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Michael Portillo

Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo (born 26 May 1953) is a British journalist, broadcaster, and former Conservative Party politician and Cabinet Minister.

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Deborah Hutton was just featured as some random vox pop in the Michael Portillo train show on SBS
On the Aberdeen train recreating the famous journeys made by ala Michael Portillo.
Here he comes now look, it's Steve on The Big Show with Michael Portillo and Pasquale!
Truth is, international railway liveries only look restrained because Michael P…
Truth is, international railway liveries only look restrained becaus…
My life is now photoshopping Michael Portillo into the background of holiday photos
Here's a short from Michael Portillo's recent visit to Old Bakery Gin. .
"The Daily Remainer" of Michael Portillo now a propagandist rag, once journal of record
This does beg the question why a Michael Portillo exhibit doesn't yet exist
Is that Michael Portillo in the bottom picture?
Personally I blame Michael Portillo. Particularly because he was nowhere near any of the events at the time.
Not convinced by Michael Portillo's tank top...
I've just noticed a not too disimiliar look between Gary and Michael Portillo - does he use his railcar…
Dianne Abbott would often cosy up to Michael Portillo on TV.Is Aitkin a god parent of one of her children?
Appear to be following in Michael Portillo's footsteps, everything looks so familiar. Another link I think.
Was watching the train show on Michael Portillo . They showed them being made Yorkshire . But nex…
He's like the lovechild of Chris Packham and Michael Portillo.
If Jacob Rees-Mogg moved in to presenter led documentaries about traction engines, Michael Portillo would never work again
Could you tell us more about this hotel, Michael Portillo?
Ex Def Minister Michael Portillo listened 2Armageddon Talk. Absolutely shocked & had no idea of the extremity of JW
Everyone, for years: Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo's chuminess is weird. Laura Pidcock: Tories aren't my friends. Centrists: not normal!
I always liked the comraderie between Dianne Abbott and Michael Portillo on that a boozy cartel? https:/…
I saw Michael Portillo in Tamworth once, filming an episode of Great British Railway Journeys!
Catch up on Great British Railway Journeys now in time for Michael Portillo's extraordinary story at Rev in October…
You know a channel is pointless when Michael Portillo's Railway Journeys was deemed too interestin…
Choo Choo! Michael Portillo rides some of the world’s most exhilarating trains
Ah Portillo I'm adoring your railway travels, your sense of style & your trusty Bradshaw's guide.
What is refreshing is that just confused Michael Portillo with Michael Greco.
Next week: Michael Portillo journeys to Weston-Super-Mare on the 13:24 express. He eats a lemon chicken panini just before Winchester.
Michael Portillo summed it up last wk (all) lack personality. Agree. Therefore no pers…
From the BBC: Michael Portillo embarks on a new adventure in brand new BBC Two series
Michael Portillo back on track with 'Great Indian Railway Journeys'
Does Michael Portillo really need to butch up because he's in America meeting the locals.
Michael Portillo losing his seat was the 6th best thing to happen to Parliament and the 3rd best thing to happen to British TV
(Evening Times):back on track as he explores India's railways : Michael Portillo is going..
Like many networks "old friends" are often kept employed. Can't get away from Michael Portillo ;-)
Michael Portillo back on track as he explores India&railways
What happened to Diane? She used to be a good, competent and balanced presenter alo…
Michael portillo , says Ruth Davidson, is the only one to lead the Tory party! Ye! Send her! Good luck with that,! Lmaso
He is utterly lacking in charisma. Not my words. Michael Portillo's. Can't you work out a way to get…
19:30 Great British Railway Journeys - Michael Portillo gives an old engine a fresh start in the railway hub of Der…
In the words of Michael Portillo 'hard Brexit is a thing of fantasy.'
I like Michael Portillo , he might be a Tory but he talks a lot of sense
Yup, someone (Michael Portillo? Ross Noble?) did a great doco on it, following the old route during the dry.
Theresa May didn't meet Grenfell Tower victims because 'she didn't want to use her humanity', ex-Tory minister says https:…
Michael Portillo outed Liz Kendall on this week's She pretends she's in tune with voters. She thinks we're stupid.
Michael Portillo's another intelligent Tory commentator who is less valuable than he once was. He still provides good value. But not always.
Did you see Liz Kendall unable to respond to Michael Portillo on this on This Week? Sad.
Michael Portillo, one of the the best Tory leaders the Tories never had.
