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Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney (born June 12, 1975) is an American actor, known for his role as Sheriff Don Lamb on Veronica Mars, as well as his role as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless (2009–present).

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Yes Mal Young we are out there and we know who we want,MICHAEL MUHN…
You re right! Make history talk and bring our man back home to us!MUHNEY
Michael Muhney is the best actor in the world.
we need him back on the Y and R. Let's keep fighting for Michael Muhney
! We need Michael Muhney as Adam back on Y&R ASAP !!!
I wish Michael Muhney return to his role as adam on cbs Soap Opera - Shared wish made at
Please bring Michael Muhney back to Y&R. The fans adore him.
There is NOT another Michael Muhney out there! He made the role of Ad…
June 12 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth . Waiting for the cover with Michael Muhney returning.
Can't blame the fans. We want what we want and that is Michael Muhney…
Read this comment & sign the petition." I have been on the edge of my seat for MONTHS hoping Muhn..". via
She's lovely! I was a teen when I started watching Y&R! You were still in London at the dock…
Please bring Michaelback to the many loyal Y&R fans! His talent is be…
The excitement left when Michael left! It's been blah! We need our drug back,Michael Muhney!…
Y & R is getting so boring now. There are too many dull uninteresting characters. Michael Muhney you are ne…
Let's see if Mal Young will make Daytime his…
Michael Muhney took the character of Adam to a whole new level! We need to see him again
Please calm the adversaries, and bring Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman. needs the boost. NO ONE el…
Y&R desparately needs Michael Muhney back on Y&R as Adam Newman asap. He is Adam Newman!
Read this comment, and sign the petition. Michael Muhney is the best. The role of Adam Newman is his.
If Hunter King is ok with it go on and bring Michael Muhney back he has learned his lesson
Sh.use your pull to bring back Michael Muhney.Sh
Emmy prenoms used to be voted on by actors until Michael Muhney was like *** bc his Adam was bypassed but Braeden went up every year
Guess who's on the cover of Soap Digest Opera? via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I quit watching day he left & will watch the day he r... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I feel MM was the absolute best Adam Newman bar none!... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. Michael is Adam! via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. He needs to come back. The fans miss him and we would... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. Justin Hartley was awesome and sexy as all get out bu... via
Do you want Micheal Muhney back as Adam?
Yes, yes, yes!! Bring back the terrific Michael Muhney! Fir…
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Read this comment, and sign the petition. Y&R has not been the same since MM left. I will start... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. yes this show is pretty boring but unfortunately the ... via
Read this comment, and sign the petition. The show isn't the same without Adam. He is a very s... via
make the right decision bring back Michael muhney please I promse you you won't regret it
yes mr mal young do the right thing bring Michael muhney back
The Young and the Restless - You Ask, They Tell: Michael Muhney We The Fans ARE waiting for you http…
Lead actor - Michael Muhney Just watched this fantastic reel of So foolish not to hire him back!
We need all signatures we can get in an effort to get back as
We need 806 ppl to reach 2,500 signatures on petition to get back to Y&R
Did U hear about this petition? Every fans who likes Adam character needs to sign…
currently 1921 supporters we need 2000 and will send it to exec. & cie Keep signing and sharing
All we want for Christmas is Michael Muhney back on Y and R.
Amazing how humble Michael Muhney is, Adam is a difficult character to play, Michael makes…
Sharon Case video for michael muhney dec 21, 2013 Such ❤️💕🎄
can Michael Muhney join and make it square? Lol
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I said most of my thoughts on MM., but I miss him so ... via
Happy to see new leader at Y&R. I stopped watching after 41 YRS.Please bring Michael Muhney back & I'll gladly return.
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I watch Y&R in Australia and our opinion should count...
Sally Sussmann: We want Adam Newman aka Michael Muhney back as Adam - Sign the Petition! via
We really need Michael Muhney .Come on make it happen.
Hey kids, here's an actual worthwhile petition to sign. Want to see back on Y&R? Sign here:
Fans of need 2,326 signatures to reach 5k.
