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Michael Madsen

Michael Søren Madsen (born September 25, 1957) is an American actor, poet, and photographer. He has appeared in more than 150 films, most of them small independent films, though he has starred in central roles in such films as Reservoir Dogs, Free Willy, Donnie Brasco, and Kill Bill, in addition to a supporting role in Sin City.

Reservoir Dogs Tim Roth Quentin Tarantino Tom Sizemore Kurt Russell Black Widow Vinnie Jones Kill Bill Harvey Keitel John Spencer Alec Baldwin Gary Busey Eric Roberts Johnny Depp Mickey Rourke Happy Birthday Mark Hamill Edward Furlong

I'll probably blog a real review btw. Mostly because I heart Michael Madsen.
Everyone got their pics with him, but I was honored to work with Michael Madsen on The Garden…
Woo-hoo wrap on Michael Madsen on TGLB! aka gettin drunk with MM. Carlie Guevara (lead), Roy Wol…
"Why didn't you slide?" "I had a cigar in my back pocket, and I didn't want to break it" - Wilford Brimley to Michael Madsen in The Natural
Alternative commentary on the ballot, I didn't realise Michael Madsen was doing one of the voices until the credits rolled.
dead ringer for a young Michael Madsen
Happy shared birthday to two of my acting heroes and Michael Madsen!
on 1957 Michael Madsen, American actor and producer
To quote Mr Blond (Michael Madsen) from Reservoir Dogs: "You gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bit…
Happy Birthday to the one and only Michael Madsen!!!
Michael Madsen (birthday today) has more than 3x the credits of Six Degrees of Separation Kevin Bacon
We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Michael Madsen!. Are you a Fan?. Click Share and comment to also wish...
Happy 59th Tim Roth with Michael Madsen on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs (1992).
📹 2014. Michael Madsen reads his poem The Sword that he had written just a few days before his American...
Happy Birthday to Michael Madsen who turns 58 today!
Michael Madsen, Patton Oswalt and Kevin Costner all guest star in "The Moody Foodie" Bob's Burgers is the truth
Michael Madsen will play the voice of the computer in the film and audiobook adaptations.
"Was that as good for you as it was for me?” - Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs
plus Kim has taxes to pay... So vey possible. Just like Michael Madsen did. The cheque is what lures the Americans.
Michael Madsen's characters are completely extraneous in Kill Bill or H8. Edit them out, give one line to someone else, no loss.
in as seen through the lens of photographer Michael Lund Madsen
. Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth walk into a warehouse... and that's it.
Life is like a non Tarantino film starring Michael Madsen: it ***
He has an uncanny resemblance to Michael Madsen in this pic.
My career has been very strange. My career is like a heart monitor. I ...
Check out this clip with Michael Madsen and Paul Sloan from our new movie Vigilante Diaries.
Waiting for Pirates to sign Michael Madsen (as"Budd") next inning so he can come into the 9th and deliver the coup de grace...with a rock.
Reservoir Dogs, Michael Madsen and Quentin Tarantino are on the cover. Nice concept
Encourage your kids' artistic side. Toughen up everything else.
Q+A: David Mohney on the Future of Michael Warehouse | Architect Magazine | NJ https:…
I probably made a few pictures I shouldn't have done, but I have four ...
As a citizen hang around until some Michael Madsen-y guy in a nutshell:
Is it really selling out if it feeds your family?...
the most realistic part of Species II is where they have to keep Michael Madsen away from Natasha Henstridge because she'll get way 2 horny.
Kids are a great excuse for you to stop acting like one.
Last year Cinta Laura Kiehl 1st commercial break in the US for electronic product & special met to actor Michael Madse…
hostile actors? Is that like Michael Madsen, Javier Bardem, Christian Bale etc?
Watching Passenger 57, once again reminding myself which one is Tom Sizemore & which is Michael Madsen
When Michael Madsen realizes Paul Rudd is a vampire, will it ruin their love affair?
I liked a video from VIGILANTE DIARIES Official Trailer (2016) Michael Madsen,
Your children don't have to fear you to respect you.
