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Michael Scott

Michael Gary Scott (born March 15, 1964) is a fictional character on NBC's The Office, portrayed by Steve Carell, and based on David Brent from the original English version.

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"There is no such thing as an appropriate joke. That's why it's called a joke." -Michael Scott. Words to live by.
Bad bosses come in two forms: Dark or dysfunctional. That is, is your boss Michael Scott or Gordon Gekko? - Daniel…
"You can't fire him without cause." -David Wallace. "I do have cause, it is beCAUSE I hate him!" -Michael Scott.
There's a Michael Scott quote for everything
Mood: Michael Scott stepping on the George Foreman grill
That episode when Michael Scott burned his foot with a George Foreman grill and everyone didn't care is the response my mom is giving me rn
My first hour teacher has the mentality of Michael Scott
Ultimate match up. Michael Scott vs season 9 Andrew Bernard
ok but imagine this. Michael Scott and Dr. Spencer Reid meeting
I wish I was as smart as Gregory House and as funny as Michael Scott.
Happy birthday to Marshall's own Michael Scott, hope your day is great!
Why did Rick Grimes go and Michael Scott his buddy's wedding?
Official decision at work: is Kelly kapoor, is Andy Bernard, and I am Michael Scott. BEEN A GOOD DAY
ok first of all I don't think Michael Scott is hot I think Steve Carell is! Nothing's wrong with Blake or Nick!!!
10. And maybe most of all, losing Steve Carell as Michael Scott on The Office (though I'll always defend later Office as still pretty great)
I can't listen to John Mayer without thinking of Michael Scott drunkenly singing to a Benihana waitress
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Who donated that new hospital wing? It was anonymous. Guess what? It was Michael Scott. How do I know? Because, I'm him.
Trump is taking the Michael Scott approach to resolving biz conflicts - saying youre separate doesnt mean its true.…
PLOT HOLE: . Michael Scott hates dried apricots at Jim and Pam's wedding. . Michael Scott eats "like 30" dried apricots at Sweeney Todd!?!
He's been watching the office...Michael Scott level of delivery 😂
I'm Leslie Knope, Kimmy Schmidt, Jessica Day, Michael Scott, and Tom Haverford all in one
No one can watch reruns of The Office and not think of Trump running the White House. Trump is a real life Michael Scott, no doubt.
oh my god! Michael Scott on my birthday. Perfect gif choice mum 🙌🏼
Tell that to Scott Michael Green. Your racism blinds you from facts and truth:
Wonder if Michael Martin will be starting a petition to get them points deducted
I really wish Michael Scott and Dwight were real people
We all loved watching him in but what if Michael Scott was your boss?
Obama leaving office is going to be almost as heartbreaking as Michael Scott leaving The Office
Ahhh Scott Driscoll. That is sweet. Wonder what his buddy Michael Smith thinks about it all.
Michael Scott calling Hank the security guard to escort Toby out on his last day is the level of petty I aspire to be.
I stopped watching The Office when Michael Scott left.
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Michael Jordan releases statement on Keith Lamont Scott shooting. Here’s what he said - Your Black World
My life is a lot like the episode of The Office when Michael Scott wanted everyone to roast him but got mad when they did
I wouldn't punch Michael Scott though because I owe him my life & I have vowed to protect and defend him from everything bad and I love him
Any man who says he totally understands women is a fool -Michael Scott
"There's been a lot of murder and a lot of intrigue.." -Caleb crawdad. -Michael Scott
Watching old episodes of, "The Office" and I realized I get most of my business skills from Michael Scott.
.enlists for the return of .WAV Radio. .
Thankful for this hot babe. You came at just the right time. -Zac "That's what she said." - Michael Scott
I want a Michael Scott iPhone 6s Plus case :-(
"Wanted: middle-aged black man with sass... big butt, bigger heart." - Michael Scott
Sometimes I'm Michael Scott and other times I'm Kevin Malone but most of the time I'm Dwight Schrute
I can't stop thinking about this scene from the office and I just love Michael Scott so much he's so pure and full of lo…
"To effectively use mind control, one must first have self-control" . -Matt Lawes. -Michael Scott
Spent the last three days binge rewatching the office and now my inner monologue sounds like Michael Scott
I feel like Obama is David Wallace and Donald Trump is Michael Scott
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"Hello Vancouver. This is Michael Scott calling from the United States of America"
That Survivor Man episode where Michael Scott went into the woods and tried to live off the land for some days without help.
