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Michael Redd

Michael Wesley Redd (born August 24, 1979) is an American professional basketball for the Phoenix Suns.

Joe Johnson Ray Allen Khris Middleton Larry Hughes Milwaukee Bucks Chris Bosh Scoonie Penn Gilbert Arenas Brandon Jennings Mike Conley Brandon Roy Brandon Knight Mo Williams Tim Thomas Ohio St Jabari Parker Mike Miller

Jermain Defoe: ‘Moving above Michael Owen on goals would be a good place to be’
Yeah horrible. King did his ACL though. I completely forgot about Michael Redd, he did both. TWICE!
Dellavedova's shooting motion is almost identical to how Michael Redd's was but with a slightly slower release
. almost identical career stats to Michael Redd... but Redd had a better reputation (All Star, Dream Team)
I used to shoot for the bucks like Michael Redd
Ray Allen sent it to OT, Michael Redd sent it to Double OT and Latrell couldn't be stopped!
Michael Redd is pretty good at shooting I guess.
christ... last time I saw this many ghouls they were dancing with Michael Jackson.
Michael Redd was a SAVAGE at one point lol aint heard that name in a while..
he doesn't... Klay had 9 but he ties for second with Michael Redd and Joe Johnson with 8
just tied the record for made 3s in a quarter with 8 (Michael Redd only other player to do it)
Michael Owen: Any young footballer, watch Cavani's movement. The best in the business. Just close your eyes when h…
Klay has the record. 9 in one quarter. Michael Redd and ISO joe have 8
reminds me when UT beat OSU at Savage when Stempin slammed over Michael Redd...OSU hasn't been back lol
Remember when Michael Redd put up 45 on kobe 👀
The definitive guide to why you probably shouldn't split-push as Azmodan (and why Hotslogs stats can be misleading)
Michael Redd had a pretty left handed J
Great trip 5-0. And I got to see my guy Michael Redd.
And apparently now Michael Redd and Allen Houston til further notice.
Mike Conley out there lookin like Michael Redd with the torch my goodness and he playin that defense!
that's how I feel about basketball topics other than the greatness of Michael Redd.
Howdy Michael! You may want to do some more investigation before you put too much into it :)
Me: Suit. Milwaukee Bucks Michael Redd jersey. Fiancé: dope white dress that lights on fire easily (for a prank on YouTube)
34. Michael Redd is the most underrated/forgotten player of the '00s. Dude was a beast
Michael Bloomberg on Donald Trump: "I'm a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one"
Michael Redd best bargain by far in that draft
You don't know about BBall if you don't remember Michael Redd
Michael redd retiring as sun not buck
Michael Redd-Klay Thompson debate on the timeline. Give me the dude who created on his own & was the lead dog.
Like Michael redd they shooting for them bucks
I liked a video from Black Panther Michael B. Jordan & Lupita Nyong Characters
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wrong, the correct answer is Michael Redd
My top 3 favorite players of all time. T-Mac. Michael redd. John wall
NBA: Carmelo Anthony on Michael Jordan Speaking on Social Issues: 'Brilliant & About Time' -
thanks for keeping us informed about Black and Blue, The Redd Foxx Story by Michael Seth Starr is a good book for fans.
I feel like nobody ever says Michael Redd or Allen Houston
Early 2000s was a great time for shooting guards. Kobe, AI, T-Mac, Vince, Ray Allen, Michael Redd.
Melo: "To answer your question about the Michael Jordan thing it was brilliant and about time... He is our face."
Michael Jordan donates $1 million each to two organizations working to build trust between [
Duwan Tau Foster, Lee Peyton, Redd Mann... FINALLY!!! Still focused on the wrong organizations, but it's his...
"I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement"
For me it comes down to one team having Michael Redd and the other team not having Michael Redd
I'm still reluctant to call Curry an all-time great scorer when he has fewer 25ppg seasons than Michael Redd.
With the 186th pick in the I select: (Michael Redd)
- Big Play Ray Allen and Michael Redd always had dope Bucks player edition Js.
Michael Jackson at 40 as predicted by Ebony in 1985
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Intimate roster consciousness of the Milwaukee Bucks during the Michael Redd years
Offseason that changed everything was when Cavs missed out on Michael Redd and Ray Allen, signed Larry Hughes
Larry Hughes ain't pan out lol but they tried. Tried to get Michael Redd but he was like naw I'm good
Michael Redd too. The list goes on lol. Gilbert was such a beast at his best.
