Michael Portillo & Great Railway Journeys

Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo (born 26 May 1953) is a British journalist, broadcaster, and former Conservative Party politician and Cabinet Minister. Great Railway Journeys, originally titled Great Railway Journeys of the World, is a recurring series of travel documentaries produced by BBC Television. 4.7/5

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At last we can now buy the wonderful backing music to Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys
Cry me a river. Talk to the hand. Tell me something I don't know. Lmfao tbh. - Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys
I have always really enjoyed Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys. I too own a Bradshaw's. x
Michael Portillo's Great British Railway journeys back on BBC 2 at 4.45 pm daily
Great British Railway Journeys Documentary series in which Michael Portillo travels the country ...
Watching Paul Merton's Secret Stations, and I feel like I'm cheating on Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys. 23 going on 60.
Great British Railway Journeys - Series 6: This TV series charted by Michael Portillo started back in 2010 an...
Michael Portillo is at EU funded Deansgate-Castlefield, filming for his great British railway journeys series. Not so eurosceptic after all!
Michael Portillo appears to be in Woking, West Byfleet and Walton this evening on his Great British Railway Journeys.
Michael Portillo on the Bluebell Railway (near where I grew up) - Lovely telly!
& Follow to the Great Continental Railway Journeys book, signed by Michael Portillo https…
My contribution to political debate this evening is to watch two episodes of Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys on Catchup. Goodnight
Michael Portillo, so likable on Great Railway Journeys but on Conservative Blue in tooth and claw.
I'm more of a fan of Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys to be honest. Never was a car kinda guy.
next you will be making up Great British Railway Journeys with an ex MP, such as Michael Portillo
...in this case, it's my 82-year-old Dad who's obsessed with watching Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys every evening at 7.30pm...
Watching the new series of Great Railway Journeys, still disturbed and confused by how much I like Michael Portillo
No BBC4 in your hotel at Cannon Street means I'll miss Michael Portillo's new Great Railway Journeys. Very disappointed.
Loving the Michael Portillo series on Great Railway Journeys - giving me wanderlust
Think I must be getting old, I really enjoy watching Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo!!
Michael Portillo at Rochester including Dicken's chalet at Eastgate Hse on Great Railway Journeys on BBC2 @ 6.30pm
Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo, tonight at 6.30. He filmed in Baggins in Rochester where Matthew works. It's a great place if you love books.
No wonder I can't keep up with Michael Portillo - Great Railway Journeys is on Mondays AND Tuesdays. Bloody schedulers.
Oxfam sells clothes of all kinds for a good cause, but I'm sure there are things which even they must reject. Fortunately, those sad items are immediately posted off to Michael Portillo so that he can wear them on "Great Railway Journeys".
My respect and admiration for Michael Portillo as host on that superb seres; 'Great Railway Journeys' has gone up fifty fold since he was a member of the Witches coven! ...I'll shower later! ;)
Great Railway Journeys visited Farnborough last night. Michael Portillo went to Stratfield Saye, home of the Dukes of Wellington, an army base and then Farnborough Abbey where Princess Eugenie is buried. She lived at Farnborough Hill nearby, which later became a school which Rachel attended. Michael Portillo's family left Spain at the start of the Civil War so he is very probably a Roman Catholic himself.
On BBC2's Great Railway Journeys at 6.30pm tonight will be telling Michael Portillo what's what about MCR. Should be grand.
Former politician Michael Portillo has for some years been doing Great Railway Journeys both here and abroad. Tonight I have just seen Lydney to Newport.he talked to people in the Forest of Dean, at Tintern and in Newport.interesting. Michael likes Newport's new station which was built for the Ryder Cup at nearby Celtic Manor. So do I but closer inspection shows the build quality could have been a bit better and you never feel as warm as in the old station but I do like the modern design.they just need to smarten up the old part.
Michael Portillo visited one of the other WAVE venues to film for a forthcoming episode of his popular Great Railway Journeys programme.
Great Railway Journeys, michael portillo eat your heart out!
Spotted Michael Portillo on the train today. Looks like another series of Great Railway Journeys is in the works! :)
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Michael Portillo is a bit of a posh *** but I like him presenting these Great Railway Journeys, decent tv.
