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Michael Oher

Michael Jerome Oher (born May 28, 1986) is an American football offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

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Michael Oher is released and Hugh Freeze resigns, both on the same day. . Ole Miss is getting blindsided.
Michael Oher gets cut, and then his old coach Hugh Freeze from HS & Ole Miss quits. Blindsided by Sports oddities.
New post (Michael Oher, Inspiration for The Blind Side, Cited for Misdemeanor Assault ...) has been published on -…
I'd start the actor who played Michael Oher over Hurst
Michael Oher shouldn't be attacking Uber drivers. Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw raised him better!
Michael Oher cited for misdemeanor assault -
So Michael Oher out in Nashville beating up Uber drivers? Must be feeling better lol
Michael Oher | the nashville police department oher got into an argument with an uber driver. |: via
Former Tennessee Titan Michael Oher, the subject of "The Blind Side," has been accused of assaulting an Uber driver
Panthers OL Michael Oher has been accused of knocking an Uber driver to the ground after the driver "put his hand on Oh…
Michael Oher charged with assaulting Uber driver in Nashville. via
Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher cited for allegedly assaulting an Uber driver in Nashville.
Michael Oher, Inspiration for 'The Blind Side,' Accused of Assaulting an Uber Driver
From this morning So Michael Oher gets a ride from Uber...
offensive tackle Michael Oher accused of assaulting Uber driver in Nashville, TN
Michael Oher charged with beating up an Uber driver.
Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer reports the Panthers are "cautiously optimistic" about Michael Oher…
I know this one chick built like Michael Oher and look like Ben Wallace in the face 🤣🤣🤣
Watch so you know the story of Michael Oher! A very meaningful movie!
I feel like I've been blindsided by Michael Oher, he even played for the "Ravens".
Folks I haven't seen a Raven get blindsided like that since Michael Oher
Michael Oher is expected to make $2.1 million more than Matt Kalil in 2017.
Why it's time for the Carolina Panthers to move on from Michael Oher via
If Michael Oher starts at RT, he'll make 3rd most in salary Avg/Yr at the position. Tied for 10th in guar Avg/Yr.
Around Town: Brighter Foster Futures “Miss Sue,” the tutor who helped Michael Oher with his academics in The Blind…
psa: the actor that played Michael Oher in Blind Side is in this ep of SVU 🙌🏼😍
a skinny Michael Oher from blindside.
Nah, Hollywood made Michael Oher look bad, this is like RG3 2.0
Free is good but Collins push *** down the field like Michael Oher on blindside
Michael Oher, Kelvin Benjamin (I'm not quitting on him yet), Trai Turner. DF still deserves time to be evaluated
I had 2 concerns last year before the season started:. Depth behind Michael Oher and depth at outside corner.
This is known as the Michael Oher False Start Phenomenon in football
Watching The Blind Side for at least the 25th time. Great movie, to bad real Michael Oher says it's a crock and ruined his life
Any fool can have courage, but honor, that's the real reason you either do something or you don't. - Michael Oher
I think Michael Oher or Greg Robinson are options for Dallas if released. Also think they bring back Johnathon Cooper.
Hey Marcus. You think Dallas kicks the tires on Michael Oher or Greg Robinson if released?
Absolutely. I was wrong with Michael Oher, and may be wrong again, but that contract is considerably risky.
Michael oher still got a concussion 🤔
Hunter and Griffen lined up against Michael Oher. And feasted. Remmers gave up 1 sack to B-Rob.
"The believe John Matsko can fix Matt Kalil like he fixed Michael Oher, so they are banking on that" - Jo…
Then I hope they pull a Michael Oher with him and turn him into a better player than expected. Guess we'll see what they do.
hopefully it works out as well as the Byron Bell for Michael Oher pick did in 2015
my chem professor look like Michael Oher from Blind Side
How many of those where at LT, in place of Michael Oher?
this worked out well with Byron Bell for Michael Oher in ‘15
Very similar to what Byron Bell and Michael Oher did with TEN
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Remmers had a very good 2015 regular season at RT, but struggled mightily this past season when replacing Michael O…
I questioned Gettleman when they signed Michael Oher and I was wrong, at least in 2015. This seems like a way worse idea.…
nah Cary you aren't Michael Oher you are this dude
Please say something about Michael Oher, I am Beging you.