Crawford has longevity but Michael Redd at his peak was third-team All-NBA and played on the Redeem Team in Beijing.
Frank's GW vs Ohio St. (Scoonie Penn & Michael Redd) is one of my remember where I was sitting, who I was with, etc moments
buzzer beater against Michael Redd and Scoonie Penn and Ohio State.
Will you guys be adding Bryant Reeves, Brandon Roy, or Michael Redd into the game? .
AI beat dat 01 Bucks team in the ECF in 7. Ray Ray. Glenn Robinson. Cassell. Michael Redd. Tim Thomas. Lindsey Hunter. Ervin Joh…
Michael Redd is easily one of the most underrated players in the history of the NBA
Michael Redd in college was a slasher, non-shooter. Contrast that to his designated shooter status on Team USA.
22. Michael saying that he would shoot Toby twice
24. Michael hitting Meredith with his car
I love Kennard game too tho. Kinda like Michael Redd
they chased Ray Allen and Michael Redd and lost out. Larry Hughes was the consolation prize. Didn't work out.
"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”" - Michael Jordan
I miss the Michael Redd era so much 😅
who's the longest active NBA team without an all star? ... I'm thinking Mil without looking ... mayb Michael Redd was last
he's starting to remind me of Michael Redd before all his injuries. What do you think?
Middleton is really turning into an assassin. Starting to remind me of Michael Redd before he got hurt
Khris Middleton is playing like Michael Redd did before the injuries
I think it's sad that no player has been in an all-star game since Michael Redd. B-Knight, Middleton/Monroe probably deserved it
"Michael Redd is one of the best shooting guards of all-time"
You are one of my fave Buckeye B-ballers ever. Was fun to watch you and Michael Redd
Miss Michael Redd. Such a class act player. Played the game the right way. Great picture here.
Michael Redd Phoenix Suns purple authentic jersey, size 2XL, new with tags
Rodney hood has turned into Michael Redd (healthy)
it was Ohio State and wouldn't say choked. Had Michael redd and sconnie penn.
I used to shoot for them bucks like Michael Redd
Michael McDowell will be competing in all 36 races this year
When you find somebody that loves Michael Jackson as much as you do MARRY THEM
I really should be doing homework but Michael is on so all I can do is sing and quote lyrics lol
Khris Middleton is slowly but surely turning into the all around beast that Michael Redd would have been if not for injuries
only two guys in that draft that were semi-special were Jamal Crawford and Michael Redd
Khris Middleton is everything Bucks fans wanted in Michael Redd, plus he has young healthy teammates.
Still posted in the hood, like Michael Redd they shooting for them bucks
Meek Mill joins Cher and Michael Moore in support of Flint, Michigan water crisis
Luke Walton was a great passer is he great? Michael redd was a great scorer is he great? Aminu is considered a utility guy
also back in 05 they tried to get Ray Allen, Michael redd and Joe Johnson before settling on him as the last resort
I will always stick with my old school comp of Walter Davis. But Hood seems more Mitch Richmond than Michael Redd to me.
the 00-01 Milwaukee Bucks def should be a classic team! Big Dog Ray Allen Sam Cassell Tim Thomas! A young Michael Redd!
i used to fw Ray Allen and Michael Redd so heavy! Milwaukee Bucks!!!
My top 5 all time: Barkley, Larry Johnson, MJ, Jimmy Jackson, and Michael Redd.
I think gonna be a star in the league. Best buckeye since Michael Redd!
Ya go and support my lil brother Norman Michael along with Me'Lon GS Vinson and Speez. This one right here is a...
Baron Davis, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Redd: 3 All Stars who just straight up vanished.
All this offense taken over the Michael Redd comparison--guy was a good NBA player for about 2 minutes.
6 seasons 20+ and topped out at 26.7 ppg. Michael Redd got buckets.
Michael redd was pretty dang good off the dribble sir. This comment makes it seem like Hood is a rich man's Redd.
If the bucks had prime tj ford an healthy Michael Redd 😂
I found a Michael Redd jersey, I no longer need your services
Michael Redd is the best left hander of his era besides ginoboli
But you have Michael Redd in there. I don't think that fool even won a playoff game. C'mon now. LoL
I put Michael redd after ginoboli bill Russell first. And Chris mullins last
Michael Redd, Ginoboli , Bill Russell & David Robinson (I had to name 4)
Joe Johnson huh? Too bad we couldnt get him in '05 when FAs available were Ray Allen, Michael Redd and we got stuck w Larry fkn Hughes
Rap battling Michael Redd Thursday in Wallace Dominoe's parking lot. Dont miss it. Tickets are $25
Michael redd had to do so much for the bucks because he had no help
the bucks going back to the ecf. Michael Redd is somewhere smiling
It's still Cleveland and they will operate as such. Remember they almost gave Michael Redd more.
