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Michael Kay

Michael Kay (born February 2, 1961) is the television play-by-play broadcaster of the New York Yankees, host of Centerstage on the YES Network, and the host of The Michael Kay Show heard on WEPN radio in New York City, and simulcast on ESPN Xtra on XM Satellite Radio.

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Michael Kay says Tanaka, Headley, and Carter are hurting the Yankees. You think?
Michael Kay is making sense about this Tanaka debacle.
Pretty clear from Comey's testimony that Trump tried to stop the FBI's investigation into Michael Flynn.
Not just threats from Saudi Arabia, the financiers of Isis and but the:…
Your boy got approved for a kay Jewelers card uh oh
"That's my family Kay, that's not me." -Michael Corleone
Michael just left for work and it's raining horribly outside. I told him to be careful and he's like "it's not that bad." Um, yes it is. 😢
So Bobby now had single photo ops, duo with him and Lana, duo with him and Robbie Kay, duo with him and Emilie, duo with…
Michael Kay's point on the telecast.
man I hate making those comments b/c it makes me sound like a hater but if Michael Kay said some eth…
Michael Kay is a little to excited about Kimbrel striking out 4 and the RedSox winning
Michael Kay is trying to make sense of Carter's mindset. I'm trying to make sense of his existence. MI: '17.
Um, probably swung at ball 4, Michael Kay? That was up around his head and inside. It wasn't even close to a strike!
*Chris Carter chases pitch at eyes for strike three on 3-2*. Michael Kay: He probably chased ball four. Yeah, he probably did, Michael.
And Michael Kay said it was "probably" ball 4 like there was a shadow of a doubt.
*scoreboard reads 0-2 on Chris Carter before the AB*. Michael Kay: Scoreboard is obviously wrong. Is it though? Is it really?
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It's pretty sad that Michael Kay has been saying "do you believe in due" for Headley for at least a month now
If I had a dollar for everytime Michael Kay said "Well if you believe in due"
Old school: Michael Kay just credited Carter with a nice "scoop" at 1B. Thought it became "pick" about 10 yrs. ago
Cant tell if Naomi Campbell despises baseball or just Michael Kay
Michael Kay's voice becomes extra annoying after an important Yankee out.
Watching this great interview with on CenterStage with Michael Kay on YES Network. Covering much ground i…
Michael Kay said on the telecast re: lack of offense at 1B and 3B, is like an NL lineup.
Nothing is worse than whiny Michael Kay. Everything that's going good for the Yankees, and he's crying about fringe players
lol sour shoes just called into the Michael Kay show imitating Susan Waldman while interviewing
Rosenberg is such an anti-Kay bum. "I don't like Aaron Judge because Michael Kay calls for the Yankees". What a shmuck
Cool moment for Hannah Davis getting to meet John Sterling and Michael Kay.
To toot my own horn, I called this in a reply to Michael Kay who was going on and on about how there was n…
I miss Michael Kay broadcasting. Can't wait for the Yankees to be on the YES Network soon.
I bet Michael Kay would go hard with us
Wait, does this mean you like John Sterling better than Michael Kay? 😩
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do I have to listen to Joe Buck? I mean, I have issues with Michael Kay, but Buck is intolerable.
When you get to listen to Joe Buck for three hours and not Michael Kay…
As a biased Yankee fan, listening to Michael Kay commentating is so much better than *** Joe Buck
lol I enjoy Michael Kay he's dope. But tonight yes network isn't broadcasting. I can't stand watching it o…
1/2 Did Peter Kay rewrite part of the final scene? He talked about the loss of another legend in George Michael, who died...
Don't miss a new episode of directed by Charles Michael Davis, TONIGHT at 8/7c!
Michael and Lincoln have never escaped a country before. Catch a brand new this Tuesday at 9/8c.
Join Ben & Kay tomorrow May 7th for a weekend service at our new outpost. TIME: 9am. VENUE: No 1-8 Michael Edo...
I liked the American bit-parters playing Bernard Kay and Michael Gough and so on.
This video that re-imagines what it would sound like if Michael Jackson recorded trap music has me so weak 😂
Oh man did Michael Kay die his hair .
Hi Michael! Great review on my Michael Jackson book
Michael and Kay, Al and Diane, on the set of THE GODFATHER (1972) and THE GODFATHER PART II (1974)
It's Michael Kay what do you expect
James Kay’s “All in Color for A Time” The best of intentions turn deadly! .