I just need Michael Oher to come out the concussion protocol
Thank goodness she saw Joe Theisman's injury or Michael Oher is never successful at Ole Miss
Ereck Flowers has that Eugene Monroe/Michael Oher heavy footed disease where when caught bending, they're easily "O-Layed" like a bull
From the current team would be nice 😂😂. If you insist, Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Greg Olsen, Michael Oher and Kelvin Benjamin
ain't that Dangerous Minds? The Blindside is the movie about the football player, Michael Oher ..
Practice horn has sounded and no Cam Newton, Michael Oher, Jonathan Stewart, Charles Johnson.
Mark Jenkins actually thought that Michael Oher was blind in The Blind Side.
you're right, if you look closely Michael Oher is also wearing Brooks Brothers at Brick.
Michael Oher signed an extension and his teammates brought out “The Blind Side” GIFs
New post: ". Carolina Panthers left tackle and 'The Blind Side' inspiration Michael Oher is teased by his teammate…
New at r/GBP: Michael Oher got a $7.2m per year contract. David Bakhtiari is about to be very rich.
Michael Oher really did defy all odds
you and Michael Oher are free to go. Hit the showers.
at least y'all had michael oher for your left tackle. He's 💩 but he would had be river's best lineman ever.
Movie review: The Blind Side. A pleasant way to pass the time, but for a true tale it's too schmaltzy. Also Michael Oher isn't Forrest Gump.
Michael Oher’s agent offered “no comment” when asked about the offensive tackle’s contract status with the Carolina Panthers.
for sure. He's a singer/actor, husband to Faith Hill and father to NFL lineman Michael Oher
Report: interested in Michael Oher extension -
Will the lock up Michael Oher on a long-term deal? CAR wants to make it happen:.
Gibbs look like Michael oher off the Blind Side
Oregon State's, Mike Remmers, and Michael Oher are trying to stay line buddies.
For anyone cringing at the idea of Carolina resigning OT Michael Oher, he allowed a career-low 4 sacks last season.
www dot CharlotteFor dot me Panthers Working on Contract Extension with Michael Oher - Cat Scratch Reader (blog...
Panthers Working on Contract Extension with Michael Oher: The Panthers are happy with the hog mollies they ha...
Report: Panthers working on extension with Michael Oher
Report: Panthers interested in extending Michael Oher. (via )
domain names
Report: Panthers interested in extending Michael Oher (via
Report: Panthers interested in extending Michael Oher: The Carolina Panthers are interested in signing left t...
Michael Oher only allowed 4 sacks last season. He and the Panthers are working toward extension
Laremy Tunsil is the first Ole Miss player taken in the 1st round since 2009 (Michael Oher and Peria Jerry).
but Laremy Tunsil could end up being Michael Oher or worst, Danny Watkins...
So would Mike Remmers and Michael Oher, probably, so you'd have company
you mean Julius peppers, Demarcus Ware, or Derrick Wolfe ? Michael Oher plays left tackle g 😂
lol Brady sticks his arm out when he slams on his break to 'save me' and goes "I'm like Michael Oher" . 👌🏼
Sad...Michael Oher can't get any footing on Levi's turf via
now they have money to sign Michael Oher!
below $5m: Donald Penn, Michael Oher. Penn was great last year but a surprise. This is Okung territory.
Quinton Aaron, who starred as Michael Oher in "The Blind Side", in studio today to talk about…
Elam, Arthur Brown, Terrance Cody, Terrence Brooks, Sergio Kindle, and Michael Oher were BPA? Could have fooled me
Michael Oher must've been playing on ice 😳
I just watched the Vine of Michael Oher moving like a blocking sled on Levi's Stadium turf. How does the league play a…
Leigh Anne Tuohy, from Tennessee, whose son Michael Oher won the Super Bowl in 2013 with the Baltimore Ravens, has praised h…
Leigh Anne Tuohy of The Blind Side fame, talks about her son Michael Oher & helping foster children who need a home.
Leigh Anne Tuohy will be at the game to cheer on Panthers player Michael Oher.
I really hope Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy don't un-adopt Michael Oher
Michael Oher suggests that Broncos were jumping the silent snap count. That's what they did against the Patriots too.
On the bright side, Michael Oher and Ed Dickson still have the same amount of rings as Joe Flacco and Terrell Suggs 😅
If somebody don't call Sandra Bullock and tell Michael Oher to protect his quarterbacks blindside!
