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Michael Kors

Michael Kors (born Karl Anderson, Jr.; August 9, 1959) is an American fashion designer.

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How do you feel about tie-dye? Well, Michael Kors might open your mind. - Washing…
Young joc got hair like he a nurse technician, with 3 Michael Kors purses & he drive a Nissan Altima
I have a dream that Taylor Swift's boyfriends will be thought of for their Michael Kors' Accessories not their zip code
David Einhorn dumped all $143.5 million of his Michael Kors investment
Michael Kors & Gucci are now using fur from genetically mutated foxes, kept in wire cages before being gassed or having the…
What do you get when you mix Michael Kors and Sperry? The beginning of the Edmonds'…
I stg if my moms bf comes back with anything michael kors for her bday paid for universe knows how... we gon have s…
🇺🇸 Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren are both making progress with their turnaround efforts.
What's the best handbag for when you want to be new money pretentious, Coach or Michael Kors?
I just discovered this on Poshmark: NWT Michael Kors iPhone 5 case Turquoise Navy Blue. via
Acquisition of Jimmy Choo has led Michael Kors to record falls in profit and sales during Q1 >>.
I feel like we all know a girl with bad makeup and a Michael kors bag that thinks she's better than everyone
I just discovered this on Poshmark: Michael Kors mini Crossbody Satchel. via
I just discovered this on Poshmark: Michael Kors Red Leopard Print Poncho Top. via
You've invested enough into Polo, JORDAN, Michael Kors, Apple & etc now Invest into your brand! Zmuzik Designs
I just discovered this on Poshmark: Michael kors shoulder bag. via
Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors make headway in the war on the discount rack
Dow dips after nine-day streak of record highs. Michael Kors spikes 16% on big earnings beat.
Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors Make Headway in the on the Discount Rack
Interesting re: weaning off promos. Hard to do. Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren Make Progress on Turnaround Efforts
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Michael Kors Two-Toned Heels. via
I wouldn't wear Michael Kors if my life depended on it 😷
Michael Kors' shares soar after the handbag maker's earnings top expectations
to a thottie with a giant MK bag "You came all this way for Michael Kors?? COME ON"
Lady in Red: in a Michael Kors Collection dress.
Wow my dad called my mom's purse ugly so she used his card to buy herself a new Michael Kors one instead. What did…
When you walk into Von Maur and all you see is Kate Spade and Michael Kors
So first Michael Kors bought Kate Spade, now Jimmy no.just stop.
Madison just asked me who/what Michael Kors and Kate Spade is. I'm questioning this relationship.
Michael Kors got tired of knocking Jimmy Choo off so they went and bought Jimmy Choo. Gross.
Michael Kors to buy luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo in deal worth $1.35B.
I really wish I could give the Michael Kors purchase of Jimmy Choo the time and analysis it deserves...
With Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors finds shoes to match its bags.. $KORS
Didn't Michael Kors just close down 100 stored in May?
Michael Kors has bought Jimmy Choo. *** is going on? Is Trump being president not enough. Is nothing sacred?!
Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo are joining forces as the middle drops out of the fashion market.. $KORS
Michael Kors to buy shoemaker Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion
The thought of the sparkly Michael Kors logo being slapped all over Jimmy Choo stilettos makes me want to puke
'This will not be the last acquisition,' Michael Kors' CEO says after Jimmy Choo deal.. $KORS
Michael Kors has picked out new shoes to go with its handbags, agreeing to buy Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion
Fur is dead. These activists have a reminder for Michael Kors.
One of America's best-known fashion retailers agrees to take over luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo in an £896m deal
Michael Kors is buying Jimmy Choo... there's a lesson in that.
Michael Kors steps out with Jimmy Choo in $1.2 billion deal: Michael Kors Holdings agreed to buy Jimmy…
Jimmy Choo has confirmed it has struck a £896m deal to sell its business to Michael Kors,best known for his big bags wi…
Smart move for Michael Kors but I mean if they start putting Jimmy Choo's in marshals like they do MK, that won't be good
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Michael Kors pumps up glamour with $1.2 billion deal for Jimmy Choo via
Michael Kors bought Jimmy Choo but it doesn't mean the latter is going down market. Toyota owns Lexus fam :)
Michael Kors to buy Jimmy Choo for a billion dollars. . 😑. The rich just keep getting richer.
Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors will make for an interesting pair 👠👠.
Michael Kors taking over Jimmy Choo. The worst possible news 🤧
Michael Kors buys Jimmy Choo. It's like Bentley just got swallowed by Kia
Michael Kors cannot buy Jimmy Choo what happened this is like the apocalypse
Michael Kors bought Jimmy Choo!!! lemme get to TJMAXX and wait for the restructuring runoff.
Michael Kors said it had agreed to buy Jimmy Choo for about $1.2 billion
Very surprised that Michael Kors is buying Jimmy Choo, but I love both so this will be great!!
Michael Kors agrees to buy Jimmy Choo for £896M ($1.2B)
Jimmy Choo bought by Michael Kors in £896m deal
Michael Kors bought Jimmy Choo. that's actually major.
The American brand Michael Kors allows itself the luxury of buying the English shoemaker Jimmy Choo.
Dude, Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo out? Jimmy Choo is gonna go downmarket now.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Jimmy Choo has a new owner -- Michael Kors says it will pay $1.2 billion for the luxury shoe brand https:/…
Jimmy Choo's decision to sell to Michael Kors, rather than an ultra-luxury player like LVMH, seems like an admission it's headi…
In other news, Michael Kors has purchased Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion. Thoughts?
Fashion brand Michael Kors has reached an agreement to buy British fashion house Jimmy Choo for £896m https…
Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo. how y'all feel
Michael Kors to buy Jimmy Choo for $1.17 billion in all cash deal
Michael Kors really bought Jimmy Choo, heart breaking.
Didn't Michael Kors close stores?! Who buys Jimmy Choo when you can't afford ya own brand?! 🤔
Coach ain't bad if you stick to the basics (the C-logo handbags are gross) but gosh Michael Kors is just terrible all around
FINALLY... Jimmy Choo sells to Michael Kors, getting exactly the price it wanted. via
"I think the older I get, the more I realize that the ultimate luxury is time." —Michael Kors
When the michael kors manager asks you to apply for a job there>>
When I went vegan I threw out all of my ap -even a Michael Kors purse and it's not worth it. You're…
They look just like Michael Kors bags tbh
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Stop Michael Kors bag covered in MK 2k17
I only wanted a Michael Kors bag and a car and I got both😂😂😂 so no not really, my boyf just said he…
It’s hard to pick just one of these Michael Kors sunnies 🤔 (FYI: The tortoise shades were created just for us!)
Went from Michael Kors keychain to beaver real fast
I had that in Michael Kors, bought a bag just to wipe the smirk off the 🐮 face. G…
I work at TJ MAXX and people always ask me "is this a real Michael kors" like.yeah but I wanna say no so…
Learn how develops loyal advocates and achieves success:
Like I was going to buy my mum something and my Aunty walks in and is all "so here's two Michael Kors bag for u and ur mum" AHSJDKSLD
Black women/ men, you cannot preach uplifting one another while you have a Michael Kors bag,/ or a Kurt Geiger...
Check out Louis Vuitton’s first luxury smartwatch - With competitor brands like Hermes and Michael Kors having ...
Designer Wallets in store for YOU! Coach $18 and Michael Kors $16 | 📍 785 W. Sproul Road in Springfield | Find us ……
📷 jourdandunnnews: Jourdan Dunn attends Tatler’s English Roses 2017 in association with Michael Kors at...
Walking out of Kroger with heels clicking, Starbucks in hand, and Michael Kors purse across the body.
Michael Kors Wonderlust 3.4 Oz This product is the original authentic name brand and NOT…
Lmfao, is Michael Kors outdated or something? 😭😭😭 I didn't get the memo 😕
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
The Michael Kors & True Religion are right next to each other... send help
Check out michael kors luggage tag Plum(purple)
Just bought a new Michael Kors purse
Check out michael kors luggage tag Moss ( Green)
Part of my wedding gift from my husband 4 years ago was a Michael Kors watch and when we moved…
So went to Dillard's today and spent $20 total on a pair of Michael Kors and Gianni Bini shoes. No one can stop me now 🤗
gorgeous floof at the end of my road. Very interested in my Michael Kors bag.10/10 for good taste!
