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Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael Parkinson, CBE (born 28 March 1935) is an English broadcaster, journalist and author.

Muhammad Ali Meg Ryan Graham Norton Helen Mirren Billy Connolly Dickie Bird Fred Trueman Bruce Forsyth Freddie Starr

Join me in helping Bret Parker support Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research by donating here:
Imagine if you asked Michael Parkinson who his favourite ever interviewee was and he just started banging on about his sun life over 50 plan
.why am I ok with Michael J Fox using fame to make Parkinson's more relevant but not ok with Kimmel doing same 4 healthcare?
Join us on Thursday 9 November to spend an evening with Sir Michael Parkinson to hear about his incredible career a…
May 2010 cover: Michael J. Fox on diagnosing Parkinson's: 'What my illness taught me.'
And at 10.40 Michael Parkinson sits down and talks with Cake Bush about her battle with Pilates. The Queen is at 12…
I liked a video Curb your Enthusiasm - Michael J Fox, Parkinson's shake
Bet Michael Parkinson's got a Sunlife over 50's plan. He should be ashamed. ***
Shake that *** like a Donkey with Parkinson's. Make like Michael J Fox in the drawers playin' with a etch-a-sketch. Brutal Bar.😂😂
Tickets for An Evening with Sir Michael Parkinson (23 Feb 2018) are on general sale tomorrow from 10am!…
First image was Michael "Parky" Parkinson. Second image was Marvel character Detective Misty Knight.
Michael J. Fox should have went back to the future with Doc and cured Parkinson's.
People always reference Michael j fox when discussing Parkinson's disease what about Mohammed Ali? 🤔
Thank you to HA V. of SAN JOSE, CA for planning to donate a 1992 BMW 318is to Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.
Donated to 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon! Help support Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research:
Interested in local events supporting The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research? Look no further!...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Not a Boomerang" by & The Michael J Fox Foundation for Research
Friends of the Theatre have access to our EXCLUSIVE pre-sale to An Evening with Sir Michael Parkinson tomorrow!…
We're very excited to announce... AN EVENING WITH SIR MICHAEL PARKINSON, Fri 23 Feb! General on sale this Wed 10am!…
The number of free pens in Michael Parkinson's desk draw.
I'm sorry? I used to love watching Roy Hudd and Emu. Do you remember when they attacked M…
Michael J Fox "Sunday Funday" event for Parkinson's Research! This is the event that Christiana Marullo and Mel...
Sir Michael Parkinson Celebrates the life of a man who has interviewed the most important cultural figures…
Thnx for your support of Parkinson's research. Living w/ PD & as a member of Michael J. Fox Patient C…
Michael Gibson, 36, said his Parkinson’s symptoms were made much worse as he was being assessed for personal...
Michael Parkinson's father was some parkin
People | On (not) accepting a parkinson's diagnosis at 46. Guest blog at the Michael J. Fox Foundation……
News from at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research: "A little more than 20 years ago, we thought...
Pick that out, Michael Parkinson. 2-nil to
Michael J. Fox MVP Will Trike for the Cause in the New England Parkinson's Ride
a pen from Michael Parkinson's life insurance company.
‘I've never experienced my Parkinson’s symptoms as bad as when I went through the process,’ — Michael Gibson. htt…
No, but I live in a bungalow. Michael Parkinson offers me a Parker Pen every few days.
So I find out day that Bruce Forsyth has died, but also that Michael Parkinson, Jimmy Tarbuck and Des O'Connor are still alive!
Just checked out Michael Parkinson interviewing Lily Savage & Cilla Black on YouTube which is when the two of them first met.
I liked a video Alistair Mcgowan as Michael Parkinson
In my day we had Michael Parkinson... today they have Graham Norton ffs
Did you know that John Major, Michael Parkinson, Errol Flynn, Tom Jones and Martin Kemp all work at Bradford Council?