Michael Oher may need a stern talking to from Sandra Bullock to stop with all these false starts.
he's as Irish as Kim jon Un. Michael Oher.
Someone needs to call Sandra Bullock and have her tell Michael Oher he needs to protect his Blind Side
Michael Oher. Do I need to get Sandra Bullock to come out and tell you to protect the QB like how you would protect he…
Sandra Bullock needa talk to her boy Michael Oher for real rn
I'm assuming Sandy Bullock is cheering for Carolina as Michael Oher is protecting Cam Newton's blindside today
When they said Michael Oher my heart screamed Sandy Bullock the Blind Side
Sandy Bullock might need to go tell Michael Oher to start blocking that Blind Side...
"Michael Oher did not protect the Blind Side."
Sandra Bullock better give Michael Oher a stern talking to after that last play.
turn up for Michael Oher in the Super Bowl bc turn up for The Blindside bc turn up for Sandy Bullock💯
. Michael Oher is playing for the Panthers in Here with his parents, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy.
I had to lie to my mom this weekend and tell her that Michael Oher was really good. Dont do this to me, Carolina.
Mike Remmers & Michael Oher have surrendered 0 pressures in the playoffs. How will they fare against Miller & Ware?
Cam Newton to Michael Oher: I need you in Carolina
Cam Newton worked hard at recruiting Michael Oher to Carolina, and he's glad he did
Cam texted Michael Oher: 'I don't want you. I NEED you.': When Cam Newton discovered the…
Cam Newton texted Michael Oher last offseason ‘I need you’ to play for Panthers
How one text from Cam Newton saved Michael Oher's career.
Michael Oher said Cam Newton joked that Oher had been given up for dead this time last yr. Now he's Cam's blindside prote…
Cam Newton's text put Michael Oher back in the spotlight
Cam Newton tells Michael Oher: 'I need you' to play in Carolina | Pro32: Head to Head
Michael Oher celebreated winning the NFC title with the family from 'The Blind Side'
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Michael Oher got a text from Cam Newton during the offseason. Now, they prepare for
ion know bra Demarcus Ware or Von Miller not boutta go to work on Michael Oher like they did the Pats
Michael Oher celebrates victory with the real life Sandra Bullock & Tim McGraw (Leigh Anne & Sean Tuohy)! ht…
'The Blind Side' introduced Michael Oher, but Cam Newton's text rescued his career
Amazing to see Brother Sean Tuohy do a wonderful thing by taking in Michael Oher as one of his own https…
Denver is gonna feast. But so will Carolina. Michael Oher been great but Ware and Miller?
Michael Oher having to block wither Von Miller or Demarcus Ware might be one matchup that can tip the scales in favor of the Broncos.
Michael Oher on &aposThe Blind Side&apos queries and texts from Cam Newton -
Demarcus Ware and Michael Oher match up is going to be a big factor in the Super Bowl
Name your favorite athlete in each of the following sports:. - Sidney Crosby. - Josh Donaldson. - Michael Oher . - Chip Cox
ICYMI: Michael Oher celebrated his team advancing to Super Bowl 50 on the field with his "Blind Side" family.
Being a huge fan of John Lee Hancock, I'm super excited to see Michael Oher heading to the Super Bowl
Panthers LT Michael Oher cheered by 'The Blind Side' family at NFC Championship
If you've ever seen the Blindside, smile because Michael Oher is going to the SUPERBOWL!
Congrats to Roman Harper, Jared Allen, Michael Oher & the rest of the Carolina Panthers from your MN fan!!
I'm glad Michael Oher is still doing good
Offensive tackle Super Bowl trivia: . Harry Swayne, Jon Runyan, & Fred Miller - only OT to start for 2+ tms in SB. Michael Oher soon to be
ICYMI Michael Oher doesn't like 'The Blind Side,' but teammates love movie, and him
when you reschedule, bring Michael Oher. Have him bring Cam Newton, too. Please and thank you.
ProFootballFocus Ranked the Panthers' Offensive Line as the Second Best in the NFL
deal w Chris Davis is done. Press conf at 7pm. . Carolina Panthers rave about former Michael Oher. sports 5:50pm
Michael Oher doesn't like 'The Blind Side,' but Panthers teammates love movie, and him
missing Michael Oher from Mississippi on your list
Michael Oher not the biggest fan of 'The Blind Side' on the Panthers. (via )
Are Jah Reed and Michael Oher starting in the playoffs this yr?