BBC Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo. The 1st World War was basically a family feud amongst first cousins !
I think Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys is my favourite TV programme and I don't care who knows it.
Awoke c 530 am and then kept slipping back into REM sleep and suffering from sleep paralysis which is utterly terrifying if one has never experienced it. I attribute this to the continued high doses of Tramadol mixed with other prescription drugs I am taking at the moment. So as a diversionary tactic I decided to go online and ended up watching the rather pleasant yet educational BBC2 series 'Britain's Great Railway Journeys' on BBC I-Player to keep me from slipping under again. Never thought I would ever be kept awake in my own bed by Michael Portillo!
Can someone tell me something about GEORGE BRADSHAW?? i know he pioneered rail travel but strange as it may sound I have never heard of him until I watched Great Railway Journeys!!
Off to see a gig in hipsterland East London in a bit but really I just want to stay in & watch Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys.
On Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys, he always looks a little awkward when people start discussing the coal industry - wonder why?
... Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo during the week 🚈🚋
Anyone record BBC2 last night Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo visiting Galway ?
Really enjoying 'Great Railway Journeys' at the mo, and finding Michael Portillo quite attractive. Does that make me really middle aged?
BBC 2 and Michael Portillo: Athlone to Galway in Great Railway Journeys. If you've missed it, please do your best to find it on Catch-Up. Please. Even go back to Mondays programme before it is too late.
Watching Michael Portillo on BBC2 now for Great Railway Journeys. As usual I've to rely on BBC for good historial programmes on my country
Off to tune into Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo 6.30 BBC2. We know they filmed in
Great Railway Journeys in Ireland with Michael Portillo continues on BBC 2 tonight at 6.30pm. Kilkenny to Athy.
I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoy Michael Portillio's Great Railway Journeys
Interestingly, Michael Portillo in his Great Railway Journeys series is in Ireland this week. Tune in to see Bagenalstown, and the Courthouse which we restored to a library, on Wednesday at 6.30 on BBC2 !
Caught Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys on BBC2, from Exmouth to Newton Abbott. Suffering from nostalgia .
Dear Folks..I might be on TV tomorrow, wednesday, at 6.30 on Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo(BBC2),look out for me on engine 7828 Norton Manor and on the turntable at Minehead...sods law I'll be edited out!
Watching Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys on BBC2. Does he dress like that for a bet?
Tonight, my sister, the lovely Alix Powers-Jones, is appearing with Michael Portillo on Great Railway Journeys on BBC2 at 18:30 x
Off round Scotland with Michael Portillo . Love his Great Railway Journeys :-)
Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo, it is simply sublime television. Factual and fun.
You should make a sequel to Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys - maybe 'David Lloyd's Railway Journeys Grate'.
Michael Portillo goes to Shakespeare Country on BBC Great Railway Journeys taking in Leamington Spa and Stratford
So pleased! Likes on my train pubs fb have shot up thks to Michael Portillo's new Great Railway Journeys tv series
Guest appearance made on Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys tonight (BBC) by TNA records in DeepStore at Winsford Salt Mine
Next week's Great Railway Journeys is cancelled 'cos Michael Portillo left his 'Bradshaw's' on the train and he's lost.
Is watching Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo. I think he may of found his vocation in life?
we nearly resorted to watching Great Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo it was THAT BAD.
Great Railway Journeys of the World: the Enfield Town branch line. Michael Portillo with a camera crew fighting off chavs at Silver Street
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Michael Portillo continues his exploration of Great Railway Journeys by venturing into Europe. This five episode series is being shown on Thursday evenings at 9pm on BBC 2 and BBC HD.
BBC4, Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys. Delighted he is travelling to Scarborough, where I was delivering training not long before.
Strangely addicted to michael portillo 's Great Railway Journeys...
Good news! Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys is back with a new series next week. .
Michael Portillo travelling on on 'Great Railway Journeys'. Wonder if THAT train ran on time and was clean?!
Guilty pleasure - still Michael Portillo Great Railway Journeys - handing your homosexual notice in.
Can't somehow imagine the 1st leg of my train journey this morning featuring on Michael Portillo's "Great Railway Journeys."
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