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Michael Owen

Michael James Owen (born 14 December 1979 in Chester) is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester United.

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Many people would love to play football every day but not Michael Owen – here are the players who hated training
This Michael Owen story on is absolutely brilliant. .
Michael Owen has watched 13 films and isn't Welsh, more
Whatever you think of Owen as a pundit, he is class when talking about finishing. Any striker should read him here: http…
Pochettino: "But the problem with that was that all they saw straight away was the penalty against Michael Owen. That situation killed me."
In today's Pathfinder Battles: Maze of Death preview, Michael Kenway unleashes undead and displays dragons!. LINK:
Michael Owen doesn't like non factual films. He also thought Jurassic Park was quite good
Michael Owen on Neymar Jr, Harry Kane on new season, Rafa Benitez angry over NUFC transfers and Brendan Rodgers on Kol…
Gary Neville doing his level best to be a monotone and wooden as Michael Owen
Michael Owen says he's proud to be an ambassador for LFC 😂
Michael Owen says he prefers the movie Ghost to Heat and you're surprised? Why? Owen is the type of fella who claps when a…
Jackie McNamara just said it wasn't a pen but Bitton got away with it. The new Michael Owen?
I really liked as a player but as a pundit, he's in the same category as Michael Owen... a fish…
Nomads' take the victory with goals from Jay Owen, Callum Morris, Michael Wilde and Matty Williams.
Thank god this has been a great game as listening to Carragher is nearly as bad as Michael owen!!
The love child of Michael Owen and Rick Astley
Electronic Device Insurance
Asked Michael Owen to review the 10 films he's ever seen. Six of them are Rocky movies.
Those three for me too. And Michael Owen broke my heart till we went on a trip to turkey. Even…
Alvaro Morata will struggle to fill STARBUCKS' boots at Chelsea, says Michael Owen
Swapping him for Michael Owen was our biggest mistake.
Did you know?. Everton youngster Tom Davies was born on the same day that Michael Owen scored that famous goal against…
Watching Sturm Graz vs Fenerbahce on a Serbian sports channel. The commentary is still better than Michael Owen's or Andy Townsend's.
If there is one thing Michael Owen would have no use of, it is a home cinema.
Michael Owen makes bold Naby Keita signing claim - it's all in our LIVE Liverpool transfer blog…
Liverpool FC news: Dominic Solanke 'reminds me of Michael Owen' and 'plays like Harry Kane' - Fans...
Pere Wilson in a Michael Owen wow: voice
Yeah it's wicked. How fat is Michael Owen now?!!
Yes you was Michael Owen and your brother was Man United David Beckham no…
Can we add that only Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer have scored more Premier…
Michael Owen ( ) is the youngest player to score 100 goals in the Premier League at the age of 23 years and 4 months.
Michael Owen would say he's used the wrong hand 🙈
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeffery Owen Freelon & Jon Michael Hill are resplendent in Pass…
4 links in on ITV3! Michael Attwell was in Attack of the Cybermen in 1985. Michael Owen Morris directed T…
He's nearly as bad as Michael Owen.
The ballon d'or has become a joke. Andriy Shevchenko, Pavel Nedvěd, Michael Owen, George…
strikes me as a class A knob head. If he was self aware could forgive it. Still could be worse, he could be Michael Owen
Michael Thompson is using Raw Vintage USA RV-50 single coil pickups and Owen Barry is using the RV-60 singles!
Ksi's new song is the worst thing I've ever heard, and I've listened to Michael Owen as a pundit
We were at Dragonfly Creek Recording Studio - Malibu last month with Michael Thompson, Owen Barry, Ernest Tibbs...
Michael Owen won the ballon dor, that must make him better than Henry. Retarded logic
Fashionable to knock pundits but he makes Michael Owen sound like Einstein.
And we'll have more views from Michael Owen later on this evening, back to you in the studio boys
France '98, 18-year old Michael Owen announces himself to the world.
"I'm Michael Owen and I know what it's like to be injured!" 😂 shocking advert that
Glenn Hoddle is as bad as Michael Owen fme side ways who do these people keep a jod they robbing a living
The thing flew right over Cafe Avenue ,Jesus wept I thought it as Michael Owen popping round to try the new tapas menus
A Liverpool legend and ambassador in Michael Owen also calls Utd "we"
Michael and I love our stomastoma gear almost as much as the group. Look what you started Owen!!