In our own ways, we are all Michael Scott.
I feel like Michael Scott every time I put my Levi's on
"Too much of a change isn't a good thing. Ask the weather." . Michael Scott
I hope I'm half the man Michael Scott is when I'm 40.
wow Michael Scott really let himself go after the office
The episode of the office where Michael Scott promises those kids he'll pay for their college is so hard to watch lmao
I made a trap remix of The Office's theme song and turned it into a Michael Scott / Toby diss track
The Alchemyst series by Michael Scott! The PJO series! Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz! CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore! :)
"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs. - Jed Clark. - Michael Scott
Michael Scott may be the only fictional character to make me physically cringe
"I feel like Benjamin Button in reverse" -Michael Scott
Paused here. Doesn't A. Ham look like Jim Halpert to GW as Michael Scott?!
"Why be a Dad when you can be a fun Uncle?" -Michael Scott
As much as I try to be a Jim Halpert, I'm actually just a Michael Scott.
Sometimes the only people you want to surround yourself with are Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, and Jim Halpert.
Thanks to Michael Scott every time I eat steak I repeat "It's what's for dinner" in a terrible Sam Elliot impression until I'm done eating.
Instead of Hilary and Trump. Can it be Leslie Knope and Michael Scott?
"could Oscar and Angela be having a *** affair?" -Michael Scott
have you met me?! I'm basically Michael Scott and Chandler Bing all rolled into one
Cubs' Joe Maddon asked for his biggest influences as a manager. "Michael Scott," he says.
Asked to name biggest influence on his managerment style, Cubs manager Joe Maddon answered, "Michael Scott, probably t…
Someone asked Joe Maddon whose management style influenced him the most. "Michael Scott," he said
Reporter: Who have been the biggest influences on your management style? . Michael Scott, probably the biggest influe…
Joe Maddon just said his biggest influence as a manager is Michael Scott.
If the episode of The Office where Michael Scott leaves and meets Pam in the airport doesn't make you tear up then you…
I was thinking the same when I my fellow Americans...David Brent is the original Michael Scott. Google it.
guy in the box with him looks like Jim Halpert letting Michael Scott fall into the koi pond
Caleb is young Michael Scott, eating Sbarro in times square and tasting freedom
This debate is like Michael Scott arguing with Jan Levinson and America's just like
On page 72 of 390 of The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott
On page 60 of 390 of The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott
On page 38 of 390 of The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott
On page 29 of 390 of The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott
On page 5 of 390 of The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott
💭jus it too late for Michael Scott, with Dwight Schrute as VP, to enter the presidential race?
Dwight Schrute: Hey... Why did you do it? :: Michael Scott: It was an *accident*. :..
Question: Grigson + Pagano greater or less than Michael Scott + Dwight Schrute. Discuss.
Nah- Michael Scott is Ken Bone. Generically bad, overpromoted, white male mediocrity
"'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.' - Jesus" - Michael Scott
Steve Carrell isn't Steve Carrell to me... he's Michael Scott
It's impossible for me to view Steve Carell as anyone else besides Michael Scott. MAYBE Andy Stitzer but it's definitely a reach
did you just refer to Steve Carrell as Michael Scott? 😂
just the way Michael Scott drew it up
North Korea declares war with the U.S. the same way Michael Scott declares bankruptcy
Top five rappers of all time. 1 Tyga. 2 iggy azalea . 3 Macklemore / g easy. 4 Jaden Smith. 5 Michael Scott and Holly
This isn't the first time Norma Smith and Michael Scott have faced off in an election
Couldn't agree more. . But, make no mistake - is NO Michael Scott.