A.Q Shipley, Michael Oher, Jah Reid. What do they have in common? Former Ravens O linemen now thriving elsewhere
Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher's story is featured in the film "The Blind Side."
Michael Oher and Ryan Kalil gonna be pro-bowlers fam
Greg Hardy greeting his former teammates, including Michael Oher, his former HS and college teammate who owned him today.
That time when you went all Michael Oher on Emanuel Sanders. It was time for him to go home.
Panthers LT Michael Oher, Cowboys DE Greg Hardy had visions of NBA stardom
Watched the Blind Side last night with JC. Michael Oher's story was a tear-jerker. Kudos to you Big Mike! You're awesome!!!
Don't always do what people tell you to because it may not be a good decision-Michael Oher
you look like Michael oher calm down food stamps
This is like breaking rules of the universe. No self-appointing of nicknames. Worse than in a Ravens Michael Oher jersey.
Cam Newton plays in an offense where Michael Oher protects his Blind Side and Ted Ginn needs to be targeted multiple times per game
Saying Cam and Kap are comparable says Joe Staley, Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith are as good as Michael Oher, Jericho Cotchery and Ted Ginn
Cool photo of being mobbed by Cam Newton and Michael Oher after his first career TD from
Greg Hardy was a teammate of Michael Oher in HS and college. He's probably mad that he didn't get a part in The Blind Side
Don't stop now! Michael Oher didn't and neither should you, read his story here
could Cam Newton get Michael oher another ring
Wait. I didnt know Michael Oher was a Panther 👀 *** when did that happen?
but the Panthers have got Michael Oher from The Blind Side so that's another option
I might even go for the Panthers as they've got Michael Oher from The Blind Side ❤️
I gotta say, I think the Titans won the Byron Bell for Michael Oher swap.
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Hard to believe Michael Oher is starting for an undefeated team this late into the season. Or playing LT for that matter. Doing well though.
every time I watch Michael Oher play it just makes the Blind Side a little less impressive
Michael Oher... I dislike you quitting on plays
did Michael Oher forget what he was doing on that play? Stopped running mid-play!
Michael Oher with an excellent block on that shadow at the 5 yard line.
Michael Oher... What are you doing? Your specialty is run blocking and you didn't touch a soul. Should have been a TD for J. Stewart
Michael Oher take a lap Jesus J Stew would've scored if you moved your feet
Michael Oher just out there enjoying the beautiful day with his head in the clouds.
Michael Oher could have did better then that now 😒
What the heck was Michael Oher doing?? Why did he turn back to block that guy? Would've been a touchdown if he kept going forward
Michael Oher just pulled, had two defenders in front of him and decided not to block either of them
Wow I forgot Michael Oher was still in the NFL
Michael Blindside Oher gave up on that play so badly.
Michael Oher had to decide which of two guys to block and he chose neither.
Michael Oher did Stew NO FAVORS on that play…
Michael Oher is not a very good run blocker huh?
Michael Oher just got literally bullied by Mike Daniels.
I keep forgetting Michael oher is on our team
I don't think the population realizes how bad this team should be. Ted Ginn is a receiver. Michael Oher is LT. It's a Mike Shula offense.
Michael Oher is his LT! Jericcho Cotchery was old eight years ago! No QB should be good enough to overcome that, right?
Jesus Christ, y'all, this should be a bad Panthers team. They have no receivers. Michael Oher is a left tackle. Mike Shula. What the ***
He is so good right now that he is making Michael Oher look competent at LT
Keep forgetting Michael oher play for Carolina
Based on true story rupa nya. Wish you all the best Michael oher!
Thrash was just dead *** serious when he said Michael Oher went to Towson
Let's talk about how The Blind Side (garbage) ruined Michael Oher's career rather than benefit it
dear Michael oher ur my football idol
Don't be a hater! Be a Like Michael Oher, read his story here
Michael Oher said The Blind Side movie ruined his life... No you being trash at football ruined your life!
Michael oher' mom is currently right next to me. Just sayin.
Michael Oher beat the odds and so can you! Read how he did it in issue of APOPS here.
I guess for every Michael Oher feel-good story there is a contrasting Greg Hardy story.