This is a pIle of garbage, Kensington&Chelsea is a conserv…
Michael Portillo we have had 2 Tori leaders who have taken decisions they did not need to For party gain over UK that's le…
There is an interesting YouTube of Labour MPette (on DP?) desperately trying not to grasp obvious tr…
Michael Portillo: Theresa May is toast // Even him pointed out Ruth :0)
Theresa May showed no 'humanity' to fire victims, says Michael Portillo
I liked a video Michael Portillo: Theresa May is toast
Somebody should really tell Michael Portillo that!
I'm sorry, what has Michael Portillo been smoking? Only Ruth Davidson can lead the Conservative Party? Boris will be surprised by that 😲
Michael Portillo: Theresa May is unlikely to be PM in October via
Agree on that. Michael Portillo was a few weeks behind the times during the election, but he laid…
Portillo says Labour has been 'taken over by dangerous hard left' Wise words Michael!
I don't vote for Corbyn but Michael Portillo is right about May. There needs to be more empathy here.…
"The only person that can lead the Conservative Party is Ruth Davidson" says Michael Portillo
're Harrow Borough : Dianne Abbott and Michael Portillo both went to Harrow County School. What odds w…
Michael Portillo has a spare copy of Bradshaw's Bridges Guide
So that's Boris Johnson and Michael Portillo and the head of security services who all agree with Corbyn re terrorism.
Lance Price in Enfield: ‘Nobody is indicating that Michael Portillo is going to lose his seat, but…’
Putin certainly approves of Trump. Corbyn is merely saying what Michael Portillo,…
I'm watching Michael Portillo travel across the US on train. He's just pulled in to Lawrence
I always get Michael Portillo mixed up with Peter Lilley .
Railways with Michael Portillo. Rivers with Jeremy Paxman. Villages with Penelope Keith. Canals with Tim n' Pru. Trepanning with Una Stubbs.
Michael Portillo. vs. The deluded left. The left will rise again (political cycle), but not with clowns like this l…
Did you see Michael Portillo eating snails Uuugh Yuk Gross put me right off going to Turkey..
Michael Portillo's finishing his railway journey in one of my favourite places. I wonder what he'll make of Tampere. He ca…
Michael Portillo spotted in the matinee audience of He enjoyed it very much, because why wouldn't he?
Even Michael Portillo has better taste ;-)
Why Egypt is the most fascinating place on Earth?.
On the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm. 6 hours through Scandanavia is a dream! Feel like Michael Portillo on the 🚞
Brilliant and the look on Michael Portillo's face is priceless throughout.
Heard Michael Portillo talking about how happy he was at Brexit. I and my family were so delighted at the vote. A special moment for us.
At last we can now buy the wonderful backing music to Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys
can I have the Michael Portillo momento please lol.
Michael Portillo is the son of a man who sought refuge in the UK from Fascism. He'd do well to remember that sometimes
Michael Portillo awfully awfully pompous tonight - showing his true right wing colours with his love of the great Maggie Thatcher on
Well as they close out for the year Michael Portillo full of cheer, telling us our PM won't make a great PM...
Andrew are those pointy things your real ears? Alan bones Johnson, Michael Kirk Portillo and your good sel…
I think Michael Portillo has come as Liberace.
Watching This Week, and I was kinda hoping that Brian Blessed just wouldn't have a present for Michael Portillo. Because he is a joy sponge.
Chas and Dave, Brian Blessed, Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo, never mind Trump, all is well with the world
Just watching Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo wrap it up on the best political show on TV - This Week BBC1
I used to think Michael Portillo was a nasty piece of work. I now realise I was completely correct.
Michael Portillo in that white suit and dog turd waistcoat is clearly off to a high stakes game at Casino Royale, 1967 version.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Michael Portillo is on one tonight.
Did Michael Portillo just announce "the end of the Syrian war"?
Of course, Michael Portillo is not in the least bit camp.
Michael Portillo says on This Week only one good Prime Minister in his lifetime Thatcher! Put him on a train one way to the end of the line!
I think needs to create a poll to decide what Michael Portillo's greatest Christmas attire was.
Michael Portillo is quite wrong to claim the 'UK' was 'deeply unhappy with the EU', only England and Wales were. And only 52% of them
Staying up by candle light to watch, good to see michael portillo back
I disagree with Michael Portillo on much:he was terrible when an aspirant political leader, but he is intelligent, unlike most MPs.