I've heard it all now. Michael Owen doing an injury at work advert 😂😂
Dull game so far, and Hoddle doesn't help, he almost makes Michael Owen sound interesting
Sounds a bit like Mel Reddy when he says Michael Owen.
Michael Owen Recreates his famous goal at 98 World Cup against Argentina
Jamie Carragher, Harry Redknapp, Michael Owen, Steve Bruce, Rafa Benitez, Brendan Rodgers and more on what they want f…
Watching Ian Wright shutting down Michael Owen & Chris Sutton will never ever get old! 😂👋🏼
Michael Owen on Manchester City target John Stones: He does make sense here, no?
34' - Phil Neville, Eidur Gudjohnsen and Joan Capdevila replace Michael Owen, Damien Duff and Eric Abidal for the All-Stars.
Well respected experts in their given fields. I imagine Michael Owen will still be around though 😭
Rio Ferdinand wondering what he's done to deserve being caught between Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves.
Liverpool fans set up petition to remove Michael Owen as club ambassador after he called Manchester United 'WE'
Michael Owen: "If Henrikh Mkhitaryan doesn't make his run, then Man Utd don't score their goal."
How is Michael Owen even a pundit, he has less charisma than Nick Faldo & Steve Davis. At least they kne…
Michael Owen on Marcus Rashford: "Every time has has been asked a question in a Man Utd shirt he's answered. He's a breath…
Apparently BT are shedding 4000 jobs worldwide, fingers crossed this includes Michael Owen, Steve McManaman and Robbie S…
Michael Owen: Why Jose Mourinho should forget about signing this star
Michael Owen is impressed by Marcus Rashford´s performances but wants to see even more:
Michael Owen on Marcus Rashford: "If you go and buy someone like Antoine Griezmann, then you're stunting his growth."
Michael Owen praises Marcus Rashford - but questions whether he 's quot
Michael Owen praises Marcus Rashford - but questions whether he's "cold-blooded…
Saw it happen to Michael Owen and Jonathan Woodgate. Would be a shame if it happened to him.
ManCity vs Spurs in the finals,then Spurs will eventually nick it...are u not worse than Michael Owen?? Lol.…
Juan Cuadrado has 100 chips. Michael Owen has 100 chips. Nathan Dyer has 100 chips
and don't forget gerrard, lampard, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley cole, John terry, Michael Owen, and Rooney
Paul Scholes is a worse pundit than Jamie Redknapp, Michael Owen, Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage rolled into one. He makes my ears cry
My dad is genuinely the worst person to watch football with he's like Gary Neville, Robbie Savage and Michael Owen rolled into one...
42 days ago Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard & Gary Lineker all lost it. Over to you again, Barcelona... h…
How much does Neville Southall want to hit a young Michael Owen in his clip?
On this day, 2014, I ran the London Marathon in 3:26:18 and beat Michael Owen in the process. Never tire of that s…
Jason Manford is just a fat Michael Owen 😂
Gary Neville is the most useless commentator, still better than Michael Owen though
Michael Owen says this about Liverpool management by Jurgen Klopp
Since the likes of Michael Owen and Alan Shearer, Jermain Defoe has been the best English finisher. . England have cri…
Steve McManaman in the commentary box alongside Glenn Hoddle, Michael Owen at half time. What fresh *** is this BT Sport?
I reckon Michael Owen smells like brown sauce.
Michael Owen fronting Dubai's tourism promo video was an inspired choice. Unparalleled charisma and charm.
If you missed it last night, Michael Owen thinks Liverpool won the Europa League last year... 😂🙈
Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand and Harry Redknapp try to convince Wayne Rooney to join them at BT Sport
Got to wonder what world Michael Owen is living in sometimes... 😂
Michael Owen thinks Liverpool won the Europa League last year. 😂😂😂
Michael Owen: "Sergio Romero would get into most Premier League teams."
Michael Owen claiming Liverpool won the Europa League last season 🤔🤔🤔.
Steve McManaman makes you long for the days of Michael Owen co-commentating
Steve McManaman has been so biased towards City tonight on commentary, where's Michael Owen when you need him?
Steve McManaman showing he's a graduate of the Michael Owen school of football commentary 😐
Michael Owen's reaction to Samir Nasri's sending off is really something.
January: Michael Owen greeted at the Bernabeu as a Real Madrid legend. March: Runs around studio celebrating Barcelona wi…
Neil Harris came to Liverpool on trial? Hard to believe he didn't get the nod over Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler.