If David Wallace was the main character of The Office instead of Michael Scott they're wouldn't be a show
If this election were The Office, Trump would be Michael Scott, Clinton would be Angela, Johnson would be Creed, and Stein…
Cain looks like a Muppet and Pence looks like an old Michael Scott
"I want people to fear how much they love me." Michael Scott.
it looks like Michael Scott from Dunder Mifflin -the office- has become sec. of defense
If only quitting school and selling paper at Dunder Mifflin with Michael Scott was an option in life
With or Without You by U2 comes on Pandora and I immediately think of Michael Scott giving his first presentation to David Wallace.
Only debate I want to watch tonight is Michael Scott trying to decide the next Regional Manager of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton
This entire debate reminds me of the the episode of the Office when Michael Scott has to speak in front of the Shareholder…
Not a Trump endorsement, but Scranton branch led sales when Dunder Mifflin was in real trouble-- under Michael Scott.
Donald Trump has roughly the same debate skill as Michael Scott
No offense to Michael Scott, but Creed was the best regional manager that Dunder Mifflin Scranton has ever seen.
Literally how did Michael Scott not get fired
deep within my loins, can sense an ultimate level. inspired by Patrick Bateman, Michael Scott, Grizzly Man & Big Lebowski
Happy 21st birthday to the Dwight Schrute of my Michael Scott! Better get rested up because you've got a long night…
I'm in the UC crying because I just started thinking about how much second embarrassment I got when Michael Scott went to Phillys's wedding
"Abraham Lincoln once said, if you are a racist I will attack you with the north."-Michael Scott
Future son: "Dad why did you decide to major in Business?" . Me: "Son have you ever heard of a man named Michael Scott?"
""You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."- Wayne Gretsky"- Michael Scott
Thoroughly convinced every national hot topic can be solved with a Michael Scott quote
Michael Scott handled his roast better than Ann Coulter
Michael Scott was a better roaster than Ann Coulter.
Can't believe that no one got that Michael Scott reference
"If you're a racist I will attack you from the north". -Abraham Lincoln. -Michael Scott
My favorite vine is the Mike to Lucas plot twist one where they have the clip of Michael Scott saying "this is a white"
"We're like 'Friends'. I'm Chandler and Joey. Pam is Rachel. And Dwight is Kramer." – Michael Scott.
dude came to school in a shirt creates of various Steve Carrel as Michael Scott in The Office icon
why is everything Michael Scott says so funny to me
Today, I learned that I have a Parasocial Relationship with . -Michael Scott. -Derek Shepard. -Meredith Grey. -John Snow. - & my babe Khalessi 🤔
Top 3 tv characters in no particular order: Michael Scott, Charlie Kelley, Kenny Powers
Idk if I rather be Michael Scott or Frank Gallagher when I grow up
Jim: Would you want to do it on Groundhog Day?. Michael Scott: No, I prefer to celebrate privately
"fool me once, strike 1. fool me twice... strike 3" -Michael Scott
Loved the podcast. You two should have your own show. Very well done . Michael Scott > George Constanza all day.
Michael Scott for President!!! Dwight Schrute for Assistant to the President!
Fun fact: Michael Scott is married to his real estate agent/girlfriend, Carol Stills in real life.
Brandon should have took notes from Michael Scott before saying he could tell the twins apart 😂
bread might be unhealthy for ducks, but Michael Scott is healthy for everybody
Michael Scott throwing slices of bread
An absolutely insane pic of Ashton Eaton throwing the shot put at the '16 Olympic trials, taken by Michael Scott! 😳
"Stanley, if you don't like it then you can go to the back of the bus" -Michael Scott
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Axeel- Zach you're like Michael Scott. Ashley- Isn't that from One Tree Hill. Me-
I love Taco Bell as much as, if not more than, Michael Scott loves Burlington Coat Factory
"You don't call a retard a retard, it's bad taste. You call your friends retarded if they're acting retarded.". Michael Scott
I'm Toby Flenderson and the Marine Corps is Michael Scott. If you don't understand this then you need to rethink your taste in television.
Taylor Swift is the Toby Flenderson to my Michael Scott
It goes without saying at this point, but is the Toby Flenderson to my Michael Scott
The way I feel about Hillary Clinton is the same as how Michael Scott feels about Toby Flenderson
24 Michael Scott quotes that are still hilarious to this day
"We say it all by saying nothing at all" - Ronan Keating - Michael Scott - Paul Pogba - Melania Trump. . Oh reddit
"It's never too early for ice cream " -Michael Scott @ Marble Slab Creamery - Oakville, Ontario
Mood: Michael Scott after burning his foot on his George Foreman grill
Michael Scott would've loved Trump more than Todd Packer. So much emptiness to absorb.