Michael Portillo such Titles are (struggling to find a polite way of putting it) a load of old ***
Strange Michael Portillo dressed halfway between a member of the Etonian society Pop and a band leader in Florida.
Michael Portillo has a decent shirt for a change. But THAT WAISTCOAT... NO!!!.
Clearly panto has come early to I almost love how awful Michael Portillo when any kind of acting is required
23:45 This Week: A political review of the week presented by Andrew Neil, with Michael Portillo and guests.
hi Andrew. looking forward to watching tonight. great show with yourself & michael portillo. Love the wit & humour.
Met Michael Portillo outside my work yesterday - told him I was a big fan of his trip to Genoa
Erm, is Michael Portillo still on the wall?
"We are defended only by the American umbrella" says Michael Portillo.As a former defence secretary I respect that view…
Is that Michael Portillo standing next to you?
Brexiteer Michael Portillo says EU is doomed to fail because of 'catastrophic' eurozone
Why is ardal o'hanlon pretending to be Michael Portillo with an old guidebook?
A train ride with Michael Portillo. I choo-choo-choose you (and so o... Made by Drivelsieve:
It's a bit dark in the mornings at the minute. I have trouble waking up. Anyway. here's Michael Portillo on a train.
The other day while walking in Westminster, I saw a man in ridiculous bright red trousers. Was relieved to see it was just Michael Portillo.
Michael Portillo joins the party in Enfield - Barnet & Whetstone Press
Michael Portillo joins the party in Enfield - Enfield Advertiser & Gazette
Pleased to announce extra events for March 2017 - evening by Michael Portillo "Life - A Game of Two Halves" plus afternoon
Michael Portillo joins the party in Enfield
Michael Portillo parties in before heading off to meet Jeffrey Archer
I'm still disappointed that TrainGate had nothing to do with Michael Portillo
Watching my hero now would love to meet him maybe one day. I also like Michael Portillo, Robson Green and Andre Rieu
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
A great evening at the Romanian Cultural Institute last night. Michael Portillo was charming in presenting the film…
Cry me a river. Talk to the hand. Tell me something I don't know. Lmfao tbh. - Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys
So happy to have caught this- Michael Portillo's Great Continental Railway Journeys
Michael Portillo has just been admiring someone's enormous bell (biggest he's seen) perfect for innuendo bingo me thinks.
Michael Portillo as a jolly old duffer who likes trains...
"Because it's the Russians, the British public opinion seems to be not stirred at all" Michael Portillo on Aleppo
Balance on has the left represented by Michael Dugher MP among Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Katie Hopkins!
My Observer column this week is about Gemma Arterton, crates of Rioja and Michael Portillo naked.
Golden Eagle rail journey through Iran with Michael Portillo
I seem to be turning into michael portillo
Searching for ideas for USA rail journeys? Join Michael Portillo on a stateside adventure! htt…
Murdo looks suspiciously like Michael Portillo,.wonder who the father is?
New York: America's Busiest City - all very interesting but Michael Portillo told us most of this in his Great American Railroad Journeys 🤔
so far i'm thinking Michael Portillo is sat there saying to himself 'been there,done that!' Still,I won't knock anything NYC!
Bob are you after Michael Portillo's job. Choo Choo.
.One of my brother's school friends told us his dad had punched Michael Portillo when they were at school together.
Would you vote Labour if Michael Portillo became leader of the party?
I saw Michael Portillo on the District Line morning of 2001 election. He smiled and got off at Gloucester Road.
The duck version of Michael Portillo on a train journey?
has Michael Portillo taken up acting?
He needs a vehicle to become Labour's Michael Portillo
Michael Buble talking about Harry and Meghan Trainor writing a song for his upcoming album (via -k https:…
Michael Portillo calls for politicians to choose party leaders!!!
The best scenery in the US is by train. I can't wait to see Michael Portillo's Great British Railroad Journeys. Thanks.
So it looks like Ed Balls will be the new Michael Portillo
I dreamt Michael Portillo was chasing me demanding to see my driving licence. Shortly before I woke I realised he had no right to.
you're like a more attractive and I imagine a nicer smelling, Michael Portillo who got down with 'ordinary' people. Well done.
Michael Portillo has you covered with two excellent series this week!. GBRJ: . GARJ:
even Michael Portillo has regularly pointed out how much worse than Greece UK figures are
it was just a mix up Michael Portillo will now be commenting on the music business,next week!!
