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Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker (born 10 January 1955, Sarstedt, Lower Saxony) is a German rock guitarist, best known for his tenure in UFO, in addition to his solo band.

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My Deans - VX, Baby Dime From *** Michael Schenker and in back the newest addition MAB3
I added a video to a playlist Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock : Vigilante Man (HQ)
Graham Bonnet and Michael Schenker in Philly 3 days after my birthday? Please? Someone?
This may be controversial to some but man without Michael Schenker I find the Scorpions to be a painfully average and uninteresting band.
Change to win tickets to Michael Schenker Fest !!!
Grab two 🎟️s for Fest on Nov 5 for this week's Just tell us which English rock band…
If you all dig my Michael Schenker impression, head over to riffwars and give my video a like!…
Anyone want to jam in Sydney in the style of Michael Schenker or Slash
Phill Collen??? No thanks. How about or or or or Michael Schenker?
Tickets for Michael Schenker Hull Nov 5th also available from 01482 221113
Come rock out with us on Thursday, March 29th as we welcome Michael Schenker Fest at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom!
I might go to at The Ritz Theater in Tampa, FL - Apr 3
The legend that is Graham Bonnet heads to Nov 5 as part of Michael Schenker Fest 01482 300306 .
Seems like a Michael Schenker day. \m/
I added a video to a playlist On and On - Michael Schenker Group (MSG 1981)
I might go to at House of Blues Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV - Mar 27
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Was it Michael Schenker Group or McCauley Schenker Group? The former? Great. The latter, that iteration was horrible.
Funny but buying/playing a CD never has the same effect on me that buying/playing vinyl like this does ...
Michael Schenker came out with some good stuff.Leppard was pop rock garbage.
I added a video to a playlist MICHAEL SCHENKER [ NIGHTMARE ] UNPLUGGED LIVE.
Ever heard the Scorpions first album, Lonesome Crow, with a young Michael Schenker?
I hate to say this, but I just realized it wasn't the Michael Schenker Group. It was McAuley Schenker Group.
This was one of the first cd's I ever bought, along with Led Zeppelin II and the very forgettable Michael Schenker…
who's coming to see Michael Schenker Fest in Europe? Tour Dates: Meet & Greet tickets
Photo collection of Michael Schenker playing in 1981 and 1982! Photos by Harry Potts.
OMG OMG OMG! Michael Schenker is coming to Seattle 3/22/18 @ the Neptune Theater!! I'm literally dying from exc…
For top guitarists...Have you ever listened to any of Uli Jon Roth... Michael Schenker or Joe Bonamassa ?
Are You Ready to Rock by Robin Trower & Michael Schenker on
Michael one more time.. (I had a few minutes after a silly conversation..)
Love and Kindness by MICHAEL SCHENKER... at - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
I need to hear what I am doing in order to create the next note...
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One of my watercolors, signed by Michael Schenker himself :)
Oh my! UFO at their best. Phil Mogg and Michael Schenker. Man what a rock album. See kids, this is Rock And Or...
Delete "Nations", insert "Cab Trade" and sing with gusto. You'll feel a whole lot better 😃😃.
How I came up with the classic riff from Doctor Doctor: -.
If you are in a band like my brother, Rudolf, who is in the Scor...
If everyone would look for that uniqueness then we would have a v...
Mr. I was at this Meltdown of Mr. Michael Schenker♪. UFO Live in Tokyo, April 24 1998.
I play with feeling so I need to hear what is coming out of the ...
The other thing that has made playing live for me more enjoyabl...
hey man, dig your show. Your scorpions mix just now reminded me of Michael Schenker Group. Any chance of some of that?
myRockworld news: Michael Schenker ft Robin McAuley will be headlining Kalos festival in Madrid on May 27th 2017.
I view life as a learning experience. It is not so much all abou...
it's a brilliant album, I think Michael Schenker was only 16 at the time.
Rock Stars on UFO & Michael Schenker . "Lights Out" Live 1977. This is the song that starred me down the road of ROCK!.