Michael Redd was lucky he turned out to be Michael Redd. 43rd pick in the worst draft in NBA history. He defied the odds.
Instead of Tay Shaun prince it should've been Kd on the 08 team and somebody else better than Michael redd
as a 23 year old man. People forget. Dude said Michael Redd... Ha
If it wasn't for Shaq, Kobe would have been Michael Redd.
Michael Redd and Hedo Turkoglu were really the 1st and 2nd overall picks of their draft … let that marinate
that 96 squad stacked only reason I'll pick the 96 squad cause the redeem team has Michael Redd on there squad 😂😂😂
and hillard reminds me of Michael redd?
"I need your help" to add phone and email contacts by on
Russell tied Michael Redd's scoring record for a single game by a freshman in Ohio State history during this game
I forgot that Michael Redd was even a thing.
When you see Michael redd at first watch
Lakers have guys on the roster named Kelly, Brown, & Black. Just need to bring back Vander Blue & sign Michael Redd, DJ White…
Khris Middleton is getting away with robbery right now. If he don't make a Jimmy Butler jump then it's Michael Redd all over again.
Brad Pitt to Star in Netflix Original Film 'War Machine' based on the late Michael Hastings' book "The Operators" -
Who took over for the '99 and the 2000? . A. Michael Jackson. B. Cash Money Records. C. The Beatles. D. 50 Cent
Hamilton Collection
Lopez would be the biggest waste of money for Milwaukee since Michael Redd. Worse than Bobby Simmons and Gadzuric.
Hello! I archived KiA from the last archive up until last night.
I still wonder what happened to Michael redd
On 11/18, Ers joined Michael Redd as one of two Bucks to have two games of 20 points in 20 mins or less.
ahhh l see you with that Wince Carter action. Wince, like Wince Carter. Also, Michael Redd is allowed up on the walls 😍
Then u had Michael Redd, D Will when he was going crazy, boozer when he was a walking double double, Tayshaun Prince, C. Bosh and J Kidd
I swear Redd Foxx is looking like my daddy Michael Whitmore in this pic..Cordé Fla Soprano Patty Whitmore...
i want my Michael Redd jersey back.
John Clayton: Seattle a possible fit for Michael Vick [
Denis Dyack supporting with a $607 donation
change ya name to modest Michael Redd lmao.
now we just need Michael redd to come back
At event, Michael Bucki asks if equity issues contribute to convincing donors that is a good investment
Grand jury indicts Michael Slager on murder charge in Walter Scott shooting. Shot suspect in the back after tra... -
I don't think I've seen the Bucks play since.. Michael Redd maybe? Basketball is (obviously) not my thing.
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Michael Redd (purple jerseys). He always went hard for the Bucks.
curry is a lightskinned Michael Redd
We don't need in Miami anymore. We can sign T-Mac or Michael Redd to replace him. No problem.
Whatever happened to Michael Redd? He used to ball hard not too long ago. 😑
If you a real basketball fan you would remember a man by the name Michael Redd
Why go to the bookstore like that and why Karlie Redd got that Michael Jackson jacket
If Michael Redd wouldn't of had knee issues, dude would of gone off
So who remembers the one elite year Michael Redd had 😂
Kobe was the best SG when his competition was Allen iverson,Tracy mcgrady,Steve Francis, d wade,Michael Redd,,Richard Hamilton
VIDEO: President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill discusses the dismissals of Mike Redmond and Rob Leary:
Michael Hill: Hopefully a new voice will spark & motivate our guys to play as capable as we know they are of playing.
Michael Waltrip and Bryson Byrnes' million-dollar grid walk prior to Spr... -
Okay Michael Redd, livin' it up on the island
Watching Michael Myers because it's always a good idea to watch Halloween
How many rings would Michael redd and shaq had won together ?
"Put Michael Redd with shaq the Lakers would have three peated"
😂 he had the Michael Redd jumper .. they ded might lose 2moro if Ariza & Harden play well
Players i wish could of played longer and watch Brandon Roy yao ming and michael redd
: Nice! I should go out and paint the town Michael Redd in celebration. Shooting emoji horses is wrong.