Carey Mulligan, Michael Palin and Michael Parkinson discuss how music helped loved ones with dementia. Read more:
Michael Parkinson reveals father told him he should have ‘thumped’ Muhammed Ali
Muhammad Ali: Sir Michael Parkinson 'proud' of legendary interviews
Michael Parkinson:'I loved Ali ... but he was a hypocrite'
New post: ". 'Mickey Mouse' media degrees are a waste of time says Michael Parkinson. " .
Saw the Michael Parkinson WHOLE HOUR about a wheelwright and his gammy leg giving him gyp!.
Chat show king Michael Parkinson has dished about what really happened in some of his most famous encounters on...
If I remember right they were due to do one on Michael Parkinson but they pulled it as his family were dull.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Michael Parkinson responds to that infamous Helen Mirren interview
says booked Billy Connolly for first time in 1971 after being given a CD of his act
Sure I saw a humorous Michael Parkinson interview with him at some point 🤔
Comedian on Michael J. Fox & Parkinson's:. MJF said his biggest regret is never learning to play an instrument. Give him a pair of maracas!
TV fable Michael Parkinson reveals his many ungainly interviews as he admits he ‘never felt gentle during BBC’
I'm thankful that we have someone like Michael J. Fox devoting his life to ending parkinson's disease.
TV legend Michael Parkinson reveals his most awkward interviews.
Sir Michael Parkinson admits he felt that he ‘didn’t belong’ at the BBC
IMPORTANT: Are you sexist, or are you Yorkshire? Have a cup of tea and take this excellent quiz from
Michael Parkinson on that notorious Meg Ryan interview: 'Who does she think she is?' via
Sir Michael Parkinson 'felt like he did not belong' when working at BBC
Michael Parkinson claims he 'never felt like he belonged' at the BBC.
Sir Michael Parkinson felt he 'didn't belong' at the BBC: 'It's a very strange place'
Helen Mirren has been shutting down sexist bulls**t since 1975
Sir Michael Parkinson says lack of formal education made him feel 'uncomfortable' at BBC -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Michael Parkinson admits he was "rude" to Helen Mirren, but denies THAT infamous interview was sexist:…
Parkinson's is hereditary. . So Michael J Fox really be shaking what his mama gave him
Sir in pictures:. See the talk show though the years
Out today from 'Muhammad Ali: A Memoir' by MIchael Parkinson. Order online or to click & collect here. http…
Michael Parkinson says he has nothing to apologise for over 1975 clash with Helen Mirren  | Telegraph
Michael Parkinson admits that Graham Norton does a brilliant job and is the one he watches now. "But it's not a talk show" he says.
"No, I'm not sexist. I'm Yorkshire." What do you make of Michael Parkinson's attitude in my interview
Michael Parkinson responds to THAT Helen Mirren interview: 'It wasn't anything other than good television'…
Michael Parkinson: 'Am I a sexist? No, I'm Yorkshire. I've been married for 57 yrs so something must be going right'
That 1975 clash with Helen Mirren? I have nothing to apologise for, Michael Parkinson tells .
Michael Parkinson tells about sparring with Muhammad Ali & why he's still not mates with Mirren.
I became a journalist after seeing Michael Parkinson interview Muhammad Ali. Here I interview him for
he needs those over 50s life plans if he's heading that age, contact Michael Parkinson for your free parka pen 👌🏼
Michael J. Fox on fighting Parkinson’s disease with Muhammad Ali (2001)
Asceneuron receives Parkinson’s grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation via
So where does Michael Parkinson fit into this?
So doesn't have Parkinson's but probably has that cancer that Michael Douglas got.
Any suggestion that Haynes lives anywhere other than the Pantheon is an insult to anyone who saw him play. Michael Parkinson
Michael Kiwanuka bringing the soul last night - a beautiful composition of songs, with a brilliant band supporting…
Wow, Michael Parkinson has really turned nasty.
thank you for partnering with Michael J Fox my grandma has Parkinson's and it means a lot to us as a family
Nike Mag 2016 Raffle for the Michael J. Fox Foundation - Help with the fight against Parkinson's:…
maybe that was what Michael Parkinson said to her in the Green Room before that ill fated interv…
Every hour someone in the UK is told they have
I added a video to a playlist Best Of Michael Bublé (HD/HQ)
Its finally here! is releasing self-lacing Back to the Future-themed shoe to benefit Parkinson's foundation.