3 sounds like Michael Muhney, no idea about 2 though 🤔 People seem to think 4 is Ali Sweeney
Want 11K more episodes, bring back Michael Muhney as Adam. And you know ratings…
Awesome cakelady! Go Cards! And Michael Muhney you are by far the best Adam Newman!
278 likes on our WLMMA FB page in 8 hours!! h…
Bring back Michael Muhney, it's what your audience wants to see.
Wishing a speedy recovery for who is recovering from surgery! —>
Yike! Michael Muhney has a warning after his cancer scare and surgery!
This is so wrong they need to recast Adam preferably with Michael Muhney.
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Michael muhney is coming back as Adam Newman
I hope Michael muhney walk through the door to reprise his role as adam
Michael muhney please come back to the young and the restless
please Michael muhney say you would come back
all we want is Michael muhney to come back
my search engine says Michael Muhney shirtless Michael Muhney in a speedo and Michael Muhney back at y&r
I really like the charter of Adam couldn't you bring Michael Muhney back or recast!!
I am open to anyone playing the role of whether it be Chris Engen, Michael Muhney, or someone new.
And his name is Howard🙄 CBS getting TMZ back for reporting that Michael Muhney story!
I miss Michael muhney and peter bergman working tog…
Me too and please let it be Michael Muhney.
Pleaqse don't put Chelsea with Nick bring Adam back preferably with…
Michael muhney coming back for November sweeps
I miss Michael muhney and peter bergman working together
Day 4 of the Who Shot the Daytime Soap w/Michael Muhney still going strong. Also thanks for checking out our other shows! Big upticks!
I'm listening to your extended Michael Muhney interview. He's exceptional!
Never believed horrid rumor. Michael Muhney is too professional. He ruffled feathers that needed ruffling.
He didn't have the vaguest idea who Michael Muhney was or anything to do w/ He knew a good cause 💜😻
Is there a reason why, when you narrate Michael Muhney's podcast, that you speak to your audience as if we're 5yr olds?
Who Shot The Daytime Soap with Michael Muhney in day 2 continues to match what we did in day 1. There are LOTS of you out there!
We just uploaded a cleaner version of Who Shot The Daytime Soap with Michael Muhney. Noticed a couple of bad edits. But good now.
Last night's with Michael Muhney was record shattering and continues to climb BY THE HOUR! WORLDWIDE! Thank you!
You have the most soothing storytelling voice ☺ loved your exclusive with Michael Muhney any show would be lucky to have him👍
You can still hear thisshow with Michael Muhney & tunein now
Tonight, the entire interview is just Michael Muhney. Exclusive! 12 midnite EST Listen here: https:…
For tonight's featuring Michael Muhney, you may also listen on the h…
22 months later, there are still individuals trying to justify the actions of a network & go after Michael Muhney supporters personally.
Soap Shows Exclusive: Interview with Michael Muhney via Will be joining you! 💜🏃👏👏
Can someone like a writer why was Michael Muhney the old Adam let go could someone please tell the truth very curious!
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perfect for Ned. Michael Muhney for this role. No question.
Two names jump to mind: Michael Muhney (ex-Adam, Y&R) or Freddie Smith (ex-Sonny, Days). Both are first-rate actors.
Not even Michael Muhney as EJ if JamesScott doesn't return?
via For Michael Muhney Fans, the great days of y&r. The BEST actor ever on the show.
Never thought I'd like anyone but Michael Muhney as Adam but man I love in this role! Has he won a Emmy yet??
tbh I was never into the chloe sl until michael muhney was let go and wasn't a chlole fan with justin prob leaving chadam only thing
I am a HUGE Michael Muhney fan.But Justin Hartley is doing fine by me. YEP!!!
I guess with Michael Muhney gone, he's not threatened with Adam LMAO. Muhney would've taken over, Hartley is a weak Adam.
bring on Michael Muhney (ex- Adam) Y&R PLEASE! He has millions of fans that would tune into GH to see him !