Hit him with the Michael Oher all the way to the stands lmao
This Big Ugly commit compares his game to Michael Oher. Get to know him:
I don't care if Thomas is half as good as he once was (he's not) we have had Byron Bell and now Michael Oher protecting Cam...enough BS LTs
for some reason he signed free agents like wimbley Levitre Michael oher & Mccluster
is bringing Sue Mitchell next week- the tutor of Michael Oher. Come meet her!!
Is Michael Oher really that great of a OL or did Blind Side hype him up
Seems to me there are some parallels between the Skal situation & the Michael Oher situation. Oher played, Skal will too
you gotta see the clip of Trent going full Michael Oher by blocking a defender all the way out of bounds
AJ Green sales jersey gets 4 games...Laremy Tunsill moves in with Leigh Anne Tuohy steals her car, changes his name to Michael Oher & gets 7
*** really? I referenced Michael Oher, how is that even remotely serious?
LOL Reminded me of movie Michael Oher (real Michael Oher couldn't do it)
Michael Oher couldn't have stopped this.
Is all this cause you sleeping a couch like Michael Oher before he was adopted?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Why are they concerned about Skal if no connection to UK and allow what happened with Michael Oher?
This was like that Michael Oher play in The Blindside
Michael Oher's little brother is in my gym class!!
Greg Hardy v Michael Oher should be fun
Just lifted next to Michael Oher...found out he's a regular now at the gym.
Happy birthday Michael Oher, you were great in the Blind Side
Currently making Michael oher some drinks 🍻🍸
Remember the horror stories Kathy Bates told Michael Oher about Tennessee's field in The Blind Side? Starting to believe them...
that movie is trash. If I was michael oher,Id feel offended by the way they portrayed me as retarded as possible
you don't know who Ryan Kalil a 4x pro-bowler is or Michael Oher a SB winning LT, who had a movie made about him?
"Somebody tell Joe Flacco and Michael Oher this aint a movie
its about Michael Oher, a boy and a family kind of found him and help him with everything and he plays American football
michael oher... yeah some competition right there pal. "Far from terrible in pass pro" GREAT COMPLIMENT
How has Michael Oher been for you guys?
My phone on 3% I'm bouta let it charge but im not done flaming yo Michael Oher from blindside looking ***
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is like Michael Oher he's got my Blind Side
the guy who called about Jonathan Ogden had the character in "The Blind Side" wrong. It was Michael Oher not Ogden.
the guy that called about the movie the Blind Side was not about Jonathan Ogden it was about the life of Michael Oher
Yo and Michael Oher's tutor is going hard af too
the greatest trick Michael Oher ever played was convincing us that he wasn't Michael Oher
it's like when Michael Oher played an actor who played Michael Oher in the Blind Side
Another "washed up" player, Michael Oher...who sucked so bad w/ Tennessee all of a sudden is holding up so fine here.
Michael Oher was rumored to have hated his LSU visit too, but that was like a decade ago so I've forgotten the details.
👬😍👅 you resemble a poor man's Michael Oher
I got a Michael Oher penalty, so you should check out my highlight video:
The upfield burst and leverage demonstrated by Gerald McCoy here to blow up Michael Oher is *** impressive
LT Michael Oher had a movie made about him. I feel like a movie with a similar title could be made about me:
Lardarius Webb needs to go to the same village Michael Oher, Sergio Kindle and Tommy Streeter went to
I didn't hear Michael Oher name all day or Jadaveon Clowney and that formula for success
"Michael Oher wanted to play for Alabama"
You also need context for these things. Ozzie Newsome has spent early picks on Michael Oher, Terrence Cody, Sergio Kindle, and Matt Elam
We've got dropping by in 15 minutes on the show to talk Michael Oher, options at WR & food. Let's go!
Now Rakim Cox working as first team defensive end. Just got destroyed on first play by Michael Oher.
ahh makes sense now thanks mate. I became a Ravens fan (sorry) after watching The Blind Side got inspired by Michael Oher.
The best of Mike Tolbert, Roman Harper, Thomas Davis, Michael Oher and Shaq Thompson today
and the he's all of a sudden a stand up father figure to Michael Oher... People don't forget Tim
On today's Caw, the Ravens o-line makes history, Michael Oher makes excuses, and Breshad Perriman drops passes:
Greg Olsen: "Michael Oher has done a fantastic job." Thinks he's been a big addition for the offense. "He gets it."