"I share my birthday with Eva Longoria. So I have a perfect icebreaker if I ever meet Teri Hatcher!" - Michael Scott
Michael Scott follows Pokemon into a river
Donald Trump is to his followers what Ryan Howard was to Michael Scott.
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"You have to play to win, but you also have to win to play"- Michael Scott
Season 8 of The Office isn't the same without Michael Scott
My most recent personality test just compared me with Michael Scott and Phil Dunphy. This is living, people.
Michael Scott: It makes you question, what on earth is the mischief to which the bill is directed?
Michael Scott: entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged. There is targeting perceived going on in this country with this bill
First day back at the office from the Virgin Islands. Mad at myself for not having a Michael Scott braid upon return
Michael Scott is a lot of things, but overall he is a genuinely kind human who cares for his people dearly
I know love is real cause Andy Bernard loved Erin even after she dated Gabe and Michael Scott loved Holly Flax for like 3 seasons so
Michael Scott will forever be my favorite tv show character
"Between the sheets, we were like Jordan & Pippen" - Michael Scott
"Jan made me watch 'Y Tu Mama Tambien.' Which means 'Throw Mama from the Tambien.'" --Michael Scott
There is such a thing as good grief, just ask Charlie Brown - Michael Scott
It's official, Michael Scott is my role model
I identify closest with season 4 Michael Scott
I see a little bit of Michael Scott in every character Steve Carell plays
I hate you as much as Michael Scott hates Toby Flenderson, honestly.
Season 8 of the office, no Michael Scott? What?
"It squeaks when you bang it, that's what she said" - Michael Scott 😂
nobody could do earnest stupid like Steve Carell as Michael Scott
My name is Michael Scott. Mike for short
"I need to change my contact name from Michael Scott to.. put "The, Hospital." number 911."
I, personally, would love if my boss had Michael Scott qualities.
New avi because my boss is Michael Scott and I love him
Michael Scott is embarrassing me. Lmfao he keeps pulling out this imaginary gun in the improv class.
Sources: Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott have agreed on a 5 year, $300 million dea... (Vine by jb side edits)
I wish I always felt like Michael Scott when he puts his jeans on
I KNEW IT! Because I was getting ready to post the same video! Michael Scott just says it best!
Michael Scott has "coffee breath" lmao and Angela said it is very hard.
What is about Holly that makes me love her so much? And why can't her and Michael Scott end up together?
I love inside jokes, I hope to be apart of one someday - Michael Scott
Just think, what would Michael Scott do?
There's a Michael Scott gif for everything and that gives me life 🤗
Michael Scott just left The Office I'm literally bawling
Michael Scott, Ron Burgundy, and Ron Swanson are the definitions of Gods
I'll always see Steve Carrel as Michael Scott from the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Paper Company.
the Michael Scott paper company took 45% of Dunder Mifflin's clients within the span of 3 months. I have to give it to Him
Michael Scott: "Hello Ryan, this is Michael Jackson calling from Wonderland.". Ryan: "You mean Neverland?". Michael Scott: "This is Tito."
Yeah, I agree. Gosh, sarah, stop being this person that Michael Scott says you are!
If he likes fantasy, The Broken Empire trilogy. If he likes PJ he needs to read Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott!
Not even Michael Jordan had a better return than Michael Scott
Another similarity between me and Michael Scott is we both love Terri hatcher
Sometimes I'm Stanley Hudson and sometimes I'm Michael Scott. There is no in between.
"May your hats fly as high as your dreams" - Michael Scott @ Freehold Township High School
Thinking you're Jim Halpert but realizing you're Michael Scott
Michael Scott drives 2 hours both ways to complain to David Wallace multiple times a season. 😂😂😂
"The dubi-doob stoner of the year award goes too..." -Michael Scott
I would definitely vote Michael Scott for president. Dwight Shrute VP.
