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Michael Myers

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films. He first appears in John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) as a young boy who murders his older sister, then fifteen years later returns home to murder more teenagers.

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Last year, on Michael Myers attacked Alfred Hitchcock with a Dum-Dum lollipop. It was in al…
Well Lee is a big Michael Myers fan so I wasn't surprised.
HELLO? Mike Myers(who plays Dr. Evil in Austin Powers)and Michael Wolff, something fishy about all this? is Michael…
Forgive me, if I laugh. I’d never before seen or heard Michael Wolff, author of Fire and Fury, until this week in c…
Michael Wolff looks a lot like Mike Myers - is this an Austin Powers 4 tour under cover?
Is that actually Michael Wolff or Mike Myers doing Michael Wolff
I’m sticking with my theory that Michael Wolff is actually Mike Myers and is perpetrating the most brilliant hoax i…
Does anyone else think think that Michael Wolff is actually a character created by Mike Myers? The resemblance to D…
“I started to get to know more about him and I realized he didn’t need a citation, he needed someone to help him.” - Depu…
When an old friend of mine scared the life out of me with the Michael Myers mask
For me, the completely dead eyes are by far the creepiest part about him. More terrifying than Freddy K…
is a Michael Myers wanna be and his "book" is nothing more than bashed opinions. No one's worried about it.
Agreed!! 3 should have been 2. Or they should have named 2 "Halloween: The return of Michael Myers" instead or something.
can you get Mike Myers to play Michael Wolff please
Is Michael Wolff really Mike Myers doing some type of performance art?
Good call for the Michael Myers mask scene. Had forgotten. So funny
Here's a that keeps the entire franchise intact AND offers new material! MICHAEL…
Every since copped that Michael Myers chain Ian heard a hater say he look like em no more 😂 turn dat hate int…
"Blue rags ignite the fire, Freddy and Jason out, they forgot about Michael Myers."
Just saw a picture of Michael Wolff for the first time, and he looks just like Mike Myers in Austin Powers. 😂
*** now Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers got to go to Social Sensitivity Training SMH! 😭
“Are you ready for your horror au lessons?”. Pennywise gulped. Jason Voorhees nodded. Michael Myers shuddered. N…
that’s a part of it too. stuff like Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, they’re all iconic because of their desi…
Merry Christmas to all the killers, I'm talking about chucky, laetherface, pennywise, Michael Myers, jason, tiffiany,…
Whoa Vinny Paz’s mug shot looks like Michael Myers from Halloween
I need to visit this!!😍 Greg Griffin, me and Michael Myers would be in heaven! Ha!🤣🤣
Streaming dead by daylight TODAY. (With the Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger skins)
Michael Myers, Dr Loomis, Laurie Strode and Jamie Lloyd from Halloween having a party in my Sims 3!
New on ReelGuru, Don Shanks the actor/stuntman behind the mask of Michael Myers in Halloween 5 and Nakoma in...
How about...a transporter accident? Kirk gets split into Michael Myers and Bruce Campbell. Not Ash, but Bruce Campbell.
The original Michael Myers is returning for David Gordon Green's Halloween via
Order Miche Bag Online!
Great news for HALLOWEEN fans as Nick Castle returns to play Michael Myers in David Gordon Green's sequel.
New HALLOWEEN movie bringing back original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle to reprise role, also taps stuntman Jame…
Totally agree. Dana Kimmell is hot and it was fun to see Don 'Michael Myers's Shanks but other than…
Mind the days everybody thought Tony Blair was a sound guy, not realising he was running riot abroad like Michael Myers in a suit?
Michael Myers when he get his taxes back
Dan Stevens is basically Michael Myers in that film if Michael Myers was handsome.
I agree. Would love to hear Donald Pleasence say this in his Michael Myers voice. RIP Donald.
Which is why a Michael Myers v Predator/Aliens could be SO compelling!.
Nick Castle aka Michael Myers from the original and the best Halloween. 🎃🔪
Director John Carpenter and Nick Castle wearing Michael Myers masks on the set of Halloween. htt…
New post (Michael Myers returns this year to Universal Studios Halloween Horror ...) has been published on Fes ...…
Pic from the Halloween wrap party featuring a band of Michael Myers!! And if you look really close there is a poster f…
Jamie Lee Curtis stabbed Michael Myers over 10 times and he fell off a balcony and still lived
Jamie Lee Curtis pulled her gun out on Michael Myers like that's gonna kill or injure him
last night i saw the McBride mountain dew commercial and then i had a dream Danny McBride plays Michael Myers in the new Halloween.
Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers get cozy in new promo image:
“Michael Myers is enduring because he's pure evil.” Described by Steve Miner.
It's not Spooky Empire without these two and it certainly isn't Halloween without Michael Myers.…
3BG HALLOWEEN!!!. Michael Myers vs. Busta Rhymes. Don't act like you don't wanna hear this podcast.…
My daughter decided to be Boo from Monsters Inc. while my son decided to be psychotic killer Michael Myer…
You are out of Michael Myers masks? So do you have a William Shatner mask handy?
It's funny cause when I was a kid I was afraid of Michael Myers but now I'm just afraid of student loan debt and small talk on elevators
Michael Myers, a T. Rex, and a hot dog walk into a bar..
Michael Myers died for our sins... yeah baby
I'm ignoring the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers will be senior citizens in the new Halloween movie
Halloween, but it's a remake of the third one because the third one had nothing to do with Michael Myers."
But it has nothing to due with the Michael Myers character in one and two.
Theoretically, if you can run and not trip, you can survive an attack from Michael Myers. Don't trip, or get caught wit…
A few years ago...Kylie and the original "Michael Myers" from the first Halloween movie in…
I’m not even handing candy out, I’m just turning on the michael myers AMC marathon on and eating my lil brothers candy
A guy just walked into the saw theatre wearing a michael Myers costume with a knife. Like nope. I'm out. BYE
Watching Halloween and it should be noted the psychiatrist out to kill Michael Myers drives this kickass cream E21 htt…
"Sorry we're out of Star Trek masks. But if you grab a Michael Myers one and paint it, it looks just like Kirk."
I need Michael Myers to come and kill me before Halloween is over so I don’t have to take this political science test tomorrow.
Sad Halloween is over bc I enjoy walking around in my cute outfits pretending I’m being stalked by Michael Myers bu…
SOME WOUNDS NEVER HEALMichael & I will see you all next Halloween 10/19/18
My best friend Tom has the saddest Michael Myers mask.
Didn’t watch one scary movie this Halloween did still had a nightmare about Michael Myers 😕
whenever someone sees Michael Myers, Zombie does this great camera rumble that makes it feel like you ca…
If you don't watch the Halloween Michael Myers movies on Halloween was you even raised right?
Jason and Michael Myers been finding *** since before my time with no social media or nun cuz and I can't get a reply back 😒😔...
There’s something about that Michael Myers theme song that whenever I hear it I get paranoid lmao
Michael Myers better come out the cut n kill me on this glorious holiday
Jamie Lee Curtis Looks Ahead to New HALLOWEEN Movie with New Teaser Photo of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers
I love how Michael Myers instinctively knows how to drive a car fresh out of the institute. Mad skills
I think Michael Myers killed my computer
Michael Myers chased me today n I couldn’t be any more done w life 😀😀
I post my awesome recreation every Hween 🎃 I ❤️ Michael Myers & I’m him every year..but not this year! I’ll post it later! I…
My dads dressed as Michael Myers and playing his theme song sitting on the pouch waiting for kids.. every kid has ran no joke..☹️
Hey! I'm on Kik - my username is "haleyvoorhees" Michael Myers will you please add me love 💘
After years of watching Halloween on Halloween I gotta say I really respect Michael Myers’ patience. He refused to give u…
Love how Michael Myers somehow steals the scariest car from the 1960s in the year 1998.
Happy Halloween 🎃 2017 , Watch Out for Michael Myers it’s his night tonight !
My dad kills it every year😂 ( that’s exactly where I get my love for Michael Myers from )
Halloween is Monday. Hope Michael Myers eats the pie we put out for when he comes down the chimney to leave blood on the jac…
It’s Halloween day and I did not watch one Michael Myers or Jason movie, severely disappointed
Lmfao my dad is standing under a street light in a Michael Myers mask and people are having heart attacks
"Cool. Like, Michael Myers? Or Freddy Krueger?" . He looked at you, smiling softly. Michael Myers know how to drive & he's been locked away 4 20years
Michael Myers: Hello. Hey Mike you gotta turn on PLUS and see what is doing!!
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When you dress up as Michael Myers for Halloween at work🔪🎃 @ The Home Depot
Just me, my black wine glass, pumpkin full of candy, and Michael Myers.