If you don't get on the field and play then you will be missing o...
I practiced for at least two hours every day for twenty years, b...
I prefer playing in the studio because you have much more contro...
Get Michael Schenker in LA with the front desk concierge app.
Michael Schenker, John Sykes and you are my favorite players, you have that feel you cannot teach.
On this day, Sep. 30, in 1992, Michael Schenker (as McAuley Schenker Group) released "Unplugged Live" (Live Album)…
📷 marshallamps: We went and hung out with Michael Schenker recently. He know how to put on a show.
Grab your copy of Guitar magazine for a multi-page special on Michael Schenker
Forty Years Into His Career Michael Schenker Is At His Best: How has it been playing with your former Scorpio...
When you are live you never know what is going to happen.
In a bus with Michael Schenker (Scorpions) band, and there's a charmander nearby. I dunno if I'm brave enough to ask everyone if we can stop
Im more of a lovedrive man myself. Michael Schenker does work in the solo
injoy, it's great album with Michael Sche…
injoy, it's great album with Michael Schenker on the board
Michael Schenker last year. Potentially, Rudolph Schenker this year. And its Scorpions.
"milking the past" for more than 20 years Michael Schenker accuses Scorpions
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Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock joins us on the latest Iron City Rocks What does he really think...
Checking out the latest Micheal Schenker's Temple of Rock DVD with Jay Hawkins! (Y)
Just listened to Michael Schenker podcast and thanx to you, I just discovered UFO's Strangers In The Night. I'm so blown away!!
Listen to On and On by The Michael Schenker Group on
Music of the month, Mar 2013. The Michael Schenker Group - Red Sky
Reviewed: On A Mission, the new live DVD from Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock htt…
Bass player of the day: Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Michael Schenker Group, Black Sabbath)...
Michael Schenker Sound via How to make a good guitarsound.
Game 7 has biggest ratings since the Michael Jordan-era
Michael Schenker with UFO performing "Doctor Doctor" live in the 1970s
Dancer - Michael Schenker Group now playing on CSR. Music That Runs The Gamut
I have always known that it comes from deep within myself. I always knew wh...
Cry for the Nations - Radio Edit;2009 Remastered Version by Michael Schenker Group
..Of course with the great Michael Schenker on lead guitar
Michael Schenker is one of the Greatest Guitarists, if not thee, greatest guitarist in the World!
We are happy to finally be able to announce the very special MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST show feat. 3 original MSG...
New Lead Tone on BIAS FX from Giving it the Michael Schenker treatment!
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock - Spirit On A Mission at The Robin this Wednesday. More details at
Depression is something that makes you lose your sight.
Don't miss the Michael Schenker at The Sage on Jan 25!
What to expect from Michael Schenker show at January '16? Watch concert now!
U.S alt hard rock band VENREZ return to the UK as support to Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock tour in January...
We are supporting the mighty Graham Bonnet, ex singer of Rainbow and Michael Schenker Group on Thursday 11th... https:/…
We love how Michael Schenker performs live, just watch it ==>
🎵 Michael Schenker coming to Gateshead Quays on Jan 25. Grab the tickets! 👉
chats with Michael Schenker - Temple of Rock in an Uber Rock Interview Exclusive
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock on before sleeping sounds like an awful idea .
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock prepare for debut Sage Gateshead gig
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock at Rock City next Friday. More details at
MICHAEL SCHENKER - new interview with about his upcoming UK shows, now online...
Happy Birthdays today to Frank Sinatra Jr., Pat Benatar, and Michael Schenker ! \m/
When I think Flying V, I think Randy Rhodes/Michael Schenker. Now I'll think Arthur's Music, too: via
Outstanding, the mighty Michael Schenker on the Sabbath and late great Randy Rhoads on a fine Monday, your killin' it!!
By Invitation Only is Michael Schenker’s tribute album to those who inspired him. Get your copy for only £7.99!.