Josh smith swears he's Michael redd
So Josh Smith turned to Michael Redd when he got to Houston huh
From 2003-09 Michael Redd gave people that work
I would take Michael Redd in his prime over a lot of NBA 2 Guards right now
Nate is so siked because we ran into Michael Redd at the airport. This vacation is already a success 😁👍
Wish Michael Redd had more big playoff moments during his career.
Nelly's "Heart of a Champion" came up on shuffle - love the shout-outs to a stud athlete of the day: Michael Redd lmao
If we being all the way real only black ppl I wanna see on a bill is Rosa Parks, MLK, first form Michael Jackson or Morga…
we really need a throwback Michael Redd. He was 🚦out
Michael Pineda strikes out career-high 16 batters with 0 walks in 7 innings in 6-2 win over Orioles
Dawg.54 points? MICHAEL REDD DIED ON THE CROSS FOR THIS?!!Jabari Parker rolling over in his grave!!!
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Michael Redd not walking through those doors.
Michael Redd aint walkin through that door
*** beat me to that Michael Redd joke.
lol they suck. Michael Redd was okay.
Michael Redd ain't walkin through that door
Michael Redd Ain't walking. . Just in general, he can't walk anymore. .
Oowwe Michael Redd was the sexiest one when he played fa the Bucks
Glenn Robinson and Michael Redd not walking through those doors
Michael Redd is not walking through that door.
Michael Redd ain't walking through that door.
Jason Kidd hasent played Michael Redd, or Brandon Jennings all series. Get your head out your *** coach.
Embarrassed son of Baltimore's 'Mom of the Year' says he regrets rioting: Michael now says he understands that ... -
Michael Redd ain't walking through that door
Michael Redd didn't retire for this fam
LMAO at this Bucks / Bulls score. Michael Redd rolling over in his grave
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Bro. Michael Redd needs to come out if retirement for the
*** better pray the ghost of Michael redd walks through that tunnel
Michael Redd isn't walking out of that tunnel.
Michael Redd just str8 disappeared huh!
where's Michael Redd when ya need him??
I'd take the 06-07 Milwaukee Bucks with Michael Redd any day
don't forget to cheer extra loud for Michael Redd and Ray Allen
lololol stop it. what time is the game ? I have yet been to a bucks game since Michael Redd played 😩
r/pics: So here is an oil painting that took about 3 months of my life. by /u/Michael_C_Hayes (29 mins. old)
If only my Michael Redd jersey still fit me.
yep, it will be bombs away for sure. I worry about him getting comfortable as a Michael Redd type bad team scorin…
Catch me boolin' wit my dogs just like Michael Vick
If isn't wearing his Michael Redd Bucks jersey today, I will be both mad and disappointed.
See Giorux and Raffl not only face off at Worlds, but score, too:
dude there were so many awesome shooting guards! Tmac, Iverson, Michael redd, rip hamilton, Jordan with the wizards..
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worn the same throwback Michael Redd jersey to 10 games this season... Bucks won every one of those games.
I've been a huge Bucks fan since the team began back in 1988, love them. Michael Redd was a BOSS
Michael Redd cautions Jabari Parker to take it slow with his ACL ...
Remember when they had Mo Williams, Charlie Villanueva and Michael Redd ?
The way he's playing, if it continues throughout his career, I see Khris Middleton being the next Michael Redd for
I saw some great jerseys at the show. Michael Redd, drew bledsoe, Pete Rose
Put Desmond in there. Somebody find Tim Thomas and Rafer Alston too. ... Michael Redd? Let's go. Game 6, man.
When do Scoonie Penn and Michael Redd check in for Wisconsin?
Starting off Final 4 Saturday by watching OSU knock off St. John's with Scoonie Penn, Michael Redd, and Ken Johnson.
Middleton reminds me of a young Michael Redd.
Everyone's so wet over Stephen Curry. Do yall not remember Gilbert Arenas, or Michael Redd?! This isn't the first great 3 pt shooter
Brandon Knight definitely was deserving of an All-Star nod. haven’t had an All-Star since Michael Redd in 2004.
The Bucks deserve an All-Star. Haven't had one since Michael Redd. Brandon Knight should replace Wade.