Omg is it me or is the sexual tension between Dwight Shrute and Michael Scott just unreal
it'll be like the roast of Michael Scott
Wish I could be Michael Scott for one day
"Whatever man says he fully understands women is a fool" -Michael Scott
"The tallest man lives in China"... "So much for keeping our secrets up high." Michael Scott for
Michael Scott when he fell in love with the chair model
I'm not sure who I would rather have as a boss, Michael Scott or Ron Swanson
"Saint Patrick's Day is the closest the Irish will ever get to Christmas." - Michael Scott
Michael Scott was my Fukin favorite that I low key hated Will Ferell for being his replacement right after lol
My bredren from 3 Hardie at Jamaica College in 1977. Two of best friends were Michael Scott and Alan Beckford.
Michael Scott ::: I have a lot of toilet ideas. Dwight K. Schrute ::: That's because they're easy.
It’s “giggling to myself at the visual of Michael Scott saying, ‘PowerPoint, PowerPoint, PowerPoint’ and pointing each time” o’clock.
Found a new favorite interview after talking to dropping Michael Scott quotes. "I want people to fear how…
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Me: Nolan didn't know who Michael Scott was . Garrett: kill him
Garrett said I would be Michael Scott from the Office if I were a character. I have a keeper guys
Best characters in television are Dennis Reynolds, Michael Scott, and Walter White
"He's been stuck working under Josh; 'The Poor Man's Michael Scott' he's known around my condo."
*Michael Scott @ Hooters*. I'll have the Chicken Breasts hold the Chicken. ... "Is that really what you want". No I'll have the Gourmet Hotdog
this reminds me of Michael Scott's parkour 😂😂
i got to use a baler tonight at hobby lobby & all i could think about was Michael Scott
My spirit animals include, but are not limited to: Frank Reynolds, Jim Lahey, Michael Scott, Hank Moody, and both Ivan the Great/Terrible
Watched 3 seasons of the office at work today, Michael Scott's hair is better than Dorn's
Watch Chamber Chat at 8p tonight on WETV, Ch 20. Guests: Michael Scott of the Centerville Playground Project a...
Can you imagine how upset Michael Scott would be if he found out Robin Williams died? There's an entire episode of bad impressions we missed
"Business is always personal. It's the most personal thing in the world." - Michael Scott. Regional Manager. Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton
I aspire to be as patient as Pam Beesly is with Michael Scott
Michael Scott quotes as inspirational posters🍃
Notice how men don't care about stupid characters; Homer, Peter, Randy Marsh, Michael Scott, Archie bunker. You women can learn..
On the train and I am almost certain that the Phil (Tandy) Miller/Michael Scott love child is on the phone behind me.
I hope Michael Scott drives me to the hospital when I have my first child.
My husband must be as funny as Phil Dunphy, Michael Scott and Ron Swanson
"Scranton is great, but New York is like Scranton on acid. No, on speed. Nah. On steroids.". -Michael Scott
On the verge of tears watching Michael Scott leave the Dunder Mifflin: Scranton branch. 😳😢
Michael Scott at Phyllis' wedding is literally gonna be Andy at Steven's wedding
vote the right call which is explained to you by Michael Scott himself
Toby is me and Michael Scott represents life rn
oh no Tim Riggins is gonna fight Michael Scott epic stare down
credit goes to Michael Scott on this one
I am not superstitious, just a little stitious -Michael Scott is not Emily's favorite quote of all time!
I wanna reach a point of greatness in my life like when Michael Scott and David Brent meet in The Office ❤️💫
The best scene in the office was when David Brent met Michael Scott. I lost my virginity after seeing that.
I just realized I have a very specific giggle that I reserve for Michael Scott and Tracy Jordan
"I did not go to business school. You know who else didn't? Lebron James, Tracy McGrady, Kobe"-Michael Scott
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
other people who didn't go to journalism school? LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Michael Scott
I feel as if I'm the Michael Scott of the friend group
parks and recreation is pretty good just not as good as the office. Michael Scott is amazing
"Laughter is my job, tears are my game, law is my profession.". Michael Scott
Recently started watching the office and I actually hate, like legitimately hate Michael Scott.