No she doesn't. I wish she'd said something about the scene when Kay tells Michael she's leaving him. As intense as cinema gets.
Terrible call. Didn't even realize it was gone. Michael Kay with a far superior call on this homer
should've had a shot of tequila every single time Michael Kay talked about the wind today
I can't put a finger on it, but for some reason I HATE the way Michael Kay says Didi.
Michael Kay nearly said Brett Gardner was full of "unbridled enthusiasm." I think he's read one too many Billy Mumphrey stories.
Michael Kay currently ruining my happiness over Gardner dinger because he just WONT STOP TALKING.
Riveting stuff from Michael Kay. We're in a 2-0 close ball game between two good teams, check our how fast this guy hits a button!
Michael Kay is currently talking about something I noticed last year: The ball-strike count at Wrigley Field changes uncomfortably fast.
I know I've complained about this before but I really don't like it that Michael Kay does "see ya" for non-home runs.
Find someone who loves you as much as Michael Kay loves exit velocity
Over/Under on how many times Michael Kay says "exit velo" when talking about Aaron Judge this season... Putting the number at 300.
driving up and down manhattan for 16 hours awesome to hear you on for the Michael Kay show!
Michael Kay talking about HEndricks ERA last year, hummm, he doesnt know he's been awful this year or what?
Michael Kay on YES just said that it is so nice to see a pitcher hit and run. Abolish the DH.
"It's so fun watching pitchers run the bases" - Michael Kay saying the opposite of my brain. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ken Rosenthal and Michael Kay in the same booth... my nightmare came true!
Somebody needs to make a video montage of all the times Michael Kay has said "Swing and a miss, Carter down on strikes"
Michael Kay: it will be nearly impossible to hit a HR out of Wrigley today . Kris Bryant:
I love Suzy but I honestly wish they just did TV I feel like Michael Kay and Ken Singleton like resent each other
What on earth? Well, until the fall Legends, in the words of broadcaster Michael Kay...SEE YA!
Michael Kay says 2017 is a year for Yankees' fans to look to the future. So why is Brett Gardner playing?
they'll probably have the episode on the Michael Kay show podcast by tomorrow. It was during Rosenberg's ENN section (6pm hour)
Knicks owner James Dolan was on Michael Kay show on ESPN Radio New York today. Here is the interview.
This dude James Dolan went on the Michael Kay & show WITH NOTES! Dolan is one superficial, vane, narcissistic "RICHARD"!
Michael Kay has James Dolan in studio at 4pm today
Michael Kay better not go easy on James Dolan.
Michael Kay and Chris Yun seal another doubles match for the Yellow Jackets with a 6-4 rout of Illinois' Landa and Khlif
Ladysmith Black Mambazo;. Has had 20 members. Referenced on South Park. Worked with Michael Jackson. Have 4 Grammys. ht…
I'm picturing it as the story of what Kay Corleone did with her life after leaving Michael.
Michael Kay absolutely butchered that call.
Did you know? Everton youngster Tom Davies was born on the same day that Michael Owen scored that famous goal against…
Michael Keaton is on a roll with 'The Founder'
. Copy on paper bring the to the studio . February 2. Say on the show happy birthday Michael kay
Great holiday movie - Michael and Kay Christmas shopping in New York!
: well good to know, too bad I don't care 😂
I stopped listening to them & they were my favorite show. The only one who keeps it real is Michael Kay.
Michael is the cutest person ever when sleeping I swear
Usually, it's my bro's batchmates who goes to the house. Mama at the gate: "Kay Michael o Marc? Batchmates kayo ni Marc?" Mama is shookt. 😂
Arrived in New Orleans and picked up by Michael our Driver!!. Thank you MARY KAY!!. So excited for Leadership!!!
Michael Kay in the middle, and this is everything I've ever dreamed of!
"In Michael Jacksons final moments he thought about.(insert here)
Eh kay Michael yung last omg that song is 🔥
Matt clearly never caught Michael Kay on YES
Do you think once settle on a date that The Michael Kay Sow will promote the heck out of it?-ha
it's true. I just wanna have Michael Kay's job and get him fired. Really.
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Li wins his match by retirement. Melendez, Daniel Yun and Michael Kay get ready to hit the courts next.