The set of our movie starring Michael Madsen, James Hong and
Whoa, Daud in Dishonored is voiced by none other than Michael Madsen. That's why he sounded so awesome.
I finally watched The Hateful Eight. *** It was good to see Michael Madsen in a proper movie again. Walton Giggins was amazing.
This just in...Michael Madsen joins the cast of as SuperShock!!!
please please PLEASE do a hilariocity on Outrage with Michael Madsen it's worth it trust me
Please check out my petition to get Michael Madsen as Cable in the new Deadpool 2 movie coming up. Links on my profile. Thx a million.
totally thought that was Michael Madsen for a moment
Am I the only one who still thinks of Michael Madsen cutting off a guy's ear when I hear Stuck in the Middle with You?
Another thing, those actors like Michael Madsen, Kurt Russel, and Uma Thurman, plus many more, are casted best when in a Quentin movie.
I feel like Quentin is the only one who truly sees Michael Madsen's acting skills.
Kurt Russell and Michael Madsen growling at each other lower and lower until you can't hear them but dogs start barking
Michael Madsen: Bark all you want little doggie.
I miss the old version of Michael Madsen's site. Someone on the old forum thought that his reviews of his films were cliché.
Like really bassy gravelly masculine people? Say, Michael Madsen. I think every woman can sing Prince. Every.
updates Michael Madsen for rank 1193 to 1304
Michael Madsen was really good in THE HUNT (2012).
In Donnie Brasco, Sonny Black (Michael Madsen) wonders "how can John Wayne die??" I feel the same way about Bowie and Prince.
"Into eternity" Dir Michael Madsen a pointer for thinking about phot in distant future
Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs; an ugly Elvis or a hot Vince Vaughn?
death of someone in a cape that you don't really give a crap about. I'll check out season 2 because I'm curious about Michael Madsen.
Okay, I'm looking for a a picture of Tom Sizemore, autographed by Michael Madsen! Can anyone help?
Click here to support Help The Coffee Garden to Reopen by Michael Madsen
Tim Roth and Michael Madsen on the set of Reservoir Dogs
If you ever find yourself thinking "Camille must be over Michael Madsen", just stop and remind yourself 3 things.
Donnie Brasco is on? Michael Madsen time, don't bother me. 👌🏼
me too! especially w/ a bit more obscure but good actors-Tarantino with Michael Madsen, David Lynch w/ Jack Nance come to mind.
Why does Michael Madsen act like he’s just had really, really good sex…
finally watching is it just me or is Michael Madsen just getting better looking with age?
Mate, I'm nodding off. Young Michael Madsen is just about making up for it.
Michael Madsen playing Johnny Depp in the apology video.
Sam's mission is to elevate Michael Madsen, and to not die of pneumonia.
Well, someone's ambitious. You know very well you'll have to settle for Michael Madsen.
This beautiful blonde woman and Michael Madsen did what to Australia?
Johnny Depp must be preparing for the Michael Madsen biopic.
Why does he look like Michael Madsen?
Worth watching to wonder what the producer had on Michael Madsen, Lori Petty and Michael Ironside.
Yo young Michael Madsen looks just like Robert Mitchum.
Pumpkin Teeth's own... Bob the Vampire hangin w Michael Madsen. who Liked The Kill Bill Series. He is really funny. http…
Originally, Quentin Tarantino wanted Michael Madsen to play Johnny Mo (Mr. Barrel in the original script).
Michael Madsen should play Dave Robicheaux, don't you think? He has that hard lived life look.
Holy crap. Michael Madsen absolutely nailed it as a grizzled Texas Ranger it on Dude can still bring it!.
Michael Madsen is an underrated actor, he's chill
What character posters did everyone else get in their H8 roadshows booklet? I got JJL and Michael Madsen
Quentin Tarantino should make a pirate movie starring Michael Madsen, Christian Bale, Keanu Reeves, Uma Therman, and Sam Jackson
It's Christmas Eve and I've been reading Michael Madsen interviews and his IMDb page for over an hour.
I liked a video The Hateful Eight (2015) Behind the Scenes Movie Interview - Michael Madsen is 'Joe
Michael Madsen dirigido por Tarantino... Stuck in the middle with you. Eterno!