Hello Michael , exceptional concert in Bilbao , great riffs , great , greetings to all the team
Michael Schenker played at Upplands-Väsby in 2015. 15 awesome tracks!. Why not to watch this …
Don't miss the Michael Schenker at Queens Hall Edinburgh on Jan 22!
Rock show time. Tonight's guest is Michael Schenker. Tune in here:
Rock show time next (7pm). Neil is joined by guitar legend Michael Schenker abd has some CDs to win
I liked a video Michael Schenker on Phil Mogg punching him causing him to leave UFO
2. "Messing with Michael Schenker's psyche" by playing the way he normally did...LOL How DARE he, right? :D
Tickets are on sale for Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock in London in Jan -->.
Great to confirm that Michael Schenker will be special guest on Sunday's show
My buddy pack brother to my Wolf Boys, jams w/ Michael Schenker Lita Ford
‘77 on tour with Michael Schenker, with Dead Lord and also with Danko Jones!
This week, Graham Bonnet, followed by Marillion, A rock and roll tour of London, Michael Schenker and
I repost this because Michael Schenker is just too cool (and killing it on the guitar as usual). . Me and Michael...
question. would UFO be where it is today if Michael Schenker did not join group. or Michael Schenker made them who there are.
I'm building a guitar Mt. Rushmore. It has David Gilmour, Michael Schenker, Gary Rossington, and Jimmy Page on it.
Judas Priest are coming to the UK, with Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock as special guests! http:/…
Graham talks about the past , the new music , the just completed tour with Michael Schenker and the future of the...
Nice picture of the Scorpions!! With Uli-Jon Roth, Michael Schenker, Klaus Meine, Francis Bucholz and Herman...
Eddie any truth to the rumor of Graham Bonnet hooking up with our man Michael Schenker once again.. Heard album talk?
Graham Bonnet is one of the best rock singers ever and the incomparable Michael Schenker together!
Michael Schenker continues to amaze, great new album:
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock at Queens Hall Friday, 22nd Jan on sale now
Me and Chris Glen of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band after Michael Schenker gig in Glasgow
Leaving Eden with Michael Schenker and REUNION OF 3/5 of the classic SCORPIONS line up May 9th at Jewel Nightclub...
Read Taylor's Review of Michael Schenker's killer show at Vamp'd !.
Footage from our concert last night with the legendary MICHAEL SCHENKER
"It's a great day to be alive and don't you forget it." -Kennedy Michael Fitzgerald
Final hours to register for a chance to own Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock CD.
Great time last night with Michael Schenker. Thanks to all that came!
Happy 59th Birthday to Scorpions, UFO and MSG guitarist, Michael Schenker!
My mon had to be carried out of a bar michael schenker was playing at last night... Never in my days..
April 15 we will be opening for Michael Schenker. NYC. Herman and Francis from Scorpions will be with him.
April 15 my band will open for Michael Schenker. NYC. Herman & Francis from Scorpions with him.
Opening for Michael Schenker and the guys of THE SCORPIONS - TONIGHT at 210 Kapones!!
Jyro warming up for TONIGHT! Can't wait to see all of our friends at MICHAEL SCHENKER at 210 KAPONES \,,/ Come...
Looking forward to seeing you at Michael Schenker tonight!
From Scorpions to UFO, Michael Schenker has played a major part in forging rock guitar history:
TONIGHT I open up for the legendary Michael Schenker and the guys from THE SCORPIONS. That's right ,…
will perform with Michael Schenker. NYC. April 15th. Herman & Francis from Scorpions with him.
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock invaded Trees on Friday night.
chats with Michael Schenker from Temple of Rock in another Uber Rock Interview Exclusive
Axe And Anchors is extremely excited to announce Michael Schenker!.
I liked a video from Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock, Performing Holiday & Black…
From last nights Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock show. Man he can bring it - "Lights Out"
Michael Schenker is at Buffalo Rose​ on April 28 with his Temple of Rock, so we had a chat.
Michel [ ] had the best seat in the house, & shares:. Doctor, Doctor - Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock. ht…
Tomorrow is the big night! Prepare yourselves for a fun night with the legendary Michael Schenker of UFO and...