My mom is just now watching Anchorman for the first time because "Michael Scott is in it"
Never trust anyone who take Michael Scott seriously
sounds like a Michael Scott thing to do
"O'Come on! You saw the movie, those of you who did." - Michael Scott
I haven't been able to top the talking Michael Scott card I got in 2011; ideas?
It's like Michael Scott is the nominee, and it turns out a much larger bloc within the GOP than we realized is Todd Packer
Sometimes when I watch too many episodes of The Office in one sitting, I turn into Michael Scott... 🙃
Private investigator Michael Scott is on the hunt for a fake rock & he intends to find it.
Why didn't Steve Carrell get an Oscar for Michael Scott?
would rather have Michael Scott than either Clinton or trump
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"It's may job that none of you look like ragamuffins" -Michael Scott
On the street we didn't have any rules. Maybe one - no kicks to the groin, home for dinner. - Michael Scott
Had a dream screamed at me for ruining his life and that I'm why Michael Scott left the office.
A day in the life of Abby Watkins; a biography written by Michael Scott
the closer I get to exams the more I relate to Michael Scott
Why does Katz look like Michael Scott from the office
Burnt myself on a George Foreman grill. Now I know how Michael Scott felt. 🔥
David Payne is the Michael Scott of weather.
I see a lot of Michael Scott in David Payne.
happy birthday babes have the livest day no pictures so enjoy this gif of Andy Bernard and Michael Scott
don't sell yourself short. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Michael Scott
Top 3: Michael Scott, Creed, Roy. Followed closely by Gabe and Erin. Then Jim and Hunter. Simple.
I can't help it, is basically Michael Scott from The Office.
Honored to be able to speak at Katie's funeral along side Kimmy Schmidt and Michael Scott.
sounds like something that would happen to Michael Scott 😂
Electronic Device Insurance
Is it weird to say that my only wish is to have Michael Scott be my boss for just one day
SMNW Camille Henderson 1st in mile, Camryn McDonald 2nd and Hannah Gruman 4th. Michael Scott 3rd in mile boys & girls SM District meet
"Hey everybody, I just invited Jim to suck it" - Michael Scott
Michael Scott: I have learned that her butt has refused to quit! *follows Jim into the bathroom*
Te Puke's Michael Scott has sealed the 2015–’16 New Zealand Formula Ford Championship after sweeping the final round
I thought of myself as a Jim but as I rewatch The Office I realize how much I'm like Michael Scott and I cry inside
if u can't love him at his Michael Scott u don't deserve him at his Jim Halpert
No offense but I hate the office and I hate Michael Scott and I hate that face that Jim makes all the time
Jim and Pam are cute, but the real relationship goals are Michael Scott and Holly Flax
Parks and rec is literally just the office but Michael Scott is Amy Poehler
1.) Michael Scott speaks on 'bros before *** 😂
you can't be throwing out all these parks and rec gifs and then respond to Michael Scott with that. 😒
"I love inside jokes... love to be a part of one someday." - Michael Scott
"If there's no god, than what are all these churches for? And who is Jesus' dad" -Michael Scott
Today in comp class: we proved that George W Bush is actually Michael Scott. . .
"""If you are racist, I will attack you with the North." . -Abraham Lincoln" . -Michael Scott.". -Drew Wood
when Michael makes the movie "Threat Level Midnight" starring Michael Scott as Michael Scarn
who is this Michael Scott? Are you sure you didn't mean Nathan, Lucas, or Jamie Scott?
I love the Steve Carell is the Mayor in Horton. I can just picture Michael Scott going insane talking to a magic elephant in the sky.
"Holly is... Sweet. And simple. Like a lady baker.". Now where is my Michael Scott?
Congratulations to novices Katie Kenner and Michael Scott -- they just won the Great Midwestern Novice Debate Championship!
That Paul Ryan movie was like the kind of thing Michael Scott would make for some awkward wrong reason.
We needed more Randy, Paula & Simon. It's like the final episode of The Office and Michael Scott appearing in 2 minutes of it.
Michael Scott is such an awkward little man
They just called for Michael Scott in Lowes😂 I'm done
Michael Scott is basically if Phil Dunphy never met Claire.
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