5 Simple Money Hacks to Start 2017 Right. By Michael Kay via Iris xyz Cheers to a new year and another chance for u…
for Michael's birthday and wedding anniversary have you and kids should be on the Michael kay show
A gasping Michael Kay reveals his dyed hair after losing a bet
🔶◾️ | Team News - Michael Dawson and both trained today and are in contention to feature against
No idea how I got here but. I'm currently drinking iced coffee & watching Michael Jackson videos . ***
Thoroughly enjoying Donovan McNabb on Center Stage with Michael Kay. Great job Donovan !
Michael and i can literally talk about ANYTHING😂
Michael Jackson been black since his mama gave birth to him. Hermione (a fictional character)was labeled black back he…
s/o complex for the article and s/o Kay P.. my bro goin crazy. ... need everyone to stay tuned for what we have in s…
edit: michael kay has NOT learned his lesson.
Michael Kay said what I've been saying about Cowboys. If Dak struggles in playoff game, it's got to be Romo Time. Win or go home.
I liked a video Michael Kay dyes his hair
According to my Yankee fan friends, Michael Kay has insisted that the Yankees think Andrew Miller is an injury waiting to happen
My answer to The Godfather (1972 movie): How justified is Kay in getting upset with Michael for lying to her about …
Michael knows i get an attitude when im hungry so idk why he gets mad too🙄feed me
I could've sworn I seen u today in Hyde near Drexel somewhere this afternoon!
So...The Curse of Michael Myers is seizures induced by editing and proof of Paul Rudd being immortal?. ..'kay.
just want a relationship like my cousin kay and Michael
I'm always beasting to come and go to sleep , until Michael calls me , sleep where ?
I swear I was watching Michael Kay call a home run on YES Network for a second...
You know who I can't stand Michael Kay 🤔
One question for is Michael Kay an elite sports broadcaster?
ahh I am in a meeting then so won't be able to join but look forward to catching up with it later
I'm 6'7 don't be reducing my height "kay ..all greater than 6'5 sha or so
can we PLEASE take bets on how many inches from Michael Kay's eyebrows to the top of his head? I'm in for 10 inches...
Im a big Michael Kay fan but good god this has to be the biggest head ever.
NY sports media..Mike Francesca on and with Michael Kay continue to bash OBJ even after clutch game Vs
oh I'm not saying what he did was dope...but u have Francesa and Michael Kay and of course the ESPN media machine complaining
Michael is just mad because ODell gave Francesa a great interview and said nothing to Kay. That's all it is, folks
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So Michael Kay is ripping OBJ for his touchdown celebrations and it'
Funny to hear Michael Kay kill Odell for being a "Me" guy. No bigger "me" guy than Kay.
They killing odb on the Michael Kay show cuz if his celebrations I don't mind his celebrations even though that penalty always killed us
Fans blast ex-Nigeria international, Michael Emanelo after rumours emerge that he's been sacked as Chelsea's…
they actually got into some pretty heated discussion on Michael Kay
to be fair they talked about it a lot on M&M and Michael Kay, but it has died down
Way to redefine business casual, Zeke. (via
Matthew Parris welcomes Michael Gove back to the Times comment pages.
Tyronn Lue has named Kay Felder the backup PG for
But YES has Michael Kay in the afternoon, and you said that meant something
I am so lucky to have Michael Albert Foster Jr. in my life ❤️
Nah, Kay Corleone takes it. 60% of Michael's problems are solved if she gets blown up instead of Apollonia.
Apollonia was the wife Michael should have had beside him when he took over the family..Kay wasn't built for that life
My bro Michael "Kay" Klindt I played football with in HS bringing the knowledge in these songs (ignore my schematic).
I choose to believe that this meme means I'm funnier than the lovechild of Peter Kay and Michael McIntyre.
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With treatment like this, Michael Savage clearly was not on the Clinton Foundation donors list.
Guy named Michael just straight up lied to me. I'm so shocked. All I could say is "Michael, shoo, maka?"
Work with our professionals at The Michael Werdiger Diamond & Design Event at Kay Jewelers Tue, Oct 18. Details:…
Please take a moment and remember Ofc. Michael Briggs who was shot 10-16-06. He succumbed to the GSW less than 24hrs lat…
Good Morning Kay I have Michael Thomas, B. Cooks, J. Landry or K. Benjamin and 2 WR spoots in my standard league which 2 start?
Solid point from my sister: Michael Kay is unbearable, except when he's smacking down the idiotic NL fanboi defence of having pitchers hit.
lift your voice with us to magnify the lord... 💡with Pastor Michael Sagoe ON
I hate these but I'm still waiting for Michael to dm us back so..