100% of proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help cure Parkinson's disease.
Multiple funding opps from for those researching toward breakthroughs for Parkinson's:
There's no way you can create a chemistry where none exists.
put me down for two as long as I get a free Parker pen. Michael Parkinson is a lovely man
Michael J Fox with Parkinson's. HILLARY CLINTON same expressions same issues with the eyes. Parkinsons!
Also that. All we're left with now is velcro and Michael Parkinson, I'd back Cravens all the same.
Great to have the wonderful Sir Michael Parkinson drop in to our shop in Glasthule today en route to lunch in
Cool! You could wear the same shoes as Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future & support Parkinson's research!…
Lovely interview with Michael Parkinson a year ago ... Knew I had this photo saved 😉😊
"It's a play, isn't it? You've got to get through the third act." Michael Parkinson on
Targeted helped the recruit for a focused trial
Our lovely ladies from pictured with the legendary Sir Michael Parkinson! https:/…
Michael J. Fox introducing the self-lacing today on GMA. All proceeds go to Parkinson's research.
Delighted to welcome back Sir Michael Parkinson this eve for a sell-out show! Were you one of the lucky ones to get…
you totally don't, who doesn't want to see Sarah Greene, Mike Smith, Craig Charles and Michael Parkinson emoting away? :)
"Aspiration pneumonia is the leading cause of death in people with Parkinson's disease.".
This is a serious situation. Hillary's obviously in an advanced state of Parkinson's.Michael J Fox should speak out
Pneumonia is common for Advanced Stage Parkinson's Disease. Think of Michael J Fox... Same
-And tomorrow it will be she has Parkinson's, she'll be fine, look at Michael J Fox, he's fine, shut up!
Advanced Parkinson's Like Michael J Fox. Degenerative to dementia and neuro problems
Advanced Parkinson's Freeze - Hillary will have to withdraw nomination! Neuro deterioration can't be POTUS! Like Michael J Fox
So many lies! Try the TRUTH just once!!! Does she have PARKINSON? SOMEONE ASK MICHAEL FOX wht he thinks??
you have no idea what you're talking about. What is the primary symptom of Parkinson's? Ask Michael j Fox.
Parkinson's is a progressive neurological deteriorati…
phil told me you both caught shakes with Michael Parkinson's I ow r say
Michael J. Fox is the Beatles of celebrities with Parkinson's
Anyone remember the interview between Michael Parkinson and Meg Ryan? I think can relate. Thornberry is such a ***
there is absolutely zero evidence of Parkinson's. That's ridiculous. She'd be uncontrollably shaking. See Michael J Fox
It "looks" like Parkinson's Dx. Take Medication, like Michael J Fox did, & is back up.
. Ask Michael J. Fox about sudden Parkinson's attacks - heat or no heat!
If Hillary is forced to drop out of the race, the DNC is prepared to nominate Michael J. Fox as her replacement.
Ask Michael J. Fox about the Parkinson's attacks! From an old RN
Michael Parkinson (21593) completed the in 01:51:04. Congratulations from
Michael J Fox is 55 today. Let us wish him Happy Birthday and remember to pray for him as he continues to battle Parkinson's.
Sir Michael Parkinson will be guest speaker at Autumn Dinner Mon 24th Oct . Tickets from Secretary David…
He is such a poor interviewer! Bring back Michael Parkinson any day
"We are now the most northern people in the world. Apart from Michael Parkinson obviously"
I discovered that I was part of a Parkinson's community with similar experiences and simila
am not sure, but they did rescue Michael Parkinson from the pits in Barnsley, maybe an exception
Bought DVD of Michael Parkinson interviews, 3 hrs of old chat, for a quid. But didn't get a free-to-keep Parker pen. Straw-de-nary.