Why not ask about his volatile temper & shabby treatment of Sharon Case, Michael Muhney, & Mau…
Thank you Paula. For me, Michael Muhney will always be Adam Newman. Huge loss!
Used to watch Y&R for Michael Muhney's Adam Newman, now JFP gives us only Justin Hartley's Chippendale…
Christian Post -- 'General Hospital' news, cast, spoilers: Michael Muhney lined up to join cast
Just like there is only one Adam Newman on Y&R and that person is Michael Muhney so bring back Michael as Adam Newman & make Y&R great again
The big reason and the real reason that people want actor Michael Muhney back on Y&R because they love him so much as Adam Newman.
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Sharon Case is being punished for being friends with Victoria Rowell and Michael Muhney, two of the many pariahs of
He popped up on my Lucky Spencer search too LOL it's a *** sign...Michael Muhney to please
Really which fans r u talking about? Thanks to Michael Muhney & Billy Miller YR won so hypocritical tell the truth YR ***
Maybe you should thank Billy Miller & Michael Muhney for their contribution if you had some class.
Of coarse they submitted this if Y&R wins for best show its cause of Michael Muhney and Billy Miller
No more Summer, Victor, or Avery. We need to Hire Victoria Rowell & Michael Muhney back
hi-Michael Muhney-it's christa hey! their! long, time No heard of or seen, hows your wife, and kids I miss you from christa
My rating: new Adam, first Adam, second Adam. What's your order, fans? Chris Engen, Michael Muhney
he was a great recast. I like him better than Michael Muhney
I say this, like, twice a month but I really miss Michael Muhney on my screen. All that talent.
old Adam..Michael Muhney or Michelle Stafford..back as different characters...
Hunter you need to tell the world what happened between you and Michael Muhney. Is it yes or no, people need to know.
I wish but it ain't happenin! Whatever our beloved Michael MUHNEY did, he did it well because he is not returning! 😓
Well since it seems Michael Muhney has 0 interest in daytime I guess I will stick with Maurice Bernard and Billy Miller Love all 3!
I can't help it. I miss Michelle Stafford as Phyllis so much..and Billy Miller as Billy and Michael Muhney as Adam.
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Hi Michael What are you doing now You were great on the young and Restless Have a nice day from a Michael Muhney fan Joy
Hey Michael Muhney! How you doing? What are you working on these days?
'The Young and the Restless': Justin Hartley isn't copying Michael Muhney -
OMG Justin Hartley shutting it down on Y&R- Michael Muhney who? Now, Victor's going to explode -;)
Michael Muhney will always be the best Adam ever played on i don't care what you say. He. knew exactly how to play Adam N…
'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney's replacement works via
Will Justin Hartley's Performance on 'Y&R' Live Up to the Gauntlet Thrown Down by Michael Muhney? :
There was no way to plan that, but I like that Justin Hartley and Michael Muhney have similar voices. Makes new Adam very believable.
Im going to say And you are gonna LV this..Michael Muhney and Bill Miller LMFAO!!!
fans it's disrespectful to the current actors keep mentioning Billy Miller & Michael Muhney.
I loved Michael Muhney. Instead of complaining about it I moved on. If you don't like it, you can leave. Easy Peasy.
it won't be Michael Muhney as Adam and get Billy Miller back too
A DM and a RT/Response love me some Michael Muhney ♥
Still missing Michael Muhney on a daily basis!!
We want to see KM in a love triangle with Jason T and Michael Muhney!!
Wow did you all eff up with Michael Muhney! You lost someone pretty special! Your loss someone elses gain
I am glad that Michael Muhney give you his well wishes. I can't wait to see what will be your first episode will be .
There are so many Soap Stars I miss. Ted King, Trevor St John, Jeff Branson, & Michael Muhney are all high on that list.
Michelle Stafford, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Michael Muhney, Billy Miller. this show is so hard to watch now 😢😢
A thank you to Michael Muhney for the well wishes. Very much appreciated. Thank you.
