aaron Taylor-Johnson unrecognisable and I would watch Michael Shannon reading the phone book
Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams were great as usual but Michael Shannon should get an Oscar nom along with Aaron Taylor Johnson.
Is creepiness the basis of your appeal, "Agent Van Alden"? | Michael Shannon | by Nadav Kander
unrelatedly Michael Shannon has now worked with Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, and Jessica Chastain. Just BDH to go.
lol i’m going to be conned into watching “Loving” because it is directed by Nichols and stars Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon, and Nick Kroll
Longterm career goal with is to remake all ERNEST movies with a very intense Michael Shannon in the role cr…
Michael Shannon talks about how is socially relevant.
Amy Adams & Jake Gyllenhaal are amazing. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is terrifying, and Michael Shannon is a simply a treasure.
Question: Who would you want to get the best Supporting Actor nom more? ATJ or Michael Shannon?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Happy Thanksgiving.In recent interview w/Michael Shannon he enthused about watching Dr Katz dvds every night w his gf
I very much enjoyed the film Nocturnal Animals with Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams and Michael Shannon. . Give them some awards
Michael Shannon: Don't talk to your Trump-voting relatives - “There’s a lot of old people who need to...
Michael Shannon wants Trump Supporters killed. He is dangerous person. Be careful he is inciting civil war
BREAKING: None of you will ever ball as hard as Michael Shannon.
Now Michael Shannon, actor who played Zod, foe of Superman, calls for the mass-death of Trump supporters: https:…
Incredibly intense actor Michael Shannon is so, so angry at Trump voters
This just happened:. Me: I'm not sure how to talk to my parents who voted for Trump. Michael Shannon: F— 'em. You're an orph…
Wanted to see but since Michael Shannon is such an intolerant *** I'll boycott.
I guess that this Trump distraction has saved the virtue of Michael Shannon's sister for a few days. What a mouth-b…
Actor Michael Shannon to Trump supporters: ‘Time to die’.
Actor Michael Shannon says anyone who voted for Trump must die. Boycott
This guy plays a crazy mofo in every movie. Apparently, he isn't much different in real life.
His eye wrinkles hold so much wisdom .
. And they said were violent. Michael Shannon wishes death on over 60 milli…
Michael Shannon Tells Trump Supporters It’s Their Time to Die Now I have a newfound respect for him, now!
Michael Shannon tells Trump supporters it's their time to die now
DISGRACEFUL. Michael Shannon to Trump supporters: It’s time to die.
Michael Shannon You're a dude , stop using bots you cold poophead
In my book, Michael Shannon is a new left-wing saint.
Tonight we have Nicole Kidman, Michael Shannon & music from Plus, Jimmy reads your twe…
Tom Ford, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor Johnson are extraordinarily nearby right now.
I picture Michael Shannon saying what he said but coming from Nelson Van Alden , that's something his character would say
Michael Shannon holds NOTHING back in his interview with
Half dreamed a Se7en remake this morning with Dennis Farina and Michael Shannon shot entirely in Chicago.
Michael Shannon is a great actor (and, if recent interviews are any indication, a cool person) but Terrence Stamp will always be my Zod.
I used to be impressed with Michael Shannon's performance of Nelson Van Alden as a tightly wound ball of rage, now wonder if he was acting.
Michael Shannon admits he fell asleep watching explains why he said 'yes' to General Zod.
Check out some of Michael Shannon's recent interviews. He is brutally honest when asked about Trump & his supporters.
Nocturnal Animals is a very good movie. Tom Ford is insane. Michael Shannon is the best actor when Daniel Day is making shoes in Europe.
Electronic Device Insurance
Film of the week | Michael Shannon lends gothic wit to Tom Ford’s glassy looking-glass thriller https…
Thank you Tom Ford and Jake G and Amy Adams and Michael Shannon, I loved Nocturnal Animals so much!
Michael Shannon's latest role in Machine Gun Preacher has left an indelible mark on the Oscar nominated actor.
Just ran into Michael Shannon, who wasn't in the mood for a photo, but shook my hand, saying: "I'm Mike, and you?"
