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Michael Keaton

Michael John Douglas (born September 5, 1951), better known by the stage name Michael Keaton, is an American actor known for his early comedic roles, most notably his performance as the title character of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice (1988).

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I love Spider-Man. I love Michael Keaton. I love Marisa Tomei. And I love Spider-Man.
man, I just can't get hyped about the new Spiderman flick - I mean it's got everything going for it - Michael Keaton, Iron Man, Marisa Tomei
Well honestly it don't take much to play Batman bro even Michael Keaton knows that 😂 George Clooney
Jack Nicholson played the Joker and Michael Keaton was Bruce Wayne
Besides Spider Man, Iron man, and Michael Keaton, this movie has Donald Glover, Zendaya, and Hannibal Burress. 2017 is wild
Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland guessed Michael Keaton's advice before he asked for it
ICYMI... Spider-Man Live Q&A with Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Zendaya and the stars of...
Michael Keaton, Tom Holland and Robert Downey, Jr. at the Photo Call, posing like heroes:…
It's better to be like Patrick Swayze, Michael Keaton, or Bruce Willis instead of Bill Cosby.
📷 | Robert with Michael Keaton and Tom Holland at the press conference in NY
As much as I think Tom Holland is fun, and I'm intrigued to see Michael Keaton as the villain, I just…
stars Michael Keaton, Tom Holland &Robert Downey that Holland is so comfortable in t…
Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei at the Spiderman press confernce, 25 June, 2017
NEW 📷: Robert Downey Jr. Tom Holland & Michael Keaton at the NYC press tour for 🗽 (6/25/17) https:…
Michael Keaton was Adam West's son, Val Kilmer was maybe his brother? She says that's how it was packaged where she's from...
But I would love Michael Keaton to play Bruce again. And Terry should be a POC.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Our 9pm movie tonight is José Padilha's Robocop reboot, starring Joel Kinnaman, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman.
I wonder if Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christain Bale and Ben Affleck will attend Adam West's memorial.
LEGO Beetlejuice looks so awesome! Can you tell us if it'll be archive audio? I'd love to hear Michael Keaton
Warners should do a Crisis of Infinite Batmans with Michael Keaton and George Clooney fighting alongside Christian Bale and Ben Affleck.
The original 1966 movie is the Bat Best ! . (Michael Keaton close second !)
Was just forced to unfollow because he told me Val Kilmer was a better Batman than Michael Keaton.
It was a academy award and nominated for 11 others. Winona Rider, Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton.. amazing…
Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Tim Burton behind the scenes no 'Batman' in 1989.
10 year old me is mad you didn't like Batman Forever. He was no Michael Keaton, but Jim Carrey and Tommy…
Wait, so Michael Keaton is playing a flying bird man in Spider Man? Is this a reference to a movie that was a reference to another movie?
It's Batman v Superman except it's Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeves instead.
Da Vinci Code movie Princess Sophie Christ Bloodline on Michael Keaton allow BHBC to fall . *** nette blood wars
It took this new Spider-Man trailer for me to finally realize that Michael Keaton was in that one Jack Frost movie
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' trailer gives a closer look at Michael Keaton as the Vulture
I don't care what anyone says, Michael Keaton's best acting was in Jack Frost. Now that's a movie
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Michael Keaton and Jon Watts on Vulture in SpiderMan Homecoming via
Looks like Michael Keaton is being type-cast a bit, while he creeps back up top in Hollywood! 🤣🤣…
Since Michael Keaton is The Vulture in can we just call it Birdman 2?. We've succulent BBQ pulled…
Just throwing it out there: Michael Keaton looks awesome as Vulture in Spider-Man Homecoming.
New images of Michael Keaton as the Vulture.
New photo of Michael Keaton as from USA…
Pittsburgh's own Michael Keaton as Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming https…
Check out an exclusive sneak peek at Michael Keaton's flying fiend the Vulture in
Michael Keaton stole your pants dude!!
Spider-Man Homecoming movie trailer: Watch Vulture try to MURDER Spidey with a jet engine.
Michael Keaton is being typecast as a bird person
New pic of Michael Keaton from and interview with USA Today
New images of Michael Keaton as the Vulture
Just saw the photos of the new Michael Keaton Vulture. I hate it! As bad as the time they did the Green Goblin.
Can't wait for Get the first look at character from the
Heat, starring Jet Li and Michael Keaton. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, music by Romeo Void. Budget: $75m
I like to think that somewhere right now Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, and Michael Keaton are hanging out together and having a good laugh.