Goodbye Michael Muhney the stars will always shine for youMuhney
I guess Michael Muhney is so good as an actor they had to search for primetime actors who are willing to work for less lol
lol...that is so cool Nicole! Sharon certainly is a nice friend. Btw, so sad Michael Muhney won't be back :(
Interesting that the famous Michael Bruno confirmed that Y&R was in talks to bring Muhney back. What a shame that didn't happ…
Kristoff St. John is doing a much better job at playing blind than Michael Muhney.
and it's things like that why i just love you Michael Muhney! :)
sorry but Michael Muhney is currently working on a movie and my source tells me Trevor Saint John is the new ad…
'The Young and the Restless' Michael Muhney to appear on 'General ...
I wish that time could turn back to Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, Michelle Stafford and Jeanne Cooper...but. we cant have it.
We want Michael Muhney and Billy Miller come back
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YR is so much better, I'm going to miss Billy Miller and Michael Muhney they leave in 3 mths
But I've said the same thing about others so... (e.g. Michael Muhney's fans, same thing with the Sam/Liz rivalry on GH)...
Michael Muhney.long over due vindication is looming!
"I miss Adam Newman. Don't recast Adam. Unless you bring back Michael Muhney. How about a recast for Summe…
Sometimes 1-3 people play a character in Soaps, but it took Michael Muhney to take Victor Adam Newman Jr, which no one can replace!
The absence of Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney is being felt. You need to spice it up a little.
'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney's successor might be cheered via
Michael Muhney, you are the ONLY Adam Newman! No one, and I mean NO ONE can stand in your shoes and portray Adam as you did. C…
Michael Muhney made Adam Newman his and his alone.
How cute is this! I do NOT want no other Adam Newman but Michael Muhney! U agree?
SharonRocks, the user that takes credit for "Blowing the Michael Muhney Groping story wide open" is an (cont)
Few actors seen within any digital display exhibit the monstrously great range that Michael Muhney does through his portrayal of 'Adam Newman'. Now, through yet
Michael Muhney was abruptly fired from “The Young and the Restless” and his final day of taping took place in mid-December. Michael Muhney's final episode as Ad
Billy Miller was too great an actor to let go;& as far as Michael Muhney maybe counciling:(Miss the greats)
He was a very good actor. I miss the character.
If they were amazing, they would bring back Michael Muhney and Billy Miller-this 1 *** he looks more like his sis
Michael Muhney is all kinds of awesome.
Michael Muhney's hotness makes up for the douchebaggery of his role
Michael Muhney on The Kelly Alexander Show: I had 2 repost this 1..just an AWESOME interview..LISTEN!!!
Muhney Morning fellow is a new day.Let's make it good and SHOUT 2 the world WE ♡ MICHAEL
Get rid of that insipid actress playing Kelly! Bring Michael Muhney.
no i would to see Michael Muhney in
Wow... banned by for giving my opinion... touchy touchy... is it bcause they fired Michael Muhney and now realized...
it's crazy here tonight. We need us some Michael Muhney.
Happy 41st Anniversary to the Young & the Restless. Just not the same without Jeanne Cooper, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Who thinks they will make it to 45 years? or 50?
I stopped watching,boring without Michael Muhney!
this is a pic of me just now...i am Michelle Trombley..Michael Muhney lover fan supporter
Michael Muhney, really guys. Morgan Freeman's where it's at B)
I Donated $1000 for site tour with Michael Muhney, guess that won't happen. 😞
Michael Muhney is an extremely talented actor. And yes, he will be back on our TV soon.
'The Young and the Restless': Michael Muhney's return in the beholder's eye via
Listen to fans and fry Michael Muhney on the cast if You agreed
Bring back Michael Muhney listen to what the fans want
Michael Muhney, you are NOT forgotten. Hope you and family are well.
The Young and the Restless to Fire Jill Farren Phelps Over Michael Muhney – Hunter King’s Sexual Harassment ClaimsBY Cate Meighan on February 7, 2014 | 91 commentsRelated : Soap Opera, Television, The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless used to be one of the most solid, respected soap o...