I hope also by Jeff Nichols with Michael Shannon + kid, which I'll get to watch in doesn't do that.
Michael Shannon remembers his unpleasant auditions with Woody Allen and Alexander Payne
Amy, Michael Shannon and Aaron-Taylor Johnson pose for the Variety ans Shutterstock Portrait Studio
Seems only natural that Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, & Michael Shannon would all be in Nocturnal Animals. They make the smartest choices.
Michael Shannon would be the perfect live-action Rick Sanchez.
I like him, but he's not as high up on my list as you. Sam Rockwell and Michael Shannon need Oscar nominations!
Jeff Nichols and Michael Shannon are a perfect pairing. Have you seen Take Shelter
Jeff Nichols is amazing as is Michael Shannon, and I'll never forget Ratso Rizzo
Michael Shannon is so intense in Take Shelter. A bit uncomfortable. He's great in every Jeff Nichols movie he's in (which is all of them).
Michael Shannon & Taylor Kitsch will star in a TV take on the 1993 Waco siege:
Jeff Bridges> Michael Shannon. You'd know that if you were born before the 21st Century lol
not since early DeNiro & Scorsese have I enjoyed watching a collaborative partnership as much as that of Michael Shannon & Jeff Nichols
Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon will star in a miniseries about the 1993 Waco standoff.
Watched Jeff Nicols' to try & fill my shaped hole. Michael Shannon & Kirsten Dunst on top form 👍
tie between Michael Shannon in Take Shelter and Michelle Williams in ***
*watching the LOVING trailer*. "A film by Jeff Nichols". Nah there's no way, I don't see Michael Shannon anywh- nevermind.
You are who you say you are. Check out the trailer for starring Rachel Weisz & Michael Shannon!.
...featuring the always-amazing Michael Shannon and directed by Jeff Nichols. (His previous film Mud is absolutely brilliant, incidentally.)
Watch our video interview with Michael Shannon for Jeff Nichols' sci-fi epic Midnight Special
Features insights from Tony Kushner, Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, and Elizabeth Marvel (who also happens to be Bill Camp's wife).
Finally caught Elvis & Nixon today, this is seriously Michael Shannon's year. And Kevin Spacey's…
charming and witty, unbelievable but true. Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey are excellent. Thank you, thank you very much!
Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon in comedy ELVIS & NIXON, now on disc and digital!
Michael Shannon & Kevin Spacey star in the brilliantly bizarre - here's our review by https:/…
Rami Malek looks exactly like Michael Shannon with his hood up.
Steven Spielberg, Michael Shannon, & more pick their favorite movie theaters: https:/…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
... Martin Short, Michael Shannon, Viola Davis, Amanda Seyfried, Dana Delany, Lewis Black, the Punisher, and Cabot came back (what up!).
The Hottie and the Nottie, starring Katie Holmes and Michael Shannon. Directed by Leni Reifenstahl, music by Nicole Atkins. Budget: $90m
It's the season finale of Skillset! Fish brains, David Copperfield and Michael Shannon! https:…
Kevin Spacey & Michael Shannon in cannot be missed. Pre-order your copy: https:…
Just finished watching . '99 Homes' starring Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield. I highly recommend you watch this
Yelchin was one of my most favorite actors, up there with Ben Foster, Michael Shannon, Michael B Jordan, Dane Dehaan...:(
This week, the part of Mammoliti is played by Michael Shannon in PREMIUM RUSH.
130) Midnight Special. The Jeff Nichols / Michael Shannon combo crushes it again.
If audiences can believe Michael Shannon + John Gallagher are brothers, they can believe actors of different races are too.
Saw Long Day Journey Into Night last night. Met Gabriel Byrne and Michael Shannon and Peter Gallagher came!
srsly, Danny Boyle as director, Hiddleston, Dan Stevens or Tom Ellis as Bond, Michael Shannon as villain, Elba as Leiter
Wanted to note it for the record that I stood need to Michael Shannon & John Gallagher Jr (Newroom's Jim) on the Rooftop Reds roof.
Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon film is set for awards season run:.