Going to see Michael Schenker at the Newton Theatre NJ on April 17. You going?
April 15th we will be performing with Michael Schenker. Herman and Francis from Scorpions will be on stage.
Kristin Cappolino is a bad *** guitar player...influenced by Michael guys would make beautiful music together..
Hey Nutter Center, How about booking Michael Schenker ? Sure to be a great show from the legend himself.
Though I generally find UFO to be little more than a Michael Schenker delivery vehicle, No Heavy Petting is a seriously good record.
Michael Schenker, Bill Ward and Glenn Hughes along with Rudy Sarzo, Vinny Appice Brian Tichy and Glen Sobel will...
I added a video to a playlist Scorpions 1972 w/ Michael Schenker
Doogie White with Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock on boar 70tons of Metal 2015!
Michael Schenker Group is coming to ! Get the scoop by reading my latest article:
Order Miche Bag Online!
Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock at the Platinum Theater on board 70tons of Metal 2015!
Michael Schenker would agree. I use to have this poster years ago BTW
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock : Vigilante Man (HQ): your guitar skills are better then ever!
.GRTR reviews the new Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock album
On a mission with Michael Schenker -
Going to see the Michael Schenker Group April 4th:)
i could not believe that Scorpions album. It is a prog album and Michael schenker was only 16 doing lead guitar solos.
will begin his tour of North America this March.
Route 66 on the way shortly with new music from Sean Webster, Michael Schenker & Ian Siegal
Michael Schenker playing Asbury on 4/18. A must see!!
Opening for Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock at The Gramercy Theatre NYC. Contact us for tickets.
Legendary Guitarist Michael Schenker announces Spring North American Tour! Read more at the link below. JM...
I still have your Michael Schenker shirt. Will bring to you in July!
Is there some kind of law whereby once you leave the Scorpions you must live in Sussex? Michael Schenker in Hove, in Seaford
O2 academy Bristol Fri night to the king of the flying V Michael Schenker.
Michael Schenker / Temple of Rock live at The Robin 2 in Bilston on 16 Dec 2014. Into The Arena.
Saw the mighty Michael Schenker again great gig as always
Michael you were amazing tonight, thanks for a great show. I am in awe of your talent.
Michael Schenker on top form in Norwich tonight: plays like a spider tap dancing across the fretboard!
Thanks for the Michael Schenker bit! One of my favorites...
Now Playing - Michael Schenker Victim Of Illusion Broken Neck Radio listen on mobile /wTunein app, or on our site
Although I love Uli Jon Roth, & Michael Schenker tremendously & think they are the 2 best guitarists in the world. i must include Brian Robertson too as being my kind of guitarist. :)
Mr. Wayne Findlay from Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock, comin' at ya!
Now off to photograph guitar legend Michael Schenker at Norwich :)
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock at Waterfront later this evening. More details at
Check out yet another interview with the incomparable Michael Schenker .
Michael Schenker playing "Lights Out" at Bilston on 16th December 2014: przez
Michael Schenker playing "Blackout" at Bilston on 16th December 2014: przez
Thanks Clive Homer for this amazing pic of our Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock.Can't wait til he gives us...
Tonight's superb gig at with the excellent supporting
anyone got tickets for Michael Schenker tomorrow at bristol O2 academy?
hey Rich I'm going to see Michael Schenker Group in London on sat for first time,You a fan? I can't wait :)
Jay Hawkins checking out Michael Schenker with support from Western Sand! (Y)
Tricky backlight on this show BUT what a legend !! MICHAEL SCHENKER
Peak that I couldn't go out with Scott and Loz, completely forgot that I'm seeing Michael Schenker tonight
Submitting a complaint about Michael Schenker 10.12.14 at the O2 Newcastle.The p.a mix was terrible. No vocals?. Pease reply
At the academy rockin out to Western Sands ;-) Next up Michael Schenker
I'm having a Michael Schenker but when he played guitar with UFO kind of morning
So just been told Michael Schenker fired sound engineer after nightmare. It really was as bad as it appeared to be then.