I think we should all "fans Michael Muhney to lower hearings chain
i Hope Michael Muhney come back in the recast i love him so Much
look That and tell me it's truths or false
So are you saying you were lying in the DM's about Michael Muhney, they were your words, you vindicated him!
They were your words in the DM about Michael Muhney so who is now twisting the words?
so every fan about Michael Muhney see that . I find him last night it's truths or not?
‘Young and the Restless’ lost 500K viewers as Michael Muhney fans stop watching via
The show is awful.I quit watching when Billy Miller and Michael Muhney left.Watched again this week, twice, DONE..w…
i love too Victor vs Adam I would Michael Muhney come back in the recast
we want Michael Muhney the only Adam we know.
bring back best actor in daytime Michael Muhney. We love miss & need him on our TV
On the daytime drama, the Young and the Restless, Michael Muhney has been Adam Newman for 5 years, and he was fired today, December 17, 2013. He IS...
I don't know if any actor can adequately fill Michael Muhney's shoes, but I hope at lease they are more full than Billy Miller's! I find myself fast forwarding thru so much of Y & R these days, especially where Lily, Neil and Leslie are concerned. It's really so sad that this wonderful drama has fallen into such poor hands as JFP's. I don't know how much longer I can keep watching if they don't have viable actors come in and bring Phyllis and Adam back. SOON!!
The Young and the Restless fans have made it very clear that they don’t want a new actor to play the role of Adam Newman, they want Michael Muhney back.
A new “The Young & the Restless” casting call put out makes it sound like the show is one step closer to replacing Michael Muhney in the role of Adam Newman
Watching Seth Meyers - Pretty funny and he looks like Michael Muhney.
Y&R RECASTING ADAM? By SOD • Posted: Mar 25, 2014 Y&R has put out a casting call for a character named Aaron Newton, who sounds a lot like Adam Newman, last played by Michael Muhney, who left the show in late January. The contract role would begin taping in May, and the description reads: "Caucasian Male. MID 30s to LATE 30s. A very handsome, very SEXY, very appealing, very charming LEADING MAN. Aaron is a smart businessman, loves women, and can out maneuver even the shrewdest. NOTE: Actor must be AT LEAST 5'10 and have NO ACCENT PLEASE. This actor will carry major storylines. ONLY actors with strong acting experience will be considered."
No, no, no, no ! You have to bring back the last Adam and the last Billy (Michael Muhney & Billy Miller). I have never loved this Y&R as much as I did with those 2 actors. You also screwed up getting rid of Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). She was an awesome actor. What's wrong with the management there. Do you want your drama TV to go by the wayside like so many others?
Just because Y&R has put out a casting call doesn't mean they 'll hire anyone right away.As for Michael Muhney has anyone asked him if the opportunity arises he'd want to come back to Y&R?We the fans may want him back but he may not want to return.Plus he may know the more he keeps a low profile right now the more likely it could be that this scandal blows over and i'm sure that's what he and the show wants.Y&R may one day rehire MIchael Muhney but maybe not as long as people are talking about what he supposedly did.However he does return i'm sure the show will keep Michael on a very short leash and warn him that if he screws up again he's gone and this time for good.As for Adam i think we all knew the character was going to eventually return.
There will never be another Adam Newman x Michael Muhney! So stop the madness and she is ruining the show
And so it begins. I’m talking about how The Young and the Restless is already beginning to lay the ground work to bring back the character of Adam Newman. In his last scene he was portrayed by Michael Muhney and kinda sorta thought to be maybe dead, which is soaps means that Adam will indeed turn u
Victor Adam Newman Jr. (aka Adam Wilson, Vic Wilson) was portrayed by Michael Muhney, and...
Here we go again, another key actor on the canvas of The Young and the Restless has been fired. Michael Muhney has portrayed the character of Adam Newman
They can look all they want, there is only ONE Adam Newman, and that's Michael Muhney, period !!!
Adam Newman is the property of Michael Muhney.he owns Adam.enough said..a recast would destroy the character tw…
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For those fans who loved Adam Newman from the Young and the Restless! Chris Engen and Michael Muhney who were the stellar performers of this character.30 members
who ever it is has a good backup plan! Only one Victor Adam Newman Jr(Michael Muhney)!