Bruce Dern and Michael Madsen dish being ‘teammates’...
Worth the price of admission to see Michael Madsen and Kurt Russell. 😍
The cast in BLOOD RED is certainly good. Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Elias Koteas, and Julia Roberts.
Michael Madsen is one of my fave actors ever!
Glad to see Michael Madsen and Tim Roth back in a Tarantino film, this should be a good one 😃
falling hard for a young Michael Madsen
Someone needs to fix the website. Tim Roth and Michael Madsen character descriptions are mixed up.
Can. Not. Wait. For ! Every cast member one of my favorites! Russell, Walton Goggins, Michael Madsen ...
So the only actor I know acting in this movie is Michael Madsen. Okay acting is a big word.
Michael Madsen is not a great actor. Mads Mikkelsen on the other hand
No one writes better dialogue than Quentin Tarantino. And no one makes better use of Samuel L. Jackson or Michael Madsen.
Tom Sizemore and Michael Madsen exist solely to fill in for each other when in rehab I reckon.
The Hateful Eight actor Michael Madsen has died 38 times... and counting!
Watch us actually get Michael Jai White and Michael Madsen. Direct to the Tesco DVD shelf!
Among those interviewed in this 2004 documentary are Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Madsen, and Harry Dean Stanton -
I had no idea until tonight that Michael Madsen is Matthew Perry's uncle... who knew?! obvious when you look:
Absolutely brilliant right We love that Tim Roth and Michael Madsen are back.
Shock Tim Roth ,Samuel Jackson and Michael Madsen are in another Tarantino movie
I just watched that trailer 3 times in a row. Sam Jackson, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell? I might cream
I just wanna know why Quentin Tarantino didn't ale a Vega Brothers film before John Travolta and Michael Madsen go too old.
For as big of a *** as Michael Madsen was in Reservoir Dogs he was so nice in Free Willy
Saw Verne Troyer, Michael Madsen, DJ Qualls, Booker T and some actors from game of thrones, Harry Potter and Star Wars ☺️
Michael Madsen doesn't get enough credit for being the Sterling Hayden of our time.
Dir: Josh Bear -- guy who made Splosion Man and Postal VG. . Michael Madsen in lead. Adam Sessler (!) . A…
You forget Michael Madsen was in a James Bond movie.
Kurt Russell, Demian Bichir, Michael Madsen, & Tim Roth getting ready for one *** fine trip to http:…
I Google image searched "Michael Madsen not squinting" and the first result of someone not squinting was Alec Baldwin.
was in GTA 3 w/ Michael Madsen, who was in Sin City w/Mickey Rourke, who was in Diner w/Kevin Bacon.
The role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction (1994) was written to be played by Michael Madsen who plays as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs.
Vaughn is turning into a much lesser Michael Madsen.
Michael Madsen will come out soon with Samuel Jackson in a blockbuster movie with Cinta Laura in Beverly Hills Hotel
Quentin Tarantino panel on the Hateful Eight. Quentin on the top and Tim Roth and Michael Madsen on…
is good like theatre 🎦 ear, the Maltese Falcon?. Sandra O, e Michael Madsen. bravo
Michael Madsen is beating up Justin Bieber on TV. What did I just watch??
"My life is over" gets overused..unless you're tied to a chair and Michael Madsen is dancing toward you with a razor and a Jerry can-Then ok
I'm thinking of doing community theater in the city. I wanna play a bad guy. Like Michael Madsen bad.
yup, because everyone was holding their breath for a cast consisting of Doris Roberts, Michael Paré & Michael Madsen
It's like "What if Michael Madsen made a living competing in senior kenpo tournaments?"
Michael Madsen just shot 16,404 rounds from a Glock with a 15 round clip! And missed.
and Virginia Madsen's brother is Michael who likes motorcycles and was in Reservoir Dogs . With steve buscemi & brainerd fargo
I can never hear stuck in the middle without instantly thinking of Michael Madsen and Reservoir Dogs
That cop in Reservoir Dogs should have asked Michael Madsen to cut off his other ear when "Stuck in the Middle With You" s…
Sometimes I just sit and Google pics of Michael Madsen
Penelope Cruz vs. Jennifer Lawrence vs. Michael Madsen vs. Nastassja Kinski: who wore it best?