An update of what gigs are happening this week!. It's RavenEye TONIGHT featuring Oli Brown. Michael Schenker's...
Must say i cant wait to go see Michael Schenker on Saturday, unbelievable guitarist
Yeh. Michael Schenker last night and first Girls rugby session this morning. Brilliant bunch of girls!
hey scott I'm seeing Michael Schenker Group in London on sat,never seen him a fan?
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock at O2 Academy Leeds tomorrow. More details at
Review: Michael Schenker at the O2 Academy Newcastle: Simon Rushworth witnesses a disastrous gig on Tyneside from…
32 Pictures Added | Doogie White - Michael Schenker performing on his 'Bridge the Gap' Tour at M...
Acclaimed guitarist Michael Schenker on his gig at O2 Academy Newcastle: *** Burgess catches up with the acclaimed…
Michael Schenker rehersing Lights Out for his per…: John norum y Michael schenker improvisando a tope...rock it !
MAXXWELL supporting Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock in the BeNeLux, see them live on : . November 2nd 2014...
I'm listening to Victim Of Illusion by Michael Schenker Group on Pandora
Next album of choice has to be Lovedrive by the Scorpions... My tickets for Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock arrived today as well.
Check out what I found. Michael Schenker Group ticket autographed by Cozy Powell 27th September 1980 via
Michael Schenker Group Armed and Ready : via This guy makes me want Flying V! I actually have it though lol
Night of the Stare by Michael Schenker & Gary Barden —
"Be Aware of Scorpions" is the 7th album by Michael Schenker Group. It was released on October 24, 2001. Happy...
Michael Schenker - Into the arena. Normally not my thing but man can he play! He was in Ratt for their Unplugged too!
What songs do YOU want to hear at your Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock tour? Click on their page and let...
Meet Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock and attend sound check or email fanmail
Michael Schenker Group - Into the Arena: 1st song I ever learned on guitar, 8 hours every day listening to CD.
Attack of the Mad Axeman by Michael Schenker, from featured in NBC s Science of Love
So great that you met him. I met some fabulous guitarists too , like Uli Jon Roth, Eddie Van Halen and Michael Schenker
MUSICAL MAVERICKS TAKE OVER CUMBRIA By Anna Richardson Published at 11:26, Friday, 04 April 2008 OLD-SCHOOL rock star Michael Schenker is a living guitar legend, rated by artists such as Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne. ODDBALL musical mavericks British Sea Power return home to Kendal to play the Brewery Arts Centre next Thursday. The band, best known for their eccentric, prop-heavy shows, are celebrating the release of their new album Do You Like Rock Music? (released on Monday). They are supported by the Wierdstring Band, also from Kendal, who combine folk, gypsy swing, heavy rock, pop and ska. Tickets £12.50. Call 01539 725133.LANERCOST will be grooving to the sounds of the Gerry Richardson Trio tomorrow. Hammond organ player Gerry has worked with the likes of Billy Ocean, Guy Barker, John Miles, Alan Price, Ian Shaw and Elliott Randle, and played organ on Sting’s 1996 million-selling album Mercury Falling. schenker Sting in the tail: Michael Now, on the eve of a worldwide arena tour, former Scorpions a ...
Another Thursday night and another evening of fun at The Doghouse We had some old music, some new music and in one case someone now lusting after a new guitar. As seems to be happening regularly now, the musical talent on which the night stands and falls started to drift in after 9:00pm but at least we weren't struggling to put on a show for the assembled audience including Stadler & Waldorf ( copyright Andy Jackson ) Goonshow Pete and although he declines publicity for stalking reasons one John Beeton formerly of the infamous band Congo's Secret Chimps. Kicking off the night with some classic rock blues was Paul McCullagh, Pete Pearson, Two Harps Paul, and Baz 2. It's good to have a reliable core of musicians to draw from and although, with the exception of Pete, they're not on Faceberk I'd like to express my thanks for their support. Next up were Thrasonic who you may recall played a couple of weeks ago. Was it me or have they been practising hard? Somehow it seemed better and tighter last night. Still ...