Michael's friends are amazing for always inviting me to get togethers even when he's not home
. THIS GUY IS DRUNK (Michael Kay voice). Lundberg hard to listen to tonight
every year when I buy the package deal to watch all Yanks games, I question my decision when I listen to Michael Kay
it's like Trump and Ted Cruz and Michael Kay
Michael Kors is coming out with smart watches...
I'm gonna try and get a Michael dm for your birthday mkay mkay
2017 RHP NUTS baseball Michael Kay sat 75-76 for a inning. Had some life to it.
I am curious as to why Kay was so welcoming to Michael again after he left for so long
Kay to Michael-The Godfather: "presidents and Senators don't have people killed."
"Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don't have men killed.". "Oh. Who's being naive, Kay?"
Please will there be another artiste like Michael Jackson? . What of this ? 'Only Love'?
Michael Isikoff (who broke the Lewinsky story) recommends that NBC cull its archives and run their full 1999 Juanita Broaddric…
It seems a lot of media types are thin skinned...I'm blocked by Brian Hayes, Michael Kay & all of WGR 550
' My father's a businessman , Kay, and I have to take over the family business ' Michael Corleone, 1973 . Plus ca change
It's purely a sports show, but Michael Kay just asked about big adult stars and Peter Rosenberg said SARA JAY. It was very cool
My sweetheart Kay Balun with a photo of my friend, Chef Michael Lomonaco fo Porterhouse Restaurant at The Time...
This Jordan McRae → Kay Felder alley-oop is definitely in preseason form 😳.
The problem is that Michael Kay is nowhere near as excited about the Yanks as Gary Cohen is about the Mets
"Welcome to NY Yankees baseball on I'm Michael Kay, along with Paul O'Neill & Howard Cosell"
Michael Kay: shifts or no shifts?. David Cone: Let them do whatever they want. . 💙💙 coney💙💙
Chris Russo &Michael Kay discuss how A-ROD was used by Girardi and the M... via
I like this quote by A-Rod on his broadcasting ventures "I have always admired guys like Bob Costas, Michael Kay, Joe Buck" Second.
Cohen/Darling/Hernandez are a joy. Any booth with Michael Kay is tough.
Michael Kay is a bronx native, uncle is danny aiello and mother worked in i.s.192 in throggs neck. Was a wonderful woman R i p
quick take on Michael Kay's statement that at some point in your life you and will be back at each other's arms.
Domt get me wrong, Jim Palmer's good as an announcer, but he is So not Michael Kay. I applaud MASN for not being anti-Yankee.
Listening to Jim Palmer is not the same as listening to Michael Kay :(
Michael Kay's Peter Rosenberg calls on 'absurd' Mike Francesa to retire v
Michael Kay introducing Chris Parmelee at Old Timers Day for his 1 game stint with the Yankees in a decade should be fun.
Michael Kay is sounding like a third grader on YES Network. "Nothing nothing after one." In the adult world we call it scoreless.
Michael Kay show currently bashing Steph curry but we all know started the mvmt
The Yankees play so much better when Michael Kay isn't in the booth
Somebody on betrays Michael Kay and listens to Mike Francesa obviously
I'm ready for the Michael Kay show at P.C Richards & son !!!
hey Mike does George Tuh Kay and Michael Kay get together at Kay Jewelers?
Michael Ugwu is leading the Nigerian Music revolution
I have always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. -Michael Jordan
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I was finna say boy you lucky we cool 😂😂😂
sometimes we agree on baseball things. Michael Kay *** pretty bad too.
Michael Kay just described a 1-0 10 inning Yankees loss to the Orioles in May as "an absolute heartbreaker." Okay.
Michael Kay just said lose a heartbreaker. That makes me happy on so many levels
Michael Kay doing his best Micro League Baseball impersonation there…
Michael Kay's calls lack a certain mystique and aura when they end with, "What a play by Dustin Ackley!"
Michael Kay has fallen for the fallacy of the predetermined outcome
You can predict the lines Michael Kay uses for any given baseball situation. He may even be a bot at this point.
Michael Kay had a special Cinco de Mayo version of free baseball...
Michael Kay I think that was a catch. What of course it was tool.
Michael Kay is many things, but a class act he is not
For once, Michael Kay and I agree on something.
in a game earlier this year Michael Kay called A-Rod daddy during a game and everybody started giggling
As soon as Michael Kay said both pitchers had a good game I knew Tanaka would have a rough inning he's such a scum
Michael Kay would NEVER agree to that. Too much ego at stake for him
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The only person that thinks Michael Kay is funny, is Michael Kay.
