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Jemele Hill and Michael Smith believe the Cavs adding Jimmy Butler and Paul George would bridge t... - via App
56:35 “A winner never looks at the other horses in the race.”
Will be in 9 months time Michael, enough time to get Paul Smith anotha couple of cheeky 6 rounders!
Why are the commentators keep mentioning Paul's age. GGG is around the same age. Facts are Paul smith i…
Imagine being gifted a 3rd attempt and world title and fighting like paul smith is.
Working out for the today, guard Michael Smith
Paul Wilbur - For your name is holy. Michael Smith- Ancient words
50:40 Wanted to do something where character was up for anything
27:20 I’ve grown such an incredible distaste for guy.
Don't miss the action this weekend - Paul Smith plus Ward-Kovalev 2!!! What a year its been so far...💥💥💥
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9:55 to Out of control definitely describes
21:40 Good don't try to be They share what they know.
47:15 Studying a little bit of everything in made twice as much sense.
31:40 Everyone thinks that the longer you have to the better it is. No.
22:30 Turning it off is learning how to forgive yourself when you are an ***
40:20 It’s a FT job: The the show, the constant, all the time.
24:45 = FT job. Took of cradling laptop like it's our baby
Retro City of Optical Illusions Photographed by Michael Paul Smith - using forced perspective.
A look at Michael Paul Smith, author of 'Elgin Park' in this insightful book trailer.
Michael Paul Smith and his amazing miniature town called Elgin Park
Liberty GOAL by Michael Smith from Paul Pisella! Fallston leads 8-2.
Couple of names of potential replacements to face Michael Page: Paul Bradley, Andre Fialho, Gilbert Smith or Brennan Ward
Model maker, photographer, historian, recluse. Watching the 9 min video is worth your time.
Michael Smith explains why he is more inclined to root for Tom Brady since reports have surfaced ... - via App
Interesting story and pretty amazing prop work. Pretty sad (but very common) back story to his life and why he...
But ole Michael Paul will keep you laughing, that's for sure 😂
Michael Paul Smith’s Elgin Park: a mid-century utopia, a fantastical world, and an optical illusion.
An intimate look at Michael Paul Smith and Elgin Park. | Film by Animal. Follow the link to purchase your copy...
Elgin Park trailer by > Wonderful backstory of the town's creator, Michael Paul Smith.
Visit the town of Elgin Park - Created by Michael Paul Smith. Magical & imaginative!!
Michael Paul Smith and Gillian Pensavalle, creators of The Residuals, a comedy web series showcasing the...
Seth Smith is unable to catch a home run. . Week's best photos:
We spy some Paul Michael Company pieces in this cottage home designed by our friend, P. Allen Smith!
In-text plate from folios 17 verso and 8 from LES HOMMES ABANDONNÉS. Michael Joaquin Grey, Paul Smith. Salted paper mounted on board
“Behind the Scenes of Elgin Park, Retro City of OPTICAL ILLUSIONS Photographed by Michael Paul Smith via
Behind the scenes of Elgin Park, a retro city of optical illusions created by Michael Paul Smith
Michael Paul Smith will visit the library on June 22 to talk about his creations. Nostalgic Sewickley in miniature
Model maker/collector and photographer Michael Paul Smith is a master at recreating incredibly accurate outdoor scenes using his extensive die-cast...
Artist and photographer Michael Paul Smith has spent hours upon hours photographing one special town that he holds very dear to his heart. There’s not much going on in these pictures, but it’s obvious that this town is nothing but charm. If you didn’t know any better, you might think these are vintage photos of a town from a few decades ago… but they are toys. Michael creates the scenes by setting up Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint die cast autos and trucks in front of his models on card tables. Then, he uses the surrounding scenery to make the backgrounds for the photos.
Omg! The car and the house! .Photo Model Cars by Michael Paul Smith
Photo: Daphne Ward’s House is for Sale by Michael Paul Smith on Flickr.
- the amazing photographic perspectives of Michael Paul Smith.
Michael Paul Smith has been creating an imaginary world called “Elgin Park,” filled with scaled models of old cars.
The best Flickr account we have ever seen, awesome photographic tricks - Michael Paul Smith's photostream
You've probably seen this going around, but Michael Paul Smith makes some amazing miniature/real-world mashups:
Can you believe your eyes? Michael Paul Smith's Imaginary Miniature Elgin Park World
For inspiration on how to capture an imaginary world w/ real backdrops see Michael Paul Smith's Elgin Park photos.
Finally watching GAME OF THRONES with Gillian Pensavalle Smith and Michael Paul Smith... Here are my initial thoughts on the pilot "Would love to hear Stark tell a KNOCK KNOCK joke." "That is one chatty raven." And "What is Khal Drogo? A fahking Joss Whedon Vampire?!"
every shot is a part of a miniature world called Elgin Park carefully constructed & photographed by Michael Paul Smith
Miniature world created by Michael Paul Smith lots more photos on his page take a look.
Miniature World of Michael Paul Smith . isn't that amazing
These diehard fans think their behavior at home affects the outcome of the game. by Take It Back Productions Gillian Pensavalle and Michael Paul Smith Featuring: Beau…
on Michael Paul Smith computer cuz i just fixed it like a boss tbh i have no idea and bill gates is a total racist towards the jews
This 1/24th scale town was conceived, constructed and photographed by the amazing artist, Michael Paul Smith. The people were all added with the magic of Pho...
Ok just saw a picture with snakes surrounding a phone with the caption of "Omg like this if you would answer if your lover was calling" Really are that desperate for likes? Michael Paul Smith Jr.
It's official. Michael Paul Smith wants me to be a relief pitcher for the Mets. I'm not one to brag, but I think I may be their best option.
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