Michael Owen and Steve machmahon should be on there, danny Murphy one of the few good ones
Michael Owen slams Man United star’s decision against Rostov: Why it was 'disastrous'
Michael Owen - "If they (Rostov) don't get a goal then they're out". Talking at half time whilst Man Utd are winning 1-0. Dear lord
never seen Michael Owen move so fast
"The Problem with being a bad finisher is you don't finish very well." - Michael Owen
dinni ken whos worse mate outta him and Michael Owen
Martin Known is up there with Michael Owen and Robbie Savage when looking for the world's worst pundit.
Michael Owen on Arsenal: "They beat all the rubbish teams, then as soon as they go to Bayern, United or Chelsea, they g…
Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves in the studio, and Danny Higginbotham co commentating, nightmare
Before the game Michael Owen & Owen Hargreaves: Leicester don't have a chance, Liverpool will annihilate them! 🙄
Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves might tear a hamstring messing around with that touch screen
Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves as pundits. Horrific. Who thought this was a good idea ?!
I dino who's the bigger doos, Owen Hargreaves or Michael Owen
Happy to have my tv on mute. Cba with a trio of Andy Townsend, Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves 😂
Our most recent League Cup success was in 2010, as Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney scored to see off Aston Villa.
Michael Owen on Man Utd: "It's the land of the giants right down the spine. It's a formidable team."
One of great pleasures of life is piping OMD over the Sonos soundbar in place of Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen on BT sport while watching
The only ones I can think of that I'd consider "lukewarm" towards joining United were Angel Di Maria & Michael Owen?
his game is up. Looked like Michael Owen after his injuries, physically/mentally not the same as 2 years ago.
Noel Gallagher called it right: 'Alan Shearer is CID and Michael Owen looks like trainee CID'.
"Bobby Charlton will now have to score one more goal to equal Wayne Rooney's record." - Michael Owen
Throwback to this classic from Michael Owen last season.
Michael Owen: "Any young footballer, watch Cavani's movement. The best in the business. Just close your eyes when he's abo…
Michael Owen. Surely no footballers stock has dropped as badly as his over 20 years? Childhood prodigy loved by all to absolute ballbag.
Is that Michael Owen on behalf of Sky Sports team?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Owen Hargreaves: "Michael Carrick has been superb this evening". It's 2 o'clock, Owen...
That is the most Michael Owen thing I have ever seen 😂⛽️😂
can one of you lads tell me what Michael Owen is in the picture for 😂😂😂
Okay but real talk, why is Michael Owen there?
So it turns out whenever Michael Owen isn't being boring as *** he's fat shaming a legend 😂
Twt Michael Owen: I thought I was putting the pounds on until I saw my old mate Ronnie!
Some of Michael Owen's best commentary quotes.
he's been reading from the Michael Owen book of twattish things to say
How is Andy Murray nominated for Most boring man on earth apart from Michael Owen
Michael Owen became the European Footballer of the Year 15 years ago. He's viewed very differently now. For htt…
Some of Michael Owen's best commentary quotes. 😂
"He didn't think that anyone else was better than him." . For one year, no one was. . What happened to Michael Owen? http…
😂😂😂. Jose Mourinho on Michael Owen criticising Zlatan. Zlatan has almost scored more goals in 6 months than Owen di…
Jose Mourinho just ripped Michael Owen a new *** hole👀😂
Jose Mourinho giving Michael Owen pelters about Zlatan. "He's scored more goal so far than Owen in 3 seasons here."
Jose Mourinho just had Michael Owen's pants down. Fantastic trolling.
Jose Mourinho: "Reality is Zlatan will score more goals this season than Michael Owen scored in 3 seasons at Manchester…
"Michael Owen criticising Zlatan is odd considering Zlatan has scored more in 3 months for Utd than he did in 3 years.". -…
Mourinho has a pop at Michael Owen 😂
Michael Owen, last Englishman to win the Ballon d'Or. 2001
WATCH - Jose Mourinho destroys Michael Owen over his criticism of Zlatan Ibrahimovic -
in 1979 Michael Owen was born, is this his most memorable goal?
It's Michael Owen's Birthday today. Here are some of his more memorable commentary gaffes...
Jose Mourinho slates Michael Owen after comments on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. .
Happy 37th Birthday Michael Owen. Never forget when he said "When Man City don't score, they hardly ever win". https:/…
Happy birthday to Michael Owen. Here's some of his most inspirational punditry quotes.