I cannot listen to Michael Kay call a game
"We're waiting for him to load up on the donuts" - Michael Kay as a camera focuses on Gausman
Michael Kay completely screwed up the Gausman donut story. He doesn't even do that anymore.
Michael Kay's producer ripping Francesa is more pathetic than fall ball ripping Graham, the resumes aren't even close.
@ Michael Clifford: cinco de ma-yo press my follow button please Kay thanks
looks like Michael Kay channeling Lindsey Nelson with that sportcoat..whatever it takes to get the a W..
in the words on Michael Corleone "That's my family Kay, not me" that should hold no bearing on Cook. And I'm a UofM grad
Try not to get emotional watching this goodbye clip for Tony DiNozzo
Kaz has gotten dissed by Roman Reigns & Michael Kay in the course of 10 days LMAO
Anything but that. Try listening to Francesa, Michael Kay, or the guys who come before you.
Two quick goals, including this one by Michael Kay pulls within 3-2
Second quick goal after a Tiger face-off violation, Drexel's Michael Kay with an outside righty rip. 3-2 Towson, 3:58 1Q.
(Michael Kay Voice) MIKE, YOU'RE LYING! Bonds was just walked once in his entire career with the based loaded. Zaun is better than this
Kay show-Jim Henson can't do Kermit any more.
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Going after Francesa really worked for Michael Kay. Now everyone is? I'm guessing rating ratio stays the same.
remember when Michael kay said pacers were gonna 1st Rd ...oops he was wrong can't trust his bball knowledge should be fired
Michael Kay has more airtime than material, so has to occasionally pull it from his butt.
Not really. But Michael Kay got the biggest head known to man.
Thanks. I was just wondering. Some fans are calling Michael Kay and Insist that New Yorkers should be patient with him.
I'm not sure the Michael Kay plan is the best plan.
Michael Kay just called Phill Jackson a "Narrow minded *** . Couldn't agree more
that guy's a fat washed up turd. Still better than Michael BIG HEAD Kay though.
"once upon a time there was a girl named kay who sucked Michael's *** in the boys bathroom"
Caitlyn Jenner will pose nude on the Sports Illustrated cover. Her balls will be censored by a sad Michael Jordan face.
Toni Kay and Michael Dye return to the Shepherdstown Community Club 1st Weekend Handmade Market this weekend with...
what's up with Peter Rosenberg from the Michael Kay show going at you saying u don't want it with him?
YES has the worst commentators ever! Aside from Michael Kay, why is Ken Singleton still in the booth?
To be fair I like Ken Singleton and I don't hate Michael Kay on the play call. On the radio show he's tough to take.
How Ken Singleton has a job on Yes network is beyond me... Then I remember Michael Kay is also a Yes employee. That explains that.
Al Leiter isn't heartless lol can't stand Michael Kay.
Michael Kay, Al Leiter and Paul O'Neill in the YES booth together? It feels like Christmas!
no mets fan can comment on Michael Kay's broadcasting when Keith Hernandez is there broadcaster Lmaooo
I would take Michael Kay over Suzyn Waldman any day of the week...
Starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Kay Lenz, and in his first featured role, a young Optimus Prime
I'm tired all day until it's time to fall asleep, or maybe my sleeping schedule is LONG GONE SEEE YAAA *Michael Kay's Voice*
Listening to Michael Kay over Fatso is like getting Moes over Chipotle
Michael Kay ...and that's the list.
anyone out there who willingly listens to michael kay over Francesa can block me back
I feel bad for her/kids & if she wants to get away from Ford Fam clutches, it'll be like Kay trying to leave Michael in Godfather.
well that's fair. Just don't tell me you like Michael Kay
Up after the Mike and the Mad Dog Special, the less watched "Michael Kay and John Sterling" reunion
why u even went on Craigslist to buy tixx in the first place is mind boggling, ur Michael Kay aka Mr Yankee
THAT scene between & Pacino in Godfather II still amazes & inspires me. Kay was always Michael's most formidabl…
Unpopular opinion: michael kors is aggressively tacky
ATROCIOUS. First victim is Michael Davis!! Love you so much kay Kay
Michael Kay, Mary Kay Hamm's purple juice in the nude
Sid Rosenberg and Michael Kay are among the Nays
*wfan goes to commercial kars 4 kids*. *turns to Michael Kay show*. *turns back to kars 4 kids*
Michael Kay recites New York Post's choices for Matt Harvey back page headlines.
