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Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis (born October 15, 1960) is an American non-fiction author and financial journalist.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of any videos / audio of Michael Donaghy reading?
Hypocrisy. If we had a pic of Ray Lewis in a bloody white suit, maybe all, including you reporters wouldn't gush all over him.
[I have not tried yet]Michael Lewis’s New Book – Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World via
"No one understand the stock market" Michael Lewis, author of Flash Boys
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Thanks for following. Best book I've read recently: Flash Boys, by Michael Lewis, may interest you :)
Dawk and Michael Lewis, was Lito in there? I think it was him and Sheldon Brown
Above all, recognise that if you have had success, you also had luck - and with luck comes obligation. You owe a debt, and not just to your gods. You owe a debt to the unlucky. - Michael Lewis
Lewis to Make TUSC Debut at VIR with GB Autosport - Porsche GT3 rising star Michael Lewis to drive for GB Aut...
C.S. Lewis’s Ideal Daily Routine: “It is essential of the happy life that a man would have almost no mail.”. I’... http:/…
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Blacks have contributed so much to American arts and culture. There's Karen, Lewis, Jack, Clint, Frank, Michael Ian, Rebecca, Flag, Keys…
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Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. (Fry, Michael and T. Lewis)
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The more things change, the more they remain… insane. Michael Fry and T. Lewis
if you haven't read by Michael Lewis. Read it NOW. MoFos
Must read for parents with high school athletes. Michael Lewis' "Coach." Be involved, but don't interfere. Support your athlete's growth.
Watch Arcade Fire go "Back in Time" with their live Huey Lewis and the News cover in tribute to Michael J. Fox:
Michael Appleton, Micky Lewis and Mark Ashton all returning to their former club. Looking forward to it.
Enlightening piece by on VC ROI research. Space is practically begging for the Michael Lewis treatment.
Who knew high-frequency trading was such a sexy subject?” – Flash Boys is Michael Lewis’s best-selling book of all time!
he had great help. Hedo turkoglu, rashard Lewis, nelson, michael pietrus and Jj redick. That team went to the finals don't forget
Thank you, Michael Lewis, for your donation and being a 'Buddy' of the
who win more World Titles, Lewis, MVG or Michael Smith?
"Who cares what those nerds think? I'll make the movie any way I want. And I say he DOES lose." -Michael Bay on the set of 'Parker Lewis'
Rosin and I once hosted party at Michael Lewis's house while he was out of town. I built a tower out of 17 diff lang version of Liar's Poker
Watch ISW's Jessica Lewis on CNN's with Michael Holmes talking about Iraq and ISIS. htt…
Congratulations to Michael Lewis on Win & 3 podiums at .
Henchman Lewis receives a blow from Michael .
Hired new assistant today. Big fan of Lewis Carroll. She went for a look around the garden. She's been quite a while...
Great class on marketing today from Michael Lewis Marketing on the steps you need to take to get your business to the next level.
| Michael Lewis is coming out with a new Wall Street book | |
John Lanchester: 'Flash Boys' (Michael Lewis) as a case study in the story of Capital in the 21st Century, via
Colin Thompson scored his first two Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama victories in thrilling fashion at Watkins Glen International. Thompson earned both race wins with spectacular last lap passes and left with a four-point lead in the GT3 Cup Championship. The weekend initially looked like it was getting off to a rocky start when the transponder on Thompson’s No. 14 Porsche of Bucks County Porsche 911 GT3 Cup failed, resulting in only one lap being registered by timing and scoring. This meant Thompson would start fifth in Friday’s race. A strong start put Thompson into fourth by Turn One and a handful of laps later the Kelly Moss Motorsports car was up to third chasing Michael Lewis in the No. 98 and Angel Benitez Jr. in the No. 05. Thompson mastered lapped traffic and quickly made up the ground to Lewis, passing him for second with less than five minutes remaining in the race.
Just watched Michael Lewis speak about his latest book Flash Boys a Wall Street Revolt. Interviewer is Malcolm Gladwell. Brilliant discussion but I cannot bring myself to read that book. Maybe I could read it if I took some sedatives so I wouldn't stroke out from sheer anger. He is such a talented writer though. Discusses his process. Fascinating.
The Goldman Sachs programmer who inspired Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys" wins case against the FBI:
I'm calling it. This guy is going to be the Michael Lewis (except better) of my generation. Read his columns in Bloomberg. cc:
About to talk to the wonderful Michael Lewis of Vanity Fair, Moneyball, etc fame for tomorrow's radio on NewstalkFM - always a pleasure to talk to him! Forgot how much fun radio is.its better than a real job!