Throughout I couldn't help but think how Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons would've fared in Jackson's and Goodman's roles.
Trying to imagine how KONG: SKULL ISLAND would've been if J.K. Simmons/Michael Keaton weren't replaced by Samuel L Jackson/John C Reilly
Sam Jackson and John Goodman are great, but *** I would have loved to see the J.K. Simmons/Michael Keaton version
Is it just coincidence that Michael Keaton's editor character in spotlight shares a name with Spider-Man's editor?
this applies to anything Michael Keaton is in for me
Same is true for Christopher Reeve. And even though he was famous, Michael Keaton was cast WILDLY against type
Vince Vaughan is slowly turning into Michael Keaton. Anyone else see it?
Vince Vaughan used to look like Marlon Brando and now looks more and more like Michael Keaton.
The greatest crime in our lifetimes is that we didn't get a Dark Knight Returns movie with Michael Keaton back as a 50-so…
drinking sutter home mini wines & watching Michael Keaton / Jack Nicholson's batman like true middle aged women
I served Michael Keaton (I am Batman) dinner/pizza as he sat at my counter at California Pizza Kitchen.
Michael Keaton is brinigng big business this week in
I hear KoKo B. Ware is coming out tonight and cutting a promo on Michael Keaton about who's the best Birdman.
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So amped about this new Koko B. Ware biopic that Michael Keaton is making!
Just watched the trailer for BIRDMAN. Michael Keaton looks nothing like Koko B. Ware. Pass.
Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Tim Burton on the set of 'Batman'(1989)
Some hollywood money man must see how big a deal a third Michael Keaton and Tim Burton Batman movie would be? Get it over the line
American Actors I'd be happy with as Doctor Who: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci.
Michael Keaton, Connie Britton, Uzo Aduba and more stars pay tribute to Mary Tyler Moore:
Michael Keaton reportedly said everyone in Hollywood should give President Trump a chance | via
What is former Batman actor Michael Keaton's real name?. Keaton - born Michael John Douglas - changed his name to...
Michael Keaton's powerful performance in John Lee Hancock's Founder is marooned in a wishy-washy story.…
Michael Keaton dines out on The Founder as the man behind McDonald’s — without sparing the salt, naturally
Remember that Adam West was miffed in 1989 that Michael Keaton got the Batman role over him
ok no roger moore would not be a good batman its Adam West or Michael Keaton.or me.end of story
Christopher Reeve's Superman costume and Michael Keaton's batsuit are up for auction
Michael Keaton is on a roll with 'The Founder'
Watching Batman Returns with Michael Keaton. Its been a while. It's cute lol
Don't miss illuminating interview about in... by via
Michael Keaton apologizes for 'Hidden Fences' Golden Globes mistake: 'I messed up their shot at recognition'
Michael Keaton profusely apologizes for his flub: via
Michael Keaton has apologized for that awkward mix-up
Michael Keaton talked about his role as The Vulture in
Michael Keaton hints that The Vulture has a softer side in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’
“It’s a human and politically subversive tale any time you are looking at the story of how greed serves one and ...
Michael Keaton feels "horrible" about the controversy surrounding his "Hidden Figures" gaffe at…
It's Michael Keaton's character from Nightshift . He's an idea man and that was one of them.
The Founder Movie CLIP - You're in the Real Estate Business (2017) - Michael Keaton Movie …
📷 refinery29: Gabrielle Union just called out Michael Keaton’s complete non-apology for the “Hidden...
Michael Keaton profusely apologizes for his flub:
Michael Keaton 'felt horrible' about 'Hidden Fences' gaffe.
*** just saw a pic of Michael Keaton. he getting old 😔
Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, John Lee Hancock on the American Dream at premiere
Only one thing to do after the premiere of THE FOUNDER, in which Michael Keaton is so freakin' great...
Don't miss illuminating interview about in https:…
'Michael Keaton on Why He Likes Playing Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming ...' via
Now watching a good suspense thriller with Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton.
Glasses or no glasses? Even with a crummy cold, Michael Keaton gave us a smile. From Marc Royce's pho…
Jenna Bush Hager and Michael Keaton are sorry about that "Hidden Fences" thing
Michael Keaton and Jenna Bush Hager had very different approaches to apologizing for their "Hidden Fences" flubs
Donkey Of The Day | Michael Keaton and Jenna Bush Hager for saying "Hidden Fences" at the
I would like to remind you that Tim Burton, Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder all WANT to do another Beetlejuice movie. So…
Michael Keaton & the charlatan that stole Batman from Bill Finger.