She literally poked Michael Myers with a sewing needle, picked his knife up, figured she was good then left the knife back with him
Michael Myers is so nice. He's always helping his best friend, Mr. Knifey, to meet new friends.
Who’s the scariest - Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees? Or do you think there is another scarier movie character?
Maybe also Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, oh Snake Plissken for the hipsters. A great couples idea would be Mike Love and James Watt
have Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers brother and sister and have Michael Myers the uncle and nice Danielle Harris back
Me running away from Michael Myers on Halloween.
Matt wants to be Michael Myers and he wants Jordan to be Chucky 😶
Happy 5th Birthday to my youngest boy Ky’Air!!!Told him to cut the cake like Michael Myers (his favorite person in the wo…
Reminder: The Guest is the coolest movie you can watch this Halloween season. Dan Stevens is basically Michael Myers...…
We all knew Michael Myers would eventually get Nurse Marion Chambers.
I forgot how scared I was of Michael Myers 😂
Busta Rhymes tells Michael Myers what to do! Watch this NOW, esp if you're in a bad mood
please pick up from H8. Fans want creativity with respect to continuity. I don't want 3 different Michael Myers timelines
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jamie Lee Curtis will face Michael Myers again in another Halloween sequel, and we are scared.
.Managing Director Michael Myers: We have 8 BILLION reasons to fight 4 & we will do it with coun…
Halloween II takes you from the front of the Myers home to the back of Michael's demented head. Will you survive Halloween n…
820am barely slept for two hours and had a dream of Michael Myers following me.
I like watching Michael myers at night !
Is there really gonna be a new michael myers movie bc im tryna see it lol
Moira Halloween Collection 2017, featuring Michael Myers, Jason, and Scream. Tees will be available in all sizes on Oc…
Is everyone excited to see Michael Myers return to the big screen next year? 👻🔪
Michael Beasley: “I’m literally just Carmelo on the left side of the floor.”.
I asked my mama what she gone do if Michael Myers come thru the the door she said I'm going head first out the window 😂💀💀
Why is September 21st taking so long to get here? I just want to pick up my flipping Michael Myers mask already. I hate Wish.
I'm really in love with Michael Myers
On October 31st, tune in to we'll be showing every Halloween movie from the first to the last! A day full o…
Been talking about this for over a year. Finally decided to do it. Halloween: The Wrath of Michael Myers (Part 1)
Don't normally do but I've had this idea for a while. Halloween: The Wrath of Michael Myers (Part 1):
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Yeah I'm getting the Michael Myers mask and doing this for sure with my hair out
This is funny until he kills the whole family and turns into Michael Myers
Horror movies I think they need to bring back . 1. Chuckie . 2. Michael Myers . 3. Freddy vs Jason . 4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre . 5 . Scream
Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers trending in the US, UK and Worldwide!!
Jamie Lee Curtis will face off against Michael Myers again in Danny McBride's 'Halloween'
Me after reading that Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back to kill Michael Myers:
//OH. Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie's Michael Myers) was the original Sabertooth in the first X-Men movie.
Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky are regular *** you think they dead but they just keep coming back.
What it's like to reinvent Michael Myers, from the guy who did it in the 'Halloween' reboot:
.most known for playing Michael Myers in the Halloween reboot, comes to Monday's episode of…
Bob is more terrifying than Fredy Kruger, Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers combined.
Today's work being done to the soundtrack for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers by Alan Howarth. (Aside: is so great.)
wait... so you are telling me that Michael Myers kills Machete? that's some BS
Madden fanboys are funny AF trying to defend the years madden been trash.That's like me defending Michael Myers,Fred Kruger on murder charge
Michael Myers did my girl Octavia Spencer so wrong
Michael Myers is my unproblematic fav and I ain't afraid to admit I find him oddly attractive 😂
Still laughing at the Michael Myers scene in Baby Driver.
I liked a video Black Ops TWO Michael Myers on Nuke Town!
Michael Myers breaking up his hunt for Laurie Strode with a cool Dr. Pepper
But why the *** did I have a dream that me and my little sisters were playing hide n seek with Michael Myers?
Albert Flores meets Michael Myers from Halloween (franchise) and Darlene Dorsey TV takes photos with fans as well...