Brandon Knight better get Wades spot. Would be first bucks all star since 04 Michael Redd
Michael Redd, Mike Conley, D'Angelo Russell- Left Handed Snipers from THE Ohio State University (Russell will be best of the 3)
These kids know Ray Allen. But they don't know Seattle and Milwaukee Ray Allen. Also, I mentioned Peja and Michael Redd and got blank stares
I hate when sports analysis mention the greatest shooters in the league and they rarely mention Michael Redd he up there with Ray Allen
Kenyon had some good years, Mike Miller, Crawford, Turkaglu, Magloire, Michael Redd...
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I had a Michael Redd purple jersey. I was so young that now it doesn't fit. Lol.
A report shows the official autopsy supports Ferguson officer Darren Wilson’s claim that Michael Brown did not ... -
Report: Autopsy shows Michael Brown shot at close range -
Official autopsy shows Michael Brown had close-range wound to his hand, marijuana in system : News -
IF Michael Redd play game over easy lol
In Swankie Franks they got a picture of 2014 NFL Draft pick. Silas Redd, Kevin Pierre-Louis, and last but not least Marquise Lee
LOL “😂😂RT Michael Jacobs has now taken his tracksuit off, fortunately he has a Wolves strip on underneath 🙌”
watch somebody will give Michael Sam a chance, and when they do, you're gonna have to find new QBs
Don't know where my Michael redd jersey is...
Michael Redd would've been great if he didn't battle injuries
Khris Middleton: Professional shotmaker. Might even have some Michael Redd to him.
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LeBron James failed to Joe Johnson, Michael Redd, and Chris Bosh in his first stint with the
Michael Redd put Wallace in a blender
Forensic evidence may corroborate accounts by police in Ferguson, Missouri, that teenager Michael Brown was inv... -
But where is Chad Michael Murray and why isn't he at the OTH reunion
Michael Brown's blood found in officer's car, on gun. -
"Report: Michael Brown's blood found on Officer Darren Wilson's gun, uniform and his police cruiser door.
oh. Can't remember wen last I watched the video.
just that I have seen him and Kanye credited in most videos.
Maybe its because I've been playing 'Knock On Wood' for the last few years instead of 'Go'. Haven't heard it in a while.
The police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., two months ago has told investigators that ... -
Michael Dunn gets life without parole for murder of teen who played loud music -
Michael Redd was better than Kobe for like 20 games
"Loud music" shooter Michael Dunn gets life in prison -
Michael Dunn sentenced to life without parole plus 105 years for the four other lesser charges (attempted muders + firi…
BREAKING: Judge Healey has sentenced Michael Dunn to life without parole for the first degree murder of Jordan Davis.
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tyshaun prince, Michael redd and Carlos boozer all got gold medals what do that even mean?
One of Michael Jackson's dancers gets stuck on the shoe nail in 'Smooth Criminal' ... [r/gifs]
danfeld - LeBron said he tried to land Michael Redd, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, more
More ammo to separate Jordan from LeBron.. (never heard Kobe complain.. I'm just saying..) Jun Lu Redd Henry...
Lebron tried to recruit Michael Redd and Joe Johnson the first time he was in Cleveland.. How/why would they not do that??
"I recruited Michael Redd...Joe Johnson...Bosh. I recruited a lot of guys. I just didn't win, and they didn't want to come to Cleveland..."
you play with my bread then you're a dead *** I shoot for the bucks duh Michael Redd ***
Fun fact of the day: I golfed with Michael Redd when I was 16 🙌⛳
LeBron says during his first stint in Cleveland he tried to recruit Michael Redd, Chris Bosh & Joe Johnson, but failed.
LeBron said during his first stint in CLE, he failed recruiting Michael Redd, Joe Johnson & Chris Bosh. Larry Hughes was the one…
Michael Redd ... Brandon Roy... T-Mac... ... Now add Dwyane Wade to the list
.Michael Redd was 12th man in Beijing. He had no role. 12th man here is the spare shooter, I think Thompson or DeRozan.
wouldn't you think that Thompson's shooting is a no-brainer to make the final cut? Could have a similar Michael Redd role.
U got to know they needed. Michael Redd and Mike Miller got gold medals off of just being able to catch and shoot
If you holding Hulk, just make him go right. He like Michael Redd. Too left handed/footed lol
"Bucks haven't been relevant since they had Michael Redd" . Or Brandon Jennings 55pt game aka last time he was relevant...
The Milwaukee Bucks haven't been relevant since Michael Redd played with Ray Allen...Until today.
Nobody ever succeeds in Milwaukee. Not Ray Allen, not Michael Redd, not Brandon Jennings.Next story.