My friends and followers, this is the "other" Michael Lewis
Tom Wolfe calls him 'currently the best writer in America.' Michael Lewis, on his book Flash Boys, & much more 7-midda…
Thank God for Michael Lewis, a wise & humble man unafraid to speak truth to power:
over is to and Share 20 Email Jill Treanor The Guardian, Friday 6 June 2014 19.30 BST Jump to comments (12) stock exchange hft case The case is filed against 13 stock exchanges and subsidiaries, and has been signed by eight legal firms. Photograph: Alamy The who 20 years ago has turned his on the stock exchanges over high-frequency trading. HFT is the process by which professional traders are able to put orders in to the stock market more quickly than the majority of investors. Putting in these earlier bets on the market, it is alleged, allows professionals to make quick profits at the expense of savers and investors in pension funds. The practice is being tested in a class action suit filed in a New York court last month by a number of US legal firms including Michael Lewis, the lawyer who led a class action suit brought by the state of Mississippi in 1994. The team of lawyers he assembled at that time led to $368.5bn (£220bn) being paid out by 13 tobacco companies to cover the cost of treating illnesse ...
Michael Lewis bringing back the concept of noblesse oblige in Princeton commencement address
Michael Lewis on a Rigged Stock Market and the Heroes of Wall Street
Michael Lewis in conversation with Malcolm Gladwell at Live Talks Los An...: via
London Telegraph: “One piece of the jigsaw puzzle is missing to complete the deflation landscape across the West: a slide in oil prices. This is becoming more likely each month. Turmoil across the Middle East and parts of Africa has choked supply over the past two years, keeping Brent crude near $110 a barrel despite a broader commodity slump. Cotton and corn prices have halved, as has the UBS index of industrial metals. Such anomalies rarely last. "We estimate that crude oil is now the mostly richly priced commodity in the world," says Deutsche Bank in a fresh report. Michael Lewis, the bank's commodity strategist, said markets face an "new oil supply glut" as three forces combine. US shale will add 1m barrels a day (b/d) to global supply for the third year running; Libya will crank up shipments after a near collapse in 2013; and Iran will come out of hibernation. "This will push OPEC spare capacity to levels last seen in the depths of the financial crisis in 2009," he said. America is on track to over ...
Adam McKay to direct from Moneyball writer Michael Lewis - Movie News |
what about some Thomas Cahill hinges of history or some Michael Lewis. Also Unbreakable by Seabiscuit author is really good
Buzz about Michael Lewis's book came and went in a flash.
We are ready for USA 1st practice Michael Lewis # 98,Fred Poordad and Blair Chang
Tributes to Michael Lewis, former leader of Gillingham Borough Council: The former leader of Gillingham ...
Did some honeymoon reading this week -- Michael Lewis' "Flashboys" and Scott Patterson's "Dark Pools"
The Astounding Conspiracy Theories of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton Hamilton Nolan Filed to: CONSPIRACY THEORIES 4/10/14 3:50pm Mark Gorton is a prominent financier and a respected entrepreneur. He founded the music sharing site Limewire, and he runs Tower Research, a famed high-frequency trading firm. Gorton also believes that the "ruthless" secret cabal that assassinated JFK and planned 9/11 could be coming to kill his family. Mark Gorton does not have a reputation as a crackpot. Quite the opposite. He's beenfavorably profiled in the New York Times for his business acumen and charitable deeds. His experience as the head of Limewire—which disrupted the music industry and then lost a $100 million lawsuit as a result—was closely followed by the press. And when Michael Lewis's blockbuster new book about high frequency trading was published recently,prominent media outlets turned to Gorton to learn what HFT firms are really like. The Huffington Post even dubbed him "the new face of Wall Street." He is a ...
High frequency trading has been in the news more, thanks in part to Michael Lewis new book, Flash Boys
. Have you read Michael Lewis book 'The Big Short' excellent on crisis?
Aaron Hernandez indicted for double murder. Which makes me wonder: how many other murders did he get away with? I recently read "The Blind Side," and Michael Lewis makes the point that many of the top NFL prospects never make it to the pros because the "qualities" that make them great football players - size, strength, aggression and a propensity for violence - leads many to jail instead of college. So, how many other murderers are in the NFL right now? And was his wife the first person OJ murdered?
Taking some time to read a non-textbook for once. – Reading Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael Lewis —
At Michael Lewis talk - feeling out of place without a suit. A guy in front of me checking stock prices on his iPhone
"the SEC’s frolic into nuances of mkt microstructure created the unintended consequence of high-frequency trading"
About to listen to Michael Lewis lecture at RGS about and
This is Michael Lewis on the Saints Celebrity Cruise I was on giving a shout out 2 my mom 4 me !! Luv ya Mom ! While signing her picture !
Michael Lewis' book 'Flash Boys' has shined a light on High Frequency Trading on Wall Street. Book review:
Perhaps Michael Howard will now have the decency to let Paxman know whether he threatened to overrule Derek Lewis.
author Michael Lewis talks to about high-frequency trading - via
Michael Owen, Mark Webster, Denise Lewis, Stevie Johnson, Natalie Pinkham and Matthew Spencer are at VIP party tonight.
Someone put your hand out x Michael Jackson
Flash movie deal!! Gotta love himRT Michael Lewis' Wall Street thriller 'Flash Boys' near movie deal http:…
Improvising Shakespeare style workshop with Michael Lewis this Saturday morning in Roseville at the California Improv Festival.