If you still rocking Michael Kors, you a ***
*** buy the Michael Kors sleep wear on sale for $25.98 just to flex with the shirt😂😷
"Model Type" by highfashionfiles ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Bailey 44, Elie Saab, Giuseppe Zanotti and MICHAEL M…
Michael Kors partners with Kent State University for 35th annual , ,
We're having a SALE on the world's finest brands such as Paul Smith, Armani Jeans, Michael Kors & more.
Plus-size model makes Michael Kors first. ASHLEY Graham on Wednesday became the first plus-size model to walk on
Michael Kors to shutter more stores, swings to loss in fiscal 4Q - Fox Business
Praying for all the lost souls that still wear michael kors.
Michael Kors CEO can hardly complain abt "promotional environment" when he chooses to sell ton of stuff at Marshalls https:/…
High-end retailer Michael Kors to close about 100 stores .
April You're so on point...My daughter works for Michael Kors so this is a bit sad..But what you said is so true.
Michael Kors plans to close 100 to 125 stores in next 2 yrs $KORS -10%
Michael Kors closing up to 125 stores, no word on Eastview location just yet.
Michael Kors closing up to 125 stores as sales plummet
Michael Kors to close over 100 retail shops...better run to Marshall's MK is on sale. 🤑👜👡
Luxury retailer Michael Kors to close 100-125 stores
Michael Kors is closing up to 125 stores due to plummeting sales
Michael Kors be selling they bags at Marshall's 😑 then they bags all look the same and everybody and the mama got one so I'…
1 Miami News Search Businesses (Michael Kors to close 100 to 125 storesStore closings in 2017Ralph Lauren ...) -
Shares of the stock slid more than 9 percent during Wednesday morning after the luxury retailer said its...
so when are we going recognize that monogrammed Louis Vuitton bags are just as hideous as the monogrammed Michael Kors…
Michael Kors n hundreds of other stores will b closing.. THAT'S WHAT GLOBALIZATION DOES! (You can thank obama for that)
$KORS correction? Fashion designer's stock down 10% on weak outlook. I'll be discussing Michael Kors with on at 12:17 ET.
Michael Kors shares drop more than 7% pre-market after revealing 1Q results after "challenging" year. $KORS .
for your chance to meet at the Westfield London store tonight:
Michael Kors to close up to 125 stores as luxury retail woes deepen
Michael Kors is radically downsizing after sales plummet. closing up to 20% of stores-unwinding an i…
Michael Kors to close 100 to 125 stores
Latest retailer to close stores: Michael Kors. The Company said today that it will close 100-125 stores over the next 2 y…
Michael Kors to close 100 to 125 stores: There's more pain in the world of retail. Luxury fashion company Michael …
Not surprised about Michael Kors. Tried to buy a gift card around Christmas. Gave up after 4 tries and having to speak with manager twice.
Michael Kors is closing 125 stores because the strippers who usually shop there finally paid off their tuition and stopped stripping
Michael Kors is shutting down at least 100 stores following 'catastrophic' sales declines http…
After a "challenging" year and plummeting sales, Michael Kors is closing 100-125 stores.
Michael Kors plans to shutter 100 to 125 stores; shares tumble 9%
Another casualty . ⚡ Michael Kors is closing up to 125 stores.
I need your help! . Steve Madden, Guess, Michael Kors, Coach, Calvin Klein, Mark Jacobs, and I'm talking about...
Elle Fanning in Rodarte, Sofia Coppola in Chanel, and Nicole Kidman in Michael Kors @ 'The Beguiled' Cannes Film Festival P…
I don't take fashion advice from girls with French tipped nails who carry Michael Kors bags. Thanks though. 😊
we literally all know this girl, she wears love pink leggings and has one Michael Kors bag
Michael Kors reportedly looking into buying Jimmy Choo:
Any1 wanna buy Michael Kors trainers??? Size 5.5 but will fit a small 6! Too big for me.