Hey, Michael Myers was always a huge fan of Glenn Danzig's heavy metal punk band and he just wanted everybody to know it...…
I'm Excited! Michael Myers is COMING BACK to scare us!
Michael Myers pinning that guy to the wall with a kitchen knife
Spend weekend with Michael Myers! The original 1978 'Halloween' is back in theaters -
In a weird way I think the crazy editing helped at least Beth's death scene in Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers.
I added a video to a playlist MATT OX - Michael Myers [ prod. F1LTHY ]
Jason Vorhees in a pantsuit. Michael Myers with Morgelons.
"they call me Michael Myers, always on that trap and you know I spit that fire" 😤🔥
It's Michael Myers, he's come home to kill! Sam han, Lord of the dead. The end of summer!!!
67. Horror icons. Freddy Kreuger, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and Chucky are hands the biggest pop culture…
Her brother, Tony Moran, played Michael Myers for one scene. R.I.P. Erin
Travis is giving me Michael Myers vibes.. Kelly u in danger girl
First thing I did was Michael Myers and then after that I felt like an extra fae auf wiedersehen pet.
hey could you guys pit Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers please after this.
one of the walls in my room. Coach Shanahan, Champ Bailey, Mario Fatafehi, Michael Myers, Mike Anderson, Ashley Le…
Yakobi versi Michael Myers. . -. Michael Myers is an American. He got his chance to visit Berau and conduct...
You should do a Michael Myers with subs when you get the chance.
I do love them all!! My order would be Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, and then Chucky.
Woke up hysterically crying @ 6 am bc in my dream I finally killed Michael Myers and when they took off the mask it was Cassidy..
Those screams in the background of Chuck Barrett sounded like getting killed by Michael Myers again.
The video of the woman yelling her question at McConnell is beautiful. His smile at the end is pure evil. It could scare Michael Myers.
The flickering light in my kitchen is providing that much desired "Michael Myers is behind you with a knife" aesthetic. 🔪😱
He definitely has those Michael Myers' devil eyes.
Nothing I like more than to see Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers hangin out together!!
I'm hoping Quinn, you can put this to rest. If Sam and Michael Myers ever crossed paths who wins on Hall…
This Saturday at Wellington Market - Meet Harley Quinn, Will Turner, Michael Myers, Batman and many more..
This is some young Michael Myers crap
Stream recap. Tooeasy is golden gloves champ. Gun game. I suck at Michael Myers. Cardboard chips, machoman and zombies.
Home alone but I still got to check each room to make sure Michael Myers isn't hiding somewhere.
Nobody faster than Michael Myers. Usain Bolt can run as far as he can and Michael will be right there with him and all he…
don't you think they should make a Michael Myers show kinda like bates motel showing how he grew up
Joining the ranks of famous killers like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger will be The Year 2016.
Dave look like Michael Myers wit that big *** knife 😂😂😂😂
Beyoncé co-starred (with Michael Myers) in the third Austin Powers movie lol
Lil Kim out here looking like Michael Myers
. Speaking of Kanye, when he said George Bush Hates black people I thought Michael Myers was go...
I dunno, Michael Myers might be a tad too scary to play Barnett.
If you're in St. Louis, a warning. Kevin Slaten is returning to your radio. He's got more lives than Michael Myers.
A day in the life of Michael Myers part 1.
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That's Michael Myers but nice try guy
can you draw Jeff the Killer and Michael Myers in chibi form
What's really funny is that Michael Myers is now driving Mikey's car. and picking up Tina. He even honked the horn
Laurie Strode and Ellen Ripley discuss who is scarier...Aliens or Michael Myers??? . ~Jeff
The wishmaster vs pinhead, Michael Myers vs candy man, leather face vs Victor Crowley, maybe a new Freddy vs Jason. People would watch these
Never forget, Michael Myers killed Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Halloween: H20 by stabbing an ice skate into his face.
The first video that I saw of you was Dead By Daylight with Michael Myers. Have you tried Laurie Strode yet?
"Tonight is not a night for hand-wringing and shaky knees. Tonight is a night for hope and valor!" -Dr. Michael Myers
A heart pounding match between myself (as Laurie Strode) and Michael Myers, absolutely frightening.
Michael Myers chasing Laurie Strode in the original Halloween
cutthroat Michael Myers years after Laurie Strode and jamie strode
mom and dad went as Michael Myers and Laurie Strode!!! They killed it !