My review of Michael Lewis’ Flashboys: A Wall Street Revolt via 'HFT' is mentioned 29 (!!) times
Fascinating interview: author Michael Lewis talks to Guardian's
Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet and handsome guy Michael Lewis! At 11:21 I got to see your beautiful face. I love you with all my heart.. Always and Forever!!!
Who's looking forward to Michael Lewis's event with Dominic Lawson at the this evening?
Again, not primarily talking about money. Referring to the Michael Lewis' book, MONEYBALL.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Good article by Ari Rubenstein of GTS; Thank you, Michael Lewis: HFT trader
U.S. SEC chair to Congress: 'The markets are not rigged' via Why not call Michael Lewis to Congress?
I knowww, com'on Michael give us a follow please 🙏😘
Even Mary Jo White said the market isn't rigged. Still, this trader says: "Thank you, Michael Lewis."
"Thank you, Michael Lewis, for giving Wall Street an opportunity to educate general public about modern marketplace."
My latest: some brokers are denying client requests to route trades to IEX, the venue in Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys."
"Thank you, Michael Lewis" writes Global Trading Systems CEO Ari Rubenstein in an OpEd for
Michael Lewis author of the stock market is rigged. Interview with on impacts of
The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street: an adaptation from 'Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt':
American Dad has ruined Green Lantern for me 'cause Kevin Michael Richardson is Principal Lewis
Flash Boys author Michael Lewis speaks to the about how the stock market is rigged:
From Michael Lewis General Manager of the TEXAS Ressurection MENS Basketball Team Brenham, Texas Good Morning Central Basketball League Administrators and Family, I am very honored and blessed to have networked with Mr Benjamin Mireles and the office personnel of the Central Developmental Basketball League . Our team the Texas Resurrection was caught in a difficult situation from the time we signed the agreement with the league. Our frustration in choice to play games in the Western Conference was very sparse. We were promised a schedule of games and have not received a schedule from another party within the league or some affiliation with the league. I understand the reasons why we did not receive any games. There is a solid cancer in the Houston and Southeast Texas area that has halted us to play games in the area. But we will prevail. This is why as of Thursday May 1,2014 I Michael Lewis will forego the position of Western Conference in the Central Development Basketball League. I will set up our regio ...
Flash Boys, an exposé of 'rigged' high-frequency trading, has sold 130,000 copies in its first week and is already being turned into a film. Its author, Michael Lewis, tells Emma Brockes why the story is so compelling
Michael Lewis discusses his new book Flash Boys – an investigation into high-frequency trading
Growing up I hung with Sedrick Render.. Thee Rogers Therrell Gosier Michael Lewis and a couple more soldiers that don't have pages. But my homie MoonDawgg Rogers...geesh...hanging with this *** you had to learn how to fight and like it cuz he loved it! Lol have of the time I didn't wanna fight I wanted to trick but this *** here!! That's my *** (my street voice)...
Rounding up some media that inspired me in recent weeks ... I'm going to try to do this on a semi-regular basis. Here we go: THE NEW NEW THING Not sure why I haven't been reading everything Michael Lewis has ever written?!! The recent pieces about his book on Wall Street's recent trading shenanigans…
Michael Lewis tells the compelling true story of one man’s mission to tame Wall Street
Congratulations to the SJV Academic Bowl Team! They competed at Central Catholic on Sunday April 27. The team did a great job and progressed to the quarter finals. Congratulations to: Jacob Roma, Brandon Berke, Mitchell Shoemaker, Michael Lewis, Collin Ambrose, Charlie Carbonetto, Jenny Tran, and Michael Clark.
Michael Lewis Joe Lupia Christian Dolsen Brandon Lewis Sorry about the language boys but , we all know this is great therapy !!!
CWC! Challenged by Clayton Stewart I challenge Michael Lewis Madisson Paige Lewis EmilyGrace Jones and Tucker Horan you have 24 hrs to complete this and donate $10 to or chicken out and donate $100 to your charity of choice. Ready set go!
Even though mike and I are not together anymore I'm glad we are close enough and mature enough to help each other out and be there for our kids. Now that's what I call winning! Michael Lewis
I Probably Shouldn't: By Craig Michael Lewis If the words were too fluffy, puffy, with no real texture, this would probably come off as more of a lecture. Tonight we're not dealing with that sort of conjecture. Tonight is about what I've been told, versus what I've learned to care about. Being too cool would not have me saying you're my everything. I've learned not to be that cool when it really matters. I probably shouldn't have said that. But, I felt that. So, there it is. Crazy only gets to be crazy when it stops making sense. I'm thinking it would be crazier for me not to feel this way. Another something I probably shouldn't say, if I cared about being cool, if I cared about the rules. Although I should, me being me, I couldn't. Because what keeps me alive, the heart that beats in time with yours, says I probably shouldn't.