I think Kate Spade fits more with Coach's strategic plan than Michael Kors. So bravo.
Got a job at Michael Kors aka I'm about to own 100 purses
"Its punk couture," says Michael Kors of Kerry Washington's gown. "Punk," she says, by way of "Spence."
Kerry Washington made sure to show off her curves in her Michael Kors-designed ensemble.
So Saturday I was bussing a table and found some fye ray ban glasses and today I found Michael Kors glasses I returned them each time
Asif my nan has Michael Kors sandals 😂
Lexi Boling an American 🇺🇸Girl who strutted her stuff for Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, & Michael Kors etc. h…
I'm complaining about not having a new car while wearing Michael Kors flip flops, with 3 mares at home. What is wrong with me? 😅
try Michael Kors, Bebe, or Max Mara but for affordability check H&M .
"Michael Kors is a close friend, we own a *** racehorse together" -Jack Donaghy
Secretly wishing Bradley will buy me a Michael Kors purse w/ matching wallet😍
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
- Kate Middleton recycles Michael Kors coat for third time, The Duchess of Cambr...
Ruth Wilson in Michael Kors attends the Olivier Awards nominations celebration.
Don't miss out! Get 20% off Boots - Including Carvela Kurt Geiger and Michael Kors at Shoeaholics:
Michael Kors makes it clear he didn't dress Melania Trump for
Michael Kors commented on Melania Trump wearing his designs
When ya *** whooping gets postponed and your mom got bad memory
FLOTUS opted for blk skirt suit by Michael Kors Belted blazer & pencil skirt, covered in sequined em…
They are a very, very stupid couple
I aspire to be this unbothered the next time somebody comes for me 👏🏾👏🏾
Melania Trump sparkles in Michael Kors for joint address - ABC News - via
Michael Kors Fulton moc flat slip on pumps, Brown
Girl was scared to tell her dad she was pregnant because of how he would react! Wasn't expecting this. Good man! https:/…
Melania Trump glitters, literally, in Michael Kors at joint address to Congress via
If Patricia Nash made handbags for concealed carry, my life would change. And Michael Kors, Dooney, Coach,& Kate Spade could suck it forever
looked lovely in her Michael Kors dress!
.was radiant in a black suit, designed by Michael Kors, embroidered with beaded flowers, and a wide belt cinching…
Melania Trump literally glittered in Michael Kors at
literally glittered in Michael Kors she has style she has grace Melania has a be…
Do the water dance girl do the water dance 🎤
And why do I have Michael Kors pajama pants lol
Melania Trump Wears Michael Kors for Trump’s First Address to Joint Session of Congress…
“These four women have adventurous and optimistic styles that set the tone for the season.” - Michael Kors.
First Lady Melania Trump wore Michael Kors again for address after other designers boycott her 
We love making people look good (not that needed any help, but the Michael Kors tuxedo certainly doesn't hurt…
Oscar 2017: Priyanka Chopra looks every bit sexy in this black Michael Kors gown at the Vanity Fair after party https:/…
It is a beautiful day on the Mag Mile .Enjoying the sunshine wearing my Michael Kors coat before…
02-18 Kate Hudson stuns in a revealing Michael Kors gown at the Golden Globes 2016…
SPOTTED: Blake Lively and Anna Wintour front row at Michael Kors.
Desigual, DVF, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and La Perla would've been good options for her too
Michael Kors casts Ashley Graham as the first plus-size model to walk on his runway -
i'm watching this *** couple on YT n this girl got her gf an ipad a michael kors bag court side bball tickets n…
Flow motion on the Michael Kors Fall 2017 runway. 🎥:
Kudos to Michael Kors & Prabal Gurung for having curvy girls line-up on their NYFW 😍 this is the revolution
I'm watching the Michael Kors live stream and I see you! Glad you made it! 😂
WOAH!! Deepika Padukone on her way to attend the Michael Kors show at 2017
Urge Designer Michael Kors to Stop Selling Fur The violence against those that can't defend themselves has to stop.
Michael Kors brought power comfort dressing to says
Front row flourishes: looks pretty in pink at our runway show.