I liked a video from Dead By Daylight - Michael Myers vs Laurie Strode (HALLOWEEN
Happy Halloween ghouls & goblins! Speaking of Halloween, it was an honor meeting this Michael Myers, 💀🔪💙
Ashley and I are fighting about Michael Myers movies
Too bad Michael Myers didn't go after the kids bullying Tommy Doyle
Happy Halloween! Enjoy a Michael Myers filled day on
Michael Myers having a quiet one this Halloween
I had a dream last night that Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers was chasing me at camp crystal lake it was crazy madness
Today on the Jukebox: we're wishing Michael Myers a happy b-day given that John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN first...
Our Halloween marathon goes on w/ Halloween 6: Curse of Michael Myers ft. Paul Rudd & the vague death of Dr. Loomis.
Halloween 3 (1982). Dir. Tommy Lee Wallace. Much-maligned at the time, this Michael Myers-less…
Every time Michael Myers pops out in Halloween, say "Hi I'm Mike." It just works. It just does.
So...The Curse of Michael Myers is seizures induced by editing and proof of Paul Rudd being immortal?. ..'kay.
This guy is the expert and knows more than anyone about Michael Myers, but no one takes him seriously when he says Mike's coming home.
Did I just hear a Brother Cane song in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers?
Wait, you mean I can go watch Michael Myers hunt down horny teenagers under the stars? Sign me TF UP. 🔪🌌
Michael Myers has escaped and is heading for in John Carpenter'S HALLOWEEN (1978). Thur 27th Oct 16. ht…
The side of Michael Myers the media wont show you
Looks like Michael Myers found another Jamie Lee to terrorize at the booth! Stay tuned for my…
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cracking Michael Myers behind the care bear there...
Hey Jamie Lloyd what's up i am Michael Myers
I added a video to a playlist Jamie Lloyd and Michael Myers
Yes I know in the original , Donald Pleasance's character, Dr Loomis fired 6 shots at Michael Myers, but in the flashback in Halloween II
Donald Pleasance be like: "Michael Myers will kill you all. I am not a lunatic."
Please don't show pictures of Cher. My phone/computers break down whenever her Michael Myers face is on the screen.
im doing michael myers with some friends and we need to do this on stream! Its so much fun 😁
Michael Myers is happening now on Destiny! 😈
I liked a video from COD: Black Ops 3 Funny Moments (Michael Myers)
holy cow randy just picked up one of your 1/4 Michael myers mint in box for a ridiculous price. Can't wait to get him home.
Rob Zombie develops Michael Myers back story so much more thoroughly than in the original. I love the detail
Need someone to watch all the Michael Myers movies w me
Hosting the Halloween 6 curse of Michael Myers panel
A millions dollars/pound but you have to spend the night running from Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers
Is that third one supposed to be michael myers?
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Can't sleep on my off day because I keep having dreams that Michael Myers is getting into everywhere I go, and no one will believe me.
No Michael Myers/Loomis business but I still like this one. It grows…
...unless there's another Halloween movie with no Michael Myers or another Friday the 13th movie w/o a Voorhees as the star.
Need a boy like Michael Myers. Chase me down, never let me go, don't let me out of sight, stay lowkey.
no, from the looks of the Pin selection the Vinyl this year is Michael Myers.
i got a custom game for you. (destiny) Michael Myers, you and other s have to survive from him and you can not kill him. Part 1
sexualizing Michael Myers is just..uhhh
HALLOWEEN John Carpenter's intent with Michael Myers was that the audience should never be able to relate to him https…
Someone make a, "DoDo" video with MIchael Myers and Jason Voorheese as, "unlikely but the BEST of friends".
Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers Opens: Oct 28, 2016 only 44 Days! Preorder your tickets at...
Taylor Swift and Michael Myers this is gonna be interesting ;-)
Ain't nobody put me on but me Killing these niggaz like Michael Myers
*at Horror Nights*. *Michael Myers pops out with a knife*. Me: just do it. Him: omg do you need to talk
"I wish I had half the confidence of Michael Myers" -Jean Turner
Sid Haig from Rob Zombie movies and Tony Moran the original Michael Myers from Halloween
. On the topic of did you know the Michael Myers mask in Halloween is a William Shatner mask painted white?