Chicago born Jamel Michael Lewis fondly remembers music encompassing every area of his life from his youth up until now. “Music is and always has been my life.” The way I see it, everything I experience in life is a song.” Strengthened by faith in God and coupled with encouragement from family and…
Writer Michael Lewis has so many fans, because he is such a marvelous story teller. “The Big Short”, which told about the housing and credit bubbles of
Michael Lewis produced a top-selling book by arguing that the U.S. stock market is rigged. To one of hedge-fund operator Citadel LLC’s top executives, small investors have never been more fortunate. “It’s one of the few markets in the world where the little guy gets a better deal than the big guy,”…
John Holt think this guy is on the way to Planet Fitness?? Templar Jb Jacob Rosario Nick Sablich Shane Stephens Christopher Adams Shawn Welch Mike Michael Lewis Jeff Ayscue Jeff is he your brother or alter ego?
Tom Gardner sat down with acclaimed author Michael Lewis to talk about Lewis' new book, Flash Boys, and how high-frequency traders skim billions off the market — and never risk a dime. - Motley Fool Staff - Markets
Tay Lyric ft. BENNYFRANK$ & Michael Lewis - High AF Im Bumping... Track will be on here soon tho.
I was with a group of hard-charging individuals yesterday, who were talking about the challenge of making time to be at rest. I was reminded of what the greatest living non-fiction writer, Michael Lewis, said his father would recite to him as the Lewis Family motto (and which always gives me a chuckle): Do as little as possible And that unwillingly For it is better to incur a slight reprimand Than to perform an arduous task.
Come on out this Wednesday night for the musical lab featuring Jim Crozier and Michael Lewis — at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack. 6 pm! Best oysters on the half shell in town, and biggest burger!
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White on Tuesday responded directly to allegations in Michael Lewis' new book about high-frequency trading markets. "The markets are not rigged," she told a U.S. House of Representatives panel.
Michael Lewis, the Master of the Big Story, is back with Flash Boys If you thought Wall Street was about alpha males standing in trading pits hollering at each other, think again. That world is dead. Now, the world's money is traded by computer code, inside black boxes in heavily guarded buildin...
Comment is free | The Guardian // Q&A: Former Wall Street trader Michael Lewis answers your questions
Ross Kaminsy at the Denver Post writes How Michael Lewis is hurting, not helping, the stock market: It used to be said that the most dangerous place to stand is between Sen. Chuck Schumer and a camera. Lately that description better fits author Michael Lewis, who is blanketing the airwaves hawking his new book, "Flash Boys," which he portrays as an exposé of a stock market "rigged" by high frequency trading, or HFT. Lewis raises legitimate questions about whether investment banks and stock exchanges have conflicts of interest when it comes to customers getting the best possible prices on their stock orders. But his claims that the stock market is "rigged" are not simply exaggerated; by discouraging people from investing, Lewis' bogus assertions potentially hurt millions of American investors. On the other hand the only American investors being hurt (if the little guy stops playing the rigged game) is the big guys not being able to fleece the little guy. I wonder how much Ross Kaminsy got paid to write h ...
Just had my first boxing lesson from coach Michael Lewis of 3p Boxing! Felt great, I have A LOT to learn but he seems happy to accept the challenge of coaching me. A little better every day!! Off to Spartan Martial-Arts!!
Thanks for a great night. Sorry to all the teams paddy and I should have lost to. Special thanks to Michael Lewis Brown for a great spread.
4 of 5 stars to Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis
Boy you can see Andy why by Michael Lewis is getting shoved under the carpet by so many Wall Street folks.
Latest book's now in my personal book shelf: A Wall Street Revolt Flash Boys, by Michael Lewis. A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren The DIVIDE in the AGE of the WEALTH GAP, by Matt Taibbi
Bill Ackman to I think Michael Lewis is correct on "rigged" market charges
Monopolies can push up prices so there are limits. An expose by Michael Lewis? Some third party tech can help...
"like, who put Michael Lewis in charge of securities regulation?"
is Jon Anderson's new band with Jean-Luc Ponty, Jordan Rudess, Michael Lewis, Baron Browne and Rayford Griffi…
The problem with suing all the HFTs named in Michael Lewis's book is that he didn't actually name them.
"Who put Michael Lewis in charge of securities regulation?" by
Stick with real estate. Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street has gone insane'
Interesting article by Michael Lewis, the author of "Flash Boys"
Michael Lewis: Wall st has gone insane
Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street has gone insane' via
Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street has gone insane' -
Michael Lewis + Matt Taibbi see problems on Wall Street ... but the fix is in Washington via
One book that has been selling well this long weekend following an article in the Fin Review is Michael Lewis'...
The Motley Fool recently caught up with Michael Lewis – author of "Flash Boys". - Motley Fool Staff - Markets
Fascinating - hope the book is as good as the stories it inspires. ‘Flash Boys’: Michael Lewis does it again
Flash Boys’: Michael Lewis does it again: ...stock exchanges to use high-speed computers and compl...
Beautiful new for Michael Lewis out of he heard about…
Ed Reed, Ray Lewis , Devin Hester, Michael Irvin, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, Warren Sapp and list goes on. All from U of Miami.