Michael Keaton gets blunt about and why it "sucked"
I did like the batman movies with Heath and Christian, just because they were different. Better than Michael Keaton, I thought.
The crazy thing about the early Batman movies is that Michael Keaton and Michael Gough seem like they never spoke to each other
You're thinking of Mr. Nanny, is Michael Keaton, Jeffrey Tambor & Christopher Lloyd.
How the first ever McDonald's restaurants were recreated for Michael Keaton's new movie https:…
The Toast taught me to fear, but Chris Kimball looks kind of like Michael Keaton's weedy little brother and that endears him to me
Apparently Bill Murray was the original choice to play Batman in the 1989 movie. Tim Burton switched to Michael Keaton af…
Been putting off watching the new Spidey trailer 'cos I still miss Andrew Garfield, then I saw it & thought 'Michael Keaton?! HOW DARE HE!'😂
Michael Keaton as the Vulture is going to be good, the trailer is off the charts.
yeah, but the little Jim Cantore reminded me of Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice
The trailer for the Michael Keaton and Patrick Wilson movie based on the origins of McDonald's and that was...
with Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, I'm inclined to say yes. Like Dafoe as Norman Osborn & Bridges as Obadiah Stane
if Michael Keaton and Matthew McConaughey can make comebacks, well so can my Christmas spirit
have u not seen Pacific Heights starring Michael Keaton and Matthew Modine?
Andrew can act. Andrew had 2 films same as Michael Keaton, more than Edward Norton, George Clooney and Val Kimer
I'd watch just about anything with Michael Keaton in it, but his Maccas movie sounds really good.
Our daring new remake will star Anna Kendrick, Edward Norton, Jack Black, and featuring Michael Keaton as the whacky millionaire.
For some reason I remember the first one that I read having an article about Michael Keaton in Johnny Dangerously.
Michael Keaton behind the scenes of 'Batman' in 1989.
I like how Timothy Hutton's take on an evil version of himself in The Dark Half is basically just Michael Keaton.
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Here's the official new poster for Michael Keaton's McDonalds drama (opens 12/16) https:…
The Weinstein Company has unleashed this new poster for John Lee Hancock’s THE FOUNDER, starring Michael Keaton,...
I think I want to see Ambrose and Styles in a Michael Keaton-off competition.
I just put it together that Dean Ambrose's character is an angrier Michael Keaton from Night Shift. (I'm probably w…
Great to see Theresa May's tribute to Michael Keaton's Batman at conference yesterday...
Tim speaking to Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer on set of Batman Returns.
Tim Burton, Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson on the set of Batman.
Watching Spotlight and the cast is 👌🏻 Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Michael Keaton, Billy Crudup all on one screen my gosh 😍😩
Patrick Kane says Michael Keaton is the best Batman ever during Hart Trophy acceptance speech
As a responsible father, I will make sure my daughter knows just how awesome Michael Keaton was as Batman
I can get behind Michael Keaton as the new Adam West. It's like how Chris Evans is the new Tom Cruise.
I would mention Multiplicity but I can't go through every Michael Keaton movie!
Someone please get Michael Keaton or Dennis Miller or Billy Gardell to explain "jagoff" to the media. They're in a tizzy of confusion!
Hi guys I just waned to wish Michael Keaton congratulations on his Hollywood walk of fame
Even tho Michael Keaton is my original Batman, Bale is the best. It could have been Nolan the director but Bale was awesome. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Michael Keaton and the voice of Kevin Conroy as well. They were a part of my childhood.
Sean Douglas, Michael Keaton's s son on left & director John Lee Hancock at Michael's star ceremony today!
Michael Keaton honored with Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Guests John Lee Hancock, Sean Douglas
How bout a show with Michael Keaton and Herbie Hancock? That'd be range.
John Lee Hancock the Director of the founder on Michael Keaton
Guest speakers for Michael Keaton: director John Lee Hancock and a surprise guest! Watch tomorrow on at 11:30 a.m.
right after Tom Holland and Michael Keaton
Favorite Superheroes are as follows. Hawkeye . Daredevil. Batman . In comic form or played by Jeremy Renner, Charlie Cox, & Michael Keaton
lol like that stopped Michael Keaton or J.K. Simmons
Signed Dream Team, The 8x10 by Michael Keaton and Christopher Lloyd B&W autographed by Powers Collectibles
I always have considered Michael Keaton to be a phenomenal actor because he n...
only way cavs can win nxt year is Lebron has to be michael Keaton in Multiplicity
You don't want Michael Keaton "Multiplicity" weebs though. You want organic, free roam, grain fed weebs. that's the stuff
... until they start multiplying like Michael Keaton in "Multiplicity"
yes defently good aswell and Michael Keaton was brilliant as Beetlejuice. We have a lot of TV and film interests in common.