Watching Michael J Fox interviews put me on to Parkinson's Disease, which led me back to studying about the basal ganglia.
she is really sick. Not sure Parkinson. Had uncle with it never acted like that. Look at Michael fox.She was too calm
Advanced Parkinson's will do that. Just ask Michael J. Fox!
I love lady gaga, but seriously. Getting a Michael Parkinson and Meg Ryan vibe this morning
molecular mechanism of Parkinson's pathology discovered in study. Intracellular defects that lead to ce…
Hillary Clinton has early stage Parkinson's Disease. Not fit to be President!!
No disrespect, but do you think all that time travel is what gave Michael j Fox Parkinson's?
Imagine going on a date with Michael Parkinson. Good food, interesting stories, then at the end he gives you a free parker p…
We all know now..that Hillary has Parkinson's, just like Michael J. Fox does.
When did Michael J. Fox get Parkinson's? I see a clip of him looking in rough shape back in 2010 with Oprah.
Pappy Korn is correct. It's subtle, but she is reminiscent of the early Parkinson's signs from Michael J. Fox.
Michael what do you think of this video Dr talks about &
They think they can hide a progresive disease w no cure like Parkinson's? Sadly 2 yrs from now she'll be as bad as Michael J Fox
I often say now I don't have any choice whether or not I have Parkinson's, but surrounding tha
Fred Trueman, Michael Parkinson, Dickie Bird, Sean Bean, Arctic Monkeys - your boys are going to get one hellava beating...
I suffer from Michael Parkinson's disease. It results in a constant urge to interview Billy Connolly.
The late great Muhammad Ali in a UK interview on the Michael Parkinson show with comedian Freddie Starr! 😂😂😂.
We need more shows like this - one on one discussion with interesting people. Michael Parkinson, Andrew Denton. Bloody good TV!
Video: Muhammad Ali with Freddie Starr on the Michael Parkinson show
Insurers have launched a huge marketing blitz featuring stars such as Michael Parkinson to lure older people into taking ou…
"Don't tell my 9th grader to eat 5 fruits + veggies when 10-11 is recommended." Dr Michael Parkinson
Had the honour of having lunch with Sir Michael Parkinson today! What an amazing man!
The geek in me is enjoying this presentation by Dr. Michael Parkinson, Sr. M…
RADM (ret) Marlene Haffner introduces Michael Parkinson for the Luther Terry Lecture
On Thursday 21st July 2016 join the Lord Taverners president Sir Michael Parkinson for dinner here at
Michael Stewart and Kieran Whoriskey have early-onset Parkinson's Disease, they tell how they cope
Newly engaged Michael Parkinson has suffered a fatal overdose an unmarked grave!
Hi Shaun your Parky Bed has now given me the Give Us A Clue With Michael Parkinson, Liza Goddard and Lionel Blair!
Dame Edna at the Michael Parkinson show PART 2 I LOVE Dame Ednas's homour, basically like mine.. :-)
5 Pictures Added | Michael Parkinson , Mary Parkinson - The funeral of Ronnie Corbett at The Parish Church of ...
Compass The Meaning Of Life - Sir Michael Parkinson: Sir Michael Parkinson talks to broadcaster *** Byrne about the people, ideas, va...
Michael Parkinson: a life of interviews, a rude Hollywood A-lister and that emu
Meg Ryan, Graham Norton, cancer and me: Michael Parkinson at 80
I wonder what Jimmy Savile and Michael Parkinson chatted about at the BBC? What an *** statement.
Fascinating interview with Carlos Acosta, the dancer on with Michael Parkinson
Danbury boys win the sprint medley relay with Jonathan Bartley, Sean-Michael Parkinson, Jake Roberts and Terrell Cunningham.
Danbury's team of Edmond Olivacce, Sean-Michael Parkinson, Brian Gustavson and Terrell Cunningham won the 1,600 SMR in 3:43.87.