Flash Boys Michael Lewis (Author) (282) 1 used & new from $17.20 (Visit the Hot New Releases in Popular Economics...
In new book, Michael Lewis chronicles the rigging of Wall Street - At first,...
. That's why Michael Lewis' unexpected entry changed the propaganda game
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Michael Lewis is always interesting. Liar's Poker, The Big Short and now Flash Boys are all important books
Brad katsuyama and high speed trading: Michael Lewis book
How a band of outsiders discovered that the stock market was rigged - and set out to change it
The buzz stirred up by has made for pointless debate and great TV.
Weekend Reading: The Other Michael Lewis Backlash: Michael Lewis, the author of "Flash Boys" and one of ...
if mainstream financial media/regulators did their jobs, Michael Lewis would be left telling sports stories.
if you'd like to understand then Flash Boys by Michael Lewis is great start
Knowledge is the deeper understanding of how things work. Michael Lewis, meet
Tomorrow on The Current, in his only Canadian broadcast interview, author Michael Lewis talks about his new book
Why Michael Lewis thinks the stock market is rigged by high-frequency trading
How NYSE, Nasdaq profit off ‘Flash Boys’ - Michael Lewis’ “revelation” that the stock market is rigged by...
NYT Q. What was the last book that made you cry?. Michael Lewis A: “Charlotte’s Web.”.
NYT Q: What are your literary guilty pleasures? Do you have a favorite genre? . Michael Lewis: I never feel guilty about reading a book
"the politics of expertise will become much more important." On Lewis 'Flashboys'
The stuff that the high frequency traders were pulling...behind the scenes.
Can someone make rashad Lewis and Michael Beasley play 1 on 1.. And film it... So I can better understand why Beasley never eve…
Michael Lewis hits back: “There’s been a lot of people mouthing off without actually thinking about the book”
Michael Lewis hits back: HFT is a parasite on markets
EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures and producer Scott Rudin are near a deal to acquire Flash Boys, the hottest-selling book in the country. Michael Lewis' nonfiction
Author and journalist Michael Lewis talks about how he found the story behind 'Flash Boys' and unearthed the details of high-frequency trading. For more visi...
No doubt you've heard about Michael Lewis' new book, "Flash Boys." And, no doubt you've been hearing more than ever before...
Love that the new Michael Lewis book starts off with a quote from Omar Little "A man got to have a code"
Looking for a solid book to read about investing, hoping someone could recommend one for me. I've read a few Michael Lewis books (Liar's Poker, Big Short) but was looking for something more technical about actually investing (not so much about the daily lives or occurrences of investors). Was thinking about picking up "Stocks for the Long Run - Jeremy Siegel" but any suggestions would be appreciated.
So PROUD of Cole for making the all A's and B's on his report card...I know a lot if you have had kids in the 3rd grade but with the new law and the weather it has been very hard and stressful in all the kids and teachers and schools. Cole Michael Lewis I'm so proud of you and love you so much!
What looked like a sure loss turned out to be an encouraging draw as the New York Red Bulls held on against the Montreal Impact, staying winless, but earning yet another point on the road. This week, we have Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer joining us to discuss the game, the Red Bull season and mu...
Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis is mostly a book about finance and high-frequency traders. But it’s also a morality tale.
Downloaded for plane reading - Michael Lewis and Ed Catmull Both have enriched our lives with stories enriched by evolving technologies
Jamie Dimon says on pg. 231 Michael Lewis'. s "Flash Boys" book $JPM " is referred to as "one of the good guys."
Jamie Dimon refers to Michael Lewis' book, Flash Boys, citing JPM as "one of the good guys"
Jamie Dimon did not read Michael Lewis's book, but he can cite the specific page where Lewis refers to JPMorgan as "the good guys."
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
The buzz is building as Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone launches in nearly 150 countries, including Canada. Tech reporter Michael Lewis has details: from Getty and EPA from India and Netherlands)
Hi there everyone so here is our brand new music video for our song What fools these mortals.A big thanks to Thomas Liddle and Michael Lewis of Running Riot Films for making the video. PLEASE SHARE
happy sibling Day to all of my siblings ..Gabrielle Ferrell. Michael Lewis. Tina Sandoval and Josh Carter
Dreams do come true. Met Michael Lewis tonight and he signed my copy of LIAR'S POKER -- always recommended when JUNK BONDS in production. Lewis said he always uses the word midget whenever he can so I had to tell him I once traded midgets, dwarves, gnomes and non gnomes. He asked a few more questions and them his jaw dropped, OMG! Thank you, Susan Jekarl!
Wanna know what I hate.? Some one that makes a promise.. an doesn't keep it. Cough cough* Michael Lewis cough cough*
Actually sitting down to start reading a non-kid book. Can't remember the last time. Flash Boys by Michael Lewis.after watching 60 minutes and working in the industry I really wanna read it!
The dark vision of “Flash Boys” Michael Lewis is touting in his book about high-frequency traders is bogus. HFT makes markets work better for everyone.