Ed is this your Michael Portillo phase before you return triumphantly to front line politics? I hope so, for many reasons...
Watching michael portillo's great american railroad journeys like a sex offender in case you were wondering
I have always really enjoyed Michael Portillo's Great Railway Journeys. I too own a Bradshaw's. x
the resemblance to Michael Portillo is uncanny Julian.. Shame about mug the
exactly! He's become humanised...interesting isn't it? Same happened with Michael Portaloo Portillo!
Be kind! psychology is interesting.greater the fall the more "human" they become I.e Michael Portillo & Ed Balls.
I am also excited for Ed! Mentioned in pod - hoping that he will be to dancing what Michael Portillo is to trains!
Feeling a bit Michael Portillo in my sheer joy at being on a double-decker train :)
Next time on the Great British Railway Journeys, Michael Portillo explores with guest htt…
Current pics of Jamie Oliver are making him look like Michael Portillo. (e.g. in the weekend i paper)
That picture was from company summer 'do'. Theme was "Best of British" - I went as Michael Portillo in "Great European Railway Journeys" :)
To hear from Michael Portillo, John Pienaar & others about and come to on 19 July:
Latest blog by Michael Portillo on Cameron's blunder and the future of the Conservative Party.
Rock I would make like Michael Portillo to ride that train .
Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson looks like a *** couple from Wetherby, just back from two weeks in Faliraki
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Maybe I could watch Michael Portillo's Railway Journeys in the garden! All I need is a really long HDMI cable.
I have an old episode of Michael Portillo's Railway Journeys on the Sky +
Went from to Great Continental Railway Journeys. If I have watch a slit-eyed Tory *** better Michael Portillo than Scott Morrison
Is that the Alan Johnson who snuggles up to Michael Portillo on the Sofa with Andrew Neil every week?
Does he take his dress advice from Michael Portillo (Great Continental Railway Journeys)?
Great morning filming for BBC's Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo and Paddy the horse :)
Well, no sign of Joanna Lumley on way into work this morning, but passed Michael Portillo and Josh Widdicombe within seconds of each other
Has the Queen been taking fashion advice from Michael Portillo?
Too much olympics. Jesus didn't die so I could be prevented from watching Michael Portillo on a train FOR A MONTH.
"Don't laugh about it, you would have brought this country to ruin" Michael Portillo tells Nick Clegg
Watch: Michael Portillo's blistering attack on the Tory government: "they have nothing to say or do"
Michael Portillo & Alan Johnson claim ignorance when asked about live on air via
Michael Portillo & Alan Johnson know nothing about Tory election fraud (VIDEO) via
If BBC guests like Alan Johnson and Michael Portillo don't know about the - what does that say about t…
Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson being pathetic via
Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson go to pieces when asked about Tory election fraud live on air via…
Shocking - neither Alan Johnson not Michael Portillo aware of Tory allegations. Thanks for raising
Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys back on BBC 2 at 4.45 pm daily
Great British Railway Journeys Documentary series in which Michael Portillo travels the country ...
Watching Paul Merton's Secret Stations, and I feel like I'm cheating on Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys. 23 going on 60.
Great British Railway Journeys - Series 6: This TV series charted by Michael Portillo started back in 2010 an...
Barbara Hurst looking a lot like Michael Portillo
Michael Portillo is at EU funded Deansgate-Castlefield, filming for his Great British Railway Journeys series. Not so eurosceptic after all!
ASIL NADIR has evidence of paedophile crimes by. Michael Portillo?. The late Lord McAlpine?. http…
The Ben Fogle in the looks rather like Michael Portillo.
I wonder if Michael Portillo still goes on holiday with Derek Laud to Morroco as *** sex-tourists?.
Great day, great venue and great speakers Michael Portillo and Deborah Meaden. Interesting discussions at
is in 6 days at The exciting line up includes Michael Portillo and Deborah Meaden
fun fact: I have served Michael Portillo a fish pie and spoke to him for a bit as he seemed lonely.
Q3. What drink was advertised on TV by Michael Portillo, when he was an 8 year old child?
1916 documentary help.: I'm looking to watch that documentary on the Easter Rising by Michael Portillo and I'm...
Watched Well produced & usual high standard of broadcasting by Michael Portillo.