Thank you all who wished me a Happy Birthday. I'm so grateful to have the most amazing friends all over the...
How come nobody ever talks about the movie "Species"?. It had gratuitous sex, HR Giger designs, peak Michael Madsen...
This is like Michael Madsen's wig in BloodRayne bad :/
Michael Madsen is the coolest in Reservoir *** happened?!?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The Sephiroth Choir, as sung by Uwe Boll. (Backup vocals slurred by drunk Michael Madsen)
New post: Michael Madsen talks about “The Hateful Eight” and the possibility of a “Vega Brothers” movie
Michael Madsen to Kietel ... bet youre a big charles bronson fan 😂
That kid looks the spit of a young Michael Madsen :O
I thought 'it's got Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen and Forest Whitaker in it. How bad can it be?' A: very bad.
Michael Jackson did the same. The difference is, she got free perks for being Black.
Paid job: Editor wanted for feature film (CT):
George Michael reportedly checks himself into rehab
My sister just met Michael Madsen. You probably don't know my sister. But as far as I'm concerned, I basically just met Michael Madsen.
I added a video to a playlist Inside Edge (1992) Michael Madsen
Best hysterical writhing ever: Michael Madsen, then Daryl Hannah, in that trailer in the desert in Kill Bill, Volume 2.
.er I think Michael Madsen might not agree with that statement love.
A certain english singer rehab in Switzerland according to german gossip
Getting ready for *** Ride screening in LaLa land. . larry bishop and michael Madsen center from to introduce it!... h…
*** this episode has Michael Madsen and Terry O'Quinn! AND Burt Young! So awesome!!!
To clarify that's the Edward Furlong/Michael Madsen crapfest, not the teen warlock crapfest with the same name.
I still can't tell Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore apart
Both, Johnny Deep and Al Pacino are in this film; both get out acted by Anne Heche and Michael Madsen...
Alec Baldwin and Michael Madsen film indie flick in Sheepshead Bay
Michael Madsen on the iconic roles of his career, from Virgil Earp to Reservoir Dogs' Mr. Blonde
Dave Gunn and actor Michael Madsen put the Revisor Dogs style beat down on me in the old X103 studios after...
Watching recorded Thelma & Louise. Michael Madsen 😍😍 - you can have pretty boy Brad Pitt, I'll have MM m
I liked Racing with the Moon a whole *** of a lot! Nic Cage, Sean Penn, Michael Madsen and Crispin Glover cameos.
Got sent this photo of myself, Michael Madsen, Patrick Bergin & Finbar Fury on the set of ‘Strength & Honour’ earlier http:/…
Ray Winstone looking like he crawled out of a drunken stupor with Michael Madsen's hair & some shorts - of course he owns a villa
looks like what would happen if Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore had a kid.
Tom Sizemore: "Although I get so much fan mail from Great Britain, tell me, am I more famous there than Michael Madsen?"
Michael Madsen is one of my favorite actors
The ear severing scene in Reservoir Dogs, except Michael Madsen is dancing to the SAE chant.
I added a video to a playlist Along the Roadside - Official Trailer 2015 - Michael Madsen Movie HD
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Once I start dancing like Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs
Listened to it in my car on the way home. Can Howard Stern get Michael Madsen on?
Johnny Depp is pretty, but the best looking guy in Donnie Brasco is Michael Madsen.
Like Michael Madsen is still the best bad guy actor.
Josh brolin plays a good bad guy. But not like Michael Madsen bad guy.
they all say they are there for Michael brown but I guess he was a guilty man don't matter, Holder proved that
can't remember the title of the cannibal one. Michael Madsen was in it though.
RIP Michael Graves, post-modernist architect. conversation with him from 2013:
Sad week for as Michael Graves heads off to the great charrette in the sky.
With today's passing of Michael Graves, the New York Five have lost their quorum; Peter Eisenman and Richard Meier surviv…
Watch Tooth And Nail on Netflix. He's in it and it's so bad it's good. Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones too.