Might find someone to act the part of Adam Newman but Michael Muhney can't be replaced. Good luck from a former viewer.
"In your interview you let the bus run over Michael Muhney. Can't help you at all with your d…
Could this mean that Michael Muhney may return?
We need to keep talking about Mr. Michael Muhney. We cannot stop until he has an amazing job.
Sure miss him on screen! No cults, no nutty women, can take his place ,just Michael Muhney
did you see Michael Muhney is going to. General Hospital. I really miss him on the show. Y&R never be the same
Michael Muhney Montage Video: via I've never seen any of these before! I wish there was a lis…
Thanks Blackie Montgomery for posting this: "Angelica McDaniel was on the Daytime Confidential podcast today and she stated that Adam is definitely alive and returning as a recast (We know that), but what's striking is that she said didn't know if the recast would take "6 months or 6 years", but that his character is integral to Y&R and he will return. The only thing that struck me about this enough to post it is that for her to say this about the time frame, it sounds like they wanna recast as far into the future as possible as if by then they think fans will have gotten over Michael being ousted from the role and will easier accept a recast. I hate to tell her, that still won't work. Ask David Tom." To listen to the PODCAST: EXECUTIVES are pulling out all the stops to calm the BACKLASH by having ANGELICA McDANIEL be interviewed on DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL, Angelica McDaniel the 'SNAKE' responsible for the SMEAR CAMPAIGN at TMZ, can deny all she wants, but the fact remains that her husband Brian McDANIEL is ...
How did popular soap star Michael Muhney react to the news he was being let go from The Young and the Restless?
hey Michael muhney.. hope all is okay with you and the fam.
Cynthia Watros "Kelly" Ignites Y&R But is She Here to Stay? the loss of our fan favorites Michael Muhney and Billy Miller, can Y&R stand to lose another contender? "Like" and "Share"
Your vitriol over the subject of Michael Muhney makes me wonder if you were abused as a child. I hope I'm wrong.
“so much respect, funny how words get twisted. The only thing he was guilty of was having passion!
Little Giant Ladders
Yes there will never be any Adam, but Michael Muhney.
Michael Muhney all day every day! Angelica MCD insist on a recast there will never b another Adam Newman IMO!.
there is only 1 Adam Newman Michael Muhney but he deserves better as does any actor who would replace him YR …
next gig for Michael Muhney, he must always wear a suit.
Clearly since Y&R let go Michael Muhney. I mean why keep a fan favorite on the show that the cast doesn't like?
Michael Muhney I am thinking of you and hope you are well.
Dedication to Michael Muhney: via We love our
In a perfect world it would be Billy Miller as Jason & Michael Muhney as a rival of his...they play off of each …
If you had Michael Muhney Michelle Stafford + Billy Miller, you would be Think about it.…
“I will continue to support Michael Muhney & DO NOT CARE what anyone says or if they like it or not
if you think Michael Muhney is the only Adam.
Missing Michael Muhney and Billy Miller on my tv :(
I miss seeing Michael Muhney on my TV screen. :-( Hope he returns soon!
Stopped watching Y&R as of Jan. 31st and I must say I don't miss it at all.I do miss watching Michael Muhney doing…
That said, I do not believe that Michael Muhney will ever portray Adam again.
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I totally agree. No one is acceptable to portray Adam Newman except MICHAEL MUHNEY!!
It NEVER be same if a recast . Michael Muhney is Adam Newman and no other.
When Jill Farren Phelps delivered the news to Michael Muhney that he was not only fired from The Young and the Restless, but that he would also be replaced
Congratulations on your anniversary. I have question for you. Where is Michael Muhney? I like Adam. Nobody else will do.
OOC: agree with me if you want Michael Muhney back at Y&R
It has been a couple of weeks since both Billy Miller?s and Michael Muhney?s characters on The Young and the Restless left Genoa City.