Haven't seen yet, but Michael Portillo's podcast on radical movements in 1913 is well worth a listen
It's true. She was Michael Portillo's beard on This Week for years
Interesting to see from British perspective with Michael Portillo. Military vs political inte…
on 12 April 2016 at The line up includes Michael Portillo & Deborah Meaden
Some great documentaries on 1916 recently watching another the Enemy Files with Michael Portillo
As long as I don't run into Michael Portillo on the train...
I was sure I saw Michael Portillo wince at the comparison made by Myers between the Rebels of 1916 and the ISIS of today
Michael Portillo on the advisory board,Alistair Campbell is strategic council, is it owned by Sam Cameron?
[TV] Great British Railway Journeys (Yesterday) Sat, Mar 26, 7:00 PM Fenchurch to Embankment: London's calling for Michael Portillo, as he..
and how Michael Portillo swanning, not sliding, through Greece - and rhe way splendid
William Hague admitting in the Telegraph today that as leader he promoted IDS to, in part, scupper Michael Portillo’s leadership hopes
It was really worthwhile, Michael Portillo is a great presenter, one small problem why question the legitimacy of Rebels?
People upset because Michael Portillo look at 1916 from Brit perspective. Wasn't that the point?
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Social Experiment: how many rt's can Portillo's cheese fries get.
► VIDEO: Michael Portillo on how the British ‘lost’ the Easter Rising -
Michael Portillo should stick to trainspotting lol
watched Michael portillo ex British politician talk about the 1916 Rising in Dublin very fair British point of view l…
very well documented. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done RTE and Michael Portillo.
The most interesting element of Michael Portillo programme,was the absence of political awareness ,as was their response to the Derry march
yeah great show by Rté & Michael Portillo especially Robert Fisk drawing parallel between 1916 rebels and ISIS. Nailed it
Michael Portillo says the British response to the Rising appeared "inhumane, shabby and sacrilegious"
Whatever you thought of his politics, Michael Portillo is a top-class communicator and storyteller
Michael Portillo part 2 shredding views of 1916. IMHO.
I hope that's a replica sheaf of documents you are waving about on the boat Michael Portillo
sorry, they're in Michael Portillo's back pocket! :)
Very interesting, Michael Portillo was excellent. Only part I couldn't understand was Robert Fisk comparing leaders to ISIS??!
Plenty of talking points in Michael Portillo documentary on will spawn much debate & to be welcom…
better made than the Notre Dame "yanks won it" doco, but disappointed no salmon pink jacket. Michael what happened?
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The filthy fraud Kevin Myers even contradicted by Michael Portillo as to whether Ireland needed The Rising for freedom.
The 1916 Rising by Michael Portillo. At times an uneasy historical British perspective and well done for th…
As Michael Portillo said of Tory NHS policy: 'If they put it in the manifesto nobody would have voted for them.'
Here's my interview and video with Michael Portillo about The Enemy Files.
Very interesting and very balanced RTE programme on 1916 from a British perspective by Michael Portillo, former cabinet …
Michael Portillo's account of the Rising on was very good. Really enjoyed it and was from a different angle.
informative perspective by statesman Michael Portillo
Hoping recorded Michael Portillo docu on the Riding tonight :-)
Despised Michael Portillo as a politician but as a broadcaster he is an excellent presenter. Love all his railway travel series.
Enjoyed Michael Portillo's documentary. Always important to hear from all sides.
TV presenter Michael Portillo discusses a return trip to the with Bryn Jones @ ht…
Great British Railway Journeys from Greenock to Larkhall with Michael Portillo might not sound like a great idea but you’d be wrong.
Binge watching Michael Portillo's American railway show. So much US history goodness & always good to see places I've been. Especially Penn!
Brandon Lewis, Michael Portillo and Deborah Meaden are all speaking at Click here to see the programme
Michael Portillo said that senior civil servants are preparing a rerun if we get it wrong
Michael Portillo has apparently spoken in favour of I hate it when TV presenters try and get involved in politics. :(
At St Pancras station on my way to Sheffield feeling like Michael Portillo but happy!
Interesting that Michael Portillo thinks the end of slavery was a political decision not a humanitarian one.
It may be that you're coming over all "Michael Portillo". I recommend that you seek professional advice soon.
Michael Portillo: 'I played American football in Philadelphia and I danced the Charleston'
Filmed superbly, we were happy to host Michael Portillo. Hoping will air in the US sometime!
For years Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo were both there every week.