I get confused between Cecil Parkinson, Michael Parkinson and Michael Aspel, TBH
great show tonight Danny, the football world's version of Michael Parkinson
Update your maps at Navteq
I find it interesting Michael J Fox diagnosed with Parkinson's while filming Doc Hollywood in (my neck of woods & my symptoms)
Vintage photo of Close up of Michael Parkinson. - Donald Cooper
Michael Parkinson was a weird choice to front the inaugural British Comedy Awards I think
How was your time with Caerphilly's answer to Michael Parkinson?!
Ever wondered why someone like Michael Parkinson supports our work? Find out here
I'm still waiting on to cure Michael J Fox of Parkinson's like she promised in 2006
Well it's fine. Officially antique and can get seniors life insurance but Michael Parkinson has run out of bloody free pens x
I remember Michael or should I say Knight Bachelor Michael Parkinson, CBE saying something rather similar in the late 1990s.
To donate 10 cent to family cure for this horrible disease, and send the money to michael parkinson disease foundation
Pride weekend bake sale raised over $600! Proceeds go to the Michael J Fox foundation for Parkinson's research.
he has hat Michael Parkinson disease because the time travel wasted his muscle tone
Sir Michael Parkinson is honoured to take centre stage again
BABC Board Member Jo Andrews is backed by Sir Michael Parkinson for her skills project.
Tips for the holidays from the Michael J Fox Foundation.
George could stay up late as a child to watch the Michael Parkinson show
You do realise we're now the most Northern people on the planet don't you.Apart from Michael Parkinson. Cracks me up 😂
3025 Football Report / ed. Willis Hall & Michael Parkinson charity anthology from the early '70's,nostalgic then for the post-war age
Love the way Michael Parkinson is pointing at my cat from the cover of Band on the …
There's always a silver lining. . Sure Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's, but I'll bet he's great at playing maracas.
After 'the trip' I can only ever say/think 'Michael Buble' in the style of Parkinson
Turns out that Putin doesn't have early-stage Parkinson's. Revealed that all KGB are trained to keep right arm steady. Medvedev too.
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research always ends up near the top of these lists! Know that the...
Lovely piece by Michael Parkinson on writing and writers
Our researcher A. Laguna receives grant from the for Research
guardians of the games people play December 1981: Michael Parkinson finds in the ...
Watchful guardians of the games people play: archive, 18 Dec 1981
He had the same tendency, as Michael Parkinson once said of Brian Clough, to be wise and silly, appalling and attractive.
Just googled to check Michael Parkinson was still alive.
Open your eyes to the realities of Parkinson's as told be individuals as diverse as an NBA player to a physician.
10k run today for Michael J Fox's foundation for Parkinson's research
David Walker gives a speech to thank out-going President Sir Michael Parkinson for decade of service. Parky gets standing ovation
Correct! You don't tell Michael Parkinson or Piers Morgan not to probe their guests.. Up to interviewee how they answer
Intel is changing Parkinson's research with wearables that measure changes. Learn more:
what's the name of the song during interlude that includes Michael Parkinson? Can't seem to find it
10/12/71 Would I go on Thames Television and talk to Michael Parkinson? I said certainly not. North country nit.
Michael Parkinson has an arguement with Kenneth Williams via
Sitting by the phone waiting for TV bids after last night's triumph. Hoping for Michael Parkinson & Russell Harty shows at the very least!
iv already gone 32, iv got Michael Parkinson ringing me up offering me a free parker pen
..Nikon's P900 - featuring an amazing 83X Optical Zoom - check out these samples shot by CK staffer Michael Parkinson.
It's called Parkinson's Disease and you leave Michael J. Fox alone!
When win world series I'm donating $100 to Parkinson's in the name of Michael J Fox and Back To The Future2..join me and my listeners
Muhammad Ali and Michael J Fox united in the fight against Parkinson's disease.
Michael Parkinson: 'What was the nearest to kick-off that you made love to a woman?. George Best: 'Er- I think it was half-time actually'
Anavex has also received a grant from the Michael J Fox foundation funding a study to treat Parkinson's.
Michael Parkinson is currently reading Sweet Caress by William Boyd. He is just about his favourite novelist of the moderns.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
the next Michael Parkinson. Your getting good at this lark 👍.