Universal will release Jeff Nichols' Loving, with Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton (and Michael Shannon, obvs), in Ireland in February 2017.
Jeff Nichols & Michael Shannon are the new Tim Burton & Jhonny Depp Keep working together
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Ron Perlman, Michael Shannon, and Thomas Lennon are making a Bigfoot movie
'99 Homes,' starring Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon, is now streaming on Amazon Prime: https…
Ariel Winter as Bonnie. Rico Rodriguez as Wade. Michael Shannon as Dr. Drakken. Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid as Kim's parents.
󾓯 thefilmstage: Michael Shannon, Alicia Vikander, Idris Elba, Oscar Isaac, and more get new roles in.
The first poster for Werner Herzog's 'Salt and Fire' starring Michael Shannon and Gael García Bernal.
Michael Shannon, Ron Perlman, Ian McShane, Thomas Lennon among those who just went to POTTERSVILLE
After Midnight Special, trailer for Frank&Lola, Elvis&Nixon I think 2016 will be another important year for Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon in talks for Guillermo Del Toro's otherworldly romance:
Michael Shannon in talks for Guillermo Del Toro's Cold War supernatural romance
Newswire: Michael Shannon and Guillermo Del Toro are making a romantic movie together
Michael Shannon is in talks to star in Guillermo Del Toro's Cold War love story
Michael Shannon in talks to play antagonist in Guillermo Del Toro's supernatural romance: Guillermo ...
Michael Shannon in Talks to Antagonize Guillermo Del Toro&Latest Supernatural Film
tfw you find out Michael Shannon is playing the villain in Guillermo Del Toro's next film.
Friendly reminder that both Michael Shannon and Christopher Walken were in Kangaroo Jack
Masterful on Broadway. Jessica Lange absolutely shattering as Mary. Gabriel Byrne and Michael Shannon as well.
So has "anxious dad" always been a character type in movies, or was it invented only after Michael Shannon started acting?
Late to the game, but this profile of Michael Shannon is really excellent
I think if you watch a lot of what I do, you're going to ultimately walk aw...
Warm congrats to Michael Shannon, our winter 2015 cover, on his nomination. Our interview:
Michael Shannon. He can play old school cool when he's not doing the wild-eyed flexed jaw thing. SHOTGUN STORIES proves it.
The Oval Office scene of "Elvis & Nixon" is some of the best screenplay in quite some time. Kevin Spacey & Michael Shannon are phenomenal.
How 99 homes Michael Shannon vivisects you in the right way and it's horrifying
Labs Looks at Claude Shannon’s Legacy and the Future of Information Age
I just like Michael Shannon too. Well, the movies where he's a lead too.
36. Another year, another step on in developing my resemblance to a Michael Shannon made of Playdoh.
Michael Shannon as Elvis is quite possibly one of the greatest things ever.
A beautiful sculpture at by Michael Wilkinson. Purchase it today & we'll pay the shipping! http…
So many of the horrors and thrillers I've watched lately have Michael Shannon in them...
I just keep working on things I like, and hope for the best. I hope people ...
Michael Shannon steals the show in Here's my review of the raunchy Christmas misadventure.
Shannon??? Wrong actor, his name is Michael Sheen.
Congrats to Shannon and thanks to her dad Michael for sending her in to see me! Nice Forester!
Calum and Nia . Luke and Arzaylea . Michael and Crystal. Ashton and Bryana . Management be like:
So now that I've creepily seen pretty much every Michael Shannon interview possible, what am I supposed to do w/my life now.
Review: Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey make for a funny odd couple in 'Elvis & Nixon'
I really am gonna be the female Michael Shannon
Michael mcintyre chat show is now on netflix!!
Congrats to Shannon who recently picked up her new 2016 Mazda CX-5 from Michael! Welcome to the Ajax Mazda family!
Michael V. is drinking a Citradelic IPA at The Shannon Rose Irish Pub
“I am not street-smart at all. I hate the city. I love nature.” ~Michael Jackson
old skool Terrance Stamp Zod or new Michael Shannon Zod? :)
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