FACTS. there so many dope missions, I just finished the mission where I gotta save Michael from those Chinese dudes
: Wished it was about the movie starring Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton and directed by Ron Howard that was trending.
Michael Keaton is rumored to play Vulture in Homecoming. I wanna see Mystery and Kraven the Hunter on the big screen.
Spotlight, the award-winning movie that exposes the wretched catholic church system, is now on Netflix. Can watch again for Michael Keaton !
If they cast Michael Keaton as Vulture in the upcoming Spiderman film, it'll be like casting Birdman to be a birdm…
Spotlight is brilliant. Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton are unbelievable. Great story.
People always make these generalized statements about Hollywood, and t...
and Michael Keaton is definitely better that Christian Bale hands down
I choose not to be at the whim of others. I want to be at my own whim.
I'm sitting right by where Michael Keaton was running around in his underpants!
If Michael Keaton is portraying The Vulture as rumours suggest, this continues quite a career after Birdman and Batman!
You were a real life Michael Keaton,
Have you ever seen Lee Dixon and Michael Keaton in the same room?
I really like to hear actors talk about acting, but I don't really lik...
Pretty sure there's a lot of talk of Michael Keaton playing Vulture. Not sure if it's Spider-Man though.
See photos from the set of the 1989 blockbuster "Batman," starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.
I just wanna see concept art of Michael Keaton's Vulture for
Unless you're flat out dead, you have to think of some other questions...
Is he going to have a Michael Keaton resurgence?! Who can forget About Last Night, Red Heat or K-9?
Are we talking Adam West 1960s, Danny Elfman/Michael Keaton one or Dark Knight 2000s here,
is tonight! Did you know this was the first film Michael Keaton received top billing for?
Michael Keaton thriller to film in UK
If Michael Keaton hated bats and said Ghosts Could Not Be The Most, would we judge him for being paid for Batman & Beetlejuice?.
Right. And I also want Wiz Khalifa AND Michael Keaton to throw out first pitches. From the mound.
For me, only Chris Reeve is superman. Only Jack Nicholson is joker. And only Michael Keaton is Batman.
In our family, my brothers and I shared toys. In other words, just bec...
Pitbull is the Michael Keaton version of DMX. (Batman reference)
Michael Keaton and J K Simmons could be the Wright Brothers' wacky unscrupulous bicycle rivals!
What if Michael Keaton and J K Simmons made a movie together? What if it was about _bicycles_? That would be great.
Ben Affleck - the better Batman, Christian Bale - the better Bruce Wayne. Michael Keaton - the best at both.
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made me think about that movie with Michael Keaton ; Multiplicity
Dreamed the Batcave was blown up, so Michael Keaton had to wear the surviving ill-fitting Robin suit...
My favorite Commodores song makes me think of Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton.
📷 92y: Basically what we’re doing after watching Michael Keaton and Emma Stone do this.
Michael Keaton's hair is like an Afro in BATMAN '89.
I can't sleep the first night in a hotel room.
Yes! That would b Awesome! I always forget Ken and Barbie were voiced by the great Michael Keaton and Ariel herself Jodi Benson
Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon vs Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice. I might take The Ghost with the Most
Listening to on Thought comes to mind: Who would win in a crazy-off, Mel Gibson or Michael Keaton?
love the original batman and Jack Nicholson is awesome as the joker and Michael Keaton is awesome as Bruce Wayne
Michael Keaton is announcing the Hart Trophy winner, you say? We have a good feeling he's rooting for the right guy.
hearing Michael Keaton is presenting the Hart Trophy at tonight's NHL awards. that's almost enough to make me watch. almost.
he won't get it, but if Sid won the Hart with Michael Keaton presenting.
Michael Keaton tonight when Patrick Kane comes on stage to get the Hart Trophy
(it's here I note that Pittsburgh superfan Michael Keaton is handing out the Hart. Hm.)
So the likely will be bookended by Jacob Tremblay will present the Calder, Michael Keaton will present the Hart.
Michael Keaton presenting the Hart Trophy. That's awesome. If I'm Kane, I go for the selfie with Batman.