But Michael Schenker in the 70s was a godly guitarist.
Michael Schenker could definitely give Joe B a run for his money.
you like the Scorpions!! wow, I'm a big fan of early ufo, think Michael Schenker one of the most underated guitarists out there
Written in Sand by Michael Schenker Group... at - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
The first batch of Dean USA Michael Schenker 10th Anniversary Vs are going into assembly! These are super...
THE Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack. I found this sealed yesterday. Should I open it or not?…
In Look At Me Now, you invited Michael Schenker to do handclaps. He's an amazing guitarist, why didn't you let him playing?
Michael Schenker Group - Armed And Ready | £4.99 | just arrived in stock on the vinyl tap web site
"Michael & Joe Perry together at the Metal Hammer award show.
Looking For Love by Michael Schenker Group on The Chrysalis Years (1980-1984) [Disc 2] in Kaiser
Listening to IRON MAIDEN, ah, brilliant way to end the night, can't wait to see them live YET AGAIN ! Michael Schenker in December!!
When I look back I shook hands with Michael Schenker, Cozy Powell and Biff from Saxon lol next one on my list is
Slash in December along with Michael Schenker the week before
Could you have Michael Schenker and Herman Rarebell on your show together are you going to see this June?
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock tour dates. Rawk on!!
Hi Everyone Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock is back in the recording studio for a brand new album. They will be continuing their "Bridge The Gap" - World Tour ­ with summer festival dates and then touring Europe & the UK in Nov/Dec 2014. It will be a brand new program, including new material from their unreleased album. The new album is to be released in Spring 2015. See you out there and stay tuned for more details.
Here is a great classic Michael Schenker Group Song.Cry For the Nations!!!
PICTURED LIFE: VINTAGE THURSDAY. MICHAEL SCHENKER. To start out, it is a little known fact that when Michael...
The pick, which I last Monday got after the terrific UFO gig of Vinnie - for me, Vinnie Moore one of the best hard rock guitarists of all time, who has his top-ranked long deserved and certainly not behind Michael Schenker hide needs. His guitar runs are a real treat - sometimes rapidly, sometimes calm and almost relaxing ... just great. One should not make the mistake of comparing him to predecessors such as Michael Schenker and especially *** Bolton only. Each is a different guitar type, each each unique in its own way, a skill on the guitar, in his own way. Looking forward to be able to forward to it, hopefully soon experience it with UFO once again in the "Meisenfrei" in Bremen /Germany.
Michael Schenker, 2014 NYC Live 2, Armed and Ready and Cry for the Nations, 1/22/2014
One Night at Budokan: One Night at Budokan ~ Michael Schenker (17)Buy new: $27.83 21 used & new from $4.
Michael Schenker Destroys Los Angeles, October 5, 2012. maybe you sing with this guy one day "
I think I'm going to aim for listening to as much of their catalog this week as possible. I'm going to overdose on Michael Schenker solos.
Eddie, I did find out "anytime" was on the save yourself album. I just hope I can purchase it it seems hard. Michael Schenker
Eddie, could you tell me what album "anytime" is on of Michael Schenker I'd so appreciate it!!! Love your show and radio
Dean Guitars Michael Sch...e Night Electric Guitar is now on sale for £366.81 at Amazon. Product page:
Friend of a friend's stepdad used to sing for the Michael Schenker Group. Basically, I'm almost famous.