Goosebumps watching this documentary, seems a reyt nice bloke as well as new Michael Parkinson!
Cubs win world series this year and Michael J Fox snaps out of Parkinson's with a Keyser Soze knuckle crack at a sports book
Whilst at work today I listened to the Desert Island Discs of Ian Fleming, Michael Parkinson, Arnold Ridley and Len Deighton. All very good.
I could tell you what Michael Parkinson is having for dinner as I was standing behind him at the supermarket checkout... but I won't.
Did you know 1M people in the US & more than 5M people worldwide are living with Parkinson's Disease?
mistake to join ITV. The move was a disaster for BBC icons Des Lynam , Morecambe & Wise and Michael Parkinson.
Michael Parkinson always seemed to prefer his guests to have had a tough start too.
Always enjoy watching the Arc on Channel 4, if only to learn about weak bladder pants and to get a free pen fro Michael Parkinson.
Another twenty two seconds portrait of Michael Parkinson taken this morning:-)
Substitute Michael Parkinson's Sun Life insurance ad for the UK!
Only reason I picked Parkinson's for this health project was because of Michael j fox
Dear Michael! I´m 43 years old and starting to accept having parkinson! Thanks for giving hope to us younger patients! Alex
Sean Connery was interviewed by Michael Parkinson, and bragged that despite his 72 years of age, he could still...
.(and whether or not Michael Parkinson has ever made you cry on TV)
Why do they call Michael Parkinson "Parky"? Is he always cold or something?
If a child can't learn the way we teach Michael J. Fox The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research...
PARKINSON. the men talk about the girls . Sir Michael Parkinson, Gary Barlow & Tim Firth. h…
Dickie Bird, Michael Parkinson, Fred Trueman, Joe Root your boys took a *** of a beating! Get in there the mighty Shire!
Classic photo here of Alfred Hitchcock and Muhammad Ali backstage on the Michael Parkinson show, Legends
Talkshow legend Michael Parkinson is a fan...have you heard the stunning jazz vocals from Loretta Reid? Catch her live in 4 weeks time!
I'm going for Wiltshire Farm Foods, SAGA radio and Michael Parkinson with his free pen
Just occurred to me, have you ever seen the Michael Parkinson, Meg Ryan interview? Or Grace Jones?
Participant Michael Oltersdorf has Parkinson’s disease. We're honored to be part of his care.
let's do this, half hawking and half Michael parkinson
If Michael Westphal can rub 1:08+ for 10 miles while battling Parkinson's what can you do? Most of our limits are...
Check out this inspiring story of via a Mainer battling & finishes
Blog of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research | Parkinso via thanks
I wonder if Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s disease is related to the episode of Family Ties when he tried drugs.
Geoff boycott and Michael Parkinson to be elevated to the House of Lords as a sweetener.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Michael Parkinson is the most high profile British chat show host of them all. He has interviewed just about everybody
Mark Radcliffe is definitely morphing into Michael Parkinson :-D
Watched Rio interview Stevie G, first Michael Parkinson has still to find a successor but Stevie was very good and I wish we had bought him
Theresa recommends "Trauma" by Michael Palmer: "A promising treatment for Parkinson's goes wrong when used on patients w/ PTSD"
See if everyone in the world had £1 for every time Michael Parkinson had pondered what his favourite interview was, we could end hunger.
Made another birdie for a cure on # 6 at Orangebrook West yesterday. All $ go to Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's
Michael Harder, diagnosed with tremor-dominant, early-onset Follow his story
So far today teams have met Sir Michael Parkinson & who's next ? RT
Monday we will be having a happy hour for The Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's Research from 5-7pm, with...
I was hoping that Michael would make a surprise guest appearance! It was in aid of his foundation for Parkinson's
Michael Westphal has had Parkinson's disease for 9 yrs. This past weekend, he ran a marathon. http…
This is a fascinating & odd thing… Joan Collins explaining how to put make up on… to Michael Parkinson
Happy Bday Sam! Thank u Sam and Michael 4 all ur doin 2 help Parkinson's research. My dad was diagnosed last year.