Happy sibling day!!! I love and have been blessed to have Ed Simpson, Douglas Simpson, Michael Lewis, Rodney Bullard and Makario Mackey!
Four years after his bestseller The Big Short, Michael Lewis returns to Wall Street to report on a high-tech predator stalking the equity markets.Flash Boys is about a small group of Wall Street guys who figure out that the U.S. stock market has been rigged for the benefit of insiders and that...
Incredible spring day in the backcountry yesterday with the Weston Snowboards crew, Michael Lewis, Scott Stoughton, Brent Meyer, and a 1979 Tucker Sno-Cat full to burstin' with new and old friends. Rumor has it there's a video edit in the works.
Tonight, we will be at the event at the Alex Theatre in Glendale. This event is featuring a conversation with Malcolm Gladwell & Michael Lewis. for tickets:
Michael Lewis is author of the best-sellers The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine; The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game; Moneyball: The Art of Winning an
Quote of the day: "Writers have their moments; they rise to occasions; they go on hot streaks. In his writing about very old age for The New Yorker, Roger Angell is right now having a hot streak. I hope he lives forever so that he can write about it." -- Michael Lewis, journalist
Michael Lewis on Dave Eggers, Walker Percy, Eastbound & Down, and more
We'll have George DeLorenzo on drums and Michael Lewis on guitar with us for this show! Catch me playing keyboards and guitar and Paul safe at home bass... Hope to see you all there, it's always a fun night at Antonette's Restaurant ~ Bellmore, NY
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Michael Lewis deserves credit for making a topic as arcane as equity market structure the stuff of water cooler conversations. His book, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, released last week after a much-watched 60 Minutes teaser interview, is written for a Main Street audience.
Michael Lewis gains another film based off his most recent best-seller.
Respect to one of your fellow MANK *** Michael Lewis, Darren Cooke, James Jammer Hemming and Gary Solva Sniper Pulley
FF7. Even better then i remembered. Thanks Michael Lewis Marshall. Looking for that game for yrs lol
Sony acquires rights to Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys." Fox put in a bid but were 3 milliseconds too slow.
Courtesy of Pam Martens. New York Stock Exchange The fallout from the new book, “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis continues. Yesterday, Jonathon Trugman wrote in the New York Post that “These traders who use the HOV lane to get ahead of investors could not do their trades without the full knowledge and ...
Is Wall Street rigged like Michael Lewis claims? My colleague and contributor Jim Cahn weighs in.
In 2012 report Principal Global Equities Group laid out all the issues Michael Lewis writes about. CEO Jim McCaughan on...
Michael Lewis on I think the way to fix Wall Street is disruptive entrepreneurship in the financial sector …
Our new SPRING BOOK LIST is out: already published include ‘Flash Boys’ by Michael Lewis, ‘Roy Jenkins’ by John Campbell, and ‘The Story of Buildings: from the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond’ by Patrick Dillon. This is a book for children: the author’s ‘Story of Britain’ a few years ago was excellent. Our favourite illustrated books are: ‘Byzantine Antiquities in the Kremlin’ – see post of 21st March. We’ve sold 12 copies so far, and have high hopes. ‘Selling Silks: A Merchant's Sample Book’ by Lesley Ellis Miller. Published by the V & A at £35, this is a painstaking reconstruction and analysis of a sample book belonging to a French silk merchant that was confiscated by British Customs in 1764. It is gorgeous. ‘Samuel Hieronymus Grimm (1733-1794): A Very English Swiss’ is surprising and delightful, and we’ve no doubt that ‘Romanesque Architecture’, Yale’s new volume in the Pelican History of Art & Architecture, will be very impressive. It’s a st ...
Michael Lewis has shown how tech nerds rigged the stock markets. But who will guard the geeks, asks John Naughton?.
I hope Michael Lewis has body guards. I bet Salman Rushdie could give him some advice.
WSJ review of new Michael Lewis book: Wall St. has always been corrupt; high-speed trading is innovative corruption. http:/…
The fact that Michael Lewis's book is old news to Wall Street pros and outrageous to everyone else is exactly the point.
Please continue to pray for pastor Michael Lewis
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CEO of TD Bank joins Michael Lewis in criticizing high-frequency trading. via
TD Bank CEO Ed Clark sides with Michael Lewis when it comes to high-frequency trading
Read this wonderful Michael Lewis indictment of the financial advice industry
Assorted links: 1. A good post on Michael Lewis and HFT. 2. MBA for scions of Chinese billionaires?. 3. Greg Cl...
In his book "Flash Boys," author Michael Lewis discovers an unlikely band of heroes who uncover corrupt and rigged stock market practices. Find more Comedy Central videos on Yahoo Screen.