This is weirder than when Michael Madsen was in that Justin Bieber video.
So "Terror Trap" rips off "Vacancy" and "Hostel" in a very bad way. Michael Madsen should stop acting.
Michael Madsen is an actor who should have a more impressive resume.
When it comes to cool people with cool voices Michael Madsen is top of the list or *** near close to it.
NO one will beat Michael Madsen... He will agree to absolutely anything.
Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen& BSG's Hogan again? Should've glanced at the info earlier. Only 2 days left if into it.
thanks yes, I got my voice back today. A bit Jessica Rabbit, but luckily no longer Michael Madsen!
So the speculation, given the "living architect" clause, seems to be: Michael Graves, Charles Correa. Also: Frei Otto is …
You wake up in a mysterious hotel room next to a picture of Michael Madsen's turds. You scream.
Board of Regents confirms that Michael K. Young will start as President of Texas A&M on May 1.
It's a shame Michael Madsen enjoyed his drugs more than his acting career. Guy was great in every role he plays
Upcoming sci-fi TV show with Michael Madsen, Edward Furlong and more! Five days left to contribute!
Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones and male strippers? Yes, really. Diamond Heist reviewed by
"Incredible fun, tight script, superb acting" Vinnie Jones and Michael Madsen in Diamond Heist reviewed by
Living off his Free Willy cred I assume "How does Michael Madsen keep getting work?"
How does Michael Madsen keep getting work?
'Being Michael Madsen' has been removed from Netflix USA...
.watches Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones doing what they do best in Diamond Heist
pls consider contributing towards this great new sci-fi show starring Eric Roberts and Michael Madsen
Exclusive interview with the director of Skin Traffik starring Mickey Rourke and Michael Madsen.
Watching Reservoir Dogs. Harvey Keitel and Michael Madsen out chap everybody else in this film. Hands down.
Coming to Walmart & all Christian bookstores February 10th! Pure Flix presents "Turn Around Jake". Synopsis: Jacob Zaker (Jarret Lemaster, Bounty) is a rising business prodigy working under the tutelage of his corrupt boss, Russell O’Malley (Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill). Life is sweet until the government starts investigating illegal practices at his firm, and Jacob is pinned with the crime. Overnight, he loses it all: his career, his downtown penthouse, and wants to be: his childhood home in rural Texas. Now Jacob must face an estranged father, Leo Zaker (Mark Withers, True Blood, Ultimate Life) and the girl he left behind, Jessica Henry (Jen Lilley, The Artist, Days of Our Lives). While Jake tries to figure out how to return to L.A., old flames are rekindled, and Jake is reminded of the man he used to be. But just as he starts to see that things have changed in the small town, Jake discovers a family secretthat will force him to make the biggest decision of his life.
Michael Madsen and Harvey Keitel look good in Reservoir Dogs👏🔟
Quentin Tarantino has a new film coming out called The Hateful Eight with Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth and Michael Madsen. Nice
Le Saint Graal de la sauce forte & BBQ, by my main man Michael Madsen! (If we told you how we made it,…
Win a chance to come to the "Vigilante Diaries" premiere and meet Rampage Jackson, Jason Mewes, Michael Madsen and Kevin L. Walker!!
Michael Madsen as Negan. Make it happen... James Purefoy, Ray Stevenson and Kevin Durand also decent. But seriously; Madsen.
Here are the first images from Behind the Scenes (Workshop) of Quentin Tarantino's Samuel L. Jackson (black hat) Bruce Dern (red hat) Jennifer Jason Leigh (black jacket) Quentin Tarantino (red plaid shirt) Demian Bichir (seated in brown jacket) Kurt Russell (seated in grey t-shirt) Walton Goggins (blue v-neck) Michael Madsen (black vest) Tim Roth (seated in black shirt)
What's up with Michael Madsen the video? That chicks *** too big for ninjitsu my friend? You ghost write this one?
At this point John Spencer & Michael Madsen debating where to get the best weed would be an improvement.
i haven't! i watched part of a LP of the one with homie voiced by michael madsen, seemed pretty interesting.