Michael Muhney is leaving "Young and the Restless" after this week and spoilers have been out that he could end up heading to "General Hospital." On Jan. 28, Ce
Hope you tell Sony how they blew it with Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Y&R *** without these two actors.
Ready for Billy Miller and Michael Muhney to come back on Y&R. The show stinks without them!
Knowing that Michael Muhney and Billy Miller were show cased for performers of the week gave me a little comfort!
we should be celebrating Michael Muhney and Billy Miller making perfomers of the…
First thing I would do is recast Michael Muhney as Adam Newman & Billy Miller as Billy Abbott..Regime
Just saw on fb Billy Miller and Michael Muhney were made performers of the week by SOD!.
“The Young and the Restless” enjoyed some of its highest ratings ever in the week leading up to the departure of Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Fans of Miller
Please no more arguing about Michael Muhney on this page. This group is for fans to enjoy discussing classic soap trivia. This is not a critique page for YR. There are plenty of Muhney support pages out there. This is not one of them.
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Eric Braeden Shares Harsh Words About Michael Muhney over at SoapHub, visit the link above. What's your take on his words? Let us know. Please "Like" and "Share"
Ronnie Tatum shared Don't FIRE Michael Muhney's photo. February 14th Don't FIRE Michael Muhney's photo. Removed Y&R from my DVR and your link from my favorites. I checked in with you weekly or more, but now it is time to let go because of the bad writing and the characters I care about leaving Y&R, i.e. Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, the death of Mrs. C and now Michael Muhney. Too much pain in watching the remaining characters I like. Victor must change, The writing must improve for the characters and the story lines. I feel sorry for the remaining actors who have no interesting story lines. Maybe it's the direction as well. Someone at Y&R PLEASE wake up before it's too late. Y&R RIP or grow up. [ BRING BACK Michael Muhney ] ! Michael Muhney last day was 1-30-14 RETHINK REHIRE !
Michael Muhney was fired abruptly from “The Young and the Restless” last month, with fresh reports suggesting that producers made this dec...
It?s pretty inevitable that The Young and the Restless will recast Adam Newman , the role played until a couple weeks ago by Michael Muhney .
CBS bosses and “The Young and the Restless” producers decided last month to fire Michael Muhney, who has been on the show as Adam Newman s...
Ah. The scandalous firing of The Young and the Restless's Michael Muhney is one of those that is clearly not going to just go away quietly
Only a Soap Opera but, with Michael Muhney & Billy Miller gone, finding it easy to drop watching Y&R after 30 years as a fan…
The return of a blue, bloodied hand to Friday's daytime screen meant that all options remain on the 'The Young and the Restless' recast table. Michael Muhney's
the young and the restless Really disappointed in the Y & R. Billy Miller and Michael Muhney were my favorite actors!
Dismissal of “The Young and The Restless” star Michael Muhney has not gone down well with the fans. According to the reports, the veteran star of the daytime CBS Soap Opera was fired for sexually harassing his co-star. Fans of the show and the actor are enraged and are not happy with the show makers...
if u r going recast Jason Morgan let it be Billy Miller not Michael Muhney
Michael Muhney photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
Fans of “The Young & the Restless” were on pins and needles waiting for Thursday's episode to air. Both Billy Miller and Michael Muhney would make their las
The departures of “The Young and the Restless” cast members Michael Muhney and Billy Miller — and showdown between their characters Billy Abbott and Adam Newman — helped drive the soap to its best ratings week since 2008, and contributed to an eight-year high for CBS’s daytime slate overall.
The Young and the Restless's firing of Michael Muhney last month has been met with a storm of controversy that has yet to settle down. Instead tempers are
They are using Steve Burton's photo, but I hear the dreaded Michael Muhney will replace him. So sad. I love Steve's acting.
Michael Muhney is one of the most talented Actors to have starred on Y&R and a big part of why many of us fans tuned in daily. Without Muhney in the Role of Adam Newman ratings are dropping fast, and rightfully so after many of the cast mem...