Absolutely stunning in Michael Kors for show at
Taylor Hill, Olivia Palermo and more at the Michael Kors fashion show in... via
Ready-to-wear, ready to go: glam grommets from head to toe.
Deepika with Michael Kors at his show! . (via
Sistine Stallone, the 18-year-old model daughter of Sylvester Stallone, reveals how she gets ready for
Michael Kors expresses sensual strength for fall
VogueRunway This is how Sistine Stallone dresses for the front row:
At a Galentine’s Day-themed party, Blake Lively shares her love for Michael Kors -
Michael Kors is to Valentine's day what Lynx shower sets are to Christmas day
If only my dad invested in Michael Kors instead of teaching public school math...Stroll is not just pay driver
Dow Jones, Nasdaq open with new records; GM, Michael Kors down; Cavco, Boeing, Caterpillar…
Check out Michael Kors recommendations to enjoy Mexico City... The cool girl's guide to Mexico City
French Dips are Marc Jacobs and Philly Steaks are Michael Kors and I ain't sorry
Michael Kors is trash . Honestly😂 I'd wear Dooney and Burke over MK any day
Watches from Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and more. It's all in the wrist
"Omg my mum got me an Apple Watch, fiat 500, Michael Kors watch, new shoes, make up and loads of money"
Michael Kors watch for sell😬selling for cheap, offer me something!!
PICS: Priyanka Chopra parties with Michael Kors, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen - Times of India via
My baby got my a Michael Kors smart watch 😩🙈🙌🏽.
Michael Kors wallet dark dune. This wristlet style from MK is everything I need in a wallet! I really want it in…
We buy out the store. Michael Kors to Dolce & Gabbana perfume to Pandora to Victoria's Secret to Johhny Walker Blue & more!
I hope the new Civil War uniforms are better than last time. Maybe Vera Wang & Michael Kors?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
shoutout to for getting me a Michael Kors watch for Christmas! He's the real Santa Claus 🎅🏼🎄
Kate just asked for a "Michael Kors" but she 100% meant a coors light and thats the most Kate McClure thing to ever happen
I see Michael Kors goods like I see Pauls Boutique - Nuf said 😉
Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Chanel, Dior, Clinique, Sephora (online through the states I guess - the on online here is limited), Lane Crawford
I bought my mom a Michael Kors watch for Christmas because I am an angel child
What would make this more watchable is a judge panel including Michael Kors, and a mentor for contestants--maybe Ti…
Michael Kors to debut standalone menswear shop in London - Retail Gazette
Give glamour this Christmas with Michael Kors watches - Available now at McKenzie & Smiley Jewelers!...
How's it taken me week to realise I've lost my Michael Kors purse and my Marc Jacobs watch 🙂
Does Marc Jacobs still do anything cool anymore or is he just upscale Michael Kors now?
like this girl was talking SO loudly about all her new Michael Kors stuff... like wow cool ❓❓😂
she currently is working while holding her new Michael Kors
Is ashley really working at Michael Kors if she doesn't post a mirror selfie in the dressing room before work???
Kate Hudson, Michael Kors, and Anna Wintour at God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards. Look at all the love... https…
When it comes to luxury brands Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors are getting the most online market share
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ailee will be part of the launching of Michael Kors new campaign in Korea called 'Young Korea' it seems.
Kate Hudson wows in a plunging Michael Kors dress in NYC
Michael Kors is coming out with smart watches...
Just had to put my Michael Kors bag next to my boss' Prada bag 🙄
I'm on a hunt for a Michael Kors large quilted Selma in black but it's discontinued and I can't find it anywhere 😭
This is my last day working this week. Amen. I don't even want to see a Michael Kors bag until I go back.
All I want for my birthday is a Michael Kors purse, a GPA helmet and a lot of clothes.
From Mcqueen to Michael Kors, discover Emily Blunt’s movie star wardrobe
I have a Michael kors watch in silvertone andI love it! Michael Kors isnt about being ove...
Check out this Amazon deal: Michael Kors Women's Parker Rose Gold-Tone Wa... by Michael Kors
September 14: Kendall and others walking for Michael Kors.