Finished Flash Boys (new Wall St. book by Michael Lewis) last night. So good. You need to read it too:
Everyone's pi$$ed at Michael Lewis over He's talking with me & Reuters tmw - read what he has to say for himself
High frequency trading is under the spotlight as controversial author Michael Lewis turns his attention to the activities of the automated stock trading systems in his book 'Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt'. We hear from the author himself and also from Wall Street watcher Matthew Philips of Bloomberg Businessweek who is one of the many people taking exception to the way twenty-first century traders are depicted in the book. Microsoft opts to give away its Windows operating system for free . . . To manufacturers of smartphones and tablets at least. Is this the death of Microsoft's successful business model? Will it head off Android users before it's too late? University of Maryland Professor of Economics Peter Morici is in our Washington bureau. He'll be discussing these and other questions, including the new official Kim Jong Un haircut with Jean Lee of the Associated Press who joins us from Seoul.
Lewis Likens Einhorn to ‘Dumb Tourist’ in Fixed Card Game In today’s “rigged” U.S. stock market, large investors such as Greenlight Capital Inc.’s David Einhorn are like “dumb tourists” led to a casino where the card games are fixed, according to Michael Lewis, whose book “Flash Boys” has touched off a national debate about high-frequency trading. “It’s very clear people are being front-run,” Lewis, whose book paints a portrait of markets rigged by insiders with advanced computers, said in a Bloomberg Television interview today with Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle. Einhorn, whose Greenlight Capital hedge fund manages billions of dollars, didn’t initially understand what was going on, Lewis said. Einhorn’s reaction when he learned: “Oh my God. This I did not know,” Lewis said. Einhorn declined to comment on Lewis’s analogy. Related: Virtu Said to Delay IPO Amid Furor Spurred by Michael Lewis Book Billy Salomon Turns 100 as Flash Trades Replace Handshake Opinion: Micha ...
Michael Lewis may be saying the market is rigged, but says he's wrong! He explains.
Dave Nadig takes on Michael Lewis' new book with a look at the Good, Bad & Ugly Of High-Frequency Trading
Wow. Michael Lewis is a great interview on television.
"Op-Ed by in that rips Michael Lewis to shreds" per | Asness on 10am
Michael Lewis was on Charlie Rose last night explaining his book. He found many examples of predatory capitalism and details them in his book. The most obvious is the "legal" front-running" of stocks by high speed traders, who often own the exchanges or have purchased preferred places in the exchange. This allows them to see your trade at the first exchange and beat you to the others where they buy your order first and then sell it back at a slightly higher price. All of this takes place in micro-seconds. That this form of corruption is an intrinsic part of Wall Street, where brokers and banks do the same thing to their clients, allowing lots of intermediaries to wet their beaks and driving up the purchaser's costs. We see the NY State Attorney General looking into the problem but even if it is technically legal, how can this be good? Just one more example of our broken business system where parasites are sucking the economy dry without adding any symbiotic benefit to the host. Will you hear a single Repu ...
i have multiple times in recent days confused Flash Boys, the Michael Lewis book, with Hot Boys, the Lil Wayne rap group
is your guest Michael Lewis suggestion a redistribution of wealth inside the market???
Really need Michael Lewis to tell us HFT is a problem? firms having zero days of trading losses. Seriously? $SPX
Okay, this 60 minutes story on Michael Lewis's new book is unbelievable. Must see if you're in the markets.
Scrutiny for Wall Street’s Warp Speed: Critics argue that Michael Lewis's new book on high-speed tra...
Exclusive: Michael Lewis writes about high-frequency trading, adapted from his new book "Flash Boys."
If you only have a nanosecond to spare, use it to read AN ADAPTATION FROM "Flash Boys" by Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis, 'Flash Boys,' and '60 Minutes' - alleges that the stock market is "rigged" by a cabal of high-frequ...
This article by the legend Michael Lewis will make you puke can't wait to read the book
The hero of new Michael Lewis book Flash Boys is a Canadian working Brad Katsuyama. excerpt: htt…
Books of The Times: ‘Flash Boys’ by Michael Lewis, a Tale of High-Speed Trading: “Flash Boys,” by Michael Lewis, traces the dangers o...
This quote from "The Wire" inspired Michael Lewis when he wrote "Flash Boys"... Attn:
Americanwriter.US The depressing truth behind Michael Lewis' Flash Boys: Even the world...
Flash Boys,” by Michael Lewis, traces the dangers of high-speed Wall Street trading and the people who try to set things right.
Reading Flash Boys. A real insightful page-turner. Michael Lewis can tell the most complicated tale in the simplest terms.
Steve Kroft reports on a new book from Michael Lewis, "Flash Boys," that reveals how a group of unlikely characters discovered how some high speed traders work the stock market to their advantage.
The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street, via : another Michael Lewis home run.
FYI, Richard Ney's Jungle came long before Michael Lewis' Read more:
It's over... Bombshell '60 Minutes' Report - Stock Market Rigged - May Shake Wall Street To It's Core! Its all rigged and about to collapse in on itself Astonishing report on '60 Minutes' last night. The upcoming book by best selling author Michael Lewis entitled 'Flash Boys' details how the US stock markets are rigged, with big players making tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars on insider information.
How an extra millisecond allows high-frequency traders to exploit computerized trading in the U.S. stock market.