One of my favourite Michael moments 5SOS DAY -Cait
❤️ Michael Kiwanuka is sounding very exciting on his new record!! So glad he's back! Black Man In A White World
The romantic story of how Kay and Michael met
happiness,sheer passion,when listening to Michael Jackson,pure delight,exhilarating pleasure👄
Veterans and friends tag your favorite Yankee fan!. The Michael Kay Show will be broadcasting from Taste - Red...
This is the guy who used to have people like Michael Ruppert on his Podcast.
is listening. Sign if you want to stop paying for tests on animals now!
Michael Jackson wouldn't have said none of this. And I know you try to be a poor non-fat, low sodium excuse of a substitu…
BIG NEWS: will be on The Michael Kay Show today on YES.
When will we hear Michael Kay on the wrap up show as a guest?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
i watch and listen to Michael kay show everyday. If you like pizza i can help you eat it more n block the carbs.
for a dm to . Michael😋. mbf and turn notifs on for more . sending link. -tash☀️
Join Us for a YES Network Party with Michael Kay at Taste in Red Bank, Fri April 1st
There's someone from Phoenix NY on the Michael Kay show, and they asked the guy if there was lots of dry heat and cacti 😂
This Michael Kors watch is the definition of perfection 😍😍
YES Network has Pirates/Yankees on the schedule but the Michael Kay Show is on.. Never been more disappointed in my life
Really wish the would fire Michael Kay.
Michael Kay asked him about his thuganomics days he just shook his head and laughed
Michael Kay was looking for you today man
Y'all constantly call Michael ugly but:
Mike Francessa fell asleep on air , Michael Kay passing out would be on par
Not even with Joe Budden on the show would I listen to Michael Kay smh
you probably wouldn't like Vin Scully either or Michael Kay
Hey a commercial for how much better Ryan Ruocco is than Michael Kay.
The current equivalent of Michael Kay's "past a diving Jeter!" is "Chara with the blast!"
Da nerd with da silvah haiyah is da Michael Kay of modaratahs. Very few people listen to his radio show!
Good job by Michael Kay crushing this Hall of Fame voter who isn't voting for Bonds and Clemens but is all in on David Ortiz. What a moron.
Just 1 day left to enter our 'homemade' challenge with expert judge Michael Kay! photo: ELX
Kinilig ako kay michael fassbender grabe ok i shall have my full focus on this movie na
it was apparently retribution for the car bomb. Just before Michael turned up to meet Kay
okay I'm sleepy so I think it's time to sleep, I love Megs, Kay, Lizzy, Lupe, Samz, Georgia, Katie, Miri, Karla, Grace, Anahi, and Michael 💓
Hi Chessie i definitely loved those black thigh boots of urs sissy Michael oxo
Michael Kay gets me dumb hype when watching Yankee games
"Now that fowl is foul." - classic Michael Kay, on pigeon crossing the 3rd base line
he's basically a European version of Michael Kay. Number 2, a BM.
this is the video of our mall I was talking about
Please mic up Michael Bennett for everything:
Michael Clifford a birthday follow would be vv appreciated
1. They Don't Care About Us x Michael Jackson. *say what you want about him, but this man was WOKE*
Michael Kay has just updated their Telco profile see:
I fell asleep watching Michael Corleone wander around his house for 5 minutes before finding Kay wasn't there.
Michael and calum working on new music. :-)
ICT disgracefully destroyed by Michael Gove at BETT 23012 "shut down or restart" funded by the CS HE, Google,Microsoft
Michael Bay, what are you waiting for?
Michael Clifford should get an award
The NFL is, yes. Michael Kay did trivia this week and it was called "The Big Game" trivia.
Em-kay Adesina when you and Michael make this vid??
You don't complain after sleeping at the Michael Angelo hotel, because what you pay for is what you get.
Which Michael era are we talking about?
I'm unnerved that it's Michael killing Carlo that turns Kay against him. He's the one that deserved it
The extra scenes in saga really add something... Also Michael, are you serious about Kay... Seriously?
When Michael closed that door on Kay, that was pain. Not anger.
Pure class reaction to that kid. Peter Kay's a huge fan. Michael is, just about, the sexiest man alive. Fantastic...
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