Why am I so attracted to Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen)
.That’s Dayton Callie, a good friend of Michael Madsen’s 👍😄
it might possibly be too late but the answer is Michael Madsen.
New profile pic was my Halloween best effort at Michael Madsen (the big bad from Iggy's Black Widow video).
Clout PR news: Actor and poet Michael Madsen, who is about to shoot Tarantino's HATEFUL EIGHT, has hired Clout to handle his UK press.
answer to 3rd question is Michael Madsen.
Norway’s Halden Prison has become an incredible case-study in incarceration as rehabilitation.
Michael Madsen is the voice of Carver!
michael madsen did the voice of William carver.
Michael Madsen is the voice of William Carver!
The voice who plays William Carver from The Walking Dead Season 2 Telltale games is Michael Madsen !
The person who voices William Carver is Michael Madsen!
Michael Madsen I hate Carver, forcing everyone to come and stay to work for him
Michael Madsen is the voice of William Carver!. Terror
Michael Madsen is the voice actor for Bill Carver in The Walking Dead season 2.
Michael Madsen is the voice of William Carver
Michael Madsen voices the character William Carter in The Walking Dead Season 2 by Telltale Games.
Michael Madsen makes an excellent villain in Season Two of
Clue Stephen Baldwin when A-list actors make a movie for the money: Danny Glover, Rutger Hauer, Michael Madsen
Mathew Perry looks like a young Michael Madsen
i thought that was michael madsen in the Black Widow mv but thought "eh probably not, i'm just hopped up on qt right now" but IT IS
I'm getting a Mexican Michael Madsen with this facial expression you've got going on
If I was as badass as Michael Madsen, life would be easier...
Reservoir Dogs tricks you into thinking Michael Madsen is a great actor
Michael Enright: The Ghomeshi revelations and the CBC workplace
Here's narrator in Romania with Michael Madsen & follow her adventure htt…
I don't know who this celebrity is, but he grabbed my Lightsaber and attacked Michael Madsen with it.
The features this week to talk about and and Michael Madsen
Is there anything michael Madsen can't do?
Emily talks the incredible Halden Prison with director Michael Madsen for doco Cathedrals of Culture
Incarceration as rehabilitation. Michael Madsen Interview: Halden Prison, Cathedrals of Culture via
This week in Assemble Papers we explore the ‘world’s most humane prison’ . With the intention of defying the notion …
The most shocking thing about Michael Madsen being in the video for Black Widow by Iggy Azelea is that he was available.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tim Roth and Michael Madsen in The Hateful Eight, Tarantino's 8th film... I am impatient so just come out already
The first Michael Madsen interview on Opie and Anthony is art.
Sadly, it's NOT Tarantino's Birthday today. . But it is Michael Madsen and Mark Hamill's birthday! . Happy BDay Mr. Blonde & Luke Skywalker!
Big birthday day for actors. Will Smith, Mark Hamill, and Michael Madsen.
Adrien Brody laughing beautifully w Michael Madsen and others. Originally posted by .
Watched Wargames for the 1st time in ages the other day. Gobsmacked that the two guys at the start were John Spencer & Michael Madsen.
Zoe Bell, Tim Roth and Michael Madsen too just take my money now!
To me it's like a knock off of that movie The Getaway with Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin
On set as an actor in the film Q4 Dream Corporation which has Eric Roberts & Michael Madsen attached to it
'SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR': Five Stars (Out of Five)   Sequel (and prequel) to the 2005 hit crime thriller 'SIN CITY'. It's once again directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and it's also once again based on Miller's neo-noir comic book series (with Miller writing the film's screenplay as well). Two of the movie's four stories are based on the comic and the other two segments were written for this film. Stars Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Powers Boothe, Rosario Dawson and Jaime King all reprise their roles from the original flick. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, Christopher Lloyd and many others play new characters in it; while Josh Brolin (replacing Clive Owen as Dwight), Jeremy Piven (replacing Michael Madsen as Bob), Dennis Haysbert (replacing the late Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute) and Jamie Chung (replacing the pregnant Devon Aoki as Miho) also join the new cast. Some of the events in the movie take place before some segments in ...