I added a video to a playlist Anytime - Michael Schenker Group
Record Store Day is in TWO DAYS from now, on Saturday 4/19/14! The weather is allegedly going to be clear and BOTH Mr. Cheapo CD and Record Exchange stores have multiple Coffee places close by, for those who are planning to wait in line early! As promised, here is just a little teeny tiny taste of the aural pleasures that await your ears, eyes and veritably ALL your senses: ~ Death Cab for Cutie ~ The Dresden Dolls ~ Childish Gambino ~ Type O Negative ~ Grateful Dead (Limited Supply) ~ PIXIES ~ MGMT ~ 311 ~ The Cure ~ Garbage ~ Ramones ~ David Bowie ~ Kings Of Leon ~ Tears for Fears ~ Soundgarden (Limited Supply) ~ LCD Soundsystem ~ The Yardbirds ~ Joy Division ~ Bruce Springsteen ~ Jimi Hendrix ~ Jorma Kaukonen ~ Allman Brothers Band ~ Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes ~ Creedence Clearwater Revival ~ Ray Parker, Jr./Ghostbusters (Glow-in-the-dark vinyl!) ~ Green Day (on both VINYL and CD!) ~ Michael Schenker (autographed CD!) And that is just the TIP of the iceberg! More titles will be posted tomorrow, in ...
Alright! This is my new band Bonnet ! Featuring the legendary Rock singer and songwriter Graham Bonnet (The Marbles, Rainbow , Michael Schenker Group, and Alcatrazz ) and my Hardly Dangerous partner in crime Beth-Ami Heavenstone on bass . We are working on new material, and dates right now so stay tuned! So please like the page :) . I must say that I feel humbled, honored and grateful to have the change to perform and write with such an incridible singer who also played and wrote songs with some of the best/my favorite guitar players on the planet like Steve Vai, Richie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Schenker.
speaking of Michael Schenker...the title track from his debut solo album!
My two favorites in the whole world apart from deep purple rainbow alex harvey bob marley celtic pink floyd the eagles thin lizzy magners cider minder the professionals micheal Michael Schenker cozy powell glenn hughes joe bonnamassa led Zeppelin but I love maureen most
Wednesday, Feb. 12th at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, Sass Jordan, Michael Devin, Tommy Stewart and Brian Tichy (collectively known as S.U.N.) are going to opening up for Michael Schenker, playing their first electric show in a *** long time.
Day Seven: Numbers From The Beast (2005) On the heels of the long awaited announcement of the Ronnie James Dio tribute album, I've decided to review another tribute album that has been on my radar. Numbers From The Beast is an "all-star" tribute to Iron Maiden that includes performances by Paul Di'Anno (Wratchild), Ripper Owens (Flight of Icarus), Chuck Billy (Fear of the Dark), Lemmy Kilmister (The Trooper), Mark Slaughter (Can I Play With Madness), Jeff Scott Soto (Aces High), and Joe Lynn Turner (2 Minutes to Midnight) on vocals. There are no less than six former Dio band mates on this album (Bain, Appice, Goldy, Wright, Pilson, and Aldrich) in addition to Jason Bonham, Michael Schenker, Bruce Kulick, and Alex Skolnick. Also Dee Snider and Chris Jericho (if you can call them all-stars of metal(?)). Just about any tribute album there is makes you appreciate the original performances even more, and that is true here. While it's fun to hear Lemmy and Dee Snider struggle, it's not exactly the best listeni ...
My friend Kristy took this pic of me and Elliott Rubinson, bassist for Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth (as well as...
When I were a lad, all you needed to know about guitarists was Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page and Michael Schenker.
LIVE PHOTOS: Michael Schenker in New Jersey - first full tour with singer Doogie White
Happy birthday George Washington Carver, Byron "Wild Child" Gipson, Jim Croce, Pat Benatar, Michael Schenker and Rod Stewart. In honor, today's song of the day is "Maggie May"
The weekend Rock n' Roll birthday list is headlined by Rod Stewart, drummer Aynsley Dunbar who has played in virtually every band on the planet, Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, Pat Benatar, Michael Schenker, Tony Kaye who has played with Yes, Badfinger and David Bowie, the late Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band, and Matt Roberts of 3 Doors Down. Happy Birthday everyone
On this day in music history...1958, Jerry Lee Lewis was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Great Balls Of Fire'. Lewis was the only major white rock 'n' roll star to play piano rather than guitar. 1969, George Harrison quit the Beatles (but he returned less than two weeks later.) 1976, Blues artist Howlin Wolf, (Chester Burnett), died in hospital of cancer aged 66. The guitarist, singer and harmonica player's well known songs included 'Smoke Stack Lightning', 'Little Red Rooster' and 'Spoonful.' Born this day, Frank Sinatra, Jim Croce, Martin Turner, Rod Stewart, Aynsley Dunbar, Donald Fagen, Michael Schenker, Mike Stern,
Today in 1958 Gibson introduced their "flying V" electric guitar. Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Michael Schenker, Randy Rhoads all had fun with it in their time.. Be sure to join the Bay text club to win tickets for the guy who invented the keyboard body strap: Edgar Winter!