Lol and it will be this yr too with Michael Oher and Jonathan Martin play the tackles 😂😞
CAR about to drop ~$40M of g'teed money on Newton, but feel Jonathan Martin and Michael Oher are good enough OTs for him. Sounds about right
gorilla black, Carl Winslow, Michael Oher, Cedric The Entertainer and every other known fat black dude
If you sign Michael Oher, Jonathan Martin, trotted out Byron Bell at LT, am I supposed to value your OT opinions? Asking for a friend
This story is a year old, but it's AWESOME!!! Michael Oher of 'The Blind Side' fame signs with Titans via
Bryon Bell and Michael Oher swapped teams jfk
So and basically exchange LTs. Byron Bell signs with Titans, who released Michael Oher. Carolina signed Oher.
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well, Michael Oher is obviously going to bounce back. They need a sequel to Blind Side.
and we got the "Blind Side" himself Michael Oher and Ted Ginn Jr back to have a return game again
Players the Ravens have taken with draft picks in the 20’s: Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Mark Clayton, Ben Grubbs, Michael Oher,…
They are going to let Michael Oher protect Cam Newton's blindside in a contract year?
"Its not like they're giving Michael Oher a ton of money... I guess its a step up from the dollar store." -
I'm just trying to figure out why Ian gave the panthers an OT when they just signed Michael Oher.,..
Panthers sign free agent tackle Michael Oher to a 2-year contract.
Upgrading from Byron Bell to Michael Oher is like getting shot in the leg to getting shot in the foot.
I'm blocked by Michael Oher, Torrey Smith, Buster Olney, Matthew Berry, Bill Barnwell, Jack Curry, and probably more
Michael Oher: The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game: "Lewis has such a gift for storytelling... he writes as lucidly fo
Michael Oher: I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind Side, and Beyond: The football star made famous in the
from It's was cool meeting Michael Oher the NFl player from "The Blind Side"…
Could Michael Oher be Carolina Panthers' answer on Blind Side?
Trending on Google at the moment... good domain possibility?: Michael Oher
TV is playing the Blind Side movie cuz michael oher needs a job
so im watching the movie "The Blindside" & my mom says it was based on Michael Oher's life... 😳 never knew!
Michael Oher did track in high school threw the discus 160 feet
Watching the Blind Side really makes me hope Michael Oher gets signed this year
The Michael Oher story is so breathtaking 😍😭😭
Michael Oher’s inspiration story is starting, West Coast! Watch now on
Every athlete can learn from the Blind Side and Michael Oher's story
Hope for courage and try for honor 💯 -Michael Oher
Blind Side is on and it makes me sad Michael Oher isn't on a team at the moment. Such a good movie.
uh, Sandra ain't having no dissing of Big Mike
My wife keeps quoting Michael Oher's one liners in the dead silence before he says them, chyeah you ain't a 300lb...
Every time I read about Mike Oher...still makes me tear up just a little...this guy deserves a happy life..just...
watching the Blind Side and how good Big Mike is but it's awk since Michael Oher is unsigned rn
You sound like my GF. She loves that movie & would love if Michael Oher ended up on KC regardless of how good he is. 😂
Every time I watch Michael Oher play I feel like I know him on a personal level
Kathy Bates talking Michael Oher out of going to UT in The Blind Side kills me every time!
You don't enrol Michael Oher because of his grades. You let him I because it's the right thing to do. ~The Blind Side
I think the coolest part of "The Blind Side" has gotta be the end when they show all the real life pics of Michael Oher and his family ❤️
Trace if you could channel your inner Luann Tuoey and find me a Michael Oher for football I'd be pretty happy!!
Michael Oher in The Blind Sids reminds me of Big Brian
Gettin to the money, like Michael Oher runnin you out the TD
In the Blind Side, Michael Oher is given a list of lit. Works to write his final paper on.
Yo after Michael oher got adopted he had the best life.the family that adopted him owned thousands of taco bells 😩😩😩😩 IMAGINE THAT !
Do the Ravens bring back Michael Oher? via
heard anything about Michael Oher taking a physical here?
I just saw Michael Oher and Darnell Docket at I-29 and Barry Road. Separate vehicles.
I live everything but the michael oher pick.
Miami released Hartline and Michael Oher is in KC for a physical.
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