Parkinson's disease may begin in the gut: Parkinson's disease begins in the gastrointestinal...
Join & Sir Michael Parkinson on 2nd July for the Eve of Test Series Dinner: ht…
never buy life insurance from Michael Parkinson or you may not get your Parker pen
David Attenborough, Esther Rantzen, Bruce Forsyth, Michael Parkinson, Jilly Cooper are in it too
Michael J. Fox, unless he is trying to cure Parkinson's with dead baby juice or something.
Broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson recalls how the late Richie Benaud helped change the face of cricket.
Tune into 2CH this morning to listen to with Michael Parkinson, featuring
Michael Parkinson: My Kind of Music starting now on 2CH
LISTEN LIVE to 2CH here - Michael Parkinson: My Kind of Music: starting in 30 minutes!
I'm looking forward to being old so Michael Parkinson will give me a free Parker pen
glad you still manage to walk. I push my dads wheelchair with almost no word coming! Love him nevertheless and more! :-(
Mark McClure question to Luke McPharlin: How would you go without Fyfe? Move over Michael Parkinson.
I wish I was Michael J Fox but without the Parkinson's
Michael Parkinson tale about explaining the rules of cricket to an American. "That's amazing. And you do that on horseback?"
Was the emu going for a second nibble of Michael Parkinson's face? ;-)
My boss won the Robert A. Pritzker prize for Parkinson's Research… here he is with Michael J. Fox
Chief executive Michael has been shocked to discover a tiger whose vocalisations sound like an alien.
Buble, Cullum, Michael, Jones? ... this only means one thing! Michael Parkinson: My Kind of Music this Sunday on 2CH Radio
I love how Michael Parkinson takes money from an insurance company to guilt over 50's into paying for their own funerals.
Who is Diane Sawyer? From what I read she's the American equivalent to Michael Parkinson As Oprah Winfrey is to David Frost. Would you say?
Michael Parkinson: My Kind of Music on 2CH Radio this Sunday at 9am, listen live here:
Joan is rock's best ladies. Michael J Fox was a fine actor. Shame that he has got Parkinson's Disease.
MD Roger Morris & myself with most respected MP in country...Michael Parkinson... at John Mills event
Prof John Hardy presented the 2015 Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson's Research by Michael J. Fox.
PD Awareness month. Please consider giving to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research or the Parkinson's Action Network.
Can music be medicine for the mind? via The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
This is a look inside an amazing champion who conquered his sport, but struggled with life. It's long, but full...
Proud to be made an honorary member of the SJA as President Patrick Collins succeeds Sir Michael Parkinson …
Letterman: "April is Parkinson's Awareness Month." - Michael J. Fox: "Yeah, I'm fully aware of it.".
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research is dedicated to finding a cure for
April is Parkinson's Awareness Month. Pin this Michael J. Fox badge to show your support!
Michael J fox and Magnolia Bakery team up for Parkinson's awareness month
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"When you say no progress has been made, you just have to watch that video." This one, of Helen Mirren.
for the second time today, OUCH! I'm away to send off for my free Parker pen from Michael Parkinson ...
Michael J Fox has Parkinson's that is what makes him shake. It's a neurological brain disease
Michael J. Fox inspires Pfizer colleagues to be “agents of change” in the fight against Parkinson’s
So true - its going back a bit but try and get hold of Michael Parkinson interviewing David Niven on bbc - classic
He said, “My influences are, you know, Graham Norton, Chris Evans, Jonathan Ross, Michael Parkinson. My influe...
snoop dog and rod hull? Surely it was Billy Connolly on the Michael Parkinson show who said "I'll break your neck and his f**king arm"
Clip from Michael Parkinson's Greatest Entertainers, showing interview clips of his 4 meetings with Muhammad Ali - 1971, 1974, 1975 and 1981.
Saw someone making fun of Michael J. Fox and repeatedly. Parkinson disease is nothing to make fun of. . I felt disgusted
Fond memories of watching an interview with Michael Parkinson. Freddie Starr telling a story. Made you jump out of your skin
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