Michael Keaton is presenting the Hart Trophy at tonight's NHL awards show.
Michael Keaton will present Hart Trophy at NHL Awards in Las Vegas. Batman almost certainly will hand trophy to Patrick Kane.
Michael Keaton will present the Hart Trophy at tonight's because he is and always will be Batman.
Michael Keaton has been cast, probably the Vulture or Kraven, those are the 2 names that keep popping up
George Eastman Museum to honor Michael Keaton with award tonight. Anyone remember Jack Frost??
Tim Burton did wonders for Batman! I wish he'd do another one and get Michael Keaton to play him again! 🤘🏻
Buy or sell a Tim Burton and Michael Keaton reunion to complete Burton's Batman trilogy?
Just found out Michael Keaton wanted Brad Dourif to play the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman. That would have been AWESOME.
Michael Keaton and director Tim Burton on the set of Beetle Juice (1988).
Michael Keaton and director Tim Burton behind the scenes on (1992)
To go along with Tim Burton Batman and Birdman. There is also Johnny Dangerously. I love Michael Keaton
Wait, Michael Keaton is at the game?
after reading KravensLastHunt I wondered if Michael Keaton would make a good Vermin with Baron Zemo around?
looking forward to the new Marvel Studios Spider-Man. Michael Keaton as the Vulture.
Tom Holland will be playing Spider-Man and Michael Keaton will be the villain! Not Doc Oc, but probably th…
I had a real strong fantasy life as a kid. But then you grow up and th...
Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne wearing a turtle neck of justice
I always knew the way in was Bruce Wayne. It wasn't Batman. It was nev...
I suggest you watch a film named Spotlight. Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams.
Need For Speed is cool because there's this new girl but there's still love and no hard feelings for his ex. And Michael Keaton
That brain when Michael Keaton won't make up his mind about "Spider-Man: Homecoming"
If the Oscars follows the Michael Keaton pattern, the 89th Academy Award for Best Picture will go to a movie about McDonald's.
The relationship between Michael & Kay never really made sense. Diane Keaton was awful as Kay.
I'm sad that there are no GIFs of Michael Keaton in Multiplicity that I can use for Erick Aybar's foot. "It's gonna have to come off."
Keaton is said to be playing The Vulture, but will be joined to wreak havoc on New York City by The Tinkerer
Michael Keaton said it took him about 27 seconds to decide to be in "Birdman."
Not even remotely interested in Spiderman but... Michael Keaton. Yas.
Michael Keaton has been great lately.
Garner: Michael Keaton's Eastman Award comes at right time
Spider-Man: Homecoming villain will probably be Michael Keaton, who's rumored to play...
What if Bill Murray had been cast as Batman instead of Michael Keaton!
The more I watch how Chris Cooper was wasted as Norman Osborn I really hope Michael Keaton makes the character a force if he's cast.
Can I just say that the character of Michael Keaton and Liev Schreiber in Spotlight are so hot
Michael Keaton to play Vulture in the next Spider-Man. What's next, Big Bird in the live action Sesame Street?
Looks like they found a way to lock down Michael Keaton for the villain in Spider-man. 👍🏻👍🏻
Now: Michael Keaton back in as SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING villain!
“McDonald’s can be the new American church,” says Michael Keaton, playing Ray Kroc.
I want a movie w/ Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Angelina Jolie, & Keanu Reeves. Someone get on that
Gotham City, 1989. Michael Keaton is hot & not overweight yet. Commissioner Gordon is paid well bc George H.W. Bush has just taken office.
really sorry, unable to call in but Michael Keaton & Robert Duvall (with dodgy scotch accent) in 'A Shot At Glory' (+Ally McCoist!)
Porco Rosso is the best movie because it's about the most dangerous man in the skies looking for a place to die as played by Michael Keaton.
Jim did you ask Tom Arnold if he thought you look like Michael Keaton? 😂😂
Michael Keaton all day every day batman
SUMMER FILM GUIDE: Michael Keaton as McDonald's founder, Jason Bourne and more. It's gonna be a great summer ~
Michael Keaton builds McDonald's empire in trailer for The Founder
Michael Keaton stars in the trailer for McDonald's origin story
Just watching the first batman film with Michael Keaton, looks so old remember being distraught was too young to see when came out
whoops Denzel Washington playing Lucius Fox, and Michael Keaton playing Harvey Bullock. A leaner version for the DCEU movieverse
The FUTURE! (From the past)...a movie that features Michael Keaton = POST GRAD.