Happy birthday Michael Owen. The man behind some great quotes, such as this one...
Happy birthday to Michael Owen. The last English footballer to win Ballon d'Or.
"Arsenal aren't destined for the physical fight.". Michael Owen believes Arsenal can only handle one style of play - https…
Happy 37th Birthday to Michael Owen!. Let's take a look at some of his best quotes. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jose Mourinho has absolutely destroyed Michael Owen on BT Sport. 😂
Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Steve McManaman or my particular nemesis Matt blokey no content Le Tissier. Most are milking it.
Matt doing his best Michael Owen impression here
Henrikh Mkhitaryan should be first choice at Manchester United, say Michael Owen and Paul…
Michael Owen on Henrikh Mkihitaryan: "Whether it's left, right or centre, he would be my first choice in any of those posit…
Video: Henrikh Mkhitaryan should start for Manchester United, say Paul Scholes and Michael Owen
El Hadji Diouf on Michael Owen winning the Ballon D'Or in 2001: "In terms of football I was better than him at the time." (SFR Sp…
Ben Woodburn don become Liverpool youngest ever goal scorer.. Na snake Michael Owen been hold the record "before".
Michael Owen is from Chester. Ben Woodburn is from Chester. Yeah, there's really only one former striker to compare Woodburn with.
Move over Michael Owen!. Ben Woodburn has become Liverpool's youngest ever goalscorer. ➡️ https…
Michael Owen salutes Ben Woodburn as Jurgen Klopp jokes 'I'd have scor...
Owen: Well done, Woodburn - Michael Owen led the congratulations after losing a Liverpool goalscorin...
Jurgen Klopp said he is determined to protect Ben Woodburn after the 17-year-old surpassed Michael Owen as the club's you…
Question:what player has played with Charlie Adam, Marlon Harewood, Michael Owen, Damien Duff, Wayne Rooney and Jermaine Defoe?😉Club&Country
Jermain Defoe: ‘Moving above Michael Owen on goals would be a good place to be’
'Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a stopgap striker for Manchester United': Michael Owen and Paul Scholes question Swede's l...
Pst.Michael Owen fancies Paul Scholes.pass it on
Paul Scholes predicts 4-0 win before kick-off. Jake and Michael Owen laugh. . Manchester United 4-0 up.
Did you guys lose a bet to allow Chris Sutton to commentate?. The man makes Michael Owen sound like a Football God.
If you think Michael Owen's commentary is bad try and listen to Chris Sutton. 😂🙊
Chris Sutton mate. You make Michael Owen bearable. Give it a rest!
What the *** is Chris Sutton talking about..!? Like a combination of Michael Owen and Max Headroom.
Defoe needs 1 more goal to pass Michael Owen. HA'WAY.
Even though he went to United Michael Owen was a amazing footballer shame he got the injuries and Capello had something against him
Michael Owen predicts where Arsenal, Tottenham will finish in title race
Waiting on Nice for €410.. How does everyone think they will do?
No idea. Same with Michael Owen, Scholes and Giggs, not a personality betweeen them.
Tim Henman is the Michael Owen of tennis commentary.
Watching the final between & ^ Henman's commentary is like Michael Owen's on football.
I do like to write but I also like to get and out and play. I ...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
When did employ the Michael Owen of boxing on commentary 😴😴😴
In bits at this Michael Owen five-a-side team. He's picked Van Der Sar, Ferdinand, Gerrard, Scholes and Rooney, the big…
Michael Owen: the boro defenders were doing a mannequin challenge that led to the goal 😂😂😂
Ross McCormack's punditry up there with Michael Owen and Phil Neville!! cure
Ross McCormack is nearly is exciting as Michael Owen as pundits go... boring *** ..
I feel the same way about Michael Owen
Michael Owen is the only English player to have scored in 4 major international tournaments.
A Michael Owen shirt has never looked better.❤️
Watching the on BBC having 2listen to the commentary of Jonathan Davis is the rugby equivalent of Michael Owen on bt sport
Kasper Dolberg plays so much like Michael Owen. No many better at his age.
Dwight Gayle is like prime R9 and peak Michael Owen mixed into one in the championship 😂
Jermain Defore when he joined the 150 club equaling the amount of league goals scored by Michael Owen
Michael Owen is the type of guy to tip the Postman
Michael Owen: Manchester United signed me instead of this Real...
