Michael Portillo & Derek Laud

Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo (born 26 May 1953) is a British journalist, broadcaster, and former Conservative Party politician and Cabinet Minister. Derek George Henry Laud (born 9 August 1964 in Chelsea) is a British lobbyist, businessman, political adviser, speechwriter, and journalist. 5.0/5

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I wonder if Michael Portillo still goes on holiday with Derek Laud to Morroco as *** sex-tourists?.
What does Lord McAlpine, Peter Morrison, Derek Laud, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo have in common? We may never fi…
The weird world of Derek Laud known to go on holiday with Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley and Michael Portillo. http:/…
Is this THE Derek Laud as in close, personal friend of Michael Portillo?
For anyone who thinks that Lord McAlpine was fitted up then please read the original SCALLYWAG magazine article from the 90's. Where they cleary name him and Derek Laud (the flambouyant *** black tory, who won celebrity Big Brother). They also name Michael Portillo and Peter Lilley former Conservative ministers as definitely closet homosexuals and probably part of a wider paedophile ring. Its worth reading to the end where the editor goads Lord Mac et al to take them to court or be damned by their silence. No one lifted a finger to defend themselves back then, so why now!?
Google Images failed .. I got Derek Laud, Michael Portillo and a chap in a tartan suit with matching seat(!)
I am absolutely outraged by the behaviour of Philip Schoefield in handing over a piece of paper to David Cameron that may have contained the names of Tony Blair,Gordon Brown,Edward Heath, Lord Leon Brittain, Lord McAlpine, Lord Granville Jenner, Lord Jeremy Kaufman, Lord Hardie, Lord Robertson, Michael Portillo, Derek Laud and Lord Montague of Beuleigh to name a few, who according to numerous sources were paedophiles. How dare he attempt to publicly put it on David Cameron to look into the list of names of people that Cameron mixes with. Its outrageous to even think that a former prime minister could abuse children…..well apart from those ones with brown skin in middle eastern countries. Schoefield should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for attempting to do something about paedophilia. His time would have been better spent engaging in non stop drivel about the economy and convincing the general public that the government has their best interests at heart. Whatever next, an interview with that looney Da ...
Lord McAlpine, Derek Laud, Peter Morrison, Peter Lillee and Michael Portillo are all top tories who I'd like to see interviewed on the Daily Polotics or Newsnight, but this may never happen.
When I go on to the internet I keep seeing the names Lord McAlpine, Peter Lilley, Derek Laud and Michael Portillo. Anyone know why?
Alastair McAlpine, Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley and Derek Laud. Done some Googling and now feeling very sick. If...
I don't suppose Andrew Neil will ask Michael Portillo re kinky holidays with Derek Laud in North Africa?
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