Tom Sizemore and Michael Madsen engaged in an eternal fistfight to determine which one's which.
...Yet here's City City 2 with Clive Owen, Michael Madsen *and* Devon Aoki recast. So much for that theory.
Michael Madsen continues to own social media
We were nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge by Cathy Belknap. We are nominating Michael Madsen, Susan Madsen, Ted Madsen, Linda Bradshaw Madsen, Patti Barrett Wozniak and Jeff Wozniak. You have 24 hours to accept!
Just watched the new? Iggy Azalea video, Black Widow. Michael Madsen is still alive, that's the only thing I took away from it.
Please Join me in support for While everyone is supporting Michael Brown. Let freedom ring
Young Tim Roth and Michael Madsen shirtless pic is oomph 😍
Fair play to Iggy Azalea for getting Michael Madsen in her new video.
Hey, Michael Madsen had to cash in somehow.
tbh Michael Madsen in RD is the stuff dreams r made of but then you get Michael Madsen in KB and it's like dnw ever
It's a crying shame there aren't more movies w/Michael Madsen in them. Think it's more Directors don't know what to do w/him.
I think Gary is my fave celeb housemate since Michael Madsen
Michael Madsen was so fine in Reservoir Dogs...
I love that Michael Madsen is in Very cool.
I think I could play an Italian Gangster in a movie. Somewhere between Ray Liotta and Michael Madsen.
Michael Madsen is even in the video for God sake, dressed up in his Kill Bill get up.
just saw your segment the Elvis at the end in black looked like Michael Madsen RT!
Cant listen to stuck in the middle with you without imaging Michael Madsen cutting someones ear off
The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is now prancing around an August Calendar like Michael Madsen & the police officer in Reservoir Dogs.
Michael Madsen in Iggys new vid what 💰
Michael Madsen on his new comic SHIFTER, SIN CITY 2 and more
This Michael Madsen interview from a couple months ago is pretty funny.
To be fair, I think Michael Madsen would've been fantastic for the role as Max Payne instead.
If Obama had a second son his name would be Michael Brown If he had a third son his name would be photo-op |
"Stuck in the Middle With You" is playing. Where's Michael Madsen?
.is that a young Michael Madsen & 'The West Wing's' John Spencer in the opening scene??
Hate the song Black Widow but the video's Kill Bill inspired and Michael Madsen is actually in it. Fair play Iggy
I've found a big Michael Madsen poster from when I was like 13. The man is just delightful 😍
The oddball older Americans are always awesome entertainment - Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin and Michael Madsen looking at you!
Aw *** Now I remembered Michael Madsen was in it as well. I hate that house
Ferguson: 31 arrested as huge show of force fails to quell unrest . People looking for trouble taunt police
I liked a video Michael Madsen on Tarantino's Latest - Up at Noon
True story: I once named a character in a script after The character wound up being played by Michael Madsen. (1/2)
WOW! Monica Amaro.. your right.. I recorded the haunting with Michael Madsen and that Hotel is the Settles Hotel...
it actually is Michael Madsen, playing Jason Douglas...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Everytime I see that head shot, I think it's a picture of Michael Madsen.
Heath Ledger's Joker and Michael Madsen as Vic Vega might be my 2 favorite movie characters of all time
Even more disappointed with myself that I've watched 5 mins of CBB. The only acceptable reason was when Michael Madsen was in there
OMG I thought was going to be moody like Michael Madsen but he is going to be much MUCH much better!
Gary Busey will be another Evander Holyfield / Michael Madsen type. No clue what's going on, total bore.
Yes! The moment i waited for! The legend that is Gary Busey! Like Michael Madsen and Coolio times a 100!
Gary. Hope he's not another Michael Madsen type, eh .
I can't be the only one that finds Michael Madsen slightly attractive as Mr. Blonde. Must be those eyes
Maybe he did the decent thing like Alan Fletcher and didn't want to do it. It did nothing for Michael Madsen nor Ryan Moloney.
County investigation: Michael Brown was shot from the front, had marijuana in his system !!! via
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