Michael Barker, Conan Byrne & Ian Bermingham are back for 2017. Joining them will be Gavin Peers, who moves from Sligo Rovers…
Maybe the only reason Michael Owen's commentating gets a lot of hate is because he speaks the truth
If you look at football over the last 50 years there has been a gradual ...
Jermain Defoe has now scored 150 Premier League goals - level with Michael Owen as the 7th highest goalscorer in PL hi…
Michael Owen just loves playing Arsenal at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff
you and michael owen are my heroes. You can scores goals. The media can swivel on that 🖕🏼 Fight for it wayne!!
Michael Owen: Liverpool boss Klopp can help Reds rediscover...
Shade of Michael Owen playing outside half
Jermain Defoe has scored his 150th PL goal, moving him to joint 7th in the all-time list, level with Michael Owen
49. Has your team won the Champions league ever?
48. Been loyal to your team and never supported anyone else
45. Sworn at the ref thought the TV. (Everyone has tbh!)
39. Punched your sofa through frustration and anger
38. Bought a scarf at any game you've been to
32. Seen an international football game.
12. Seen your team win in the last minute of the game
BREAKING: Sky sources: Steven Gerrard has been offered the MK Dons manager's job and will make decision on Monday: htt…
Sunderland 3-0 Hull: Defoe levels with Michael Owen with 150th goal.
Really, what, is he turning into michael owen now. Like i said, liverpool does not have No1 position m…
Tomorrow Never Dies, starring Rena Owen and Dwayne Johnson. Directed by Michael Moore, music by Eels. Budget: $90m
Congratulations to just scored his 150th Premier League goal, moving him level with Michael Owen.
ICYMI - Michael Owen tears into Paul Pogba, Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial after Manchester U
Paul Scholes and Michael Owen don't hold back after defeat in Europe. Fascinating stuff...
Jake Humphrey reveals what Paul Scholes and Michael Owen write on their team sheets in the studio
Paul Scholes and Michael Owen in the same studio. The entire audience is already asleep and Man United haven't even kicked…
I put all my videos together in one place. Featuring Danny Dyer, Godzilla, Air Bud, Michael Owen, AJ Styles and mor…
Remember Alberto's verbal assault on Michael Owen for something he never said? 'I accept Michael's apology' said Carlos later!
lol, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, and Trevor Francis were the others that I could think of.
Manchester United’s midfield is suffering because of Paul Pogba, claims Michael Owen
Michael Owen reacts to Mesut Ozil’s display in Arsenal’s 6-0 win over Ludogorets: Michael Owen wants to ...
what? Michael Owen has been talking out of his assalot recently.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Former Liverpool and Manchester United striker Michael Owen has warned the Red Devils of the .
At boys football training. So far the parents have compared kids to Messi, Michael Owen, Alan Clark and Brian Deane.
Henry Winter's choice of best dribbler in English football history is Ravel Morrison. . Someone else goes for Michael Owen 😆
International week doesn't have to be dull. Remember Dion Dublin saving Michael Owen's life during a friendly in Ca…
Nick Dougherty, the Michael Owen of golf commentary
Michael Owen: Arsenal need more than just Alexis Sanchez to win big titles
I hope Michael Owen is not commentating
"If you only ever give 90% in training then you will only ever give 90% when it matters." ~Michael Owen
'Demarai Gray is dangerous, Leonardo Ulloa is...very dangerous' Michael Owen's vocabulary is immense
All the angles... Bedlam inside Old Trafford as Michael Owen wins it 4-3!
Gary Neville and Sir Alex celebrate Michael Owen's Derby winner at Old Trafford
A fan view of Michael Owen winner vs Manchester City. (I have added the Sky Sports commentary)
not really, City lost 4-3 at the Old Trafford...winner goal scored by super sub Michael Owen...wewe CFC fan,HUJUI BALL!
Michael Owen has added his best weekend bets -- 9/2 treble & more ▶️ ⚽ 💷
'Well done, he's 13': Revisiting the cult YouTube tragicomedy of Michael Owen's Soccer Skills
what about Michael Owen? 😜. I've just finished the Zlatan book, and I'm now on Keith Gillespie's book. Decent read.
First transfer window in years we've no been linked with Michael Owen, Kevin Doyle, Sean St Ledger or Jimmy Bullard.