I assumed so. Jason would probably want him to wait for 1/13/17 to decide. Pitt fans probably prefer Michael Myers
top DL target sets commitment date. Both Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers approve the date!
even though i cant stand him Mel Kiper once said something like if Michael Myers ran a 4.3 he'd be a 1st rd pick
It and Jeepers Creepers 3 are real. the other one with Freddy Jason and Michael Myers isn't
jfkdnsns @ "I dont wanna miss a thang" playing at the same time Michael Myers reconnects with Laurie in Resurrection
I thought I told yah, you didn't listen. Fieri, I'm in the kitchen, I'm a magician. I'm on it, I'm like Macgyver, I'm Michael Myers.
That being said I'm going to have to put a hold on my Michael Myers film. Don't worry I will still make it!!!
you will definitely catch me at Knotts because I do not mess with Michael Myers.
The four most terrifying names in horror are coming to - Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, & Michael Myers! https…
82. Reminds me of Halloween when Michael Myers killed every1 in the house just bc he wanted 2 go trick or treatin /: https…
Michael Myers' house from John Carpenter's 1978 classic was originally…
John Carpenter is the reason I can't be alone on Halloween because I'm convinced every year Michael Myers is coming to kill me
I know I'm afraid OF the Halloween movies and Michael Myers but I'm sayn Mary Shaw is way scarier 💀😂
2. John Carpenter's 'Halloween' spawned one of the most iconic characters in horror cinema, Michael Myers
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Mike Cutting is running from James Gallagher like he's in a scary movie getting chased by Michael Myers..😑
You thought he was finished, but Michael Myers will make his return to
Gonna play Michael Myers on xbox live right now if you want to play send me your gamer tag
"Michael Mires"... you can't be serious. MYERS. Michael Myers. And, NO. Not in MK.
I liked a video from Michael Myers - Slide For Me (Call of Duty Black Ops)
Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers soundtrack cd by Alan Howarth!…
This week I upgrade my Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers soundtrack, by getting Alan Howarth's expanded 2CD...
Chad knocking on the door of the mansion makes me wish it was Michael Myers instead.
Chad is like Michael Myers, he never dies.
Chad was such a great character they basically decided to turn him into Michael Myers and keep him around week to week
Pretty sure Chad is the real life Michael Myers.
Chad coming out the woods like Michael Myers.
Remember that time I discovered had a Michael Myers harem?
Warriors were Candyman, Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers because they wouldn't die last night. 😂
gurl who? She serves major Michael Myers teas.
Why am I having nightmares about Michael Myers from Halloween 😩
I can't wait for Kombat pack 3 :). I hope Michael Myers will be the new guest character in MKX :)
The things I fantasize about,while watching Michael Myers' scenes,in Halloween...😈🔥💦
The Halloweentown series will always be the best Halloween movies that are non-horror of course because Michael Myers owns that
I legit have a Michael Myers sex fantasy : (
kick down the door like Michael Myers
Michael Myers be walking hella slow & still manages to kill everyone 🙄😂
this *** Michael Myers hanging on off a building with two fingers while his sister chillen on him... 🤔
Can't wait for football season. Packers gunna go ham. And halloween and scary movies trap michael myers my ***
the Warriors are Michael Myers. Can't kill them
I liked a video from Black Ops 2 Random Moments (Michael Myers, Ghetto Mo
Hey guys Michael myers myers Here and today I will make a video tommrow
What he said after I told him to wear a Michael Myers mask if he was going to stalk me has me dying 😂
This generation need a new iconic serial killer movie. Like a Scream/ Michael Myers movie.
This dude wants to be Michael Myers so bad
Hamilton Collection
If you're even alive. He might butcher us the same way Michael Myers butchered everyone.
I liked a video Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers - Unmasked Scene
Now Michael Myers know that *** the goat if he got COD games named after him
Great play by Wil Myers. Michael Bourn has been unreal
seriously so many good times. 😂😂😂 Michael Myers was one of my favorites
Klay Thompson really does have an Easter Island statue face. . It's only rivaled by Devin Booker's Michael Myers face.
John Carpenter bringing back Michael Myers for another Halloween is music to my ears!
Michael Myers,is the perfect man,IMO.There's only 1 thing I don't like about him&it's that he's stuck in his movies.
While everyone was scared of Michael Myers and Ghostface when we were younger, I was terrified of Phantom of the Megaplex
Why didn't Michael Myers or the thing from Jeepers Creepers ever get pulled over by the cops?
Just had a dream I drank two gallons of Bacardi with Michael Myers.
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