I wish Michael Lewis would go after healthcare or K-12 education. Financial malfeasance has been done enough by now.
BREAKING: Michael Lewis gets rich reporting 5-10yr old news to market morons
You might have seen this on 60 minutes last night, but here's a good read about HFT by Michael Lewis
Amazing quote: "It's not just enough to fly first class; I have to know my friends are in coach" God, what an ***
2010 Flash Crash occurred first week of my first internship. Michael Lewis' latest now first on my reading list …
Please tune in to after 8 for the best stitch up of ever. well played.
Michael Lewis brought up pertinent issues re that should be addressed, even from "out of touch stay at home dad"
you guys couldn't find a more articulate adversary to the Michael Lewis piece? This chick is a horror show
I will read it tonight, but I expect Michael Lewis' book to be the book-length equivalent of a naive Project X explainer essay.
I think Michael Lewis should give the "home gamer" a little more credit for being able to make well thought out investment decisions
Michael Lewis on HFT: "The Stock Market IS All A Scam”; Here’s the Cause and Effect As Lewis states, the (cont)
guest: "Michael Lewis is a stay at home dad" who is "way behind his time" and "never spoke with anybody in HFT."
Did this woman on just knock Michael Lewis 4 b'n a stay at home Dad? Good thing that wasn't a man knocking a woman 4 same
"'Investing shouldn’t be about gaming a system,' he says. 'It should be about something else.'"
Author of HFT algorithms on CNBC says Michael Lewis doesn't know what he's talking about because he's a "stay at home dad."
Michael Lewis' new book claims stock market is rigged & some high frequency trading practices may be illegal. Agree?
Oh geez, c'mon you are really stooping low now. Very sad that you have to launch personal attacks against Michael Lewis.
I don't usually comment on individuals,this book by Michael Lewis is a play on general public negative Wall St. sentiment. Not buying it.
Michael Lewis is beefing with a banker, right on time.
Flash Boys: Flash Boys Michael Lewis (Author) (13)1 used & new from $17.26(Visit the Best Sellers in Polit...
Michael Lewis is absolutely the best writer on financial topics. This is another example,
Is the U.S. stock market rigged & are your retirement funds being squandered by Wall Street? Michael Lewis thinks so. We exp…
Michael Lewis really disappointed me with his new 'epiphany'.
Michael Lewis was just called a "stay at home Dad" on CNBC. I think I know this girl, just can't remember where I met her.
Michael Lewis, the best-selling author of Liar’s Poker, The Money Culture, The New New Thing, Moneyball, The Blind Side, Panic, Home Game, The Big Short, and Boomerang, among other works, lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife and three children.
BNP's head of electronic trading criticizes IEX, assures clients they have access to it (and michael lewis stuff)
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ooooh this woman is throwing bombs at Michael Lewis.
Today on the "Simply Inspiring Show", we will be talking to B.E.T's Sunday Best top 10 finalist Jamel Michael Lewis!! Whats your True Story?! From the TuneIn app on your smartphone, go to FBRN Gospel Bowl!! 5-7pm CST. or just click here:
The whole industry is rotten to the core: US stock market is rigged by high-speed traders
Wall Street reacts to Michael Lewis's attack on high-frequency trading
Excellent Michael Lewis article on one team's effort to make trading more fair. Interesting & great read!
Best-selling author Michael Lewis says the stock market is rigged and even the richest, most sophisticated investors are getting "screwed" every day
I watching these *** discussing high frequency tranding it's a joke they have no idea what there talking about this is not about access it's about collusion amongst x x x and x Michael Lewis gets it
So thankful for beautiful weather for my grandson Cole Michael Lewis' spring break ☀
Dammit, the new Michael Lewis book is out. I guess I am going to have to stop bingeing on True Detective for a couple of days.
Just finished the NYTimes high frequency trading excerpt from Michael Lewis, very interesting -
Anyone catch 60 minutes last night? Michael Lewis is technically correct that the market is 'rigged' as his spot points out. Problem I had with the spot is it doesn't put how its rigged into context. Sure, if someone is day trading 100,000 shares to try to make 3 cents per share in 2 hours, the high frequency traders are going to be taking a slice of your profits, probably 1/10 a cent or more. Or, big funds that manage your 401k might be giving up a fraction of a percent to the HFT machines. However, if you are a retail investor and you buy 100 shares of Microsoft and plan to hold it for weeks, months, years... if that costs you another 5 cents due to HFT its doesn't matter at all. Does it suck? Yes. Should something be done? Sure (but hey that's gov't regulation you gonna have to fight the *** in the House on that one). Also its worth pointing out this tactic has been in use forever. When orders were sent via telegraph from other ciites to NYC to place a trade, people would get that info an ...
I have had ENOUGH. Mom, my nephew Michael Lewis and now Aarion Lewis. Hospitals, tests. Watching family being in pain has to stop!
Any comments on the Michael Lewis 60 Minutes interview last night? Wall Street is Rigged, are there operatives in existence too complicated to investigate or charge?
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