A successful new year to all that know me. Mixed emotions this week, after the loss of Aunt Olive yesterday which balanced an otherwise good day; endowments have paid off OK so I have paid off the bank and am now mortgage-free; and thanks ever so to Herbert Todd electricians who fixed my 1992 Sony Hi Fi in time for night in on NYE. It sounds better than ever. Enjoyed the 13th Story with Vanessa Redgrave on catch-up and spent the rest of the night with Michael Schenker and Temple of Rock DVD. Only 3 pints of my Hop Studio ale from the garage consumed, amazingly! In good nick for Bank Holiday. X
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PLAY'N DIRTY: Well, I invited ALL my Friends to our party at the Chameleon - Jan 26 for the Michael Schenker...
Happy Holidays Michael Schenker, Love the Temple of Rock Album and keep the the new music coming.
Gallery of all submissions to the "Flying" V contest. Winner of a real "Flying V", signed by Michael Schenker, is the one receiving the most Likes on his / her picture here in our gallery. Submissions are up until 7th of January, 2014. The voting periods ends at 21st of Januar, 2014 12pm Learn more: * Galerie aller Einsendungen zum "Flying V" Foto-Wettbewerb. Das Fan-Foto mit den meisten "Likes" hier in der Galerie gewinnt eine von Michael Schenker signierte "Flying V"! Einsendeschluss ist der 07.01.2014! Danach kann noch bis zum 21.01.2014 12 Uhr geliked werden. Mehr Infos:
Michael Schenker Group ... live - with the song: Another piece of meat ... check all releases of of this great guitar player who influenced so many others a ...
We're now playing: The Michael Schenker Group - Desert Song . Tune in and listen at
December the 23rd, 1973: UFO Featuring guitarist. Michael Schenker (pictured below) played the Marquee. Here they...
December the 23rd, 1973:. UFO (featuring guitarist Michael Schenker) played the Marquee. Here they are (featuring...
Michael Schenker Group / Temple of Rock with a kickass slab of guitar-driven metal!!
A group dedicated to the guitar wizardry of Michael Schenker!1,801 members
The legendary Michael Schenker at M15 Concert Bar & Grill! Get your tickets now!
Michael Schenker Group with Shotgun Rebellion at The Chameleon Room -
The last song was by Michael Schenker ... now it's his brother's band: . Big City Nights by Scorpions! .
I got a Michael Schenker album for u
TRIVIA TIME! His name is Colin Flooks. We all love him. Robert Plant and John Bonham as well as a young Tony Iommi, hung out with him in the mid and late 60's . This totally familiar dude was a band member with Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, Jeff Beck, and the groups: Rainbow, Whitesnake Black Sabbath, and Guns N' Roses. He died in 1998. Can You Guess his stage name; the only name we know him by?
Michael Schenker Group at Strummer's in Fresno on Wed, 2/5! 7pm, 21+. More info at
Lights Out live with Michael Schenker by Europe... at - turn on.tune in.Wig Out.
Lord Of The Lost And Lonely by Michael Schenker... at - turn on.tune in.Wig Out.
Here is a review of 'Bridge the Gap' :)
Gary John Barden is an English singer-songwriter, best known for his work with the Michael Schenker Group.
Y&T, Michael Schenker, Metal Church, Mike Tramp, London, and Babylon A.D. -just some of the show's we're bringing to Denver!
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead by MICHAEL SCHENKER... at - turn on.tune in.Wig Out.
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