Glenn Hoddle/Michael Owen not allowed near a microphone
Things more interesting than West Brom v Boro:. Michael Owen. United under LVG. Watching paint dry. Wondering if it's still s…
John George Terry and 4 of his mates, the era of footballers with banter died when Michael Owen's horse did
Chapter 3 is Michael Owen. He'd probably be Liverpool's all time leading goalscorer if he'd stayed forever.
Matt Baker's commentary is class 😆. However the other guy would give Michael Owen a run for his money... 😕.
Michael Owen: "Players can only leave Liverpool for Barcelona or Real Madrid". 25/7/2016: Joe Allen signs a 5 year contract…
Jack wilshere is Darren anderton, Kieran dyer and Michael Owen all rolled into one! And I'm not talking ability wise!
Lass I know's named her sons after Michael Owen and Kieron Dyer and am still not over it.
Clive Walker makes Michael Owen bearable to listen to.
I was hoping you were, although Craig Charles would be a lot better than Michael Owen, that's for sure
People bang on about Michael Owen being boring but Wayne Rooney's favourite band is still the Stereophonics.
My dad is a Liverpool fan, and to watch Michael Owen at that time in Malaysia was great. Also in the game, Pablo Aimar play for Argentina.
Get over it. Non-Welsh born players have played for years. Michael Owen was Welsh BTW!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Ryan Giggs. For when TV execs look at Michael Owen and decide that another flat, dull, North West accent is just what punditry needs.
good, three people on tv who send me asleep when they talk and it's Michael Owen, Phil Neville and Gareth Southgate.
On this day in 1998, Michael Owen scored this...
"If you did then you would have lost it" Michael Owen
Harry Kane or Michael Owen? Ok then shuttup. Sturridge or Shearer? Ok then shuttup.Rose or Cole? Ok then shuttup. Terry or smalling? Shuttup
Michael Owen 'expects more' from Harry Kane at Euro 2016 and predicts England win against -
Michael Owen &more&from Harry Kane at Euro 2016 and predicts ... -
Michael Owen has made his score prediction for England vs Wales
Danny Rose is the best interceptor of the ball in Tottenham"...Michael Owen.
Always loved this pic of John Barnes giving Michael Owen advice on his Liverpool debut.
David James - the newest addition to the Michael Owen school of commentary
Michael Owen on John Stones, funnily enough I agree with him!
England must play without fear in says Michael Owen
'If they sack me, I won't be working for them anymore'. - Michael Owen
Ronnie Whelan pulled a Michael Owen - 'the peno was just too high'. No!
all my mates at home always complain about Michael Owen and stuff. Rather that than rob stone and Eric Wynalda. They're so bad
The England article says Michael Owen was chosen over Ian Wright for the 1998 World Cup. Yet Wright was actually injured.
Crapiest pundits in the land are Schmeichel, Michael Owen, Shearer, David James, Scholes,Wright, caragher& macmanaman. Absolutely clueless
only if you get Michael Owen, Glenn Hoddle and Chris Sutton tae.
Glenn Hoddle is on the same level as Michael Owen as a national embarrassment.
Who's the worst commentator Michael Owen or Glenn Hoddle? "It was a really positive penalty." Glenn, he missed! If he'd scored it maybe!
So, who is the worst football pundit, Glenn Hoddle or Michael Owen?
I'd rather listen to Michael Owen than Glenn Hoddle
baffles me that Andy Gray is exiled in Qatar when the likes of Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen are in employment
Imagine having Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen as a commentary pairing... How bad would that be!😑
Michael Owen, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Smith and Martin Keown... Who decided they would make good commentators?
Has Glenn Hoddle been taking comentating tips of Michael Owen? Jesus tonight boring me to death the old ***
I'm thinking of developing an App that will remove Glenn Hoddle & Michael Owen from any commentary. Any demand for such a thing?.
I hate Glenn Hoddle with a passion! He is a worse commentator than Michael Owen 😡😑😡😑
Glenn Hoddle is up there with Michael Owen 😴😴
Glenn Hoddle is nearly as bad at commentating as Michael Owen is. Talks absolute ***
Glenn Hoddle is doing well in his attempt to prevent Michael Owen retaining his Mr Mogadon Award.
ioan you should replace Michael Owen
Michael Owen makes outrageous claims about Liverpool after Europa League final defeat
Michael Owen talk say Liverpool na the biggest club wey dey this world apart from Real Madrid and Barcelona. . Moron
You all mocked him, but Michael Owen was bang on when he said Roberto Firmino has 'one good performance in five or six'.
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