I can't pick which movies Michael Keaton is in, Andrew.
Michael Keaton's in it. That's all that matters.
Michael Keaton may have been the caped star of the 1989 Tim Burton-directed Batman, but…
As it so happens, "no frost" is also Michael Keaton's catchprase.
Plus it's not just them he continually casts. He's worked w/ Winona Ryder, Michael Keaton, Christopher Lee & Michael Gambon on several films
I can see that, yeah. Also, Michael Keaton for either Vulture, Norman Osborn, or Uncle Ben in a quick flashback!
Jack Frost is Michael Keaton's best role, hands down
and how awesome is it that Michael Keaton may be Green Goblin / Vulture
also acceptable would be. He dated Winona Ryder. Winona Ryder starred in Beetlejuice with Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton was Batman
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Michael Keaton packs up his DC bags and moves to Marvel for the new flick -
Michael Keaton in talks to play a villain in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING! (Andrew Gifford)
kinda weird to me that Michael Keaton and Kevin Costner have never been in a movie together
Tim Burton, Michael Keaton, and Winona Ryder all signed back on too! Wicked! Just made my day
Michael Keaton has signed to play Stan Hurley. Via Vince
actually it's Batman Begins (2005) not Batman (1989) starring Michael Keaton or Batman (1943) starring Lewis Wilson
Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder star in Tim Burtons Beetlejuice, image courtesy of Warner Bros
is based on a true story and stars Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, and Michael Keaton. Now playing!
not sure what they are arguing about. Christopher Reeves died and Michael Keaton is old now.
Ryan Coogler was not nominated for directing an actual film. Tom McCarthy almost won for keeping Michael Keaton in frame.
Christopher Reeve vs Michael Keaton. Would have been amazing.
Seeing soon & will post a review tonight. Can't wait to finally see Michael Keaton face off against Christopher Reeve!
80's babies should say Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeves...
Burt Ward+Michael Keaton were my fav Batman's, Christopher Reeve's the only Superman for me
Michael Keaton's Ray Nicolette character needs to be in more movies, even non-Elmore Leonard adaptations.
At-Home Dads are nowhere near the hapless Jack Butler, played by Michael Keaton in the 1983 Mr Mom:
I did a film in which Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton both played the leads,...
I think you are missing Jack Butler, Michael Keaton's character from . "Mr. Mom." He would fall behind Benson but ahead of Brett
I feel in love with Christopher Reeves as Superman but I also loved Michael Keaton as Batman .ijs
Tim Burton says 'Beetlejuice 2' with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder is ready to start filming.
keep holding on to the belief that Kevin Conroy is the best Batman, sorry Michael Keaton.
I joke that Jeff Golblum or Michael Keaton are the pride of Pittsburgh but it's actually this dude. Apropos tonight.
Director Ron Howard on the set with Shelley Long, Michael Keaton, Henry Winkler, Night Shift (1982)
I always want to hangout with Michael Keaton, but especially after watching Jackie Brown!!
The one where Michael Keaton is a psycho pursued by Andy Garcia because he is a perfect donor match for the latter's son.
Michael Keaton will star in movie adaptation of 'American Assassin':
Michael Keaton will play a badass spy trainer in American Assassin via
Tim Burton returns for the cult classic 'Beetlejuice 2' with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder...
Tim Burton returns for Beetlejuice 2 with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder https…
It's hardly a 'board of directors' we have at the club. more like 'The Dream Team' from the movie with Michael Keaton.
thoughts during I couldn't help remembering Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne from
I said least insane. The GOP is like the movie The Dream Team with Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, and Peter Boyle
Michael Keaton on-set with the real Walter Robinson in Own it on Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital HD TOMORR… h…
Daniel Boulud does airline food; Michael Keaton's McDonald's movie sets release date
Let's just stop for a moment to appreciate the successful return of Michael Keaton.
Michael John Douglas (born September 5, 1951), better known by his stage name Michael Keaton, is an American actor. He is currently a
My idols are Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Keaton, John Goodman. Maybe that's w...
Peter Boyle as god, Michael Keaton as himself & Christopher Lloyd as an alt universe doc brown
On the set of the founder still of : Michael Keaton , John Lee Hancock the director
Here's that GIF of Michael Keaton celebrating Best Picture win that you wanted.
Spotlight won Best Picture at the spoke to Walter Robinson (played by Michael Keaton)
Mark down my prediction for next year. The Founder starring Michael Keaton directed by John Lee Hancock, director of Blind Side
Michael Keaton seems like he would be a good coach
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