I was really hoping Michael Portillo was gonna be like "The Queen offered us some E's..."
i want someone who looks at me the way Michael Portillo is looking at Ronan Keating
Has to be a signed photo of Michael 'Choo-Choo' Portillo, surely?
At least Michael Portillo has a brain. That's more than can be said for Liz Kendall.
Michael Portillo needs to read me nursery rhymes. What a voice
Michael Portillo is a thoroughly entertaining analyst on politics and arts environment
Even Michael Portillo saying 'imposition of contract highly undesirable'
Since Michael Portillo loves General Sisi's Nazi dictatorship, he has no problem with imposing slavery on any strikers.
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Oh wow. Michael Portillo advocating imperialism in the Middle East. Been spending too long reading books from 1863.
Michael Portillo asks why is the West doing little about the great bear march in the middle east
Michael Portillo is happy Egypt is now a bloody fascist dictatorship. It's obscene that public funds subsidize this rubbish.
Same satirical lapel badges being worn by panellists Michael Portillo and Liz Kendall
Liz Kendall, Michael Portillo and Andrew Neill on Lefty BBC, they said...
Oh great, Liz Kendall in the chair on This Week, will be almost no difference between her, Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo.
I'm jealous she gets to sit next to Michael Portillo
Michael Portillo & James Rubin have history on ...Hope Michael's dressed ready for another fight..
Huge thanks to ✈️ for their fab support of the Rome scholarship, and to Michael Portillo for opening tonight's event!
Who currently has a job with vulnerable children? Peter Wanless a PPS to Michael Portillo and two ot…
Peter Wanless (CEO of the NSPCC PPS to Michael Portillo ] failed to find the pedo dossier or missing files. Theresa may a…
and I are wiling away the evening with Michael Portillo's American railway journey, Are we officially old now?
Big fuss in news about 'Gravitational Waves' being detected etc. I'll bet universe has just simply detected Michael Portillo's jackets...
I'm sure Michael Portillo also watches them and wishes he could have been upgraded to our series! And, yes, bloopers...
My dream is to turn up at with Michael Portillo in tow, the pair of us pastel-chino-and-blazered to the nines.
Michael Portillo...didn't hear a word of his program...too busy flinching at his jacket trouser hiking boot combo
Michael Portillo looks like he's wearing a mask fashioned out of Yorkshire pudding.
Michael Portillo at Gettysburg on his USA train journey. Went there 2012 - what an amazing place & feeling to be at site of critical battle
Didn't realise Michael Portillo have moved onto America
18:30 Great American Railroad Journeys: Michael Portillo hitches a ride with the Amish in a horse-drawn buggy.
Watching the Michael Portillo 'Rocky' homage makes me wish Harry Hill was still doing TV Burp.
. just so you know, Michael Portillo is my dream man. You might be able to pick up some tips
I'm looking looking forward to a "Michael Portillo" moment with Joan Burton losing her seat in Dublin. Can't wait!
Michael Portillo, forever travelling in style...
In an alternative universe, somewhere in the Time-Space continuum Soulamayne walked into the midst of a Michael Portillo documentary.
I’m listening to yesterday’s I can see why Michael Portillo has been relegated to professional train passenger everybody avoids.
I wonder how many Americans watching Michael Portillo pretend to be Rocky realise he used to be the British defence secretary.
Michael Portillo thought was from the Charity Commission so maybe he is just all round confused.
.discussed charities on last night's Worth a listen. Michael Portillo also on fine form.
is if Joan Burton loses her seat it will the Michael Portillo moment of Irish politics
Having flashbacks to Michael Portillo running through the streets of Philadelphia to the Rocky theme.
I hear BBC have asked Michael Portillo to host a show about hunting for Moby *** with cutting-edge laser weapons:. Great Whaleray Journeys
I'm in fear of which much-loved celebrity will go next. Kilroy-Silk? Michael Portillo? Judy Murray? Katie Hopkins or, god forbid, the Queen.
That time I dated Michael Portillo coz I completely got him mixed up with Liam Neeson
The actual bell was shown on Michael Portillo's train journey last night - but not sounded! 2/2
Yesterday I watched Michael Portillo play American football and today I'm struggling to concentrate on anything else
I wonder if Michael Portillo feels as strongly about corporate lobbying as he does charity campaigning? Corps also get tax breaks
According to Michael Portillo on they can just pick up the phone to him!
. just thrown slipper at ipad aagh Michael Portillo et al ought to watch
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