Jason Morgan is Alive; Steve Burton's Return and Michael Muhney's Roll on GH will play Jason, Burton or Muhney? Learn more, visit the link above. What are your thoughts? "Like" and "Share"
I loved watching Billy Miller (Billy Abbott), so many times he just ripped my heart out over his agony of Delia...I never cried so hard over a soap before...the day Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) got on his knees at the site of Delia's death with Billy pointing that gun at him and yelling at him to tell him what happened ALL of heart was pounding SO hard...Y & R can never replace those two men...what a shame to have let them go...I realize they have lives outside Y & R but *** they are GREAT actors and Y & R needed them!!! The new Billy, which is actually the original Billy is a good actor but he just doesn't have the emotion that Billy Miller conveyed, and he doesn't look right with Victoria, its like she is cheating on Billy...:)...I'm trying to understand because I've been a fan for 35 years and I've seen LOTS of ppl come and go...but after they stay so long and ya get to know them as a part of your personal daily life its really hard to watch a stranger step in and use the name and actions of t ...
Hello everyone! Everybody seems to think I'm the real Michael Muhney, I'm not.. I'm just a fan that is in love with him and his acting.. I'm just here trying to make a point that he deserves to be back on Y&R.. Sorry to everyone who thought I was the real Michael Muhney..
An interesting take on the Michael Muhney (Adam) situation. Tell me what you think!
We want him back. Michael Muhney is Adam Newman . The show will not be the same with out him.
Is it true Michael Muhney is coming to GH???
I have to wonder, if the top brass at The Young and the Restless would have handled the firing of Michael Muhney differently, if they had a crystal ball.
We showed CBS who we wanted to keep...Billy Miller, Michael Muhney and Michelle Stafford and it's been heard talked about. Now lets tell them who we don't like.
Thank you for the invite I started watching the show regularly 20 years ago in 1994 after graduating high school my mom has been watching since the beginning we are both big fans of the show Michael muhney as Adam was our favorite cast member he will be missed my favorite woman on the show is Kelly goss as Courtney she's the most beautiful woman on the show I would love to see more of here on the show again thank you for welcoming me I love the show it's the best soap on TV today have a nice day y and r fans everywhere.
The fans have rallied, but it is evident that Michael Muhney will not be rehired by CBS Daytime. Michael Muhney may have left Genoa City in a cloud of controversy, but the fact remains that Muhney is an incredible actor with a strong following. Someone is sure to take a chance on hiring him, will that be General Hospital? With allegations of sexual harassment against him, he could be a liability for future employers. In addition, if the allegations are true that he is very difficult to work with, is it worth it to hire him? Rumors are flying around that Muhney may have an offer from General Hospital. Perhaps Muhney will be the new Jason? Wouldn’t that be ironic that Steve Burton went to Y&R and Muhney could end up playing his old iconic role? Fans were outraged and have been boycotting the show over his firing. This popular actor played a darker role with grace and depth. That is partially why it would be feasible seeing him fitting in with the underworld in Port Charles. Some General Hospital fans were ...
Susan Lucci and Sarah Michelle Gellar on AMC vs. Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney on Young and the Restless
Okay, I had wondered why Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) was fired from the show. Apparently his termination came about when allegations came out about him ALLEGEDLY fondling the breasts of young Hunter King (Summer Newman/ Abbott) on 2 occasions. WHAT?!?!?!? She REPORTEDLY gave an ultimatum to producers of the show that Muhney be fired or she would bring in the police to file a report. Just so you all know, this is still all rumored to have happened. However, it is amazing how people respond to rumors as if they were true. I would rather wait to hear what the facts are before making my decision on whether I like the character he played or him as a person. But wait, I didn't know him personally.
The cameras have turned. The cast and crew of hit soap The Young & The Restless are in turmoil, in the wake of star Michael Muhney being fired for allegedly groping the breasts of his costar Hu...
Michael Muhney Transfers To 'General Hospital' After sexually harassing his co-star, 'The Young and the Restless' star, Michael Muhney, will be transferring to the show's competitor 'General Hospital.' Do you think this is a good move for Michael?
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