They haven't been good since Michael Redd. Idc if Brandon Jennings was there.
In 2005, the Cavs tried to get Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, and Michael Redd and settled for Larry Hughes smh
Carter, Michael Redd, Richard Hamilton, it went the position probably had the most depth.
Aaron craft was at OSU so long he got to share a backcourt with Michael Redd, watch Troy Smith win heisman and get tats with Terrell Pryor
There have been 31 different Buckeyes to score more than 500 points in a season with Jerry Lucas, Michael Redd, William Buford each with 3
Allen Iverson drops Michael Redd with a crossover in 2003. 
Too bad Michael Redd is retired. He would be a nice pickup for the Celtics to pair with Green and Blue.
Clark Kellogg and Michael Redd are the two best i know off the top, Evan turner eventually?
It seems like Aaron Craft was Ohio St. with Scoonie Penn and Michael Redd. Man's been at Ohio St a thousand years.
Nets’ Joe Johnson ties record with eight 3s in third quarter, scores 29 in period. At their worst, the Brooklyn Nets have struggled considerably in the third quarter during the 2013-14 season. On Monday night against the Philadelphia 76ers, however, Joe Johnson did not allow them to see another disappointing outcome. With the Nets already up 58-48 at the half, Johnson put the game out of reach with a dominant third quarter of 29 points on 10-of-13 shooting. That included 8-of-10 shooting from three-point range, tying Michael Redd's record for threes in a quarter set as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks in February 2002. For the game, Johnson finished with 37 points on 13-of-20 shooting (10-of-14 from deep), seven rebounds, and five assists in the Nets' 130-94 win. Johnson spoke about his performance with reporters after the game. From the Associated Press: ''My teammates kept telling me, when you catch it, just shoot it,'' Johnson said. [...] Johnson scored 29 points in the third, his most in any quarter ...
Joe Johnson tied Michael Redd's NBA record for 3-pointers in a quarter with his 8 in the 3rd quarter vs the 76ers
Larry Hughes was a good defender, Michael Redd couldn't guard my sister.
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Michael Redd is a class act. Had the Cavs signed him over Larry Hughes. We could have been champions.
Good try, Bucks, you didn't give up after spotting the Knicks a 25 point lead. I'd rather have Raheem Middleton on my team than Khris Middleton. Maybe even Kate Middleton. No, I wouldn't go that far. But the man who took over the great Michael Redd's sure stunk it up tonight.
Brandon Jennings may have scored 55 as a Buck, but Michael Redd scored 57.
Gilbert Arenas & Michael Redd used to be beasts smh
They havent had a superstar for so long...closest thing was like Michael Redd...
Okay since no one else is answering. Player a: 06-07 Michael Redd. Playber b: 03-04 Kobe
Michael redd how im shootn like i play for the bucks but my team low key rollin up in the cuts
It's nice to see Bazz make a nice, left-handed trey, ala Michael Redd.
Went hiking and ended up hiking with Michael Redd. Down to earth guy. Shout out to for the pic.
Gill and a.i dont deserve to be in the same sentence in my book point blank gill had a nice did Michael redd 😒
“Keith barber look like Michael redd” lmao
Keith barber look like Michael redd
Thanks, homey! Big Michael Redd fan from back in the day!
Michael Redd and Carlos Boozer really got a gold medal off that 08 Olympics team..marinate on that for a sec
but it’s just weird seeing players like Kevin Martin Michael Redd Carlos boozer all being known as “top scorers”…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Michael Redd was a top 6 scorer in 2007-2008…
Just now understood the words and meaning to the Michael Redd line in heart of a champion... Well played Nelly, well played.
I mean, Miami could bring Michael Redd to life?
Hey you guys might as well bring back Michael Redd, Charlie V, and Tim Thomas while we're at it too!! Said no Bucks fan ever!! (-_-)
"Im a winner cause I got a gold medal" Shaddap so does Michael Redd and Christian Laettner
I know that But can't be great in any aspect if you're just a dead eye spot up shooter. Michael redd
Whatever happened to Michael redd and mike bibby ? Lol
And my Michael redd jerseys outta stock
“that's like asking Kobe or Michael redd”lmaok
that's like asking Kobe or Michael redd
Whom they traded. They might as well move to Seattle lol. The best player they've had in the past decade is Michael Redd
when he was in Washington he averaged 17.4 but he's kind of like Michael Redd in regard to his other stats
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