This Michael Kors Smartwatch looks pretty cool, but I can't afford that I'm already in debt cuz of uni
"Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy" . Live music by Rufus Wainright, clothes by Michael Kors
Behind-the-scenes with as he shoots his newest campaign with
September 14: Kendall and Joan Smalls backstage at the Michael Kors SS17 Fashion Show.
DID YOU SEE? lead the pack of fashion's favourite girls at
Discover every single look from SS17 show
Oh no! Bella Hadid falls during the fashion show
September 14: Video of Kendall backstage at the Michael Kors SS17 Fashion Show.
Bella Hadid Wipes Out on the Michael Kors Runway. Bella Hadid is a model having a moment. She was named Model of t…
Fashion week update: recreate monochrome glam of today's Michael Kors show
Michael Kors launches smartwatch in fashion play via
smh Michael Kors isnt even designer, you can buy it at ross 😂😂
All y'all want Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, etc. I simple as *** love men's watches.
Hollywood by Michael Kors. Lola by Marc Jacobs. Kim Kardashian's perfume is nice too
Michael Kors is the only man I need ☺️
Only girl I know who can buy a brand new Michael kors watch a load of Pandora then jump in the pool with it all on 😂😂😂
"""Fragrance is the only thing that's about your being, your soul, and it's for people from size 0 to 22 and ages 12 to 90."" Michael Kors"
And guess what. The purse happens to be a Michael kors bag. Which started this whole thing anyways.
Gloss comes off golden era of wristwatch sales
Check out this comment:Michael kors sued ova lies at outlets no bargains there
Selling my Michael kors wallet and purse hmu!
Help me share this! I'm selling Michael kors gold leather backpack for 100 in Lewisville on the free 5miles app.
Patrick must be running the marketing for these fake Michael Kors purses. I found this Wumbo Kors purse smh.
I really want a Michael Kors or Ted Baker key ring for my car keys 🚗☺️😻
Katy Perry Performs in Michael Kors at the DNC - Vogue
Michael Kors voice: It looks like a potato ogre trying to kiss a little boy dressed as an old man!
Teresa Palmer in Michael Kors attends the L.A. premiere of "Lights Out".
Teresa Palmer in Michael Kors at the Lights Out LA Premiere on
Teresa Palmer in a black Michael Kors tie neck halter dress at the Lights Out LA Premiere
Teresa Palmer was glowing in Michael Kors at the 'Lights Out' premiere with makeup by Jo Baker…
will never understand the people who come into market basket with Birkenstocks and Michael Kors bags and pay with food stamps🤔
"I don't what the Rolex or the Michael Kors, I want a duck dynasty" - 🤔😂
Melton Burke just looked at me and said "your purse isn't Michael Kors" and walked away from me lmao
Living in the same town that Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, founder of Ben and Jerry's Lindsay Lohan (plus more) is from
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Blake Lively looks lovely in lace at Michael Kors fashion show
- Princess Olympia of Greece joins Michael Kors in London, T... via
This watch is so cute! Michael Kors makes the best accessories from jewelry to bags!
Style Double Shot: Blake Lively in Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors...
I love Michael Kors & I got a MK watch like this for my bday! I love it! People complimen...
The largest Michael Kors store in Europe to open at Regent Street, London -
"I would rather go to a Michael Kors convention in New Jersey than go to one of those exclusive clubs."
It’s official: Michael Kors partners with the racing team. Pictured: driver https…
Last day to win this coveted bag by our guest digital editor,Michael Kors https:…
Delighted to announce we are finalists in Awards, Partners in Retail category, with Michael Kors:
Michael Kors' new strategy tells us a lot about department stores
Making an entrance: and Michael Kors on the red carpet at the
been in cali for 24 hrs and I haven't seen a single pair of Jack Rogers sandals or a Michael Kors purse or a Dunkin... redonkulous
"Caped" by efiaeemnxo ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring mode, Harrods, Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin
when she says that she wants that new Michael Kors purse…
Don't listen to her. They'll eat your dogs, leave you on read, and ask you for Michael Kors.
why is it so hard to find a purse with all my needs and that isn't bloody Michael Kors or Ted Baker 😭😭
Hope you are the lucky winner of the Michael Kors gift set Visit DTI booth
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